Boise Gathering 2008, Part 6

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JJ: One of the initiates in the sphere of sound is a man called Jonathon Goldman, has anyone ever heard of this guy?

Audience: Yes, he is awesome and you have got to go to his website and read up on him and some of his CD’s will blow you away!

JJ: I have checked out a lot of CD’s on sound and this guy is way above anybody else and I believe he is one of the initiates and disciples working on the planet. When you listen to this you can tell and the interesting thing about the sounds I am going to play you is that he got them through a revelation. Revelation always comes through a point of tension when you put a lot of attention on something and learn everything you can about it and then start putting things together and then all of a sudden you will get a flash – and this is what happened to him.

He studied every aspect of sound and then after he did all the studying and thinking he got this flash that came to him about putting two types of sound together which are tuning forks and vocals. I recommend you check out his CD’s. He has not produced a bad CD and his worst one is better than the next guy up on the tracks. So this is a great one to listen to and I will provide a commentary as we go along. Holy Harmony is the name of this particular CD. You can buy this through Amazon or through a dealer or right off his website.

(The music begins to play and we hear beautiful voices harmonizing with each other and singing along with tuning forks. Words are not sung but we hear just the sound of the voices and the tuning forks.)

JJ: The effect of the two sounds together produces the harmony and he calls it Holy Harmony because it harmonizes your body. Because your body is made of sound according to the revelation that he got they are made to harmonize the body.

Close your eyes and feel your body actually vibrate to this sound and do this for a minute or two.

Light is a higher form of sound and now visualize the lights with these sounds.

Now watch the lights move.

Visualize these lights as living sound and see them wrapping around you like living water. The light is moving around you and gently embracing you revitalizing your body and soul.

Now feel yourself being lifted up to your higher body and you are able to look down on your physical body and see the beautiful lights healing and caressing your body. You see yourself being lifted up and you see others in this group being lifted up with you. You see us forming a circle overhanging over our physical bodies sending down energy to our physical bodies. You turn your consciousness upward and you see the Great Spiritual Sun the source of all light vibrating sending light and life energy through us back to the physical plane.

You have this sense that anything you want to know or have from God will be given you. Because you are willing to perform whatever service you are supposed to perform.

Now you look upward and you see a point of light, the light descends and you become aware that this is the Master of Spirit, this is The Christ descending in our midst, and He descends in the middle of our circle and as He descends we enter back into our bodies and He stands in our midst in the middle of us and looks at each one of us. He looks at you and He says, “Peace be unto you my fellow servant, I have a message for you.” Now listen for that message over the next few minutes.

A period of silence passes.

Did anybody have any interesting experiences or communications? Yes Adam.

Adam: The feeling I always get when I attend these Gathering’s is one of incredible sharing of love and it is an easy place to cast off all the baggage we carry around with us. It just such a wonderful experience and I always feel empowered when I come here. The impression I got was to take this experience home with me and share it with my wife, kids, family and friends and they need to feel this from you and I think that is hard to do sometimes. You come here and you have the great experience and then you go back to the everyday life. So the message was to connect and share with others and realize that many are on different paths.

Rob: I saw a lot of different geometrical patterns along with colors, reds, blues and greens during the meditation. It was kind of like a scene playing out in my mind and how I felt at that moment transcended all these boundaries and I needed a reminder of that. Because in the day-to-day world it is hard to see all your brothers and sisters as souls traveling along the path as you are.

Audience: The experience reminded me of the tuning forks sounding in rhythm to the northern lights.

Larry Woods: First I felt like I was dizzy and then like I was almost lifting out of my body and then I was seeing colors and it was green geometric shapes with a blue back round and then for some reason about half way through my mind kind of rejected all that and I saw darkness and it actually started to give me a headache so I for some reason I was no longer able to flow with it.

JJ: Jonathon Goldman points out that about 20% of people are allergic to penicillin and he says the only reason for this is that some people just do not like the sound of penicillin and they are allergic to it, there body rejects it, so some people will resonate with him and others will have different experiences and just not like him. And basically he says it is that way with everything and he points out that there is no one song that everybody likes. He plays one song like we just played that is very popular and when he gets the audience reaction there is always some that do not like it no matter how much everyone else likes it. He says one man’s cure is another man’s poison so you have to go by what feels right for you and if you feel negative about it then tune it out and do some meditation about it. Overall these sounds are harmless but some people will benefit more than others.

Larry: That was like the book, A Course on Miracles everybody was telling me how good a book it was but for some reason it did not connect with me.

JJ: Maybe in another life things will be different or maybe you are just seeing head and shoulders above what everybody else is seeing so you just never know.

Martha: I saw a very intense bright green and there were waves of this color and I could actually see them and then was a blue kind of coming in and the waves of blue were going in a different way and the waves of these two colors were quite incredible.

