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Nov 6, 2014

More on Crystallization

Let me say just a few more words about crystallization as it is easy for many to have misunderstandings about it.

It is important to understand that one of its main causes is inertia. As we begin our lives we start our with a burst of energy, want to learn everything possible and take on all the big projects we can handle with many of them requiring us to be very adaptable. As we approach out first Saturn cycle around the ages of 27-29 we encounter our major first round of inertia. If the pilgrim has settled on a vocation, is not required to learn anything new to provide for himself, has established a belief system that satisfies him and does not have a strong enough will to push himself to initiate new plans and ideas then he is likely to give into the inertia and follow the path of least resistance for the rest of his life.

I’d say that around 30-40% of the population crystallize around the time of this first Saturn Cycle.

As we age the forces that pull us back to Mother Earth have greater effect on us and by the time of the second Saturn Cycle, around the ages of 54-58, the tendency to take the path of least resistance with every choice becomes very great and can only be countered by the will of the person overriding the tendency to always take the easy path. About 90% of the population succumb to crystallization at this cycle.

After this cycle the forces that pull us toward crystallization just become stronger and the older one gets the more will it takes to remain flexible.

Crystallization should not be equated with failure. Many crystallized people are still able to accomplish a lot of good in the world. When one crystallizes he merely relaxes his aspirations and runs on kind of an automatic pilot the rest of his life. If he programmed himself well before the crystallization then he can still live a productive life for the remainder of his years and do many things that will be of service to his fellow human beings. He just will not do things out of the box on his own initiative.

Let us tabulate signs of crystallization and non crystallization for a person around my age of 69.


Signs of crystallization.

  1. All thumbs in working with computers.

This is really a telltale one for my age group. If the guy almost brags that he doesn’t need or use a computer or the new gadgets you may rest assured that he has crystallized. Other crystallized people have been forced to learn some basics but just have a mental block about learning much more than typing, maybe a little Facebook and elemental surfing.

I’ve tried to teach some important computer lessons to others of my age and it is sometimes very frustrating. I run through how some things work and the next day it is as if nothing at all was taught. A four year old is often easier to teach.

On the other and if you talk to them about something with which they are already familiar like politics, sports or religion they may show a lot of brilliance.

  1. He doesn’t push himself to learn new things, especially things outside of his comfort zone. If he is a regular Christian he may read a little from material that supports his belief system and pick up a few new facts, but is not likely to push himself to learn about opposing beliefs.
  2. He is not likely to change his opinions about any long held belief, even when hard facts are presented to him.
  3. Much of his free time is not productive.


The person who bypasses crystallization.

  1. He is happy to learn any technology that will enhance his life.
  2. He is still learning new things and is willing to go out of his comfort zone.
  3. He will go where the facts take him even if it goes against long held beliefs.
  4. He makes productive use of much of his free time.


Nov 7, 2014

I AM the Truth


My two cents. When we arrive at a stage where we are tuned into the capacity and ability to recognize truth it is because we in and of ourselves vibrate at a frequency of truth. When we are confronted by darkness or untruth it vibrates at a different frequency. When the lower frequency of untruth or darkness inserts its lower vibration into the field of our higher vibration it as Obi-Wan Kenobi would say “There is a disturbance in the force” It would be like sticking an object in the flow of a stream of water. The water needs to alter its course and it disturbs the natural occurrence of the stream flow. This is what you may feel.


That is a really good way to put it Greg. Your words remind me of the scripture: “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life.” John 14:16

If we emulate him and become the way, the truth, and the life then that which is not the way, the truth and in harmony with true life will indeed be sensed as being out of harmony or a disturbance of the force.



Vickie writes:

I had never heard of the Saturn Cycle until recently, on this forum. Even though my cycles of experience have crossed my awareness. They never lined up as 28 years. Mine were more on the auspicious numbers of 22, 33, 44 years…

Can you tell me how Saturn comes into the cycle equation ?


Ruth posted a good treatment of the Saturn Cycle from the archives so that ought to give you a good idea of the basics if it.


Astrologically the time of the orbit of any of the planets has different cyclic influences on us. Because Saturn represents the Father figure and is the disciplinarian of the solar system, this cycle is very important for giving us clues as to our purpose in life and how to achieve success. The exact cycle runs 29.46 years and astrologers have divided it further into sub cycles. The most important is the first and second half of the cycle. The first half is said to be positive where learning and accomplishment will be accelerated and the second half negative where you lean on the things learned in the first half.

The Rosicrucian teaching of cycles is somewhat similar to the Saturn cycle but they use cycles of seven year time periods with each period of having a different meaning. Again, you have positive and negative cycles.

They also divide each year into seven periods beginning with your date of birth.

Here is a good rundown of how these cycles play out.


DK talks about cycles of ten year periods to which disciples should pay attention. He tells us that we should do a careful review after each ten year time period has passed and it will provide us with important clues as to where our soul is leading us and what we should plan for during the next ten years.

