Boise Gathering 2008, Part 8

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JJ: A few things about the full moon… DK states that during the exact moment of the full moon it is like a door is opened and this makes it easier for mankind to communicate with the hierarchy. He recommends you begin initial contact in communicating about two days before the full moon and continue to contemplate a few days after but right during the full moon is really the time of meditation to contemplate and receive messages from higher beings.

We are going to go through some various sounds that are connected with the chakras and as we make these sounds I want you to sound them as a group and then feel the vibration in the chakra itself. The first one affects the base chakra at the base of the spine and is called the life chakra because that is the source of life and it is where the life energy flows in every life form from the most primitive to the most enlightened being they have energy going through the base chakra. When you say this sound feel the vibration on the base of the spine.

There is a saying in the east that each man has so many breaths to breathe in a lifetime so the slower you breathe the longer your life is. I heard this when I was young so I thought well I better start breathing slower while I am young and maybe this will help me live longer but who knows because there is no scientific data on it but if you breathe deep you are going to get more oxygen.

(Transcriber: JJ and the audience making the sound and feeling the vibration at the base of the spine.)

The next sound governs the sacral energy, which governs the sexual energy, and the sacral energy is found just below the navel so concentrate on feeling it there.

We can do variations of this by putting emotion into it and when you put emotion into it, it amplifies it. Just like when they put emotion into the sound of the ocean waves and it amplifies its effect. Experiment with the sound until you find where it vibrates the most and when it vibrates the most then you are in the most harmony with that chakra.

The next sound is connected to the solar plexus and this governs the emotional world and the sound connected to the solar plexus is hope. It is interesting that “no” is the most popular word connected with this sound and the solar plexus does kind of block a lot of things because it reverses things. If a person is governed by the emotional self then the emotional self will reverse almost everything that is true. It is like the Bible says, the heart, and what that really means is the emotional self, is the most deceptive of all things. The pure heart energy is not deceptive but it is true that the lower emotions are the most deceptive of all things.

When you are arguing with somebody and you are on an intellectual level and they are on the emotional level then there is no way that they will listen to reason. They are sure they are right and truth and logic means nothing to them and no matter what you tell them they are bound by what they feel because if they feel that way then that is their reality and they just cannot shift to anything on a higher level.

So “no” is an interesting sound connected with the solar plexus chakra. By saying this sound correctly we can amplify it. It is important as we journey through life to understand when this chakra center is vibrating because often times the person will be on the mental plane or the spiritual plane or the spiritual heart and then shift right back down to where they are centered on the solar plexus.

Now the solar plexus is good as long as you recognize that your feelings are coming from there. Then you can guide your feelings and use them appropriately. The lower feelings have a use but if we let them be in charge they will almost always steer us in a wrong direction. So it is important that the disciple understand when he is being governed by his solar plexus. When he finds that he is then he has to stop and check himself and say wait I am being governed by my solar plexus and I need to switch upward and be governed by the higher purpose.

So if you know that the animal in you is not under control and you are really letting it out then it is in charge – that is your solar plexus and you need to bring it back under the control of that which is higher within you. Like when you find yourself cursing instead of saying ouch or darn that hurt. Use that part of you which is higher to say these words instead of saying all the curse words that you really feel like saying.

The audience and JJ are sounding the AUM.

When there is a catastrophe in our life our solar plexus really jumps in to the feeling nature and then registers it, whenever you have that oh no feeling that is your solar plexus and especially if it is accompanied by a feeling.

The next one is the heart chakra and that is the Ahh sound.

The audience and JJ are sounding the AHH using the throat.

There is a difference between the heart and the solar plexus; the solar plexus governs fear, state of happiness and pleasure and normal positive and negative emotions. The heart governs more spiritual love, the type of energy where the person loves not because he wants to possess but because it wants to serve.

Next is the throat chakra and throat says I, I am becoming and it identifies who you are. We will go a little bit higher this time.

(The audience is saying I-I-I in a little bit higher tone.)

The next chakra is the third eye and this is sounded in the A and we will go yet higher still for the pitch, you go a little bit higher as you progress to each chakra.

The last chakra is the top of the head or the crown chakra and is sounded in the E with a high pitch.

(The audience is sounding the E in a nice high pitch.)

