Nauvoo Gathering 2003, Part 2

Nauvoo Gathering 2003, Part 2
Understanding the Spiritual Hierarchy

Audience: My name is Andy.

JJ: Where are you from?

Andy: From Nigeria.

JJ: Oh, you’re from Nigeria? Great! (Applause)

Andy: This is my wife.

JJ: Where did you get such a pretty wife?

Audience: Nigeria! (Laughter)

Andy’s wife: My name is Belema. Pronounced Bell Emma.

JJ: Nice to meet you.

Andy: Her name means Love.

JJ: We have quite a few people from Nigeria in the group. I’m interested if you all live in the same location or several different ones?

Andy: Most of them live in the same area in a city called Port-Harcourt, Ben, Solomon and a couple of others. We read English. This is a book (the Immortal) we’ve found very profound and we brought it into our center. It’s amazing to know the amount of interest that has been aroused in that area. We put in our own contributions for building the molecule and building of the critical mass (Applause) I heard about this meeting and somehow I had the chance to come to the United States. I’m so excited. It’s going to be nice to be around at this time. There’s great energy in this group and I’m very excited.

JJ: Do quite a few people in Nigeria speak English?

Andy and Belema: We learned to speak English. Our business language is English. So our group said I should go and see what’s happening, and that I hug everybody. So we’re really, really excited to be here and to meet everyone in the room.

JJ: Several old-timers wrote me emails saying, “This year we want something heavy. You gave us some good stuff before but we have heard it several times. We want something way heavy duty. Really deep. We want you to really challenge us.” This creates a bit of a problem if we present something really heavy duty with the fact that we have old timers, new people and people of various backgrounds. We will go into some material we haven’t covered previously. We’ll try not to go too deep, but we’ll try to go deep enough to make everybody think, maybe even some of the old timers like Anni and Mindy and Susan, Robin and Larry and the rest, maybe even my wife. (Laughter) She challenges me all the time.

There’s no better challenge than Alice A. Bailey. (JJ: holding up book) This is one of her first books I ever read, called Treatise on White Magic. Alice A. Bailey was a lady who had a similar experience to Joseph Smith in some ways and at a similar age. She was about sixteen and her parents were away one day. A man appeared in her home out of the blue. He had a turban on and looked rather strange. He said his name was Koot Humi and he came to give her a message. He told her she needed to concentrate her efforts on establishing herself as a virtuous young lady and to learn more. He gave her instructions and said she had to prepare herself for the time when she would do great work here on the earth. He began to explain it to her and she said, “Well, you know I’m a regular Christian here and you don’t sound like you’re even from a Christian background. So I don’t think I’m interested.” He said, “You’re not interested now, but you will be later. When the time comes, you will be ready.”

So he gave her instructions on how to prepare herself, kind of like you would to a sixteen year old. It wasn’t real heavy duty stuff. He simply told her to be honest and gave her good Christian ideals to live up to and to prepare herself for the work she had to do. A few years later she was contacted through mental telepathy by another Master whose name was Djwhal Khul. He told her that the time had come for her to receive communications that were laying the foundation for a new age which was to come.

She still wasn’t really convinced she was supposed to do it, but Djwahl Khul contacted her several times through mental telepathy until finally she agreed to write one book. She said, “Okay I’ll do some writing for you, but it has to be with no claim of authority, because I don’t know what you’re going to say. I don’t know if it’s going to be right or wrong. If I do, it I’ll just write it. If people accept it, fine, and if they don’t, fine.” He said, “Fine, that’s the way that we want it anyway.” So she agreed to try it to see what happened and to see what kind of material would be communicated to her.

So she began to write. The first book was called Initiation, Human and Solar. This book explained a little about who the Hierarchy of the planet were, that there were several divisions within them. The head of the planetary Hierarchy is an individual who has a number of names. One name given in the Bible is the Ancient of Days. The name given by Djwhal Khul was Sanat Kumara. It’s interesting that what he gave to her coincided with what Joseph Smith taught.

