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July 4, 2014

The Principle of Glory

The following presentation at the 2014 Gathering by JJ Dewey on the Principle of Glory was transcribed by Dan Howell

Well, but that’s not what the scripture says. God said to Moses, because you did not give me Glory, you will not enter the Promised Land. So, according to God’s own words it wasn’t a trumped up thing, it was really the reason. According to the way the scripture is written.

And because Glory lies behind everything. It lies behind all progress, all creation, all incentive, all everything.

Without Glory nothing, virtually, would be created or nothing would happen or nothing would get organized.

Because . . . we all do it because of the Principle of Glory. We all do it because we want recognition, because we want a feeling of achievement, and this is one of the reasons god created everything.

If you’re all alone, where’s the Glory? God had no Glory when he was alone. No Glory at all, he had to create us in order to have Glory.

He had to create in order to achieve this . . . because Glory is the root of all creation . . . when you think about it.

So, what is the Principle behind it?

Glory is basically recognition of ability or achievement. When you get recognition for something, you get Glory. In varying degrees. When people give Glory to God, what do they do? They praise him.

[regarding parable of the feast in Luke 14:7-11] And he says in the same way, he says, he taught that we should be humble and not assume that we have more glory than we have coming. Or not try to grab glory to ourselves.

Here’s the Principle: You cannot glorify yourself, but must be glorified by others. In other words, that guy that came in to the festival, he thought, Ah if I sit in the place of glory I can glorify myself. And he sits there, but you can’t glorify yourself.

So, the guy with the power to give the Glory says No, you don’t belong there you go back here. So, he was unable to glorify himself.

[regarding John 7:18-19, John 8:50, John 17:4-5, John 17:22] So, He talks about this transfer of Glory. That Jesus’ Glory was dependent on the Will of the Father. He had no power to give glory to himself, but he was dependent upon the Father giving him Glory. And the disciples were dependent on Jesus giving them glory. They had no power to get glory for themselves.

So, there was God, all alone, with no one to give him Glory. In order for the Glory of God to be manifest, he had to have more than one available. So, he created us for his own Glory. And that was part of the motivation. And why do we do any work? Well, we want a little bit of recognition.

A lot of people think it is bad to go seek recognition. If you do it the wrong way it is bad, if you do it in a selfish way. But if you do it in the right way where everybody gets their share of the Glory . . . Then, you are on the path to Glory yourself.

Let’s suppose you are all alone. So, let’s say you are the best speller in the whole United States. And you are all alone and nobody knows about it. Well, are you gonna go learn any new words? No. You think, well, I’m the best and its not doing anything for me so, I’m not gonna learn any new words. But, if say there is a national spelling bee – Oh, I can go get some recognition there.

So, then you get to studying more, learning more words, and you go into the competition and if you win you get glory not because you proclaim yourself to be the best, but you have convinced others to give you recognition.

Let’s suppose I was Stephen King, standing right here before you. A lot of people think Stephen King is the greatest horror writer of all time and some people think he was one of the greatest writers period of all time.

Now, lets suppose I was Stephen King and I’m speaking before you about my writings and I say, I’m Stephen King and I’m the best damn writer you’re ever gonna come across. I am the BEST! There’s nobody out there better than me. What would you think?

Right, he’s taking glory to himself, and even though you’ve read his books, you think, Boy, what a jerk!

So, whenever you try to take glory to yourself, you do the opposite, you take away from it, your own glory. The only way to achieve glory, is to recognized by others. You cannot take glory to yourself, it must be given to you by others. And a lot of people don’t understand this principle. A lot of very highly evolved people don’t. Moses didn’t even understand it and he was one of the greatest souls of all time.

God told Moses, he says, Behold, I am a jealous god. Why did he say that? Because, the Glory that he had, he didn’t want to give it to anybody else.

He [God] wanted other people to achieve their own glory. Now, remember the story about Satan and the Christ coming to God offering to redeem mankind. And Jesus says to him, I will be the saviour but I will give you all the glory but Lucifer comes to God and says I will redeem all mankind but I will take glory to myself and I want your power so that I can have the glory. And god says, no, I don’t give my power to anybody. I won’t just give you my power carte blanche.

