Boise Gathering 2008, Part 14

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Higher Worlds

Look at what Russia is doing right now; it is just screwing things up. We thought we were heading for a kind of a stable world and now all of a sudden we are destabilized again.

Audience: Did Russia just arbitrarily invade the country of Georgia?

JJ: Russia said that on the borders that they claimed certain territory and Russia is just reclaiming what is theirs. That is the same reason Hitler gave for invading Poland. “I must go to Poland and protect my Germans.” It seems like every time we make some progress and inch toward a little stability then something else happens. The dark brothers never rest and let them selves get walked over. If we make progress in one area than they have a plan to sabotage us in another area. I really think that Vladimir Putin has deteriorated a lot. I think he was not such a bad guy when he first got into office but I think something has got a hold of him.

Audience: He is not Prime Minister anymore.

JJ: No but he is still calling the shots and he arranged it so it appears that he is not in charge but he is still very much in charge.

In the higher worlds, the mental worlds, everything goes a lot faster and there is much more creative energy and there is connection with the formless worlds. This is called the worlds of thought composed of mental matter. There is physical matter, astral matter and mental matter and they all create forms. And the forms in the world of the mind can be created instantaneously. The people there, especially in the higher realms, are very close to the formless worlds and they can pull down ideas and work through humanity and help humanity make progress along the path of creation.

Above the mental worlds is the formless worlds. They are called formless because they are like energy worlds and does not mean they are like a void. Probably the best way to relate to them is think within your mind of how you are thinking when you are in a state of meditation thinking of different ideas. The world of ideas is formless and does not have any real form that you can grab a hold of and hold in your hand but it is formless yet it creates the original form. So the higher worlds are formless yet they originate form. Now these higher worlds are interesting to contemplate because there is not a lot of knowledge given out about them.

JJ is on a chalkboard drawing.

But you have the worlds of form down here and here is the world of intuition and the world of intuition is really a carrier of ideas. It is not where the ideas originate. The next world up is the Atmic and then the next world up is the Monadic and finally the Divine. Now the Buddha himself, his consciousness went as far as the Atmic. This is where Nirvana is; this is called the Atmic even though the lower is called the Buddhic plane in esoteric writings. Buddha went a little higher then that and Nirvana is achieved at the atmic plane. The atmic plane is where ideas originate. The Divine plane is one space, the Divine plane is one and what is one that corresponds to it?

You look up at the night sky and what is one is space, there is only one space, there are not two spaces or spaces; there is only one space. And how many things are in space?

Audience: Wow, a lot!

JJ: Yes, an unlimited number that is beyond our imagination to count. And on the Divine plane is a higher representative of space – it is space on the higher planes. We have space here on the lower planes and this is a representation of space on the higher planes. And this is called the Divine and from the Divine plane the Monads appear and they appear like little points in space, like stars, so when we look at space and see the stars are kind of like little monads appearing. They are much bigger than monads from our point of view. The monads are like little points of light in Divine space and each one of these is a living entity that eventually becomes human through one process or another.

Now the atmic is where the monads descend on the way to the lower spheres. There they assume a self-awareness and they begin to progress toward individuality. The atmic plane is where all ideas originate. All ideas of forms, all ideas of creation; all ideas of worlds originate here. The consciousness of the beings that live on this plane, is so far removed from ours that it is hard for us to fathom what it would be like to live there. They are like Divine contemplators.

Now the ideas then filter down to the intuitive level and the ideas are then sent down to humanity. The oneness principle takes place when we can access the intuitive level, because that is where the divine ideas and principles are sent down to us. When we can access this level of consciousness then we begin to access all knowledge of principles and all that God has, all we have to do is look for it.

JJ: The big problem with many seekers is that they do not always ask the right questions. The key to a true seeker is to ask the right question because if you ask the right question you will always get an answer eventually. You must sustain your will to receive the answer.

When I first started reading the scriptures I was about 16 and I read, “ask and you shall receive” so I said okay then I am going to ask for a whole bunch of stuff! So I asked for a whole bunch of stuff and nothing came and I thought well this is kind of strange it says ask and you shall receive. And then I read a another parable that inspired me, it was about this lady that was entertaining guests that Jesus told about and she ran out of bread. It was midnight and she thought I know my neighbor has some bread and I know that I must wake him up and it is inconvenient but I am going to ask him. So she goes and pounds on the door and the neighbor looks at the top window and says, go away, I am trying to sleep, now get out of here. But she kept pounding on the door and said I need bread! The neighbor kept trying to chase her away and she would not go away. And then Jesus says, and then the guy comes down and gives her some bread, not because he likes her and not because she deserves it but because she would not quit asking and she would not go away. So to make her go away he gave her the bread and then Jesus says, “even so ask and you shall receive.” So in other words become a pest to God and become such a pest that pretty soon He will say “well he is not going away so I guess I had better answer him.