Susan said one of the reasons Joseph was killed was due to polygamy, but much of the reason many people in the church hated him was when he began to teach about the hierarchy of gods. There were many who were called gods. In one of the addresses he gave before he died, he gave out a lot of information about this. He said in the beginning there was a council of gods and the council appointed one god to be the god over the earth. This agrees what Djwhal Khul said happened with Sanat Kumara. DK didn’t really talk about a council, but there probably was a council. He said Sanat Kumara was sent here twenty three million years ago. He came here from the planet Venus. Now, he didn’t come from the physical planet Venus.

Each planet had seven different globes, seven different spheres. The life on Venus isn’t on the physical surface of the planet. The life he came from was a plane a little higher than the regular physical. That’s where he came from, on Venus, and he came here in what we call etheric matter. He came here with 101 Kumaras. They came here and built the foundations of Shamballa. He was like the head god, selected as mentioned by Joseph Smith. Joseph called him the head god. When you talk about the head god to a bunch of normal people under normal Christian standards it sounds really weird. When Djwhal Khul started talking this way and said the god we worship is the god of the planet. He says Sanat Kumara was once a regular mortal man just like I am and just like you are – just as Joseph taught.

But Sanat Kumara evolved and he overcame all things on another planet and now he is our father here. Our goal is to be like him. This is what Joseph Smith taught before he was killed. When he taught this to the Mormons, a lot of people in the church were really grumbling under their breaths. It bothered a lot of them more even than the rumors of polygamy. They didn’t know for sure if polygamy was true or not. They’d just heard rumors about it. We don’t even know today how much he supposedly taught about polygamy was true because he was sealed with over fifty women and we don’t know of one child he had by any of them that can be definitely proven.

Susan: I disagree with that.

JJ: Susan thinks she has some information on one or two, right? In the sources I’ve read I haven’t found anything concrete. You should share that with me sometime because I haven’t found anything proven. He also sealed men to men. We know that wasn’t a sexual nature at that time which is in harmony with building the molecular relationship. Anyway, Joseph Smith taught about men becoming gods or men becoming like the masters. This got him into a lot of trouble. I think it contributed to his death, probably even more than the rumors about multiple marriages did.

But the head of the planet is Sanat Kumara. Most of the associates he brought with him 23 million years ago have left and gone to other places. He’s only got a handful of the original Kumaras with him now. He is over Shamballa. He is called our Father in Heaven, so to speak. In other words, He is the representative of our Father in Heaven. When you think of our Father in Heaven, in esoteric teachings, it’s more than just a nebulous father on a throne. The Father that’s over this planet is the head of Shamballa. He is the Ancient of Days as written of in the book of Daniel. There is also an internal representation of the Father and that is your individual monad.

Your monad is the beginning of your creation as an individual entity. From your monad comes all of the parts of yourself that are in creation. If you go into yourself you can contact your individual monad. This is your individual Father in Heaven. Within the realm of this monad is a complete history of everything that you have been connected with since the beginning of time. That beginning of time is further back than you can imagine. Your age as an individual in this solar system is very old but then you can go back in time to the beginning of your monad here. It has the knowledge of everything that you were in previous solar systems. Each solar system lasts for billions of years. So, each of us are very, very ancient beings. It took each of us a very long time to get to where we are right now. From the viewpoint of eternity, we’re just in the middle of where we’re going. That’s a really long way.

The next major step down in authority is what he calls the spiritual hierarchy of the planet. Who is the head of the spiritual hierarchy?

Audience: Christ

JJ: Christ. Christ is the head of the Spiritual Hierarchy. So, we have Christ and His Father, whom He called His Father is the head of Shamballa. But Christ is a step down and He’s the head of the Spiritual Hierarchy. Around Him is gathered a group who are called the Masters. Interestingly, Joseph Smith even made a mention of these Masters. He called them “Holy Men whom you know not of,” who are not under any condemnation. These Holy Men, that the people know not are the Masters. They are people who have passed what is called the fifth initiation and are able to perpetuate their lives in physical bodies for as long as is necessary.

