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Aug 30, 2014

Teaching the Teacher


What happens when anyone should attempt to teach a Mormon Elder? My experience is simply that any such teaching will not be allowed.

I understand that Joseph John Dewey is an Elder, and I understand that Joseph John Dewey is a teacher.


I am a teacher here in this forum but I am far removed from being a Mormon Elder.


What I need to know is whether or not Joseph John Dewey can be taught?


Sure, but this is not the place to do it. If you have something of interest that you think I do not know just let me know where it is and I’ll check it out.

This is a classroom and people join the Keys to learn from me and rub shoulders and share with other lights.

A good classroom can only function well with one teacher at a time. Imagine that you have a Spanish class taught, as usual, by one teacher. Then a student raises his hand and says, I want to teach you some German. What will the teacher say?

He will say this is not the place to do it. If he is interested in German the teacher will learn it apart from the class, as mixing German and Spanish could be very confusing.

Does this mean that I do not learn from members here?

No, of course not. We have some very intelligent members who often post something that teaches me something, but they do not set the agenda.

On the other hand, if someone wants to discuss a new subject that hasn’t been covered, anyone can suggest it, and if the group is interested we generally go ahead. Members are also free to ask any question they want.

Overall, members just complain when someone comes here with an agenda to teach me and others about their belief system without first checking to see if is of interest to the group.

That said, if you feel you have some knowledge that we need to learn, let us know what it is and we’ll see how the group reacts.



So I should just call myself the BEAST worshiper or maybe the BEAST Master.


How about the Beast Whisperer?



Thanks for the welcome, JJ. I also wrote a post and thought it went to you, quite a while ago, sharing some of my experiences during my visits to Allan’s Christian Reincarnation forum, but after fencing with his usual members that you did, i.e.


You seem like a reasonable respectful guy. No wonder Allan’s forum came after you. You’ll note that Allan just made a post in response to you calling you “Old Man Jim” over and over. What a low class thing to do, especially when he looks quote old and out of touch himself.

The according to him you no not know anything about anything and he knows all. And why are we supposed to believe this?

Because he says it and he is in touch with his God Self and you are obviously not.

If Allan’s Higher Self were really coming through he would understand the principle behind the Beast which is essential to clear the lines of communication.



Hi JJ: Praise The Lord young Feisty Allan survived his trip to London with out blowing a gasket.


Now I know why they didn’t like you more than most. You have a bit of well placed sarcastic humor in you, like I do. That seemed to drive them crazy more than anything. I remember one member came after me sounding quite disturbed and I asked him if he had his bran muffin yet that day. They seemed to think that was the meanest thing they ever heard.

Have a good time the next few weeks with whatever you are up to. Hopefully it will be as fun as being here.



What say you J.J.? Do you yourself have expectation of life in the flesh until the return of our Messiah Yahushua? If not, why not?


Yes, one can achieve a renewal of his body and extend his life, but first he must master the physical and emotional desire, illusion and sacrifice that which the personality holds most dear. Then he must perform a work that furthers the purpose of God on the earth. I am working on achieving this end as are most on the forum.


Aug 31, 2014

Dead or Living Works?

ImAHebrew writes:

How would you respond toward the return of Paul to Jerusalem that was about 11 years after the Council of Acts 15, and the events which transpired there in Acts 21:17-29? To further explain, Paul comes back to Jerusalem to meet with James and the elders (supposedly this James is someone you have butted heads with at the “other” forum), and they tell him how many thousands of Jews which BELIEVE, and they are all ZEALOUS of the Law. And then Paul is told that there are RUMORS about what he teaches Jews who are among the Gentiles, that they should forsake Moses, telling them not to circumcise their children or follow the customs (the Oral Law). It appears they had a dilemma. All of these BELIEVING Jews, who were zealous at keeping the Law, would hear that Paul was in town, and be quite upset at what he supposedly was teaching. So, to quell any doubt as to what Paul was teaching concerning what Jews should be doing, they have Paul pay the expenses of four men under a vow, and have him go through the rites of purification along with these four men as they end their vow. This was done to prove and let everyone know, “that those things, whereof they were informed concerning thee, are NOTHING; but [that] thou thyself ALSO walkest orderly, and KEEPEST the Law.” And Paul consented.

