Boise Gathering 2008, Part 1

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Hidden Sounds

JJ: We are going to discuss a number of interesting things and the core subject is healing through sound. This is a subject that has not been covered a lot by various teachers until recently and now in recent years people have started to get interested in it. They are realizing that sound is a very potent healer and sound is potent for what reason? And what is everything made of?
Audience: Vibrations

JJ: And sound is what?

Audience: Vibration

JJ: Everything is made of sound and this means that for you to be in good health, good stability and good vitality you need to have the sound which is you, be in harmony with all other sounds and all the sounds which is in you need to be in harmony with all of the sounds which is in you. Now the interesting thing about sound is that there are many sounds that are beyond the normal hearing and there are many sounds that are in the background that we do not pay attention to and we just tune them out. There are many sounds and vibrations in this universe that are beyond anything that we have perceived or conceived or seen or felt in our hearts before. Now the first thing that I am going to have you do is to concentrate on sounds that you hear right now that other people in the room may not be hearing. Please take about a minute or so and concentrate on the highest vibration of sound that you can hear.

Audience is Concentrating on the sounds

JJ: Can you hear yourself breathe? Think of the different things going on that you should be able to hear.

Audience is concentrating on the there breathing and listening to the sounds around them.

JJ: It is funny that when I had the accident when I was thirteen and the rocket that I was making blew up in my hand and it made an extremely loud noise. My Mom was walking in the kitchen close by and fortunately she was not hurt but her hearing was affected for a while because of the explosion. But the funny thing about me is that when I woke up in the hospital after my operation it must have cleaned the wax out of my ears because I could hear better than I ever could before. I could hear my heart beat and as a matter of fact my heartbeat even kept me awake for a while as my hearing was very intense for about a week or so after that explosion and I do not know why. With most like with my mom the explosion damaged her hearing for a period of time and in her older age her hearing was not very good and I do not know if that had anything to do with it or not, but I was laying there in bed and I could hear my heartbeat and it about drove me crazy. Fortunately this subsided and my hearing returned to normal after a while

JJ: Okay, Rob what sounds did you hear?

Rob from the audience: The air conditioner, somebody outside closing the door, people shifting in their seat, chairs creaking, I am not sure but maybe the lights making sounds.

JJ: Lights making sound, pretty good! Anybody hear any sounds that Rob did not hear?

Audience: There seems to be a very high sound almost like a harmonic that be a piece of ductwork where air is rushing through it.

Audience: I call it white noise, there is a noise over and above the air conditioning that you can really tune into and either my ears are not that great or I am hearing something unusual but if I concentrate then I can hear it.

Audience: Ditto on the white noise and I can always hear it no matter what the circumstance.

Audience: I hear almost like a deep drum beat, does anybody else hear that?

Audience: There is a rhythm coming from the AC.

Audience: I heard faint music.

JJ: Did anybody hear them selves breathing? Is there anymore to hear or did we hear everything there is to hear?

Audience: There is probably a lot more to hear.

JJ: Okay what else is to hear?

Audience: The colors of the waves moving through the room.

Audience: There is the sound that is in between sound and I think that if you work on it then you would probably be able to hear that space in between which is a sound beyond what we consider normal sound.

JJ: Okay are there any other sounds for us to hear?

Audience: I think there is a very tiny snick in this room and it may be the sounds that bounce off the walls and it seems that part of what we hear is being cancelled out.

Audience: What is a snick?

Audience: It is like a mini echo and it happens in every room where you have parallel walls.

JJ: There is a principle that says energy follows thought and where you put your attention is where you gain your knowledge and perception and for hearing where do we normally put our attention?

Audience: Do we normally put our attention on our ears?

JJ: Yes but what do we focus our ears on?

Audience: Just out side of our selves?

JJ: Yes but there is a lot outside of ourselves and inside of our selves.

All of us are putting our attention on the physical plane and is there anything else besides the physical plane?

