Molecular Questions

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Posted July 22, 2010
Ruth wrote:
Jesus’ Molecule was Himself as the Conduit for the higher entity and energies, plus 12 men and 12 women. Never forget the female energies in these molecules wherein 1 + 1 = one, or one negative and one positive, or one male/sending and one female/receiving, and yes, that can also mean one gay male and one female or vice versa, as long as the energies balance out to a degree where one sends and one receives, like an electrical current.

John C
I have a request and a question.

(1) Request. When we discuss electrical current in the world of physics, we can diagram the flow of electricity in any electrical current, whether it be a simple flashlight or a complex computer. In fact, we could take any energy system and draw a diagram with little arrows showing the flow of positive and negative energy. What I would like to see is an energy diagram of a human molecule. This shouldn’t be too difficult to accomplish, since a molecule is based on simple electrical principles. We can diagram the basic electrical flows in an atom, or a chemical molecule, or even the human body. AAB’s books contain what could be considered diagrams of the flow of energy between members of the hierarchy, and between all the human vehicles. I’ve even seen electrical flow diagrams of the chakras within the human body. How about an electrical flow diagram for a human molecule?

Start off with the flow of energy in a molecular relationship. Expand that into the energy flow within each atomic unit, among all the atomic units, the flow of the energy of soul contact, the flow of energy between the molecule and the higher life which in habits the molecule, and the flow of energy between the molecule and the higher molecule with which it is linked. Have I left anything out?

This whole concept might be easier to understand, and easier for people like me to accept once these basic flows are understood through a physical, scientific diagram.

This has been available for a long time.  You can see how the lines of force work in the following diagram:

The initiating unit is overshadowed bringing in the spiritual flow from the hierarchy.

John then projects us into a possible future where gay marriage is accepted by the majority and is no longer controversial.  Then he says:

Suppose that the Keys is growing, and human molecules are being formed. They are attracting peoples’ attention as more and more obtain soul contact and seek to organize themselves along this order. You have to know that some gay couples are going to be attracted to this as well and will want to join a molecule, but they are forbidden to join unless they take on a female working partner.

This is not true.  Take a look at the diagram of the expanding molecule  and you will see the twenty-four entities and associate single members.  All these members can be male or female gay or straight as long as they show evidence of soul contact and are willing to work toward balancing the energy of the whole.

I think the misunderstanding you have is that you are seeing a partnership in the molecule as being similar to a marriage or an emotional/romantic one and it is not.  Partners can be married or romantically attached, but that is only for convenience sake.  The purpose of working together is not to enhance relationship between two romantic couples, but to balance the energy so the spiritual electricity can flow bringing in higher purpose.

To accomplish this the zero point must be approached by each unit. If it turns out that a straight female is sending to her straight male partner then a change must be made so she is receiving, else the couple will not be able to approach the zero point and will cause resistance to energy. This does  not mean they are not good enough, but it means they are in their wrong place for lowering resistance. Even so, two male gays are both in male bodies that have a positive charge.  It takes a negative charge to lower the resistance of the male in the molecule so the couple will either have to be associate members or take a female partner they can send to.  This has nothing to do with their romantic relationship.  In fact it will enhance it if they are in tune with their souls for when the group achieves soul contact as a unit they will move closer to each other as well as the other members.

For example, when we meet at gatherings it makes no difference to me whether my wife is next to me as the energy flows or on the other side of the circle.  What matters is the lowering of resistance to the spiritual flow. We do not create a molecule there but we do bring in some spiritual energy and always align male/female as much as possible.

You can’t just look at a proton and pronounce it an electron.  No matter what you do it will still have a positive charge and the electron will remain negative.  To make things work we have to accept the principles that govern energy and then work with them.  If a thing works then it will not matter whether people thought it was politically incorrect.  Once a working model is demonstrated it is only a matter of time before it is accepted.

John C
If you don’t know many gay people, especially men, you may be as surprised as I was to find that there is a higher percentage of seekers and spiritually-minded people than in the population at large.

I wouldn’t be surprised though I care not to make a tabulation.  There are other gays on this list besides you, for instance and they are very insightful.

John C
Also, if you look at “societal evolution” (as Rush calls it), Blacks and Gays are usually at the forefront.

I don’t look at any one group or race on the forefront.  We are all in this together and you never know where the next surge will take place.

John c
And, if JJ’s teaching’s ever reach the mass consciousness, the most spiritually-minded among us are likely to be the earliest adopters, and this could become a big question when these people start looking for something, and are told that they can’t have it, or perceive that they are being sent that same old message that they are just not “good enough”. That might not be the message you intended to send, but that is how that message will be received.

No.  That is not the message that is intended to be sent and it is not the message being sent.  If any perceive it that way it is because they need to understand how the Molecular Relationship works.  No one is judged as being good or evil by their race or place of energy. We’ve gone through this before and I’m surprised you are bringing it up again.  Hopefully we can clarify this time.

John C
Thinking people, both gay and straight, are going to wonder how come same both gay and straight married couples are seen as equal in society, but not in a human molecule.

Again where do you get this convoluted idea??? I have said nothing that should give you this thought.

John C
People are going to look on the human molecule the same way people look at fundamentalist religions today, with their doctrines of wifely submission to husbands based on “infallible Biblical teachings”.

If the molecule actually works they will study why it works and then only go with what makes it work.  Would you create something that looks like a light bulb but then does not turn on?  Political correctness has nothing to do with the light bulb working or whether people will accept it if it works.

Sorting Out the Message

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Posted July 25, 2010

A reader makes an interesting statement:

“I had assumed that it didn’t matter who the messenger was, so long as the message was true.”

Actually, both the messenger and the message matter, but even though this is true it is also a fact that the message can be true no matter how corrupt the messenger is.

For instance, we all acknowledge that Hitler was a bad guy. Even so, he still had some good ideas such as the Autobahn, which still receives praise by millions that use it to this day.

Then too the development of a small economical car available to the common man that became known as the Volkswagen was also a Hitler idea that became embraced by millions.
Hitler also supported the development of the V2 Rocket. After the war the United States had the presence of mind to gather all the technology around this and entice Hitler’s chief engineer to work for us. Warner Von Braun, Hitler’s chief rocket engineer then went on to create NASA and the Saturn Rocket that sent our astronauts to the moon.

In other words, if we had not accepted the truth that Hitler had developed then we may not have went to the moon.

Now let us look at the one of the main guys who defeated Hitler, FDR. He was all good right?

Not so fast.

Remember that he interned Japanese citizens who had done no wrong. Almost everyone today sees that as an injustice.

He tried to violate the constitution by increasing the number of justices on the Supreme Court with people he could control so he could become a virtual dictator.

During the creation of the New Deal he had innocent people prosecuted and thrown in prison for no cooperating.

The key point is this. Our heroes were not all good and our villains were not all bad. This is why the scriptures tell us to not rely on the arm of flesh. We must look at each message as a separate entity and run it by the spirit and soul within. Then we must use the power of our own judgment and determine the truth.

It comes down to this. If the devil himself tells us a thing yet it registers as truth then one should accept it, but, on the other hand, if an angel of light presents a message that registers as incorrect then that should be rejected.

We would be in error to look at a teacher such as Joseph Smith and his flaws and then reject his entire message as evil. Instead we must break down the teachings as well as his actions and sort them out using the power of the Spirit within. On each of then we must ask ourselves, “Is this true or not?” Is the glory of God intelligence or not? Is man co-eternal with God? Did he live before mortal birth? etc.

Of course, one must do the same thing with self proclaimed prophets such as Chris Nemelka. His main teaching is the Golden Rule of doing unto others as you wish others to do to you?

Is this true? Basically yes. Did it originate with Chris? No. Jesus said it and earlier than that Buddha said something similar.

Is it true that the Golden Rule applies to all but Chris as he says?

Absolutely not. Principles apply to all beings in the universe.

With each teacher one must look at the message and how that message is to be applied and then only support those things that register as true with one’s own soul.
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Energy and the Molecule

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Posted July 26, 2010

John C wrote:
Thanks for your thoughtful reply, Susan. — In, Susan Carter wrote: >Let’s say Thom is 2 and you are 4. Then you would need a female to create that balance of energy.

What I don’t understand is how somebody could just arbitrarily teach that somebody’s energy is out of balance when they haven’t met them, let alone seen them as a couple and seen how they interact as a couple.

She wasn’t making a statement of what your energy is or that it is out of balance but stating a hypothetical to make her point.

I’ll make several other points that I hope aids with clarification of molecular principles.

There are three things to consider as far as energy goes in creating a successful molecule.

First is the natural energy flow between two people in relationship because of the differing electrical charge on their physical bodies. The male bodies will have some type of positive charge and the female bodies a negative charge. This charge varies with individuals.

The second is the sending and receiving energies that flow because of the difference in evolution between the two. The one who is higher in evolution and spiritual vibration will generally send more than he/she receives thus becoming the spiritual male whether the person is a physical male or female.

If the male turns out to be the lesser evolved he will receive more than he sends, but because he is in a male body will desire to be the sender and may experience some frustration.

Every relationship, gay or straight, that is experienced by two people of the same sex will have one polarized as male and the other as female in the relationship.

In some couples the polarization will be obvious and in others it will not be so obvious and they will say something to the effect: “We are equal and sometimes he sends and sometimes I do.”

