Light and Soul

Light and Soul

Question: What is the difference between the ‘Light of the Soul/Spirit’ and ordinary ‘Light’ we experience in this physical universe?

All light has one thing in common. It reveals truth of some kind. That truth may be of a lower or higher level, but it reveals nonetheless.

A flashlight reveals the truth of nearby forms and their colors.

The light from the soul striking your mind reveals understanding of principles.

The direct light of Spirit reveals the Will of God and ideas in the mind of God.

The basic difference between light in the lower and higher words is its universality.

In this world, light originates in a certain spot and then reveals in a certain spot. This is true of a flashlight or a sun. The sun emits light from a single center and only reveals on several little points (like earth) in this solar system. 99.9999% of its light goes into space beyond our system revealing almost nothing.

As we move to the higher worlds the light becomes more pervasive along with the revelations available. The light increases until we get to pure spirit. In this pure spirit is universal light. There is not form there (as we understand form) on which the light can shine, but from Spirit comes the creation of form through ideas. Ideas manifest in Spirit just as forms manifest here and the light of Spirit shines completely on creative ideas revealing all there is to know about them.

As the ideas from Spirit filter down to the physical plane they are clothed in darkness and shadows and this causes great difficulty in manifesting enough light to see all the principles involved in the idea. Eventually, the light does penetrate the lower worlds and they are pulled back into Spirit, and during the great pralaya that follows, the light becomes one.

Question: What’s involved in going beyond the material to the spiritual in consciousness?

We master the material, not by giving it up in the sense of throwing it away, but by giving up our attachments to flesh, desire and form. The disciple must do this to realize that he is not his body or feelings.

Similarly, we give up matter by focusing our attention on the Spirit. This does not mean we do not use matter while we are here, but it does mean that we master it and detach ourselves from its pull and yield to the pull of the spirit instead.

Question: Is the flesh a physical manifestation of spirit energy?

Matter is created out of Spirit vibrating to a more condensed and intertwined wavelength. To unravel its complexity, we must focus attention on Spirit.

Question: If so, does spirit energy manifest matter and soul energy animate matter?

JJ Yes, and yes.

A reader was asking advice on what to do about feelings of inadequacy or feeling not needed.

There are times in the life of the pilgrim that he feels that he is not needed, that his efforts do not count or that he is not good enough. Fortunately, the soul will not let us keep those attitudes forever and keeps dangling that carrot of the higher vision before our minds. It is not long before the seeker diverts attention away from the needs of the self and continues on the journey, and joyfully so. Eventually, it matters not who is or is not paying attention or gives recognition. Approval of the inner self is all that matters.

A reader has noted that I have used the term “inner teachers” now and then. He wants me to elaborate on who they are.

I can see that one may envision a disciple having a group of little entities in his breast seeking for an opportunity to speak out. Of course, that is not the reality. The truth is that the inner voice comes through the soul from within and an inner teacher is any being or intelligence that uses your soul to reach your waking consciousness.

The inner teachers include:

[1] Your Solar Angel which is a master on its own plane.

[2] A Master, or high disembodied spirit, which speaks to you through your soul.

[3] An earthly teacher who sends principles to your soul which your soul then reflects back to your consciousness.

[4] Your own reflective thoughts bouncing off your point of soul contact revealing the understanding of principles.

In all these cases the truth comes to you from within even if it was stimulated from without. The disciple will note the different vibrations wherein the communications originated and because they are all verified from within he will refer to these various sources as his “inner teachers.”

A reader makes this comment: “Sometimes, I have noticed, that when you can perceive truth and you are with someone in a relationship who lies a lot to protect themselves, it does not make for a happier relationship.”

Yes, it is true that people lying to you does not make you happy, but neither does this discount what I said.

If you have an association with someone who lies to you and you cannot perceive it then your peace can be disturbed for a long period of time. On the other hand, if you can perceive the lies then you can do something about it. You can confront the person and tell him that if he continues to lie then you are leaving the relationship. If the lying interferes with your peace, then leave the source of the problem and the problem no longer exists. Once you distance yourself emotionally from a negative person then they have no power to hurt you.

The reader continues: “Sometimes seeing the truth so plainly in others and their motives, does not make for a happier life.”

But neither should it make you unhappy. Why would you give another person the power to control your state of mind?

I had some pretty tough jobs when I was younger and worked in construction. I remember I had one foreman who yelled at me so much that he about lost his voice. He picked on me about ten times as much as anyone else. Some co-workers wondered how I handled it, but I needed the job so I just tuned him out and worked as if he did not exist. I think this made him yell all the more at me, but because I tuned him out it did not matter.

Most of my life I have worked for myself so I have no boss and don’t have to tune anyone out except for the odd customer that gives us a bad time. No matter what you do there will always be some awkward people to deal with. The point is to not let them control your mind, hence your happiness. Stay in control of your heart, mind and emotions. Do not give your power away.

The thing is my perception of what makes me happiest at work caused me to work for myself.

Remember the Lion Principle. We can’t let ourselves be upset because the lion will eat you if it gets a chance. Instead, control your situation and distance so the lion cannot hurt you.

I never did give them hell. I just told the truth, and they thought it was hell. Harry S Truman (1884 – 1972), in Look, Apr. 3, 1956

Jan 17, 2007

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