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March 11, 2014
The Seven Initiations Continued
Larry W
Truly inspiring info. From your recent Initiate characteristics posts and also from this audio series I see the path more clearly. You said baptism symbolizes the second Initiation, rising out from the WATER -interesting. Did you also say the Baptism of Fire is part of the second Initiation? Or does Baptism of Fire pertain to third Initiation?

Various degrees of the baptism of fire can be had by all initiates and even those approaching initiation. All of us are capable of receiving some fire from the Spirit and it will be sent to us when we are open and are in the right time and place. What sets the higher initiates apart is they follow the higher guidance to wherever it leads.

Tom to JJ….do all baptism have to be merging in water and coming out because my Methodist Minister just spanked water on my head and my brother also was sprinkled with water on his head when he joined the Mormons…….are we saved or not?

Ruth was correct in that baptism is symbolic. It symbolizes you coming out of emotional control (water) and into control of the mind (air). Control by the mind takes you out of error and thus saves you from sin (error).

Sprinkling doesn’t represent this symbolism accurately so baptism should be by immersion.


To Tom:
Whether you are baptized correctly would be the least of my worries. If you find someone who is willing to baptize you by immersion, fine and if not fine as long as you follow the highest you know.

According to Mormon scriptures Adam didn’t have anyone to baptize him and was led by he Spirit in to the water to be immersed and that seemed to do the trick. You could do the same in a swimming pool or any body of water.

Here’s another scripture for you:
D&C 22:2 Wherefore, although a man should be baptized an hundred times it availeth him nothing, for you cannot enter in at the strait gate by the law of Moses, neither by your dead works.
D&C 22:3 For it is because of your dead works that I have caused this last covenant and this church to be built up unto me, even as in the days of old.


March 16, 2014
Did you talk about the deva state or sleep state in the article. I am unable to find it…maybe included it in the book if you want.

The astral world where the people are living out their ideal life corresponds to the devachain. It is kind of like sleep in that they do not have a full consciousness of their relation to physical reality but in other ways their consciousness has a greater sensitivity.


March 17, 2014
The Key to Truth
Great description of what happens after the body dies JJ, many thanks. Can I just ask, how much of what you have described do you ‘know’ to be true? I use the word ‘know’ carefully, as representing direct ‘knowledge through experience’ rather than a piecing together of the puzzle so to speak.

The Internet is full of such teachings, some of which contradict each other, so if you were to suddenly say “Well young padewans, let me tell you a little story about a fine man who lives in Boise,” then I’m sure I wouldn’t be the only one here who would sit up and listen 🙂

If you are seeking the truth you are asking the wrong question in the wrong direction.

If I were to tabulate direct experience that seems to verify various teachings I give out what does that accomplish? It merely puts me in oppositions to dozens of others who claim direct experience that seems to prove my direct experience is either a lie or illusion.

Many there are who claim direct experience who are either…

(1) Outright lying.
(2) Sincere but caught in an illusion of some kind.

If someone claims direct experience of a non physical reality the highest you know using physical brain logic is that he had some experience that affected him. You would have no idea if the experience reflected reality as it actually is.

You’ll note that the greatest teachers do not use authority of experience to convince anyone. Where in the Bible does Jesus say – “Now this teaching is true because I have experience that verifies it.”

Where does DK say such a thing? Instead he says:

“The books that I have written are sent out with no claim for their acceptance. They may, or may not, be correct, true and useful. It is for you to ascertain their truth by right practice and by the exercise of the intuition. Neither I nor A.A.B. is the least interested in having them acclaimed as inspired writings, or in having anyone speak of them (with bated breath) as being the work of one of the Masters. If they present truth in such a way that it follows sequentially upon that already offered in the world teachings, if the information given raises the aspiration and the will-to-serve from the plane of the emotions to that of the mind (the plane whereon the Masters can be found) then they will have served their purpose. If the teaching conveyed calls forth a response from the illumined mind of the worker in the world, and brings a flashing forth of his intuition, then let that teaching be accepted. But not otherwise. If the statements meet with eventual corroboration, or are deemed true under the test of the Law of Correspondences, then that is well and good. But should this not be so, let not the student accept what is said.”