There is no such thing as two separate creations being exactly equal just as there are no two snowflakes being exactly the same. What happens in cases like this is that the equality is close enough that the polarized sender is not obvious. But if the couple pays attention it will be. Most just have never even thought about these things let alone attempt to discern polarization.

In cases where the polarized sender is not acknowledged he is often revealed when the couple has to make a difficult decision and the couple are not in agreement. The one who gets his way is usually the one who is polarized male in the relationship. This is not always the case, but often is.

It is generally the case when the one gets his way because he makes a powerful argument. It is not the case when a person gets his way because he has an emotional tantrum or demand.

The third consideration is soul contact. Balancing the energy flow alone will not make a molecule work. The final and most difficult thing is that all individuals involved must be capable of achieving soul contact and overlooking the faults of others so group soul contact can be maintained.

Now John motioned that when he was married his wife was the receiver and he was the definite sender, but the relationship did not work for it was too boring. My guess is that it was boring because of a gap in spiritual evolution. You were interested in deep concepts and she was not so she couldn’t receive the really important things you had to share.

A molecular couple should be as close as possible in spiritual evolution.

Another point is that in a working molecule the working partner could shift with each meeting and the molecule could remain stable so long as the energy stays balanced. There is too strong of a conception that the molecular partners must work together like they are in a marriage and this is not the case. You could have a partner you have never met before and the molecule could work if all have soul contact and the energy is at a reasonable balance.

This feeling that you have to have your one and only romantic partner by your side at all times in the molecule is a misconception.

The purpose of the molecule has nothing to do with enhancing desire relationships, but everything to do with raising group consciousness.
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Temples & Molecules

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Posted July 27, 2010

John C wrote:
Something occurred to me while I was thinking about this subject. This is going to sound very familiar, so you might be tempted to just breeze by it, but I have a new take that you may or may not find interesting. I hope you do find it interesting.

Throughout all the Bible, they are talking about building temples. It’s a continuing parable that weaves itself throughout the old and new testament. Another continuing parable is the parable of the vineyard.

I’m not talking about physical temples like the temple of Solomon or the temple of Herod, but they constantly wrote about the gathering and compared it to constructing a building, with people as “living stones”, and built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief cornerstone.

That sounds a little like a molecule, which is composed of “human atoms”, built upon a foundation of apostles, the 12 original apostles being the initiating molecule, with Jesus Christ being their link to a higher molecule, and the Christ principle being the energizing principle behind the individual, the atomic unit, the triad, the molecule, etc.

Very good thinking John. Just like physical atoms and molecules are building blocks for everything made in the universe, even so will human molecules be building blocks for great human temples and more.

Consider this. Before the time of Jesus the consciousness of humanity could not produce a human molecule so what did the guides of the human race do for us instead.

Because they could not construct human temples they had the people construct physical temples patterned after molecular principles.

The Masonic book Morals and Dogma gives some interesting observations on this principle:

Every Lodge is a Temple, and as a whole, and in its details symbolic. The Universe itself supplied man with the model for the first temples reared to the Divinity. The arrangement of the Temple of Solomon, the symbolic ornaments which formed its chief decorations, and the dress of the High-Priest, all had reference to the order of the Universe, as then understood. The Temple contained many emblems of the seasons–the sun, the moon, the planets, the constellations Ursa Major and Minor, the zodiac, the elements, and the other parts of the world. It is the Master of this Lodge, of the Universe, Hermes, of whom Kherem is the representative, that is one of the lights of the Lodge.

For further instruction as to the symbolism of the heavenly bodies, and of the sacred numbers, and of the temple and its details, you must wait patiently until you advance in Masonry, in the mean time exercising your intellect in studying them for yourself. To study and seek to interpret correctly the symbols of the Universe, is the work of the sage and philosopher. It is to de-cipher the writing of God, and penetrate into His thoughts.

This is what is asked and answered in our catechism, in regard to the Lodge.

A “Lodge” is defined to be “an assemblage of Freemasons, duly congregated, having the sacred writings, square, and compass, and a charter, or warrant of constitution, authorizing them to work.” The room or place in which they meet, representing some part of King Solomon’s Temple, is also called the Lodge; and it is that we are now considering.

It is said to be supported by three great columns, WISDOM, FORCE or STRENGTH, and BEAUTY, represented by the Master, the Senior Warden, and the Junior Warden; and these are said to be the columns that support the Lodge, “because Wisdom, Strength, and Beauty, are the perfections of everything, and nothing can endure without them.” “Because,” the York Rite says, “it is necessary that there should be Wisdom to conceive, Strength to support, and Beauty to adorn, all great and important undertakings.” “Know ye not,” says the Apostle Paul, “that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? If any man desecrate the temple of God, him shall God destroy, for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.”

The laws of God are not obligatory on us because they are the enactments of His POWER, or the expression of His WILL; but because they express His infinite WISDOM. They are not right because they are His laws, but His laws because they are right. From the equilibrium of infinite wisdom and infinite force, results perfect harmony, in physics and in the moral universe. Wisdom, Power, and Harmony constitute one Masonic triad. They have other and profounder meanings, that may at some time be unveiled to you.

As to the ordinary and commonplace explanation, it may be added, that the wisdom of the Architect is displayed in combining, as only a skillful Architect can do, and as God has done everywhere,–for example, in the tree, the human frame, the egg, the cells of the honeycomb–strength, with grace, beauty, symmetry, proportion, lightness, ornamentation. That, too, is the perfection of the orator and poet–to combine force, strength, energy, with grace of style, musical cadences, the beauty of figures, the play and irradiation of imagination and fancy; and so, in a State, the warlike and industrial force of the people, and their Titanic strength, must be combined with the beauty of the arts, the sciences, and the intellect, if the State would scale the heights of excellence, and the people be really free. Harmony in this, as in all the Divine, the material, and the human, is the result of equilibrium, of the sympathy and opposite action of contraries; a single Wisdom above them holding the beam of the scales. To reconcile the moral law, human responsibility, free-will, with the absolute power of God; and the existence of evil with His absolute wisdom, and goodness, and mercy,–these are the great enigmas of the Sphynx.

You entered the Lodge between two columns. They represent the two which stood in the porch of the Temple, on each side of the great eastern gateway. These pillars, of bronze, four fingers breadth in thickness, were, according to the most authentic account–that in the First and that in the Second Book of Kings, confirmed in Jeremiah–eighteen cubits high, with a capital five cubits high. The shaft of each was four cubits in diameter. A cubit is one foot and 707/1000. That is, the shaft of each was a little over thirty feet eight inches in height, the capital of each a little over eight feet six inches in height, and the diameter of the shaft six feet ten inches. The capitals were enriched by pomegranates of bronze, covered by bronze net-work, and ornamented with wreaths of bronze; and appear to have imitated the shape of the seed-vessel of the lotus or Egyptian lily, a sacred symbol to the Hindus and Egyptians. The pillar or column on the right, or in the south, was named, as the Hebrew word is rendered in our translation of the Bible, JACHIN: and that on the left BOAZ. Our translators say that the first word means, “He shall establish;” and the second, “in it is strength.”

These columns were imitations, by Kherem, the Tyrian artist, of the great columns consecrated to the Winds and Fire, at the entrance to the famous Temple of Malkarth, in the city of Tyre. It is customary, in Lodges of the York Rite, to see a celestial globe on one, and a terrestrial globe on the other; but these are not warranted, if the object be to imitate the original two columns of the Temple. The symbolic meaning of these columns we shall leave for the present unexplained, only adding that Entered Apprentices keep their working-tools in the column JACHIN; and giving you the etymology and literal meaning of the two names.

The Dimensions of the Lodge, our Brethren of the York Rite say, “are unlimited, and its covering no less than the canopy of Heaven.” “To this object,” they say, “the mason’s mind is continually directed, and thither he hopes at last to arrive by the aid of the theological ladder which Jacob in his vision saw ascending from earth to Heaven; the three principal rounds of which are denominated Faith, Hope, and Charity; and which admonish us to have Faith in God, Hope in Immortality, and Charity to all mankind.” Accordingly a ladder, sometimes with nine rounds, is seen on the chart, resting at the bottom on the earth, its top in the clouds, the stars shining above it; and this is deemed to represent that mystic ladder, which Jacob saw in his dream, set up on the earth, and the top of it reaching to Heaven, with the angels of God ascending and descending on it. The addition of the three principal rounds to the symbolism, is wholly modern and incongruous.

The ancients counted seven planets, thus arranged: the Moon, Mercury, Venus, the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. There were seven heavens and seven spheres of these planets; on all the monuments of Mithras are seven altars or pyres, consecrated to the seven planets, as were the seven lamps of the golden candelabrum in the Temple. That these represented the planets, we are assured by Clemens of Alexandria, in his Stromata, and by Philo Judæus.

To return to its source in the Infinite, the human soul, the ancients held, had to ascend, as it had descended, through the seven spheres. The Ladder by which it reascends, has, according to Marsilius Ficinus, in his Commentary on the Ennead of Plotinus, seven degrees or steps; and in the Mysteries of Mithras, carried to Rome under the Emperors, the ladder, with its seven rounds, was a symbol referring to this ascent through the spheres of the seven planets. Jacob saw the Spirits of God ascending and descending on it; and above it the Deity Himself. The Mithraic Mysteries were celebrated in caves, where gates were marked at the four equinoctial and solstitial points of the zodiac; and the seven planetary spheres were represented, which souls needs must traverse in descending from the heaven of the fixed stars to the elements that envelop the earth; and seven gates were marked, one for each planet, through which they pass, in descending or returning.

