Black Holes

Jan 15, 1999

Black Holes

In each Solar System that has evolving self-conscious life there are a small number of total failures. All of us have done some nasty things and have been very selfish in past lives but almost all of us are guided by pain back into the peaceful world of the soul. Nevertheless, there are a few who totally dedicate themselves to the dark side or the world of Self and become a full fledged Dark Brother “who knoweth he hath but a short time.”

Because he totally rejects the light of the soul his lower bodies enter a state of disintegration and after their purpose is fulfilled on the various planets where they have developed they are then gathered together into a place, which is called in the Bible a “Bottomless Pit.”

The Bottomless Pit is a Star System that is a gathering place for excess dense physical matter. After a sufficient amount is gathered, the combined energy creates an implosion of force which causes the system to collapse on itself. Then all light is sucked into a point of nothingness and as Jesus said “If your light is then darkness, how great is that darkness.”

All the lives in that system, all the matter, all the light is reduced to a point, a (singularity as Steven Hawking may call it). This point is neither a wormhole nor a gateway to another universe, but a point of pure soul which is a gateway back to essential Spirit. Thus do these lives go back to their source where their true Spiritual Selves contemplate in a state of Pralaya for several billion years before making another attempt at physical manifestation.

Another way to put this is to say a black hole is the recycling bin of the galaxy.

Concerning space travel and the speed of light we are fortunate that the Dark Brothers are limited to physical technology and are limited in their travels by time, acceleration and physical technology. This limitation makes it virtually impossible for them to conquer any other worlds except within certain star systems where they dominate.

They do, however, manipulate, etheric matter at times to create the illusion of flying saucers, but they are unable to materialize them in the dense physical. By hypnosis and the implanting of false memories they have deceived some into thinking they have had a physical contact when in the end it was a mere illusion.

Their main negative influence on other worlds is through strong astral and lower mental energies where they attempt to contact and manipulate dark disciples on other worlds. Hitler was a contact such as this.

The Brotherhood of Light, however, is not limited to normal physical travel problems for they travel through space using a spiritual technology. They have the ability to fold and unfold matter which matter is created on an illusionary principle. When the illusion of physical matter is folded into the higher bodies then they are able to travel through space at many times the speed of light. When they arrive at their destination they are able to unfold their vehicle or rematerialize in the physical..

There are also a handful of advanced civilizations who are doing exploratory space travel. These beings are neither Masters nor Dark Brothers, but just a little ahead of ourselves. These civilizations are very rare in our part of the galaxy.

Over 99% of alien encounters are either a deception or illusion of some kind, a fabrication or some type of hypnotic effect. For the most part we are left alone for long periods of time to develop on our own. The Prime Directive of Star Trek fame is very close to the real thing.

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Keys Posts 2012, Part 2

This entry is part 6 of 40 in the series 2012A

Jan 17, 2012

Glenda Green & Jesus

Glenda seems to claim much more than an impression. Here are some quotes from her book – love Without End:

Jesus appeared to me and was with me for almost four months between November 1991 and March 1992.

In the fall of 1992, much to my surprise, those special circumstances were arranged and another vision was brought to me. It happened in a little country church where I had given the evening presentation. During the closing prayer, I noticed the rare fragrance I always sensed when Jesus was in my studio. Lifting my head and opening my eyes brought confirmation of what I suspected. He was there! Without a word to startle the others, I quietly beheld a fascinating process. With every passing second He regressed in age until He became an infant in His mother’s arms. Mary was young and classically Hebrew in appearance. In her loveliness, she was the image of innocence and barely more than a child herself. After a few minutes, the vision stabilized and remained unchanged for the two months required to paint it. The Flame of Love, as the painting came to be called,

A wry grin began to take shape on His face as He focused a quizzical look at me.

“His eyes were like clear pools of water, as I gazed into them, and beheld the simplicity of His succinct reply.

While nodding to the reality of our history, His countenance remained calm and serene. A comforting smile spread across His face…

In His presence there was love overflowing. Glowing with an aura of contentment and happiness, His face radiated joy, and He often smiled from ear to ear. I was fascinated, however, by the fact that I never saw Him laugh.

Jan 17, 2012

Sarah’s Story

Sarah: I was diagnosed dyslexic at the age of 7, as well as intellectually gifted. At 15 I was diagnosed ADD and medicated with stimulants. At 21, I was diagnosed Bipolar and they added an anticonvulsant and an antipsychotic to the mix. At 24, they added a sedative. At 25, I found, got off all my meds that very night, told my doctors an parents I was not mentally ill…then I went crazy for a bit as I withdrew and then I changed my diet to predominately raw vegan and added vitamins and supplements including Klamath lake blue green algae.

And now I’m perfectly normal.

My cousin is diagnosed with Aspergers as well as other labels. His mother, my aunt, is a biologist as is a clinical coordinator of some kind for

There is no real biological evidence that famous people who are no longer living had Aspergers. They also say most of them were ADD and Bipolar as well…back when those diagnoses were up and coming.

Just my two cents. I am also an artist. I believed I was mentally ill my whole life because doctors labeled me and plus artists and musicians usually are crazy. But, I decided that was bullshit and I had control over my own mind.

Sent from my iPhone

JJ I would think that i would have a heck of a time typing a message like that on an iphone.