To attempt to get people to believe you by saying something like, “You must now believe my teachings because of experience, God, an angel or Thor working with me means that my words are to be accepted….” this is an attempt to place the mark of the beast on students.

This is something I am careful not to do.

It is the reason I have said that a person with soul contact can find more truth in the National Enquirer than one without can find in the Bible.

In the end the source of the words are not important. What is important is the words that one runs by the soul.

There is nothing in the Alice A. Bailey books that that indicate that I should accept anything because of any experience rendered. When I found my first book of hers and read a couple paragraphs I knew I had encountered a teacher of substance just because of the words reflecting on my soul and nothing else.

It is a human inclination to want to find some human source who tells him, “Hey, I have had an experience with God or the unseen and that means you can now trust everything I say.” Many ache to hear this so they can relax and just trust this outer source from then on.

On this earth journey there is no such final source outside of the source within – the soul. And you never know what your soul will verify to you.

It may tell you that some guru that all your friends think is infallible is full of illusion. On the other hand, it may verify something a serial killer says as something that is true. He who follows the soul within will not discount any source as false no matter how outrageous and will not automatically accept others no matter how close to God they seem.


March 18, 2014
Missing Plane Mystery

An educated guess by me on the missing plane is that it was pilot suicide. The pilot’s wife left him the day before the incident and he was probably quote distraught. Often suicidal angry people want to take other people out with them. We may never know what happened.

Here is a psychic’s comments:

“I do believe that the plane was hijacked by several onboard (more than three, along with one master mind who was not on board),” she told CBS Detroit in an email Tuesday.

Robinett cushioned the information by saying “nothing is absolute. Not all psychics or mediums have the same “strength” to their abilities. Thus one may “see” something others may miss. And then there is the impressions we receive that must then be interpreted by the said seer.”

She added with this case, “all I have is the visions that I have received with no specific coordinates.”

But with those “flashes,” this is what she believes:

It was planned for over a year.
I wasn’t a suicide mission.
I believe they had a location set up to land.
There was communication on the ground with a team/fleet of people.
I have felt the location having a mountain region, along with a jungle feeling and may be near a small Island by Madagascar.
There are hidden *underground* areas.
I saw tables with smartphones/cell phones, open wallets, passports.
It was hot and humid and there is crystal clear water/ocean nearby.
I do believe that the government knows more than what we are being told. This could be a good thing, however.
I also believe that several governments have a good idea where this plane is and are keeping the public busy with speculations as they take care of deeper issues connected with this.


March 22, 2014
Tom asks for an example of our thoughts creating a hell for us.

Let us suppose you are a Catholic and believe you have to have the last rites of a Priest or you will go to hell. Then you die without receiving these rites. It is likely that your thoughts and fears will take you to such a place for a while, which place is created by the collective thoughts of Catholics in illusion.

March 23, 2014
Tom wants to know more about what can cause us to go to one of the hells in the astral world. Here are a few points to consider.

(1) Are you in hell now because of the way you live your life? If so then you need to change it so the quality of life will improve. We make our own reality here and the next world. Here our reality materializes slowly, but in the next world it manifests quickly.

(2) Would you be happy being around people who are similar to yourself? In the next world like gathers to like and if you are a difficult person to live with then you will gravitate to difficult people in the astral. On the other hand, if you are loving you will attract loving people.

(3) Does your conscience bother you? If so then resolve this by letting go the hold of the beast which causes guilt.

(4) Have you caused others needless pain and suffering that has not been resolved? If so, tuning into these people will throw that pain back at you very powerfully in the next world.

If you are following the highest you know and show goodwill to all you should have nothing to worry about.


March 23, 2014
Jody, you seem to blame the group here for your recent troubles since they started when you came across us. Let me assure you of this. There are no black magicians here and no one has any desire to do you any harm. The fact that your troubles started when you came across us could be felated to two different things.

(1) Pure coincidence.
(2) Some dark entity or force does not want you to advance in the light and is determined to stop you by making you think we are the bad guys.

