Sex 101


Sex 101

I was asked to elaborate on the sharing of energies in the molecule and how gays would fit in.

There are physical, emotional, mental and spiritual sharings that are possible apart from sexual or romantic relations and then there are others that are linked and enhanced by such relations.

Sexual relationships will not be a part of the energy flow of the Molecular Relationship with the exception that the act may aid in the stability and union of the atomic male/female units. On the other hand, there will be many atomic units who will be working partners and sex will not be involved. Both types of units along with their associate partners have an equal opportunity to share the higher energies.

In addition, the twelve units (each unit composed of two or more) will share with other units. Then after numerous molecules are created the human molecules will share a still different kind of energy with other molecules. This is an experience that has not yet been had among the human kingdom.

Apart from sex, individuals and units will share physically through touch, handshakes, hugs, circles and healing practices.

They will share emotionally through friendship and love.

They will share mentally through planning, dreaming, executing ideas, learning and teaching.

They will share spiritually through the circulation of the Holy Spirit creating one life from the many.

Sex itself between male and female (or gay sex by that matter) of itself does not produce union. If it is done for physical pleasure only it will only enhance separation in the long run. If it is done with an eye toward union of unlimited duration it can be a solidifying factor.

One of the purposes of sex is the balancing of energies, not so much individually, but in the couple as a unit (or one flesh as the Bible says).

If the male has a charge of +1 and the female a -1 their joining can create a close to zero charge for the greater unit and when zero is approached the higher spiritual energies flow with ease.

Now the male or female charge of the gay is already close to zero as far as male and female energies are concerned. If you have one male with a charge of +.2 merge with another with +.1 then the charge of the union would average .15. There is negligible advance toward the zero point, as they were both already close to it. The ideal would be for the gay male to override those past life feelings of his lives as a female attracted to male and look for a female with a -.2 charge. Then the relationship can advance closer to the zero point and open a channel for the higher energies.

The interesting thing about gays is, regardless of relations with their own sex, individually, they are naturally closer than the heterosexual, to the ideal zero point, where lies the spirit. That is one reason that when they use soul energies on an individual basis apart from sex that they excel. An extremely high percentage of creative artists are gay. This is evidence that the gay has a great advantage to being close to the zero point. It is naturally easier for him (or her) to bring down soul energies if he is not thrown out of focus by wrongly directed relationships.

This is the reason that Jesus gave the following advice to gays:

“But he said unto them, All men cannot receive this saying, save they to whom it is given.

“For there are some eunuchs (gays), which were so born from their mother’s womb: and there are some eunuchs, which were made eunuchs of men (castration): and there be eunuchs (Gays and some hetros seeking the spiritual single life), which have made themselves eunuchs (a neutron, or balanced in energy) for the kingdom of heaven’s sake. He that is able to receive it, let him receive it.” Matt 19:11-12

A “eunuch for the kingdom of heaven” is one who has a close to zero male-female charge who dedicates himself to the celibate life so he can take advantage of his close position to the zero point and thus work mightily with the spiritual energies.

Jesus said that this was not for everyone, but those gays who are ready for this commitment will feel it internally. In fact many gays have been lead to celibacy in various religious orders for this reason and a handful have done it of their own initiative.

I remember reading a quote from Andy Warhol (a famous gay pop artist) when he was still alive stating that he was celibate. This man was very highly extolled for his creativity. He was obviously able to move the physical creative energies of the sacral center up to the throat center and make full use of them in connection with the soul.

A gay reader asked me to explain why he would feel a surge of attractive energy toward another gay he just met. He felt this came from his soul.

The experience he describes sounds like something I have had several times when I was in the single state looking for a partner. I am also sure that many in the group have felt similar experiences which can happen to either the gay or hetro.

There can be numerous reasons for such an immediate attraction. A common one is a subconscious recognition from past life association.

Another one is a similarity of evolution. If both are above average on the path there can be a recognition.

A third one is similarity of ray energies.

A fourth is a mutual attraction on the physical level that will trigger an emotional effect.

None of these experiences will assure that the couple will have a correct use of sex whether gay or straight.

