Keys Writings 2014, Part 13

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July 5, 2014

Questions on Glory


How likely is it that one will retain such knowledge (lesson, Principle, Eternal Word), as of the Principle of Glory, beyond death, if one hasn’t ALREADY previously had the consequences of such transgression beaten in to him over and over again (so to speak 🙂 in previous incarnations?


There is a big difference between the registration of a fact, or piece of data and a principle or some type of knowledge that requires understanding. A fact is most strongly registered in the physical brain whereas a thing that requires understanding is registered much deeper within the soul. This deeper registration rises with you in the next life and is available to your consciousness whereas mere facts rarely are.

Now this does not mean that facts are lost or that you are born understanding all that you acquired in past lives. All data is recorded in the akasha and can be retrieved through powerful focus, but we start each life with a hard drive in the brain that is wiped clean of regular memory storage so most of us have to add data into that hard drive from external sources through study and memorization.

On the other hand, the higher parts of our operating system are not lost and the wisdom we acquire that pieces together those facts in a way that makes sense stays with us. Then when one acquires the understanding of a principle his higher mind keeps that understanding from life to life so when the necessary facts are placed in his physical brain he is able to piece then together and see a picture that was not available to others who lacked such understanding in past lives.

This is why I place so much emphasis in understanding and principles. You will lose the facts I now teach in your next life but the understanding and principles will come back quickly when you get a few new facts stored in that future life.


It seems to me ya just gotta do whatcha gotta do and let it all come out in the wash.

So my question (statement? 🙂 seems to be – even if a person NEVER receives glory in (this) life, they shouldn’t necessarily be disheartened should they?

Just work, Work and WORK (follow the highest you can hold yourself to) and have faith the Universe will “know” when you “get it right” and you will reap as ye have sown, right? Give Glory to others (god) and in this manner, if/as you deserve it, it will return an hundred-fold. Right?


A good show to watch that illustrates the drawbacks of attempting to steal glory is The Words, starring Bradley Cooper. He was an aspiring author who discovered a lost unpublished manuscript and then published it as his own and gained great fame. The problem was that the deception ate at him and he realized that he was not able to enjoy the false glory that had been thrown at him. His life turned into a real mess.

Then he met the real author who was gracious enough to not make demands. Even though the real author did not receive name recognition he still achieved satisfaction in that his work was glorified.

Then, after death, the full truth will be revealed and in that circumstance the correct recognition will be granted. In the great libraries there, the real authors will be cited.

In addition to this, in a future life one who was denied his full recognition will be given more opportunity to attain it there.

If we examine just one life it will seem that life is not fair, but overall we spend a lot more time out of incarnation than in it and the truth of accomplishment is more clearly seen in the spirit realms. When we take into consideration our lives between lives and adjustments made in future lives we will see that life is fair and in the end glory goes to those who deserve it.

I have received very little recognition for he truths I have given out in this life. Am I concerned/


If my writings are truly of value then they will endure and the recognition will increase to its right place whatever that may be.

If my teachings prove to be of little value then they will have at least provided a learning experience for me so I can come back and present new teachings in a better format that will prove useful and then receive recognition. In any work one does, he has to mentally prepare for acceptance or rejection.


You also said in a previous post, that Truth is earned.   I thought Truth was learned, so could you expand a bit more on that statement.   Do we earn Truth by seeking it out with all our heart and soul?


Data is learned but the knowledge of true principles and understanding has to be earned. Also, I was talking about the discovery of new truth that is not taught in books. This definitely has to be earned and is not just dropped randomly in our laps.



Re: Glory


I thought the fact that Glory has to be given TO you by someone else to be so implicit in the concept of glory itself that THAT is why neither I nor anyone else had specifically articulated it – because it was such a given that it was unnecessary to speak of it.


This is the problem with all Keys and Principles. When articulated in a few words they all seem so simple that it appears that only the obvious is being presented and there is nothing new to be seen.

Think of the first two Keys represented by the key words Decision and Judgment. We all know what they mean so if explained in a paragraph or two the receiver would often see nothing there to contemplate.

The problem is covered briefly in the Immortal. Here is the dialog:

I gathered my forces and inquired, “So, how do we go about doing this?”

“If I were to just tell you the keys your understanding of them would be quite limited and you would not appreciate the depth of knowledge that lies behind them. Instead, we will use what is called the Intuitive Principle. I will give you pieces of information, or hints, and you contemplate where they are leading you and give me your intuitive feedback. Then I give you more hints until you come to an understanding of the principle. Sometimes that understanding comes gradually and other times it comes instantly in a flash of light.”

