DK & Jesus Problems

DK & Jesus Problems

A reader was complaining to me that the DK writings were dry like a boring school textbook and he didn’t get much from them.

I had the same complaint about textbooks in school, as you, but I think there is no comparison between DK’s writings and boring textbooks. A book is only boring if you are not leaning anything useful. From the time I began studying DK I found myself learning very much and being stimulated with numerous concepts on each page. If you do not see the principles he is referring to then you will just be reading dry words and it will indeed seem like boring text.

You’re not going to find scientific breakthroughs or National Enquirer type headlines in DK’s works but if you are ready, you will receive periodic flashes to the intuition which I find much more exciting than any scientific breakthrough I read of in the news.

Another thing I find fascinating about his works is that when I receive an independent revelation through the intuition, I often later find a subtle reference to it in DK’s writings.

DK clearly states that his writings are not for everyone. They may be invaluable to me and others, but then there are many who find him way too difficult. Most New Agers do not like him and prefer the more astral channeled works where they are promised a quick fix or a journey to the 7th dimension.

Next he tells me of his concern that he will offend me because of his view on DK.

I don’t think anyone here is offended at the few here who do not like DK. It does sound like you may be offended that he is held in such high esteem here. In fact, I find it amazing that you continue on here when you disagree with me most the time and are bored stiff by DK who is a widely quoted authority here. If I was in a class that was painful for me to sit through, I would get out of there as soon as possible.

So what if a reader here does not like DK, what should he read? There are many works that are good reading and easy to understand. Teachings of the Masters of the Far East is a great series that is stimulating and easy to understand. Lobsang Rampa is another good author. I also like Neville.

Here are three groups that DK says will study his works:

[1] Those open minded investigators who are willing to accept its fundamentals as a working hypothesis until these are demonstrated to be erroneous. They will be frankly agnostic, but willing temporarily, in their search for truth, to try out the methods and follow the suggestions laid down for their consideration.

[2] Aspirants and disciples. They will study this treatise in order to understand themselves better and because they seek to help their brother man. They will not accept its dicta blindly but will experiment, check and corroborate with care the stages and steps laid down for them in this section of the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom.

[3] Initiates. These persons will arrive at a meaning which will not be apparent to those in the first group and which will only be suspected by the more advanced members of the second. Within themselves they know the truth of many of its statements and will realise the subjective working out of many of the laws. These laws of nature have effects in three distinct realms:

  1. Physically, where they demonstrate as effects in the dense form.
  2. Etherically, where they demonstrate as the energy lying back of those effects.
  3. Mentally, where they concern the impulses which produce the other two. From Treatise on White Magic, Pages 6-7

The Jesus Tomb

You have probably heard that James Cameron is going to release a film that he thinks will prove he found the actual tomb of Jesus as well as his family.

If you have not read the story yet it can be found HERE

If this story proves to have any traction it will be quite upsetting to Christians who believe in a literal resurrection. Why? Because if Jesus was resurrected the way most Christians believe then he would need no tomb for he was supposed to have raised his body from the tomb and not returned.

Fortunately, a true seeker is not caught in the chains of dogma to the extent that he will refuse to look at possibilities outside of his dogma. For the true seeker the only thing that matters is the truth. Whatever the truth is that is what he will go with.

Of course, there is no way of telling if the tombs found are really those of the family of Jesus, but let’s suppose they were. Does this prove that Jesus was not resurrected and did not overcome death?

No, it would not. It would, however, prove that the orthodox way of looking at the resurrection is incorrect for obviously Jesus would not have had an immortal body.

Actually, if the story were proven true there would be no conflict with either my teachings of those of DK. DK has told us that Jesus has had several bodies since living the life of Jesus.

When one becomes a Master he gains the ability to extend his life as well as heal his body. He will do this until he feels the time is right to move on and gain another body in a new circumstance.

Thus it is quite possible that a few years after the resurrection that Jesus laid his body down and was either reborn or was a walk-in using someone else’s body.

The truth is that no form is eternal. It is only the life essence behind the form that continues.

The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do. Walter Bagehot (1826 – 1877)

Feb 23, 2007

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