The ORNAMENTS of a Lodge are said to be “the Mosaic Pavement, the Indented Tessel, and the Blazing Star.” The Mosaic Pavement, chequered in squares or lozenges, is said to represent the ground-floor of King Solomon’s Temple; and the Indented Tessel “that beautiful tesselated border which surrounded it.” The Blazing Star in the centre is said to be “an emblem of Divine Providence, and commemorative of the star which appeared to guide the wise men of the East to the place of our Saviour’s nativity.” But “there was no stone seen” within the Temple. The walls were covered with planks of cedar, and the floor was covered with planks of fir. There is no evidence that there was such a pavement or floor in the Temple, or such a bordering. In England, anciently, the Tracing-Board was surrounded with an indented border; and it is only in America that such a border is put around the Mosaic pavement. The tesseræ, indeed, are the squares or lozenges of the pavement. In England, also, “the indented or denticulated border” is called “tesselated,” because it has four “tassels,” said to represent Temperance, Fortitude, Prudence, and Justice. It was termed the Indented Trassel; but this is a misuse of words. It is a tesserated pavement, with an indented border round it.

The pavement, alternately black and white, symbolizes, whether so intended or not, the Good and Evil Principles of the Egyptian and Persian creed. It is the warfare of Michael and Satan, of the Gods and Titans, of Balder and Lok; between light and shadow, which is darkness; Day and Night; Freedom and Despotism; Religious Liberty and the Arbitrary Dogmas of a Church that thinks for its votaries, and whose Pontiff claims to be infallible, and the decretals of its Councils to constitute a gospel.

The edges of this pavement, if in lozenges, will necessarily be indented or denticulated, toothed like a saw; and to complete and finish it a bordering is necessary. It is completed by tassels as ornaments at the corners. If these and the bordering have any symbolic meaning, it is fanciful and arbitrary.

To find in the BLAZING STAR of five points an allusion to the Divine Providence, is also fanciful; and to make it commemorative of the Star that is said to have guided the Magi, is to give it a meaning comparatively modern. Originally it represented SIRIUS, or the Dog-star, the forerunner of the inundation of the Nile; the God ANUBIS, companion of Isis in her search for the body of OSIRIS, her brother and husband. Then it became the image of HORUS, the son of OSIRIS, himself symbolized also by the Sun, the author of the Seasons, and the God of Time; Son of Isis, who was the universal nature, himself the primitive matter, inexhaustible source of Life, spark of uncreated fire, universal seed of all beings. It was HERMES, also, the Master of Learning, whose name in Greek is that of the God Mercury. It became the sacred and potent sign or character of the Magi, the PENTALPHA, and is the significant emblem of Liberty and Freedom, blazing with a steady radiance amid the weltering elements of good and evil of Revolutions, and promising serene skies and fertile seasons to the nations, after the storms of change and tumult.

In the East of the Lodge, over the Master, inclosed in a triangle, is the Hebrew letter YœD [È or ]. In the English and American Lodges the Letter GÅà is substituted for this, as the initial of the word GOD, with as little reason as if the letter D., initial of DIEU, were used in French Lodges instead of the proper letter. YœD is, in the Kabalah, the symbol of Unity, of the Supreme Deity, the first letter of the Holy Name; and also a symbol of the Great Kabalistic Triads. To understand its mystic meanings, you must open the pages of the Sohar and Siphra de Zeniutha, and other kabalistic books, and ponder deeply on their meaning. It must suffice to say, that it is the Creative Energy of the Deity, is represented as a point, and that point in the centre of the Circle of immensity. It is to us in this Degree, the symbol of that unmanifested Deity, the Absolute, who has no name.

Our French Brethren place this letter YœD in the centre of the Blazing Star. And in the old Lectures, our ancient English Brethren said, “The Blazing Star or Glory in the centre refers us to that grand luminary, the Sun, which enlightens the earth, and by its genial influence dispenses blessings to mankind.” They called it also in the same lectures, an emblem of PRUDENCE. The word Prudentia means, in its original and fullest signification, Foresight; and, accordingly, the Blazing Star has been regarded as an emblem of Omniscience, or the All-seeing Eye, which to the

Egyptian Initiates was the emblem of Osiris, the Creator. With the YœD in the centre, it has the kabalistic meaning of the Divine Energy, manifested as Light, creating the Universe.

The Jewels of the Lodge are said to be six in number. Three are called “Movable,” and three “Immovable.” The SQUARE, the LEVEL, and the PLUMB were anciently and properly called the Movable Jewels, because they pass from one Brother to another. It is a modern innovation to call them immovable, because they must always be present in the Lodge. The immovable jewels are the ROUGH ASHLAR, the PERFECT ASHLAR or CUBICAL STONE, or, in some Rituals, the DOUBLE CUBE, and the TRACING-BOARD, or TRESTLE-BOARD.

Of these jewels our Brethren of the York Rite say: “The Square inculcates Morality; the Level, Equality; and the Plumb, Rectitude of Conduct.” Their explanation of the immovable Jewels may be read in their monitors.

* * * * * *

Our Brethren of the York Rite say that “there is represented in every well-governed Lodge, a certain point, within a circle; the point representing an individual Brother; the Circle, the boundary line of his conduct, beyond which he is never to suffer his prejudices or passions to betray him.”

This is not to interpret the symbols of Masonry. It is said by some, with a nearer approach to interpretation, that the point within the circle represents God in the centre of the Universe. It is a common Egyptian sign for the Sun and Osiris, and is still used as the astronomical sign of the great luminary. In the Kabalah the point is YœD, the Creative Energy of God, irradiating with light the circular space which God, the universal Light, left vacant, wherein to create the worlds, by withdrawing His substance of Light back on all sides from one point.

Our Brethren add that, “this circle is embordered by two perpendicular parallel lines, representing Saint John the Baptist and Saint John the Evangelist, and upon the top rest the Holy Scriptures” (an open book). “In going round this circle,” they say, “we necessarily touch upon these two lines as well as upon the Holy Scriptures; and while a Mason keeps himself circumscribed within their precepts, it is impossible that he should materially err.”

It would be a waste of time to comment upon this. Some writers have imagined that the parallel lines represent the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, which the Sun alternately touches upon at the Summer and Winter solstices. But the tropics are not perpendicular lines, and the idea is merely fanciful. If the parallel lines ever belonged to the ancient symbol, they had some more recondite and more fruitful meaning. They probably had the same meaning as the twin columns Jachin and Boaz. That meaning is not for the Apprentice. The adept may find it in the Kabalah. The JUSTICE and MERCY of God are in equilibrium, and the result is HARMONY, because a Single and Perfect Wisdom presides over both.

The Holy Scriptures are an entirely modern addition to the symbol, like the terrestrial and celestial globes on the columns of the portico. Thus the ancient symbol has been denaturalized by incongruous additions, like that of Isis weeping over the broken column containing the remains of Osiris at Byblos.


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Posted July 27, 2010
Since we are on the topic of Mormonism I thought I would share an interesting insight. After they went west Brigham attempted to fulfill Joseph’s dream of creating a kingdom that would be entirely separate from the United States. They staked out a vast amount of territory called Deseret that ranged from Wyoming to Colorado to New Mexico to the shores of California.

See the map attached.

For more information go here:

Then I was reading a book the other day called “Forgotten Kingdom” wherein the author made an observation that turned on a light within me.

He said that they had tremendous momentum going toward achieving the goal until something monumental happened that changed the course of history.

That pivotal date was August 28, 1852 when Brigham Young officially announced that plural marriage was a doctrine of the church. From that date on immigration to Utah declined and the whole county became polarized against them and the powers that be did everything in their power to make sure the Mormons never became an independent state.

It is interesting then how much damage plural marriage did to Joseph’s vision. First it got him killed and secondly, it prevented his heirs from ever establishing an independent kingdom. If the Masters had anything to do with the doctrine they surely erred in judgment on that one.
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The Latest Challenge

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Posted July 30, 2010

My Friends,

Harry over at the Sealed Portion forum has been challenging me on a number of issues so I thought I would post some of the my response here.  Perhaps some may find it of interest.

Finding the Middle Way
Joseph Smith knew that his name would be had for good and evil. What he didn’t
tell you is that everybody’s name would be had for good and evil.

Such a prediction would not apply to everyone. Few, for instance would say it
would apply to Mother Teresa, George Washington or Thomas Jefferson. As it was,
it apples to Joseph Smith perhaps more than any other man who ever lived, making
the prophesy quite impressive.

Joseph Smith placed himself above all others, and on a daily basis he did things
to keep himself there in the minds of all those who he could.

In some ways this is true and in others it is not. He decreed that his brother,
the twelve and others were equal with him in spiritual power. He would sometimes
give up his comforts to assist others. There are many accounts telling how he
placed the welfare of others above is own but your mind seems to have filtered
these out and only remembers the negative.

Christopher Nemelka does the same thing,

You would know better than me on this as I have do not have a lot of knowledge
of how he treats people on a one on one. On the internet his treatment of
others is what it is.

and to a degree you are also guilty.

Have I done something to get under your skin lately? You are constantly making
accusatory remarks at me with absolutely nothing to back them up. And how do I
place myself above others on a daily basis in any way that deserves to be
singled out and corrected?