Just like there is much more to Decision than the dictionary definition there is much more to the Principle of Glory than getting a pat on the back or stroking the ego. You went to the effort of carefully going through my words and even transcribing them in an attempt to see something more than the obvious and you were rewarded with greater insight. All greater insights come through seeking, focus and contemplation.


Is there a similar list of questions we could contemplate on our own regarding Glory, now that we have the basics of the Principle?


That is a good assignment for me. I’ll see what i can come up with.


Looks like I need to add some clarification:

There have been many times that I thought I have written a profound post or a post with something profound in it that received little or no comment.

Should I have said, “Hey you guys, you overlooked my brilliant words. What’s the matter with you refusing to give credit where credit is due?”

If I had said that I would gave been attempting to glorify myself and the group’s opinion of me would have gone downwards.

So what did I do?

I followed the Principle of Glory and did nothing. At most I may have repeated the ideas later on in a different wording thinking maybe they could have an effect this time.

So in what circumstances do I defend myself to preserve the Principle of Glory?

There are two circumstances.

(1) If someone comments on my words in such a way that reveals they sincerely do not understand them.

In this case I will write more to clarify my words saying nothing about how profound I think they may or may not be. If the thoughts put forward have value then recognition will naturally come with clarification.

(2) If a reader steps forward and takes my words, attempts to diminish the value and distort the meaning.

In this case again I will clarify, but for a different reason. I do not want to let the distortion of my words stand as I see that as a deception and clarify further so the truth can be rightly seen.

Taking these two steps will assist the Principle of Glory, allowing the thoughts to register in their correct level. Insisting others recognize how clever I am would be a disaster and contrary to the principle.


The Principle of Glory is NOT centered around giving glory or credit where the person thinks he deserves it, but where the observer thinks it is earned.

Let us say I write something I think is the best thing ever penned in the universe and Jim Smith reads it and says, “It’s okay, but I’ve read better a lot of times.”

Has Jim violated the Principle of Glory?


If he honestly does not see value in what I have written (even if everyone else does) then he cannot honestly give glory. Jim has done nothing wrong.

Similarly, if Dan does not see enough value in another member’s words to go out of his way to praise then he has done nothing wrong. To receive glory from another the other person must sincerely feel the value and acknowledge it out of free will.

A violation of the Principle of Glory comes if…

(1) A person distorts or lies about the praiseworthy words or actions of another.

(2) A person attempts to take credit for himself for the words or actions of another.

If one does not appreciate the words or works of another then the laborer must accept that fact and let it go. If his work has lasting value then the guy will realize this in some distant future. For instance, many who opposed the Christ are now reincarnated and cherish his words.


July 7, 2014

Other Groups

Since there has been quite a bit of discussion about Allan Cronshaw’s teachings I thought I would make a few comments.

But before I specifically comment on him I’ll make a few points about our approach to other teachers and groups in general.

(1) It is unlikely that you will find any other teacher or group in full alignment with all my teachings.

(2) Some teachers are in the work for the sake of he ego where others have a sincere desire to serve. Then there are others who are a combination of the two.

(3) Those with soul contact will find a number of questionable teachings, and sometimes outright falsehoods, in other teachers. Then, from time to time they will discover some inspiring statements and truths.

(4) There are good and sincere people who are members of all groups… However … the greater the light which is manifest in the group the higher will be the percentage of the pure in heart.

(5) No group or teacher is perfect. Even groups ran by initiates will often have flaws in their teacher, their teachings and their members.

(6) We must always be open to the possibility that teachings that run contrary to our mindset may be true or have value and check with our souls before condemning them.

(7) We must remember that different teachings appeal to different people at different places on the path. Some sincere seekers who are near the beginning may be more comfortable in a regular church and then the more advanced will select different teachers according to their level of consciousness. That which has no interest for one seeker may be very stimulating for another.

(8) As long as seekers are asking questions and seeking with an open mind to learn they will move forward, even if their group and teacher have quite a bit of illusion.

So, what should we do when we encounter another teacher or group that may have some things in common with us? Should we seek to merge or join forces?

No. That is not practical. You’d be hard pressed to find even one teacher on the planet who is willing to merge with another or give up an ounce of his authority with his followers.

That is the reason Jesus called John the Baptist the greatest prophet who ever lived. He recognized one greater than himself and gave up his followers to Jesus. You would have to look long and hard to find a John the Baptist in this age.

I would like to think that if the Christ showed up and needed my help that I would recognize him and be willing to yield to him anything he needed, but such a thing may be a greater test than I realize. I have encountered a number of lesser souls in illusion who have demanded or asked for my allegiance which I have rejected out of hand.

