Keys Writings 2014, Part 28

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Nov 18, 2014

Another Test

Here is an article published back in 1987 in the Idaho Statesman about my analysis of some of the Statesman Staff. This caught the attention of my future wife and led to her attending my classes.

At the time I was making an attempt to do both astrology as well as handwriting analysis professionally.


Jan 25, 1987

Astrology-handwriting test surprises skeptics

“Hello,” the voice on the telephone said, “my name is Joe Dewey and I was wondering if you might be interested in writing something about me.”

“That depends. What do you do?”

“I’m a handwriting analyst and astrologer.” “I see. (Boy, is this guy asking for it!)”

“I’m usually pretty accurate. If you want, you could send me some handwriting samples of people you know and I’d analyze them for you.”

“You would? (What a setup!)”

“Sure. I’d need a couple of sentences from each person for the handwriting analysis, plus their dates, times and places of birth for the astrology part of it.”

“I’ll put them in the mail. (Anything for a laugh.)”

Weird science

That isn’t really what I was thinking, but it wasn’t far from it. Handwriting analysis, I was willing to admit, might have some basis in scientific fact. But astrology? You might as well study chicken entrails.

Several years ago, when a friend told me he was editing an astrology book, I attributed it to a toss of reasoning power. When he progressed from studying horoscopes to racing funny ears, the diagnosis seemed to be confirmed.

If my horoscope says to make the most of social and business opportunities, I try to spend the day in bed.

If someone asks me my sign, I look for the closest one that says “exit.”

So you can see I was skeptical about Dewey’s proposal.

Until I saw the results.

To give readers some familiarity with who was being analyzed, the subjects all were Statesman employees with high-profile jobs, such as writers and artists. Dewey didn’t know this; he received only numbered, unsigned handwriting samples, accompanied by their authors’ times and places of birth. Two days later, he called to say he was finished. Delighted, I sharpened my word-processing keys and moved in for the kill:

Subject No.1 – Outgoing, fairly aggressive. The handwriting appears to be that of a male. He has a lot of energy and likes to do things spontaneously. He is not patient and gets bored easily. Quite talkative, very frank; says exactly what he thinks.

All in all, a reasonably accurate description of Rod Gramer, The Statesman’s editorial page editor. OK, so Dewey got lucky.

No. 2 – very refined, peaceful person. She is creative, interested in beauty and has a lot of artistic ability. That doesn’t mean she’s an artist, but chances are she does something artistic and would attract artistic friends.

Another lucky guess.

Very lucky. Dewey’s peaceful artist was Judy McConnell Steele, The Statesman’s art columnist.

No. 5 – A real go-getter. He has so much energy he doesn’t know what to do with it. Sets high goals and is quite idealistic. Full of enthusiasm, usually optimistic. Interested in attaining security, but very generous. Once security is attained, he gives money away to help friends or to further causes he thinks are important.

By this time, my skepticism was in serious trouble. This was Dewey’s appraisal of one of the most energetic, enthusiastic and generous people I know, Statesman sports columnist Jim Poore.

No.6 – Has the vitality of a person half his age. Probably works with his hands. He is creative and exceptionally expressive, but probably has trouble working long periods of time. He is interested in communicating and exploring and probably is very outgoing and talkative. Emotionally very responsive; likes to be around people. His vitality is probably due more to his attitude about life than to eating health foods or anything like that.

A minor sensation in The Statesman news room, this was an uncannily accurate description of John Collins, the artist who draws the Distinguished Citizen portraits.

No. 4 – Calm, usually optimistic. Sensitive, but conceals his emotions. You’d have to know this person very well to see his emotional side. People have a hard time knowing how he feels except when he blows up, and then watch out. Good powers of concentration and sense of humor, but not a spontaneous wit. Dislikes confrontations and imposing on people; likes harmony and rhythm. Could be a musician or creative writer.

Not bad. Except that he somehow missed my stiletto wit. (Note: He is a musician as well as a writer)

Not really. In fact, there wasn’t much Dewey did miss. Now 42, he has been analyzing handwriting since he was 16, and claims that the combination of graphology and astrology produces unusually accurate results.

Nine Statesman employees participated in his handwriting-astrology analysis, and all but one thought he was close to describing them accurately.

On Saturday, he’ll be at the Holiday Inn, doing seminars on reincarnation.

“I hope to take everybody in the room back to a past life,” he said.

If he pulls that one off, I’ll be a believer.

Tim Woodward is a Statesman columnist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

Nov 19, 2014

A couple years ago Tim Woodward announced his retirement. Since he was the most popular columnist for the paper many were sad to see him retire and they asked that those who had stories about Tim or were influenced by him to submit an account. Since his story on me was responsible for me meeting my wife I submitted my experience as follows.


Tim Really Did Change My Life

I would be remiss if I did not respond to the Statesman invitation to comment on the influence of Tim Woodward on their lives.

Tim is responsible for changing my life dramatically and he is (I am sure) blissfully unaware of this – until, now. It is time he knew, and past time to say thanks.