Of those who Joseph could not control, he wrote blistering reports about, and
those who were in his control saw to it that those reports were circulated. To
this day, those who were dissenters of the faith that Joseph instilled in the
hearts and minds of his followers are still considered enemies to God and his
great Work.

Some people deserve blistering reports others do not. Some may have been
unjustly attacked; other times Joseph stood up for rebels like Petilah Brown who
the High Council excommunicated for teaching heretical doctrine. Joseph
insisted he be reinstated because a man “ought to be able to think and believe
as he pleases.”

You just can’t look at a few mistakes and write off everything the man did as

Don’t try to tell me that Joseph Smith deserves consideration for teaching
higher principles of truth. He was and is, a far cry from being enlightened.

So then because you have a chip on your shoulder toward Joseph this means that
the glory of God has nothing to do with intelligence? That we did not live
before birth? That we have the seed God in us? That the elements are the
tabernacle of God? That there is a higher light called the light of
understanding? That children are innocent before God? That there are many worlds
with many Gods? Ta if there is no end there is also no beginning? That there is
no eternal punishment and more than one heaven?

So because you have a chip on your shoulder all these teachings are just null
and void.

We can give Hitler credit for the Autobahn, but by George you can’t give Joseph
Smith credit for anything because you incorrectly think Chris is Hyrum and Hyrum
and Joseph together are the cause of all your troubles.

Now I admit that Chris may have been a thorn in your side, but Chris was not
Hyrum and Joseph and Hyrum have little or nothing to do with your current
problems. You therefore should release them from your illusionary grievances
and let them go.

You hae no reason, outside of Nemelka’s word that he was Hyrum. And why would
you trust his word on this one thing and not others?

I don’t focus on any parts of Joseph Smith, but on his existence as a whole

I don’t see any evidence of this but I believe that I do as I see both the good
and the bad. Where he lied or did anything unjust I will stand against them
but if he or anyone else teaches a true principle or performs a great deed I
will stand for it. You seem to only want to stand against everything he said or
did. Even the great healing miracles related by Wilford Woodruff is not a
positive thing to you.

I’ve seen how he is.

And how is that? By listening to Chris Nemelka?

Strange Reasoning
Harry thinks that Mother Teresa, Jefferson and George Washington had good and
evil spoken about them in a comparable way that happened to Joseph Smith. Did
you just arrive from he Twilight Zone Harry? There is no comparison. There is
no man that this applies to more than Joseph Smith. Why strain a gnat to
swallow a camel?

(Joseph Smith placed himself above all others by declaring that he saw and
talked to God the Father and Jesus Christ in person. He claimed to receive
revelations from God that were anything but.

So how do you know he did not see a vision or sincerely think he was receiving
revelations? Some of his revelations were pretty impressive. For instance,
when the church elders were arrested and scheduled to be shot the next day
Joseph closed his eyes and after listening to the inner voice he announced they
would be delivered, which happened the next day. I know you are not impressed
with this or anything else, but there are many examples of his prophetic
ability. He wasn’t 100% accurate but a lot better than any psychic you can dig
up and certainly 100 times more accurate than CMN.

He was the person that the members of the Church, (including his brother Hyrum
and all of the subordinates) has to consult with before anything was approved,
and NOTHING was approved if Joseph said “no”. Where on the chain of command does
that place Joseph Smith Joseph Dewey? The correct Answer to the question is:.
“Above all others” My mind has filtered nothing out, but looks at the whole

So every manager of a business who gives orders is also a bad dude in your mind
then? Strange reasoning.

Then Harry recklessly accuses me of placing myself above others merely because I
am a writer and post my thoughts with no claims of authority. Well Harry you
also write and post your thoughts. I guess you think you also are placing your
own self above me and everyone else then, right?

More strange reasoning.

I presented some of the teachings of Joseph that most of us accept and instead
of giving Joseph any credit for presenting the truth he went through them one by
one and said that they have all been taught before.

I don’t know why you did this Harry because that doesn’t mean that they were not
true. No matter how ingenious are anyone’s writings some similar thinking on
some level has been written before.

So according to Harry then not one person on the earth can write or teach
anything of worth because someone has said something roughly like it before.

Harry, you’re being silly here.

Take the King Follett address. Taken as a whole it was a masterful speech and
millions today are amazed at the composition, but if you break each sentence
down someone has said the same thing before. BUT no one put the whole thought
process together the way that he did in a way that influenced the thinking of

(There is no chip on my shoulder.

Yeah, and pigs fly.

I said:
We can give Hitler credit for the Autobahn, but by George you can’t give Joseph
Smith credit for anything because you incorrectly think Chris is Hyrum and Hyrum
and Joseph together are the cause of all your troubles.

Harry replied:
Your proof that Christopher is not a reincarnated Hyrum Smith is what?

And your proof that I was not Napoleon is what?

Obviously your approach to truth needs some work here.

Apparently you have overlooked your own philosophy that even a bold faced liar
can tell the truth sometimes.

So then if some liar tells me I was Napoleon then I should believe him with no
evidence? Correction. Your approach to truth needs a lot of work.

If you weren’t so bent on selling Joseph Smith as a viable product, you might
have noticed a few things about the story that don’t add up, and then try to
figure out “Why not?” That’s all I did, and it worked out nicely.)

I don’t “sell’ Joseph Smith and do not talk about him that much. When I do it
is not to present him as a prophet but to examine critically something he said
or did.

You have published a thousand articles (maybe more) perpetuating a bad egg.
Those are in your files, but lucky for you they can be deleted or upgraded with
a bulletin to your readers when you become aware of all your folly (due in part
to Joseph’s follies)

You keep making nebulous accusations that are completely meaningless. Name one
“bad egg” on my site wherein lies millions of words. And none of my files have
been deleted. I do not even handle them – someone else does. Few of my
teachings on have anything to do with Joseph Smith.

I wrote:

You have no reason, outside of Nemelka’s word that he was Hyrum. And why would
you trust his word on this one thing and not others?

Actually, my trust was not in his word at all, it was my faith in the fact that
surely there is a correct explanation for all of the things that have “come to
pass” All things have to add up, and they do. There are some who read here that
know exactly what I am talking about. I’m not talking just about Christopher of
Joseph or you, but all things that have ever happened since before the world
began. “Chink!”

And you think I am off base because I think something like “The glory of God is
intelligence” is a profound statement. You think Chris is Hyrum because of all
that happened even before the world was created? Now who’s making the most
sense here, you or me? This certainly makes no sense, especially considering
the hard fact that Chris is not making a dent in the current history of the
world. It should be obvious that he has not been a player on the world stage,
let alone in the counsels of heaven. I know that he told you differently and
you believe him because…?

You might consider this. Chris has never deceived me on even one point for I
saw him as he is clearly in the beginning, but you who acknowledge to have been
duped by him are now preaching to me about how duped I am. Maybe you should
stand back and ask yourself what other things you may be deceived about.

The Difference
Thanks for your reply Harry. We’ve probably taken this line of argument as far
as possible.

One of the problems is that you know you disagree with me but I do not think you
are sure what the disagreement is about in many cases. You just believe that I
am in a similar league with everyone you don’t like. This even causes you to
lump me with others who are not at all like myself.

For instance I give a true account of some supernatural dealings with invisible
forces yet do not give out any teaching about them. You use this as an example
of where I am wrong. How can an actual experience be wrong? An experience is
what it is. The things I related in dealing with the supernatural happened just
as I related, yet you use this as an example of me being a “bad egg.”

Any experience that is thrust upon us does not a bad egg make.

Maybe you are a bad egg because you burned some eggs – if your line if thinking
is correct.

You seem to think that Joseph Smith is the center of my learning and teaching
universe. He is not. I hold the Alice A Bailey writings is much greater esteem
and believe they are much more accurate.

You seem to think I accept everything Joseph taught. I do not. I look at then
all on a case by case basis.

You, on the other hand, seem to be solidly back and white and reject everything
out of hand as completely uninspired with the best he has done as being just
copied from someone else.

You must feel the same way about Jesus who borrowed almost everything he said
from teachers of the past. Even the Golden Rule that Chris likes to quote was
taught by Buddha first.

So, it looks like our core disagreement is that I think that Joseph had some
good ideas, some of them inspired and you think he offered nothing of worth,
nothing at all.

I accept that this is the way you think and will move on. It looks like you
will not change your mindset for some time to come but at least you have learned
that it is not wise to trust without verifying. Perhaps that is your lesson to
take with you from this life.

I see that the key ingredient and main subject of your Books “The Immortal, 1&2”
is something that you would rather avoid. I see this latest string of posts as
an obvious attempt on your part to divert the attention away from you and direct
it towards me. I think its funny. You want to say that my methods of arriving at
“the truth” needs work, and here you are pretending I didn’t ask you a question.
The obvious answer to my question has everything to do with an important point
in your claim of not claiming any authority. By revealing to the world of
readers that you made the whole thing up, you lose an edge, and by the looks of
it, that is something you are not ready to give up.

And Ruth says you’ve never intentionally misled anyone, and that she has never
seen your ego get the best of you.

If I answered all your accusations and commented on all your ramblings I would
have time for little else.

Let’s go through this experience wherein Harry says there was no supernatural
force involved at all. And look at it logically.

We presented the Sherlocks with a Book of Mormon. They read a few pages and
prayed about it. Mrs. Sherlock was struck down by an invisible force and was
incapacitated until we arrive.

Harry thinks it was just gas or something that could happen to anyone.

The fact that it happened so suddenly and powerfully indicates otherwise.