The psyche of humanity is quite sensitive to esoteric symbols and cycles. Our cycles of 12 months in a year, decades, centuries and millennia were not just random selections but represent cycles of time important to the people of this planet.

There are many different theories of cycle lengths, but the interesting point to consider is this. You can pick any cycle of time and watch it play out and see certain types of repetition therein which is interesting to contemplate. These can be cycles of 5, 7, 10, 12, 14 years and so on. Different time periods will represent different effects.

Another thing to consider is that each person is different. Therefore, the ultimate guide is to carefully examine your own life and attempt to discern how certain cycles repeat in your life. This will give you clues as to where your soul is leading you and what you should plan for next.


Nov 8, 2014

Past Glories

A while back I posed this:

Suppose you found out that Allan really was reincarnated from James the brother of Jesus. Would that change your opinion of him or would you deal with him differently?

The consensus seems to be that group members would not change their opinion or deal with him differently. Good for you because to do so would be to set him up as an agent of the beast in your mind.

If you think there is a possibility that some person you have come across was a great teacher or person in the past the only advantage you should give him is maybe a little time and attention to see what his words or actions are in the present. What the person is in the present is the important thing.

If you come across someone who presents a good case for being George Washington reincarnated, yet teaches principles that will lead to tyranny – what should you do?


Do not support tyranny, illusion or falsehood no matter from whence it is purported to come. Don’t attack the individual as a person, but counter any falsehood presented with truth and reason.

Paul spoke correctly when he advocated to even reject an angel from heaven if his words ran contrary to the true gospel. (Gal 1:18)

Is it possible that someone could have been a disciple of Jesus 2000 years ago yet be teaching flawed doctrine today?

Of course. The disciples of Jesus were far from perfect to begin with, and, on top of that, over a 2000 year period some of them could have had some lives where they gained some heavy karma, made mistakes or just got stuck in the past and did not progress to their next level.

Remembering a past life can have its benefits, but also it’s drawbacks. If it was a life the person was proud of the recollection could cause the person to focus too much on the past rather than concentrate on his current purpose. Those who do recall past lives should merely make note of what was learned from it and then move on and focus on what needs done now, which is usually much different than what it was in a past life. To attempt to relive a past life is usually a big mistake.

Then the other matter to be considered, that makes looking at the present so important, is that almost all persons who make the claim of being a great one in a past life are in illusion and merely contacting a thoughtform generated around such a person.

One simple way to test a person with a famous past life claim is to ask this question. Does this person have the talent and intelligence of the person he claims to be?

If he claims to be Shakespeare can he write amazing material that will stand the test of time?

If he claims to be Washington then is he truly a leader of men who will sacrifice everything to advance the cause of freedom?

If he claims to be the One Mighty and Strong from LDS prophesies then has he done mighty works and is he seen as having great strength?

If he claims to be the Second coming of Christ then is he able to perform wondrous works and teach with eternal words that will not pass away?

I have come across many in my life who have made great claims. Most of them have been average men with a big ego and imagination and eventually fade into the woodwork.

On the other hand, we must be open to all things and check out significant claims when they are made, but no matter what the clams are or what authority is purported one must never give over the authority of the inner God to an outer god. Follow the highest you know, not the highest someone else says you should know.


Nov 9, 2014

JJ Quote:

Jesus said that we are the hands of the Lord.


I believe this is true but am unable to find the scriptural support. Could someone help me locate it?


There are many truths which are not spelled out in the Bible, but this particular one is certainly in harmony with the scriptures.

When we go back to Genesis we are told that man was created in the image of God. Here is a excerpt from my book, The Gods of the Bible, concerning this.

We all have a responsibility to seek the God within and manifest him. The scriptures certainly bear this out for they tell us that man is in the image of God more frequently than we are told that Jesus was.

The most familiar scripture on this note is found in the first chapter of the Bible: “And God said, Let us make man IN OUR IMAGE, after OUR likeness: and let them have dominion…So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” Gen 1:26-27

Similarly in the New Testament we are told that man “is the image and glory of God.” I Cor 11:7 Also man is “renewed in knowledge after the image of him that created him.” Col 3:10

“Image” comes from the Old Testament Hebrew word TSELEM and the corresponding New Testament Greek word of EIKON. The precise meaning of the word is “to make an exact duplication.” In fact the diminutive form of EIKON, which is EIKONION, is the closest ancient word we have to our modern word “photograph”. When the Greeks drew a picture of themselves they called it a EIKONION. When the scriptures tell us that man is in the image of God it is like saying that man is an exact copy or photograph of him. The meaning, however, goes deeper than this. The word not only implies physical representation but also image in quality. It is if a man is an extension of God rather than a duplication.

