Health 101

Health 101

What is the best water to drink?

(a) Distilled or reverse osmosis

(b) Filtered with the minerals left in.

(c) Spring water

(d) Tap water

Some spring waters are very good, but others are questionable. Overall distilled or reverse osmosis is the best for it is the purest water. Many believe that water with high natural mineral content is good for you, but long time use can cause arthritis and other problems. The minerals in water are merely ground up rocks and the body has to work hard to eliminate over 90% of them from the body.

Definitely avoid tap water with high amounts of chlorine.

(NOTE from July 2019) I currently use a Zero Water filter that takes everything out and then add some colloidal minerals back in with a small amount of Celtic sea salt.

(2) How can fasting be used to improve health?

The body puts tremendous energy into digesting food. When you fast this energy is freed up and the body puts it to use in eliminating poisons from the body.

This is the reason you get a headache or feel faint or weak during the first day of a fast. The body is taking that extra energy and using its power to dump unwanted poisons into the bloodstream. After two or three days the elimination process becomes more regulated and the headaches disappear.

If you want to know how full of poison you are fast for three days with no solid food. Drink only water or organic juice. Then look at your tongue in the mirror. The more coated it is the more poisons there are in your body. When you can fast for three days and have only a small amount of coating on your tongue this is a sign that your body is clean and in good shape internally.

The fasts I recommend are 3, 7 or 10 days. If you have not fasted before start with a three day one.

Fasting on water alone is very effective.

Another great fast is to drink only purified water with added fresh squeezed lemon, with honey and cayenne pepper added to taste.

Maple syrup is a good substitute for honey, but you have to make sure you get it from a good source. Some maple syrups have formaldehyde added as a preservative and with this added it can wind up doing you more harm than good.

Apple and grape also are good juices to fast with.

Many fasting enthusiast recommend enemas during the fast. I’ve always had an aversion to enemas myself and have worked out a natural plan just as good. Fast for the first day on only water or lemon juice and then during the second day drink a good quantity of grape, cherry or prune juice. Actually cherry juice is the most potent. If you do this you will naturally eliminate everything possible that left in you. Your bowels should be pretty clean for the rest of the fast.

If you have hypoglycemia you may have difficulty in fasting and become ill and faint. If this is your situation the best thing to do is to go on a modified fast. You can go on a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables for 10-20 days with just enough protein added to keep you feeling well. You’ll have to experiment on what works for you as a modified fast. If you do work out a partial fasting program you’ll have to figure going on it for about twice the length to achieve the same benefit as a more complete fast.

I usually fast twice a year for a week each on water or juice. If I’m feeling out of sorts or low on energy and do not know the cause I’ll go on a fast. After the fast I often feel quite rejuvenated.

Breaking the fast is as important as the fast itself. The first day after a fast you should eat only fruit and salad vegetables. Then the day after you can eat pretty normally, but do not overeat. It is dangerous to stuff yourself after a fast. My friend Wayne fasted for twelve days once on water and broke it with a hamburger and milkshake. That could have made a lesser man deathly ill but it didn’t seem to bother him. I gave him quite a lecture on it.

A good book on fasting in addition to Arnold Ehret was written by Paul Bragg. You can download it here:

(3) If you are going to eat fruit, vegetables and meat how should you go about consuming them? Should you eat them together or in some type of order or sequence.

Overall it is good to eat fruit and light foods early in the day and the heavier foods near the evening, but the big mistake people make is the order of eating within a single meal.

It is a big mistake to eat fruit deserts after a heavy meal for instance.

As food enters your stomach it settles in layers. Meat may take eight or more hours to digest whereas fruit may take less than a hour. If fruit goes on top of a layer of meat then it stays there and putrefies. This wrong order of eating and consequent putrefaction is the cause of much of the gas and heartburn people have.

If you eat fruit it should be eaten on an empty stomach. If you eat a salad with your meal eat it first. Do not eat it with meat and other heavy foods. Do not mix ham or other meats with your salad. By eating only vegetables and fruit first this gives your digestive system the opportunity to immediately begin to digest them and then later give full attention to the heavier foods to come.

Another universally accepted health activity is exercise. What are your ideas in using exercise to increase the quality of health?

There is a great health drawback to exercise that is often overlooked. Can you tell us what it is?

There are a lot of books on this subject so I will quickly give you a few of my thoughts on this and move on.

For general health it is much better to concentrate on aerobic exercise, or exercises that cause you to breathe heavy and take in lots of oxygen. You can keep in reasonable shape with about 20 minutes of running a day or about 30 minutes of exercise less strenuous.