I’m really glad the writings helped you. I’m curious what you read on freeread that first night that altered your course so.

My boy asked me which supplement I would recommend if I was limited to just one and it was the one you mentioned – the blue green algae from Klammath Falls.

Jan 19, 2012

Can Love Be Defined?

JJ DK didn’t say that there are things that cannot be put in words but that we lack the words to define some things. He often complained that AAB had a limited scientific vocabulary and this limited his ability to explain some things clearly.

Some languages completely lack words that are common in English so this would limit their ability to put some things into words. If I am trying to explain a concept for which we do not have words I will usually put a new twist on an existing words – such as my use of Purpose in the Molecular Relationship.


Jan 19, 2012

Newt Gingrich Handwriting?

LWK asked me to take a look at Newt’s handwriting. It looks like only the first link supplied has a serious attempt to analyze Newt. I’ll make a few comments.

Lets look at the sample here:

Let’s examine some of his analysis.

1. Major daddy issues. This is probably true. He thinks he can greatly exceed the accomplishments of his parents. There are things about his childhood and upbringing he would just as soon forget.

2. He points out an undotted i. I checked out other samples and he seems to leave around 20% of his Is undotted. This can merely mean absent mindedness, but in Newt’s case it seems to mean lack of attention to details that are not essential in his view.

3. “Maniac d” then he says – “yes, the trait that is in serial killer’s handwriting.”

This is a d with a slant that shifts quite a bit farther to the right than the surrounding letters. I checked out two other samples of his handwriting and this shift in slant did not occur there. Strange shifts in slant of the letters whether they be Ds or other letters is a sign of inner emotional turmoil. These shifts often occur in teenagers as they are trying to figure our who they want to be. Newt does indeed act like an emotional teenager at times, but then other times he has pretty good control. This shows up in his various handwriting samples where some are more stable than others.

Looking at the handwriting as a whole there is not much likelihood he would be a serial killer but he is likely to react strongly to an attack as evidenced by his reaction to Romney’s ads.

4. Explosive. He will explode now and then but not an abnormal amount. He’s very sensitive and when offended he feels like lashing out but usually just lets off enough steam to stay sane.

5. Nasty, nasty, nasty temper. Yes he has a temper and lets off enough steam to avoid dangerous explosions.

6. A seriously mean person.

Sometimes uncaring, neglectful, and capable of vengeance, but I wouldn’t call him seriously mean.

7. Is dishonest. Actually in normal circumstances he is quite honest. He likes to be direct and to the point. He enjoys openly and honestly sharing his conventional thoughts. On the other hand, he has secrets, perhaps a secret agenda that he keeps to himself. Aside from these things he likes honest sharing.

8. Ruthless towards his enemies. This could be true if his feelings are stirred.

9. Careless. Yes, sometimes, but not always.

10. Unethical. Probably about like your average politician.

11. Greedy. Sometimes.

12. Skirts the rules. He will do this when it makes sense to him.

13. He says Newt Gingrich is The Inventor – INFP (Introvert – iNtuitive – Feeler – Perceiver) + Analytical. I agree with this.

14. He says Newt Gingrich is unqualified for leadership.

He’s better at coming up with ideas than gaining the trust of his fellow men in carrying them out. How effective he will be as a leader will largely depend on who he chooses for his inner circle. The trouble is that he will ignore the advice of his inner circle if convinced his ideas aren’t being advanced.

Overall he is very intelligent, never at a loss for words, intuitive, fiercely independent and determined to go his own way. He’s also very emotional and overly sensitive. Sometimes he’s at peace with his inner feelings and other times he is in conflict. He has a big ego and loves to be the center of attention – not as bad as Obama, however.

Jan 22, 2012

Possible Life on Venus Found


Jan 27, 2012

War with Iran

Ruth asked me to comment on this: “Ramtha has warned on several occasions war with Iran is likely if Republican is President.”

JJ There is a danger of war with Iran no matter who is president – except for maybe Ron Paul. We may avoid war for a while by following a pacifist policy as we did before WWII but the best course when you have enemies is peace through strength – as well as smart policy.

Jan 28, 2012


Rut asks about the timeframe before great destruction will come.

JJ I’ve never placed a time on a scenario of great destruction but have merely said that the gathering needs to have a serious beginning between 2025-2030. It may be 100 years or more before something is created that could really be called Zion where the inhabitants see eye to eye or soul to soul. The gathering will provide a refuge from all sorts of possible calamities that may befall the planet as the communities will be self sustaining. The work I am involved in extends way beyond this life.

Jan 28, 2012

Re: Bill Wood Interview with Project Camelot

JJ Even though we do not have video there were dozens of witnesses who actually saw the plane hit he Pentagon and none of them saw a Tomohawk missile. They all saw a plane and I hear one guy interviewed who said he was close enough to see the windows of the plane and people inside.

Jan 28, 2012

Re: The Literal Gathering of Israel, Chapter Four

Ruth: So there needs to be a small gathering first of 24 or 144,000 people? and then a major gathering might take place later on.

The people that gather first are the ones who are directed by soul to get together in the flesh at a specific destination? This is where I am confusing the time lines and phases of Zion.

