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Posted Sept 23, 2010
Maria asks:
I am thinking a lot of ; what is the Holy Spirit really,– which is talked so much about and which the disciples received after Christ left and then they spoke in tongues? How is it understood and how will it lead you to the Spirit of God or Christ consciousness?

The Holy Spirit is associated with the Third Aspect. The First Aspect is the Father, or Power. The second is The Son, or Love Wisdom and the third is the Holy Spirit, or Active Intelligence.

This Third aspect is sometimes called Intelligence in Matter. That seems to be a strange phrase that means little to the average student but the truth behind it is profound.

The intelligence of God in the far past created all physical matter. To do this required the application of great intelligence to put together atoms, electrons, protons quarks etc. After the creation of matter was set the intelligence of God remained behind implanted in matter. This implanted intelligence sustains all creation and keeps everything from falling apart and disintegrating into nothingness.

This universal intelligence, which is the Holy Spirit. knows all the secrets of creation and can also tune into all life including you and I.

The soul and the Holy Spirit are not the same thing. The soul is the doorway to higher spheres and opens communication with the Holy Spirit and the spiritual internet behind the Oneness Principle.

On each populated planet there is a high entity who is adept at tuning into this Divine Intelligence and he will represent this Third Aspect. On earth this entity is called The Mahachohan. Part of his job is to channel the intelligence of the Holy Spirit to seekers of truth upon this planet.

Maria wanted to know how the Holy Spirit will lead to the Christ Consciousness. The Christ consciousness is often liberally used with little understanding but it embraces love and wisdom. Embracing the intelligence of the Holy Spirit leads the seeker to discover both love and wisdom. Mastery of this is wrought out in the experience of life.

Rob asks:
Where/how did you learn so much about how to correctly translate the Bible?
I’ve used a Concordance many times and don’t think I could ever be as proficient at correct translations as yourself.

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Rob. The two main tools I currently use are Strong’s Concordance and The Blue Letter Bible, which is online. It gives you lots of tools, even the tense of the various words.

When I come across a mysterious word I will often check out the root word from whence it came and then check to see the context it was used in other locations within the Bible. If you can find it used a dozen times you will begin to get a clear idea of the true meaning of the word.

When you examine the raw Hebrew words you will see that they often do not paint a picture in the same way as modern languages but seem to leave a lot more up to the intuition of the reader. It seems to present the major thoughts and leaves the minor details up to us.

If the original entity (in an overshadowing) follows all instructions that are passed on to him by the master then will the original entity be paying of karma even if the ideas are from the master from overshadowing? Maybe by cooperating?

Any type of service either pays off bad karma or creates a surplus of good.

Will the overshadowing of the original entity always be from a master or can an advanced disciple overshadow someone?

An entity would have to be a master or above to initiate an overshadowing. Walk ins are done by regular humans with a strong desire to serve.

If one had a hobby for learning different languages in a past life could the same person in a different life not share that same hobby?

We will often work at a major interest for several lifetimes in a row or until the soul sends us in a different direction. The basic talent you acquire can be easily retrieved in any future life. Let us say that John Lennon comes back as a politician. He would still love music and probably dabble at it in his spare time but his major attention would be in his new direction.
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