Whenever a person takes a step that will have a positive effect a negative force arises to pull him backwards.

Here are some comments I have previously made on this principle:
For example, when I received the revelation that I was supposed to marry Artie it was amazing the army that gathered around her to try to talk her out of marrying me. Her daughter thought that I was like Jim Jones. She called everybody she knew. She called her dad, which is Artie’s past husband, and convinced him that I was some weirdo with one hand with quirks like Igor; that I was just really weird. She painted the strangest picture. She called her grandma and her grandma flew up here. She immediately got on a plane to save her daughter from this terrible person. Her daughter conjured up this image of me out of the blue and communicated it to everyone we knew. Within days Artie had an army around her to try to talk her out of what she received within herself for we had both received confirmation that we were supposed to be together.

Then one day we were talking on the phone after her mom was coming up and her ex-husband was afraid for her life and her soul and was afraid for her daughter’s safety because she was around a mad man. The image built up was amazing. We’re talking on the phone and she said, “Maybe we should just lie low for awhile until things calm down then we can continue the relationship.” I knew at that point that if I let the point of tension go I would lose her and I knew I had to do something. She didn’t think I would lose her but something within me told me that I would. There was this army gathering around to pull her away from what she had received within herself.

As we were talking on the phone she said, “It’s just too much to handle. I think I’ll lay low.” There was a moment of silence where I felt the spirit and I knew she was feeling it during the time of silence. I said, “What do you feel right this instant?” She said, “I feel peaceful. I feel good.” I asked, “Do you want to pursue this feeling or do you want to pursue the opposite of this feeling?” She said, “I want this feeling.” I said, “So, what are we going to do? Are we going to pursue this feeling or are we going to quit?” She said she wanted to pursue this feeling so I told her then we’re not going to give up. We’re going to continue this relationship no matter what happens, no matter what your mom thinks, no matter what your daughter thinks, no matter what your ex-husband thinks, no matter who comes pounding on your door demanding that you not see me. We will continue this relationship and this feeling will continue. I asked, “Is this a deal?” She said it was.

To her credit, she didn’t go back on her commitment. Most people would. I’ve seen this happen time and time again. People get close to the presence then an army of negativity comes to take them away from that next step and they yield to that negativity. I’ve seen it happen time and time again. The negativity is so powerful. Then when you yield to it you have a false sense of peace because you don’t have the bedlam around you anymore. You seem to have a peace but it’s not the real peace. It’s not the peace that Artie felt when I asked her what she was feeling. She decided that she wanted to pursue the real peace. To her credit she withstood all the assailments she got from her mother, her daughter and everybody who came out of the woodwork. It was beyond the imagination. She withstood them all and she stood her ground and we continued the relationship and are still together.

I’m very thankful that she stood her ground that way. Not many people do because when you make a step forward, even with something simple, like say you want to quit smoking. Are there any smokers in the group? Rick is. Rick is good at quitting smoking. He’s done it about a hundred times. But when you try to quit smoking doesn’t it seem like everyone who smokes comes out of the woodwork offering you cigarettes? It seems like an army comes to you to get you to try to start up again. In any step of progression that you make you will have an army of negativity to try to pull you back to not only where you were before but lower than you were before. It’s like the scripture that reads, “When a man casts out one devil, the devil goes forth and finds seven more, more evil than himself. And they come back and they possess the man. And the last state of the man is worse than the first state.”

This is what happens. It’s dangerous to move ahead. It’s actually dangerous; dangerous to be a disciple of Christ. It’s dangerous to move ahead. It’s dangerous to progress. It’s not easy because when you do, an army will surface and this army, coming out of the woodwork, will have the faces of your friends, the faces of your family, your religious leaders, your political leaders, your neighbors, and they will all try to pull you back so your final state will be worse than it was when you tried to make the step forward.

The only way through this is to take the step forward and stand on that step forward no matter what happens. When you take that stand you’ll find out that all the winds and the storms that are surrounding you are illusion. They don’t really exist. You just thought they were real. You give them power but they have no power. They have no power to pull you back. You just thought they had power. When you really take a stand and make a firm decision, you can stand. There is nothing that can pull you back. There is nothing that can stop you from your onward movement once you attain that faith in yourself and in your relationship to the spirit you can move ahead. Remember you can always move ahead. There is always a way. When you begin to make a step, the more important step it is, the more difficult it will be and the greater will be the illusion that you must take a step backward.


