The Truth is True

The Truth is True

A reader comments: After reading your comments on truth I must contemplate out loud here.

What is not true? 1+1=3 is not true. But it is true that it is not true. Yet If I say 1+1=3. I can think it is true. And that thought creates a truth about it.

JJ: A thought about something being true does not make it true, or even close to the truth. Thinking that something, which is false, as being true, is illusion, not truth, though seeing a falsehood accurately is seeing truth.

Reader: The fact it is an illusion that its true is true.

JJ: This is true. But seeing a falsehood as being false, is true seeing. Seeing a falsehood as being true is untrue or false vision.

Reader: BUT as a dream concept it was true for the time I thought it was true according to my experience.

JJ: 1+1=3 is not even true in your dreams.

Reader: So it can be true that I once thought it true and experienced it as true.

JJ: Only truth can be experienced as true. The reason for this is when one registers truth correctly the truth reverberates with his soul and the experience has a reality that feels much differently than an experience fraught with illusion. A falsehood experienced as being true only registers with the emotional body and physical brain whereas real truth is also experienced on higher levels.

One can be captivated by falsehood and think it is true but such a person will be internally bewildered. Then another will focus on the truth that is seen (even though he knows not all truth) and he will have a sense of moving in the right direction and be satisfied.

Reader: It is false and that is true,

JJ: It is true that a falsehood is false, but that does not make that which is false, true. It is true that 1+1 does not equal three, but that does not make it equal three.

JJ: But it was also true for me.

JJ: 1+1=3 is never true for anyone. They can feel it is true, but that doesn’t make it true. You can feel that your stock will go up tomorrow but when it goes down instead, there is no way to cash in for a profit.

Reader: And all that is true. Despite the fact it is false. nothing about anything of this is not true. Whatever angle you look at it.

JJ: 1+1 does not equal three from any angle.

Reader: So is anything really not true?

JJ: 1+1=3

Reader: Am I just aligning my thoughts of the formless, and recognizing truth as something that is nothing?

JJ: Where there is nothing there is no truth except that there is nothing. Fortunately, there is no state where there is nothing. Something is always going on in the life of God.

Reader: I think truth is just another word for reality…

JJ: Exactly right. That which is true is merely an accurate description or representation of reality, or the foundations thereof.

Reader: Can it be defined? Only in your mind.

JJ: We just defined it with our minds.

Reader: What is really outside yourself? Nothing. Neither can truth be.

JJ: But there is truth outside of your body where your consciousness is centered. You are outside my body and it is true we are having interplay.

Reader: What is objective? Nothing.

JJ: Anything with form is objective.

Reader: So truth is a subjective objective concept.

JJ: You’re making things too complicated. Anything that is experienced is a true experience. Even a dream produces a true experience. I still recall some interesting experiences I had in dreams.

Reader: In effect, my perception will never reach you, only your perception.

JJ: Through the soul your perception can reach others, but through the personality there is always distortion.

Reader: BUT The real question is this… Why do you need to evolve, what are you gaining really? A good time.

If there is one source. And all that exists. Shouldn’t it follow that this source is already everything it is going to be?

No. Life would go into non being and nothingness if there were no expansion.

Reader: Because it just IS. How can it be less than itself?

JJ: Nothing is less than itself including your dog.

Reader: How can it gain more than what it already is?

JJ: How is it that Bill Gates is richer today than he was ten years ago?

Reader: It does not seem logical that it would be able to gain something out of something it was not already.

JJ: If something, which was not in form, now identifies with form, it is logical that a new experience can be gained from it.

Reader: Isn’t it just what it is? As a result. Are we really evolving?

Yes, we are really evolving. DK says this about our state after attaining final liberation:

“Life is now liberated, owning the quality of conscious knowledge and the fruit of all experience. These are the gifts of soul and form combined.” Esoteric Healing, Page 502

These gifts will remain with us.

Reader: Shouldn’t we already be at the state we are already going to be? According to what the source is.

No. That would take all the fun out of evolution and the idea is to have a good time, or a fun experience. Of course, even in a fun game like Monopoly there are pitfalls, but they are necessary ingredients for a good game.

Reader: How can we gain anything if it all comes from the source that supports all it would follow that everything just exists as an eternal picture. Just is and always has been.

The picture, or story, is just the plan. We are actors in the picture making it materialize and, in the process, have a unique experience. Experience is the key motivator that keeps the life within us coming back for more as long as we see a benefit.

Reader: This is why soul evolution and the age of souls has never made sense to me. How can one soul be more experienced? When both are the same age. Part of the same source. Soul is just one being.

JJ: Both are not the same age. The idea in the mind of God, which is you, never had a beginning, but the idea incarnating into the worlds where experience can be had did have a beginning. The projection of your monad as a soul had a beginning and there are many beginnings for souls. Some souls are older than others as far as experience goes.

Reader: Why can’t I know infinite truth at this moment?

JJ: All truth is infinite. You know that 1+1=2 and that is infinitely true.

Reader: What stops me? Isn’t everything just one big source of itself? I should be able to know it then, since I am it.

You are a reflection of the One God, but it takes many experiences to know ourselves in our consciousness. Consciousness is created by experience and if you do not have the necessary experience all the seeking in the world will add little. We all have to take one step at a time to add to our experience, thus adding to our consciousness, making higher awareness possible.

Who wants to experience the end of a good movie and bypass the beginning and the middle? You miss all the enJOYment, and joy is why we are here.

Reader: At least you would think you could be yourself and know yourself. But no……something seriously does not seem right here.

JJ: Your soul is a higher part of yourself, which is a reflection of your monad, which is one with God. Because we decided to project into time and space we have to go through a process to return. As you move forward in experience you are a different personality self here than you were a short time ago. Which self are you talking about when speaking of just being yourself? Forget self and move forward in experience until the desire of your soul is satisfied. Then you will rest in peace and prepare for your next adventure.

Reader: I guess I’m just trying to understand what I can’t possibly understand.

JJ: You can understand but you are looking the wrong direction. You are experiencing a boring part of the play of life and just want to skip to the end and be done with it. What needs to be realized is that if you were more aware there would be no boredom.

Visualize a movie like Star Wars where you are Luke Skywalker living a boring existence on a barren planet.

It seems like your life there will be uneventful and has little meaning. BUT, if you realized you were a player in a story line and could see a ways into the future, boredom would flee out the window. The script will provide many points of tension making sure the player will be anything but bored.

Each of us are actors in a story, but some of the more experienced also participate in writing the script. Then with more control the enjoyment increases.

Either way, in the end, each of us will wipe our brow and exclaim, “What an experience!”

Once that experience is gained, even if painful, would any of us be willing to trade it for a non-event?


I must speak the truth even about falsehood. – R.N. Tagore

Jan 6, 2006

Copyright by J J Dewey

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