Group Synthesis, Part 1

Nov 27, 2020
Group Synthesis

There has been some discussion in our group relating to several aspects of group work and purpose so I thought I would expand on a number of issues involved to assist in group syntheses and purpose.

There are a number of questions seekers have as they approach group work on a spiritual level. Here are a few.

(1) Should I join a group or work as an individual?
(2) What is the advantage to me in joining a group?
(3) There are many groups out there on almost every subject. How do I go about choosing one right for me? Aren’t most of them saying the same thing?
(4) Should I join just one group or several?
(5) How are the alternative spiritual groups different from religious or other groups?
(6) What if I join a group and discover flaws? What should I avoid or seek to correct?

Possible concerns:
(A) The cult leader
(B) Unearned authority
(C) The feeling of specialness.
(D) Erroneous teachings
(E) No purpose or a harmful purpose
(F) Too much attention on the personality

(7) How should my group work with other groups as far as goals, activities and teachings go?
(8) What are some of the qualities of the ideal group?

(1) Should I join a group or work as an individual?

Many spiritual students are not joiners or interested in any kind of merging, even marriage. Their reasons vary. Some think that they are complete within themselves and do not need anyone in their lives – outside of casual relationships that are pleasing to the personality. Others are just not joiners and prefer to search out truth as an individual.

Are these people missing out or can more progress be made on staying with the self and seeking within and without?

The answer is: “It depends.” The answer to most esoteric questions is rarely black or white, but depends on a number of items.

Whether or not to join a group can depend on a person’s stage of spiritual evolution as well as a life cycle that he may be experiencing.

We all go through various cycles. In one we may be more extrovert, active and group minded and in another we may feel more introverted, introspective and work in isolation.

Even one who is group minded may withdraw from group activity for a time during an introspective cycle.

Most seekers can tell which cycle they are in by gauging their feelings and asking: “Do I have a natural inclination to reach outward and be involved with others in accomplishing some worthy goal or do I feel like keeping to myself?

The second thing that determines group inclinations is the place upon the path. The further the seeker is upon the path of liberation the more he or she will be inclined to be involved in group work. Also the cycles will affect the advanced student differently than the beginner. The advanced student will have an interest in group work in and out of he various cycles. The difference will be that he will be more involved during the extrovert cycle and even create a group if he cannot find oe to his liking. During the inward cycle he will be more likely to still join a group but in a supporting role rather than lead it.

The beginning student is most likely to join a group during the extrovert cycle but may avoid them all together during the inward cycle.

Somewhere along the path the student must reach a point of enlightenment about the importance of group work in relation to spiritual evolution. Until he reaches this point he is likely to go with the common idea that we are in in need of no one and since the kingdom of God is within then all we need is there and no outreach to other souls is needed.

Yes, it is true that there are certain things the individual must accomplish on his own and often he must travel alone for a time due to some crucial decision. On the other hand, his power to achieve and advance are enhanced in many ways through merging with others. Even uniting with one or two others has great potency as noted by Jesus when he said:

“Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” Matt 18:19-20

Basically the Master here tells us that reaching union with just one or two others can unleash unlimited power.

If two or three united have such potency then imagine what could happen with a perfect union of 12, 24 or even 144,000?

Achieving a perfect union with one other person is difficult enough. For proof just look at the statistics on the divorce rate and he number of unhappy people involved in marriages that do hold together.

Even so, the ideal is always there and, flashes into our minds now and then from our Higher Selves. Finally, the day comes in the progression of the struggling pilgrim where he catches a glimpse of the power of union and realizes the potential of group work. From that point on his resistance to group endeavor will evaporate and he will continue on the path until the one self merges with the many selves.

The glimpse the seeker has obtained is that of the fifth kingdom, the one higher than humanity which is the fourth. This fifth kingdom is the one wherein dwell the Masters of Wisdom and Compassion and is often referred to as the Kingdom of God.

Outside of the fact that the residents of this kingdom are more evolved than humanity what is the great demarcation that differentiates the two?

The answer is group consciousness.

In the human kingdom consciousness is focused on the individual and its needs, wants and desires. Those who have entered the fifth kingdom have done so by expanding their consciousness beyond the individual to the group. For them, the group is not many, but one and their consciousness tunes in to the body of the group as a whole as if it were one life. Thus their first inclination is always centered around what is good for the whole rather than the individual with the realization that, in the end, that which benefits the whole will also become the highest good for the individuals within it.

So in answer to the question posed we can say this. If the seeker wishes to enter the kingdom of God then, yes, sooner or later you must become involved in group activity. You cannot obtain group consciousness without a group.

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