It’s not quite the way people imagine it; that they’re resurrected and glowing all the time. They’re a lot more human than we think. The way the common Christian thinks the resurrection will be is the way the residents of Shamballa are. The Masters are a step above us. They’re ahead of us but not so far above us as they’re like residents of the mystical heaven. If one were to appear here today and walk into this room, he’d look just like you or me. You could shake his hand. For the most part they look like one of us. The teachings of Djwhal Khul, given through Alice A. Bailey tell us, that when the Masters appear they will walk among us. The biggest problem they face in mixing with humanity is they will be too ordinary and boring by people’s standards. This is one of the reasons that The Immortal was written the way that it was. Attempts have been made in the past to give teachings to humanity. They haven’t taken off.

If a Master were to come here and teach us, since he’s used to teaching other Masters really technical stuff, we find it boring. Another Master may speak like an engineer. If an engineer wants to teach us something, like how to build a bridge, we might think this is the most boring thing we have ever heard. But if he taught it to another group of engineers, they would find it fascinating. This is the problem the Masters have in communicating with humanity. They’re used to teaching and talking to each other and to very high intelligent lives. If they were to come and teach a group of regular people here we’d think, “Who are these beings? Do I want them in my life?” This is why the higher lives usually use an intermediary. Even Shamballa needs to do this with the Masters.

Shamballa is so far above the Masters that they use intermediaries called Nirmanakayas. The Nirmanakayas are intermediary lives that communicate between Shamballa and the Masters. They step down the teachings to the Masters so the Masters can understand them and appreciate them. In Shamballa they communicate on a much higher level and probably don’t even use speech very much. They use these Nirmanakayas to teach the Masters and the Masters use disciples to teach humanity. All the teachings need to be stepped down.

If we were to ascend to the Solar Logos, which is much higher than even the highest being on this planet, It’s thoughts would just fly right over our heads. No understanding would be possible. We would be like a slug trying to understand Einstein. The slug would say, “He has nothing to offer me.”

Djwhal Khul (DK) tells us there is going to be an externalization of the hierarchy. They will come and appear before us in a number of different ways. Some of them will be born as mortals. When the way is prepared, those of them who are in ancient bodies, will eventually reveal themselves. He tells us one of the problems in revealing themselves is that people aren’t ready for them. Some are expecting a razzle dazzle official group. But that’s not the way they are. They’re very quiet people who are not into the personality. An example of the personality is someone like Tony Robbins who speaks before us and really razzle dazzles us with his high astral emotion energy. We’d think this guy really is something! Let’s go walk on those coals, let’s go scream and shout and release these emotions. If a Master were to appear before us and talk, he wouldn’t be talking about pumping us up. It’d be the last thing on his mind. He’d be hoping people are prepared and are not into this emotional energy type of thing.

A Master’s emotional self is very quiet, very peaceful. He would speak very softly. He may sound a little like a corporate leader giving a boring speech to a bunch of business people. That may be the way he would sound.

DK also explains to us that it’s going to be very painful for the Masters to materialize among us. They’re used to a high vibration and to come mingle with us will be a very painful experience for them. They’re not looking forward to it. So, they’re going to put the second coming of Christ and His hierarchy off as long as they can (Laughter) because it’s going to be painful to interplay with us. Most people don’t consider that. Most people think the Christ just can’t wait to come down and mingle with us and they think it’ll be a fun experience for Him. That’s not the way the hierarchy look at it, according to DK.

Nov 28, 2003

Copyright by J J Dewey

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All Is Hierarchy

All Is Hierarchy

I was asked to give additional comment on humanities relation to the Spiritual Hierarchy.

First let me comment briefly on the transition that Jesus made. When he appeared on the scene Saturday, or Saturn’s day, was the holy day.

Tradition has it that Jesus was resurrected on Sunday and the early Christians began calling this first day of the week, the “day of the Sun,” the Lord’s day – meaning t he day of the Lord Jesus.