JJ No, that’s not what I said. We may have to gather thousands before we find the 24 capable of creating the first molecule. The first 24 gathered will not create a working molecule. How many we will have to sift through before 24 can be found who can take all kinds of grief yet remain firm in the soul is hard to say. Time will tell.

After the gathering begins it will continue from henceforth for thousands of years with gatherings from the gatherings and regatherings as time goes on.

Feb 2, 2012

Possession Problem

Stephen, The fact that you are experiencing this problem after attempting automatic writing indicates that you opened yourself to an external entity or at least elemental negative forces. It doesn’t sound like the Dweller experience proceeding the third initiation because you have not mentioned anything indicating the Angel of the Presence.

You mentioned that things seemed worse after saying the Song. This could indicate the entities revulsion toward the Song and that you should say it more not less.

Reread everything I’ve said about the principle of attrition in Book 3 and the archives. Even though you undergoing a painful experience proceed with your life as if nothing negative is affecting you or even in your presence. This is a state of mind you must acquire. Don’t do any type of meditation until you are healed. Prayer is fine.


Feb 2, 2012

UFO Crash Site?

To this Dan writes:

I can do ya one better:


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The Great White Chief Part 6

This entry is part 10 of 34 in the series 2010B

Posted May 15, 2010

The Mormons regard the Indians as a remnant of Israel, as related in the Book of Mormon, and believe that the Messiah has a special work to accomplish with these people; all of which is in agreement with the teachings of the Indian Messiah.

They were also especially concerned about this reported appearance of the Indian Messiah because their own Prophet Joseph Smith had twice predicted 100 101

that Christ would come about 1890, probably as a preliminary coming to His final coming in glory for His Millennial Reign.

The first prediction appears in the LDS Church History, Vol. 2182, under date of Feb. 14, 1835, and states that “. . . the coming of the Lord, which is nigh—even fifty-six years should wind up the scene. ” This comes out to Feb. 14, 1891.

The other prediction was made eight years later under the date of April 2, 1843, and is found in the LDS Doctrine and Covenants, 130:14-16. In it the Lord says that if he (Joseph) “should live to be eighty-five years of age, he should see the face of the Son of Man. ” The Prophet Joseph admits that this coming could refer to one prior to the Millennium, or even to his death at age eighty-five. But his death came at age thirty-nine, so the Lord did not have that in mind. Joseph Smith was born on Dec. 23, 1805, so this comes out to Dec. 23, 1890!

Needless to say, there was some disappointment among the Mormons that Christ had elected to appear to the lowly Indians at Walker Lake, Nevada, instead of to the good Latter-day Saints, awaiting Him in Utah. But sad to say, by 1890, the LDS had already rejected the practice of Christ’s major doctrines such as United Order, Plural Marriage, and the Adam-God doctrine, and others, because they felt that persecution was too intense, and the general opposition was too strong. Many of the Indians, however, have for generations lived their manner of United Order and Plural Marriage regardless of opposition.


There were many other articles in the nation’s press in the year 1890, about this Indian Messiah, but by far the best and most impressive account comes from the eye-witness testimony given by one of the twelve Indian apostles, appointed by the Indian Messiah, a Cheyenne by the name of Porcupine. Porcupine delivered a sermon at Ft. Custer, Montana. before an audience of some forty civilian and military personnel, with a few Indians present also. Fortunately, there was a newspaper reporter present from “The Boston Journal, ” by the name of F. K. Upham, and his paper published the story in their issue of July 5, 1890.

It tells how a righteous young Indian by the name of Porcupine from the Cheyennes, was, like certain wise men of the East, inspired to make this long arduous pilgrimage to Walker Lake, Nevada, to see the Messiah. He was accompanied by his wife and two other Indians; and, like the wise men of the East, they were very content with the high reward of their journey, for they, in truth, had seen the Messiah.

According to a report in “The Chicago Dispatch” and reprinted in “The Deseret News” for Nov. 18, 1890, Porcupine was also interviewed by Lt. Robinson of Ft. Custer, Montana, “General Miles had assigned Lt. Robinson to make a careful investigation of this new religion, and his principal interviews were with Apostle Porcupine, and with Big Beaver, who had accompanied Porcupine on his visit to see the Messiah.

“Porcupine told Lt. Robinson that there were several hundred Indians at Walker Lake at the time, including representatives of the Cheyenne, Sioux, Arapahoes, Gros-Ventres, Utes, Navajos, Bannocks, and other strange tribes. –Some were White Indians from a far distance the he did not know. “

However, the story by F. K. Upham in “The Boston Journal” gives the most detailed account of 103 102

Apostle Porcupine’s experience, and it is, indeed, an inspiring one, and one that clearly eliminates the lowly Wovoka, who spoke only Piute, as this most gifted Messiah. We will give Porcupine’s account here as Mr. Upham reports it.

“Before commencing his talk, Porcupine gave an almost inaudible prayer, that lasted fully five minutes, during which the other Indians with him sat with heads bowed. Porcupine stood erect, his hands extended upwards, Then he alternately placed his hands across his breast, and dropped them to his sides, as if following a sacred ritual.

“It was in the vicinity of Walker Lake, Nevada, and it was in the mountains where Porcupine found himself with many strange Indians whose language he could not speak, and who, like himself, had come from far off -but all had come to see the Messiah.