We knock on the door and Mr. Sherlock briefly tells us what happened. I realize
the problem and sense the dark presence because I have had similar things happen
to me. Believe me if Harry had something like this happen to him he would
realize it was more than indigestion.

I know, I know, you’ve told spooky evil spirit stories when you were young, but
this is no story for this really happened and does not equate to a kids fear of

We give her a blessing and the very second we command the evil to depart her
body shakes and all the pain, the cold and discomfort leaves and is replaced by
peace. One of the kids saw a gray figure leave the room. She is immediately

Harry’s explanation: She must have relieved herself of gas or something and the
kid just had a wild imagination.

Me: There is too much accumulating evidence that supernatural forces are

Next she related that she was shown some sealed plates that had not yet been
translated. She had never been taught anything about sealed plates so this
indicates she received some true information from somewhere.

Then a higher power created a link between me and the Sherlocks so I could
monitor them on a daily basis. There were many times I sensed they were in
trouble and without error I was right each time. By law of averages this could
not be by accident.

The kids started acting almost like they were possessed and after a three day
fast this immediately ceased after our prayer.

This is not solid evidence by itself but taken with everything else it adds

For years their business had been consistent with 20-30 customers a day. Right
after we started teaching them the amount went down to 1-2 a day. As soon as
they rejected us the amount went up above normal. This was mathematically
impossible to happen just by chance.

Not the cheap antiques but the expensive ones wound up mysteriously broken
during the period we were teaching them. Just some more powerful piece of
evidence that supernatural forces were at play.

Harry thinks this was just me perpetuating a “bad egg.” I would say that even a
hardened atheist would think something supernatural was at play if I was indeed
telling the truth. In fact my atheist companion Elder Huish acknowledged that
something supernatural did appear at play with much less evidence than this and
Elder Eldridge, my companion at the time, was close to being an atheist, but had
a complete change of heart over what he saw happen. Harry probably would have
too if he was there.

Here’s the funny thing. Harry stills accepts Jesus, yet Jesus cast out evil
spirits many times. Was Jesus “perpetuating a bad egg” when he spoke to
“Legion” and cast them into a herd of swine????? Or do you accept some
convoluted explanation that Chris gave on this over the written word?

You are following a path that many deluded souls have tread before you Harry.
You have went from believing every word that Joseph Smith has said to believing
nothing. But why you single out Joseph is a mystery, for you still accept a
number of odd things Chris has taught and his teachings make a lot less sense
than Joseph’s.

As usual the truth is in-between. Some things are true and some are not and one
must check with the Spirit within to discover the only infallible source truth.

Re: Rejected Evidence

From your response Harry, especially on evil spirits it is obviously that you
are still a big believer in many of Chris’ doctrines. He’s probably laughing if
he read your post. Maybe you ought to take a second look at Joseph Smith. His
teachings are about a hundred times more logical; and much more profound.
Profound enough to draw 10 million followers while Chris will be lucky to be
remembered as a footnote a hundred years hence.

Let me get this straight. There are evil entities in the flesh but in your
fantasy belief there is none in the Spirit world? So what happens to evil
people after they die? Did Hitler, for instance become the fairy Godmother?
Did Jeffry Dahmer suddenly sprout swings and want to help little children come
to Jesus?

You’re not making any sense.

And I do not appreciate being called a liar. I do not lie.


I have already covered this subjected numerous times in the archives and do not
like to repeat myself over and over.

I have clearly said in my various writings numerous times that the immortal
series, as far as the story goes, is a combination of fact and fiction and thus
because they have fiction in them they are published in the fiction category. As
far as the teachings therein, I present the truth to the best of my ability.

To accuse me of lying because I publish a fiction book is like accusing Stephen
King of the same for writing his books. This is just another of your silly and
illogical accusations.

With the Immortal series I have created a mystery. Parts are true and parts are
not. Which is which? That is the mystery and this is an honest way to give
seekers an opportunity to use their discernment to figure out which is which.

The only people who are upset with me for not revealing the full mystery are
people like yourself with an ex to grind who seem to be angry at me and possibly
the whole world.

Writing the series as fiction served two important purposes.

(1) It allowed me to take true supernatural events that I am reluctant to write
about and place them in story form. This allows me to get certain truths out
there for consideration.

(2) It allows me to embellish the story with fiction to make it more interesting
to a segment of society that just doesn’t want to read dry metaphysical

Obviously you do not like a good mystery and just prefer to calll mystery
writers liars.

That is one approach that can lead to living a disgruntled life.

Re: Rejected Evidence

Some time ago on the radio I heard the following definition of an honest

“An honest man is not necessarily the one who is honest, but who is
dishonest and quite honest about it”.

That is not the definition of an honest man, but the definition of a liar who
admits that he lies. A truly honest person does not lie to begin with.
Copyright 2010 by J J Dewey

Invisible Interactions, Part 1

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Posted July 31, 2010

I thought this was a subject worth covering which is associated with my mission posts.

Harry writes the following:
The only devils Christ ever cast out of any one were these very same “silly notions” that you insist are not, and he calmly cast them all out with the light of day, which is just another word for “the truth”. It was “the truth” that set them free, not some unseen power that came from his personal worthiness for having kept any certain commandments, his consecrated olive oil, or his holy priesthood, as he didn’t have any of those things. All he had was a perfect understanding of all things, and demons and devils were somebody else’s explanation for things that couldn’t be explained.

A person who is not able to be possessed by your devils, would also know that the story about the swine and “Legion” is more or less a fable. How something like that ended up in the New Testament is left to be discovered, but I’m sure that eventually it will be.

If you are right Harry then we should throw the entire New Testament and most of its writers out the window for they all believed in invisible spirits interplaying with humanity

Now I go into symbolic meaning much more than most writers. For instance, my book, The Unveiling, interpreting the Book of Revelations goes heavily into symbolic meaning.

There is also symbolic meaning in actual historical events and even your routine day has symbolic meaning. For instance, bumping one’s head on a bookcase may indicate a message that the guy needs to get some knowledge in his thick skull. The fact that symbolic meaning applies does not, and I repeat, does not mean that the person did not actually bump his head.

Unlike the Book of Revelations or the parables, the Gospels are presented as historical fact and not as a parable with a prime purpose of symbolic teaching.

The main purpose of the parables are for symbolism, but the main purpose of an account is to present a witness to historical fact of Jesus and his works.

Of course it is logically possible that the story of Jesus was completely fabricated. It is also possible it was altered somewhat, but it is not likely one of the main themes was altered in all the 33 books in the New Testament.

It is also possible that the life and message of Socrates was altered but it is not likely that one of his main themes was completely fabricated for the sake of symbolism. For instance, it is improbable that Plato fabricated the Socratic method of inquiry. It is such a part of the message that scholars do not even bring up the possibility.

Even so, the existence of evil entities are such a part of the core history of Jesus that most Christian scholars do not question that they played a role in his work.

That said, let us look at the account dealing with the swine.

Matt 8:28 And when he was come to the other side into the country of the Gergesenes, there met him two possessed with devils, coming out of the tombs, exceeding fierce, so that no man might pass by that way.
Matt 8:29 And, behold, they cried out, saying, What have we to do with thee, Jesus, thou Son of God? art thou come hither to torment us before the time?
Matt 8:30 And there was a good way off from them an herd of many swine feeding.
Matt 8:31 So the devils besought him, saying, If thou cast us out, suffer us to go away into the herd of swine.
Matt 8:32 And he said unto them, Go. And when they were come out, they went into the herd of swine: and, behold, the whole herd of swine ran violently down a steep place into the sea, and perished in the waters. 8:33 And they that kept them fled, and went their ways into the city, and told every thing, and what was befallen to the possessed of the devils.
Matt 8:34 And, behold, the whole city came out to meet Jesus: and when they saw him, they besought him that he would depart out of their coasts.

Now if the purpose of this story was to teach a symbolic meaning then it failed miserably. The parables of Jesus were definitely for this purpose and at least some of the meaning was instantly conveyed. BUT if this was the intention here then the purpose failed miserably because maybe one in a thousand see any symbolic insight when reading this. Instead, they see a straightforward historical account.

The details support a true historical account such as naming the area involved and relating about the people being upset that Jesus destroyed their swine and demanding that he leave the area.

Now let us look at other examples of Jesus dealing with invisible unfriendly entities as related by, not one, but all four writers of the Gospels:

Mark 1:34 And he healed many that were sick of divers diseases, and cast out many devils; and suffered not the devils to speak, because they knew him.

(Note: It is interesting that in several accounts the entities spoke this to Jesus. I’ve never known bad ideas to speak like this.)
Mark 16:9 Now when Jesus was risen early the first day of the week, he appeared first to Mary Magdalene, out of whom he had cast seven devils.

Luke 4:40 Now when the sun was setting, all they that had any sick with divers diseases brought them unto him; and he laid his hands on every one of them, and healed them.
Luke 4:41 And devils also came out of many, crying out, and saying, Thou art Christ the Son of God. And he rebuking them suffered them not to speak: for they knew that he was Christ.

Luke 9:1 Then he called his twelve disciples together, and gave them power and authority over all devils, and to cure diseases.

John 6:70 Jesus answered them, Have not I chosen you twelve, and one of you is a devil?

John 13:2 And supper being ended, the devil having now put into the heart of Judas Iscariot, Simon’s son, to betray him;

Matt 12:28 But if I cast out devils by the Spirit of God, then the kingdom of God is come unto you.
Matt 12:29 Or else how can one enter into a strong man’s house, and spoil his goods, except he first bind the strong man? and then he will spoil his house.