Later a different voice of God spoke to another prophet – Mohammed, and still a new holy day was established which was Friday, the day of Venus.

These various holy days are all clues to the identity of the great beings behind the various revelations to mankind.

The Book of Revelations tells us that there are “Seven Spirits before the throne” of God. These seven spirits in their highest manifestation for us are the seven sacred planets in our solar system. The highest throne of God which concerns us is the Solar Logos, the spiritual indweller and Lord of the Sun and solar system. Each Sun, planet and human is governed by one of the seven rays of creation.

A sacred planet is one who has reached a certain degree of evolution towards spirit and Saturn is one of these and is on the Third Ray of Active intelligence. The earth is not a sacred planet, but is approaching this state and is also on Ray Three and thus has a close relationship with Saturn. Saturn is a little like a big brother or a father figure for us.

Our Sun is on Ray Two, the Ray of Love/Wisdom, and is the reason why, in this sector of Space, God is referred to as Love. Jupiter, the largest planet in the system, and almost a miniature sun itself, is most closely aligned with the Sun and is also on the Ray of Love/Wisdom, the Second Ray.

Jupiter governs the age of Pisces and is the esoteric ruler of the approaching age of Aquarius. What this means is that despite all the conflict over the past 2000 years the age of Pisces presented the vision or the ideal of the love and abundance symbolized by Jupiter, but in the coming age we shall manifest it in deed if a sufficient number of people on the planet achieve soul contact.

Pisces presented the dream of the Kingdom of God, but Aquarius will manifest the reality.

The Christ became so at one with the vibrations of the Ray of Love/Wisdom that he attracted the attention of not only the Logos of Jupiter, but of the Solar logos himself. This caused a thread of Love (a mustard seed) to issue through the Jovan Logos to Shamballa (where the First Ray of power resides) and then to Christ, thus causing the planting of the seed of the “heart of the Sun” in the heart of humanity, hopefully to mature in this coming age.

Someone commented that these hierarchies seem complicated. It is much simpler just to mention God when referring to all spiritual forces. But this is like referring to all government as “the State.”

In reality the use of the term “State,” does not provide an accurate description of governing forces on earth. To really understand what the State is here in the United States we must first look to the three branches of the federal government – the presidency (our logos), the judiciary (Christ energy), and Congress (Saturn energy). In addition to this there are numerous departments, such as housing, welfare, energy, agriculture, interior, IRS etc.

Below the federal we have state government with a lower reflection of the higher three – the governor, the judiciary and the senate and house. From these come many additional appointed bodies.

Next down we have the governor of a city, the mayor, the city council and local judges. Below this we have many other governing bodies – our schools, PTA, civic organizations, businesses with their hierarchies etc.

Now if you were to explain this to a young child who had recently attained self-awareness he would be likely to be mystified by the complexity of it all and just settle in his mind to understand the government of his Mom and Dad and be happy with that.

As we approach consciousness in the Kingdom of God we are like that child and instead of differentiating we just want to lean on Father/Mother God and keep things simple.

The truth is that God is a body composed of “many members” and to truly prepare ourselves to be “kings and Priests” in the kingdom we must understand the make-up of that kingdom. We have many hierarchies here in the human kingdom, but above us there are indeed numerous additional.

Those who have the feel-good new age belief that there are no teachers or students, no leaders or followers, no great or small in the kingdom of God are in for a surprise for the great truth and the principle behind all creation is this:

All is Hierarchy – Hierarchy is the ALL.

When we consider this we realize that the information given out concerning the Spiritual Hierarchies and relating them to our own only gives us a small glimpse into the workings of the higher lives.

While it is true that the state, as a whole, is aware of each and every one of us (just try not paying taxes or a traffic ticket if you question this), it is also true that most members of the state are oblivious to us as individuals. I know the President has never heard of me and no one in Congress has given me a call lately. The governor’s wife was one of our customers, but overall, I as an individual, am not in the consciousness of any member of the governing hierarchy.

BUT – would it be possible for me to get their attention?