“At sundown the Indians collected in large numbers, and after it became dark, He appeared to them -a large fire being built to throw the light upon Dim. He was not as dark as an Indian nor as light as a white man, and His dress was partly like each. He sat for a long time in perfect silence with His head bowed, during which time the Indians neither moved nor spoke. They were told that if they even whispered, the Christ would know it and be displeased.

“After a time He raised His head, and then Porcupine saw that He was fair to look upon, that His face bad no beard, and was youthful, and that His bright hair extended to His waist. (This may be an error in reporting, because in another news article Sitting Bull describes the Indian Messiah as having a beard. –NCP. ) he was able to see the scars of the nails in the hands of the Indian Christ when He raised them. In His feet he could not see the marks of the nails by reason of the moccasins, but he was told they were there, and that in His side were spear marks which were concealed by the shirt He wore.

“Porcupine was told that HIS OWN COMING, HAD, WITH ELEVEN OTHERS, BEEN FORETOLD BY THE CHRIST, WHO HAD SENT FOR THEM, and that is why he had involuntarily taken the long journey. (The other eleven were the White Indians from Mexico. -NCP. )

“The Christ spoke to them, and took Porcupine by the hand and told them they were all His children. He talked to them until it was day, telling them that He had made them, and all things around them; that in the beginning God had made the earth, and after a time had sent Him on the earth to teach the people what was right; but the people were afraid of Him, and ‘this is what they did to Me, ‘ showing the scars.

“He said, when He found that the children were so bad, He went back above, and promised to return after many hundred years. Now the time was up and God had told Him the earth was old and worn out, and sent Him again to renew it, and make things better. He Said all the dead were to be resurrected and brought back to life on this earth, which was now too small to hold them all; but He would do away with heaven and make the earth large enough to hold them all.

“He spoke about fighting, that it was bad, and that Indians must not do it anymore, that the earth hereafter was to be all good and everybody must love one another.

“Porcupine had heard that the Christ of the white man had been nailed to the cross, and looking “He said He would send among them those who could heal wounds, and cure the sick by the laying on of the hands, and that the good would live here forever, and the buffalo would come back.

“He said it was wrong to kill men of any kind, that if any man disobeyed these teachings, he would be banished from the face of the earth; that the Indians must believe all that He now told them, and not say that Belied, for He would know their thoughts, no matter what part of the world they were in, and they could not expect to deceive Him.

“Among those whom Porcupine saw, were some who appeared like white men, (the White Indians from far South) but they all seemed good -and all listened and believed what the Christ told them.

“During Porcupine’s stay of many days, the Christ appeared several times and repeated these talks and told the Indians that when they returned to their people, they must tell them all these things. But He was not all the time visible, and could disappear at will. ‘He is here among us tonight and knows all that we are talking about. ‘ said Porcupine. . . ‘When you have seen the Christ once, you can see Him in your sleep, that is, if you have shaken His hand. and through Him you c6n go to heaven and see your friends who are dead. I see Him often in my sleep and He told me there was trouble for the Cheyennes. The next night He came to me and told me that all would be well in the end. ‘

“Of Porcupine’s sincerity, there can be no doubt. As he says of himself, he is no medicine man, ‘ and he seems to have no wish to become one. That he has seen the Person Whom he describes as the Christ, there seems to be no question. ” (Note: This article was also reprinted in the LDS “Millennial Star” for Aug. 18, 1890, Vol. 52;532-535. ) Also Deseret Weekly Aug 2, 1890, Page 180


A story in “The Deseret Weekly, ” published by “The Deseret News, ” dated Dec. 27th, 1890, tells about Sitting Bull, or Short Bull, the Arapahoe, and Porcupine, concerning their testimonies of the Indian Messiah. This evidence should remove all remaining doubt that this most unusual Personage could have been Wovoka, the Piute. “The Deseret Weekly” quotes a story taken from the current “Illustrated American, ” of the time as follows:

“Just when and where the present Messiah craze arose is uncertain. The evidence at present obtainable indicates that it has resulted more from a process of evolution than from the preaching of any one man. The first Indian who preached the coming of the Red Christ in a manner that attracted attention was Short Bull, or Sitting Bull, an Arapahoe, who must not be confused with Sitting Bull, the Sioux chief who took part in the Custer massacre. This Sitting Bull, or Short Bull, arrived at the Shoshone agency at Fort Washakie in Wyoming, about a year ago and announced that he had seen the Christ. The new Messiah, he said, told of His previous life upon the earth 1900 years ago, , and how the people refused to accept Him and showed the scars in Ella hands and feet where He had been nailed to the cross. He promised that the buffalo and other game should return in their former abundance. Then the Messiah gave the Indian buffalo meat to eat, and Sitting Bull fell asleep. When he awoke he found that he had been transported a long distance in his sleep.

“Indians do not communicate with one another by letter, but send their messages by runners. By word of mouth, Sitting Bull’s story was made known to many tribes, and a year ago a sort of council was held at a place supposed to be on the shores of Walker Lake, in western Nevada. At this council, the Messiah showed Himself. Representatives of sixteen tribes are said to have been present. Near the camp, the sage brush and rose bushes had been cut off close to the ground over a circle perhaps 100 feet in diameter. Here is one of the accounts of the appearance of Christ.

