Putting Conspiracies in Perspective

Putting Conspiracies in Perspective

(NOTE: A couple years after the war in Iraq was underway Bush’s popularity had taken a dive and he was accused of being an idiot, on one hand, and a mastermind of all kinds of conspiracies on the other. Many also compared him to Hitler. This seems to have started a trend of comparing all presidents who followed to Hitler. This post begins with a spoof making fun of the conspiracies and ends with a serious examination of the Hitler accusation that could be used with other presidents besides Bush.)

Bush, The Conspiracy Genius
The real truth behind the conspiracy theories and Bush goes much deeper than anyone imagined, except for a chosen few.

Contrary to the thinking of many, Bush is not a stupid bungler. That is a facade he puts forward through the right-wing press to trick the masses. In reality he is an evil genius who would put Hitler to shame.

He not only can speak perfect English, but really knows how to say the word “nuclear.” By dumbing himself down he creates the illusion that he couldn’t possibly be smart enough to mastermind a complex conspiracy.

Through secret files and contacts, I have put together the real story, revealed here for the first time.

Bush’s first power grab began November 1963 at age 17 when he was on a visit to Dallas with his parents. As the family was having a nice picnic in a park young Bush stumbled across an unusual man named Lee Oswald. They both struck up a conversation about guns and Bush was fascinated at Oswald’s claims of his shooting abilities. To this Bush replied, “Kennedy is coming here tomorrow. I’ll bet you couldn’t even hit a big target like him.”

“OH Yeah,” said Oswald. “What do you want to bet?”

“A hundred bucks,” said young Bush.

“Deal!” said Oswald.

The next day Oswald shot Kennedy and was captured shortly thereafter. Oswald secretly got word to Bush through a courier named Jack Ruby that he wanted the $100 to help with his defense or he was going to finger Bush as a co-conspirator.

Bush did not have the hundred, but did have fifty dollars. He offered the $50 to Ruby if he would kill Oswald. Since Ruby did not like the idea that Oswald killed Kennedy he accepted and took care of him.

This was the first display of the evil genius of Bush. He garnered two major assassinations for only $50, a feat not duplicated by anyone else in history.

A couple years later Robert Kennedy found out about Bush’s part in the assassination and so Bush hypnotized Sirhan Sirhan to eliminate him as a problem. Then during his college years Bush through his contacts at Skull and Bones played both sides of the coin. On one hand he was that unidentified national guardsman who fired the shot at Kent State, and, on the other, he raised money to pay off communist plants among the students at Berkeley other colleges to raise hell.

Later, it was Bush, not Mark Felt, who was the true Deep Throat who exposed Watergate to Woodward and Bernstein. The reason he knew all the facts was that he was the mastermind behind the whole burglary to take down the Democrats. Again we see the genius of Bush. He was the only player who escaped unscathed and undetected.

It was Bush who tampered with the helicopter engines that caused disaster during Carter’s rescue attempt during the Iran hostage crisis. This made Cater look like a bungler and paved the way for the election of Reagan.

Bush wanted Reagan to invade Canada and make it the 51st state. When he refused, he hired John Hinkley to send him a message. The assassination attempt did not force Reagan to invade Canada, but he did invade Granada. This seemed to pacify Bush.

I could go on and on about the genius of this mastermind conspirator who has been behind conspiracy after conspiracy with impunity.

The most famous of them all was 911. Again he was the mastermind who arranged for the planes to fly into the buildings and the cover-up. Since conspiracy buffs know about this I will not go into details. Instead, I will tell you about a Bush exploit of which Michael Moore is not even aware.

Too much attention was being placed on the problems in Iraq and Bush needed a diversion. He thought he would kill a few Islamic terrorists in Indonesia at the same time as creating diversion so he dropped a 100-megaton atomic bomb in the Indian Ocean on a fault line. This created largest earthquake in recent memory causing the giant Tsunami which killed over 150,000 Moslems and left millions homeless. This sent an underground message to the terrorists to not mess with Texas.

Bush’s greatest stroke of conspiratorial genius was getting hold of Tesla’s secret weather technology in 2005. He used this to create Hurricane Katrina to destroy a democratic stronghold. Just to make sure he got the job done he sent some scuba divers with explosive to blow up the dikes in New Orleans.