What is your take on this? Was James and the elders misinformed about keeping the Law while staying shackled under the Beast? Or was the Beast causing Paul to be dishonest in submitting to their requirements, Just exactly how do you explain this zealousness of them to keep the Law, was it something to do with the Beast or Dragon?


First note that it was quite a widespread belief by orthodox Jews in the area that Paul was lax about following the law. Many were so sure of it that they tried to put him to death. Forty of them were so convinced he was guilty that they vowed to not eat or drink until they had killed him.

There was probably some truth to this rumor for even though Paul had respect for the law he realized and taught that God “made us able ministers of the new testament; not of the letter, but of the spirit: for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life.” II Cor 3:6

He also downplayed the law in saying this:

“For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.” Eph 2:8-9

The law, of course, consisted of a lot of works. We are told to “purge your conscience from dead works to serve the living God?” Heb 9:14

So here was Paul’s situation. Word had gotten out that he was not strictly teaching the Law of Moses and his life was in danger. Anyone who is a threat to the law was seen to deserve death. Because it was important that Paul live they devised a scheme to make him look like a devout orthodox Jew. He was to go through a purification ritual as well as pay the expenses of four others doing so. At the end of this they would shave their heads. Seeing Paul with a shaved head after going trough the ritual was thought to convince the local Jews he was one of them.

This plan did not get off the ground and backfired on him almost costing him his life.

Now, let us take a look at the ritual Paul was going to endure. Here is what Barclay’s commentary says about it:

The leaders saw a way in which Paul could guarantee the orthodoxy of his own conduct. Four men were in the middle of observing the Nazarite vow. This was a vow taken in gratitude for some special blessing from the hand of God. It involved abstention from meat and wine for thirty days, during which the hair had to be allowed to grow. It seems that sometimes at least the last seven days had to be spent entirely in the Temple courts. At the end certain offerings had to be brought–a year old lamb for a sin-offering, a ram for a peace offering, a basket of unleavened bread, cakes of fine flour mingled with oil and a meat offering and a drink offering. Finally, the hair had to be shorn and burned on the altar with the sacrifice. It is obvious that this was a costly business. Work had to be given up and all the elements of the sacrifice had to be bought. It was quite beyond the resources of many who would have wished to undertake it.

So it was considered an act of piety for some wealthier person to defray the expenses of someone taking the vow. That was what Paul was asked to do in the case of these four men and he consented. By so doing he could demonstrate so that all could see it that he was himself an observer of the Law.

There can be no doubt that the matter was distasteful to Paul. For him the relevancy of things like that was gone.

So, does God want us to do these purification rituals today and kill a lamb at an alter and shave our heads?

These things all had their time and place in our history but as our consciousness evolves we shift from dead works to living works and look for the principle involved in all inspired writings and follow that. This will always ring true to our souls whereas literal black and white ritual does not.



What I would like for you to consider is WHY did Paul circumcise Timothy, and not Titus?


I do not care why he did it and discussion of these fine points of scriptural law and interpretation is not what this group is about. Here we are looking into the principles that give the big picture. Instead of looking at the minutia we try to see the big picture and understand that. If the big picture is seen the details just fall into place automatically.

One of my core teachings is this.

It may take a thousand facts to portray a true principle, but the understanding of one true principle may reveal more than a thousand facts.

The principle behind all laws in all religions is love and this principle often gets left behind when the focus is not on the love of God and our brethren, but on the details.

Jeremiah expressed well how this was supposed to work out when the principle is understood.

“After those days, saith the LORD, I will put my law in their inward parts, and write it in their hearts; and will be their God, and they shall be my people. And they shall teach no more every man his neighbour, and every man his brother, saying, Know the LORD: for they shall all know me, from the least of them unto the greatest of them,” Jer 31:33-34

We are now entering the time where we do not need someone to tell us how to be saved by strictly obeying some law, but many are capable of seeing the big picture and following the law as it is written within – in our hearts and minds.


The Shotgun Approach


And while JJ seemed to be offended when I conveyed to him that my own higher soul-self instructed me to abandon the Alice Bailey books,


It is amazing how often you get things entirely wrong. I am not in the least, let me repeat, not in the least bit offended if you think your Higher Self does not want you to read Bailey, The Bible or Mad Magazine. What you do that just involves you is not my concern.