You’ll note that when Jesus came along and John recognized him, that he did not join forces with Jesus. Jesus and John did not work together cooperating as co-leaders at the top. John continued with what was left of his group and Jesus moved on with a new advanced group.

Why didn’t they join forces?

Because two strong teachers cannot share the same position of power. Even if they agree they will place their teachings in different wording and the students will become confused. Therefore, these two strong men managed their separate groups, but cooperated and moved toward the same goal.

Even so it is with us. We will not merge with any other group but will cooperate and share wherever it is feasible.

Aren’t I afraid that if we cooperate with other groups that we will lose some people to them?

Not in the least, for if that happened it would generally mean they are merely going where they belong. On the other hand if my teachings are exposed to other group members some may decide they want to come here so this works both ways.

A number of good Keys members have been past members of groups and churches which are full of illusion, but they still learned from them and have followed the voice of the soul until they arrived here.

Stephen is to be commended for attempting to initiate here. He may or may not be successful but the effort itself is bound to create some reward. You cannot build anything of value unless you try.


I said this:

“I would like to think that if the Christ showed up and needed my help that I would recognize Him and be willing to yield to him anything he needed, but such a thing may be a greater test than I realize.”

To this Ruth expressed an exasperated astonishment at my possible fallibility. Among her comments were:

“Is it going to be that hard to recognize Christ, that even one’s soul contact isn’t enough?”

Ruth, you are taking my simple statement and projecting it to every possible contact with the Christ or His spirit.

The first point I will make is that my statement was following The Principle of Glory. Instead of proclaiming that I am a sure thing and infallible in taking the highest seat at the table as he one who can be depended upon to recognize Christ, I took the lower seat noting that I am a fallible being just like the least of you.

If Christ were to show up and I identified Him then if the members here adhere to my teachings they will not accept this just because I say it, but will check it out for themselves using their own soul contact.

This is as it should be.

There are many circumstances where it would be close to a sure thing that I would recognize the Christ. If he placed his spirit within me to establish a molecular link it would be pretty obvious because of the intensity.

On the other hand, there are other circumstances where it may not be so obvious. Let us say that He decided to not send out much of a spiritual vibration and decided to appear among us and see who would recognize him by the spirit in his words and works alone.

Let us say that he joined the Keys and decided to post something controversial just to see how we would handle it. It might even seem to disagree with something I have said.

How many of us would be able to neutralize the natural reaction of rejection and even check with our souls in that circumstance?

In such a situation, I would hope that I would do this.

The question is not whether soul contact is enough to recognize the Christ, but whether we will be still and check with our souls if a test should come.

“Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh.” Matt: 25:13

This commandment applies to all, including myself. We must all be vigilant and watch and be aware or we will not be prepared for the encounter, or may miss it completely.


July 8, 2014

Other Groups, Part 2

Stephen seemed impressed with Allan Cronshaw’s teachings so I downloaded a good portion of them and read them to give them a fair examination

Overall he seems to be a sincere teacher and seeker. I didn’t encounter much new material in the way of teachings though he did come up with a number of quotes from the early church fathers that are not widely circulated. I added a couple of these to my collection.

His core teaching centers around basically what we call “soul contact” and he calls it “The Key of Knowledge.” He didn’t borrow this term from us but got it from the words of Jesus.

“Woe unto you, lawyers! for ye have taken away the key of knowledge: ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in ye hindered.” Luke 11:52

He says that the Key of knowledge which was taken away was the idea that seeker must find the kingdom of God which is within us and get revelation for himself.

In other words, he must obtain soul contact and obtain knowledge and verification through inner contacts as we teach here.

This is as good a teaching as any for a central idea but he places almost total emphasis on the inner world at the expense of the outer. When I read his writings I wonder if he realizes that he is an outer teacher that his group is looking to for knowledge and sometimes we need such outer stimulation to be motivated to check with the inner.

Another major thing he teaches is that most of the Bible is not literal history, but a combination of both fact and fiction, written for the purpose of teaching rather than something that is literally true.

That sounds like the approach I made with the Immortal series so you’d think he would endorse my approach, but he seemed somewhat skeptical of it.

Actually, the Immortal des not exactly follow this approach as I clearly state that it is all not literally true but a combination of fact and fiction. I would think that if Bible writers wrote fiction and presented it as literal truth that they may have accumulated some bad karma for their deceit.

I noticed that he doesn’t go into what is fact and fiction except he does seem to take Jesus and the apostles as literal characters.

He seems to believe the laws of Moses should be still followed quite literally and we should worship on the original Sabbath of Saturday. This emphasis on outward laws seems to run contrary to his teachings of going within to discover law and truth.