The experience I had with my wife was fairly unusual in that in addition to the falling in love feeling that most of us have experienced at one time or another I received a message that she was brought into my life to help me complete my mission. Because I received this through the Spirit I knew instantly that I should proceed and I proposed before we even had an official date. Because she received the same message she accepted even though her personality self questioned her sanity.

Some time ago my oldest sister visited us with a boyfriend and announced they were getting married.

We replied, “but you’ve only dated about a month.”

Then she said, “but you and Artie certainly didn’t wait around and it’s worked for you, didn’t it?”

We looked at each other and then back at my sister and had to admit it did work for us, but we both had a feeling it may not work for her.

She insisted that lightening struck and was going to take the big step.

She got married about a week later and then divorced about six months later. The guy was totally wrong for her but because the falling in love feeling is so close to the flow of the Spirit she was deceived into thinking God was directing her.

It is much easier to receive accurate direction through the soul when romantic love is not involved for when it is, the feeling is so overwhelming that we often feel that we are being divinely guided towards the relationship.

When two people feel an attraction and let down all barriers to union then there is manifested a flow of soul energy not unlike the feeling that comes when we are open to the Higher Self or to a higher entity working through the soul. For most of the populace the soul energy through falling in love is their only real contact with soul force and there are many who have not experienced this, but sense what it would be like.

Then when the higher contacts come one must learn to differentiate between the soul energy of romantic love and other types of guidance through the soul. Many like my sister can misinterpret and this can lead to costly mistakes. Then when the discernment is acquired a very accurate guidance through spiritual contact can be maintained. This should be the goal of all of us.

I have had my soul guide me into relationships with other men, but it was to fulfill some purpose related to group work. In fact when I met you (the reader) on the internet years ago I received an impression to work with you even though others in that teaching experiment dropped away. The guidance was accurate. Since then you have had many ups and downs yet you are still here with us and still progressing toward a destiny greater than you know.

As far as energy released through sex is concerned the sexual act is a lower manifestation of soul energy. The soul force itself does not differentiate or judge rightness or wrongness in the flow of energy. Instead it is the variables that energy filters through that determines if the end result is a positive or negative experience.

Even though both gays and hetros can experience similar feelings through sex and romance, as I said earlier, the gay relationship can never create the zero point where the highest spiritual flow is created because two positives or two negatives added can never equal zero.

One thing I find of interest is that gays and fundamentalists Christians often seem to see each other as natural enemies on the opposite ends of the spectrum yet both face a similar obstacle in the way of their progress.

And what would that be?

Answer: Letting go of the past and moving on.

The fundamentalist is stuck in a black and white mindset thousands of years in the past and can’t recognize any truth unless it is in his version of the Bible.

The gay is stuck in his attraction mindset of his past life and has difficulty letting go of it even though his energy has shifted to a new sex.

This is not meant as a critical statement for I can understand the problem. Presently I am strongly attracted to the female sex. If I woke up in the morning in a female body I would have difficulty in making the adjustment even though my natural flow of energy has changed from male to female. A change in thought has to follow the energy.

For gays the sooner the thought follows the natural energy the quicker will be their spiritual progression.

There is one sexual act that nature has sent many signals and signs with the purpose of teaching us to avoid and that is anal sex. Anal sex affects the chakra at the base of the spine which is the foundation of the life energy. Anal sex reverses to some degree this flow and can affect the health and vitality of the recipient.

The blood which flows through our bodies carries the life energy to us and is closely connected to this center. This is why AIDS is closely linked with anal sex for it is spread through the blood which is linked to this center.

One of the reasons that AIDS has materialized in this generation is as a sign that we should cease disturbing this foundation source of life.

This message does not apply to gays alone for many hetros also engage in it with similar consequences.

We must face the fact that all diseases and all pain has a cause behind it and we must always find those causes and change them so we can have effects that are desirable to maintain a happy healthy life.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Gender and Energy


Gender and Energy

A gay male member of the group wanted me to elaborate on his possible place in a molecule and how the energies play out.

Strong male energies need either good self-control or strong centering to open their receptive female energies.