Yes. An easy way to do it would be to rob a bank. Then several hierarchies would take an interest in finding me.

A positive way to do it would be to start a consulting firm. If the mayor hired me I could give him good advice and have his daily attention.

I could run for governor. If I was a good candidate the present governor would pay a lot of attention to me and spare nothing in finding out everything about me.

If I studied medicine and found a cure cancer then I might even get a call from the President.

Now this same principle applies to the hierarchical lives over us in that body we call God, instead of the State. Some of them are of such evolution that they are much more aware of the whole and the parts than are our own leaders, but rarely do they give us individualized attention any more than do our earthly leaders.

Closest to you in the Spiritual Hierarchy are your “Guardian Angels,” and your Higher Self, but above them you have to do something extra to get their attention.

If you wanted to get the attention of a certain master you would have to be able to offer some useful assistance to his particular field of endeavor with which he is presently engaged. This principle applies on up the line.

Just as the President only has a few people selected who are useful to his goals, even so it is not likely that many of us would cause the Great Ones to pay much individualized attention to us. As we are progressing on the path, the main attention we receive from the Spirit is through our own souls and our fellow humans.

We like to think that the Masters are fighting over the privilege to communicate with us, but such communications are rare. Instead, they put most of their attention on groups as a whole. The best way to get the attention of a master is to be in, or start a group, in alignment with their purpose.

The Christ attracted the attention of lives greater than he because he became a useful tool in their hands and initiated teachings that would change the whole world. In addition to this he attracted the attention of the Great Logos because he vibrated in such alignment with him. Correspondingly, a world leader may go out of his way to take someone under his wing if he feels a strong rapport with him. The Christ was both useful and in harmonic vibration with the Solar as well as the Planetary Logos.

What part did Saturn play during the past 2000 years? He still influences the Jews with which he is closely linked, and numerous other groups and peoples. In addition he has had a strong influence in the Christian Church and the present Mormons even though the initiating impulse of the Christ energy came from the Solar Logos.

Speaking of the Mormons it is interesting to note that Joseph Smith had a Jupiter talisman on his person the day he was killed. Near the end of his life he came into close contact with the Jupiter energy, but was not able to vitalize the Church with it. This is illustrated by the fact that the Nauvoo temple that he built was highlighted by Sunstones, but the next temple which was built after he died in Salt Lake was by Saturnian Brigham Young for the temple has Saturn Stones on the walls and originally it was planned to have an actual engraving on Saturn itself there, but was rejected.

May 25, 2001

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Molecular Questions

This entry is part 11 of 62 in the series 2010

Posted July 22, 2010
Ruth wrote:
Jesus’ Molecule was Himself as the Conduit for the higher entity and energies, plus 12 men and 12 women. Never forget the female energies in these molecules wherein 1 + 1 = one, or one negative and one positive, or one male/sending and one female/receiving, and yes, that can also mean one gay male and one female or vice versa, as long as the energies balance out to a degree where one sends and one receives, like an electrical current.

John C
I have a request and a question.

(1) Request. When we discuss electrical current in the world of physics, we can diagram the flow of electricity in any electrical current, whether it be a simple flashlight or a complex computer. In fact, we could take any energy system and draw a diagram with little arrows showing the flow of positive and negative energy. What I would like to see is an energy diagram of a human molecule. This shouldn’t be too difficult to accomplish, since a molecule is based on simple electrical principles. We can diagram the basic electrical flows in an atom, or a chemical molecule, or even the human body. AAB’s books contain what could be considered diagrams of the flow of energy between members of the hierarchy, and between all the human vehicles. I’ve even seen electrical flow diagrams of the chakras within the human body. How about an electrical flow diagram for a human molecule?

Start off with the flow of energy in a molecular relationship. Expand that into the energy flow within each atomic unit, among all the atomic units, the flow of the energy of soul contact, the flow of energy between the molecule and the higher life which in habits the molecule, and the flow of energy between the molecule and the higher molecule with which it is linked. Have I left anything out?