…they ignore the fact that the cause is seen in their refusal to acknowledge or in any manner discuss important concepts and issues that have been set before them over the course of forum-discussion.


I have discussed hundreds of important subjects. There is not much that we have not covered in this forum including the Higher Self.

You seem to feel that you are presenting something important that we have overlooked, but what is it? It is hard to tell because you use a shotgun approach and throw out a small amount of information on a lot of things so nothing much catches the reader’s attention.

For instance, in this one post you made that I am replying to you touched on these subjects:

(1) “The One truth has many sides.”

This is an obvious truth that we have discussed. What you think was left out is a mystery.

(2) The Tower of Babel Syndrome.

You say this is imposed upon us but do not even give us a clue as to what you think it is. How can we respond to such ambiguity and ephemeral statements.

(3) We are “spewing forth the fruit of the forbidden tree as a poison nourishment they expect us to consume.”

More meaningless words just meant to demean and not teach.

(4) Jacob’s Ladder

You keep bringing this up but never explaining what it is. Are we supposed to know your thoughts by osmosis?

(5) Secret inside teachings.

You keep repeating this over and over, but even fundamentalists already believe this so you’re preaching to the choir.

(6) Duality

There are probably over 100,000 words written on this in the archives.

Each major posts you make covers a half dozen or so subjects and only scratches the surface. Then you post again and the material repeats itself. If you want to get anywhere with us you need to cover one subject at a time the way I do when I teach.

But first remember that the group is involved. If you want to talk about a subject present it first to the group to see if they are interested. If they are then it will be considered.

As it is now your posts are a distraction because they are never on topic nor do they deal with a single topic.



I’m not sure if you understand Latwur’s speech. Let me explain… he speaks of a sort of immortality, not simply extending ones life, Latwur already will not die and reincarnation is simply not possible — why seek a way of death and not a way of Life? Reincarnation is a way of death, while living forever, what YahShua has promised to those who believe and do right — that is what life is. The Way of Life is life eternal, the way of reincarnation is not seeking life, but seeking death as your savior. Correct me where I have errored Latwur,


We have no problem with people coming here who think differently than ourselves. Some of the discussion that has resulted in the past has brought forth some of the best teachings here.

There is no such thing as eternal life confined to one changeless form. All form is temporary, even the universe itself. The formless Self, which is one with God, is that which is eternal and uses form as it sees fit for its learning and enjoyment. Reincarnation is an eternal principle for we are destined for eternal lives on the unending creation of worlds.


Sept 1, 2014

The Beast and the Fear Factor

Time to get back on topic. Here’s the question:

We talked about the Beast using fear as a means of control. What is the greatest fear he uses against spiritual seekers and how is it overcome?


I believe Susan was the first to point out that the greatest fear manipulated by the Beast is the fear of hell, eternal punishment or extinction of body and soul to nothingness.

Sure, powerful unjust authority can punish us in this life in a number of ways and in some cases even put people to death, but all this is nothing compared to suffering for eternity or going into oblivion because you are supposedly going against God. If you really believe that some authority has power over the destiny of your soul then that person becomes a powerful outside God to you, a spokesman for the Beast.

For anyone who takes life after death seriously the thought of some undesirable destination that will last for millions of years is frightening indeed.

Curtis and I witnessed this power after we were excommunicated from the LDS church. Following this event we did everything in our power to enlighten our Mormon friends. We taught quite a few about the errors of church doctrine and reincarnation. Quite a few saw truth in our words, but when it came to taking any action that would risk their church membership they became paralyzed with fear and continued to follow the thoughtform.

When pressed for their reasoning they would give an answer something like this:

“I really like what you are saying an it makes a lot of sense and feels right to my soul, but if you are wrong and the church is right that means rebellion could put me in danger of becoming a Son of Perdition and I can’t take that risk. Besides if there is reincarnation, I’ll get another chance, so staying in the church and supporting the authorities is the safe bet.”

Mormons have good reason to fear based on the following verses from their scriptures:

42 “That through him all might be saved whom the Father had put into his power and made by him;

43 “Who glorifies the Father, and saves all the works of his hands, except those sons of perdition who deny the Son after the Father has revealed him.