Neither male or female or the gay state is a permanent situation for us.

As a general rule we fluctuate in a wavelength of time between male and female. Disciples in the service of the planet can choose their sex to a degree, but the majority follow energies that push and pull at them so they oscillate between male and female. Approximately 7 lives, or periods of activity, as one sex and seven lives, or periods of activity, as the other. At the top of the wavelength you are a strong male (in energy) and at the bottom you are a good looking magnetic female.

The problem comes at the switch-over. If you were in a female body in your last life and now find yourself in a male body it would still seem natural to be attracted to males. It takes many entities a lifetime or two to fully accept their switch-over when it comes.

If you find yourself in a cross-over life then your natural attraction to the opposite sex may not have fully set in. But as time goes on the energy of the new sex you are in will increase and usually becomes adjusted by your second life in that state.

One of the problems with the switch over is that few members of the opposite sex have a similar opposite polarity to your own. On the other hand, members of your same sex who have recently crossed over seem to have a similar opposite polarity.

In your own relationship, for instance, one of you will be male and the other female in energy in relation to each other, but because you are in male physical bodies you will both be male in energy to the whole of humanity and in this respect creates a point of friction or resistance of the natural flow.

What causes this is the reluctance of most of us to accept the changes that our souls have placed us in. This natural resistance all of us have is the cause of death. Not just gays, but all of us resists the will of the soul so we are forced to die and forget. Then we are reborn with no memory so we will face willingly that which we resisted in the past life. When we consciously accept the energies that are sent our way and use them without being forced then death becomes unnecessary.

It is silly for any of us to condemn gays for all of us go through that experience at one time or another at crossover. It is important, however to understand the correct use of energy so the ultimate freedom can be obtained.

When the person enters his cross-over life his attraction to the opposite sex may be weak because a period of time is required to adjust to the energy of the different sex he finds himself in. Nevertheless, because you are in a male body you will be polarized in the male energy, however weak, and will have an opposite energy to a female who has also recently crossed over.

Now keep in mind that a weak attraction to the opposite sex is not related to passion or vital energy, which can be high or low in any cycle.

Many gay men maintain that they cannot have a physical attraction to a female, but this is not so. With some exceptions this applies to most females. One who is in a crossover life will find the energy of about 90% of females out of sync, but there will be about 10-15% that the gay male could have a physical relationship with, if he opened up himself to it.

Many good looking highly magnetic females are attracted to gay men because of their looks, but this type of female will have an awkward energy for the gay man to deal with.

The female that the gay man could have a physical relationship with would be the female that has a tendency toward the gay lifestyle herself. To make it work both would have to resist the natural impulses of their past lives and tune into their current energies sent to them from their souls. This is quite difficult for both of them.

In the end the answer to the correct use of energy is soul contact. Only by following your soul can you balance your energies correctly.

The transgender is in an even more difficult situation than the gay. Not all, but some of them are truly female energies in a male body and visa versa. In this case the person cannot be attracted to their opposite sex no matter how hard they try.

This happens because of several reasons. First nature itself is not perfect and sometimes mistakes happen. Second is the karma of the individual undergoing the experience.

As far as gays in a molecule? Remember the human atom is not one individual, but a male-female united. The gay can participate in the molecule in two ways:

(1) He or she can find a partner of the opposite sex with whom they are comfortable, and this person can be a working partner. The focus of the molecule is not on sexual relations, or romance, and any energies in that direction are not a part of its function. The only concern is that all activities be in harmony with the person’s own soul. The important thing is that the partners can work together as a unit. Think of two people working together in a non-romantic situation at a regular place of employment.

(2) The third main particle in the atom is the neutron. This is a neutral particle with no opposite polarity. If a gay operates in this energy he (or she) participates as a stabilizing energy and could be a member of the molecule, but as an associate with no partner. There will be a male female unit with whom he or she will work.


A reader wants more light on Decision-Consciousness-Attention and relates a general definition of it.

However, the key is not the definition of these words. The key is the answer to WHO OR WHAT AM I?