Since humans are reflections of God this means that when one prays for help and a brother or sister assists us then a reflection of God is assisting or God is answering the prayer with human hands and feet. Here is a cue story that illustrates this fact:

The Parable of the Flood

A man was trapped in his house during a flood. He began praying to God to rescue him. He had a vision in his head of God’s hand reaching down from heaven and lifting him to safety. The water started to rise in his house. His neighbour urged him to leave and offered him a ride to safety. The man yelled back, “I am waiting for God to save me.” The neighbour drove off in his pick-up truck.

The man continued to pray and hold on to his vision. As the water began rising in his house, he had to climb up to the roof. A boat came by with some people heading for safe ground. They yelled at the man to grab a rope they were ready to throw and take him to safety. He told them that he was waiting for God to save him. They shook their heads and moved on.

The man continued to pray, believing with all his heart that he would be saved by God. The flood waters continued to rise. A helicopter flew by and a voice came over a loudspeaker offering to lower a ladder and take him off the roof. The man waved the helicopter away, shouting back that he was waiting for God to save him. The helicopter left. The flooding water came over the roof and caught him up and swept him away. He drowned.

When he reached heaven and asked, “God, why did you not save me? I believed in you with all my heart. Why did you let me drown?”

God replied, “I sent you a pick-up truck, a boat and a helicopter and you refused all of them. What else could I possibly do for you?”



The Image of God

Richard says:

Eikon may mean exact duplication, but tselem means shadow. In the original Hebrew, we are but shadows of god. Shadows are the absence of light.


TSELEM is used 17 times in the Old Testament and in only one instance (Psalms 39:6) does the word shadow fit as a translation, and even here it is a judgment call. Then in Psalms 73:20 David is writing of images in a dream. In all other cases the word is used referencing man being in the image of God or physical non-shadow but physical forms being exact duplicates of something in heaven or on earth.

Many words can be used in numerous contexts. The modern word “image” is very similar to the usage of the ancient TSELEM. I could say that I am in the image of my Dad and mean that I not only look like him, but my character and intelligence is also like him. Then I could also say that I saw an image of my Dad in a dream. In this context the word refers to nothing physical nor does it reference his character. Then I could say, “Look at my shadow, it shows part of my image.” This presents anther meaning.

To find out the intended meaning of image (TSELEM) when used in reference to man and God we must look at the context of comparable scriptures. For instance:

And Adam lived an hundred and thirty years, and begat a son in his own likeness, after his image; and called his name Seth: Gen 5:3

Here, like the example of my Father and me, it is obvious that Seth most likely resembled his Father in every way.

Then we have this:

Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man. Gen 9:6

Why is the shedding of man’s blood such a serious matter? Not because he is a shadowing figure, but because he is in the image of God, a duplicate.

Jesus made note of this: Is it not written in your law, I said ye are gods? John 10:35

The New Testament writers referenced man being in the image of God and Christ a number of times. Since readers would associate this word “image” with the Hebrew TSELEM one can assume that the writers, when using Greek, would use the most equivalent word possible. The word they chose was EIKON. From this word the modern word ICON or IKON is derived. One of its meanings is “A painting of Jesus Christ or another holy figure, typically in a traditional style on wood, venerated and used as an aid to devotion.” (From the Oxford Dictionary)

These ikons, or paintings, were the closest thing they had to the image of the original in centuries past. Since they didn’t know what Jesus even looked like the main objective was to represent the image of who Jesus was as a person.’

The clincher that image in this context is different from a shadow is found in Hebrews:

The law is only a shadow of the good things that are coming—not the realities themselves. Heb 10:1 NIV

The word “realities” here is translated from EIKON. Here the writer makes a clear distinction between something that is a shadow and that which is an image, as in the “image of God.”



From a modern Hebrew dictionary:

TSELEM (noun)

  1. The figure, shape, pattern or image that represents or reflects something or someone.
  2. statue or other object that people believe is a god (or representing God) and worship, idol format.

TSILEM (verb)

  1. Activated a camera or other photographic apparatus to produce an image, movie and so on.
  2. Printed copies of documents, drawings, etc. using a photocopier.

Those two have the same three letters root TS.L.M

Another word – TSEL – means shadow, but it has a three letters root which is different – TS.L.L

So TSELEM (image) and TSEL (shadow) are quite different.


Thanks Assaf. What you came up with seems to agree with what i have written.

There is another point to consider when searching for the meaning of Biblical Hebrew words. Some scholars say that the meaning of certain Hebrew words have changed over time and the actual meaning of some of the ancient Hebrew as used in the Bible has been at least partially lost. This is why some of the most accurate translators carefully compare the context in which various words are used throughout the scriptures. I use this method myself when looking at key words. If it is used 20 times and one English word seems to fit in all occasions then this is most likely to be the best translation. Other times you’ll have a word used 20 times and one English word just doesn’t fit in all occasions. In that case one has to study scriptures with the same context as well as authoritative opinions on the word.