He doesn’t come out strongly and itemize laws that we are to follow except to say we need to follow the whole of the ancient law.

He talks a lot about the need to interpret the symbolic meaning of the scriptures since they are not to be interpreted literally, but hen he does not present many teachings explaining the symbolic meaning.

Since he is into symbology I sent him a copy of The Unveiling, which gives the inner meaning of the Book of Revelation. It will be interesting to see what he thinks of that.

He teaches that we need to go on a vegetarian diet to achieve enlightenment. This indicates he will be drawing those who are approaching the first initiation, as it is important for these aspirants to go on a vegetarian diet to prove that they can master the physical appetites. Some inner work is made easier by a vegetarian diet, but it is not essential for overall enlightenment. Many advanced initiates find it essential to eat meat because of their purpose or situation – especially those who are doing outer work. Those concentrating on inner work will often be vegetarians. There is not a one size fits all diet in this age.

He correctly teaches about reincarnation and presents himself as James, the brother of Jesus born again. Since James has not received a lot of glory in the scriptures or the historical record it seemed to add some credibility since another apostle or Bible figure would have been glamorous. That is, until I read a quote he discovered in relation to James. He wrote:

In the recently discovered Gospel of Thomas it is written: (12) The disciples said to Jesus, “We know that you will depart from us. Who is to be our leader?” Jesus said to them, “Wherever you are, you are to go to James the righteous, for whose sake heaven and earth came into being.”   So to once again restore the teachings of TheWay which is today known as Christianity, the Lord has sent Jacob/James, the Brother of Yeshua/Jesus, back into the world in order to guide the faithful flock into the Truth, the Light, and the Kingdom within (Luke 17:20-21).   It is there that my brother Yeshua/Jesus awaits you.

So here we read that James was so important that he is the reason “heaven and earth came into being.” That puts James right up these with the standard thinking about Jesus.

If one with a strong ego reads this quote he may be inclined to desire to be James in a past life even more than Moses, Elijah or Peter since heaven and earth was created for his sake.

I don’t know how such an outlandish statement got into the Gospel of Thomas for heaven and earth was not made for the sake of James any more than it was for you and me. Something obviously got lost in the transcription or translation.

If Allan’s followers take this statement seriously it would place him in a position to be a powerful outward authority. After all, who wants to disagree with the guy for whose sake heaven and earth was made?

Do I think Allan was James in a past life?

It doesn’t matter. What matters is what he does and teaches now. He is an intelligent man and is apparently appealing to a number of souls to seek for greater light and knowledge. I wish him well in encouraging his group to seek the inner God.


I would guess that the original words of Jesus are not represented correctly in this scripture. One can take any set of words and give some symbolic meaning to them but nothing works as well as just clearly stating what is true, whether it be for aspirants or high initiates.

Symbolic teachings such as parables only advance understanding when it is understood that there is deeper meaning involved and the symbolism adds to the understanding.

Let us say that Jesus did not really walk on water but this was given as a symbolic teaching.

The first problem is that readers do not know this so they do not even look for the deeper meaning. If one does not look he will not find.

Then let us suppose that the meaning to be conveyed was that the seeker (represented by Jesus) is supposed to master the emotions (represented by water) and thus take in higher knowledge (represented by air for the mind).

What would be the advantage of making up a false story that few get compared to just coming out and stating he truth?

I can’t see a lot of benefit here. If you approach teaching as Jesus did then there is a benefit. He taught various principles and then illustrated them with parables which had obvious symbolic meaning. Using this method the symbolism was helpful.


JJ wrote:

What would be the advantage of making up a false story that few get compared to just coming out and stating he truth?


  1. If the masses weren’t ready yet but you wanted to preserve the encoded teaching for insiders that are to pass on the “key” to deciphering them.
  2. Or if you thought the real deal would get altered or deleted (by a future authority/church say 🙂 and yet wanted to preserve them as in #1.


I think you have a good point when dealing with parables or visions, such as the Book of Revelations. But i think it is confusing to record a thing as historical fact when the real purpose is to teach a symbolic message. The problem is that if Bible stories are meant for this purpose it would seem that no one knows the purpose for sure. On the other hand, a parable can have several levels of meaning and the reader knows there is symbolism hidden there. The nursery Rhymes we read our kids were really written to convey symbolic meaning and to make fun of authorities. The common people knew the meaning but the authorities did not, but no one took them as literally true.

In addition, I think real history has more underlying symbolic meaning than fictional history would have.


