Discerning True Revelation

Discerning True Revelation

A reader asks if I would comment on what I see as the difficulty in the establishment of Zion?

For the creation of Zion, or a true spiritual community to materialize, a number of steps must take place.

(1) Appropriate teachings must be completed and presented to the world. I have written a lot of material, but there are still additional teachings that must be presented as far as my part of the work is concerned.

(2) The group and teachings must draw worldwide attention so the pure in heart can be exposed to the message and the gathering principle. This has not happened yet.

(3) Gathering seekers alone will not create Zion. After the first gathering takes place additional sifting and experimentation must take place before a harmonious group with soul contact will be permanently established.

(4) The creation of a true soul infused community will take a while and will not happen overnight.

I have said from the beginning that a strong foothold for the gathering of Lights is supposed to take place by 2030. The fact that we have not yet established a foothold is not surprising.

The foothold has not happened yet by a long shot, but could happen quite quickly when the time is right.

“He that believeth shall not make haste.” Isaiah 28:16

The problem in times past is that seekers wanted immediate results and hastily built structures that did not work fell apart.

We must lay the correct foundation this time and take whatever time is necessary to accomplish it. The feeling of urgency with most seekers usually comes from within their own thought processes and not from the Spiritual Hierarchy.

Question: Why hasn’t the molecular relationship you have written about manifested yet?

JJ (Note from 2022: At that time I expressed the opinion that it  cannot be created on the internet, but with current technologies   such as Zoom it may now be possible) We need to see 24 people who can work together in harmony with soul contact who are gathered together before attempting the work. We have a way to go yet. In addition, many who think they are ready for oneness will not be able to see eye to eye through the soul with their brethren.

Question: How did you come up with the concept of the Molecular Relationship?

JJ The Molecular Relationship was downloaded into my mind in an instant. One moment I knew nothing about it. The next I saw the whole thing and knew everything necessary to create it.

That’s all I will say at the moment.

The most important thing we can all do to prepare for the Molecular Relationship is to establish soul contact to the degree that the Oneness Principle is seen. Two must acquire the ability to look beyond personality disagreements to the soul and see through the language of principles. When two see the same principle, they will see as one.

 Ruth quotes me from the archives:

“He must learn to differentiate between a channeled spirit that is under control of the Soul and one that is influenced by the lower self. Finally, he must learn the difference between the vibration of his individual Soul and a message or endowment of energy from a Master or a Spiritual Guide who works though the Soul.

“The voice of God speaking through the Soul is the ultimate authority for the disciple.

“Nevertheless, we should never give any man, woman, disembodied entity or even Master the same authority as our Souls, for we should always do our best to check the truth of all teachings with the Spirit of God which dwells in us.”

I must say that every time I re-read something you have taught, there is always something there I missed before 😉

“A channeled spirit that is under control of the Soul”……..I had no idea that a channeled spirit (from the Astral realm?) could be under the control of the Soul. In fact, why would the Soul need to work through a channeled spirit at all? Could you please explain this to me?

Question: Would you clarify the  difference between those who channel though soul  contact and those who do not?

JJ Every spirit is not focused in the astral zone. All of us are nonphysical after death and go to one of the higher planes.

Mid astral spirits usually do the direct voice channeling by the use of personality energy. Then there are higher spirits that work through higher methods of channeling and may send impressions to the living through the Oneness principle and soul contact.

Why do I attempt to speak through the voice of the soul when I teach? Because it is much more effective than not using the soul.

The soul does not teach, but it verifies true principles. Someone must do the speaking, writing and teaching the principles verified through the soul, be it a master, an angel or a regular human.

One must pay attention to the different vibrations of the different contacts. Every entity in the universe has a different “signature” from anyone else.

To learn to differentiate one must pay attention to inner contacts over a period of time. It is also the key to overcoming deception.

True spiritual teachers work through the same soul energy just as you and I are using the same internet.

Question: Do Masters have separate souls to us?

JJ They are separate and distinct entities just as you and I are, but the higher part of ourselves shares a oneness.

Question: If the Spirit of God that is within us is also a part of the Spirit of God within the Masters, then why don’t we give the Masters the same authority as the Spirit of God within us, if we are all One?

JJ Because you could be deceived and be communicating with an astral entity who you think is a master, or you could misunderstand even a Master. Once you learn to consistently recognize your own soul you will not be deceived.

You have a solar angel assisting you which is a distinct entity, or a part of the whole,  on its own plane and uses soul energy to reach you.

The soul, which is one, is the interplay of spirit and matter. This is soul energy and is the same everywhere, but it is not you. You merely use it.

Question: How do we have individual souls then, if the Soul is One?

JJ An individual solar angel assists you and uses the one soul energy which is everywhere there is spirit and matter meeting.

There are seemingly separate solar angels, which are parts of the whole which assist us. These are advanced beings that were once on an earth in a physical body like you are.

Look at the night sky. There is one space and within that space are many stars, planets and beings. Space and soul are not separate, but those parts within soul energy and space are individual distinct entities or parts.

Another reader asks for me to clarify the teaching on Jesus and the Christ.

It was difficult for me to at first accept that Jesus and the Christ are two separate entities, that there were two entities in the body of Jesus who was in Jerusalem. Then when I turned to the scriptures, I found that they actually verified this teaching.

The teachings in the archives give quite a bit of detail and clarity.

For those who wish to read more I would suggest you check out the archives. (Note: Go to this link

Scroll down to posts #122 & 123)

If we don’t change direction soon, we’ll end up where we’re going. Professor Irwin Corey (1914 – 2017)

Nov 30, 2005

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