Back in January 1987 I was experimenting with making a living with a hobby I had for many years – handwriting analysis. It was kind of tough getting customers so I had the bright idea of contacting Tim Woodward about writing an article about me. Here’s what I thought would be interesting:

Tim would gather a number of samples of unsigned handwriting from the Statesman staff and give them to me to analyze. I would have no idea of who each sample belonged to so it would be an interesting test of my accuracy in analysis.

As I thought about doing this I grew kind of nervous, especially as I reflected on some of Tim’s past articles. If Tim thinks someone is fraudulent or trying to put something over on you then he’ll go for the jugular. I weighed the possibility that I may not be accurate enough for him and he may declare me a shyster and I’d have to hide under a rock for years to come.

I decided to take the chance and gave him a call and ran the idea past him. He responded by telling me that they had done something on handwriting recently and it was too soon to do anything now.

That seemed to be the end of that. I was almost relieved that I wasn’t putting my head on a possible chopping block.

Then mysteriously, a couple days later Tim called me back and said he was interested in doing the article after all and for me to come to the Statesman office and pick up some handwriting samples. He gave me a couple days to go over them and then I’d give him the analysis.

After I picked up the samples and took a look I saw that the Statesman staff was composed of a wide range of personalities and talent – an interesting group to analyze.

A couple days later Tim woke me up with a phone call at about 7:30 in the morning wanting me to give him the analysis over the phone. This was a possible problem because I am a night person who retires in the wee hours of the morning and I rarely arise before 9:00 AM. If awakened before 8 AM I am not even sure where I am.

Anyway, I figured I needed to go for it rather than ask for more time and I analyzed the handwritings one by one.

After I was finished I was still half asleep and could barely remember what I said. This may have been the worst analysis I have ever given, I thought. I could just see Tim’s headline now: “Crazy Incoherent Man Thinks He Can Analyze Handwriting.”

I was very nervous in waiting for the article to come out, but then on Jan 25, 1987 there it was. Tim liked my analysis, thought it was surprisingly accurate and the article was very positive.

Then at the end of the article he wrote an unexpected sentence that changed my life. He mentioned that I told him I was going to give a seminar at the Holiday Inn that weekend and expected it to be interesting.

Now I’ve done a lot of things in my life that required advertising but I’ve never had an ad as powerful as this good word from Tim. Even though there was no contact information or specific details, the phone started ringing off the hook right after I finished reading the article. For the next couple days all I did was answer calls from people wanting details about the seminar. It wasn’t long before all the available space was full and we had to schedule a second seminar to accommodate everyone. Within a day that filled up also.

So how did all this change my life?

Simple answer… One of the people who read Tim’s article and called me was my future wife. We have been happily married now for 23 years.

Tim has been unaware the many times I thought about him as I have enjoyed my relationship with her over the years. If Tim had not changed his mind and given me that call, if he had not written a positive article, if he had not mentioned the seminar… if just one small thing had been different I may have never met her. She’s also been a central character in three books I have written and published. Even these would not exist as is without Tim.

Thanks Tim for the ironic twist of fate. You’ll always have a soft spot in both of our hearts.


Nov 20, 2014

To Be or Not to Be

Adam writes:

The Universe of 7 goes in and out of incarnation hundreds of times. So I would take the same question and apply it to the many incarnations of the Universe of 7. I understand that God does all things new and there will be a “slight tweak” or a “turn of the spiral” or an “improvement” with each Universal incarnation, but golly damn, brothers and sisters …

That’s a hell of a lot of human incarnations from primitive to evolved. If the Universe of 7 incarnates say 1,000 times before reaching relative perfection, and if human monads incarnate say 1,000 times within each Universal incarnation – we’re talking a million HUMAN friggin’ lifetimes, give or take 10,000.

All I can say is that these “slight tweaks” of “improvement” better be gosh darn friggin’ worth it. But I’m having serious doubts.

I’m totally down with the whole merging thing and moving on up in the Universe of 8. Fine.


The first thing to realize is that eternity is a long time. A trillion lifetimes will merely be a good beginning.

The second is that all the lives of God get bored doing the same thing over and over. This is why we incarnate. Each incarnation gives us a new experience with new challenges. It is written that we will have “eternal lives on eternal worlds.”

No matter how blissful will be your experience you will eventually want something new, even if it involves leaving that bliss for a while. Thus we eventually seek out some new type of life experience and when we have mined one world, plane or universe for all it has to offer we move on to a new world, plane or universe.

The third thing is that Shakespeare was correct when he said, “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

Even in this Universe of Seven there are an unfathomable number of realms and worlds in which to have experience. In physical matter alone this earth is just one of many different type of worlds on which we could incarnate in order to learn to master new situations. In various worlds there are inhabitants who live on land in sea, under the planet’s surface, others in dense gaseous atmospheres, on and within the surface of the various stars. What is seen as “humans” from a higher point of view is a life evolved from a human monad, but may incarnate in quite a number of intelligent forms that may seem quite alien to us but provide new challenges.

This is just the beginning. There are worlds in the higher ethers, the astral, mental and the four higher planes. These seven planes compose just one plane, the cosmic physical, among seven higher planes that we yet have to explore and master just in this universe. Then there are probably higher planes still of which even the Masters are not aware.