The interesting part of the quote about Bible history really being only a symbolic teaching aid is the only symbology mentioned is not historical scripture but a parable (prodigal Son) which was never presented as history. If that which is taken to be Bible history was really written to contain hidden symbolic teachings them someone ought to use them to teach just as much or more than they use parables which were never intended to be taken as history.


July 9, 2014

James/Heaven & Earth

Dan points out that because Allan teaches the scriptures are not literal that the Gospel of Thomas should be interpreted figuratively when saying that heaven and earth was created for the sake of James.

That is a good point except when we consider a couple details.

First, Allan has not interpreted this key scripture symbolically but what he has said in connection with it has a literal, not figurative basis. He teaches that James was the main leader in that day to whom the true disciples gathered around and he is James reincarnated to fulfill that literal purpose which James had back in that age. He is to literally restore the purity of the teachings of Christ to which men are to come to in order to be guided toward the true key of knowledge.

Even if we interpret the scripture symbolically it does not seem to fit in with the “come to James” idea.

James comes from the Greek IAKOBOS, which is derived from the Hebrew for Jacob. The Patriarch Jacob had two names. First, he was known as Jacob, but then, after he wrestled with God, he was renamed Israel.

Jacob signifies the lower nature and comes from the Hebrew YA`AQOB and is derived from AQAB. From this word and its variations the Bible gives these various translations: “heel, take by the heel, supplant, restrain, lie in wait, crooked, deceitful, polluted, and subtlety.”

After Jacob wrestled with God his name was changed to Israel, which means “to prevail as God.”

When the disciple, as symbolized by James (Jacob), meets the Christ (God) he wrestles with his lower nature until he prevails as Israel and then lives a life through the consciousness of Christ or God.

So to symbolically tell seekers to come to James is like saying to come to the lower nature. It would make more sense if the scripture made some subtle reference to the name Israel, which signifies overcoming. It could have been written, “Come to James, the Israelite,” or something to that effect.

It appears that Allan is referencing the scripture to be taken fairly literally, rather than figuratively.

Furthermore, it appears that he gives a lot more literal weight to the New Testament than the Old. He definitely sees most of the Old Testament, including characters, as figurative but when he quotes from the New Testament he teaches from it as it the words are literally true. All the characters mentioned, such as Jesus, the apostles, Paul, John the Baptist, the Jewish leaders etc., are presented as real people. The only teachings given a lot of figurative interpretation are the parables, and this all men do.

I think one thing he needs to do to clarify his teachings is to itemize some of the things in the scriptures that he sees as true accounts and those which are figurative. Which people are real and which are not?

As it is, when Allan quotes scripture one always has to wonder how he really sees the words he is interpreting.


July 10, 2014

The Deniers

Here’s another letter I’ve written to my paper. Unfortunately, I am limited to 200 words.

Since having a number of letters published skeptical of the orthodox global warming view I have been attacked in print and online with great intensity.

The most common attack is to call me denier of some kind even though I deny nothing factual.

Where alarmists cannot point out any facts that are denied by me I can point out plenty by them.

(1) They deny the value of skepticism which has always been a scientific staple.

(2) Many deny there has been a warming pause since 1998.

(3) They attempt to deny skeptics a platform to speak, publish and be heard.

(4) They deny or suppress the benefits of global warming.

(5) They deny that data has been altered to make warming seem worse than it is.

(6) They deny that a researcher’s career could be ruined if he doesn’t get his mind right and support alarmism.

(7) They deny the fact that skeptics such as myself understand that human released CO2 can have a warming effect. That is not part of the debate. The real debate, which is denied by them, is how much that effect is compared to many natural causes and what to do about it.

July 12, 2014

Post to Allan’s Group

I visited Allan’s group and noticed that some of my teachings were discussed with some misunderstandings. So, I decided to make a clarifying post. Here it is.

My fellow seekers,

Since there has been quite a bit of dialog between one of our Keys of Knowledge members and Allan, which has been followed up here by some discussion I thought I would make a few remarks.

First, I think there should be more interchange of ideas between the various groups seeking higher knowledge. One thing that is an obstacle to this is that many from one group will approach another with the idea of proving them wrong or converting them. Our group has certainly come across our quota of these characters.

If various visitors would concentrate on sustaining the good things of the group they visit while leaving an open door for a visit to their group we would see some mutual benefit of having exchanges. To understand this group I have read around 150,000 words of Allan’s teachings from his websites and find some praiseworthy thinking there.

There has been some discussion of my teachings which tells me there is some misunderstanding of what I teach so I thought I would make some notes of clarification.

Allan writes:

If the Jesus that is portrayed in the Gospels is allegorical, then so it the disciple John — which Mr. Dewey promotes as an actual person who is still physically alive..