“The next day, as the sun was setting low, the people all assembled about this circle, and presently a Man was seen walking into it. The people stood about until He had reached the middle of the circle and then they went to meet Him. He stood in their midst and talked to them, appearing to be able to talk all languages and to make Himself understood by all the tribes present. He told the people that things were going to be changed; that the buffalo and the game would be brought back; that they should have again their own country, and that the world would be turned upside down.

“Be closed His speech by saying that in the night He would go up to Heaven to see God. Next morning about nine or ten o’clock the people again gathered about the circle and presently the Messiah walked in among them. He told them He had just returned from Heaven where He had seen God.

“Among the Indians present at the council was Porcupine, a northern Cheyenne, who has since been one of the foremost prophets of the new Messiah. His story is as follows:

“‘What I am going to say is the truth. The two men sitting near me were with me, and will bear witness that I speak the truth. All the Indians and white people are brothers and sisters, I was told there. I never knew this before. The fish-eaters near Pyramid Lake, Nevada, told me that the Christ had appeared on earth again. They said that Christ knew that he (Porcupine)was coming, and that 107

eleven of His children were coming from a far land. (The White Indians from Mexico. -NCP. ) It appeared that Christ had sent for me to go there, and that was why, unconsciously, I took my journey. It had been foreordained. They told me when I got there that my Great Father was there also, but I did not know who He was.

“The people assembled, called a council and the chief’s son went to see the Great Father, who sent word for us to remain 14 days in that camp, and that He would come and see us. At the end of two days, on the third morning, hundreds of people gathered at this place. They cleared a place near the agency in the form of a circus ring, and we all went there. Just before sundown, I saw a great many people, mostly Indians, coming dressed in white man’s clothes. The Christ was with them. They all formed in this ring and around it; and they put up sheets all around the circle, as they had no tents.

“‘Just after dark, some of the Indians told me that Christ’s Father had arrived. I looked around to find Him and finally saw Him sitting on one side of the ring. He was dressed in a white robe. The next morning He told us He was going away for that day, but would be back the next morning and talk to us. I heard that Christ had been crucified, and I looked to see, and I saw a scar on His wrist and one on His face, and He seemed to be the man. I could not see His feet. He would talk to us all day. That evening we all assembled again to see Him depart. The following morning the Christ was back with us and wanted to talk with us. He said I am the man who made everything you see around you. I am not lying to you, my children. I made this earth and everything on it. I have been to Heaven and have seen your dead friends, and have seen my own Father and Mother. 108

“‘He spoke to us about fighting and said that it was bad, and that we must keep from it. The earth was to be all good hereafter, and that we must be friends with one another. He said that if any man disobeyed what He ordered, his tribe would be wiped from the face of the earth. Ever since the Christ talked to me, I have thought what He said was good. I have seen nothing bad in it. When I got back, I knew my people were bad and had heard nothing of this, so I got them together and warned them to listen to it for their own good. I told them just what has been told to you here today. ‘

“Porcupine’s tale met with belief wherever he told it. It will be observed that Porcupine’s account of the Red Christ’s message makes it one of peace.

“The next development of the belief was furnished by Kicking Horse, whose visit to Heaven had been compared with that of Tecumseh’s brother, the prophet. Kicking Horse is a Sioux. To him are accredited the feature of the craze involved in the belief of the resurrection of all dead Indians, and of the over-whelming of the whites.

“His story is that he was taken to Heaven through a hole in the clouds, and talked to the Great Spirit, who told him that His children, the Indians, have suffered enough, and the time would come when they should occupy the earth again. They must not kill nor molest the whites, the Great Spirit said, for He Himself, would wipe the wicked people from off the face of the earth by sending a wave of mud 20 feet or more in depth, over the country. The dead Indians would be restored to life, and there would be buffalo and horses aplenty.

The following is an account given in The American, ” of the experience which Sitting Bull, or Short 109

Bull, claims to have passed through.

“While hunting alone near the Shoshone Mountain, he became lost, and for a long time wandered about aimlessly. Finally a strange feeling came over him, and he involuntarily began to follow a certain star, which moved before him and led him many miles up into the mountains. Just at daybreak, the star became stationary over a beautiful mountain valley, and he sank to rest on a couch of moss.

“While he rested, estrange vision appeared to him. He saw a great spirit dance, and the participants were dead Arapahoe warriors, led by the dead chiefs of the past. Suddenly he was awakened by a voice, and he saw before him a strange being dressed in a blanket of pure white. The strange being said that He was the same Christ who was upon the earth 1900 years ago to save the white men; and that He would soon return to save the red men. The people who have so long persecuted and robbed the Indian would be driven out of the land and across the sea, never to return again. All day the Messiah conversed with Sitting Bull, revealing to him many things, and also showing him the scars of nails in His hands and feet, and wounds in His side. When night came the Messiah disappeared. “

It appears that Porcupine was the only one of the Twelve Indian Apostles to carry the Messiah’s message among the North American Indians. The other eleven White Indians retired to their sacred city in the far south of Mexico. Apparently they were under covenant not to promulgate their gospel to the rest of the world until they were so commanded by the Messiah. 110 111


Back in 1945, this writer interviewed a Navajo Indian by the name of Natoni Nezbah, who claimed that he had visited the sacred city of White Indians in the far south of Mexico, and that he had met and received teachings from their Great White Chief, Echa Tah Echa Nah, The Mighty and Wise One, whose name is Joseph, which was also the name of his father before him.

