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Jan 18, 2014

Question on Paul

Tom writes:

Is Paul, the one who wrote most of the New Testament and prosecuted Christians a master? JJ, mention him as a master. Was he a master when he wrote the New Testament or what initiate was he?


Yes Paul wrote quite a few books of the New Testament. They were originally written as letters to various congregations.

Paul was a third degree initiate. This third initiation was marked by his conversion when he was blinded by an encounter with the Christ and then healed.

According to DK, Paul became a master in a later life in which he was known as Hilarion.


Jan 19, 2014


If Paul became a master in a later life time, then was it when he was Oliver Cowdery? Is that why he walked away from Joe Smith and the LDS for a while after their argument?


As I said, DK says he became a master as Hilarion. Oliver was not a master and had a ways to go. It is possible that Hilarion and Oliver are two extensions of the same oversoul as Oliver had a ways to go to become a master in that life.

Here are some more things I have written about this subject. LINK


So, I guess it is OK for Rabbi Shaul, the inventor of Pauline Christology, which contradicted Jesus Christ, The 12 Apostles and God Himself… and be considered an “initiate?”


Paul initiated his version of Christianity that spread around the word. This tells us that he was a powerful initiate.

If you are looking for perfection in initiates then you will never find one. There will be zero initiates for you to discover.


JJ, another question: Jesus appeared to Paul when he was blinded and told him to follow him or something similar. Paul said he had gotten Revelations from Jesus Christ about his Gospels he is teaching which is similar to what Jesus taught. I have a question. Why did Jesus not write down his life story for all to follow his example. What if no one decided not to write about Jesus? Paul and maybe John and Peter helped spread Jesus word throughout the world….why did |Jesus not write a book on his teachings?


Maybe Jesus did do some writing and it was lost or hidden.

In those days teachers didn’t write down their thoughts like they do today. Even Socrates didn’t write anything that we know of. If not for Plato he would be lost to history.


Jan 20, 2014

Who do We Pray To?


If there so many supernatural beings that visited the Earth that are gods then who do we pray too?

Who was the GOD of Jesus Christ when he talked about God?

Can the WORD control the elementals so Jesus could walk on water?


I have written about this quite extensively. The main entity that is likely to hear your prayers is a higher part of yourself, the highest part being the Monad which is closely linked to the One God. There are also occasions when a discarnate spirit will take notice and once in a while a master.

Sometimes when Jesus was talking about God or his Father he was talking about the overshadowing entity, the Christ, and other times the One God who reaches down to us through our higher selves and other means.

The Word sustained by thought and focus can accomplish most anything.


Did this happen because Moses was a Master before he came to Earth, or he had become a Master at that time or because Moses was overshadowed…


He underwent the transfiguration initiation when he was 80 years of age. Since this didn’t happen before the age of 21 we can assume that this was the first time he reached this stage.

I do not think that Moses was a master but that he was overshadowed by one who also went through his own initiation.

Joan Asks:

Should we not pray for help in specific instances, say, in our desiring to intervene on behalf of those we love who are in trouble? This is one of my biggest concerns, praying “wrongly” (through pride or “lack of permission”). How does one discern these things or even have a right to intervene.


There is nothing wrong with any sincere prayer for help. According to the intent, vibration and spiritual power it will find its right place and meet with a response if Higher Intelligence decides in a positive direction.


Jan 25, 2014

Radio Interview

I did another radio interview. This time it was with a lady named Erin Dakins who hosts a show called The Truth Traveler. here are the links:

 Hour One

Hour Two


Jan 26, 2014

Steve Jobs and Initiation

Tom wants to know how Steve Jobs could have been an initiate when he had so many faults. He seemed very emotional.


The First Degree Initiate has stronger emotions than a non initiate and a Second Degree has even stronger ones than the First Degree. One who has reached the Second Degree therefore has very strong emotions and will display them from time to time. Showing strong emotions and controlling them are two different things. Jesus showed strong emotions when he whipped the money changers and chased them out of the temple, but this was a mental decision he made. If a Second Degree Initiate shows strong emotions it is because he has made a decision to do so, not because he cannot control himself.

What you look for in a person who has attained emotional control is not emotional display (unless it is obviously with no control) but whether his decisions are made trough an illogical emotional base or by the mind. When you look at the results of Jobs decision making as a whole you can see that they elevated society much more on a mental level than an emotional one.

I know Sharón was on the show earlier. I suspect that she put in a good word for me.


Jan 29, 2014

The Mother of ALL Ironies.

What do you call a ship full of frozen, Global Warming scientists who are stuck in the ice in Antarctica during the Southern Hemisphere’s summer????

