Color, Sound, Humor & the Sun

Color, Sound, Humor & the Sun

The Question: Three influences that can have a positive effect on health are color, music/sound and humor. How do you suppose these three things can affect health?

Also, how can we best utilize the sun for health?

In past ages when the Fourth Ray was in cycle sound was a very potent healer. Sound, color and movement were powerful healing forces used in the ancient temples in Atlantis and this knowledge shall be restored at the right time in the future.

Sound and color can be used to harmonize chords within our own makeup.

The form side of our nature is made up of a chord of four notes which correspond to our rays. The first note is that of the physical body, the second the astral the third mental and the fourth the personality as a whole. Illness will often surface when one of these notes are unable to sound in fullness and when this happens the sounding needs to be reinforced

Through meditation and contemplation you can discover which notes and colors that need to be stimulated within you. You can compensate by sounding this note in meditation and saying the OM on that note. Another way is to just sound the OM throughout the scale until you hit a note that strikes a need within you. Then if you sound it periodically you can reap much benefit.

The same goes with colors. Look through or visualize the spectrum of colors and wait for your attention to fall upon one that seems most healing to you. Once this is discovered you can make a conscious attempt to bring as much of this color into your life as possible.

Let us say that you sense that you lack red. This is a color that enhances physical vitality. You can start by eating more red food such as raspberries, strawberries, cherries radishes, rare red meat and cayenne pepper.

The second thing you can do is to make a trip to the store and get a red light and let it shine on you while you sleep, work or relax.

The third thing is that you can in meditation visualize yourself being surrounded by a beautiful rainbow of colors with red being in extra prominence. Then see yourself breathing in this red color and it vitalizing your whole body. Make sure you visualize a very bright and vital looking red.

Here are the bare bones meanings of the basic colors.

White: This is a synthesis of all the colors and is a symbol of purity and completeness.

Red: Physical Energy; physically-based person personality or sensuality. Harsh reds tend to indicate emotionally charged physical animation, usually anger. Warm reds, sensuous, or physically charged and healthy. It stimulates the solar plexus.

Orange: Friendly, open, approachable. A strong orange also shows physical vitality. A good color to balance the mind and body. Orange aids with focusing in the head.

Yellow: This is a good color to overcome depression and heighten spirits. It stimulates thinking, creativity imagination.

Green: This has often been called the healing color. This is because it is the midway color and can be used to balance the other notes within you. If you sense that your illness or discomfort is caused by being out of balance or “out of sorts” this is a good color for you.

Concentration on this color aids in deva/angel contact.

Blue: This color is most strongly associated with the mind and is known as the calming color. The reason for this is that it takes attention away from the emotional body to the mind and thus allows the emotions to quiet down and recharge.

Indigo: A good color to stimulate the heart and the spiritual love necessary to heal. This color absorbs negativity.

Violet: Known as the spiritual color. A good general color to raise vibrations and center yourself on higher work. This color is associated with the Seventh Ray and is a good color to stimulate the body to improve its own defenses and building energies.

Gold: This is a strong healing color that will always tone the body and spirit. The etheric body is called the “golden bowl” in the Bible.

Humor and Sun

If health enthusiasts were aware of the benefits of humor they’d go for a good laugh before they would wolf down the wheat germ oil.

Humor has been known to cure even the so-called incurable diseases to just making it a little easier to get through that winter flue.

For instance, I read a while back about a guy who had cancer and after reaching some dead ends he decided to try the humor cure and rented every comedic film he could get his hands on, read joke books and did everything he could to make himself laugh. It wasn’t long before the cancer was reversed and completely eliminated.

Part of what makes us ill is our tendency to focus too much in one direction at the expense of others and if this wrong focus opens a window for disease then a diverting of attention is a positive thing.

Humor diverts our attention to a very light and frivolous but necessary place which is an opposite polarity to the serious world we often find ourselves tapped in. Humor thus “lifts our spirits” and in this lifting of energy comes a healing force.

Look around you at your circle of friends and associates. Divide them into those who are overly serious and seen to have little humor in their lives and then separate others who are light hearted and seem to enjoy a good laugh. Which group is the healthier?

I would guess that in almost every case the ones with a good sense of humor are the healthier. I know this is the case with my friends and associates.

Humor is also a necessary ingredient to keep us healthy spiritually as we are told that one of the strongest differentiations between the Light and Dark Brothers is a sense of humor. The Dark Brothers take themselves way too seriously because they are always focusing on themselves. Within themselves there is only darkness and there is little there to be lighthearted about. The Brother of Light is full of Light within and looks upon the whole in the light and sees much to smile about.