It would take a book to detail the genius of this serial conspirator. Think of almost any problem we have and Bush is behind it. AIDS – yep, Bush masterminded that one. The real killer of Nicole Simpson? OJ keeps looking but he’ll never know it was Bush.

Have you been hearing a high-pitched sound that is barely audible? Take a moment of silence and listen. You hear it, don’t you? This is a brain wave signal sent out by the inner government under Bush to control your mind so you will accept Bush as the ruler of the new world order to come.

And that itch you have that keeps returning…? Bush again. You don’t want to know what that is about.

You may read this and chuckle, but I assure you that there are million of conspiracy believers out there that will be nodding their heads at a number of these items because of a belief that Bush is a great conspirator.

There’s always been an extreme fringe who has seen the current president, whoever he is, as a conspirator or a tyrant like Hitler, but until now that number has been so low that we’ve been able to ignore them and the country moves on.

The situation with Bush is different. An alarming number of people accuse him of all kinds of conspiracies and evil. Many see him as worse than Hitler or Saddam Hussein. Now if he were really like Hitler we could understand such sentiment, but Bush is so far removed from him that one must conclude that only an extremely divisive people or group would participate in such accusations.

This leads us to Fallacy number Five. Bush is like Hitler or worse.

This comparison is so far removed from reality that it produces an illusion that should be easy to dispel with common sense. Unfortunately, many political activists lack this essential characteristic.

One of the main reasons that this comparison is made is an ignorance of history by this generation, for if one has made even a cursory study of Hitler and World War II then one must conclude that such a comparison has to arise from deep seated reactionary lower emotions.

It is popular in this age of political activists to call anyone they disagree with a Hitler or any group they do not like Nazis. These terms are brandied about with such whimsicalness that if a real Hitler were to arise he would not be recognized and probably even embraced by those who claim to abhor such a man.


[1] Hitler had visions of world conquest from his youth. Bush was more interested in partying and having a good time. He showed little interest in politics let alone world conquest.

[2] Shortly after Hitler joined the Nazi Party he tried to take over the German government by force and was sentenced to five years in prison, but only served nine months.

After Bush became active in politics he sought office and power through established legal methods.

[3] While in jail Hitler wrote Mein Kampf where he laid out his plans for world conquest.

Bush has never said or written anything that hints at plans for world conquest.

[4] After Hitler came to power he had his political enemies killed.

Bush attempted to makes friends and work with his political enemies.

Example One: He invited Ted Kennedy to the White house to watch the Movie “Thirteen Days” which highlighted the best of the Kennedy Presidency. Later he worked with him on an education package that went against the advice of his own party.

Example Two: After a member of the Noble Peace committee bragged that they gave Jimmy Carter the prize as a slap in the face to Bush and Carter used his acceptance speech to criticize the President’s actions you would think that Bush would have looked for an opportunity to put Carter down. Instead, he called Carter the next day with congratulations and praise. Carter was later invited to the White House and praised again by Bush. Since that time Carter has broken protocol many times and openly criticized Bush, but Bush has said nothing negative about him.

[5] Hitler considered those who were not of his race to be inferior and not worthy of leadership or government positions.

Bush has taken more interest in working with minorities than any Republican president in a hundred years and has placed more minorities in key positions than democratic presidents such as Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter. He began with two blacks in his cabinet – Powell and Paige, and of course Condoleezza Rice as National Security Advisor and later Secretary of State. In addition, three women were in his cabinet as well as a Cuban and an Asian. He has also appointed numerous minorities as judges.

Bush appears to be totally opposite to Hitler in the area of prejudice.

[6] Hitler sought conquest, even though none of those he attacked, posed any threat to him or their neighbors. Austria and Czechoslovakia were virtually given to Hitler by Europe to keep the peace. This was not enough so he attacked Poland, a nation that was a threat to no one, thinking he had world conquest within his grasp.

After conquest was complete the Nazis completely controlled the government and tortured or killed all who opposed the iron hand. Democracy was out of the question.

There is no record of Bush having any thoughts of conquest or even giving a lot of thought to war before becoming president. His goal was to concentrate on domestic concerns and become the “compassionate conservative” president.