A: A really good start.

B: An Al Gore Carnival Cruise

C: The Mother of ALL Ironies.

D: All of the above.

I stole this off a comment page. Thought it was funny.

A question on the Bible of God


Is some of the Bible written by prophets who God spoke to?


Many of the prophets were either inspired through the soul or received something from Higher Intelligence so in the way most people would interpret God, the answer is yes, many received information from God. But they wrote down the revelation in their own words which are always susceptible to error. Any writing must be interpreted through the soul.


Jan 31, 2014



If the Laggards had passed their initiations in the past Universe or Solar System, then the Laggards on Earth now would have been one of these exalted beings that come here to assist us….Yes? No? Or are these beings from the Sacred Planets and the Planet the laggards missed out on going to?


Laggards are laggards because they did not apply themselves in the last solar system. They are not initiates unless they recently attained that status. We can’t use the past universe (much further back in time) to measure our current progression because we started anew under new conditions in this universe.


Jan 31, 2014

Another Radio Interview

Here’s another interview with Dr. Lorraine Hurley

Hour One

Hour Two

“The purpose of life is to have fun!”

Glad you liked the interview Larry. I never put the purpose of life in those words before but that’s basically what it’s all about.


Feb 4, 2014

More on Perfection

Joan talks about the miraculous survival of Immaculee Iligebaza. I was fortunate enough to see Immaculee in person and heard her tell her story. She is indeed a person with great faith and I am sure was preserved for a reason.

Joan wants some clarification on God and perfection. She says:

“Can we hope to attain alignment with God….despite our current state of affairs? Can we still experience His perfection (Perfect Love, Compassion and Wisdom) in this life…… despite all of its (and our) suffering and pain?”


Humanity’s idea of what is perfected has been conjured up by our minds and defined by ourselves. It is quite a bit different than the idea of what perfection would be for a Higher Life, such as a Planetary or Solar Logos.

In other words, perfection is a relative thing – a moving target. What is perfection to a dog is a master that gives him all he can eat. What is perfection to a savage are happy hunting grounds and shooting arrows at game that never miss. What was perfection to the Seahawks was pretty much the Superbowl game they played on Sunday. What is perfection to a religious fundamentalist is to never act against anything written in the Bible, etc.

Yes, you can attain alignment with the will of God to a degree, but not without making some mistakes along the way. You can experience the Love of God by entering a state that lies beyond the imagination of the average person, but you will not stay in perfect oneness forever. You “will go in and out and find pasture.” John 10:9


“Isn’t God still the Almighty, All Powerful, Omnipresent, Omniscient Perfect Being—regardless of what is manifest in the physical world? I believe All Is One and we have the potential, if not the absolute capacity—- to transcend all darkness in an instant. This belief is my daily reprieve from the suffering and devastation rampant in this earthy life.”


Every life, even God has limitations. God has incarnated in this universe and has been working on making it a fun place to live for billions of years. He just can’t snap his fingers and make all the lives or cells in his body, respond perfectly and treat each other in the ideal way. He is working toward an end where great joy for all will be the result, but most of the fun is getting to that end.

There are great lives above human that are very powerful and they would be judged to be all powerful gods to many average humans who would encounter them, but they have their own struggles toward their own ideas of perfection on their plane of being.

The worst hell that there could be would be to reach a state where there are no new challenges, where we just rest in some type of eternal perfection forever. If such a thing were to happen our life would dissolve and we would disappear into non existence. Eternal life is only attained by a willingness to encounter eternal challenges.

And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new. Revelation 21:5

   “Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the days of old. Behold, I will do a NEW thing; now it shall spring forth….” (Isa 43:18-19)

Here is a dialog I wrote on the subject:


QUESTION: Is God perfect?


QUESTION: Then you believe that God does not make mistakes?

ANSWER: Yes. He doesn’t make mistakes.

QUESTION: Did God create you?


QUESTION: Are you perfect?


QUESTION: But if God created imperfect beings such as ourselves then God would have to be imperfect, wouldn’t he?

ANSWER: No. God is perfect and created us perfect, but He has given us our freewill and, using this freewill, we make imperfections.

QUESTION: But who created your freewill?


QUESTION: So we come back to the same conclusion. God created you and your free will in an imperfect state. How can you believe that God is perfect?

ANSWER: You are twisting things. (This is the answer a person gives when he doesn’t want to face truth or admit that he has been wrong.)

QUESTION: Did God create the earth, the minerals, plants and animals?