There is a dark side to humor just as there is in all things. Negative humor gets a laugh at the expense of someone’s hurt feelings. A person on the path does not usually laugh at this type of humor but lower level humans enjoy it. A person on the path will not knowingly seek a laugh at the expense of an innocent person’s feelings.

I say innocent because there are exceptions in all things. For instance, during World War II the Allies put out a film clip about Hitler that made him look like a stupid buffoon. I think Hitler deserved whatever he got in this case, but overall we should always seek the path of harmlessness even with the bad guys.

Another difference between light and dark is that it is difficult to offend a person on the Path and he will never be offended where no offense was intended.

He who is not on the path will not only be offended when offense was intended but will often take offense when no offense was intentional.

The much maligned Sun is a great health stimulant that is often overlooked. While it is true that you do not want to overdo sun exposure it is also true that the Sun is the ultimate source of prana which is the essential nutrient for the etheric bodies of all living things.

Prana circulates through the spleen which in turn takes it in connection with a center between the shoulder blades and another above the diaphragm. This is one reason that health conscious people have a natural instinct to sun bathe.

DK says something interesting in this regard. He says that our attitude toward the sun has a lot to do with how beneficial are its rays to us. An adept who has learned to work with the devas that assist in transmuting solar prana can spend any amount of time in the sun without harm. For those of us who have not attained this mastery the best thing to do is just see the solar rays as being friendly to us rather than something that causes cancer. Could it be that part of the reason that skin cancer is on the increase is because of the media’s proclamation that the sun is dangerous thereby influencing thoughts about it?

Of course, we should all use common sense, but it is wise to get small amounts of sunlight daily if possible.

Question: Have you ever noticed that many people who seem to be very health conscious and are always sacrificing to eat the right things seem to be in poor health where as some of the healthiest people you know seem to have a devil-may-care attitude about it and seem to do nothing out of the ordinary for their health?

What do you suppose is the explanation for this.

Attention and Health

Whereas I do maintain that quite a few of the teachings presented here are original or old ideas presented in a fresh way, most (perhaps all) of what I am writing on health has been covered many times before. The trouble with health philosophy is that there are so many presentations that seekers are often not sure which is the correct choice for them. If we can steer each other here in making better choices then all will be worthwhile.

Fasting is indeed a great healer, perhaps the most powerful that is readily available to all. Fasting for a week on purified water or lemon juice-honey-cayenne pepper will bring great relief from almost any problem. If one is new to fasting start with a short one and increase it until a week or ten days is comfortable.

Always end a long fast on fruit and later salad material. Never eat meat or starchy food the first day after a fast

One time a friend and I decided to fast for ten days and break it at the full moon. Right around the tenth day we discovered we miscalculated the full moon by two days and if we wanted to carry out our goal we had to fast for two extra days. I’ll tell you those two extra days were the most difficult fasting days of my life. Because we were mentally prepared to end the fast after ten days, those extra two were torture.

But what made it much worse on the eleventh day we visited my nephew Curtis, and his wife made the most beautiful cinnamon rolls I had ever seen in my life and the aroma filled the room with the most heavenly odor. I made her promise to make me those exact same rolls again when I was not fasting.

Well, I believe she made rolls again but I guarantee you they were not the same quality as the masterpiece she made that day. Even writing this I wish I could go back in time and taste them.

Not only does fasting help you physically, but it makes you more sensitive spiritually and aids in the control necessary to pass the first two initiations.

One time the apostles brought a sick person to Jesus and told him they could not heal him. Jesus then healed the man. The apostles then asked why they could not heal him.

Jesus answered: “This kind cometh not out but by fasting and prayer.”

By adding fasting to any healing technique your spiritual power will be amplified.

We noted earlier that many who put a lot of attention on diet seem to be plagued with health problems.

The key word here is “attention” and the key phrase is that “energy follows thought.”

Health conscious people with health problems have those problems not because good health practices do not work, but because of a wrong direction of a flow of energy.

It’s a little like a scab. If you’re always picking it, it takes longer to heal than if you just leave it alone and let nature do its job.

If you have a problem and take every herb and natural food in the world it will do you little good if you are continually putting your attention in the direction of the discomfort. Your attention, even if fear is not present, will create a magnetic effect that will draw energy to the place of distress and this will often result in feeding the disease and increasing its power. Then if fear is also present the problem will be even worse.

The body is set up to fight off all disease if we just give it what it needs and let it do its job. We aid the body in doing this by focusing our attention outside the body and concentrate on other things.

Have you noticed, for instance, that when you go to sleep you may have some physical problem, but then when you wake up after a good sleep the problem is much improved? One of the reasons for this is that sleep helps you take your attention off the problem for a few hours which allows the body to do its job of rejuvenation.

If we learn to focus our attention away from the body during waking hours we then give the body a similar healing power while awake as it has when asleep.

March 23, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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