When you have learned all you want from the physical universe you move on to the higher planes and take on various challenges there. You also form molecular relationships and share experiences of higher and new life forms.

Fourth. Any type of experience or incarnation that you enter into is voluntary, except for those with heavy karma and even there they get to choose how to pay it off. No matter how many lives or situations you enter you do so because you think it will be challenging, interesting or rewarding.

I don’t like the word infinite because all things have a number but the number of potential situations awaiting us are basically that. They are without limit and without end.

You might think you would get bored living in this universe for another 60 billion years and then the next one for another long period. But consider this. When the lives in a universe can find no new challenges within it, or they get bored, with it then the universe will die and fold up. Then the lives within that singularity will contemplate building a new universe with greater challenges.

If you can think of a better, more rewarding system than that which is in play then you can gather around yourself like-minded souls and attempt to create it. So far, none of the trillions of lives has come up with anything better than the current plan.

No one knows exactly how our evolution will take placed in the next universe but we can rest assured on this point. We will not just be repeating the same steps that we have went through here. There will be many different planes besides the physical that are all somewhat different than available for us now. If the next universe has a physical plane that offers different experiences than the current one then we will want to incarnate in it and master it. I assume this will be the case, but if not there will be numerous other spheres to keep us entertained.

The bottom line is this. We as life forms have two choices. To be or not to be. If one chooses not to be then the life withdraws from experiences, and, in stillness, enjoys peace and bliss until the desire for experience rouses him.

If he decides to be then he as no choice except to participate in the creation and use of new worlds, planes and universes that provide unending new experiences, learning and mastery.

We have been doing this for trillions of years and look where we are now. Each of us is living a unique life with challenges we have not seen before. Is it interesting? For most of us yes. Those who answer no are not playing the game correctly and have lost focus, but they will eventually start paying attention again.


Nov 21, 2014

The Universe of Eight

Dan asked:

If the universe of 6 ended with atoms, then was the universe of 7’s basic starting point the simplest atom which is hydrogen and from which has since evolved all the other 117 atoms we have in this universe of 7?


Yes, this current Universe of Seven began in this current round with the creation of atoms capable of having seven electron shells. It extends from the atomic world to the universe itself – and not only this universe but all other physical universes in this plane.

The Universe of Eight will begin when universes gather like giant super particles and create giant atoms with the capacity of eight electron shells. Then these atoms will gather and create super universes.

I had some difficulty in seeing exactly what you want to know so I’ll just make few comments and hope it helps.

The smallest particle contains all the intelligence, programming and memory of past creations of many generations of universes. In the past we have evolved beyond where we are now but each time creation reached an end that was short of perfection and started all over again at the foundation. To reach a perfect end we must have a perfect beginning.

The life of God has passed through all the universes except the final a number of times. This universe of seven has incarnated in the present cycle a number of times as well as in previous cycles as represented in the Grand Tour.

When the mind of man attempts to comprehend the universal and eternity he has a difficult time grasping something more than a million years or what can be seen by Hubble. A million or a billion years or 13 billion light years is just a speck in the whole scheme of things.

For all practical purposes we will be spending an eternity in this Universe of Seven. Looking beyond this mainly serves the purpose of expanding consciousness.


Nov 23, 2014

Dan continuing:

So, not only do electrons “blink in and out” like this but so must photons and these even larger molecules “comprised of 810 atoms”, which means these all must also be relatively perfect (balanced). Is that correct or ???


Pure spirit is intelligence and pure intelligence is light. Light projected with purposes creates waves which gather and creates all form. In reality there is no such thing as a solid particle for every apparently solid form is created by waves. Solid matter is merely composed of waves which have resisted spirit and thus vibrate slightly out of sync with the Source. Even so matter still has a link with spirit which is the real half of its wave existence.

As we get smaller and smaller we get closer to spirit and we see the double slit experiment works well with sub atomic particles such as electrons, protons and photons. It is not surprising that they have had some results with single molecules as they are much closer to pure spirit than ourselves. If a molecule of atoms works with the double slit experiment then it would be a sign that the particles of which it is composed have reached relative perfection and are in harmony with each other. All matter oscillates in and out of spirit and if particles do this in harmony they can display the qualities of a particle or a wave. In addition anything that approaches the speed of light relative to us could manifest as a particle or wave for spirit vibrates at slightly below the speed of light to manifest matter. When it vibrates slightly above the speed of light it no longer exists as a particle but waves in pure energy or spirit. The average of the two vibrations is the speed of light. This just applies to matter in the physical world.


Nov 24, 2014



It is this phenomenon, this ability, that I believe is responsible for the dynamic & potent, yet far less harmful effects of the high homeopathic potencies/ dilutions and their effectiveness as truly wholistic medicine.


That is a very interesting take on homeopathic medicine. In other words, when you get down to the use of a small amount of molecules, that may even qualify for a double slit experiment, the potency may increase rather than decrease because the dispersed molecules may be so close to spirit.


Anything that reaches absolute perfection, and is perfectly balanced ceases to exist. Yes? So that is why there is no ultimate perfection which would create total balance and then everything would cease to exist?