So I became such a pest to God and kept asking, and asking and asking and pretty soon things began to come and I thought, “Hey this works!” Sometimes I found that it took thirty years to get the answer and sometimes six months but eventually I have found that everything that I really wanted to know I eventually found out if I did not give up and I kept asking. Asking eventually takes you into the world of intuition and when it comes down through the mind it produces a flash of light and when the flash of light occurs you get what is called “the Ah-Ha” moment. Now how many here have had what I call the “Ah Ha” moment? Where you say, “Ah Ha I see it! Okay most of you have and that is great moment to have when all of a sudden something dawns on you that you have thought about for a long time. Sometimes you will hit yourself on the head and say how come I did not see that earlier.

Like when I told my nephew that there were people under the earth and I showed about half a dozen scriptures about people being under the earth right from the Bible and from the Book of Mormon and in the Mormon scriptures. It was all over the place and this just boggled his mind and he said, “I just had no idea that it says that there are people under the earth and this just blows me away.” And so it is interesting that because he was not looking for it he never saw it and as a matter of fact you will not meet any religious person that says, he I found that people live under the earth in the Bible. Even so, it clearly and specifically says “under the earth.” Now is the Bible right or wrong, that is up for you to decide but it says that in there.


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The Molecular Relationship, Chapter 1

The Molecular Relationship

J J Dewey

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There was a beginning to time, but no beginning to God for God created time from a point that knows not time. From eternity the Father/Mother/It existed as a point of life with no form, hence no time, no space, no motion, and no mass. It becomes the He/She/It who is eternally reflected as a circle around the point. The circle around the point is the Eternal Son/Daughter and the interplay of the two is the Holy Ghost. The beginning of visible creation is male because all things seen are in a state of radiation and is polarized in the male. All things unseen, which create the magnetic energy of the universe, and holds all things together, is female. The seen and the unseen are the two great poles of the Creative God.

In the beginning, before there existed manifested form in time, there was only God, and God was a point of life. There was no form, hence no time, no space, no motion, and no mass. Therefore, the point of life which was God filled all space since there was no space, and was smaller than anything because there was nothing. Without form, all dimensions are meaningless, but in this world without form, there was only the One Life, or the One God. There was nothing else.

The Father/Mother God or the Originating Decision, then reflected Itself as the Son/Daughter. Thus we had the first atom, or Adam, which was the point in the center, the originating God circled about by the prime creation.

Because spiritual creation was produced outside of time and space it is eternal and all embryonic lives are eternal. From our point of view all creation has always been and will always be. The word creation is not an accurate word to describe spiritual manifestation because the word implies a beginning and an end. Since the origin of all creation exists outside of time and space there is no beginning and end to these things.

Manifestation is perhaps more descriptive from our limited point of view than creation. The universe manifested on a spiritual level and levels of manifestation can appear at points in time and space, yet manifestation itself, including you and I, had no beginning. Manifestation just is, but becomes and evolves in time and space in various octaves.

In order for the ONE to manifest, It had to become the MANY. To manifest, the ONE Decision reflected Itself from the Prime Cause. Because the Prime Cause is infinite, the reflection was infinite; and infinite points of Decision filled and created all space. Each point was in the image of the ONE and had all the potential of the ONE. In other words, each point was a Son of the ONE or a Son of God.

All there is existed and still exists within this Point of Life, for It dwells in Eternity, or the Eternal Now, for all things are present before It. There is no past or future for the Life, but only Now. It sees beginnings and endings as Now, just as we can see the beginning and end to a line we draw. We can see the whole line with its millions of possible sections in one glance.

The infinite reflections had relationship between one another because they were all One in origin. This relationship is called Purpose and Purpose began to vibrate and this vibration creates the universal wavelength that manifests all things.

At the same non time that Purpose was created the vibration of Light and Love was manifest within the originating wavelength.

Light and Love and Purpose exist for eternity beyond time in the Eternal Now.

