Two Different Languages


June 13, 2017

Two Different Languages

So we have established why there is a black hole interfering with the right and the left communicating with and understanding each other. The right tries to convince through analytical reasoning and the left through appeal to the emotions. When the emotions conflict with mind then we have the Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus effect. It is as if people from two different worlds were trying to talk to each other.

That which each side is trying to say and that which is heard are often two different things, as if different languages were spoken.

Here are some examples.


The Left says: We must make food stamps available to all those in need.

What the Right hears: We must throw additional borrowed money at this problem and much of it will be wasted.

The Right says: An increase in spending will increase our debt as all the tax money is already spent. We must make sure food stamps are given to those in need and not taken advantage of.

What the Left hears: The right is happy to see people starve because they just want to funnel money to their pet projects.


The Left says: Reducing spending would hurt the poor and disadvantaged.

What the Right hears: I’m willing to spend borrowed money whether we can pay it back or not. What I want is the most important thing.

The Right says: We are $20 Trillion in debt and do not have the money to spend endlessly. We must cut back or suffer eventual collapse.

What the Left hears: I am a soulless human being willing to balance the budget on the backs of the poor.


The Left says: We are a nation of immigrants and must open our doors to them. We need them.

What the Right hears: We must have completely open borders, ignore all immigration laws and make the illegals citizens as they will become new voters for Democrats.

The Right says: I am for legal immigration. We must have just laws that control border crossing as we are limited in the number we can assimilate. We must also take measures to prevent terrorists from crossing.

What the Left hears: I am a racist who wants to discriminate against darker skinned people. Immigrants are bad people, even terrorists.

We could supply many other examples, but this should suffice to give the reader an idea of the language barrier that exists.

It is interesting that we are leaving the Age of Pisces, which for over 2000 years strongly influenced humanity. Pisces is the most emotionally charged of all the signs and is ruled by the sixth ray of idealism. Despite all the emotionally charged wars and conflicts much good has come out of it. We had the great example of love, sacrifice and the ideal human being presented to us by the Christ. People are much more centered on helping and loving each other than they were 2000 years ago.

We are now entering the Age of Aquarius. Aquarius is an air sign symbolic of the dominance of mind and reason and is ruled by Ray 7 which favors the analytical side, ceremony, business, law and order.

During this transition period the conflict of the two energies will be great as those centered in the passing energies will fight with all their power to preserve the dominance of feeling.

This is why we see many emotional marches, protests and even violence from the left in attempting to silence or stop the progression from the right. In addition we see almost daily attempts by the left to prevent people from the right from speaking. If authorities cannot be convinced to reject them as speakers they will protest the speech and often enter with the the audience and shout down the speakers.

This type of emotional behavior comes almost exclusively from the left and is a sign of a last Hail Mary resistance before the new energies of mind settle in and dominate.

What we have seen from the recent left is the negative side of the feeling aspect. As the Aquarian energies begin to dominate we will see more of the positive side put to use that works toward a practical ideal and puts emphasis on love for humanity and right human relations.

As the Aquarian energies take hold we will see both the feeling and analytical natures satisfied as never before. For instance:

  • Nations will experience problems from overspending to the point where they will be forced to deal with the problem and correct it. We will eventually develop a plan to live within our means.
  • The disadvantaged will be assisted but we will not have to borrow from our grandchildren to do it. A logical plan will manifest.
  • After a number of points of tension the world will achieve stability so nations will not have to spend so much on the military.
  • Poorer nations will achieve more economic stability so there will be little need of illegal crossing of borders. This will cause borders to be more open, similar to the situation with Canada and the United States.
  • Alternative sources of energy will become readily available reducing the conflict between the climate alarmists and skeptics. It will not matter who is right if our energy sources are clean.
  • As logical non discriminatory plans are set in motion and more minorities achieve success race relations will improve.
  • Education, will trim itself of the non essentials and refocus on efficient learning. Salman Khan, founder of Khan Academy is an initiate who has set the new tone for this to develop.
  • It may be some time before most agree on the actual language around LGBT rights, but tolerance is on the increase and people as a whole will develop a live and let live attitude toward those different than themselves.
  • Attention will shift away from traditional religion toward one that focuses on spiritual values. Value will be seen in the different belief systems.
  • Increasingly, people will get discouraged with traditional medicine and turn to alternative and preventive medicine. This, as well as greater efficiency, will eventually cause medical expenses to go down.

The extremists relish the conflict of the two sides, but their days are numbered. Progress is on the side of unity even though it may not be obvious. When the day comes that people’s basic needs are met the angry divisive voices will not garner as much attention.

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