QUESTION: I notice that animals are also not perfect. Some get sick; others are dangerous and bite people. Did God make them imperfect?

ANSWER: I’m not sure.

QUESTION: How about plants and minerals? Very few crystals are nearly perfect and many plants are misshapen and off color. If God is perfect and He created everything, then why is everything not perfect?

ANSWER: It’s because of man’s original sin that all this imperfection came into the world.

QUESTION: But, apparently imperfection was already in the world, for the imperfect serpent was here when man arrived. Was man responsible for the creation of the imperfect serpent?


QUESTION: So one must conclude that man is not responsible for all the imperfection in the world. Is this right?

ANSWER: I guess.

QUESTION: So who is responsible for imperfect creations?

ANSWER: The Devil. God makes things perfect, but man and the Devil corrupt them.

QUESTION: So when were you created perfect by God?

ANSWER: When I was born.

QUESTION: Are you saying then that all babies are perfect when they are born?

ANSWER: Well, I know that some are born without limbs and with defects. I must have been perfect when I was conceived.

QUESTION: But you were not created when you were conceived, and we know that nature aborts many conceptions, so even they are not perfect. If God is perfect and you are created at birth by Him, then why are not all babies perfect?

ANSWER: You are twisting things.

QUESTION: Do you really believe that God is perfect or is that just what you have been programmed to think?

ANSWER: You’ve got me confused. What’s your answer?

COMMENT: The word used in reference to the perfection of God and Jesus was TELEIOO which implies the finishing of a job, assignment or mission. Thus the Bible references of the perfection of Jesus and his Father imply that when they accept a mission they are able to successfully complete it.

The word that implies perfection as we use it today in relation top God was the Greek word AKRIBELA. This is the perfection which implies never making a mistake. The interesting thing is this word was never used in reference to Jesus, or even God for that matter. BUT it was used in reference to the belief system of those who crucified the Christ. They saw Jesus as far from flawless and therefore it would be blasphemous to assume that he was the son of God.

The scripture which reads: “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.” Matt 5:48 is better translated as: “Therefore finish (or complete) the work you are given to do even as your Father in Heaven completes His.”

No creator, not even God manifests flawlessness at the beginning of his work, but when the end is approached then the creation is perfected.

Here are links to more writings on this subject:

 Is God all powerful?

 Is God perfect?


Feb 5, 2014

The Game of Life

During my last radio interview I made the rather controversial that the purpose of life is to have fun.

Ruth takes some issue with this statement and asks:

If God designed the Game of Life, and the Purpose of Life was Fun, then why isn’t the Game fun to play?

With all the pain and suffering on Earth, then how does one say to all the starving millions of people in Africa etc, to just go and have fun?

In fact, I thought Disciple School was more about placing our attention on the higher desires of Soul, rather than the lower desires of the Not Self.????


I’ve talked about the purpose of life numerous times in the past but never quite starkly equated it with having fun. I have taught that God was motivated to incarnate into the universe for the purpose of having experience and he designed the experience to be as interesting as possible just as we humans, who are reflections of God, design various games we play to achieve maximum entertainment value. In other words, the desired result of the playing of all games is to have fun, or to receive enjoyment and satisfaction from them.

Ruth tells us she is not having fun at the moment, as she is struggling with several aspects of her life, so this teaching seems to not be true. But let me ask you this. Are the successful games that turn out to be he most fun, pain and stress free? No. The games we like the most are those that have the potential for the greatest pain and have great risk. Let us examine two of them.

The most successful board game of all time is Monopoly. This can be a very aggravating and stressful game to play when you lose. You can get a bunch of motels and have lots of cash and then in your next couple moves you could lose it all which could make you feel like jumping up and down and screaming. But does this mean you are never going to play again? No. It will generally make you more determined to try again.


Because it’s fun.

And why is it fun when it sometimes makes you so angry?

Because the reward is great when you win.

At this moment, just a couple days after the 2014 Superbowl, there are probably few people on the planet in a more painful emotional state than the Denver quarterback, Payton Manning. His team was favored to win and he was being viewed and written about as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. He had just healed from a broken neck and some thought he may not play again, but he got back in the game this year and broke some new records and seemed to be doing better than ever. The only thing he needed to seal the deal on legend status was to win the Superbowl.

The big game began and they started the first drive. The crowd was roaring so loud you could barely hear yourself think. The center was having difficulty in hearing Payton’s instructions and thought he heard Manning tell him to hike the ball and he complied.

He heard wrong and the ball sailed over Manning’s head into the end zone. The famous quarterback did not have a clue the ball was coming and this led to a Safety which gave Seattle two points just 12 seconds into the game.