Audience: Yes

JJ: What else?

Audience: The spiritual plane.

JJ: Okay how come nobody heard anything outside the physical plane? I asked you to put your attention on the highest sound you can perceive and everybody in the room heard things on the physical plane. Can we hear things beyond the physical plane?

Audience: Yes

JJ: How do we do that?

Audience: Practice

JJ: Practice by doing what?

Audience: Meditating

Audience: Listening

JJ: Meditating and listening to what?

Audience: Silence

JJ: Okay you hear on the physical plane by listening on the physical plane, correct. So to hear on other planes you do what?

Audience: Listen on that plane.

JJ: Right! You listen on the other planes, now how do we do that?

Audience: Inaudible

JJ: What makes it seemingly difficult is the fact that we are in a physical body and it is a little bit like when you are in a room with a bunch of machinery running and it is extremely noisy and you are trying talk to somebody and the sound is there but it is difficult to hear what the other person is saying with all that noisy machinery going. So you have to do one of two things – either talk louder or listen with great intent so you can hear what the person is saying.

Now the physical plane is a very noisy plane and our ears are not really even that good for listening on the physical plane. If someone in the back of the room speaks with a whisper I can hardly hear them even from here and I can’t hear the person or sounds from two blocks away but on other planes you can hear somebody thousands of miles away. So the ability to hear on the other planes is heightened but because of the noise on this plane we have to tune out the background.

My first wife really got aggravated at me because I would often tune her out and then I would read the Tibetan Books! This got me in big trouble and we eventually divorced, but fortunately I do not tune out Artie, she is impossible to tune out and she makes sure she gets heard.

You have to tune out certain sounds so that you can hear other sounds. Now on this physical plane we have a big problem with a lot of unwanted sounds. Have you ever had a neighbor that has a barking dog? You have a hard time going to sleep don’t you? How do you over come that?

Well one thing you can do is yell at your neighbor and threaten him. The other thing you can do is to tune out the barking dog. Some noises are easier to tune out than others and I have found that I can tune out almost anything and take a nap. I can sleep a few feet away from Artie when she is doing the dishes and clanging away because it is like music to my ears because I am not doing them! Laughter

I am able to tune a lot of things and I can take a nap in almost any circumstance like when the TV is on and I could probably take a nap standing on my head. I did have a tough time when I was much younger but I learned how to take a nap in almost any circumstance due to religious boredom. The church had certain elements in it that bored me so much that it taught me to tune everything out and take a nap so now I can take a nap in almost any circumstance – except for dripping water. If a faucet is dripping – for some reason I have not been able to master that yet, but I can tune out almost any noise except for dripping water and I don’t know maybe, I was tortured by the Chinese in a past life with water torture or something similar.

How do we tune in to sounds beyond the physical and what is there to tune into? Well there is quite a bit above this plane. What is the next level up above the physical plane?

Audience: The etheric level is the next level up.

JJ: Okay you have the etheric levels and then the astral level that is more permanent because the etheric level is intertwined with the physical and does not exist with form without the physical except for short periods of time. Then we have the astral and there are a number of levels in the astral world and we can tune into that by listening with our feelings because the astral world is composed of feelings. So what happens when you hear something on the astral world? How do you hear it?

Audience: The sound registers with your emotions.

JJ: Right you do not hear actual words but you pick up feelings. Have you ever had a sense that someone you are close to was really upset or in danger when there was no physical communication involved? You had a feeling about it and you had a feeling that something is wrong, the feeling that something is wrong is the easiest thing to pick up on the astral level because negative feelings are actually easier to pick up than positive feelings especially feelings of danger and things like that for concerned love ones. How many have felt like that in their life, raise your hands.

Okay about half of you here. When you pick that up what you are picking up is a sound and it is not like a sound on the physical plane such as words – it is entirely different. But it is still sound and it is just as valid of a form of communication as picking up sounds on the physical plane.

