Boise Gathering 2008, Part 9

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JJ: Okay let us try Larry now. Larr-y, there are two basic sounds here, actually AA, L-A-RR-Y.

Audience: Sounding out Larry.

JJ: AR sounds out Air and air is associated with the mind like for instance air itself is associated with the mental. Lets say LARR-E. Lets say the name several times and get a feel for it.

Audience: LARR-E several times.

JJ: When we say Larry which ends with an E I think of WE which is associated with people and Larry is a people person and always wants to involve other people in everything he does.

When you think of LARR it is kind of a gathering name and WE is the group. From what I know about Larry he is very interested in forming groups and getting people together. So whenever you say that name think of that gathering and getting groups of people together.

Audience: Saying the name LARR-E several times.

Lets divide it now. LAAARRR———-EEEEEEEEE.


JJ: Concentrate more on the E.

Audience: Complies

JJ: Relax it a little bit more.

Audience does this.

JJ: Now just charge him up with his name saying it over and over like cheerleading.

Audience does this.

Martha is up next.

Martha: For most of my life I have disliked my name.

JJ: Did you dislike it because it was kind of an old fashioned name like Martha Washington?

Martha: No Martha Leah and Martha was the one that did it wrong when the Christ came. Martha Leah was the one that her husband did not want.

JJ: Martha also did one of the most spectacular things that any woman ever did. Do you remember what that was?

Martha: What was that?

Larry: She expressed the faith that helped Lazarus get raised up from the dead.

JJ: When Jesus went to raise Lazarus from the dead He had to pull the guy out of the tomb there and Lazarus was just laying there all wrapped up in his burial clothes as they did in those days with the dead and who did Jesus turn to, to perform this great miracle?

Martha: Martha

JJ: Jesus turned to Martha before He performed the miracle and said, Martha do you believe that I can raise Lazarus from the dead? And Martha said I believe that you can do most anything and if you say that you can raise Lazarus from the dead than I believe that you can. Now why did Jesus ask a woman if she believed in Him?

Because every miracle is a combination of male and female energy and even the strong males need the female energy to fill the gap in order to perform a great miracle. Whenever you have somebody that really believes in you – don’t you feel that you can do almost anything?

Audience: Yes

JJ: When I first fell in love with Artie I was teaching a class and I looked down and Artie was looking at me in such a way that she was expecting something great. After seeing the anticipation in her eyes I looked at my notes and thought, “oh boy I am in trouble!

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: I thought I have to talk about something great and all of a sudden the words Divine Carelessness came to me. So this is what I talked about and this was the best class I had ever given. When somebody believes in you whether male or female it really motivates you into performing. You think and feel, “I have to do great” and it draws more energy from the soul and the reason it draws more energy from the soul is because you are involving more than yourself. This thinking of just you as one does not allow this but when somebody else comes into your life then you think of more than just yourself and this becomes more important and more powerful than this thinking of just yourself.

Martha needed to do the nuts and bolts work. I find that everybody wants to do the fun stuff but the nuts and bolts people are the glue that hold everything together. Maybe Jesus realized this, He may have thought Mary was a little bit of dreamer but Martha, “if she believes in me than I can perform this great miracle.”

Okay, Mar, I can see why that is the negative aspect of the angels. If you have mar then you have something wrong with you, right? So we have to turn to the positive aspect of this, Mar. Separate it, Mar. Separating them and turning this sound into a positive. MARRR. So when you visualize the name Martha then go Marrrtha.

Audience: When I visualize the name Martha I associate it with what I feel and not with what I see.

JJ: You need to associate it with positive things and positive thinking.

Audience: Mars is a very powerful energy and a very powerful planet. I never thought of Mars being marred against anybody and I have always thought of Martha as being a very powerful energy.

JJ: She was one of the two greatest women in Bible history, Mary and Martha. Okay associate it with Mars if you would like. Mars is a good energizer and it gives energy and vitality. Okay, Mars….

Audience: Mars….

JJ: Please say her whole name first, Martha.

Audience: Martha, Martha.

JJ & Audience saying Martha with positive energy almost like cheerleading. Martha, Martha, Martha!

Now moving into a softer sound of Martha.

Thoughts of a good person with passion and life force.

JJ & Audience back to cheerleading with saying Martha as if they were at a pep rally.

JJ: Okay we will do Bil next and then do the second half after lunch.

JJ & Audience going into pep rally mode with the name Bil.

Bil: That is Bil with one L mind you!

JJ; Okay now please say, I Love Bil!

Audience: “We Love Bil” in pep rally mode.

JJ: Okay now I am doing most of the talking here, does anybody have any impressions about Bil?