Nov 10, 2014

Fencing Partners

Jim asks some interesting questions:


Is Allan the most controversial Bible Commentator you ever fenced with, JJ?


Since I have been posting online he is the first Bible believer to challenge me so guess I could say he is the most as well as he least controversial.

The only other true Bible believers who have had anything close to the persistence of Allan has been Jehovah Witnesses that I encountered on my mission during the years 1964-66.

On the other hand, I have had numerous challenges, but these have come from New Age, Eastern and scientific backgrounds.

The one that reminds me most of Allan was a guy named Paul who came on board shortly after the Keys first started.

He believed that he had the true vision of Taoism and, like Allan, had a spiritual experience where he thought he had achieved the ultimate contact. Like Allan, he told us that we were in illusion as we were seeing everything in the shadows like Plato’s Cave. We were stuck in duality but he had an experience that took him beyond duality to the great void and peace between the two poles. This gave him wonderful bliss and key of knowledge and because he had this he felt we needed it too, no matter how obnoxious he had to be in convincing us to go for it.

We explained to him that we understood the principle of duality and we understood the point in between which is accessed through soul contact.

But, just like Allan, my teachings and experience with soul contact were not good enough or valid. We had to see it his way or be lost souls.

Like Allan he couldn’t explain the path to the Great Void because his experience was beyond words, beyond form and beyond logic. But even though he couldn’t share his experience or tell us how to achieve it we were supposed to go through some strange process that would make us like him as seeing this great gnosis.

No matter what subject we switched to he always came back to the point between dualities that we supposedly did not know or experienced what he did, and all my teachings were just stuck in duality whereas he could lead us out of duality to the great void.

Paul stayed around close to a year and generated many complaints. We were unmoderated at the time and members wanted us to change this. Finally, we had someone worse than Paul come on board even breathing threats so we had to begin moderation. From the moment moderation began Paul dropped out and we never heard from him again.

Since that time most of the ones who attempt to distract us have been followers of Benjamin Crème. Crème acolytes all sound the same and become annoying after a couple posts.


Are you satisfied with the number of “Touchies ” you were able to score with Allan during your Fencing Matches,…,..or do you think you still have a few more Moves to teach him before he claims an unearned Gold Medal in Biblical Interpretation?

Or, are you still mending your wounds inflicted by such a Formable Opponent?


Not sure what you mean by “touchies” but I have lots of things I could throw at him if I wanted to keep the fencing match going. The problem is that I spent most of my time on defense rather than offense. When I visited his forum I was barraged with questions of entrapment with responses that distorted so much of what I said and teach that I spent lots of time just correcting them, but to no avail. I didn’t spend any time there trying to convert them to my thinking as Allan has done with us.

I wouldn’t give him a gold medal in Bible interpretation because he did very little interpreting. He made many claims of understanding allegory, but very little interpretation that shows he can see the meaning of the allegory he claims I do not see.

I do not know if I would call him a formidable opponent because he never argues from my angle of vision. If my greatest authorities were the ancient church fathers and the mindset of a people 2000 years ago then perhaps he could be. I’ll have to give him credit for his abilities to dig out ancient quotes to somewhat back up his thoughts. This is pretty amazing considering that he doesn’t read books. Maybe reading articles and internet blogs doesn’t count as books and is approved by his Higher Self.

I could see how he is a formable opponent to someone like ImAHebrew as they place a similar value on the ancient writings and belief systems.


Has Allan been able to teach you any new Spiritual Truths that your Inner Master has with held from you before Allan was introduced to you by Stephen?


The only thing he has taught that seemed new to me was is idea that a failed incarnation doesn’t return to his soul but wanders the nether regions for eternity. I consider this to be false fear mongering doctrine. A failed incarnation may be lost in the lower regions for a period of time but all but a very small handful eventually reunite with their soul after death.


Have you encountered any highly enlightened, or Spiritually Intuitive members on any of Allan’s Forums, or from any of Allan’s members who interacted with you during your Allanite encounters while visiting the Ebionite Zone of TheWay?


I think Sid and Ray are fairly intelligent and if we had met in the right setting could have had productive discussions. I think Beth would see me in a totally different light if we had met in a neutral setting with no bias involved.


If so, would you mind naming them, so we may learn any new information we missed from Allan’s Allegory hidden from Keysters?


They Keys haven’t missed anything though Sid does seem pretty knowledgeable about Biblical Hebrew. The forum doesn’t make much use of him though.


Are you afraid of the Judgement you will receive from “who” ever sent Allan over to you as “his/her/its” Messenger for not submitting and bowing down to Allan’s Authority?


If I were afraid of authoritarians like Allan I would have run for cover decades ago. It is strange indeed. Most people see me as easy going, friendly and easy to get along with. But this view is turned upside down when I come across some strong authority. As soon as such a person sees that I think for myself and do not cower to his other worldly authority then I am usually accused of being mean, evil and a servant of Satan. In fact I have been accused of being Satan himself.