44 “Wherefore, he saves all except them–they shall go away into everlasting punishment, which is endless punishment, which is eternal punishment, to reign with the devil and his angels in eternity, where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched, which is their torment–

45 “And the end thereof, neither the place thereof, nor their torment, no man knows;

46 “Neither was it revealed, neither is, neither will be revealed unto man, except to them who are made partakers thereof;

47 “Nevertheless, I, the Lord, show it by vision unto many, but straightway shut it up again;

48 “Wherefore, the end, the width, the height, the depth, and the misery thereof, they understand not, neither any man except those who are ordained unto this condemnation.”

Doctrine and Covenants (D&C) 76:42-48

And who are the ones who will suffer this condemnation so great that it cannot be put into words? It is assumed it will be those who are excommunicated for not endorsing all the teachings and directions of the authorities of the church.

Consequently, when the standard Mormon gets a little curious and begins to give some clues that he is unorthodox in his thinking other members will often make statements to him like the following:

“You are entering into dangerous territory, brother. Just follow the prophet and forget about these other thoughts.”

“Stay away from the mysteries. If God wants us to know any of them he will reveal them through the prophet. If you get something and teach it that runs contrary to the teachings of the church you are in great danger my friend.”

“Stay with the simple things like faith, baptism and repentance. If you delve into more than this you may find yourself in rebellion against God.”

“Just follow the prophet and you will be safe. He will never lead you astray.”

So, how does one overcome such fear and defy the control of the Beast? A few are just very brave and take their chances, but the only secure way is to get confirmation from within. A sure witness from the Holy Spirit will give the seeker the sure knowledge he needs to stand up to the Beast.

Ra asked some interesting questions that would be good for the group to consider. He pointed out that if we are controlled by a thoughtform of the Beast we may not even be aware of it – so, how could we tell if we are controlled or not and how do we rid ourselves of the thoughtform?

In other words, we may all be under control of the Beast and not be aware of it.

Question: How can you tell if you are controlled by the Beast and his mark or have freed yourself? There is a core principle that reveals the truth here that we have discussed a number of times. Let us see who can tell us what it is.


The Hidden Power of the Beast

The Question: How can you tell if you are controlled by the Beast and his mark or have freed yourself?

I didn’t think anyone would get this on the first round but Adam fooled me. He nailed it when he said, “guilt from external forces.”

You can’t tell if you are controlled by the Beast through regular self examination. 99% of the people out there do not think they are controlled by the Beast or any thoughtform so even if they try they cannot see it because seeing it is not on their radar.

It’s like the story of Magellan’s ships. The concept of such ships was so far removed from the consciousness of the natives that they could not see them even though they were visibly floating in their waters.

Just ask any LDS guy if the church or authorities therein interfere at all with his freedom of choice. He will give you a definite no. You can teach the guy all day long about thoughtforms and the Beast and he will not be able to see that anything is there controlling is mind.


The answer is given in this dialogue from a Sherlock Holmes movie:

Lord Blackwood : Sherlock Holmes. And his loyal dog. Tell me, Doctor… as a medical man, have you enjoyed my work?

Watson : Let me show you just how much I’ve enjoyed it. [starts towards Blackwood]

Holmes : Watson, don’t! [Holmes stops Watson a few feet from Lord Blackwood, then looks at Blackwood’s hands] Observe…

[Watson looks down to see there is an almost imperceptible thin glass needle with a sharp point less than a foot from where they stand]

Watson : How did you see that?

Holmes : Because I was looking for it. [breaks the needle]

Now Watson had every bit the ability to see everything that Holmes could see, but did not see it. Why? Because he was not looking for it.

Holmes did see the deadly needle. Why? Because he was looking.

Being controlled by the Beast in some acceptable form is so much a part of most people that they do not even consider looking for the Beast or his thoughtforms.

We will not look until it enters our consciousness that something may be there to look for. And what is the key that will clue us in?


Guilt can only exist when the eyes of the pilgrim are focused on an outward god and his thoughtform. As soon as he illusion of the outer god is completely dispelled and the inner God is trusted guilt is no more.

So if you want to know if you still have the mark of the Beast to some degree then ask this question. Am I still plagued with guilt? Is there anyone or any teaching that can make me feel guilty?

If the answer is yes, then you need to start looking for the thoughtform that has power to create the guilt.


Once the source of the guilt is discovered, how do you dispel it ands why is this a desirable thing to do?