911 forced the war on terror upon him. Without this event he probably would have erred on the side of peace rather than war. This event awoke a responsibility in him. He expresses this as stating that he does not want to leave the terrible threats we face for a future president to solve when the situation will be even more difficult.

[7] When Hitler conquered a country the voice of the people was suppressed and the government was completely placed into Nazi hands. Those who did not cooperate were killed. The people mourned and prayed for freedom.

Bush has fought two wars so far in Afghanistan and Iraq. When the Afghan War was fought many of the Afghan people joined in and when victory was won there was rejoicing in the streets by the common people. Instead of less freedom both countries have more freedom. This is most conspicuous among the women who were suppressed, raped and often butchered. Now they are going to school and have jobs again. The situation is not perfect but much better than it would be if Bush were Hitler.

[9] Hitler ruled with such an iron hand that everyone within his sphere of influence who had any disagreement with him was afraid of him. And with good reason; those who disagreed were either imprisoned or killed.

On Feb 15, 2003 when millions marched against Bush his only comment was “I respectfully disagree.” No SS troops or brownshirts were dispatched to subdue the dissenting voice of the people.

Most dictators surround themselves with weak willed yes men. In this area Bush is also different. Instead of setting up an atmosphere of only getting the information he wants to hear he will encourage different points of view to be expressed at cabinet meetings. Even his choice of staff shows his lack of fear of talent and outspoken people. For instance, both Rumsfeld and Colin Powell were powerful intelligent personalities who often had conflicting points of view. Bush chose this contrast on purpose so he could have presented to him two sides of important issues by individuals who were not afraid to speak their mind. Bob Woodward who was partially responsible for bringing Nixon down in Watergate wanted to write a book about Bush. Instead of being afraid of being “discovered,” he invited Woodward to spend some time with him and see how he handles things. As a result Woodward gained a newfound respect for this Republican and his book was so favorable that his liberal friends accused him of selling out.

[9] Hitler was very serious in his demeanor, meetings were often full of tension and serious in tone.

Off camera Bush is often very lighthearted, cracking jokes, giving nicknames and, though serious topics are discussed, there is always room for lighthearted moments in his meetings.

[10] Hitler was a vegetarian and was always preaching about diet to his staff. Even so, his health was not that good and took many drugs, administered to him by his personal physician. He exercised very little.

Bush is a big believer in Texas beef, never preaches about diet, exercises daily. He is in great health and has a heartbeat of 35-45 beats a minute when resting.

He was quite confident of his physical condition during the 2000 campaign when he told Jay Leno that he would bet the entire presidency on a footrace with Al Gore.

[11] Hitler couldn’t hold down a stable relationship with the opposite sex and was single until the last day of his life.

Bush is happily married and even gave up drinking to insure the stability of his relationship.

[12] Hitler wanted to exterminate every Jew from the face of the earth Bush has shown no signs of having this type of animosity.

[13] Hitler was a big believer in relying on his own strength.

Since 911 when Bush arises, he reads from the scriptures and then gets on his knees and asks God for guidance in making the right decisions. One has to admit that based on his belief system, this is the highest he knows in a much different approach than Hitler.

[14] Hitler was recognized as a genius by friend and foe alike.

On the other hand, the enemies of Bush love to make fun of his intelligence and have even circulated lies about his IQ far and wide. Ironically, many of these same people claim he is a mastermind of a great conspiracy to control the world, even to the planning and execution of 911. To pull this off he would have to be a greater genus than Hitler. There was another President who had this same type of accusations, namely Abraham, Lincoln. The New York Times and other papers often ridiculed him for having low intelligence and even compared him to an ape. Then out of the other side of their mouths his enemies would accuse him of being a mastermind of a conspiracy to overthrow the Constitution. John Wilkes Booth bought into this. When he shot Lincoln he shouted to the crowd – “Death to Tyrants.”

A dumb ape of a tyrant? Lincoln’s generation did not know what to make of him. It took the next generation to see him correctly.

Even so, it may take a hundred years before the people of the world can step back, remove their bias and accurately judge George W. Bush.

To try to be better is to be better. Charlotte Cushman (1816 – 1876)

Dec 7, 2005

Copyright by J J Dewey

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