To Allan’s credit he has not gave the final decree that I will go to the deepest hell or extinction, but has merely warned me of such things if I do not listen and obey. Numerous others have pronounced some final judgments.

A guru before Allan that crossed my path was Christopher Nemelka. He claims to have regular visitations from Jesus, Joseph Smith and numerous immortals who instruct him and has brought forth what he claims is new scripture. A Keys member wanted me to check him out so I visited a forum he was on and asked one question he did not like and have been on his enemies list ever since. He keeps challenging me to debates and when I throw some logic at him he runs away and claims victory. Here’s a site that gives the lowdown on him.



Should any others of us be afraid, especially me, considering Allan has singled me out numerous times, declaring I should know better than reject or question his teachings, after all he has taught me over the years, and I should have no excuse, as The Brown Brothers have for rejecting his teachings.


Only be concerned if you receive a warning from the spirit within yourself. Outer authorities always try and control their flock with doom if they question their authority. The guides of the race smile on those like yourself who question and appreciate a good sense of humor that is so despised by the outer gods.


Do you think I will receive more lashes from Allan’s master for rejecting him than you will, JJ?


That’s probably a tossup.


Are the Allanite Olympics of TheWay finished on KOK,…….or have we only attended the Trailer introducing the Movie we need to buy tickets to view?


They could start up again any time. Overall I have been trying to stay clear of confronting him as quite a few members here just want me to give out more teachings rather than arguing with someone that has a viewpoint that doesn’t interest them.

Even so, fireworks could surface again any time. I don’t dodge any challenge that interests me.



JJ said that when Tselem was translated into Greek, as Eikon, it was Eikon that means exact duplicate.


It wasn’t me that was saying that but if you examine my post you’ll notice that the statement was in quotes.

Here is another quote from HELPS Word-studies

“mirror-like representation,” referring to what is very close in resemblance (like a “high-definition” projection, as defined by the context). Image (1504 /eikon) then exactly reflects its source (what it directly corresponds to). For example, Christ is the very image (1504 /eikon, supreme expression) of the Godhead.

A shadow has no definition and you can’t really tell if it represents the original or not. But an image whether it be TSELEM or EIKON is more than a shadow but an image that represents the original as much as is possible. An Ikon of Christ which comes from eikon is no shadow, but has as many details as possible to truly represent the original.



So JJ, do you really think god looks exactly like a human being.?


There are those who are called creator Gods who are in human form, but the most important point of the image in creation is that we have all reflected in us all the attributes and potential of the God of which we are a part and we have within us unlimited resources that can and will be tapped to create our own universe as we move forward among our fellow reflections.

The truth isn’t found in black and white literalism but in looking at the principles involved. Forms are temporary but the life of God of which we are a part and in the image or reflection of will always be.

Nov 12, 2014

Lucis Trust

Jim says:

I realize that one of the big supporters of The Lucis Trust, is The Rockefeller Foundation.


This idea is tossed around in a lot of fundamentalist attack sites, but I can find no evidence of such a thing. The idea that big money interests support Lucis Trust is kind of silly because since the beginning they have operated on a shoestring and barely can raise enough to pay a staff. For over 20 years they have been seeking to raise enough funds to start a nationwide radio program, but all they have been able to raise is enough to get a few things on a station or two. If the Rockefellers or big money were behind them they would have gone nationwide in the media long ago.

Lucis Trust is not perfect and most members are further to the Left than was Alice A. Bailey and DK, but at least they promote the teachings which contain significant light.

I find that those who promote higher level teachings have a difficult time raising funds whereas those who have mediocre teachings but are able to project some glamour have a much easier time.


Ra, you say I misrepresent Allan’s teachings of a failed soul image but you do not explain how I do this. Here are Allan’s actual words from his web site which seem to support what I said.

That for countless reasons these soul-images which enter this world in the bodies of man and woman mostly fail to bring about the objective of achieving the next stage of birth that Jesus said was absolutely necessary to achieve permanence in Life, is very much true that they have become as portrayed in the Schofield Reference Bible as being “…ruined and thus unsuitable or unable to fulfill its original purpose”. As soul-images that failed to evolve through the next stage of birth, they are for the most part temporal — being temporal, they can never reincarnate as many in the New Age believe — and neither can they go to Glory as the Church promotes.

…and yet, they remain within the higher reality of the soul in that dimension of mind which man, in his very limited understanding, calls time

When Jesus taught that you must achieve the next stage of birth to enter into the Life in the Kingdom, this next stage of birth must be accomplished while you are still in the physical body. That you, as the projected soul-image, has been inhibited from growing and developing, … Thus, the soul-images that are ruled over by the appetites and passions of the lower nature of the body, are temporal with respect to the higher reality of the soul, and can neither reincarnate or go to Glory –

What this confirms is that, unless you bring about the conscious development of the embryonic image that was impressed in the body at conception — and cease to be ruled over by the earth-consciousness of the body-vessel — expanding your essence-self as seen in the words: “…multiplying thirty, sixty, or even a hundred times” what was initially received (Mark 4:8 NIV) — then you are functioning from a ego-false personality perspective, and you will remain (spiritually) dead (see The Dead Know Nothing).