Dan asks:

How can you tell the difference between useful (I assume) non-external and external guilt.


All guilt is experienced internally, but has an external cause. The cause is an external substitute for the God within – the Beast. The one experiencing guilt has done something to violate the commandments or expectations of the thoughtform.


And please define “guilt”. Do mean generally feeling “bad” over past misdeeds or must guilt also include feeling worthless, or as though one is unworthy of any “good” coming to them, or worthy of god/heaven?


Guilt has a feeling of unworthiness about it that goes beyond the feeling bad that would be the logical outcome.

If you are a good Mormon and drink coffee you’ll feel some guilt because the thoughtform commands you not to. If you do not buy into to the thoughtform you’ll feel no guilt, but you could suffer a little gas if you drink too much.

Without guilt you only suffer the effects of an action. There are no extra feelings of unworthiness or shame.

Here are a few words on guilt from my presentation at the 2005 gathering:

You are not looking for the voice of God within but the voice of god without. Now when a person goes against the voice of god without he will feel guilt. Guilt is one of the most destructive things in the universe, because guilt is caused by accepting a god without. A man, woman, Bible or even a piece of paper, or a building, something without can represent God. If you cross it and go against it you violate its will, and when you violate that you will have guilt.

The way to eliminate guilt is to eliminate the authority on the outside and put it on the inside. The 144,000 that were redeemed from the power of the Beast are those that have the name of the Father in the forehead. In other words, those that can look within with the third eye so to speak and find God — they are the ones who have escaped the power of the Beast and they have no guilt. The biblical scripture says, they are as virgins before the throne of God, and they are virgins before the throne of God because they have no guilt.

Now when I tell people that I have no guilt they think that my conscious must be seared with a hot iron, and I do not have a conscience. No, I have a conscience. When I do something wrong, I realize it is wrong and then I think that will just try not to make that mistake again.

This goes back to the definition of sin that we talked about earlier. Sin means to “miss the mark.” If you are shooting an arrow at a target and you miss it then you do not feel guilty about it but, you think “I screwed up.” If you are bowling and the ball rolls off into the gutter like what happens with Assaf all the time (laughter) then you think, “Wow that is not too bright of me to do that; give me another ball!” You can’t wait to throw that ball again so you can show everybody that you do not always throw a ball in the gutter. In either case you do not feel guilt over your mistake.

When you cross the voice of god from without then guilt is created and you experience shame, you feel like you are not worthy to move ahead and be loved by God and this guilt affects so many people. To release yourself from guilt, release yourself from every outer authority from being the voice of God, even me. It is possible that somebody might accept me as being in the place of God. My mission is not to be in the place of God but to stimulate the God within you. This is where the subtleties come in, in finding the truth about things, because if a person misunderstands the way I am teaching, then I could become a god to them so to speak. That would largely be their fault because that is not what I teach.

I teach everyone to listen to me and verify it from within. The priest, pastor, reverend, Mormon bishop and many spiritual leaders do not say, “Listen to me and then go verify it from within and if sounds right then do it.” These people will likely say, “This is what the Bible says and this is what the word of God says so go and do it and if and if you don’t do it you are going to go to hell.”

Now these people that take the place of God are very subtle. I have talked to people quite a number of times that say they have guilt and they can’t see where they have an outward authority that they are still holding on to. These outward authorities are very elusive because many of them can be traced back to an earlier life. There are lot of new agers I have met that think they have moved beyond this, but when you talk to them you will find that they still have guilt.

In other words there a lot of new agers that I have met and when you talk to them a bit you will find that they still have guilt, and when touch the areas of conversation where they have this guilt they are very sensitive about it. They are very likely to attack on you something or get irritable when you bring it up. You can’t even hardly mention a religious word or the word Bible around them without the hair on their neck standing up. Yet they claim they have left all that behind. But, if they have such a powerful reaction then they have not left it all behind. They would like to leave it all behind, they want to, but many in the metaphysics world had a bad experience in their childhood with their parents, religion, preacher or friends when they were growing up, and they still have some reservations about what they are taught.

Deep within themselves they will think, “What if the standard religion is true, what if this spiritual path I am on really does lead me down to hell and there really is a lake of fire down there and I am going to get thrown in it?” They try to block this out of their minds but instead of blocking it out of their minds it has to be evaporated with soul contact.

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