So according Harry Jesus just cast out bad ideas. I can just see Harrys’ version of Jesus now:

Disciple: “Look Jesus, there’s a couple crazy guys over there. I think they are possessed with some bad ideas.

Jesus: “By George, I think you are right.” Jesus waves his arms at them, “Hey guys. Don’t you realize that running around naked, harassing people and sleeping in tombs is a bad idea?

Naked crazy guy responds: “Wow, that’s more light than I can handle. You must be Jesus. What have you come here for – just to give me a bad time?

Jesus: “Depart ye bad idea and join the ash heap of other bad swine-like ideas.”

And behold, there was a legion of Roman soldiers nearby who had many piggish bad ideas and the bad idea cast out by Jesus entered into their minds. And, lo, this created more confusion for the legion than they could handle and they marched over a cliff into the sea as they were possessed with madness. It was a mere psychological madness of their own creation, however, for no invisible entities or forces were involved.

There is a teaching here for someone somewhere but we know not what it is.

I know, I know, Harry. This is not exactly the way you would write it but it is close enough to make an eerie point.

Now, let us look at some other scriptures dealing with perhaps a different category of evil spirit confronted by Jesus:

Matt 4:24 And his fame went throughout all Syria: and they brought unto him all sick people that were taken with divers diseases and torments, and those which were possessed with devils, and those which were lunatick, and those that had the palsy; and he healed them.

Matt 8:16 When the even was come, they brought unto him many that were possessed with devils: and he cast out the spirits with his word, and healed all that were sick:

Matt 9:32 As they went out, behold, they brought to him a dumb man possessed with a devil.
Matt 9:33 And when the devil was cast out, the dumb spake: and the multitudes marvelled, saying, It was never so seen in Israel.

In many cases where Jesus healed there is no mention of evil spirits but then in others like the above there is.

In the previous example the possessing entities seemed human like, as if they could have been discarnate entities, but critics could make the case that some of the healings described above were attributed to evil spirits because of the backwardness of the times.

Or could Jesus have been merely going along with the public belief in evil spirits and saying he was casting them out to merely work with the common belief?

It may seem so, but then one must consider that the writers of the gospels were intelligent disciples and not likely to be so easily mislead. So the question that arises is this: Are there a wide rage of diseases and mental disorders that are caused by what the gospel writers call evil spirits or devils?

The answer may surprise you which is this. The answer is yes. All disease involves some so-called evil or adversarial spirit just as was demonstrated by Jesus and his disciples in the scriptures.
Before you accuse me of being primitive in my thinking, let me explain.

First, I might add that a stumbling block in the way of understanding this stems more from the translators than the original writers. The translators consistently use the word “devils.”

This word conjures up a primitive thought form that doesn’t relate to modern thinking. If we were to be technically correct we could call them “adversarial life forms”

There are five grades of intelligences that can cause problems for humans.

The first are entities in incarnation. If you are around negative people or those sending hateful thoughts then they indeed have an effect. Energy follows thought and if your spouse is seething with revenge toward you then you will feel and receive such energy and this can definitely effect your health.

We are told that “the word is God” and thus are negative words like mini devils sent to destroy. In fact, one of the meanings of “daimonion” or the Greek for devil is “divine power or deity.”

Negative words sent by live humans are thus like divine devils that have power to destroy.

The solution to the escape this power is to not receive these negative thoughts and words. But if the person slips and allows them to be planted so they grow then he must cast them out even as Jesus did.

The second group of intelligences that can cause problems are discarnate entities. Some of these are highly intelligent and seek to stop those who they see to be working against their best interests. They may do this by attacking the disciple directly or in directly. An example of such an indirect attack was related by John:

“And supper being ended, the devil having now put into the heart of Judas Iscariot, Simon’s son, to betray him.” John 13:2

The adversarial entities who are intelligent are not large in number and do not waste their time picking on little old ladies, but concentrate on those with potential influence who may get in the way of their plans.

Paul spoke of these entities:
Eph 6:11 Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.
Eph 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

The Concordant version translates verse 12 literally from the Greek as follows:

“Put on the panoply of God to enable you to stand up to the stratagems of the Adversary, for it is not ours to wrestle with blood and flesh, but with the sovereignties, with the authorities, with the world-mights of this darkness, with the spiritual forces of wickedness among the celestials.”

Then there are others in this class, not so intelligent, but still human that cause problems.

The third category of troublesome spirits are what is technically called “etheric shells” or what the common public calls ghosts.

After a person dies he usually hangs around in his etheric body for about three days. This is the energy double that vitalizes and gives form to the physical. After death it normally disintegrates and the entity then moves on to his appropriate place in the afterlife.

On the other hand, if the entity dies with powerful earthbound thoughts, habits or emotional attachments the etheric body can remained vitalized by these energies and continue its existence even after the intelligence has move on.

Such an etheric body will still have a working computer brain housing the memories of this person and can continue a somewhat robotic life and sometimes even appear a ghost, but never one with full human intelligence.

Some attach themselves to humans of low desire. For instance an alcoholic “ghost’ will attach itself to an alcoholic in incarnation and feed the desire.

A fourth type of entity that causes problems are called the astral and these are intelligences lower than human that are composed of emotional/desire energy.

We have all felt these entities but just thought they were a part of ourselves and identified with them. For instance think back to a time you became very angry. Did you notice that the anger seemed to have a life of its own?

Actually, it does. Anger or negative emotions draw astral entities to yourself that have a life of their own, but are fed by your thoughts.

Did you notice that even when you decide you no longer want to remain angry that the feeling of anger may remain? Yes, your mind is no longer angry, but you feel the anger because it still lives as a spirit possessing you for a time. This is an actual lower intelligence that seeks to feed on your energy.

The solution is to cast it out and this is what Jesus did with many astral entities.

A fifth type of adversarial entity is called an elemental. Elementals are the lowest form of intelligence that give us problems and are involved with every disease and malady known to man.

Science is beginning to recognize that disease is largely caused by an imbalance of energy, but what the do not realize is that lack of balance draws in many tiny elemental lives that nestle in the body and interfere with the correct flow of energy.

Jesus had power to speak to these elementals and thus had power to direct them to go elsewhere – or to just dissipate their energy so it had no more effect.
Copyright 2010 by J J Dewey

Invisible Interactions, Part 2

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Posted Aug 2, 2010

A reader tells me that he has Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, OCD, and wants to know if evil spirits have anything to do with this and what he can do to overcome it.

Before I answer this let us establish an accurate name for these troublesome spirits. In the Bible they are called evil or unclean spirits, and other times referred to as devils or demons.

These are words that originated with translators from the Middle Ages and not very conducive to accurate communication in our age. Earlier I referred to them as “adversarial life forms.” Such a term or something like “adversarial spirit,” “adversarial intelligence” would be an improvement. For those that do not believe in the supernatural one could substitute the word “energy” for “spirit.” After all, what is life but energy with an intelligent direction.

It is a scientific fact that our body is composed of billions of lives. Many of these lives are called cells and others are called bacteria. Every day harmful bacteria invade our bodies and the body’s defense mechanism has to neutralize or destroy them or it will get sick. It is also a scientific fact that bacteria show signs of an elementary intelligence.

Putting this together then we can conclude that one of the smallest of “evil spirits” is the elementary life that motivates the germs that can do us so much harm. Cancer cells are also evil, or adversarial lives.

Now, let me ask this question. Why is it so difficult to believe in adversarial life forms when it is already a scientific fact that they exist now and our bodies, minds and medicine have to deal with them on a daily basis?

Since we know that these tiny evil spirit lives do exist in cells that we can see through a microscope then why is it difficult to believe that there are other lives that give us problems that have not been identified by science?

For instance, mental disorders are normally not caused by physical disease but the Bible tells us that Jesus cast out adversarial life forms to effect a cure. Obviously there are negative entities that go beyond the normal germs or cancer cells that cause us problems. When and how do they show up?

To understand we must look at the main difference between a healthy and unhealthy body.

The body is an electrical unit and if it is healthy all the energy flows through all of its circuits unimpeded and all the parts receive the energy they need for proper function. Because energy follows thought our negative thoughts are often a cause of disrupting the smooth flow of this energy. When this happens a vacuum is produced and opens the door for an opposing energy to come in and take root. Just like diseased germs are tiny lives even so is such opposing energy composed of actual life and they often draw malignant cells and germs to the center they occupy.

This knowledge helps us understand why Jesus and the disciples healed others by speaking to and casting out “evil spirits.”

Again let me remind you that energy follows thought. Therefore, if the healer wants maximum effect he must make sure thought is directed with the most potent focus as possible. The way that Jesus directed the thought of many people was to call upon a living entity and command it (or them) to leave.

Keeping in mind that focused thought is a powerful healer then imagine which would have the most power – just praying for the person to get better or to command the life form feeding the disease to leave?

If you just pray with no images in your mind then the power of thought is dispersed and not focused enough to cause a healing. On the other hand, if both the healer and the patient visualize a life form being commanded to leave, and then seeing and feeling it leave, a powerful focused energy can be created and sometimes there can be a miraculous healing.

The American Indians used to use this principle in reverse. Instead of calling on an evil spirit to leave they called on a benevolent spirit in the form of an animal, such as bear or an eagle. They then directed the animal to enter the troubled location and either to chase the evil spirit out or to merely supply healing energy.