(1) Allan says that the second birth must be achieved in the physical body.

(2) Failed lives do not reincarnate.

(3) Therefore, the failed life can never achieve soul birth and will remain spiritually dead.

I have not seen any teaching from Allan saying that the failed images will achieve soul birth and return to the soul, but only that the soul is aware of them and the purpose they served. It appears that he thinks their consciousness will ever be apart from the soul as they can never again be born and achieve soul birth.

If I am wrong please supply a quote from Allan that sets the record straight.



The problem isn’t collecting quotations from Allan, the problem is you are having difficulty making sense of the concept.


The problem isn’t that I do not understand your doctrine. I do understand it and disagree because I do understand.

I said that Allan teaches the “idea that a failed incarnation doesn’t return to his soul but wanders the nether regions for eternity. The only thing he has taught that seemed new to me was is idea that a failed incarnation doesn’t return to his soul but wanders the nether regions for eternity.”

To this you say I misrepresented because: “A failed image does return to its Soul/Source (all fail-images are slatted to return to their Soul)”

According to what I have read of Allan’s teachings the failed image does Not ever fully return in the sense of one who has achieved soul birth. The one who achieves soul birth shares in the consciousness of the soul and the failed image does not. Your own post acknowledges this. You say:

“And what Lenin represents to the Soul, he very well may always be. So upon being drawn back into the Soul, failed-Lenin, will remain as he is, as he carries with him the connections to the lower natures that were evoked while he lived. In a since, he remains in his own time within the reality of the Soul. So failed-Lenin returns to his Soul-Self, remains as he is forever in his Soul.”


I wouldn’t call Lenin remaining as he is as returning to the soul with his consciousness intact. According to this thinking the failed image doesn’t return for it is always in the consciousness or mind of the soul in and out of incarnation. You can’t return to where you already are. But the soul consciousness is not shared by the mind of the failed image, but the soul uses the lessons for its progression.

It looks to me that my statement that you said was incorrect was correct according to Allan’s doctrine. I disagree because I understand. Now you can pick apart terminology, but I am pretty sure I get the basic idea of what is taught on this subject.

Nov 13, 2014


If the image put out by the soul (a human in incarnation) has only one chance at soul birth and doesn’t achieve it then, according to Allan that is because it missed its chance it will only have that one incarnation and never return and share consciousness with the soul. As an entity it has failed (according to him) and his consciousness will not dwell in the kingdom of God with the soul.

Allan does say the soul is aware of its failed image, but I would hardly call this a return. It would seem that the failed John Doe certainly isn’t aware of any return.

Now if that portrayal is incorrect then summarize in a paragraph or two what the correct view is because what I just wrote certainly seems to be correct from the hundreds of pages of Allan’s work I have read.

If neither I or anyone here can understand (to your satisfaction) what any of you are talking about then maybe you guys ought to consider clarifying your doctrine so it can be roughly understood so readers can talk about it without being criticized for not understanding.

Even Allan’s glossary to simplify things does not give a usable definition of soul birth, but a short treatise that circles around the subject.


And what do you think ego-personality/false personality is? And what is the difference between them in life?


There is no such thing as a false personality. Every personality has a real though temporary existence in this world of time and space. These are Allan’s terms and they will mean to you what Allan tells you they mean.

Your question has nothing to do with whether Allan thinks the failed image returns to live in bliss with the soul.

So far I see no reason to alter my understanding of Allan’s thinking of the fate of the failed image. What you have said just reinforces my original understanding.


To Ra,

Jim asked me if I found anything new in Allan’s teachings and I answered him about what I saw as Allan’s view on the failed soul image that just lives one life, doesn’t reincarnate or return to the soul. You corrected me with a number of dissertations not just on the soul image but a number of unrelated teachings that I did not wish to discuss.

I keep trying to get back to your problem with the soul image and you keep wanting to talk about a whole round of Allan’s teachings that are not necessary to the conversation and of which I do understand but not interested in starting endless discussions around them.

Allan says the soul puts out an image that becomes incarnated as a human being and most of us human images fail andcan never reincarnate as many in the New Age believe — and neither can they go to Glory as the Church promotes.”

The ones that do go to glory or the “higher realities of the soul” are those achieve soul birth. Allan sure seems to say the failed image cannot return to this higher reality without soul birth.

Yet you say the failed images do return because they exist in the mind of the soul. But that is not returning to the life of the soul for the failed image does not share the higher realities of the soul according to Allan.

