Reincarnation Mysteries

Reincarnation Mysteries

Concerning my comment of the verse from Revelation that tells the righteous that they shall go no more out I was asked if I was teaching about reincarnation and if some come back for the love of the work of God

I’ve taught about reincarnation many times here. I am assuming that most here already believe the principle. It is interesting though how many scriptures allude to it.

All have to come back many times but near the end of their sojourn here a good percentage do come back for the love of the work and humanity.

Question: Are you trying to say that after people have attained level of perfection, they could still be entangled in the affairs of this dying world if the come back to earth?

Yes, because of free agency this can happen. Think of a great athlete who has seemingly perfected his art. Then after a rest from the sport he allows himself to get out of shape and after a time he loses his edge. If he wants to be a champion, he has to go through the training all over again, but because of his experience it will be easier to acquire the skill again.

Question: Can people retrogress?

Yes, just like the athlete attained and then went back to his old ways.

Question: The scripture that says they shall go no more out sounds like these will never incarnate again, yet you say they can. Please explain.

First, remember that this scripture has several layers of interpretation. It refers not only to leaving the temple and going back into incarnation but also attaining such a spiritual state that the consciousness of the disciple is in the New Jerusalem whether he be in the body or out of the body. When the disciple attains the ability to always stay in spiritual shape then he remains a pillar in the temple even when he is incarnated into mortality.

The disciples have two stages that must eventually be reached. They must overcome to the point where that can stay focused in higher consciousness. After they are out of the world, they then have the ability to stay in that consciousness indefinitely. In this case they are free of karma and go no more out unless they decide to. We always have the power to decide to take any path we want.

According to the scriptures Lucifer was an archangel who was a pillar in the temple and did not have to go out, but because of the freedom we all have he made decisions that took him out.

In addition, the Bible tells us of great souls such as David and Solomon who fell from their high calling. The scripture says that David was a man after God’s own heart even before he had any power. But even this man with a heart like God, who was probably a pillar in the temple before birth, made foolish mistakes and was captivated by his lower nature.

However, there is a greater ability that the few and the brave seek to attain and that is to be able to go in and out of incarnation and serve humanity without being sucked back into the lower nature. Eventually servants learn to attain this immunity and after the evolution of humanity is complete their service is done and they move on to higher work where they ever retain their higher consciousness and truly go no more out. Eventually a point is reached where any decision to return to mortality is unlikely for the higher realms have their full attention.

For those seeking Biblical confirmation of reincarnation check out my treatise HERE:

Feb 13, 2007

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