The answer is not a definition of a word, but a principle, which is never the definition of a word. Your essence as it exists in any state of Becoming is that power within you which makes decisions, not decision itself. Decision is the key word, but not the answer. This power which is your essence does not have a name in the English language. It has not been recognized so it has not been named.

In the book there is a mention of another key word which will shed some light on this and the word was revealed in the beginning of the book on the Molecular Relationship. That word is Purpose. Purpose as it is used there is not purpose as we define it in our normal conversation which is related to goal setting. Purpose as we shall use it is the Initiator of all things. It is not energy, but is the initiator of energy. It is not decision, but the initiator of Decision and gives meaning to all things. Decision cannot exist without Purpose. Purpose sustains that power within you to Become and Decide. Because you are a reflection of Purpose you are that power to decide, but not decision itself. Decision is the key word because it is the highest hint in the direction of our essence that we have an accepted word for.

Decision, Consciousness and Attention are to be seen as a Trinity, not as words to be defined. If they are seen as an interdependent Trinity created by Purpose then this will indeed be a key of knowledge to you. These words may seem simple, but even the highest masters and beyond are continually expanding their ring-pass-not on this concept.

We may think we understand Decision-Consciousness-Attention. Before 1492 the people thought they understood the concept of earth-circle-ship, but Columbus discovered a key from this Trinity that led us to discover a new world.

Never be fooled by simplicity.

We will be talking more about Purpose/Decision as time goes on and as future Immortal Books are released. In the meantime I will try and answer specific questions.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Are the Bible Teachings Right or Wrong About Gays?

This entry is part 27 of 57 in the series Mysteries

Question Twenty-Eight

Are the Bible Teachings Right or Wrong About Gays?

The first order of business here is to clarify exactly what the teachings of the Bible are about gays. A lot of people including some gays I have encountered actually think the Bible doesn’t actually condemn homosexual relationships, that such things are just a dogmatic misinterpretation.

Actually, there is not much to interpret here for the Bible makes itself pretty clear.

Here was the law spelled out in the Old Testament:

“If a man lies with a male as he lies with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination. They shall surely be put to death. Their blood shall be upon them.”  Leviticus 20:13 NKJ

That is pretty clear. Not only was homosexuality against the law, but it was seen to be deserving of the most extreme of punishments – death.

How about the New Testament written after the time of Jesus? Is it equally harsh?

It doesn’t recommend the death penalty but still condemns the act.

“Don’t you realize that those who do wrong will not inherit the Kingdom of God? Don’t fool yourselves. Those who indulge in sexual sin, or who worship idols, or commit adultery, or are male prostitutes, or practice homosexuality, or are thieves, or greedy people, or drunkards, or are abusive, or cheat people—none of these will inherit the Kingdom of God.

“Some of you were once like that. But you were cleansed; you were made holy; you were made right with God by calling on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.” I Cor 6:9-11 NLT

Obviously Paul did not support the death penalty here for he said of his followers that, “Some of you were once like that.” In other words, some of his fellow  Christians were converted homosexuals and were now accepted as long as they lived up to expectations.

Apparently, there was a softening in the view toward homosexuals.  It was still harsh by today’s standards but lenient by Old Testament commands.

Why the change?

Many explanations have been given but the basic one is that Christ brought a new focus on the spirit of the law rather than the letter. The author of Hebrews gives an interesting take:

If therefore perfection were by the Levitical priesthood, (for under it the people received the law,) what further need was there that another priest should rise after the order of Melchisedec, and not be called after the order of Aaron? For the priesthood being changed, there is made of necessity a change also of the law.” Heb 7:11-12

So, according to this the coming of Christ brought a new priesthood that changed the old black and white laws of Moses. An upgrade in the law seems to have taken away with the death penalty for many minor infractions in the Law of Moses, but the New Testament writers still condemn homosexuality.

All this brings about several items of thought. Let us first consider the Draconian approach of the Old Testament. What is the explanation for them? Here are several popular ones.

(1) God hates the sin of homosexuality and wants them put to death so they will not contaminate the people.

