Boise Gathering 2008, Part 7

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JJ: Jesus does not say this in the regular Bible but in the Aquarian Gospel He said the body is like a harpsichord and when it is out of the tune the body will become ill. The master musician is the master tuner who will tune the sounds to harmonize with each other.

There is an interesting story that Jonathan tells in one of his books and that is he mentions that sound is kind of neutral in a way and in a way it is not. It is neutral in the fact that our consciousness can make of a sound what it wants to make of it. We have many sounds that can bother us, for instance the barking of a dog, but it is possible to tune out that sound. Listen to that sound and go with the sound. Many people just can’t sleep with any sound in the background and others can sleep and not be disturbed by anything in the background. Now what is the difference?

The person that is not disturbed lets the sound go through him. He accepts it and lets it pass through. The other person resists the sound and when you resist the sound it will bother you. My mom hated the Beatles and she would say where did you get that crap, it just sounds horrible and it is just a bunch of noise. She was resisting the sound – almost every adult I knew resisted the sound of the Beatles, which of course is hard to believe today because the Beatles did produce beautiful music. The older people all resisted the music of the day and we all accepted it. The difference is acceptance because Elvis, the Beatles and rock and roll was different than what the older generation was used to and they did not like it. Now the same thing can be true with real noise. You can resist it and it will bother you or you can just let it pass through you. I have learned to accept almost every background noise except for dripping water. I have not figured out how to accept this yet.

So when a sound occurs you can accept it or you can reject it. Jonathan talked about an interesting experiment. These guys recorded the sound of a seashore. You have heard this before where they have the sounds of the waves and such. But they recorded this in three different circumstances. The first they just recorded the sounds and did not have anybody there and recorded the sound as is. During the second they had one group of people listening to the waves and thinking very positive thoughts giving as much positive energy to the recording as they could. In the third recording they had the group send out anger and hateful feelings as it was being recorded. The question was, is there a difference in the recordings – because when you listened to them they sound exactly the same.

The result of muscle testing during the first recording showed no change in muscle strength. The second time when they played the recording with the positive thought from the group the muscles seemed to be much stronger than normal. But on the third one, where the people were thinking angry and negative thoughts as it was being recorded, the muscles became very weak.

Jonathan came up with the idea that the intention behind sound produced different effects. When they were enjoying the sound this produced a positive effect and that sound they were listening to became a greater sound. But when they added the negative thoughts and energy it became a negative force. The sound by itself was pleasant. Lets use Angelina Jolie again. If we see her we see the physical beauty of the form but what if she paid attention to you and you happened to fall in love with her? Then you have much more higher view of her and she would probably become even more beautiful to you than the average fan. This is the way it is with sound once you fall love with a sound it becomes greater to you than what it was, the sound becomes amplified.

Jonathan Goldman has an interesting selection of sounds and I am going to play just a few for you. I will play this CD called Frequencies and it is a collection of his best sounds.

The following sound is the sound to meditate on when you are contemplating the first chakra. The first chakra represents the life force.

Samples of Jonathan Goldman CD’s playing.

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