If perfect balance is reached the physical form would cease to exist, but existence would continue on higher planes.



Dan asked me to define consciousness. That is probably a good idea because the word is thrown around so loosely. We hear of higher consciousness, raising consciousness, lowering consciousness, super consciousness, the sub conscious and numerous other twists on the word.

Perhaps we should first examine the common definition of the word. The Oxford Dictionary defines consciousness as “The state of being awake and aware of one’s surroundings.”

This works for general discussions but is not complete. A drone can be awake or asleep depending on whether it is switched on or off and it can be aware enough of its surroundings to deal with them according to its program. Does it therefore have consciousness? It may be argued that it has some type of very elementary consciousness, but not like us humans.

The definition says consciousness is being “awake.” Does this mean we have no consciousness when we are asleep?

Not really. We still dream and have some type of consciousness there. Even when we are not dreaming we are aware of the quality of sleep we had and of the passing of time.

Let us refine the definition. The consciousness of an individual is the ability to perceive causes and effects that are taking place around him accompanied by the power of decision to determine response.

The higher he consciousness the greater will be the perception and the more intelligent will be the decision-making.

Most of the perception of the average person is centered around happenings in this physical reality. Even so, most have some consciousness of a few unseen things such as emotions in others as well as their own ability to think.

There are many things missed by average people such as.

(1) The higher and invisible (to us) planes that surround us.

(2) The not so obvious emotions felt by others.

(3) Spiritual love

(4) Sounds and colors beyond the normal range of vision and hearing.

(5) The touch of subtle energies and lives.

(6) The understanding of that which is not physically obvious.

(7) When two paths are presented many cannot see which one will produce the better result.

(8) Many cannot see the importance of maximum freedom for the individual.

Yes, raising consciousness involves much more than doing inward meditation. It involves all aspects of livingness and the more one sees to which he can intelligently respond, the greater will be his consciousness. The greater the seeker’s ring-pass-not the greater will be his consciousness. The greater his ability to be inclusive the greater will be his consciousness.

Many who boast to having higher consciousness are lacking consciousness in important areas of life. Placing focused attention on causes and effects not fully understood in the past is the key to increasing consciousness.


Nov 25, 2014

Quarks and Leptons


Current physics believes the proton to be made up of 2 “up” quarks (+2/3) and 1 “down” (-1/3) for a total proton charge of +1. 3 quarks, not 6 and no leptons.

1) At some point you corrected yourself to say that the proton, instead of consisting of 6 quarks in 2 groups of 3 in a triangle, actually consists of 3 quarks and 3 leptons. Why the change?


I do not recall what I said on this, but the standard model in physics has three quarks in a proton and additional three of a different flavor in a neutron. As Richard’s link points out the mass of a proton is about 80 times what can be accounted for by the three quarks. This means that something else is at play, which supports the more complex composition of the proton in the Grand Tour which talks about layers surrounding the inner particles.

We do know that when a neutron throws off an electron (a lepton) that it changes and becomes a proton and when a proton throws off a positron (a positive lepton) that it becomes a neutron. This tells us that leptons either reside in or are generated by protons and neutrons.

In the book you’ll note that I merely assumed what the particles are called by scientists. Maybe that extra mass is made of something entirely unknown.

Another interesting point is that only a small part of the mass of a proton can be accounted for just like only a small part of the mass of the universe can be positively identified. Again we see that as above so below, but with a twist. Of course the microcosm is far ahead of the macrocosm in evolution.


Also it seems the Proton would not be +1 in this configuration, what gives ???


I do not know if there is a satisfactory scientific explanation on this. We know there are quarks and leptons in neutrons and protons and somehow the charge works out to zero and plus one.


…in response to your last answer to my questions on “collapsing waves”, all I can say is wowie zowie and YeeeeHAW! 🙂


Glad you appreciate it. I think I had to go in and out of spirit to write it.


Nov 28, 2014

Quantum Mysteries


It was exactly this that I was attempting to get JJ to comment (commit himself 🙂 on – whether the wavicles (wave/particle) are affected by being observed or not and this is why they appear to be particles if observed and waves if not or if it was just SOMEHOW solely due to the fact that they regularly pop in and out from spirit (wave) to matter (particle) as he mentioned in chp 18 of “Eternal Words”.


You’re asking me to solve things that baffled Einstein. You’ll have to give me a moment….

New Agers like to say that because particles are observed and change to a different state that this proves that we make our own reality and pretty much all we have to do to materialize our dreams is to consciously visualize them.

While it is true that out state of consciousness does have a big effect on our reality, the double slit experiment does not support the magical view that many have of this.

The basic idea presented by many new agers is this. When photons pass through the double slit and are not observed then they act like a wave, but when they are observed they act like a particle. This proves the power of consciousness in creating reality. From this vantage point they branch off into all kinds of impractical philosophy.

Here is an overlooked element in the equation. When the experiment is set up so that there is no human observation involved at all but merely detection by mechanical means the result is the same as if a human is participating in the observation. In other words, it is not a human consciousness observing the experiment that changes the state of matter.