(2) God loves all people, including homosexuals, but because Israel worshipped the golden calf when Moses was on Mount Sinai, God dealt with them harshly to teach them a lesson of strict obedience. This included drastic measures that do not apply to us today. This is kind of like a parent disciplining his kid for disobedience telling him that he cannot play on his computer, but in normal times playing on the computer is fine.

(3) Even though the Bible was inspired parts like this just came from the minds of men to deal with the attitudes of the time.

(4) The whole Bible was conjured up by the minds of men and this proves it.

Now how about the New Testament?  Even though it is not so harsh, it still condemns homosexuality with a firmness with which many disagree.  What is the explanation? Here are some opinions.

(1) God condemned homosexuality in the Old Testament as well as the New and is still against it today and always will be.  It is a sin, plain and simple.

(2) Just as punishments on it softened after Jesus, even so today we are justified in taking a new look at how to treat gays.

(3) Both the Old and New Testament teachings on the subject are outrageous and out of date and need to be ignored.

That said, the question now is what is the real truth of the matter here?

Since we have concluded that sin is really error we must ask where the error is in homosexuality if we are to call it a sin?

First, is it a sin to be born with homosexual tendencies?

Some see this in itself as a sin but all of us have natural tastes and tendencies toward all kinds of things good and bad as we go through life.  It is not our natural desires that corrupt us but the misuse of them.  All of us like food but too much of it can lead to an early grave.

So, are sexual relations between homosexuals an error then?

Since society reasons that there are a number of sexual practices that are wrong for heterosexuals then obviously homosexuals can also misuse their sexual energies.

Instead of decreeing what is right or wrong with various sexual behaviors, I’ll just give several guidelines so the reader can judge for himself.

Guideline one: Does my behavior create harm, or cause myself or  others injury or hurt?

For example, we can all agree that adultery causes a lot of hurt to the spouse, kids and maybe others.

Guideline two: Do my actions disturb my inner sense of peace?

Deep within the core of our being is a sense of whether or not our actions are taking us the right direction.  We sometimes cover them up because of our own corrupt desires.  For instance, the drug addict ceases to reflect on his inner self and just thinks of what he wants at the moment.

Reflecting on that deep part of yourself that has a connection with God will always lead the seeker correctly.

“But,” says one, “All you have to do is read the Bible and do what it says.”

Answer:  The Bible is good to use for inspiration, but the seeker gets into trouble if he attempts to follow it too literally without balancing it off with inner guidance and good judgment. It certainly doesn’t feel right to the spirit within most of us that we should follow the Bible literally and put gays to death or even point them out and scorn them as sinners.

If there is a choice between inclusion of our brothers and sisters, or exclusion, it is best to error on the side of inclusion.

Copyright by J J Dewey 2014

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Molecular Questions

This entry is part 11 of 62 in the series 2010

Posted July 22, 2010
Ruth wrote:
Jesus’ Molecule was Himself as the Conduit for the higher entity and energies, plus 12 men and 12 women. Never forget the female energies in these molecules wherein 1 + 1 = one, or one negative and one positive, or one male/sending and one female/receiving, and yes, that can also mean one gay male and one female or vice versa, as long as the energies balance out to a degree where one sends and one receives, like an electrical current.

John C
I have a request and a question.

(1) Request. When we discuss electrical current in the world of physics, we can diagram the flow of electricity in any electrical current, whether it be a simple flashlight or a complex computer. In fact, we could take any energy system and draw a diagram with little arrows showing the flow of positive and negative energy. What I would like to see is an energy diagram of a human molecule. This shouldn’t be too difficult to accomplish, since a molecule is based on simple electrical principles. We can diagram the basic electrical flows in an atom, or a chemical molecule, or even the human body. AAB’s books contain what could be considered diagrams of the flow of energy between members of the hierarchy, and between all the human vehicles. I’ve even seen electrical flow diagrams of the chakras within the human body. How about an electrical flow diagram for a human molecule?

Start off with the flow of energy in a molecular relationship. Expand that into the energy flow within each atomic unit, among all the atomic units, the flow of the energy of soul contact, the flow of energy between the molecule and the higher life which in habits the molecule, and the flow of energy between the molecule and the higher molecule with which it is linked. Have I left anything out?