Visualize the petals in the top of the head opening and lighting up when you say this sound.

The audience is sounding the E in a high pitch.

Visualize you are in the midst of a fire that does not burn like Moses was on the mount.

All the negativity is going up from the spine on up into this flame and into nothingness and all that is left is the purity of the spirit.

We are going to something a little different, the most beautiful sound in the world to each individual is the sound of what?

Audience: Their own name!

JJ: Boy, you people are sharp! I did not think anyone would get that. There are quite a few sounds within your name and you hear name probably more than any other sound out there so your name is something that what? What is it about your name that is different than other sounds?

It is the fact that all of us like to hear it, don’t we?

Audience: Yes

Yes, we like to hear our name. Now there are certain named sounds that we do not like to hear; for instance the IRS. We do not like it, we do not want to hear it, we do not want to speak it.

Audience: Chuckling

JJ Most of us have an emotional attachment to our name unless you are a macho guy and then you probably are not too emotionally attached to it. I named one of my daughters Ishmaella Elizabeth. I thought Ishmaella was a pretty name but it turned out she didn’t like it. When she went to school everybody started to call her Ishy. She did not like this so she changed her first name to Elizabeth. Artie is a somewhat unusual female name and she was not really excited about using it in the Immortal books so I used Elizabeth, my daughter’s name instead.

Now we need a volunteer for sounding their name – any takers? Okay Val come on up here and we will put you in this chair here. Now Val is a good name because it is easy to say.

Let’s look at Val and think positive thoughts while we just say his name. We are going to concentrate on healing energies. Almost everybody has something wrong with him or her and if you check with most anyone you will find this out.

Yes I have this thyroid thing and a few other things not working right!

Audience: Chuckling!

Anyway all of us are open to a charge of life force, even if we are relatively healthy we want more energy. Does anybody have more energy than they want?

Suzi: I have plenty!

Audience: Chuckling!

JJ: Outside of Suzi all of us need more energy. No matter we could always use a little bit more energy and a little bit less sleep and get up bouncing and ready to go. And if nothing else everybody could use a charge of energy and even though Val looks pretty healthy he would probably be happier if he were even healthier with more vitality. So if we just send vital energy it will help with physical problems and if he is healthy then he will have even more health and vital energy. This is what we are looking for.

So we want to send to the person in the middle the most positive energy we can drum up. First of all just say his name and think positive thoughts for him.

(Audience is saying his name (VAL) energetically, sounding and thinking positive thoughts for him.)

Okay now we break down the letters. Now Val needs to feel the charge that is coming through us saying his name.

Okay now sound the V

Okay now AL.


What do you think of and what is the energy behind your sounds? It sounds like some of the heart energy there.

(Audience continues to sound Val’s name in different ways and different pitches.)

One more time, charging.

Okay he is ready to go! Who is next? Rob has an easy name.

Audience is now sounding Rob’s name with charging energy.

It is a little bit like a cheerleader and every time Rob hears his name he should think they are cheering him on.

Okay now there are three sounds in this, one with each letter.

The audience is sounding out the letters individually with energy.

Okay one more time to charge him up.

Audience complies.

JJ: Okay that should last him for a year!

Joshua is next and the audience repeats the process.

JJ: We have three basic sounds with Joshua. Josh-U-A. The Josh gets the energy going and the U stands for passion so once he gets his motor going watch out he could be a real Romeo. Now josh has a lot of action behind so he should be a quarterback and throw that pass and really impress the girls.

When I first met Josh I thought he was a bit of a mystery and he does not reveal too much of himself.

Josh-who-ahh interesting name action with pleasure and that is quite a name and this was the native name of Jesus so to speak because he was called Joshua in Hebrew. And after all He did have a company of women following Him as it says in the Bible. Do you have a company of women following you Josh?

Josh: Not yet!

JJ: Ah is a building sound, Jesus certainly built the most successful organization even though those who followed Him built it and He still initiated it. So it would show that this name of Joshua has tremendous power of energy and building and creating. Do you see yourself as a creator a creative person?

Josh: Sort of but it is mostly in my own consciousness right now.

JJ: So you have not manifested that yet. Okay Josh-U-A. Lets say this several times.

Audience: Josh-U-A (Saying this several times)

JJ: Emphasize the last syllable.

Audience: Josh-U-A

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