The visualizing of such images focuses the thought and thought carries energy and energy is always followed by life of some kind, however elemental.

So what about our friend’s Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder? Is it caused by adversarial life forms?

No. They are not the cause. The cause of all disease always has root in our own thoughts and the originating cause may not even be thoughts in this life, but past lives.


Our wrong thinking does open the door to the entrance of negative life forms that cause the problem to continue. If one can speak to those lives as Jesus did and command them to leave then the negative space can be filled with positive energy and, if the thoughts are now in alignment with the soul, a healing can take place.

Let us suppose a person has cancer and you want to use the technique used by Jesus. You could actually name the spirit. You could call it the devil or you could even name it something modern like “George.” You old then visualize George inside the body and call on him and command him to leave. If you have faith in Christ you can command George in the name of Jesus Christ to leave. If you believe you have the priesthood you could command George to leave in the name of your priesthood.

In the case of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder you could see George as a computer virus interfering with your internal programming. You must then command George to quit interfering with your software and leave. Then visualize George leaving. If this is done with directed thought the patient may actually feel a negative life leave and sense that healing is now taking place.

Not only did Jesus have a reputation for casting out evil spirits, but so did Paul. Here is a quite curious scripture.

Acts 19:11 And God wrought special miracles by the hands of Paul:
Acts 19:12 So that from his body were brought unto the sick handkerchiefs or aprons, and the diseases departed from them, and the evil spirits went out of them.
Acts 19:13 Then certain of the vagabond Jews, exorcists, took upon them to call over them which had evil spirits the name of the Lord Jesus, saying, We adjure you by Jesus whom Paul preacheth.
Acts 19:14 And there were seven sons of one Sceva, a Jew, and chief of the priests, which did so.
Acts 19:15 And the evil spirit answered and said, Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are ye?
Acts 19:16 And the man in whom the evil spirit was leaped on them, and overcame them, and prevailed against them, so that they fled out of that house naked and wounded.

First, it is interesting that the possessed man had such superhuman strength. He beat the dickens out of seven men until they fled naked and wounded.

Now these men were exorcists and apparently had some past success in casting out harmful spirits. Then when they saw that the disciples of Jesus seemed to have more power than they did they decided to use the name of Jesus also.

Unfortunately, the process backfired on them.

The question is – why did this not work for them? Now the answer given by the Mormons is they say Jesus gave the Priesthood to his disciples and the devils recognized this. They refused to recognize anyone without the proper authority.

Now there is a certain amount of truth to this as it is written that Jesus gave the twelve apostles “power and authority over all devils and to cure diseases.” Luke 9:1

Some simplistic priesthood or passed down authority does not explain the power the disciples had as no one I know claiming to have the priesthood today has the power of the early disciples. They had a molecular link to Jesus as I explain in my other writings.

Obviously these seven exorcists had some success in the past but this time spelled disaster for them. Why?

I would guess the answer lies in the purity of their hearts. If a disciple is to fight evil he must not sink to the level of the evil he is fighting, else he will lose his power. These guys had seen the miracles and were witnesses to the fact that God was with the disciples Instead of joining with them they merely wanted their power to obtain the praise of men.

By attempting to gain power without merging with the source of that power they put themselves in danger.

Whatever the case the entity in charge did not have to submit to their commands and chased them away.

Now someone posed this idea. God is big on free agency so it would be against the will and order of God to allow an evil or adversarial spirit to possess or even influence another person.

The first thing to do with our beliefs is to test them against reality. If reality proves to be different than what we believe then we should change or beliefs.

It is true that those great lives who are on the side of light and truth seek maximum freedom for all but in our world this is far from being achieved.

Possession is an established fact that none can deny in our current system – just ask anyone who has been kidnapped or held hostage. Ask any female who has an abusive husband who possesses her and if she tries to escape he says he will kill her and the kids.

Ask any cancer patient who has been invaded by cancer cells and are destroying his body.

Free agency is valuable indeed but in this imperfect world it is taken away on a regular basis.

Now when it is taken away it is always the person’s own fault to a degree. The abused wife probably saw signs of her husband’s problems before she married him. Maybe the cancer patient didn’t take as good a care of his health as he could have.

The same goes with possession from the tiny elementals giving one arthritis to a full-fledged entity seeking to control or destroy another.

An evil entity in a body or out of a body can attempt to attack anyone. Nothing is stopping your neighbor from hitting you with a stick should he so decide. Even so, invisible entities can attempt to pick on whoever they want. They cannot take over a person’s power of decision though unless the person opens the door and somehow invites them in. Thus the importance of walking in the light and being as harmless as possible.

There is a lot of food for thought in contemplating some of these principles.
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Invisible Interactions, Part 3

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If there is a god. How can such a god attend to everyone’s personal life at once? Would someone like me be that important to listen to? How does such a god cope and monitor and attend, answer to every situation from everyone. How does such a being exist and function. Also this belief about karma seems practically impossible to enforce.

You are a god over all the billions of lives within your body. Even though you are one life, each of your cells receives most of the attention and nutrients they need. The system is not perfect as there arises disease and death at times, but most cells are able to live a healthy useful life.

Even so it is with us in relation to the One Life permeating the universe.

It has been said that evil entities do not use their own ideas, but merely copy those from the workers of light and corrupt them.

This is indeed a true principle and it also applies to the influence and possession of evil entities.

It s interesting that Jesus himself was possessed by a spirit. Here is the account.

John 1:32 And John bare record, saying, I saw the Spirit descending from heaven like a dove, and it abode upon him.
John 1:33 And I knew him not: but he that sent me to baptize with water, the same said unto me, Upon whom thou shalt see the Spirit descending, and remaining on him, the same is he which baptizeth with the Holy Ghost.

The Spirit of God just did not come and go with Jesus, but remained upon him.

Also Jesus tells us that his Father was actually in him:

John 14:10 Believest thou not that I am in the Father, and the Father in me? the words that I speak unto you I speak not of myself: but the Father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works.

Here we see that Jesus was possessed by his “Father” which dwelt “in” him and was the one who gave power to do the mighty works.

So we have evidence that the good guys can possess as well as the bad. What is the difference?

Being possessed by the Spirit of God or a divine being occurs through free will to the benefit of both parties.

The possession of an evil entity usually occurs against a person’s free will. I say usually because every once in a while there comes along a person so foolhardy that he freely gives himself to possession.

Even when a possession occurs against free will the disaster can usually be traced back to free will decisions that opened the door to the problem.

There are two problems that are derived from the so-called evil spirits. The first is attracts and the second is possession. Attacks are centered on often innocent disciples seeking to do the will of God, while possession happens to the foolish who opened the wrong doors.

Here are a couple examples of attack on the innocent. This first is from the diary of my great great Grandfather, Wilford Woodruff

“The prospect in London at that time was the darkest it had ever been in since entering the vineyard; but the Lord was with us, and we were not discouraged. On Sunday we met with the Saints three times at Brother Corner’s, read the Book of Mormon, gave instruction, and broke bread unto them. We had a good time, though there were only about half a dozen present. I felt the spirit bear testimony that there would be a work done in London.
“Having retired to rest in good season, I fell asleep and slept until midnight, when I awoke and meditated upon the things of God until 3 o’clock in the morning; and, while forming a determination to warn the people in London and by the assistance and inspiration of God to overcome the power of darkness, a person appeared to me, whom I consider was the prince of darkness. He made war upon me, and attempted to take my life. As he was about to overcome me I prayed to the Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, for help. I then had power over him and he left me, though I was much wounded. Afterwards three persons dressed in white came to me and prayed with me, and I was healed immediately of all my wounds, and delivered of all my troubles.
Wilford Woodruff By Matthias F. Cowley, Page 130

Here is another account taken from the site at:
Upon their arrival in Preston (July 1837), one of the first missionaries, John Goodson, went to find lodgings. “We obtain a lodging in the house of a widow [in St. Wilfred Street], and furnished our own vituals and she cooked it for us.” (Kimball, S.B, p.7-8)
Joseph Fielding referred to them as “comfortable private lodging.” (Fielding 1:17)

A week later an amazing event took place in these lodgings that is oft repeated. What I have tried to do in this post is take different accounts and jigsaw them together in chronological order. Heber C. Kimball recalled:
“Sunday, July 30th, about daybreak, Elder Isaac Russell….came up to the third story, where Elder Hyde and myself were sleeping, and called out, ‘Brother Kimball, I want you should get up and pray for me that I may be delivered from the evil spirits that are tormenting me to such a degree that I feel I cannot live long, unless I obtain relief.”
“I had been sleeping on the back of the bed. I immediately arose, slipped off at the foot of the bed, and passed around to where he was. Elder Hyde threw his feet out, and sat up in the bed, and we laid hands on him, I being mouth, and prayed that the Lord would have mercy on him, and rebuked the devil. While thus engaged, I was struck with great force by some invisible power, and fell senseless on the floor. (Whitney p. 129-131)
Orson Hyde observed this same moment in his account:
“his [Heber’s] voice faltered, and his mouth was shut, and he began to tremble and reel to and fro, and fell on the floor like a dead man, and uttered a deep groan. I immediately seized him by the shoulder, and lifted him up, being satisfied that the devils were exceedingly angry because we attempted to cast them out of Br. Russell, and they made a powerful attempt upon elder Kimball as if to dispatch him at once, they struck him senseless and he fell to the floor… (Elder’s p. 4)
Heber continued…
The first thing I recollected was being supported by Elders Hyde and Richards, who were praying for me; Elder Richards having followed Russell up to my room. Elder Hyde and Richards then assisted me to get on the bed, but my agony was so great I could not endure it, and I arose, bowed my knees and prayed. I then arose and sat up on the bed, when a vision was opened to our minds, and we could distinctly see the evil spirits, who foamed and gnashed their teeth at us. (Whitney p. 130-131)