I make no such claims. I have two sets of writings. One set of over 6000 free articles contains my teachings which are to be taken as written. The other set are my books on The Immortal series. These books are written allegorically, the way that you say the scriptures are written. The allegorical series says that John is still alive but my much more voluminous teachings are silent on this and leave the truth up to the reader to discern.

Just like the scriptures contain part history and part allegory so also is the case with The Immortal books. It is up to the reader to determine the whole meaning through his own contemplation.


When the scriptures speak of the Christ, the reference is not to a man or being — but rather, the Christ is a Power of Enlightening Light that can only be manifest within one’s self by those who first come to Know Thyself — and then seek Oneness with the Indwelling Logos.


Agreed with the note that Jesus or anyone else can become a Christ.


The people who are attracted to JJ Dewey’s books and groups are still at a level where they look outwardly for a Messiah to come.


Jesus and the Spirit which entered him are certainly not limited to one life, just as you and I are not. Many great entities from the past will be reborn to which you must agree since you see yourself as the return of James, the Righteous.

We do not see Jesus or the overshadowing Spirit returning in a blaze of glory in the heaves as do regular Christians, but advanced entities can reincarnate or communicate spiritually with certain people on earth.

Our main emphasis is not based on waiting for some great entity to arrive but to manifest the Christ within, similar to that which you teach. That which opens the door to this we call “soul contact.” A search of my website at for this phrase will reveal lots of teachings on this.


In contradistinction, all of my writings and teachings are totally concerned with the coming of the Kingdom within the seeker’s own mind and being, and the process of them becoming the Messiah.


We may differ a little here as I teach about both the inner and the outer. In the Gospel of Thomas Jesus says, “the Father’s kingdom is within you and it is outside you.”

Jesus recognized both the inner and the outer and if you have a gathering of those who discover the inner kingdom then the outer manifests making God’s will realized on earth as it is in heaven.


Where Mr. Dewey is attempting to gather twelve couples together in order to manifest Jesus as the higher being of the group, I work to manifest what Jesus represents within the mind and life of the individual.


That is not what I am attempting. I am attempting to create the next great step in spiritual evolution with the creation of a greater life form, which will not be Jesus. First however, the individuals involved must find the Key of Knowledge within. That is not the end of the quest, however, but just the beginning.


Moreover, if Mr. Dewey was to adopt these points which I hold as important, he would quickly be abandoned by many of his followers who are quite New Age in their thinking.


And the reverse would be true. If you adopted certain parts of my teachings some here would think you lost your mind.

All we can do as teachers is be tolerant of each other and let the students use the Christ within to assist in discerning truth from error.


If some cosmic messiah could come and zap the earth — invoking an artificial peace and goodwill among men — then the actions of such a messiah would suspend the Laws and derail the spiritual evolution of the individual souls.


Agreed and I have taught this myself a number of times.


While the utopian mindset is with good intentions, its wishful thinking is based upon the ignorance of self and the Cosmology of Mind.


As far as the utopian ideas and methods of communism or the political left I completely agree. However, I believe it is an error to see that humans cannot improve their condition and after a sufficient time there can be a literal “peace on earth and goodwill to men.” The Will of God will manifest on earth as it is in heaven and the time will indeed come that the brotherhood of humankind will be a reality.

The hearts of the fathers (those of us in the present) must turn to the children (to the benefit of future generations) or the earth will be smitten with a curse. See Mal 4:6

July 13, 2014

Initiation analogies

One can never go far wrong when contemplating the Law of Correspondences.

The important thing about diet is what the seeker receives from his own soul. One size does not fit all. He should be guided by inner guidance much more than some commandment from a priest or guru.

Those working on the first and second initiations are guided at some point to go on a vegetarian diet. For the fist it is important to master the physical appetites and for the second the vegetarian diet reduces the strength of the carnal passions. Most have difficulty mastering the emotional plane while on a standard meat eating diet.

As the disciples moves forward he gains greater self control and can handle the astral plane no matter what diet he is on. At that point, he chooses his diet depending on whether his attention is to be on the inner our outer work. Many western disciples (such as Churchill) concentrate on the outer work and eat and drink as seems good. On the other hand, if one wants to concentrate on the inner work one not only wants to go on a vegetarian diet, but a very light one of raw foods.

Another factor in the minds of disciples is heath. The disciple, whether he be a vegetarian or meat eater, will carefully choose foods that will keep him healthy.


July 16, 2014

Precept Upon Precept

Greg being overwhelmed by new terms and the knowledge available is familiar to many of us who have either been kicked out of or left past orthodox belief systems.

