The Game of Life

The Game of Life

A reader says this: If time and space is a creation. Then above time and space is where God Is. Experience involves time. Without time everything IS. Future, past and present. Including all experience within that.

JJ: Without time there is no future, past and present. We incarnate into time just as we incarnate into space and matter. When we leave our body behind, we are no longer controlled by or use that body. The same goes for time. When you leave time behind, time still exists, just as the matter of a body exists when left behind. Time still goes on in the lower worlds when you are in the higher. It does not cease to be any more than the earth ceases to be after you die.

Reader: Experience then, to one free of time/space is the end result of all that experience,

JJ: The purpose of experience is to master time and space and then to joyfully savor the experience during periods of pralaya. Experience without time, space and form is something no one has been able to describe, outside of saying it must  be wonderful.

Reader: Why can’t I just decide to be in Nirvana?

Buddha reached nirvana in consciousness while he was here yet he had the same limitations of time and space as you do.

It is a fact that we are here in consciousness. It does little good to wish we were over there when we are here. If you want to go over there you build a bridge, but one must realize that a good bridge is not built overnight.

Reader: You say we are here to have a good time. But I think I would have a better time in Nirvana beyond time and space.

JJ: Since you cannot even imagine or describe what it would be like to be beyond time and space, what makes you think you would enjoy it more?

Your soul has placed you in the spot where you have the greatest opportunity for progress and joy. Don’t miss it by shooting beyond the mark. If you are making a trip of 1000 miles you have to cross the 100 mile mark first.

Reader: You make out that God is not complete by saying the plan is not materialized. but how do you know this?

Because creation continues. God will never be complete; therefore, He will always create. We should be thankful for this, else we wouldn’t be here.

If you want to understand God then look at yourself, who is in the image and likeness of God. Are you complete to the point where you just want to sit back, relax and do nothing for eternity except bask in your completeness? I don’t think so. There are periods of rest and absorption, but not completeness.

Reader: IT would seem GOD must be free and complete to be god.

Are you free and complete? You are in the image of God. You are his reflection. You must also consider that the use of the word “complete” is relative. You may build a two bedroom home and say it is complete when finished, but then after you have a couple kids you discover that the house does not completely satisfy your needs so you move on a something new to complete.

Even so, God’s creation is complete in the fact that all needs are presently fulfilled but as creation expands that which is complete changes. In other words, there is no ultimate completeness.

Reader: If This is god. Without time/space. We should share this infinite experience, infinite wisdom etc with this God, being it ourself. And we should be in It’s position, which is of an eternal and perfect nature. This I would describe as God being. If God is striving to be this. Not even God is God. But merely something that is blind and limited from the fullness of truth.

JJ: You are looking at God the way orthodoxy has told you to believe in him. Orthodoxy knows nothing about God except that something is either up there or in here.

The higher realms are in the very space where you live and breathe. All that is needed is to lift your consciousness up to find them. Experience stimulates this.

Perfection and imperfection can only exist in the worlds of time, space and form. Many call God perfect, but cannot define what that means without using time, space, form and lower consciousness.

Reader: And so we should be at this point of liberation in completeness and fullness of god. but we are not.

JJ: We should be where we are right now. “Should” only applies to tomorrow. You can plan a new location for the future, but since you can’t change the present, you might as well accept what is and plow with the horses you have. Any other plan will lead to frustration. I do not get frustrated because I accept what IS, but do not accept what others say WILL BE. I will become that which I decide to become.

Reader: Limitation is not always a good time. Far better is the power of being unlimited and having a good time.

JJ: And playing Monopoly is frustrating at times, but the pitfalls and limitations are necessary to make a game interesting. Would you rather play Monopoly or a game that is fully under your control where you will win each time? Such a game never sells because people do not enjoy it.

You sound like you need a get out of jail card so you can move ahead and enjoy the game.

Reader: You say soul is here at different points gaining consciousness through experience. Yet if soul is connected separateness is an illusion. Therefore, the experience of that soul is not separate, nor can its age be. In this way you are contradicting yourself.

JJ: Visualize soul energy as an ocean and us as the fish. All fish in the ocean are connected by the same universal water, but they are still distinct fish. Now the Solar Angel, which is also sometimes called the soul is an advanced entity who assists you and is linked to other solar angels through the vibrations of the waters of space. There is no contradiction.

Reader: If time was a linear process only then time would not be changeable. Time is indeed changeable from it’s linear perspective as has been proven before.

JJ: I’m not sure what you mean. I see no evidence that you can change time. Time is motion. You can change motion as it is headed toward the future, but not the past.

Reader: So my question would be. Why are we not already free? What binds us exactly? IF we have a lack of something, why is it so? If God has a lack of something, why is it so? Why do we not have liberation.

JJ: You are not free because after creating countless situations and rising above them, God sat down and really racked his brain and created a situation that would supremely test his intelligence to the max to free himself. You are in this situation with the intelligence of God within you, but it will take a while to solve the riddles, win the game and return home.

Keep moving ahead. When we obtain the victory, we will all celebrate, rest for a while and then create a more challenging game than ever.

You can’t help someone get up a hill without getting closer to the top yourself. H. Norman Schwarzkopf (1934 – )

Jan 9, 2006

Copyright by J J Dewey

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