March 26, 2014
And as for your post about black magicians, I am still waiting for an answer to that post of yours I responded to, JJ.

I looked over your posts and I assume you are referring to this question”
“And what are the ‚Äòabilities’ of a white magician? If what happened to me was from a “black” magician, then I would infer that “white” magician would be able to battle, fight, retaliate, hold there own against a “black” magician and therefore be able to locate and identify such a magician using your terminology of course.”

First of all it is highly unlikely that either a black or white magician is paying any attention to you. There are seven billion people on this planet and only a handful of real magicians on either side. You’d have to be a person who is likely to make a big impact on the planet to draw attention from either side. I am currently posting an audio on White Magic where I deal with white and black magic. The basic difference between the two is white magic deals with the soul and spirit and black magic deals with matter and materialism. Jesus was a white magician and Hitler was an agent of black magicians.

Your problem is more than likely caused by impish entities from the lower astral world. They are not magicians but some of them like to cause trouble on the physical plane or may be directed by magicians. It is also possible that your problems are created by thoughtforms created by yourself which have followed you from past lives. A third possibility is a combination of the two.

Whatever the case, the problem exists because a door of some kind has been opened and you need to close it.

Here is an account of dealing with such a problem from my book – The Lost Key of the Buddha. I have been attacked by dark forces a number of times and this gives some keys to overcoming them.

“Since the attack I have been racking my brain thinking of the principle that could overcome this force. I tried all the obvious ones: prayer, positive thinking, affirmations and even the Song, but nothing produced any significant change. It wasn’t until I just attempted to ignore the distress and worked on the highest I knew – which at this time is the book, taking care of life’s needs, and attempting to say the Song with intense meaning – that I noticed a real improvement. As I experienced some improvement I kept asking what the principle behind the progress was. A number of things helped, but not one of them seemed to be the total answer. Finally, after a period of deep reflection a word came to my mind that unfolded the principle.”

“And what was that word?” asked John, who I felt did not need to ask this question.

“Yes,” said Elizabeth. “What is the word? You’ve got me curious.”

“The word is attrition,” I said.

“Attrition!” said Elizabeth. “What kind of key word is that?”

“Do you know what the word means?” said John.

“Well, it seems like it is a gradual wearing away of something,” she said.

“And how would you explain it?” John said looking at me.

I replied, “Elizabeth hit on the standard definition which is basically the wearing away of a thing through friction. But the word can also imply disintegration through lack of attention. I remembered that we sometimes used the word in real estate in relation to neglected property. Property can fall apart through lack of attention or attrition. In hard times the real estate industry complained that we lost sales agents through attrition. When salespeople did not have enough business to keep their attention, they fell away and went to greener pastures.”

“So, in other words, all you have to do is ignore the problem and it will go away,” said Elizabeth.

“It’s not quite that simple,” smiled John. “Isn’t that right, Joseph?”

“It is,” I said nodding. “Right after the attack the agony was absolutely impossible to simply ignore. The intelligence behind the attack was vying for my attention and received one hundred percent of it. There was no ignoring possible. I was continually forced to acknowledge the presence.”

“So how are you applying the principle of attrition without ignoring the force?” asked Elizabeth.

“Here’s what I discovered,” I said, leaning toward her. “I had no power over whether or not the presence was bringing pain, and there was no way I could pretend that it was not there. So I looked for the areas where I did have power. When I started working on the book again it took all my strength to take my attention away from the force and place it on the writing, but even though it was difficult, I did manage to do so. When, after a time, I realized that this seemed to lessen the hold of the force, I began analyzing what I was doing. The answer wasn’t so much that I ignored the pain and the force, because I was very much aware of it. Instead, I found that, even though it was difficult, I did have power over where I placed my conscious attention. I then found that when I sustained my attention away from the negative to the normal duties I had before me, the power of the force began to diminish. This diminishing of it’s power through the denial of attention is attrition. When this word came to me this evening I realized that attrition of the enemy’s power through the diversion of attention was the key to its defeat.”