Larry you like a pretty sensitive guy. Do you pick up any emotional sounds from anyone in the room?

Larry from the audience: No

JJ: Okay you have not tried yet today have you?

Larry: No

JJ: Okay so lets try Larry, look at Jana over there and tune into her eyes for the eyes are the mirror to the soul as well as the emotions. What are you hearing from your feeling nature from her?

Larry: I have a sense of genuineness and that when she tells you something it is what she is thinking and she is not making false constructs.

JJ: I would say that would be true about her and it feels right to me as I look at her. Looking at her focuses my attention on her and my feelings on her and makes me more capable of picking up things about her. It is all right to look at the other person because that helps to focus the energies and the eyes help to focus the energies so yes I sense sincerity about her as well.

Look at Joshua over there, he looks like somebody needs to wake him up. Laughter. What sounds do you hear coming from him on the emotional level?

Jana from the audience: He looks like a nice guy and happy to be here even though he looks a little tired.

JJ: Okay now look at Lorraine she is just bubbling over with emotional energy.

Jana: She seems like a really nice person too.

JJ: Do you get impressions that are difficult to put into words?

Jana: Yes

JJ: You do get feelings about her right?

Jana: Yes

JJ: Okay all of our feelings are difficult to put into words because feelings are not words so you get emotional impressions about them. Have you ever met somebody and right away you have a wave of negative energy come over you and you think boy I need to stay away from this person. I have met a few people like that in my life and it is usually pretty accurate. Sometimes it is just because a person has just really had a bad day and he is ready to release some negative energy but other times your inner self is communicating to you that you need to stay out of this person’s way.

JJ: What is the next level up from the emotional?

Audience: The mental.

JJ: How do we hear on the mental level?

Audience: Good question and I hope you are going to tell us!

JJ: The highest hearing on the mental level is telepathy and telepathy is very difficult to achieve. The Masters can do it using the power of the mind and pick up and communicate actual words through the power of the mind and that is the highest level there. The Alice A. Bailey books were given by mental telepathy and Alice A. Bailey received the first books by receiving the actual words of the Tibetan. Then when she learned to go higher than the mental level He sent the later books through the power of impression. When she used the power of impression they argued more about how to put the words down because she was a greater participant in forming the actual sentences. So in the beginning the actual sentences were already pretty much composed and sent to her and she kind of doctored them up a little bit but then as she rose to master the science of impression they argued a bit more about how the wording was to be presented because she had more of a say.

The Tibetan would often grumble about Alice A. Bailey and He would say he wish she was more learned in the scientific world because she did not understand science very well and if she did then we could make the books a little more accurate.

On the mental level we can look at people and size them up. You can look at somebody and get feelings about him or her by putting attention on them but you can also look at someone and size them up mentally – if they have a certain type of face like Adam here. He just looks like an athlete doesn’t he and by looking at him you can form a mental conclusion that he just looks like he is into sports. Now what does a person into sports look like and why do we get that impression? There is really no short answer on that and it is just that he reminds us of a lot of people that are into sports and you do like sports don’t you Adam?

Adam: This is the profiling we need at the airport!

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: You look at Larry and he looks like a real social guy!

Audience: He looks like a big teddy bear!

JJ: Yes he looks harmless doesn’t he and he has his baritone voice so you mentally conclude that he must be a good singer and this is one of the first things I asked him.

Larry from the Audience: By the way there was one thing I was going to say was that I have the skill to sing and that was one thing I did want to do but that was not my purpose in this life so I have not been allowed to use that.

JJ: I think I would have been quite musical if I had not blown some of my fingers off and that pretty much put an end to that but that freed me up so my attention could put elsewhere without being a rock star and having that distracting me.

Larry: Yes it would be worth seeing JJ with long hair and tie-dye t-shirts rocking out! Laughing!

JJ: Yes that would have been funny wouldn’t it?

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