It’s like a chain. One person recognized the person above him in the chain and that person recognizes the person above him, and sends Glory up the chain from the lowest life to the highest life in the Universe. And what happens when the chain is broken, is the path of Glory becomes broken.

And it’s broken at humanity right now as we do not understand how to pass the glory up. Most of humanity are doing everything they can to take glory to themselves.

Let’s say – and this happens quite often – somebody fairly unknown comes up with an idea and somebody with power comes across the idea and says, Oh, I like this, I’m gonna take this for myself. And so he takes it for himself and doesn’t give the guy credit, but presents it as if he came up with the idea himself. This is where the principle of glory is violated. And what the person does is, he puts a wall between himself and his soul. So Light from his Soul is diminished when this happens.

Any type of deception puts a wall between you and your soul. So, its important that every word that comes out of our mouth is true. And why do we trust God? Or a representative of God? Because we believe that every word that comes out of his mouth is true!

Now, there are a lot of people around that say, Well, even God lies. Well, if he does, and if he lies every now and then – like every fifth time – then how do you know that this isn’t the fifth time, even if you get a vision from God? How do you know it’s true then?

We have faith in God because his word is true and if we want to be like God, we have to make sure our word is true.

Now, in the scriptures it says it is the glory of God to conceal a thing. In other words, all of God’s words are true, but he doesn’t tell us everything that he knows. There’s a lot of mysteries that he hasn’t revealed to us. And it’s part of the Glory of God that a lot of these things are concealed. Because he can reveal them at the right moment when he sees an opportunity to increase his glory.

And so it is important that we copy god in this way. You don’t have to spill your guts on everything. If some female asks you if her thighs are too big, you just . . . be careful. [laughing] Change the subject, just don’t lie. [laughing] You look just wonderful the way you are in my eyes. Or whatever. But, it’s important that every word that comes out of your mouth is literally true. As much as it can. And every promise that you make, you keep.

And if you do that, you’ll be on the path of liberation. There’s nothing that will take you on the path of liberation more than having your word be true.

And this is what has caused the downfall of many great men in history. Even people sent on a mission with a great spiritual value, have fallen down in this particular area. And have not been true to their word. And have felt it was important to lie to cover things up.

I’ll tell you one very important reason why the Principle of Glory needs to apply – because if it’s not applied then there’s deception.

So, let’s say that somebody else claims to have written The Immortal and that I stole it from him. Well, he’s taken Glory to himself – he’s deceiving. He’s saying something that is just not true.

Moses said, Behold, I will deliver you water, and he smites the rock. That was an outright lie. If Moses just would have told the truth, he would’ve said, The power of God will deliver you water and smite the rock. If he would’ve said that, he would’ve been telling the truth. Moses told a lie. So, when the Principle of Glory is violated a lie is told, and Glory is only revealed in Truth – True Glory.

Now, there’s false glory. Like say, if somebody like Stalin or Hitler or somebody like that, or Saddam Hussein – they have everybody under their control and everybody has to give them glory or else they’re head gets cut off, right? Or they get shot, or thrown in prison. But is that real Glory?

No, it’s a lie. These tyrants are having people lie to get a false sense of Glory. They want Glory so bad they’re willing to torture and kill people in order to get . . . to try to steal, true Glory.

But, you can’t steal Glory. In people’s hearts, they know the tyrant is a bad guy and in people’s hearts they’re not giving him glory. And as soon as they can speak freely, all the Glory is gone. Which really isn’t Glory. Because forced Glory is not Glory. When Glory is given in a circumstance where untrue words are spoken, then it’s not glory.

In circumstances where there is not true Glory, there is deception. And deception is the main thing that holds you back from progression. So, one of the reasons the Principle of Glory is so important is that it takes away deception.

You can give Glory either way, you just can’t give Glory to yourself. You can give glory to those higher, you can give Glory to those lower.

If you’re a teacher and you’re teaching Spanish and you have a star student that’s really learned the language good, you can say, Well Jim over here, he’s really doing good, I give him a lot of praise. The whole class looks at him and thinks, Oh, teacher’s pet, uh? [laughter] Whatever, but anyway he stands out as the one that’s learning more than anyone else.

But if Jim gets up and says, Hey, I know Spanish better than anyone else in the class, teacher ought to give me a little recognition! What’s everybody going to think? Even if deserves it, they’re gonna think, Jerk! [laughter], we aren’t giving HIM any glory because he’s seeking it for himself.

