Soul Revisited

Soul Revisited

There seems to be some confusion as to how soul contact is defined in the Ancient Wisdom as well as in this group. Soul energy is that point where spirit and matter meet and in saying it is indeed all pervasive, but there are many things which co-exist with us that are not contacted by our consciousness.

The average person has two contacts with his consciousness. These two are the physical and the astral or emotional plane. The advanced person has a third contact, which is with mental matter from the plane of the mind.

Does this mean that mental matter does not exist for the emotional person? No, he is surrounded by it, but just has no conscious contact with it. It’s a little like a person with no sense of smell being surrounded by the odor of flowers, but it does him little good because he cannot perceive the fragrance.

Then as one approaches discipleship, he perceives higher mind and after that, the buddhic plane. As his consciousness perceives this point between form and formlessness he then contacts the soul energy and opens the door to receive from others who have also made that contact and above. This includes, of course, his solar angel.

A reader says: “All is good when you have YOUR life and certain things to make it bearable for you. It’s easier to ignore it for a moment. But one day, those things aren’t always going to be there. One day you will be as powerless, and in as much pain as anyone you have ever known.”

I’ve already endured more plenty of pain on several levels and also have had many limitations to overcome. That’s why I am able to access peace no matter what goes on around me. I have my limitations, of course, but it would take a very grave situation to distract me.

The suffering I have endured has been a great teacher and has taught me the principle of attrition (as taught in Book 3 of the Immortal Series) and the principle of being the observer.

He then accuses me of pretending problems do not exist.

There is no pretense. I know how to deal with extreme circumstances. Obviously, you are bent on proving me to be a false teacher, but you must deal with the truth here – not wild imaginary accusations.

Question: How can you accurately judge the amount of pain endured by another?

I let people judge themselves. My point was that I have not met anyone who has gone through what I have in the way of pain on various levels or even said they have. When someone has the same experience that you do then they can communicate it to you and there is an understanding. Keep in mind that physical pain is just one of the discomforts we can endure. Pain can also be experienced in the emotional and mental bodies and can be more intense than the physical.

Many people have different ideas of what is very painful. Some think of a limitation, a physical pain, a disease, a lost love and other common experiences are in their case painful above all, but there are other levels that make these seem like child’s play.

It was through painful experience that I learned the principle that pain is created by resistance to soul direction. In some lives that soul direction is fairly easy and painless and in others it is very difficult and the natural instinct is to resist. Sometimes that resistance is not realized in the consciousness because it is pre-formed through a mindset.

Since I have learned certain lessons in this cycle I am joyously pain free and immersed in blissful living. Right now I am struggling in other areas and hopefully I can continue with fun struggles the rest of my life.

In all my writings I have said little about painful experiences for several reasons. First, most people would rather hear something positive and rarely does it do much good to dwell on past pain.

Secondly, everyone has had painful experiences and many think their life has been one of the most difficult on record – if others only knew. One painful story brings out others and pretty soon the atmosphere becomes almost depressing.

When pain is replaced by peace the disciple needs to learn to look at the past with amusement and accept the fact that it is actually possible to enjoy everlasting peace and happiness. He needs to enjoy it while it is available for new painful learning experiences on various levels will come in the future.

When we have learned all the lessons that pain has to offer then we will move on to other planes of living where advancement is attained by other means.

The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do. Walter Bagehot (1826 – 1877)

Feb 8, 2007

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