Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual and Metaphysical Quotes

From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1  We must perceive where and how power can be used before power can be desired or sought.

2  The power of true discernment proceeds the power of union.

3  The true power of the female is a magnetic force that can almost magically draw to itself the things of the spirit or material goods.

4  Seek higher knowledge and sensitivity so you can have greater power to assist others upon the path. Share that which you do receive.

5  When the creator pays attention to his creation an invisible magnetic power is generated that pulls together the elements necessary for success that goes beyond the power of individual action.

6  The present is where the point of power lies.

7  There will be many times that the working disciple will have to use the power of detachment. He must realize that he is not his body, not his feelings and not even his mind and stand back and watch these feelings and thoughts brood and move, yet make his decisions in the light of the soul without attachments to thoughts and feelings of his lower bodies.

8  Until you reach the point of liberation, however, you will not have the power to recreate your old bodies at will.

9  If you think you have no delusions then you should also have power over death for such a feat is accomplished by the overcoming of some of the final delusions.

10  If God, or the power of God, is seen as existing in some man or influence from without then this entity has power to control you through guilt and thus control you through fear and depression.

11  You cannot give up your power of independent thought to any book or Master.

12  One must always think things through himself to discern the good from the evil for in this lies the power to manifest the true reflection of God that lies within you.

13  Any person can make any claim, but only a few can teach the words of light and demonstrate the power of God to the people.

14  I have not hunted for over 35 years, but used to hunt regularly and power had nothing to do with it. I hunted for food and sport. I viewed it as a sport like I did a ball game. I have since changed my views, but still allow all who wish to hunt the freedom to do so and make no attempt at judging their motives.

15  If you focus on light and truth and ignore the pull of the negative, then the power of the negative will evaporate.

16  He who can truly understand Purpose will have “all power in heaven and earth” as Jesus said was given to Him.

17  The true power over polarities comes not from the elimination of negative or positive words, which is impossible, but in the directing of thought and feeling to a constructive end through the power of ATTENTION.

18  I cannot repeat too often that we as individuals in the lower personality will never be Mighty and Strong seen through the eyes of reality. If we are not connected to the vine of the Spirit then we have no life in us and thus no power of consequence.

19  Each step and increase in power to serve is a gift from God, but to receive the gift one has to develop a capacity to retain the gift. If one does not have the capacity to retain the gift the gift is held in reserve until the power to correctly use it is retained.

20  As you put your attention on the inner voice, your power to register will increase and eventually you will become aware of when someone close to you is in distress.

21  The fact that new truths are periodically recognized creates the power of the dominating good that is spoken of in the ancient wisdom.

22  Knowledge is power; all truth uncovered gives us greater power to bring about the dominating good. Conversely, all truth ignored, denied, or covered up allows that which is not good to continue for a while longer.

23  While we cannot do much about who is appointed to the [United States] Supreme Court, and their effect on us, we do have full power as to who we pick to give our power and allegiance.

24  One person can create division and in division the power of the soul is diminished to the group as a whole (though not to individuals).

25  No one person, group or teaching will reach all of humanity, but the Spirit of God working through all those focused in the light do have this power.

26  The power of love is revealed as the many come into the One.

27  No one person, group or teaching will reach all of humanity, but the Spirit of God working through all those focused in the light do have this power.

28  If you want to know if a person is using money wisely, you must look at the end result and the same is true for one who has power to direct deva and elemental lives.

29  When the time comes in the far future that the universe will be created on a basis of twelve, then a point of perfect balance will be reached; thus the great symbology and power of twelve as a spiritual number that penetrates the soul into the unseen.

30  When someone speaks through the soul, the common person is usually touched by an inner stirring even though he has not yet evolved to wield the power himself.

31  It is time for the Lights to understand the mystery of Babylon the great, which soon will fall! Babylon is that power, glamour, or thoughtform which holds the attention of the minds of men focused on false gods and images of gods.

32  In our day wealth and its power has a greater hold over the minds of the people than ever before, not only in the democratic but also the totalitarian countries. A great deal of political, religious, and educational thought, as well as public opinion, is influenced adversely through wealth.

33  All of us have within ourselves the capacity to recognize at least seven aspects of the Will of God and if we follow all of the Will of God that we understand then we will have the power to recognize teachers who are in harmony with that Will.

34  To bring down the powers of Godliness into the physical realm is an act that can only be accomplished through the Spirit of God.

35  It’s not like an individual or group can just get together and demand that the powers of Godliness become manifest. Divine power only becomes manifest when the individual or group puts themselves in alignment with the voice of the Spirit and the Purpose of God.

36  Authoritarian power is always meted out with imperfection.

37  We have power to choose peace or disturbance. Why not choose peace?

38  Power is the end result of all desire.

39  The power of God in man always draws what it looks toward with massed intent.

40  We always have the power to decide to take any path we want.

41  The true path to power is to tune into the Power of Purpose the One Great Life has in store for this planet and then become an agent of His Power.

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The Three T’s: Triads, Trinities & Triangles

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual & Metaphysical Quotes

From The Discourses Of JJ Dewey

1.  “The Divine Trinity is, of course, the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. This is esoterically Power, Love and, or Wisdom and Active Intelligence.”