Even if it was TRUE that he was a good student. If he gets up and DEMANDS attention – and this happens every once in awhile. I get a letter saying, You don’t give me the recognition I deserve! I want some recognition from you! I want some more respect!

I don’t go around thinking, Well, who can I show recognition and respect to today, I mean that’s not what I do, I just give out the stuff and if people want to take it and do something with it, fine and if you want to reject it, that’s fine. And sometimes I will give praise out if somebody really shines and other times, people say some really good stuff and I just don’t have time to comment on the good stuff they say, so it gets overlooked somewhat.

When you look at motivation, few people that are on the right path are motivated by the Glory alone. But, it’s a side benefit of going forward. And when you go forward in service, and you forget about the self, then Glory will follow. But Glory is just a natural evolution of doing the right thing. And eventually it will come.

Okay, let’s suppose that a teacher has a student and he teaches him something but the teacher doesn’t want, for some purpose, doesn’t want the information to come back. Well, maybe like in Nazi Germany he may have somebody, an underground thing, and he says, If this gets back that I’m teaching this, then I’ll be lynched. So, don’t tell anyone where this came from.

In that case, the student may get some glory and he may say, Well, I can’t tell you where this came from. In that case, he’s not taking Glory unjustly in any case. But, all the teachings that I have that are true – yeah there may be some error in my teachings just like with anyone – but all my teachings which are true come from above, so I give all the Glory to Life above me for what I receive.

But the thing is, to not take Glory to yourself that does belong to somebody else, and that’s something I have always tried to abide by.

Now, you get Glory the most when you don’t go after it. It’s like happiness. If you want to be happy, you don’t think, Well, I going to to do ABC today and that’s going to make me happy. It doesn’t work that way. You just do what’s natural, and you do the right thing, and pretty soon, happiness will just be an after effect. Or a benefit of the whole thing.

And the same thing with Glory, you don’t think, Well, I’m gonna get lots of Glory, I’m gonna go out and I’m going to do this work and everybody is going to love me. That’s not the motive, that’s not the thing that motivates you but what motivates you is doing the right thing, doing service, doing things that people will appreciate, and then you just know that it will come back to you.

And when it does come back to you, it will often come back to you at unexpected moments.

The right approach is to just be the servant, if you’re the servant then Glory will come back to you. This is why the Principle of Glory is so important, is if Glory doesn’t come back in its rightful place, then something is amiss. Something is amiss in the chain. Because we have the chain from the lowest to the highest life and Glory flows up and down this chain. And if its broken, this produces a ripple in the force so to speak, or the glory doesn’t flow smoothly.

And mankind is a big problem for the Gods as they look down upon us because we don’t understand the Principle of Glory. So the Glory doesn’t manifest in the Kingdom of God as much as it should because we’re a kink in the armour of God so to speak. Because we want Glory to ourselves.

We want to be like Lucifer a little bit and take Glory to ourselves. That was the difference between . . . that’s the difference between the dark brotherhood and the light brotherhood, one of the differences was the dark brotherhood seek to take Glory to themselves. The Brotherhood of Light are willing to pass the Glory on to who deserves the Glory.

He who will give his life for my sake shall save it. The same with Glory, He who seeks Glory for its own sake will lose it. He who is willing to relinquish the Glory and serve us will be given Glory.

Like Jesus says, Every idle word you’ve ever spoken, you’ll be held accountable upon the day of judgment. In other words, everything that you’ve ever done, whether good or bad, isn’t forgotten. You’ll either be acknowledged for it or the opposite.

Yeah, self-interest and selfishness are two different things. Selfishness is wanting more than you deserve. Self interest is wanting what you DO deserve. And so, self-interest is not selfishness. Wanting what you do deserve – say if you’ve done an hours worth of work, you want an hours worth of credit, you want the hours worth of wage, you earned it, you deserve it. But, say if you’re getting ten dollars an hour and you want twenty, then you’re being selfish because that is more than you agreed upon. You can ASK for more, you can say, Well, I did work hard, I’d like a raise. That’s fine. But to demand it when you’ve agreed to something less is not correct.