Audience male member: I have an impression about Bil that is like a football player and Buffalo Bill type but not the killer.

Audience female member: It is like it starts and it stops where it is and there is not a lot there. What you see is what you get, Bil. There is no hidden, there is no silent G or J H, just Bill.

JJ: Any other impressions about Bill?

Audience female member: Ah big bill that comes once a month.

JJ: Throw that out of your consciousness!

Audience female member: Bill is money and money is good energy!

JJ: So becoming rich, you are going to rich with not only money but with friends, socially and anything you want here in the physical world.

Larry Woods: Well, the Bill is putting information out there, right like posted, marketed and so on.

JJ: He can bill the world.

Audience female member: A legislative change.

JJ: Just bill it out to the universe and let the universe take care of it.

Audience male member: his middle name is David, so you could just add the D to the end and then you have build.

JJ: He throws in David quite often and I have noticed that whenever he signs something he signs “Bill David” then his last name.

Audience: Sharón says that with the hyphen it brings the best aspects to the meaning of the David to the individual.

JJ: Especially when it creates the word build.

Let’s break Bill down.

JJ & Audience breaking down the name Bill, b-i-l-l and then going to bill, then to building in pep rally mode.

Okay to begin this session we are going to have Larry Woods give us a musical number of some kind, we do know what but we do anticipate it will be good.

Larry Woods: I am not quite sure what I am going to do here, I wrote a song and since I do not have my guitar and I have some throat problems right now, so I cannot sing very well at this time so I will just read it you. Years ago I was asked to sing some cowboy songs and at that time I did not know any cowboy songs so I sat down and wrote one. Do you remember when John Travolta was riding the iron bull in that movie “Urban Cowboy”? I wrote this song around that time back in the 70’s.

The lyrics to the song:

“I guess I will take this cowboy hat and stomp it down with these pointed toe boots, because it is not where my head is at and my heart knows this is true. What makes a cowboy man?

Is it the clothes that he wears? Or is it that he has been somewhere and are you really one, is the thing I want to know and I guess I am just a cowboy want to be.

My friends all square dance now and they ride the bull downtown, not one of them owns a cow. Yet they are cowboys of re noun.

Is it the clothes that he wears or is it that he has been somewhere and are you really one, is the thing I want to know. And I guess I am just a cowboy want-to-be.

Soak end shirt and dangling spurs can really make the grade, they will gawk at you for sure and they will know you’ve got it made. But what makes a man a man?

Is it the clothes that he wears or is that he has been somewhere and are you really one, is the thing I want to know. I guess I am just a cowboy want to be.

Audience: Applauding!

JJ: Sorry about your voice, it was your wife that suggested I do this.

Audience female member: I have an e-mail that was sent to me from a friend and I found it to be pretty amusing and I forwarded it to Artie and she found it amusing as well and so now I am going to read it: There were three good arguments that Jesus was black, He called everyone brother, He liked gospel and He could not get a fair trial.

Audience: Laughter

Female member: There were also three arguments that Jesus was Jewish, He went into His Father’s business, He lived at home until He was thirty three and He thought His mother was a virgin and His mother was sure He was God.

Audience: Laughter

Female member: then there were three equally good arguments that Jesus was Italian, He talked with His hands, He drank wine with His meals and He used olive oil.

Then there three equally good arguments that Jesus was a Californian, He never cut his hair, He walked around barefoot all the time and He started a new religion.

Then there were equally good arguments that Jesus was an American Indian, He was at peace with nature, He ate a lot of fish, and He talked about the Great Spirit.

Then there were three equally good arguments that Jesus was Irish, He never got married, He was always telling stories, and He loved green pastures.

But the most compelling evidence of all is in the three good arguments that Jesus was a woman, He fed a crowd at a moments notice when there was no food, He kept trying to get a message across to a bunch of men that just didn’t get it, and even when He was dead He had to get up because there was work to do.

Audience: Applause

JJ: Very good! Are there any other people that have some entertainment for us?

Larry Woods: I have one thought; it says in the scriptures that Satan was a woman. In the Book of Job it says that Satan was a-broad in the land! Chuckling!

JJ: Abroad meaning that you are all around the place in the land. Chuckling.

Did you know that it says in the Bible where God came from?

It says in one of the versus, I can’t remember which one but out of the blue it says that God came from Teman or something like that. That is some land in the Bible. I can’t remember for sure which verse but I posted it once on the Keys about eight years ago. Do a search on the internet, God came from and it should come up. Teman is some land in the Bible.

(Internet search: Habakkuk 3:3 “God came from Teman, and the Holy One from Mount Peran. Selah. His glory cover the heavens and the Earth was full of His praise.”)

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