2.  “Just as there is a Holy Trinity even so there is an unholy use of the Trinity of energies. The Trinity of the forces of retrogression works out as The Dragon (Father – Deception) The Beast (Son – unjust authority to secure the deception) and the image of the beast (Unholy Spirit) false prophet – carries out the deception by speaking the words of the Dragon).”

3.  “The lower octave of Will-Power-Purpose is Determination-Empowerment-Objective.”

4.  “To create a gathering of lights requires a people who are able to manipulate matter in all three worlds of human endeavor – mental, emotional, and physical.”

5.  “Will-Power-Purpose working together synthetically manifests the first ray which is called Power.”

6.  “Where the life of God is, there is Decision – Will – Creation.”

7.  “The explosions of knowledge, love and self discovery will unite with the Zion reaction to cause this trinity of energies to be as one, a symbol of the One God that worketh in and through all things.”

8.  “The most important principles Zion will cause to spread across the world are peace, love, and goodwill. After this will come great building energies never before witnessed.”

9.  “Overall there are three marks:  (1) The Mark of the Beast – emotional control.  (2) The Mark of Humanity – mental control.  (3) The Mark of God – soul control.”

10.  “The Trinity shifts in position as the various Rays rotate and subdivide.”

11.  “I’ve done a lot of contemplating about time and believe that the Trinity of time, past, present and future do compose a great whole, but this does not make the future the present or the past the future. The whole is like our body who has a left arm (the past) the right arm (future) and the torso (the present).”

12.  “All is created from the great Trinity of positive, negative and the originating point. From the multiplicity of this and the interplay of countless pieces of intelligent creation we have the majesty of complex creation that boggles the mind.”

13.  “In this human cycle of progression we go through three cycles of learning:  (1) The Cycle of Experience;  (2) The Cycle of Seeking; and  (3) The Cycle of Service.”

14.  “One of the reasons that the Song of the 144,000 is a powerful combination is because it expresses itself through a Trinity.”

15.  “There are at least three interpretations that apply to every inspired scripture.”

16.  “Above mind are the three higher formless planes, the Spiritual Triad, whereon the Solar Angel may be found.”

17.  “In any molecular structure that is created, we must remember that the number three is of prime importance. If we look through an electron microscope, for instance, we will always see that the atoms form numerous associations in triangular relationships. This is because the Trinity is the foundation of all life. We observe this truth consistently throughout nature.”

18.  “All things that have life or create livingness operate in triads or triangles corresponding to the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost; Father, Mother, Child; or Positive, Negative, Neutrality. Unless these three aspects work together there is no creation and no noticeable effect, as if there were only one hand clapping.”

19.  “Using the triplicity of the conscious, the subconscious and the will is the way to make permanent and safe change in yourself.”

20.  “Your higher self is your upper [Spiritual] Triad often called Atma-Budha-Manas. These are three higher vehicles wherein consciousness can reside. The upper Triad of the regular seeker is occupied by the Solar Angel. From this upper Triad the Solar angel seeks to guide and stimulate you.”

21.  “The causal [body] encompasses all three bodies of manifestation (mental, astral, etheric) even though its form is built using the third subplane of mental matter. This is sometimes called the soul body because it is the vehicle used by the Solar Angel in linking the lower and higher selves.”

22.  “When your consciousness then ascends to the upper [Spiritual] Triad your Solar Angel returns home and then through the [Spiritual] Triad you seek to know your true source, your Father. The conclusion of this step was spoken of by Christ when he said ‘I and my Father are one’.”

23.  “Eventually as cities of Zion spring up and interlink in triangles and sevens and twelves and pyramids of energies are formed, the whole earth will be transfigured and lighted with the glory of God.”

24.  “The body manifest [Nirmanakayas] may not be a physical body, but may be composed of the higher vibrations or ethers of the Spiritual Triad.”

25.  “These three states of consciousness [of the Spiritual Triad of Atma-Budha-Manas] of course correspond to the three prime aspects of will, love and light or Father, Son and Holy Spirit.”

26.  “The true singing of the Song of the 144,000 is accomplished on three levels: the physical, emotional and mental planes, which opens the door of the spiritual.”

27.  “Where there are wavelengths there are Trinities. There is the top of the wavelength, the bottom, and the point at the center symbolized by Light and Love and Purpose.”

28.  “The creation of form, space and time is an extension of Purpose, Light and Love.”

29.  “All life, or motivating power, must have aspects that correspond to the Trinity in order to accomplish purpose.”

30.  “The foundation Ray for the universe itself is Ray One which is a triangle of Will-Power-Purpose.”

31.  “There is a hierarchy of beings of a diverse magnitude of consciousness who are tuned into the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost aspects.”

32.  “The individual must be taught to reach the point of tension that brings “the still small voice,’ ‘the peace that passeth all understanding’ and the ‘baptism of fire’ which come from an inflow of Soul energy. Each must learn the difference between these three.”

33.  “Soul contact is represented by the two interlocking triangles in the Star of David. The lower Triangle represents the three worlds of matter, or form and the higher triangle represents the higher Triad of worlds of Spirit – The Buddhic – the Atmic and the Monad. These six originate from the seventh point, or higher correspondence to soul contact called the Divine Plane or Plane of Adi.”

34.  “Space, form and distance is the Trinity that gives life to time.”

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