“So you’re not ignoring it, but just not giving it your attention? Tell me again what the difference is?” asked Elizabeth, looking flummoxed.

“Generally, when you ignore something, you pretend that it does not exist and give it no attention at all. With this force there was no pretending, and because it was painful I was forced to give it some attention; but I found I could divert attention and thus take away some of its power. Somehow it seems to feed off my attention.”

“Well spoken,” said John. “You have no doubt heard the maxim, energy follows thought. How do you think this principle applies?”

“Great point,” I said, as if a light bulb had turned on in my head. “If the negative force is able to be the focus of my thought, then it’s energy can follow that thought and sustain its power. By diverting my attention or thought away from the negative, and forcefully placing it upon the positive, energy will follow, for only good energy will follow good thought.”

“Well said, again,” said John smiling. “But you already knew the basic principle of energy following thought along with the benefits of positive thinking. How does the principle you saw go beyond the clich√©s accepted by the masses?”

“The general idea of positive thinking did nothing,” I said. “It was only when I roused all my will and made a decision to force the direction of my attention away from the force, bringing the principle of attrition into play that things got better.”

“Along this line you might find something the Master said of interest,” said John. “Grab the Bible again and turn to Matthew chapter eleven, verses twelve and thirteen.”

I opened the Bible and read: “And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force. For all the prophets and the law prophesied until John.”

“Do you have any idea what this means?” he asked.

“I remember reading this scripture before,” I said. “I couldn’t make a lot of sense of it. It seems to say that those pursuing the kingdom of heaven suffer violence, and violent people somehow take it away from the just.”

“But what period of time is mentioned by Jesus?”

“It looks like it was from the time of John the Baptist to the time that Jesus spoke those words–probably about the middle of his ministry.”

“And was there a lot of violence during this period?”

“Well, John the Baptist was put to death, but it seems that Jesus and his followers were able to go about in peace.”

“So this did not seem to be a time when there was violent persecution does it?”

“I guess not.”

“And have you read anything in the scriptures about violent people taking the kingdom by force during the first couple of years of the Master’s ministry?”

“I don’t even know if the kingdom can be taken by force,” I said.

“If you want to check with your Concordance you will see that force and violence are not the only options for translation here. I can see why translators rendered the verse the way they did, but they were not looking at the context of the meaning. For instance suffereth violence is more correctly rendered enthusiastically pressing forward, and the phrase by force was used by Jesus as society currently uses the phrase, Carpe Diem, or seize the day.”

“So how would you translate it in words we can understand?” asked Elizabeth.

“I’ll do better than that. I’ll just tell you what the Master said from memory with my own translation into English. You have to realize that he spoke this verse and others many times with different wordings to different groups. He said this thought dozens of times during his ministry. To get a true impression of the meaning you have to reverse the order of the verses.”

John paused a moment and related the words from his own recollection.

“All the prophets and wise men before John dreamed, prophesied, and taught of the kingdom of God. Many had enticing visions, and wished with all their heart that they could reach out and take the kingdom, but they could not grasp it, enjoy it themselves or present it to their people in its fullness.

“But from the days of John the Baptist until now things are different, for the Spirit of the Lord has descended, and the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. Many sense the opportunity and are pressing forward with forceful enthusiasm. Those who successfully press forward are those who aggressively seize the opportunity – or Carpe Diem, as we say today.”

“Carpe Diem,” mused Elizabeth. “Now that’s a translation I can understand, especially since seeing the movie Dead Poet’s Society.”

“So Jesus was basically saying that when the opportunity for the Kingdom presents itself, we must seize the day?” I asked.

“Basically,” said John.

“What does this have to do with aiding me in mastering this evil force?”

“Let me expand on this Carpe Diem idea as presented by Jesus,” he said. “His point was that to obtain the Kingdom, or higher consciousness, we must forcefully seize the opportunity when it presents itself. Taking the kingdom by force, as the Bible says, is not a bad way to word it.