If we substitute a picture for this Eternal Now we can visualize timeless creation. Assuming the left side of a picture is the beginning and the right side the end, we can see the beginning and end with one glance; so does the Life see all things in creation – past, present, and future – all at one glance and knows the end from the beginning. It, however, sees time and space constantly changing to fit that end, but even the changes between beginning and end are, before It’s eyes, seen as Now.

The Life is like a creative artist with one great paintbrush in It’s hand, and with that paintbrush all that is, is made manifest. The hand which holds the paintbrush is that energy we call Purpose. Without Purpose, there would be no creation, for Purpose is behind all there is. It is the motivating Power of God.

From the beginning of creation then, there is eternally projected the Ray of Purpose. Purpose has no beginning because the Life that projects it has no beginning; thus, it has no end. Purpose is like a single endless line, or spiral, and because it is endless, it penetrates all things. When Purpose decides to paint pictures, it projects vibration and thus creates the wavelength. The top of the wavelength is called Love and the bottom is called Light, but Purpose is always there existing unseen between the two. It is the motivating Power.

The creative hand is Purpose, the paintbrush is Love, and the beautiful colored paints are Light. These three form the Trinity of God, projected by the One Life and are the powers behind all creation.

These powers are symbolized by the following diagram:

From Decision/Life is projected the supreme energy of Purpose. In the scriptures, this energy is represented by God the Father, the Most High God.

When Purpose vibrates with the objective of creating divine art, or manifest form, then the illusion of two separate energies is created. These energies, or aspects, are Love and Light, and are not separate from Purpose any more than Purpose is separate from Life. Purpose, Love, and Light are three Aspects of the One Life. They are one energy, but appear to be three energies. They are the One in Three, and the Three in One. They are the energies of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

One of the best illustrations of this is the guitar string. When it is stationary there is before you only one string, but as soon as you pluck it there is immediately produced the illusion of three strings. There appears to be three strings until the vibration ends. Then we see one string again.

So it is with creation. There appears to be three energies as long as the one energy of manifestation is vibrating, but creation is based upon the illusion of the three. In reality there is only one. While manifest creation is in existence in time and space the Trinity will be real to us, but when the vibration that creates all things is stilled then all the universe will go back to its source: The One Great Life who is God, or the Singularity as it is was called by Stephen Hawking.

Notice that the line of energy that produces Love and Light is a single emission. It is only the fluctuation of that one energy on both sides of Purpose that creates the illusion of Two, or the great illusion of Duality.

Even though the appearance of the Trinity of strings is an illusion that does not negate its value. Quite the contrary, for without this Trinity it would be impossible to create any rhythm or melodies and the guitar would be able to fulfill no useful function except to stand silent in the closet.

Even so can we thank the One Great Life for reflecting Itself and creating motion, or vibration, so the Music of the Spheres, and All There Is made manifest so the various parts of God can know themselves and each other.

There are seven worlds created in our reality from the universal wavelength. The highest four do not have form as we know it, but from a higher point of view all that is produced by wavelengths is still form. The lower three create the three worlds of form as is registered by the consciousness of man.

The original wavelength is of such a high frequency that it is beyond our conception. This produces the highest spiritual world called the “divine” in esoteric writings. However, the creation of the second world down in vibration is a great mystery, yet at the same time simple. It is created by the vibration of the original wavelength. The general idea (but not perfect) is as follows:

This has the interesting effect of creating a secondary wavelength seven times larger than the first. It helps to visualize it if we draw a line through it to see the wavelength of the second world.

The finer wavelength we see above creates the Divine World, but the larger one creates the second energy world called the Monadic. Within the Monadic we see there are seven smaller wavelengths of the Divine Plane also creating seven subplanes of the Monadic Plane.

The interesting thing to consider here is that both worlds are created from the same wavelength. There only appears to be more than one. Then the original wavelength which appears to be three energies is created from one energy.

Now this process repeats itself over again and another wavelength is created seven times as large. This creates the third world, the Spiritual, or Atmic Plane. We do not have room to diagram all three wavelengths co-existing. We see in the above diagram a wavelength riding upon another wavelength. To visualize three worlds you must see a wavelength riding on a wavelength which is riding upon another wavelength.

This process does not stop here. The third wavelength vibrates and creates the fourth world of the Buddhic Plane, or intuitional energy.

This process is repeated and the Mental Plane is created. Then the Mental Plane vibrates and creates the Astral. Finally, the Astral vibrates and creates the physical.