This whole concept might be easier to understand, and easier for people like me to accept once these basic flows are understood through a physical, scientific diagram.

This has been available for a long time.  You can see how the lines of force work in the following diagram:

The initiating unit is overshadowed bringing in the spiritual flow from the hierarchy.

John then projects us into a possible future where gay marriage is accepted by the majority and is no longer controversial.  Then he says:

Suppose that the Keys is growing, and human molecules are being formed. They are attracting peoples’ attention as more and more obtain soul contact and seek to organize themselves along this order. You have to know that some gay couples are going to be attracted to this as well and will want to join a molecule, but they are forbidden to join unless they take on a female working partner.

This is not true.  Take a look at the diagram of the expanding molecule  and you will see the twenty-four entities and associate single members.  All these members can be male or female gay or straight as long as they show evidence of soul contact and are willing to work toward balancing the energy of the whole.

I think the misunderstanding you have is that you are seeing a partnership in the molecule as being similar to a marriage or an emotional/romantic one and it is not.  Partners can be married or romantically attached, but that is only for convenience sake.  The purpose of working together is not to enhance relationship between two romantic couples, but to balance the energy so the spiritual electricity can flow bringing in higher purpose.

To accomplish this the zero point must be approached by each unit. If it turns out that a straight female is sending to her straight male partner then a change must be made so she is receiving, else the couple will not be able to approach the zero point and will cause resistance to energy. This does  not mean they are not good enough, but it means they are in their wrong place for lowering resistance. Even so, two male gays are both in male bodies that have a positive charge.  It takes a negative charge to lower the resistance of the male in the molecule so the couple will either have to be associate members or take a female partner they can send to.  This has nothing to do with their romantic relationship.  In fact it will enhance it if they are in tune with their souls for when the group achieves soul contact as a unit they will move closer to each other as well as the other members.

For example, when we meet at gatherings it makes no difference to me whether my wife is next to me as the energy flows or on the other side of the circle.  What matters is the lowering of resistance to the spiritual flow. We do not create a molecule there but we do bring in some spiritual energy and always align male/female as much as possible.

You can’t just look at a proton and pronounce it an electron.  No matter what you do it will still have a positive charge and the electron will remain negative.  To make things work we have to accept the principles that govern energy and then work with them.  If a thing works then it will not matter whether people thought it was politically incorrect.  Once a working model is demonstrated it is only a matter of time before it is accepted.

John C
If you don’t know many gay people, especially men, you may be as surprised as I was to find that there is a higher percentage of seekers and spiritually-minded people than in the population at large.

I wouldn’t be surprised though I care not to make a tabulation.  There are other gays on this list besides you, for instance and they are very insightful.

John C
Also, if you look at “societal evolution” (as Rush calls it), Blacks and Gays are usually at the forefront.

I don’t look at any one group or race on the forefront.  We are all in this together and you never know where the next surge will take place.

John c
And, if JJ’s teaching’s ever reach the mass consciousness, the most spiritually-minded among us are likely to be the earliest adopters, and this could become a big question when these people start looking for something, and are told that they can’t have it, or perceive that they are being sent that same old message that they are just not “good enough”. That might not be the message you intended to send, but that is how that message will be received.

No.  That is not the message that is intended to be sent and it is not the message being sent.  If any perceive it that way it is because they need to understand how the Molecular Relationship works.  No one is judged as being good or evil by their race or place of energy. We’ve gone through this before and I’m surprised you are bringing it up again.  Hopefully we can clarify this time.

John C
Thinking people, both gay and straight, are going to wonder how come same both gay and straight married couples are seen as equal in society, but not in a human molecule.

Again where do you get this convoluted idea??? I have said nothing that should give you this thought.

John C
People are going to look on the human molecule the same way people look at fundamentalist religions today, with their doctrines of wifely submission to husbands based on “infallible Biblical teachings”.

If the molecule actually works they will study why it works and then only go with what makes it work.  Would you create something that looks like a light bulb but then does not turn on?  Political correctness has nothing to do with the light bulb working or whether people will accept it if it works.