Years later (1856) Heber told a congregation in the Salt Lake Tabernacle,
“I saw their hands, their eyes, and every feature of their faces, the hair on their heads, and their ears, in short they had full formed bodies.“ (Journal of Discourses Vol. 3 mar 2, 1856, p. 229)

Heber’s account continued:
We gazed upon them about an hour and a half (by Willard’s watch). We were not looking towards the window, but towards the wall. Space appeared before us, and we saw the devils coming in legions, with their leaders, who came within a few feet of us. They came towards us like armies rushing to battle They appeared to be men of full stature, possessing every form and feature of men in the flesh, who were angry and desperate; and I (Kimball) shall never forget the vindictive malignity depicted on their countenances as they looked me in the eye; and any attempt to paint the scene which then presented itself, or portray their malice and enmity, would be vain. I perspired exceedingly, my clothes becoming as wet as if I had been taken out of the river. I felt excessive pain, and was in the greatest distress for sometime. (Whitney p. 130-131)

ORSON: Immediately he [Heber] recovered his strength in part, so as to get up; the sweat began to roll from him most powerfully, and he was almost as wet as if he had been taken out of the water,
(Elder’s p.4)

HEBER: We distinctly heard those spirits talk and express their wrath and hellish designs against us.
(Whitney p. 130-131)

ORSON: We could very sensibly hear the evil spirits rage and foam out their shame.”
(Elder’s p.4)

FIELDING: They could hear a sound from them, i.e the evil spirits, like the grating of teeth, quite plainly. (Fielding, p.22)

ORSON: …After you were overcome by them and had fallen, their awful rush upon me with knives, threats, imprecations, hellish grins, amply convinced me that they were no friends of mine. While you were apparently senseless and lifeless on the floor and upon the bed (after we had laid you there), I (Orson) stood between you (Heber) and the devils and fought them and contended with them face to face, until they began to diminish in number and to retreat from the room. The last imp that left turned around to me as he was going out and said, as if to apologize, and appease my determined opposition to them, ‘I never said anything against you!’ I replied to him thus: ‘It matters not me whether you have or have not; you are a liar from the beginning! In the name of Jesus Christ depart!’ He immediately left, and the room was clear. That closed the scene of devils for the time. (Whitney 131)
FIELDING: They however kept their distances, but turned their heads toward Bro. Hyde; one looking at him said distinctly, but with a murmuring tone, slowly demure, I never spoke against you. He said there seemed to be legion of them. He was alarmed, but very much disgusted. He could scarcely bear to speak of them. (Fielding, p. 23)
However, the Lord delivered us from them, and blessed us exceedingly that day.
(Whitney 130-131)

The aftermath…

This event was soon being related across the ocean in America.
“I (Heber) wrote a few words to my wife about the matter, and brother Joseph called upon her for the letter and said, “It was a choice jewel, and a testimony that the Gospel was planted in a strange land.” (JD v3 Mar 2 1856, p. 229)
Upon his return home Heber walked with Joseph Smith who declared:
“At that time you were nigh unto the Lord: there was only a veil between you and Him, but you could not see Him. When I heard of it, it gave me great joy, for I then knew that the work of God had taken root in that land. It was this that caused the devil to make a struggle to kill you.” (Whitney p. 132)
It is an interesting exercise to compare Joseph’s experience in the Sacred Grove with this manifestation in Preston. In both instances the adversary knew that something significant was about to happen. We can learn some valuable lessons from both:

JOSEPH: “I kneeled down and began to offer up the desires of my heart to God. I had scarcely done so, when immediately I was seized upon by some power which entirely overcame me, and had such an astonishing influence over me as to bind my tongue so that I could not speak. Thick darkness gathered around me, and it seemed to me for a time as if I were doomed to sudden destruction. (Joseph Smith History 1:15-17)
Joseph to Heber about the Preston attack:
“The nearer a person approaches the Lord, a greater power will be manifested by the adversary to prevent the accomplishment of His purposes” (Whitney p.132)

An attack does not take away free will but it does have the effect of discouraging the faint of heart from moving forwards.

An actual possession, on the other hand, can take away free will. This violates free will you say. In many cases yes and this is allowed to happen at times just as a violation of free will on a physical level happens – such as a kidnapping. God does not come down and stop the kidnapper or rapist because it violates free will. The teachers of light teach free will and we work toward maximum free will but unfortunately in this world there are many cases where much free will is taken away.

It is the work of the true servants to restore free will to all who can embrace it.

Now some think that we cannot be influenced by evil entities but this is provably incorrect. Hitler was obviously evil and influenced millions.

Good spirits in bodies also influenced many – George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are good examples.

If a spirit in a body can influence others then why cannot a spirit out of a body do the same? It can. All of us have the power to receive communication from sprit to spirit. Millions already actively do this and all others have the ability if they chose to develop it.

Of course we all want to live our lives free of kidnapers, rapists and murderers on the physical plane and to do this we take intelligent steps to protect ourselves.

We also want to live free from negative effects of spiritual attacks. To do this we must not turn our will over to any other person but live according to the highest we know. One must also cast out all fear and have faith in the goodness of God.
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More on Divine Possession

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Concerning the divine possession John C writes;

I know we have been over and over this before, but your explanation has never satisfied me. From your explanations, I keep getting this picture of a Russian doll with two or more dolls nested inside.

The Russian dolls are all made of physical mater. What I have presented involves several grades of matter.

Consider this. You are presently composed of four bodies of form now and even more if we consider the formless worlds.

(1) You have a physical body

(2) Next within this is the etheric double.

(3) Occupying this same space is your astral body.

(4) Still in this same space is your mental body.

These are not like Russian dolls for such dolls occupy different space.

Matter, which is higher than the physical is not nearly as dense. Thus two mental bodies in one physical one does not cause any crowding at all.

John quotes me:

“Also Jesus tells us that his Father was actually in him:

“John 14:10 Believest thou not that I am in the Father, and the Father in me? the words that I speak unto you I speak not of myself: but the Father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works.”

John C
I ran across this scripture in Matthew the other day.

Matt 10:20 For it is not ye that speak, but the Spirit of your Father which speaketh in you.

Then, we have this one in John:

John 6:56 He that eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, dwelleth in me, and I in him.

The scriptures you quote do not deal with divine possession but a sharing of consciousness as happened through the Oneness Principle. This is illustrated in the scripture Dan quoted:

I Cor 12:12 For as the body is one, and hath many members, and all the members of that one body, being many, are one body: so also is Christ.
I Cor 12:13 For by one Spirit are we all baptized into one body, whether we be Jews or Gentiles, whether we be bond or free; and have been all made to drink into one Spirit.

When you stub your toe and suffer pain all parts of the body feel it together. There is a sharing because not only is the toe in the body, but also the hand, the brain, the feet, etc.

The Spiritual internet is like the soul of humanity and all who are tuned in are part of the body.

This oneness and sharing can be experienced by an unlimited number of entities. When the Oneness Principle is accessed each life is a part of the whole and is tuned into a greater life. One could say they are in and through and with each other.

A divine possession is a totally different matter. They also have a sharing but this sharing is brought down to the physical body of the disciple in that two entities share the same physical body for the purpose of creating a connecting link between heaven and earth, between the kingdom of humanity and the kingdom ruled over by Christ and his Father.

Let me give an imperfect analogy to paint a picture.

The Oneness Principle works like the Internet. Even though we are all in different locations we are like one great life where the parts you and me can share anything we want. I am in Ruth and Dan and John and they are in me as far as sharing is concerned.

A divine possession is more like two processors occupying one computer. These processors not only have access to the internet but also to each other and working together they decide on various courses of action that the computer as a whole will take.

Jesus illustrated the difference between the mere sharing of consciousness and the actual presence of two entities when he answered his critics.

John 8:16 And yet if I judge, my judgment is true: for I am not alone, but I and the Father that sent me.
John 8:17 It is also written in your law, that the testimony of two men is true.
John 8:18 I am one that bear witness of myself, and the Father that sent me beareth witness of me.
John 8:19 Then said they unto him, Where is thy Father? Jesus answered, Ye neither know me, nor my Father: if ye had known me, ye should have known my Father also.

He had already said his Father was in him. Now he said he is not alone, but that if they understood they would realize that not one, gut two men were bearing witness.

Now through the Oneness Principle he could have said he had many witnesses, but he was not referring to that. Instead he was referring to one other entity that actually dwelt within him.

These two witnesses were the two entities within the body of Jesus.

John writes:

I’m not questioning the experience. I want to know HOW.

Let me add this. There is a link between the mental bodies of the disciple and the Master. The astral body of the disciple is affected but not directly involved. This links the consciousness of the two and the disciple shares the higher vibration of the Master which is overwhelming at first but, after adjusted to, the higher sense of purpose and direction is then shared.

As for the technical details of how two mental bodies occupy one physical all I can say is that mental matter is more refined and the higher up the scale you go the more matter can occupy a certain amount of space.
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