Toni, as we called him, also asserted that Echa Tah Echa Nah had been acclaimed as the Super Chief of all other Indian chiefs at a great conference of leading Indians from North, South and Central America, which was held at Lake Pitzcuaro in the Mexican state of Michoacan, in April of 1940. Toni told a lengthy, detailed story about these White Indians, and their beliefs, culture and Utopian society that seemed to be ideal. And bow it was their plan to soon make a massive migration to the North, and how they would amalgamate with the Mormons. But he was presenting a time table that was far ahead of the actual event, which must come after the 3i years of unprecedented tribulation.

Needless to say, I was fascinated with the story and soon put it into manuscript form, being very faithful to the detail. * as he related them to me. However, one copy of this manuscript got out of my hands, and soon it received a wide circulation by being copied and re-copied, mimeographed and printed. Infect, one of the general authorities of the Church, who should know, informed me that if he had a dime for every copy of it, he would be a rich man.

Chief Howard L. LaHurreau of the Pottawattomie Indians, when interviewed by Milton R. Hunter and others at or near Ft. Wayne, Indiana, June 15, 1951, verified that Natoni Nezbah had been taught in this “Star City” of the White Indians, but that he had broken his Indian vows by contacting the Mormons and offering to take any of them to this Sacred City.

Once more 1955, this same story received wide circulation again in a booklet published by The New Age Publishing Company, operated by Dorothy Thomas of Glendale, California. Strangely enough Mrs. Thomas soon received an invitation from Chief Dan Kat chongva of the Hopi Indians to come and visit him on this matter.


The venerable old chief, who is said to be now 110 years old, verified the story, although he declared that Natoni Nezbah was not a true authorized messenger of Echa Tah Echa Nah. Nevertheless, he asserted that the story was basically true, and that the Hopi Indians were looking forward to the coming of The Great White Chief, together with The True White Brother. The True White Brother had led them to their present homeland, and had given them some sacred tablets to keep until He returns with other tablets that will match them, and the sacred inscriptions thereon can then be revealed.

These powerful leaders, he said, will be able to unite all the North American Indians together as one nation, and gather them to Hopi Land to escape THE DAY OF PURIFICATION, or Judgment Day, that is about to come upon the world. This is the time according to Indian prophecies, that evil doers will be swept off from the face of the earth, and mostly Indians will be left to inherit the land of America. A well known Indian prophecy states that the White-man’s money will soon become worthless; then they will almost destroy themselves by fighting among themselves and the Negroes. Then after further judgments 112

are visited upon the land, the Indian will be left to inherit his own land once again.


The Hopi version of the prophecy about the Day of Purification, was recently published on the front page of “The Prescott Courier, ” for August 9, 1970, when old Chief Dan Katchongva visited there to witness a series of foretold UFO sightings. He was seeking a long awaited sign from them. These UFO sightings were witnessed by hundreds of people, and were also photographed and the pictures published on the front page of the Courier, along with the Hopi story. Infect, the UFO stories were featured for three days. (See also FATE Magazine for April, 1971. )

The Hopi prophecy from the front page of “The Prescott Courier” follows:

“The Hopi believe that the human race will pass through three stages of life since its origin. Three being a sacred number. At the end of each stage, human life has to be purified or punished by certain acts of the Great Spirit, due mainly to corruption, greed and turning away from the Great Spirit’s teachings. The last great destruction was by flood, which destroyed all but a few faithful ones.

“The Hopi now await the next Purification Day, at which time all wicked or wrong doers shall be punished or destroyed, after which real peace, brotherhood and everlasting life will be brought about.

“They believe that a big fire and explosion will signal the coming of the True White Brother. This, they believe, will be a sign for an Indian migration from Mexico, Central and South America to begin.

“The Hopi believe that their True White Brother, when he comes, will be all powerful and he will wear a red cap or a red cloak. He will be (with)a large population, and belong to no religion but his very own. He will bring with him the Sacred Stone Tablets. Great will be his coming. None will be able to stand against him. All power in this world will be placed in his hands, and he will come swiftly and in one day get control of this whole continent. The Hopi have been warned never to take up arms. “


This event was again reported in “The Albuquerque Journal” for Oct. 10, 1970, where a feature article carried these headlines: HOPI GET PROPHECY SIGN FROM UFO’s, and a five column story follows.

“We have seen the flying saucers and have heard their message to us, ” said Chief Dan Katchongva, declaring that the Day of Purification was near at hand. Chief Dan Katchongva was the leader of a delegation of Hopis who went to the United Nations in 1959, to warn the assembled world leaders of the impending Day of Purification, and to warn them also of the great need for them to repent and establish and maintain peace in the world, or suffer the consequence of the Day of Purification. “

The article concludes with the old Chief’s words: “We know the faithful are to be gathered to escape Purification Day. Therefore, when the great fire and explosion takes place, it will be seen all over North, South end Central America, and the earth shall shake. Therefore, when the True White Brother comes, listen to him and gather when the power comes from the South.