So, with Glory, it gives God the incentive to create and gives us incentive to create. Because, if there was no recognition at all – you may not see that as your motive, you may see that as serving people or whatever – but, let’s say you served and served and served and nobody appreciated anything, pretty soon you’d get tired of serving and wouldn’t do it anymore.

But if you serve, not thinking of Glory, but if it starts to come back and people appreciate it then your incentive is increased and then you follow the path even more. But if nothing comes back to you after a period of time, you’d quit doing it.

If God created the Universe and the being in the Universe, none of them believed in him or none of them gave him Glory, He’d say, Well, the heck with this, I’ll make that universe disappear and do something else. [laughing] So, you gotta get some satisfaction out of your work and just the job for the job’s sake . . . that’s halfway there but it doesn’t take you all the way there.

Eventually, you expect some feedback. Even Jesus did, at the end of his life he says, Father, Glorify thou me with thine own self. With the Glory I had before the World was. So, even Jesus sought God to glorify him, he asked God to glorify him. He knew he couldn’t glorify himself but near the end of his life he thought, Well, you know, I’ve done … I’ve done some hard work here God, so … you know … you should give me a little recognition. [laughing] So, even HE did this.


The Fourth and Freedom

Since today is the Fourth of July it seems to be appropriate to say a few words about freedom.

Before I get into that it is interesting to note that it seems the Fourth of July was selected as the date to celebrate because it has a good ring to it. The Fourth of July just sounds a lot better than any other date you could think of. Here are some interesting details:

On the night of July 2nd, the Pennsylvania Evening Post published the statement: “This day the Continental Congress declared the United Colonies Free and Independent States.” John Adams thought July 2 was going to be the day future Americans celebrated, or so he said in a letter to his wife, Abigail Adams:

Americans didn’t first celebrate independence until July 8, when Philadelphia threw a big party, including a parade and the firing of guns. The army under George Washington, then camped near New York City, heard the news July 9 and celebrated then. Georgia got the word August 10th. And the British in London found out on August 30th.

Though both Jefferson and Adams later claimed the signing ceremony took place on July 4th, David McCullough writes in his biography of John Adams:

“No such scene, with all the delegates present, ever occurred at Philadelphia.”

In fact, most delegates signed the document on August 2nd, when a clean copy was finally produced by Timothy Matlack, assistant to the secretary of Congress; some waited even later to sign, and the names on the document were made public only in January 1777.


One thing we do know for sure is that July 4, 1776 marks for us the beginning of a free America – the first major nation in the history of the world to offer its people the power to escape the beast of unjust and unearned authority.

Yes, before independence we were subject to a king who ruled with absolute authority at the seat of the beast. After independence, we were ruled by a wise president who did his best to rule by the will of the people and then relinquished his power after eight years.

The struggle between good and evil at this time is the struggle between those who want powerful centralized control at the seat of the beast and those who want minimal government and maximum freedom.

What confuses the low information non-thinking masses is that both sides claim to represent the highest state of freedom. This has always been the case.

Rome and other empires conquered surrounding nations in the name of liberating them and giving out more freedom.

Hitler tried to conquer the world in the name of freedom. He spoke about freedom in many of his speeches that aroused the masses.

Slave owners in the Southern States claimed slavery was a good thing as it gave the white people more freedom and the blacks did not need it.

Now today the illusion persists in that many want to over tax us, over regulate and make restrictive laws in the name of freedom.

The question must then be asked. What is the difference in the views of freedom from both sides?

The answer is quite obvious to any fair minded person who studies the use of freedom in the past by those we know were on the wrong side of history, such as slave owners, Hitler and King George.

The leaders on the left hand path seek full freedom for themselves at the expense of others and will give out limited freedom to supporters in order to further their selfish goals of power and wealth. When they talk about freedom that are talking about what they and their supporters will receive. Those who do not support them will have little or no freedom if such leaders get their way.

Those on the right hand path seek freedom for all, even those who do not support or agree with them. They so not seek to take from one group by force and give to other groups, but emphasize personal responsibility which is essential to insure the preservation of maximum freedom.

Those on the right do not want to enslave one group so another group can have greater freedom but seek equal freedom for all.

This was the goal of our founders, but is now being sabotaged and subverted. Those with the spirit of freedom in their hearts must stand up and be counted and do all in our power to fulfill the dreams of our fathers.

May it be so.

Copyright 2014 by J J Dewey

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