This explains a great mystery, the reason we cannot, with present scientific knowledge, detect the higher worlds. The wavelengths which create the higher worlds are hidden within the wavelengths of our own. Who has ever considered that the wavelengths that create our world are made of smaller wavelengths?

Many world thinkers have taught that all is vibration and there are an infinite variety of them, but what is a new thought here is that the vibration is made from vibration is made from vibration… The vibrations within vibrations are the unseen worlds. This hides them so well that it is difficult to prove their existence without understanding this principle.

The understanding of this principle is the key to creation as employed by Masters and Gods of legends past. After passing through the spiritual worlds an idea is formulated in the mind. When it is clearly visualized it exists in the mental vibrations. The mental vibrations are shaken by the power of Purpose and the thought becomes clothed in Astral or emotional matter. The wavelengths of the Astral are too shaken with Purpose energy and physical manifestation appears.

Within each of these seven worlds exist the Seven Ray energies. They are created through a ripple effect as various wavelengths involve and evolve. The dot indicates a point in space and time where a planet, individual, or atom may find itself.

The One Wavelength further subdivides itself into infinite amounts as illustrated below:

When we consider the originating wavelength a question that may arise is which direction did it go? All the above diagrams have it going from left to right. This is not exactly correct. These illustrations are two dimensional in order to register preparatory truth upon the mind of the seeker.

In actuality, before the first wavelength there was no space or time for space and time are created out of the wavelengths. Because there was no space or time there was no direction. Therefore, the first wavelength had to go all directions at once through all the infinite reflections: up, down, front, back and sideways. In going all directions from the center the circular ball was produced. As we look through the universe at atoms, planets, stars we see circular balls which are recreations of the first wavelength. See the diagram below as a circular ball of wavelengths emanating all directions originating from the point of life in the center:

Visualize the above ball as the entire universe. This is all the physical form there is in the higher four worlds, (even though there is additional form of imagination) only wavelengths riding upon wavelengths emanating from a center point which is God. The Center point plus these four worlds, dimensions or degrees of wavelengths produce the creative mind of God. This is sometimes called the universal mind. Science has not discovered the higher wavelengths of the physical plane or any of the astral and the formless worlds are much more illusive than these.

The current creative life, the human, has within him all the wavelengths and is the soul of the universe, the mediator between God and matter.

The four energy worlds had to be created before God could even think for the very idea of thought implies that there will be space, time and form. Now there is no space, time or form, as we know it, in the four energy worlds, but in them is laid the foundation for all these possibilities.

The Universal Mind craves experience and as it contemplates in its four energy states it sees all possibilities. Each possibility is an extension of itself, created in its own image and becomes a point in the Universal Life. The greatest of these thoughts, according to our knowledge, gather wavelengths and become galaxies. The next order of thoughts gather and become suns, the next order planets, the next life forms, the next atoms, the next subatomic particles and so on down. These are the order of the greatness of the thoughts of God, but the order of creation proceeds from the small particles to the large.

Each point of life is in the image of God, for God’s thoughts reflect God. The projection of God rides on the energy of Purpose and to understand it one must take two mirrors and place one in front and one in back of yourself. Look ahead and you will see yourself projected ad infinitum. God is still One, but appears to be God the many.

By the time that the reflection of God enters the fifth world some distortion occurs so one part of God appears different from another part. As the reflection enters the astral, or sixth world, the distortion is greater still. Finally, the seventh, or physical, is entered and imperfection, or distortion reaches its greatest degree.

Here one star is different from another, as well as the planets, lives and all forms. The forms are all created by a disturbance of divine force in the higher worlds and that disturbance was caused by the Thoughts of God.

You and I are also one of the thoughts of God in the Eternal Now and as such never had a beginning and will never have an end. If we trace ourselves back to our source we will see that behind the thought of us is a point that is a reflection of God and that reflection comes directly from God. In this way we can see that we are created by God, as the religions teach, but at the same time we are Gods because we are in His image, or reflection.

Look at the ball of wavelengths again and see a point of disturbance occurring on one of the lines. This creates counter wavelengths which create other counter wavelengths and thus are forms caused to appear.

All possibilities exist within the Mind of God and they all manifest somewhere in His universe. Our job, as life forms in His image is to live out all the possibilities that we can. When we have then experienced all possibilities within our sphere, God then makes new circumstances and creations and we go on to greater possibilities. Thus it is for all eternity.

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