This screw-up caused Seattle to score with the shortest playing time in Superbowl history.

This one bad play, representing awful timing, set the tome for the whole game and the Broncos timing was off for the entire period. They wound up losing 43-8, a humiliating score.

Payton Manning was in a very painful and distressed emotional state for he not only didn’t seal the deal on his ranking with the greats in football but the whole team was very upset and felt down on their luck.

And it doesn’t end there. The Denver Bronco fans were expecting to celebrate at the end of the game but their heroes not only lost, but lost big. They felt humiliate, angry and many were downright depressed.

Payton Manning broke his neck, but came back and tried again only to end up with devastating humiliation. After all this physical and emotional pain do you suppose that he never wants to show his face on a football field again?

No. He will gladly play again.

How about the rest of the team? They are terribly upset. Will they play again?

Yes, gladly.

How about the Denver fans? Surely, they will stay away in the future after such a frustrating experience.

No. They will be back.

Why in the dickens to these people come back for more? Do they like pain?

No. They do not like the pain. They come back because he game is fun. They know you do not win all the time and if you did it wouldn’t be fun. But when you do win there is a thrill achieved that makes any pain or distress in the past worth the end result.

Yes, the thrill does not last forever, but if it did it wouldn’t be a thrill. We play the game of life and after a number of painful setbacks we win and achieve a wonderful state of being. After it subsides we move on to another goal or game and eventually achieve another thrill. This we do for all eternity.

Each new game is different and more challenging than the one before. There is no end to what we can achieve.

Ruth says she thought the purpose of life was more about Becoming or “placing our attention on the higher desires.”

And how do we become? We become by playing the game of life until we win and have fun at winning.

And why do we eventually place our attention on higher desires?

Because they supply more fun and joy than lower desires.

Whenever any of us reach a decision point we try and pick the path that will be the most fun, proactive and joyous to travel. Who in his right mind would pick a path that only leads to pain and nothing else?

You say that Jesus did when he chose the crucifixion.

Not so. It is written:

“Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.” Heb 12:2

Jesus realized that his part of the game had the risk of great pain, just as a good football player does. Even so, Jesus moved ahead with his plays, and why?

“For the joy that was set before him.”

An important point to remember in this discussion is that in playing te game of life we will often have dark areas to transverse which may occupy considerable time. If we play the game right they may only last a few years. If not we may have pain an entire lifetime or several lifetimes until we listen to our coach, the soul. Now sometimes, because of karma, it is very difficult to have much fun in a lifetime but generally bright spots can be managed if the person has the right attitude.

Count Cagliostro gave us a good example of how one can still play the game in the last couple years of his life when he was imprisoned and tortured. I may write a summary of this.


Feb 6, 2014

Playing the Game

DK tells us that Cagliostro was a previous life of HPB and in that life he/she made a lot of mistakes and set the work back. On the other hand, when he was imprisoned at the end of his life one can see that his soul was great despite his faults and making the best of his no-win situation prepared him for the success of his next life. Cagliostro gives us an example of how life can be interesting even in the most difficult of situations.

A good book on him is called The Last Alchemist.


So was Cagliostro ever HPB?


That is what DK says.


You once pointed out Kennedy’s facial features and symmetry matched HPB (which also means facial recognition software would rank then highly probable the same person).


I doubt if facial recognition software would prove anything as people’s faces will change from lifetime to lifetime, though there will be similarities.


If JFK was HPB this has to be the most random death ever.


Jean Dixon became a famous psychic by predicting JFK’s assassination and she made this statement:

She said she had received a number of visions of future events and she got the impression that many of them were not set in stone and could be changed or prevented. But she said that when she saw the vision of the future assassination she got the impression that it was a part of our destiny and there was no preventing it. If that is true then luck may not have been a factor.


I think you may have even made that case citing their handwriting.


I wrote a major article comparing the handwriting of HPB and JFK but it was lost when I changed servers. When I get time I’ll have to put it up again.


But if he was both HPB and AAB and Kennedy, then his life as HPB would overlap with his life as AAB. Which is ok with me. But is that what you think is true?


No one I know of has said that HPB reincarnated as AAB. They are two separate entities.


If JFK was HPB this has to be the most random death ever.


Jean Dixon became a famous psychic by predicting JFK’s assassination and she made this statement:

She said she had received a number of visions of future events and she got the impression that many of them were not set in stone and could be changed or prevented. But she said that when she saw the vision of the future assassination she got the impression that it was a part of our destiny and there was no preventing it. If that is true then luck may not have been a factor.

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