The mystery is solved when we realize that observing it does not create any change for matter already exists in two states which are in a form-like structure as well as spirit/energy/waves. The oscillation between spirit and matter happens at an immeasurable rapid rate so it is as if particles of matter exist as both at the same time. Whether we see them as particles or waves depends on our approach rather than consciousness. If the approach is toward the sending of the particle then it will be seen as a wave but if we seek to measure it from a receiving angle it will be measured as a particle.

This mystery is a little like the riddle which asks if a tree falls in a forest and there is no one there to hear it does it make a sound? If someone is there to record it then we have proof of a sound.

Likewise when there is a recording of the photon we have proof there is a particle.

The fact is that when a tree falls and there is no one there to hear it there is a sound and effects. Similarly, sub atomic particles exist even when they are not being observed by conscious beings. It is also interesting to note that DK supports the idea that matter exists independent of conscious beings such as ourselves.


Nov 29, 2014

Olivia’s Question

When it comes to matter/energy and human interaction I always think about how the Masters have the ability to collapse/fold up their physical bodies at will. So I guess that from there I assumed that human consciousness must have some kind of ability to impact matter/energy states.

So you are saying that it is the “approach” that is the key, the sending (male + energy) or recieving (female – energy) matters (lol).

So then how do we translate that idea to humans consciously interacting with attempting to change energy states?


The energy change from a human or a machine merely looking at something would be a lot different than the results of a concentrated focus of a master. I think the new age view of quantum physics is far too simplistic creating disappointing results in many who expect to make easy changes just by decreeing it.

There are three keys needed to make supernatural change,

(1) Focused attention

(2) United group thought and intent.

(3) An intelligent direction in alignment with Purpose.

Nov 30, 2014

Allegory and Truth

Well Allan, you have made it clear in the past that you believe that the scriptures are allegorical. You have just said point blank that the scriptures are allegory. Now you are saying that only part of the scriptures are allegory. You say in this post that the historical part is allegory but the teaching part is literal.

For instance you write:

The Gospels are intentionally composed to convey important teachings literally

The literal teachings in the Sermon on the Mount and other such Gospel concepts, are all valid teachings

it is also true that the teachings of Jesus which are presented in the Gospels, are valid teachings

It is interesting that you now say this because in the past you have criticized me for interpreting the non historical teachings of the scriptures the way they read. Both you and members of your group criticized me and Keys members for not interpreting the Gospel of Thomas allegorically enough and nothing in this was about history, but teachings only.

For instance I quoted this from Thomas:

“when people take you in, eat what they serve you and heal the sick among them. After all, what goes into your mouth will not defile you; rather, it’s what comes out of your mouth that will defile you.”

So when people invited Jesus to dinner and they served him meat he obviously ate it for “what goes into your mouth will not defile you; rather, it’s what comes out of your mouth that will defile you.”

To this your group says the teaching was not literal for Jesus would not sanction eating meat served to them. This had to be allegory.

What makes you a moving target, difficult to reason or have a discussion with, is when you like what a teaching says then it is literal. If you do not like it then it is allegory and only means what you say it means not what it is says as written.

You teach that most of the history in the scriptures was just made up like a piece of fiction for the purpose of conveying higher truth to the enlightened few.

Now there is nothing wrong with writing a parable or fiction when presenting it as a parable or fiction. When people know this then they can read it for the enjoyment, inspiration or allegorical meaning.

But if someone writes a fictional account and presents it as true then we have something else altogether. We have a work of deception. We have a lie that is being presented. Yes, the lie may contain some allegorical truth, but it is still a lie – or something known to be false which is presented as being true.

You say such an act is not a lie because truth is taught in the allegory. Yes, there is truth embedded in many lies, but if the deception is knowingly presented as being true then it is still a lie. And we know who was called a liar from the beginning.

Let us say that I wrote a story about myself that was presented as being true stating that I had X-Ray vision and could see through things – that I could see through clothes and even to the literal hearts and bones of people. Then some skeptic puts me to the test and found out that I had no such powers. He then asks why I made up this false story.

I tell him that the story is really allegory and a symbol of the fact that the inner Logos within can see into the hearts and souls of men.

How would the skeptic react?

He would laugh and figure that I was one crazy guy.

Is it possible then that some of the stories in the Bible are lies, placed there to convey a supposed higher meaning?

Yes, this is a possibility. Most of the historical fabrications in the Bible though are not intentional but caused by alterations of original accounts passed down from generation to generation. Many have added their view or piece of fiction here and there over the centuries.

Now let us take one item you say is not true. You say: The twelve disciples are not historical persons — but rather, the twelve spheres of mind that are portrayed in the pattern of the Tree of Life.

My first reaction to such a statement is – what in the world could be the benefit of fabricating a story of twelve apostles to convey the meaning that they represent “twelve spheres of mind.” How does that enlighten anyone? And why not eight spheres, or sixteen? That would give as much food for thought as twelve.

If you want to teach about some twelve spheres you do not need to go through a fictional song and dance. It is so much more effective to just teach about them and what they mean. It might be helpful to throw in a parable or two for backup.