You exist in my mind but you haven’t returned to me.

If you want to believe that Allan believes the failed images return to the soul because of some esoteric feeling about what the word “return” means then fine. That just means that Allan and I are finally in agreement as I believe that average people do return to the soul, or Higher Self. The main difference is that I do not call them failed images, but humans with a spark of divinity climbing up the ladder of spiritual progression.



Hi Dan,

No offense, but calling a Spade a Spade,………your starting to sound not much different than some of Allan’s Pit Bull Gate Guards.

In order to participate here, does some one like me that has not read the last 10 years worth of freeread posts need to sort thru it all to find out how “soul” is accepted in this “class room” and then, just regurgitate what’s already here as just another Clone?


Dan is a heck of a nice guy and usually a very logical thinker. If something doesn’t sound quite right he will question you on it. Unlike those on Allan’s group, when you give him a reasonable answer he moves on.

He and most of my friends here have confronted me much more strongly than they have you, but even when they disagree they see the value of my overall teachings and we have maintained a mutual respect. The old timers have reached a point where they know how I think about most things as well as I do them.

No group has perfect members or teachers but overall I think you’ll find a pretty quality group here.

In answer to your question, no you don’t have to know all the past material to participate. Everyone has a little different view on how certain words are defined so we should always read words of others with a view to understanding what the writer is trying to say rather than always reading them the way we use them.

Your background is kind of unique for a Keys member so your world and the world of some members may take a little getting used to. If we work with each other it should be a rewarding experience.


Nov 14, 2014

The Personality


I thought the personality pretty much died at or shortly after physical death. I thought I had understood you to teach that the soul retains the “pattern” of that personality forever but does that mean the personality (the not-self) itself is actually there, aware, partaking and able to contribute to the soul life?


The personality here on earth is created by a combination of influences.

(1) The influences of your physical body, which is different in each lifetime. Your body is an elementary life by itself and a composite of many smaller lives. The body has a brain and computer mind of its own along with inherited characteristics from ancestors.

(2) External influences as the personality develops.

(3) Influences from subconscious past life memories.

(4) The influences of the Seven Rays on the physical, emotional and mental bodies plus the personality as a whole. Each is dominated by one of the rays in a particular life.

(5) Astrological influences.

(6) Characteristics amplified or developed by the power of your will.

(7) Your friends, associates and groups.

Each life a different set of influences creates a different personality and for what or who?

It is you as a soul which is the same entity that possesses the many different bodies experiencing many different personalities.

And that entity, the higher part of yourself, is itself a unique life that is different from every other life. It has a higher correspondence to the lower personality and in the realm of souls has characteristics unique to itself. These characteristics remain much the same from era to era and change slowly, unlike the personality which can change dramatically from life to life.

To understand how the soul experiences personality visualize you as being the soul living in two extremes. In one extreme the love of your life has an affair with your best friend.

In extreme two your relationships are going great and you win the big lottery.

Now if a stranger were to befriend you in the two circumstances he may think that he is dealing with two entirely different people, but is he?

No. Both people are you, but you seem different because you are experiencing different influences.

When the circumstances change and you change the personality is not said to die. Only the influences change, but you, the entity are the same being.

Even so, your soul, Dan, is experiencing unique circumstances in this life which makes you react and feel as you do now. When you die and shed these lower influences you will step back as a soul and realize that parts of the way you react now do not represent the real you accurately, but the influences on you gave you an interesting learning experience.

After death the soul has a memory available of all your past lives and can bring them up as easily as you bring up a website on your computer. It can even enter into that past life like the characters on Star Trek did with the Holodeck. They do not enter the real past life but a recreation and can act out the sequences differently and see what the results could have been.

But, that particular life was only you, the single being under different influences. When an incarnated life dies and merges with the soul it will be like waking from a dream. The dream self did not die when you wake because it is you and the “you” is still there, just with greater awareness. You look at you in the dream and you may say, “Man, I did some crazy things there,” Correspondingly, your soul will review a past life and may say the same thing.


Nov 17, 2014

The Greater Life

A reader asks this question:

I’m curious, when we finally get to the universe of 8, would someone like Jesus have to start over and be a normal human being and then work up from there or would the progress he made in this universe follow him there? One reason I ask is I’m curious what would happen to me.


In answering this question it is important to understand that no life in the universe stays the same. All life is in a constant state of flux. This is what differentiates life from something that is not life. That which does not change does not live.

You are different today than you were 20 years ago. You are different in this life than you were in the last life. We as human life forms will go through every possible experience and change until there are no more challenges, no more mountains to climb, nothing to do that we have not done before in every way that it can be done.

Unless there is some step taken beyond life as we know it then when we reach this point we would cease to live for there would no longer be a purpose. Life has to have a purpose. Without purpose there is no life.