JJ: How many here saw colors come in waves?

Audience Member: I did not see strong colors but I did have some words come to my mind. Let your light so shine and a city that is set on a hill cannot be hid, I got the sense that I should share greater light and truth with all that I come in contact with whether it be little things and what ever people can accept.

Audience Member: Maybe it was too late for me because about half through all I got was silence but I did feel the group energy.

Audience: When you said gather together and join hands I saw where we actually did draw together and join hands and the center of light was with us during the meditation and felt the healing energy permeate the group.

Audience: I felt the vibration of the music and it is hard differentiate between the creative mind and what can be a spiritual experience and it is hard to put into words.

JJ: Do you feel it has an effect on your physical body?

Audience: Absolutely and when I added the AUM pitch to it you just cannot deny that feeling and I could see everybody’s spirit and I got the message to shoot from the heart with love, joy and peace.

Audience: It was awesome for me, I saw a lot of geometric shapes and I also saw everybody in the circle of light and when the Christ came down basically I just asked for validation on the path and I also asked specifically that my wife Chris could see and hear her mom and dad because they have passed over so we talked about that she would be able to do that should she choose to open up. And I was able to play with the energy back and forth between my hands.

Audience: I saw the blue and green and I could feel the energy rising up and it just right here in my chest and I could feel the energy flowing through my hands.

Audience: I really enjoyed the two sounds together and I believe that we tune into frequencies and along the way we hear a frequency that opens us up to something higher. It seems like I always carry that same pitch that I heard here and my first visual was standing in air looking into like 3D effect with points of light that were green, light blue and white. I could only think well they were stars and from there I went to our circle and the Christ figure came down and the message was quiet thy self and this had a lot to do with what you were saying regarding baggage and how much we carry around and sometimes because of this we cannot quiet our self and keep our focus long enough to hear the still small voice within. I will take this message that I do need to take the time and meditate and visualize more.

JJ: First of all I will relate the message I got which was, I am getting a little older now, I am 63 and the message I got was if you want to continue and have the power to do everything you want to do, help others to find their power and help others to get healed and you will be healed and revitalized. The key words here are restored and revitalized and this is a good principle for all of us to take into consideration.

It is kind of funny – last night when I was going through some of these sounds trying to figure out what I was going to use. I had the Olympics on a fairly big screen TV and the sound turned all the way down because I was listening to these Goldman sounds and I was looking at the TV watching the gymnasts twirling around doing their thing. These mystical sounds went so good with it reminded me of the movie Chariots of fire and I thought this is really great! They should use these sounds for the Olympics.

JJ: The really interesting thing about sound is that sounds by themselves do very little. They are kind of neutral but not entirely because a pleasant sound has a different stimulus than an unpleasant sound but part of the reason it is pleasant is because of our makeup of who we are. Some people find beauty in one thing and others do not.

But there are certain types of beauty that receive close to universal acceptance. For instance, it is hard to find anyone who does not think Angelina Jolie is not beautiful. Beauty is not entirely in the eye of the beholder, for they have found that if the person is symmetrical – when one side of the face is similar to the other side of the face – people will find this pleasing. The ugly guy will have one side of his face look one way and the other side looks quite a bit different and there a lot of other things factored in like keeping in shape and getting rid of that belly and so on. Scientists are a little perplexed as to how to put beauty in a box so to speak, but being symmetrical is a part of it.

I first became aware of the interchange between sound and form when Artie and I were up in British Colombia and there was a science fair going on so we stopped there and they had all kinds of scientific exhibits. They had one on sound – they had this big plate and they would play different notes and the notes would vibrate this plate with iron filings on it and the plate would vibrate in very interesting and beautiful patterns would appear. This was one of the things that stimulated my interest in sound. As soon as I saw these patterns I began to think about the word, the word vibrated and all these forms began to manifest from this wave.

Just think of how complex it is to make just one sound that manifests this beautiful wave and then to combine the complexities of many vibrations and that makes up us as a human beings. We are a very large number of harmonious vibrations. What produces beauty in the human being are these sounds, these vibrations are sounding and complementing each other and what produces ill health is when these sounds are out of harmony with each other. If you go to a piano and play a chord and if you play the wrong note then you cringe. It is almost like scratching your fingernail on a blackboard; it sounds really bad. When a piano is really out of tune it also sounds really bad.

There are tremendous amount of ways to produce disharmony and there is much more potential in the universe to produce disharmony. For instance, you send a child to a piano and say just go ahead and pound out some notes – the sound will not be harmonious at all. The only time you get a harmonious sound is when you apply intelligence. The little kid does not know what he is doing so he cannot play harmonious notes and any time he plays two or more notes it sounds terrible. So it takes intelligence to produce harmony and the fact that there is harmony within us as human beings tells us that there is intelligence at work behind our creation.

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