Furthermore, there is a lot of written evidence that Jesus did have an inner core of twelve disciples. All four New Testament gospels testify of this as well as the numerous other gospel versions including the Gospel of the Nazirenes that you hold in high esteem.

In addition Paul talks of them

For I delivered to you as of first importance what I also received: that Christ died for our sins in accordance with the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day in accordance with the Scriptures, and that he appeared to Cephas, then to the twelve. 1Corinthians 15:3-5

Then there are references outside of the gospels:

Acts 6:2 Then the twelve called the multitude of the disciples unto them, and said, It is not reason that we should leave the word of God, and serve tables.

Rev 21:14 And the wall of the city had twelve foundations, and in them the names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb.

Now let us quote from the Homilies of Clementine concerning which you say in your post present the teachings of the actual Apostle Peter.”

“the Lord had twelve apostles, bearing the number of the twelve months of the sun.”

Homilies of Clementine Chapter XXIII

Since you do not agree with this then your only out is to claim this was an untrue statement made up to teach a higher truth.

Almost everything that happens in true history can be given an allegorical interpretation as well and many good fiction stories. There are plenty of ways to convey truth without resorting to overt deceit.


Quantum Principles


And it DOES seem to matter whether that observer is a conscious observer looking at the data that has come FROM the instrument or just an instrument detecting but not recording/displaying the data for an observer


Many scientists disagree with some ingredients in this video. They say you don’t need a conscious observer to change the wave to a particle. It just needs to be measured even if it by an unconscious mechanism with no consciousness involved in the observation. My point was an approach that measures the particles changes the way they appear. Some think the measuring devices create change through physical interference, but most do not agree.

Overall, the video gives a helpful presentation.



you have many times written that energy follows thought. While I know that it takes intention, focus & practice.

Consciousness does at some point influence matter/energy, does it not?


What you say is true but the transfer from a wave to a particle works when there is no thought involved so the principle does not seem to be at play here. I believe that photons co exist as waves and particles (which are condensed waves) at the same time and what we see is determined by how we look. I think it is a little like those optical illusions where if you look oneway you see an old lady, but another way it is a young lady.

This is a subject that still baffles the best of scientists and I plan on doing some more research and reflecting on it.


Good information Dan, but one thing perplexes me: You say:

“And experiments have SUPPOSEDLY been done in which the data was recorded but not looked at and guess what – interference patterns.”

If they record the data and do not look at it then how do they know what the data is and what were the results?


Good comments and heavy thinking by both Dan and Ra and thanks Dan for all your research.

I can certainly see why Einstein had a problem with quantum theory as it can certainly be challenging and seemingly paradoxical.

From the data posted today there are two points to consider.

(1) Every time the entry point of the particle is tabulated it is seen as a particle instead of a wave. Apparently this will happen a billion out of a billion times.

(2) The observation is not done with regular consciousness. It is stated: “However, when the researchers kept checking the atoms every four milliseconds with a brief pulse of light from a laser…”

Four milliseconds is a much shorter time period than can be registered by human consciousness. The particles were being checked by means way beyond our regular conscious ability.

A point not made here is that if these particles were intelligently responding then they would not respond a billon times out of a billion the same way. Consciousness has some lack of predictability to it. A particle using intelligence would want to mess with us now and then and respond in different way.

Because the response is always the same this suggests some computer program in the microcosm is at play and when X happens Y is the result. What is not clear is what X is.


Dan says:

4) The ACT of measuring something about the wavicle (which slit it passes thru in the double-slit experiment for instance which “measures” it as particle) then causes uncertainty in the measurement of the wavicle as a wave (whether it creates the interference pattern of a wave or pattern as a particle).


I think you are on to something here. We can see a particle but we cannot see spirit (fine waves), but we can see its effects. Therefore, when we look we can only see the particle, but when we do not look we only measure the effects or waves.

As far as getting the sending and receiving backwards, you may be right as I have a mild dyslexia and have to double check everything I write about any duality.


Dec 1, 2014

Diet and Allegory

Allan again covers what he sees as the virtues of vegetarianism and says:

I asked for clarification on your Alice Bailey quote where she says that it does not matter what you eat: The quotations pertaining to the absolutely necessity to be a vegetarian for a period of at least ten (10) years, come from DK.


I’ve covered this a number of times now. I see no reason to repeat myself. Here are three links for you.




I quoted this from the Gospel of Thomas which Allan sees as scripture:

“…when people take you in, eat what they serve you and heal the sick among them. After all, what goes into your mouth will not defile you; rather, it’s what comes out of your mouth that will defile you.”

I pointed out that obviously Jesus was served meat regularly and would have eaten it since he told disciples to eat what was served for what you eat will not defile you.

To this Allan says that he has eaten at many different places and was always able to have his vegetarianism accommodated without problems.

Honestly though. Look at the scripture. It says nothing about the host being accommodating but the guest is supposed to accommodate by eating what is set before him.

I personally found this to be the most difficult part of being a vegetarian when I was in the mode. Sometimes people are offended when you don’t eat their food they have spent so much time preparing. Some do not say anything, but they’ll give you strange looks. Jesus merely gave the solution to good relations – that is to make the host feel appreciated and eat what they serve and don’t worry about being defiled.