“Many in the New Age movement are making a great mistake in teaching that we must go with the flow. The trouble is that there are two major flows of energy to go with. The first is the spiritual flow and only a few are attuned to that. The second is the flow of force toward matter, or materialism. As far as the vast majority is concerned this second flow is the problem because it is by far the most powerful. Therefore, if the average seeker goes with the flow, he will flow the wrong direction, away from the Spirit.

“The seeker must resist the negative flow and tune into the spiritual. He can only do this with the exercise of tremendous force of will. When he first seeks the flow of Spirit, the registration will be weak, and to hold on to it to increase its strength, he must Carpe Diem or seize hold of the new energy with great force of decision and will. When he does, the more prominent flow of matter will pull hard on him, tempting him to let go of the budding new energy. Going with the dominant flow at this point leads to disaster, but going with the still small voice of the Spirit leads to salvation.”

He paused and looked us over as if to make sure we were registering what he was saying, and added, “But if the seeker holds on to the new energy and by force of will makes it his dominant energy, then going with the flow becomes a positive thing.”

“Interesting,” I said. “I have heard that true spiritual teachers walk you all around a subject before they hone into the major point. Is this what you are doing?”

“You speak of a true principle,” he said. “The reason for this is that a teacher of light always desires a full comprehension from the student, and if he just answers a question in a word the student will fall short in his understanding.”

He paused again, and said, “I can see you are anxious to see how this fits with your problem, so let me continue.

“To move along the ladder of spiritual progression we must set ourselves on our next step, and then, by a tremendous force of will, fix our attention and focus on the objective.

“This is the principle you must apply in overcoming this attack you are suffering. Now tell me, what are the positive items of focus you have come up with?”

“I think he’s talking about the list we made,” said Elizabeth, looking toward the desk.

I went to my desk and retrieved my notes. “Here are four things we came up with.”

“Tell them to me,” said John.

I read, “Focused attention (meaning focusing intently on the light), service, love, and courage.”

John looked thoughtful for a moment and added, “Courage is more of an attitude acquired through experience, but the first three are very applicable to developing the Carpe Diem principle. By causing you great distress the negative force lives off of all this attention it has diverted. The trick is to destroy it through attrition of its energy, forcing your attention through strength of will toward the light of the soul, to service to humankind, and to the love of all. As you have found, your consciousness has been seriously diverted away from these noble pursuits because of your great distress. This causes a vicious circle which continues to feed the negative.”

“You’re right,” I said. “Before this attack I naturally thought of positive things, but afterwards it has been extremely difficult.

“Difficult, but not impossible,” said John, looking at me intently. “By seizing the kingdom with violent force of will you can force yourself to focus on those noble pursuits and starve the dark forces, causing them to go elsewhere for nourishment. This is why sleep is such a powerful healer. During sleep your attention is taken away from the many forces tearing your body down. A good long rest can weaken these destructive forces through attrition, so when you arise, the positive energies of the body have power over the negative ones.”

“Yes, of course, you are correct here,” I said. “That is the idea I saw when I received the key word. I realized that I could starve the darkness with attrition.   I just needed to use the power of focused will and move my attention. It’s kind of like you were saying, John, I can cause my attention to sleep as far as the negative is concerned.”

“So now that you see the principle, what will you do differently than before you saw it?” said John.

“Before I saw the principle I tried to dwell on the positive, but I let the pain and distress consume my attention. Now that I see the principle, I may still feel pain, yet will force myself to not put attention on it. I will force my attention away from it until the negative force is starved to death through attrition.”

“You’ve got it,” he said. “This is one of those subtle, but important truths. There is a huge difference between putting all your attention on the positive during the good times, and keeping it there during times of great distress. “Joseph, I want you to teach this in a future book. It will help a lot of people if they can be helped to understand. This is one of those principles that enabled Jesus to maintain his poise, control, and faith even while on the cross.”

“But not many people have an overwhelming spiritual problem to deal with,” said Elizabeth. “How would this apply to them?”

“Most people have all the problems and distress they can handle,” said John. “Just as it can help Joseph, it can help them.


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