“We give you our testimony, and all that we tell you is true, ” the Chief said, “So you have no excuse that you were not told. “

Can we deny it? Truly the day of the Indian is about to dawn, while the day of the white man is already in twilight, and rapidly approaching darkness. 115

A Few Parting Thoughts

Your attention is called to Isaiah, 30:26, where it speaks of the moon becoming “as the light of the sun, and the light of the sun shall be sevenfold, as the light of seven days. ” This could be the light signal, visible a1 over the Americas, that is to mark the start of the great Indian migration from the south.

The True White Brother appears to be Christ, whose own presence will be in this great migration, according to the Doctrine and Covenants, 103:19-20: “Therefore, let not your hearts faint, for I say unto you as I said unto your fathers: Mine angel shall go up before you, but not my presence, But I say unto you: Mine angels shall go up before you, and also my presence, and in time ye shall possess the goodly land. “

The red cape and cap of the True White Brother is clarified in the Doctrine and Covenants, 133:50-51: “And his voice shall be heard: I have trodden the wine press alone, and have brought judgment upon all people; and none were with me. And I have trampled them in my fury, and I did tread upon them in mine anger, and their blood have I sprinkled upon my garments, and stained all my raiment; for this was the day of vengeance which was in my heart. “

As to the great gathering of the Indians to escape the Day of Purification, we call attention to the promise of Christ in the Book of Mormon, in 3 Nephi, 20:13-16, where He promises “to gather the remnants (or Indians) from the north, south, east, and west, to bring them to a knowledge of the Lord their God, who hath redeemed them. And the Father bath commanded me that I SHOULD GIVE UNTO YOU (the Nephites and Lamanites, etc. ) THIS LAND FOR YOUR INHERITANCE. “

President John Taylor indicated that only 10% to 25% of the LDS would survive the tests that we must face during the setting-in-order and judgment period.

Isaiah also indicated that a tenth would be spared when he asked the Lord about it: “Then said I, Lord, how long? And he answered, until the cities be wasted without inhabitant, and the houses without man, and the land be utterly desolate, and the Lord have removed men far away, and there be a great forsaking in the midst of the land.

“But yet in it shall be a TENTH, and it (the Tenth) shall return, —the holy seed shall be the substance thereof. ” (The holy seed for the millennial population. ) -See Isaiah, 6:11-13.

Let us not suppose that because the White Indians of necessity, had to limit their population growth inside their small, hidden valley, that this situation will prevail once they migrate to the New Jerusalem. Infect, Isaiah speaks of this very situation concerning those who survive the judgments in the days of The BRANCH Prophet: (Isa. 4:1-3)

“In that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying, We will eat our own bread, and wear our own apparel: only let us be called by thy name to take away our reproach. (of barrenness. )

“In that day shall The BRANCH of the Lord be beautiful and glorious, and the fruit of the earth shall be excellent and comely for them that are escaped of Israel. And it shall come to pass that he that is left in Zion, and he that remaineth in Jerusalem, shall be called holy, even everyone that is written among the living in Jerusalem. “

Yes, stand on your own two feet, like a tub on its own bottom, and work out your own salvation!

The End


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Posted Oct 5, 2010
I see there has been a revived interest in UFOs and aliens here and Alex has posted a link to an unusual book on the subject.

One problem we have on this subject is that very few principles are involved when discussing it and we’re left to speculate as to whether or not data is true.

Outside of receiving a revelation from God how is one to know whether or not data is true, especially if the data is in the realm of that which is possible?

Let us say that someone says that there are 100 planets within 20 light years on which there is life. How can anyone know for sure if this is true unless some very superior life form reveals it? And then if someone claims to have such a revelation from a superior life form how do we know if he is telling the truth or delusional?

We do not. But one thing we do know is this. Two contradictory statements cannot both be true. Either there is life on Mars or there is not. Either there are planets around Sirius or there is not. Either I am sitting in my chair typing this or I am not.

There are numerous writings out there on aliens and UFOs and many of them are in contraction of each other. This tells us that most of them are not correct along with the possibility that all of them are fabricated or illusionary.
So when we examine any writing or philosophy we look for harmony. We look for teachings that do not contradict that which we know to be true.

We also look for teachings that are in harmony with that which we internally sense to be true that seem to comply with true principles.

Logically, then what are some common concepts about aliens that comply with true principles and logic? There are several.

The universe is a very big place so statistically there has to be life on other planets. What percentage of solar systems have human like life is difficult to guess. Most scientists think it will be less than one out of a thousand. Some think it could be one out of 100,000. A handful think we could be alone in the universe.
Since it is most logical to assume that there is life on other planets it is also logical to assume that some of that life has been around for a very long time and evolved to a point that they would seem to be gods to us.

It is logical to assume that some of them have developed spacecraft. But according to the accepted laws of physics nothing physical can go faster than light. Therefore any transporting from one star to another would have to be in a non physical craft that can go faster than light.

In fact, one may logically assume that advanced beings would not even need a craft to transport themselves for they could move from star to star in a spiritual body and change places with other advanced souls on other worlds. If you were an advanced soul you may be contacted by someone from Acturus who wants to switch bodies with you so he can check out the earth. You agree and after the switch you find yourself on the planet Zercon circling around the sun Arcturus while the other guy is trying things out in your body on earth.