I’ve been a non drinker of alcohol, coffee and tea, a meat eater, a vegetarian, a raw foods guy and even a fruitarian and I’ll tell you the words of Jesus make a lot of sense to me now that I am willing to eat or drink most anything. This carefree attitude really helps with camaraderie among friends.

Now, one size does not fit all. Whatever diet one feels is best for them they should abide by it no matter what Jesus or Obama may say.

Now let us move on to Allan’s other post that deals with allegory. Concerning me he says, “you write that the allegorical scriptures would be considered a deception and a lie.”

This is a distortion and I have corrected you numerous times on it. I have never said that allegory is a lie. I have said that if it is presented truthfully as allegory then it is a good teaching tool and not a lie because people know that parts will be fiction. What I said would be a lie is if fictional allegory is presented as if it is literally or historically true.

Now you say the resurrection is an allegory. Well whoever wrote the four gospels certainly did not present it that way. It was presented as extremely important historical truth on which the whole Christian religion is based. If the resurrection is not a historical truth then we have been lied to plain and simple. There are no indications that an allegory on this has been presented.

Your justification for accepting this deceptive process is that we live a lie in this illusionary unreal world. That is pretty weak reasoning. Is it also okay to beat your neighbor with a stick because he is not completely real, but a shadow of his Higher Self? I don’t think so. I know that I am in an experience real enough to not want to be beaten, run over or lied to.

Allan writes: “And the fact that you perceive this objective (scriptures bringing us to wholeness) as a fictional fraud, lie and deception,”

Again, I have no problem with the objective, but with the means. The objective can be reached much more effectively without deception.

We recently found out that Jonathan Gruber, one of the engineers of Obamacare, admitted that they had to lie to us to get the plan passed because the general public are too stupid to see how glorious it is.

This is the same type of deception that you teach the writers of he scriptures did.

It should be obvious to all fair minded individuals that a lie in both circumstances would be wrong. A deceived people cannot make wise judgments.

I picked one of numerous things you said was not historical fact and that was your statement that Jesus did not have twelve apostles. I gave a number of references proving there were twelve including a quote from Peter in the Homilies you often reference.

“the Lord had twelve apostles, bearing the number of the twelve months of the sun.”

Homilies of Clementine Chapter XXIII

So… Who was mistaken here – you or Peter?


Pure Spirit


JJ, can you help reconcile this principle with the idea that a master “stills” the body to fold-up and pass through physical barriers or move more limitlessly through space?


Good question. The word “spirit” like “soul” is used with various applications and the context must always be examined to determine the usage.

All things come from the realm of pure spirit which is formless and has no vibration. But in general usage all that which is exists above the dense physical is called spirit by the general population.

All physical mater exists in two states at one time. The first is the dense physical that we know and the second is in etheric matter, which would be called spirit by many. In addition, there are reflections of it in astral and mental natter though the forms there change somewhat according to though applied in those planes.

The process of transforming matter into a state that can pass through physical matter or travel faster than light consists not focusing on increasing vibration, but on pure spirit which is still. As the Master does this the wavelength of the matter decreases slightly in size causing a shift to a greater number of wavelengths or what we would call a higher vibration. Then as focus in maintained the greater wavelengths that make the dense physical fold up and become still and only the finer wavelengths remain. These other wavelengths can also be folded up or stilled until the entity can focus on any point across any distance known to us and reform there.

So, pure spirit is approached by stilling the vibration, but as this process proceeds the wavelengths that remain are smaller and vibrate faster. When all planes are transcended Purpose or pure Spirit is reached where all is still as far as form is concerned.

The matter that exists on this plane that creates the quantum effect belongs to the physical plane. When physical matter is stilled both states – the particle and the wave – move to a higher state beyond the detection of scientists.


Dec 2, 2014

Be Still


When physical matter is stilled both states – the particle and the wave – move to a higher state beyond the detection of scientists.


By “higher state”, do you mean our etheric (astral, mental, etc), or another octave of planes above our 7, or?


The key to understanding this correctly is the realization that we all currently live on seven planes simultaneously. Our consciousness is centered in the dense physical/etheric which has the longest wavelength

As we ascend from the physical the wavelengths decrease in size and the vibration rate is much faster. This happens until the seventh plane is reached and here the wavelength flatlines.

If you then still the physical/etheric the astral and higher will remain which has much fewer limitations than the dense physical.

It is interesting that scientists say that physical matter only accounts for about 5% of the gravitational pulls in the universe. They theorize that the missing 95% consists of undiscovered dark matter and dark energy. It makes sense to the spiritual student that the higher states of matter unknown to the scientist has an unseen effect on the physical universe and accounts for much of the missing matter/energy.


I find it curious that the cause is focused attention on stilling the dense physical vibration. It would seem that one wouldn’t be capable of stilling the physical until one’s spiritual vibration is heightened to a great extent. Chicken or egg?


If attention is taken completely off the physical then it is possible to still the physical vibration. This turns the focus to the subtle planes where the vibration is higher. It is not so much that you have increased your vibration as you have placed attention on a plane which is composed of higher vibrations.