When you are in shape though aerobics your heart is strengthened and the small capillaries are opened up allowing more oxygen to get to the cells.

The biggest drawback to this heavy exercise is that you sweat a lot and in your perspiration are many valuable minerals. Therefore if you sweat a lot through exercise and excrete many minerals and do not replace them you could wind up in worse shape healthwise than if you did not exercise at all.

How often have we heard about some health guru dying of a heart attack while running at age 50 or so? This could have been prevented if the person would have replaced the minerals he sweated out.

Another important tip is this. You get as much as 50% more benefit from exercise if you are having fun while doing it. There’s something about having fun that causes the secretion of good hormones that benefit health.

If you have kids this gives you a good excuse to play with them. If you like sports, this gives you a good excuse to play. If you have to exercise alone in a boring atmosphere do your best to make it interesting.


Who told you God was perfect? Is He/She/It really perfect or is this just a tradition passed down from astral idealists?

If God is perfect why does He create??? Creation changes things. If the universe or the life of God was perfect before the creation account in the Bible, then why create an imperfect earth and an imperfect universe with stars that sometimes do not work out and go explode as supernovas?

If God is perfect then why are you (a creation of God) imperfect?

If it is only illusion that you are imperfect then why does a perfect one have an imperfect illusion????

The fact is that in the beginning of this universe God jumped into incarnation with fear and trembling. This is why fear is woven in the “warp and woof” of matter itself as DK expresses it. This fear must be met and conquered on many levels.

He knew the beginning point and the end goal, but had not full knowledge about the in-between.

That is why life is so exciting.

Who wants to watch a movie where you know every thing that is going to happen?

Question: What does it mean when I like to see *some* movies more than once? 😉

JJ: That’s what reincarnation is for. You repeat the interesting things until you lose interest.

Question: Yet how many times do you stand in awe, watching the glory of the sun set … even though you know it will rise again in the morning?

Or watch the buds of Spring time flowers opening as you know they do, every year ….

JJ: But no two sunsets are alike and each spring has a fresh and different look.

March 20, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Where are the Minerals?


Where are the Minerals?

I have enjoyed reading your posts on the current subject of health. I know I am benefiting as well as I am sure many of you are from the suggestions and teachings being offered.

I appreciate the comments from Ray and Craig about the problem my wife and I had with colloidal mineral supplements. It is interesting that they give views on both sides of the spectrum. Ray, I am amazed that you say about 98% of your patients have a similar reaction to my wife and I. The funny thing with us is that we couldn’t find anyone else who seemed to have a similar reaction to us.

I might ask Ray this – were the reactions you noticed similar or were they quite varied? Was it to colloidals from humic shale or artificially manufactured colloidals?

And Craig that is an interesting thought about the release of poisons. I considered this possibility, though I was not aware of how the process worked as you described it.

There are several reasons why I believe that this may not be the full cause of the problem we had. When we started taking colloidal minerals in liquid form we bought them through a health food store and took them for several months with fairly positive effects. Then we came across Dr. Wallach’s approved brand that was sold on a multi level basis and we decided to try this out and possibly sign others up. The first thing I noticed was that I did not like the taste of this new brand as much. It seemed to be off compare to the first. We figured what the heck and took them anyway and by the time we were on the second bottle we both were experiencing pain in our joints and my wife’s ankles were about double the normal size. We tried everything for her and nothing seemed to help much until she went to an acupuncturist and after that the swelling subsided. After the problem we both quit taking all colloidal minerals and the problem slowly went away.

Because the first brand seemed to have no ill effects on us I am still inclined to believe that there was some contamination with the second brand. We are both a little nervous about trying the liquid mineral supplements again and decided to look to nature to discover highly mineralized food feeling this would be the safest and possibly the healthiest way to obtain minerals.

The negative experience certainly did not turn me off minerals for the idea that we have mineral deficient soil and that many of our problems are caused by a lack of major as well as trace minerals registered well with my soul. It also makes a lot of sense to me that the much smaller particles in the colloidal form would be much more usable for our bodies.

Another interesting idea along this line is that the water in our bodies is very comparable in makeup to that of the water in the ocean. Now the waters in the ocean have trace amounts of almost all of the minerals. Science is even looking for ways to profitably take gold from the ocean waters.

The Law of Correspondences also helps here. It has been said in many ancient teachings that within each human is a replica of the universe and all things outside are also inside us. If we apply this correspondence to our bodies it would imply that for us to have optimum health then we should have trace amounts of all the elements within us, just as the earth and the larger universe does. If we are missing several of these minerals or elements then our balance would be off.