Many of us call this moving away from orthodoxy as “graduation from spiritual kindergarten.” Indeed, kindergarten serves a purpose but we do not want to stay there forever. Once the simple basics are learned then it is time to go on.

Unfortunately, the churches have done such a good job of brain washing their members that they see it as a good thing that the people learn the same things over and over.

Isaiah spoke accurately of this situation.

“Whom shall he teach knowledge? And whom shall he make to understand doctrine? Them that are weaned from the milk, and drawn from the breasts. For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little and there a little: For with stammering lips and another tongue will be speak to this people.” (Isaiah 28:9-11)

There has been much written about the stammering lips and another tongue that miss the point. The English word “stammering” is translated from the Hebrew LAEG. When one speaks stammering or LAEG., he speaks in a sort of repeating baby talk to jokingly irritate his listeners. Isaiah himself is using this sort of talk with the Jews when he repeats himself unnecessarily in verse 10. When he speaks of “another tongue”, we must remember that our tongue today is a different one than that used by the ancient Jews.

A higher interpretation of the other tongue is refers to a new way of speaking and teaching to Israelites. Jesus spoke with a different tongue, or manner of speaking, than Moses, and God will speak in new and different ways as the times change in this age. The teachers of the various ages and climes teach so differently (even though it is all one message) that it seems to be “another tongue.”

“But the word of the Lord was unto them precept upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little; that they might go, and fall backward, and be broken, and snared, and taken.” (Verse 13)

Here Isaiah again used his “stammering” language for he again uses his repetitive speech. He clearly illustrates how the word of the Lord has been presented to the resisting religions. He says it is, “Precept upon precept, precept upon precept;” the repetition or stammering indicates the manner of presentation of the gospel to the churches today. The church teachers say the same things over and over, and the Sunday School manuals teach the same simple lessons over and over. Because they “would not hear,” this is the backward manner that teachings would come to them.

Why is this? So that they “might go, and fall backward, and be broken, and snared, and taken.” “Taken” is from the Hebrew LAKAD which signifies being “caught in a trap.” God is allowing the churches to follow the backward course it is taking so they will be caught in a trap, and when its bands are made strong the real truth through wise virgins will come forth to reveal the bondage to those who thought they were free. There must be great contrast between light and darkness or the light will not be seen or sought.

“For the bed is shorter than a man can stretch himself on it: the covering narrower than he can wrap himself in it.” (Verse 20)

The “bed” refers to the foundations of the church and kingdom as presently constituted. They are not enough to fully satisfy the earnest seeker; therefore, he cannot “stretch himself on it.” The “covering” refers to the teachings available. The fullness of revelation is no longer with the church; therefore, the covering is narrower than a member can wrap himself in it.”

Visualize yourself going to bed in a cold room to take a rest. Your bed is so short that your feet hang over the edge. The covers are so short that they only cover half your body. Would this not be an uncomfortable situation you would want to rectify at the first possible moment?

Yet the foundation teachings, the good, the beautiful and the true, of most religions have been in large part shorted or removed making the bed of religion too short and a very uncomfortable resting place. Foundation teachings and new revelation have been suppressed so members do not have sufficient light as a covering and shiver inside stone buildings lacking warmth.

I remember feeling unsatisfied by being restricted to church teachings for knowledge. I looked for greater knowledge but little came outside of my own inner reflections. Finally, I discovered the freedom of exploring everywhere from inside myself to the outside world for greater light and truth. When this happened I was delighted to find that there is much more available than anyone can learn in one lifetime. But this is a good thing.


July 18, 2014

Dark Brotherhood Dream Assassins?

Aphoenix writes:

I, too, came under the worst attack in all the years I’ve endured them…this time in a gang of 3.


I’m sorry you had to go through such an experience. Because energy follows thought there were several things I was hesitant to include in the books, but I figured the positive knowledge conveyed would be worth the risk.

When one hears or reads about dark attacks the best course is to watch your thoughts and emotions carefully. Do not let your thoughts be directed toward the possibility and do not fear. Not providing any energy of thought or feelings provides a good shield. Absorb knowledge of the principle of Attrition discussed in the Lost Key. Learning to let negative energy pass through you as if it does not exist is an important key.

Stay focussed in the light and you will get the assistance you need from time to time.

Jenny writes:

I was wondering on what plane the “deceiving spirits”, dark brothers, etc. reside. Is it the astral plane or is there such a thing as a spiritual plane?


Most work on the lower levels of the astral or from the Eighth Sphere. This Sphere is a very low level plane of illusion even more dense than the physical where it is said lost souls dwell. Here the inhabitants are in the process of disintegration.

