Group Synthesis, Part 5

Dec 4, 2020
Group Synthesis, Part 5

(6) What if I join and group and discover flaws? What should I avoid or seek to correct?

(A) The Cult Leader

A group membership can offer great benefits if it is basically on the right track. The individual can find new quality friendships among like-minded people. He or she can share activities and discuss topics with other members that may be considered heresy to family and other associates.

A positive spiritual group will allow the seeker to tune into the group mind and sense spiritual contact hitherto untouched.

A good group can stimulate an increase of light, knowledge and love of humanity.

The problem is that many groups are far from perfect and some maybe doing more harm than good or even lead to destructive activity.

The rare cults that lead to mass suicide , such as Jonestown where they drank the poison Kool-Aid, are prime examples. Some negative groups have gotten such bad press that they cause many to look with undue suspicion on the various alternative spiritual groups that have formed. The seeker needs to realize that we cannot stereotype all spiritual groups because of a couple bad apples. Nevertheless one can’t just jump into group membership with no thought of what he is getting into. The individual must check it out to the best of his ability.

But even after researching a group the seeker may encounter problems after joining. The question then becomes – “What shall I do now?”

The most common problem with alternative spiritual groups is found in the leader or leaders. Generally there will be one individual who is seen as the main leader of the group.

If he is a strong leader with a unified group he may be accused of being a cult leader.

This accusation is sometimes justified and sometimes not.

There are two types of leaders of a unified group.

The first has a unified group because he or she is an effective teacher. He allows members to think for themselves, ask questions, read outside material, question authority and come and go as he or she pleases.

Because they are fairly unified, this type of leader is sometimes falsely accused of being a cult leader and the members seen as blindly following sheep. This may be an unjust accusation if free thinking is allowed and the group is only unified because they all understand the principles that are espoused.

The second type of leader of a unified group is the true authoritarian cult leader. This person has a unified group, not because of effective teaching and free flow of ideas, but because of tight authoritarian control. Those who are independent thinkers and ask the wrong questions are not welcome and drummed out of the group eventually just leaving the cult leader with a group of sheep that he can easily control and get to do his bidding – almost as if they wee under a hypnotic spell. This type of leader is easy to recognize because the true seeker will come to realize that his authority is not to be questioned, and if you do, the leader along with the sheep will turn a cold shoulder to you and in some cases attack and drive you out as an intruder.

What shall the seeker then do if he finds himself in a group controlled by such an authoritarian person?

The answer should be obvious. He or she should gracefully exit the group as soon as possible and seek out a more positive group.

Before leaving though it is a good idea to tune into the other members to see if there is anyone else ready to move on. Breaking away from strong authoritarian leadership happens at a certain stage on the path to liberation and if the seeker senses that another is on the threshold then, with a little encouragement, this person may take a bold step into greater freedom and light.

Generally in such a group most of the followers are locked in as if controlled by a hypnotic spell and immovable. It helps to realize that this is one of the things the eternal pilgrim must go through in his journey to liberation. Usually there is nothing you can do for them but wait until they are so crushed by authoritarian control that they break the chains that bind them and move on.

An excerpt from the third Labor of Hercules – The Gathering of the Golden Apples of the Hesperides – would be appropriate to review here:

Happy and confident, Hercules went on, sure of himself and with new courage for the search. Now to the west he turned himself and, turning thus, he met disaster. He entered without thought upon the third great test and failure met him and for long delayed his steps.

For there he met Busiris, the great arch-deceiver, son of the waters, of close kin to Poseidon. His is the work to bring delusion to the sons of men through words of seeming wisdom. He claims to know the truth and with quickness they believe. He speaks fair words saying:

“I am the teacher. To me is given knowledge of the truth and sacrifice for me. Accept the way of life through me. I know, but no-one else. My truth is right. All other truth is wrong and false. Hark to my words; stay with me and be saved.”

And Hercules obeyed, and daily weakened on the early way (third test) seeking no further for the sacred tree. His strength was sapped. He loved, adored Busiris, and accepted all he said. Weaker from day to day he grew, until there came a day when his loved teacher bound him to an altar and kept him bound throughout a year.

Suddenly one day, when struggling to be free, and slowly seeing Busiris for what he was, words spoken long ago by Nereus came to his mind:

“Truth lies within yourself. There is a higher power and strength and wisdom in yourself. Turn inwards and there evoke the strength which is, the power which is the heritage of all the sons of men who are the sons of God.”

Silent lie lay a prisoner on the altar, bound to its corners four for one whole year. Then, with the strength which is the strength of all the sons of God, he broke his bonds, seized the false teacher (who had seemed so wise) and bound him to the altar in his place. He spoke no word, but left him there to learn. From The Labours of Hercules by Alice A. Bailey

All of us meet our Busiris as we journey to our true spiritual home. Only when the seeker realizes that he has sold himself into slavery will he then fight to free himself.

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