Our goal then to fulfill the second consideration would be to find natural foods with high mineral content. Where can we find such foods?

Rick gives a good answer

“I would think eating seafood would provide most of the minerals you need. I read that ocean water contains the perfect balance of trace minerals.”

Fish in general are much richer in minerals than is land produced meat. The highest in mineral content, especially trace minerals would be the ocean fish for they swim and eat from highly mineralized water every day.

Also from the oceans come kelp, sea cucumber and several other plants that provide many trace minerals. One good thing about kelp is that it is fairly inexpensive. It has quite a bit of iodine so those with thyroid problems must take it sparingly.

Blue green algae and Chlorella were mentioned as possible sources. I believe the blue green algae from in the Klamath Falls lakes are highly mineralized and are very beneficial. The trouble is that they are very expensive. I find that I receive a similar benefit for much less money from alfalfa tablets. Alfalfa has very deep roots and is able to pull many minerals from the ground that other plants cannot reach.

I therefore take alfalfa and kelp every day because they are inexpensive and a great source of natural minerals. I also take a couple cod liver oil tablets.

(Update July 2019: I found an economical source of blue green algae and now take that with some fish oil)

They did a study once of two groups of natives in Africa who lived in similar circumstances except for one. One tribe lived next to a large lake and ate fish regularly and the other ate little or no fish but hunted land based meat instead.

The result was that the tribe who ate the fish lived a much longer life span and had much greater health than the tribe that ate little fish.

Someone mentioned a mineral source that I didn’t think anyone would get for a while and that is wine. Grapes, as well as many other fruits come from trees and vines with much deeper roots than most of our vegetables. My favorite wines are from Australia which have the most mineral rich soil in the world. I find almost all their wines delicious. My second choice are the wines from Chile. Much of the wine there is from fairly new vineyards which are not yet depleted from choice minerals. I also find that wines from Columbia Valley in Washington are high quality on the average.

Research has shown that moderate wine drinkers are healthier than those who abstain and perhaps the mineral content of the wine is one overlooked reason.

Rick makes another statement that is interesting

“Also foods grown by hydroponics would be good. When we looked into doing a hydroponics greenhouse, in Stelle, Il. the books say to add a nutrient, made from sea water, to the water used in the process.”

I was wondering about the mineral content of hydroponics. I am suspicious though. It has turned into such a big business that I am sure many of the producers are more interested in how the tomato looks than how high the mineral content is. If anyone knows any more about the current particulars on this process I’m sure we would be interested in hearing it.

Rick’s full of good suggestions today. Here’s another one:

“Also, from am article on building a sprouting cabinet, it says to recycle the water used in sprouting, because it becomes high in trace minerals and other nutrients. And, if you use salt on your food, you can buy the kind that is made from sea water, at the health food store.”

Some sea salt is refined with all the minerals taken out so you want to buy Celtic sea salt which is naturally dried with nothing taken out. You can tell the difference by just looking. Refined sea salt is a pure white while the Celtic salt is slightly gray.

Geoffrey writes: “I read somewhere some years back that researchers measured the mineral content of plants grown on mineral lacking soil and discovered that they had more minerals in them than plants grown on mineral rich soil.

“If the plant discovered a mineral lacking in the soil, it would create this mineral so that when the plant died, the missing minerals would be put back into the soil to create a balance. Makes sense doesn’t it? Nature creating a balance. How else can the soil be regulated? Where do you think minerals actually come from that are being replaced?”

JJ: I’d be interested in seeing the actual research on this. I doubt if the plant actually created the mineral. If this could be proven it should make front page headlines. I think what happens here is that to compensate the plants develop longer roots in an attempt for nature to bring the trace elements to the surface. This is one reason that recycling is so important.

There are still several other popular foods not yet mentioned that are not farmed in the regular sense that are high in natural minerals and that are also readily available. Can you name them?

The Twelfth Planet

Someone asked about the Twelfth Planet. I started reading that book at one time and could not get into it. There may be some truth there, but I didn’t feel drawn by great light.

For those of you who have read it can you tell me if this planet is supposed to be currently populated? If so how do they survive when the temperature on the surface would be around 400 degrees below zero?

I was drawn to the writings of Velikovsky and believe that he has discovered many hints of real truth. By the way, Velikovsky did not see the visiting planet as coming from beyond the orbit of Pluto, but he says we have been visited by both Mars and Venus and Venus passed by our earth as it left an orbit as a moon around Jupiter.

He increased his credibility by successfully predicting the makeup of the atmosphere of Venus before our spacecraft arrived there to take readings.

March 12, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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