This whole concept might be easier to understand, and easier for people like me to accept once these basic flows are understood through a physical, scientific diagram.

This has been available for a long time.  You can see how the lines of force work in the following diagram:

The initiating unit is overshadowed bringing in the spiritual flow from the hierarchy.

John then projects us into a possible future where gay marriage is accepted by the majority and is no longer controversial.  Then he says:

Suppose that the Keys is growing, and human molecules are being formed. They are attracting peoples’ attention as more and more obtain soul contact and seek to organize themselves along this order. You have to know that some gay couples are going to be attracted to this as well and will want to join a molecule, but they are forbidden to join unless they take on a female working partner.

This is not true.  Take a look at the diagram of the expanding molecule  and you will see the twenty-four entities and associate single members.  All these members can be male or female gay or straight as long as they show evidence of soul contact and are willing to work toward balancing the energy of the whole.

I think the misunderstanding you have is that you are seeing a partnership in the molecule as being similar to a marriage or an emotional/romantic one and it is not.  Partners can be married or romantically attached, but that is only for convenience sake.  The purpose of working together is not to enhance relationship between two romantic couples, but to balance the energy so the spiritual electricity can flow bringing in higher purpose.

To accomplish this the zero point must be approached by each unit. If it turns out that a straight female is sending to her straight male partner then a change must be made so she is receiving, else the couple will not be able to approach the zero point and will cause resistance to energy. This does  not mean they are not good enough, but it means they are in their wrong place for lowering resistance. Even so, two male gays are both in male bodies that have a positive charge.  It takes a negative charge to lower the resistance of the male in the molecule so the couple will either have to be associate members or take a female partner they can send to.  This has nothing to do with their romantic relationship.  In fact it will enhance it if they are in tune with their souls for when the group achieves soul contact as a unit they will move closer to each other as well as the other members.

For example, when we meet at gatherings it makes no difference to me whether my wife is next to me as the energy flows or on the other side of the circle.  What matters is the lowering of resistance to the spiritual flow. We do not create a molecule there but we do bring in some spiritual energy and always align male/female as much as possible.

You can’t just look at a proton and pronounce it an electron.  No matter what you do it will still have a positive charge and the electron will remain negative.  To make things work we have to accept the principles that govern energy and then work with them.  If a thing works then it will not matter whether people thought it was politically incorrect.  Once a working model is demonstrated it is only a matter of time before it is accepted.

John C
If you don’t know many gay people, especially men, you may be as surprised as I was to find that there is a higher percentage of seekers and spiritually-minded people than in the population at large.

I wouldn’t be surprised though I care not to make a tabulation.  There are other gays on this list besides you, for instance and they are very insightful.

John C
Also, if you look at “societal evolution” (as Rush calls it), Blacks and Gays are usually at the forefront.

I don’t look at any one group or race on the forefront.  We are all in this together and you never know where the next surge will take place.

John c
And, if JJ’s teaching’s ever reach the mass consciousness, the most spiritually-minded among us are likely to be the earliest adopters, and this could become a big question when these people start looking for something, and are told that they can’t have it, or perceive that they are being sent that same old message that they are just not “good enough”. That might not be the message you intended to send, but that is how that message will be received.

No.  That is not the message that is intended to be sent and it is not the message being sent.  If any perceive it that way it is because they need to understand how the Molecular Relationship works.  No one is judged as being good or evil by their race or place of energy. We’ve gone through this before and I’m surprised you are bringing it up again.  Hopefully we can clarify this time.

John C
Thinking people, both gay and straight, are going to wonder how come same both gay and straight married couples are seen as equal in society, but not in a human molecule.

Again where do you get this convoluted idea??? I have said nothing that should give you this thought.

John C
People are going to look on the human molecule the same way people look at fundamentalist religions today, with their doctrines of wifely submission to husbands based on “infallible Biblical teachings”.

If the molecule actually works they will study why it works and then only go with what makes it work.  Would you create something that looks like a light bulb but then does not turn on?  Political correctness has nothing to do with the light bulb working or whether people will accept it if it works.