I took a look at the posted book “Intelligent Design.” It has some interesting things. Unfortunately, it has a lot of data that no one can prove one way or another. Even if the guy made the whole thing up some parts will be true and others false. But, the guy claimed to get his information from the Elohiym. So the truth is this. Either he did receive revelation from the Elohiym, or he did not.

Then there is another possibility and that is he received information from someone claiming to be of the Elohiym, but is an imposter.

I took a look at the book looking for clues and a number of red flags went up. Here are some.

(1) Almost all the Biblical history is explained in terms of alien interaction when virtually none of known provable history has such a connection. This doesn’t seem logical.

A lot of the things in the book have been written in other sources. For instance I first read the theory that the tower of Babel was an attempted spaceship in the writings of the Christian minister Herbert W. Armstrong. I read it in the Sixties and I think he wrote it in the Fifties.

This is of course, a possibility, but who knows unless one gets a revelation on it.

(2) Powerful claim of authority. He claims to be the Jesus of this era and was conceived by the same father in the same manner that Jesus was. This says to “follow me because of who I am” rather than what I teach.

(3) He says that Mankind is “a disease of the universe.”

This opposes my teaching that humans are the soul of the universe and will ultimately be a healing and great creative force. Which teaching feels best to your internal self?

He does correctly point out that we are in danger of nuclear war but thinks the chances are great that we will destroy ourselves completely. I think some of humanity will survive no matter what happens and they will eventually learn their lessons.

(4) He says there is no God, but only advanced humans. He doesn’t realize there is One Great Life permeating the universe.

(5) There are a number of things that defy logic. For instance he says that the Elohiym live on a giant solar system one light year from earth and the planet they live on is 44 billion miles from their sun.

The problem is there are no suns within four light years of the earth. Someone asked about this and he gives a convoluted answer that makes no sense.

Here’s another thing. If their planet is 44 billion miles from their sun this puts it farther away from their sun than is Pluto from ours. Pluto is so far away that the temperature is 390 degrees below zero. Their sun would have to be gigantic indeed to warm a planet that far away up to seventy degrees or higher. If such a sun was a light year away it would be brighter than the moon is in the sky. Since we do not see a star in the sky that is brighter than the moon then obviously there is no such giant star one light year away, or even ten light years away.

Here is my thinking on Aliens and UFOs. Internally I sense that I am to not concern myself with them as they will not be interfering with the affairs of humanity or influence anything that I will be attempting to do. If humanity ever gets to the point where they may completely annihilate themselves extra terrestrial forces may step in. Otherwise, we are on our own – with assistance of higher lives native to the earth.

Rob says:
You teach repeatedly about, and are such a staunch supporter of respecting free-will. Have you no stance on the topic of aliens violating human free-will on a regular basis by abducting and performing experiments on them? How can you say the aliens “will not be interfering with the affairs of humanity” when they already do? How can these aliens be so evolved yet treat humans like lab rats?

Your thoughts?

If what I’ve read about alien abductions is true then they do appear to be in violation of free will and of my teachings. If all the accounts of alien abductions are true then a lot of them seem to lack compassion and do not appear to be on the same side as the Brotherhood of Light.

The problem here is that I do not believe most of them are true physical contacts. I think the vast majority of them come from two causes.

(1) The contacting of thought forms. It’s interesting that a huge percentage of these contacts happen as the person is awakened from sleep. It’s probable that many of these were not fully awake and saw thought forms in a quasi dream state.

(2) Contacts from beings from a non physical etheric plane. Some of these who may not be linked to the Brotherhood of Light. They may have the technology to raise the vibration of an abductee to their level so they can deal with him as though it was a physical relationship on the earth.

There are several principles to consider here. First, remember that the Principle of Freedom does not mean there will be freedom in all circumstances, but it supports maximum freedom for the whole. Therefore the burglar does not have freedom to invade your home because if he is free to do this the whole is diminished.

Another principle is that there is a time, purpose and exception for everything.

Now let us suppose that the aliens see that our direction will wipe out the human race and they may be able to save us if they perform a few experiments on abductees. In this case, temporarily taking away the freedom of several abductees will greatly enhance the freedom of the whole.

I’m not saying this is the case but if the stories are true then these beings may have a justifiable reason for what they are doing that will bring more freedom than it takes away. After all, they have superior technology, but haven’t invaded us.

It is also possible that some of these are at an ordinary state of evolution and just experimenting with us as we experiment on animals. There are many possibilities here.

It is interesting to note that a hypnotic regression is far from being proof that a contact was made. Most hypnotic subjects want to please the hypnotist and if the slightest hint is given that an alien needs to be produced then many subjects will comply. It takes a savvy hypnotist to tell the difference between real recall and falsified memories.

On a different note I happen to know the daughter of Kenneth Arnold, the first person to get major publicity from a UFO sighting. She says that he had several encounters and his full story has never been told but the various family members cannot agree on how to proceed. He got very close to one of the craft and was able to see the portals to the inside.

I never said there were not sightings before Kenneth Arnold but his was the first that brought the attention of the phenomenon to the world. After 1947 the number of sightings greatly increased.
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