More advanced dark brothers who have not yet entered the Eighth Sphere sometimes dwell in the higher astral or lower mental. The lower mental is the highest level any of them can function. An advanced dark bother is difficult for many to recognize because when they work in the higher astral or lower mental they can come across an a regular inhabitant. This is why the trusted teachers there are from the higher metal plane or vibration.


July 19, 2014

Why we need the Astral body


The Emotions drop below the threshold of consciousness eventually, just like our instincts have dropped below the threshold, but we are still able to tap into them when we need to. Is this assumption correct, JJ?


Not quite. All those in physical incarnation have an astral body and all disciples have fully functioning emotions that are not below the threshold of consciousness just like the physical body and it’s feelings of pain and pleasure are not below the threshold.


If we got rid of our astral body, then we would no longer have any more emotions, correct?


No. The astral body is a lower reflection of the buddhic body and plane where the higher more true feelings reside. As long as we reside in some part of this universe there are feelings of some kind.

All entities incarnating on this planet have an astral body and do not get rid of it any time in the foreseeable future.


Most people die and pass over into the astral realm on the various levels of consciousness, so if there was no astral realm, then we would pass over to _______?


No need to be concerned. The astral realm will be there in any future that concerns us.


Although I understand that Disciples etc can pass over onto the mental realm when they die.


Passing to the mental realm does not make the astral world disappear, nor does it mean a disciple cannot use his astral body or later incarnate into the physical.


When humanity reaches and works through it’s collective mental body, then the emotional body does not disappear and become non existent, but rather just drops below the level of consciousness, because humans are living and using their mental consciousness.   Is this correct?


No. They will still use their astral body, but control it with the higher mind.


July 22, 2014

The Feeling World

One2 asks:

Thanks for clearing this up for me because I was wondering if the emotions dropped below the threshold in millions of years, like our instincts have.

Although the emotional body has to be mastered like our physical body, but the instincts belong to the animal soul, so that is why the instincts dropped below the threshold?


The feeling nature and instincts are two entirely different instruments. Instincts are like computer programs. You don’t use a computer program all the time and there are some that you don’t need any more and you may not use them at all in the present, but they can be retrieved when needed and attention is focused on them. These are below the threshold of consciousness until retrieved.

The feeling/emotional nature is not like a computer program but is generated by your consciousness interacting with your environment. As long as you interact with the worlds of form you will have feelings about what is happening. You can negate certain feelings but you cannot negate feeling itself. For instance, if you hate your next door neighbor and conclude that you are being unreasonable and through understanding replace hate with friendship, then you negated the negative feeling. It is not below the threshold of consciousness, but just doesn’t exist any more. That doesn’t mean that you could not wind up hating something else.

What we feel about things changes over time but some type of feeling always remains, even in the higher worlds. And who among us would ever want to negate happiness, joy, peace or bliss?


Also is there a Principle of Sealing?   Or is Sealing incorporated into the Molecular Relationship?


Sealing exists, but not in the way the LDS church teaches it… And they should be thankful this is the case. After all, there are many thousands of unhappy married couples sealed together for all eternity (in their minds). Who wants to be bound for eternity to someone you cannot stand? This would be especially difficult if you found someone who you truly could love that was not currently your spouse.

Two things will bind you to another person so you will meet them in a future life: Love and hate. Love will cause your Higher Self to arrange a future life so you can enjoy each other’s company again and hate will cause you to meet again so you can learn to work things out and let the negative feelings go.

The Molecular Relationship is the closest thing to sealing as is generally understood in that you and others joined learn to share group consciousness so it will be as if you are never separated in life or death.

Joan basically says that she is a helpful person and people seem to be taking advantage of her but when she withdraws they are upset, which thing concerns her.

Yes, those who take more advantage than they should are legion, but the key to handling it is this.

Your peace and happiness is just as important as anyone else’s and if you do not do the basic things to insure this happens for you then you are doing just as much of a disservice as when one ignores the legitimate needs of others. If you do not keep yourself mentally and emotionally healthy then you will not be of much use to others, so for the sake of the whole you must examine your feeling needs and keep them satisfied.

If you have too many people coming into your life draining you of energy this means you are sending out signals that draw them to you. Reflect on what signals you must be sending and reduce them. Once reduced then fewer people will come out of the woodwork asking for favors.

The worst thing that can happen is if people impose so much that you suffer a grievance. Such a thing can fester into ill health and low energy. It is of extreme importance that the seeker keeps his emotional body balanced and happy.

Copyright 2014 by J J Dewey

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