The solution to continuance and they Key to Eternal Life is to become a part of a greater life. This is the purpose of the Molecular Relationship. This starts out by creating greater lives out of small number of humans joined together by soul contact and linked to a higher life who is also molecular. The foundation of this order is built on the numbers three, seven, twelve and twenty-four.

After successful molecules are created then the numbers linked together to form greater lives will grow to thousands, millions, billions and even trillions.

The average human body is composed of over 37 trillion cells and each cell is a life form. Imagine what kind of life would be created when 37 trillion human lives joined together to create one greater life. To reach that number there would have to be a linkage of beings from over 5000 earth-like planets as there are only 7 billion people on the entire planet earth.

When cells join together to create a greater life there is no loss, but instead a tremendous gain. Whereas a cell can only live a short period of time on its own, it can live a very extended period when joined with other cells to generate a greater life. Not only is its life extended but the quality is enhanced because it shares the consciousness of all the lives in the body of which it is a member.

Through the power of the Molecular Relationship the creation of greater lives will continue for many eternities, or at least what will seem like eternities.

We hope to see it started in the human kingdom upon the earth soon, but it already exists on some other planets and higher planes.

This relationship exists now in this universe and will continue to the greater universes to come.

The basic principle is this. In order to expand consciousness, experience and opportunity life units join together to create greater lives. In so doing they share the consciousness and qualities of the greater life. This begins with a small number of units and expands to mind boggling numbers. There will eventually be trillions of human lives in this universe linking up but in the greater Universe of Eight the number would be larger than we can comprehend, but the amount of consciousness we will share will also be way beyond of what we can conceive of at present.

You as a life unit will not just merge and blend and be no more, but will eternally progress and expand worlds without end. You just will not be doing it alone.

Jesus will not start over in the greater universe, but will be one life of many trillions joined together to share with a greater life that is beyond what we can imagine at present.


Jim Writes:

“Proving” is a word you usually avoid, JJ , as you usually take the middle road to controversial topics.


I should have used the word “evidence” rather than proof as I did not prove that HPB was later JFK but merely presented evidence. The point I was making in that last sentence was not that my case was proven but my process was similar to fingerprinting which compares similarities to similarities in an attempt to prove identities.


If you wanted to take your Analysis a little further, to give your conclusion a little more Thunder, you might want to analyze each person’s personality style using Graphology, to see if it matched each of their personalities, that may researched, because there have been enough written about them, as well as by them, to be able to see if we recognize any validities.


I’ve already done this a number of times quite successfully. I did it for the group a while back and numerous other times outside the group.

Back in 2012 Soryn, who was very skeptical of many things I wrote, challenged me to comment on handwriting samples that he selected. I was not told who was the writer.

Here was my analysis



Here was his response


I would be interesting in seeing the automatic handwriting samples and comparing them with each other and the mediums. When people tell me their handwriting changes and then I check it out I find that it hasn’t really changed at all. Usually only the slant will vary and this varies with the emotional mood.

If you have any handwriting from the lady who claims to be HPB I would be interested in seeing that.

I found a small sample of Manly Hall’s handwriting and he is quite intelligent, similarly to HPB, but there is not enough to say anything definitive. If you have any additional samples I would like to see them.



The Molecule program sounds like the ultimate Amway Ponzi Pyramid Multilevel Spiritual Marketing Mission…


You must not have read anything to speak of about it or you would not be saying this. It is nothing like a Ponzi, Pyramid or Multilevel. You don’t have one person at the top receiving all the benefits with the people at the bottom getting leftovers. The Molecular relationship does create leaders, but all have equal access to the benefits.

Neither is it anything like the Oneness organization you reference. I haven’t found any other organization even close to it. The only ones scratching the surface are businesses which are employee owned where all have input.



You must keep your relatives on alert, considering your psychic abilities…


I don’t use any psychic abilities when analyzing handwriting, but scientific principles along with the art of interpretation. I do not claim to have any psychic abilities, though I do have beyond the normal experiences now and then. My main focus is on the intuition where I attempt to penetrate the higher planes where the language of principles is at play.’

Dan mentioned that he found my teachings to be amazingly consistent, that I do not contradict myself. This is because one principle always is in harmony with all other principles. Gravity is different than light, but nothing it does contradicts any principle that creates light. Thus if one focuses on true principles when presenting teachings they should be harmonious throughout.

As far as how you should consider any of my writings… I make no claims for anything I teach or write. Treat then as if you were reading anything ordinary, including the national Enquirer. If what I say causes our soul to vibrate because truth is there then accept it. If not then use your reasoning as much as possible and either reject it or put it on the shelf.


I think we are on the same page as there is some type of consciousness in all form as there would be no form created without consciousness. At the beginning of the Big Bang the consciousness of God concentrated on the quark level and then atomic. Now it is focused on the human intelligence in the physical universe and the lower kingdoms mostly run on computer programs with some residual consciousness.

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