I’m just wondering in case I need to walk through a wall sometime 🙂 Should I focus attention on increasing my spiritual vibration, or should I focus attention on stilling the dense physical vibrations of my vehicle, or both at the same time, or either one?


A hint is found in the scripture:

“Be still, and know that I am God” Psalms 46:10


Dec 9, 2014

Original Design


What is our original design? A baby? A chromosome? A teenager or an adult? A soul or spirit?


The design of the physical body would be its appearance at its prime. To understand just as what is the design behind an apple. Would it be in its rotting condition? Obviously not. Would it be in the green unripe state? No.

The obvious answer is that it would be in that state where its taste is the sweetest and feels crisp to the touch and is pleasantly red to the eyes.

All living physical creations mature to reach their design and then move toward disintegration.


I thought we aged and withered like an old prune because of crystallization and the attention and attrition principles.


Our aging and death are explained in Law 8 of Esoteric Healing given by DK:

Disease and death are the result of two active forces. One is the will of the soul which says to its instrument: I draw the essence back. The other is the magnetic power of the planetary Life which says to the life within the atomic structure: The hour of reabsorption has arrived. Return to me. Thus, under cyclic law, do all forms act.


So a Master has learned to duplicate their original design?


A master who seeks to extend the life of the physical body will work in cooperation with his Higher Self with some purpose that doesn’t call for drawing the “essence back.” Secondly he will sound the correct note to neutralize the magnetic power of the planetary life.


Dec 10, 2014

A Paradox – or Not?


One thing I found interesting was that In the questions afterward, when talking about children with past life memories, he mentioned that sometimes two children will remember the same past life and occasionally a child will remember a past life of someone who was still alive when they were born. I don’t recall encountering that information before.


I have not encountered any two people who have undergone a credible regression who recall the same past life or who have regressed to a person who was yet alive after the person was born.

I have however encounter a number of people caught up in glamour who have claimed such things. A lot of people claim they are the reincarnation of Jesus, Buddha, George Washington, Joseph Smith etc. I have heard that Madonna thinks she was Marilyn Monroe in a past life even though Madonna was four years old when Marilyn committed suicide.

Just thinking you are someone is different that actually being that person.

Putting glamour aside let us suppose that they really found children who recalled these crisscrossing lives. Is there an explanation? Actually, there are several possibilities.

Remember in my book Eternal Lives where the entities on the Sun share each others past lives as if they were actually that person? Well, we often do this in the spirit world between lives, especially with members of our soul group. Then if you have a designated person you feel is your soul mate you will have done a lot of sharing with him or her and will almost be as familiar with his or her past lives as you are your own. Where children remember a past life of someone who was alive when they were also he could have just tuned into someone else’s memories with who he was familiar.

Since there are seven billion people on the planet one would think it would be difficult to find two people recalling the same past life of someone who was not famous. I have not encountered a case like this and would like to know the details. I would guess there would be some family connection involved.

The other possibility is that our soul can send out more than one incarnation at a time. I first encountered this idea back in the Seventies from Lobsang Rampa who taught that the soul can have as many as a dozen lives going on at once. This didn’t register with me as being true, but I considered there may be something to this idea. Then I came across a similar teaching by Robert Monroe of astral travel fame and Michael Newton who has regressed over 7000 people back to life between lives in the spirit world.

Robert Monroe was told in his spirit travels that he had a dual life going on and was asked if he wanted to know who it was so he could meet him. This just seemed too weird for Monroe so he declined.

Newton regressed thousands of people to life between lives and I have done a handful myself and they are very consistent. Newton found out that souls project from about 15% to 60% of their essence into an incarnating life with the average being around 25% leaving 75% of oneself in the spirit world. If he desires he can send out 25% into one life and another 25% into another and still keep 50% in the spirit world. He discovered we do not do this very often, but souls do this now and then. This teaching vibrates much more positively to my soul than Rampa’s 12 simultaneous

lives idea.

If you then had a double living at the same time as yourself it would indeed be possible to recall a life of someone yet living with a similar effect as recalling an ancient past life.

I would guess this is very rare though as I have not encountered it nor have I heard of anyone who has until I watched the video in question.


Dec 15, 2014



My take is that all on the path are tested. According to the Aquarian Gospel 7 tests are required. This is the first mention of 10 tests that I have read. Each of us might try to identify specific tests.


There are tests in every life and they become more complex until we arrive at the great renunciation.

I have had tests that I have not written about and one in particular that I would have never excepted if I hadn’t been given a witness more powerful than anything that I had ever anticipated.


Dec 16, 2014


Just a few words on detachment. Detachment does not mean that the seeker has no feeling or desire toward a thing. For instance, it takes a certain amount of detachment to fast for a week, but this does not mean that after the fast is over that you will not be attracted to food again.

Jesus had a strong desire to stay and build the outward kingdom upon the earth, but had to let that go in his Great Renunciation. That doesn’t mean he has no feelings about still accomplishing this. Of course, he is still working toward the day when a gathering of lights will create centers of spiritual oneness.

Detachment merely means that the disciple is able to place priorities in the right order and follow the higher at the sacrifice of he lower when this is called for.

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