Group Fast

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Posted July 20, 2010

My Friends,

I am encouraged that the group wishes to do more for the work and are collectively considering fasting and praying for greater results.

It is too bad that some conflict has arisen that has distracted the group from spiritual purpose involved.

Conflict in a grass roots situation is not surprising as there is not a designated leader and without this several divergent voices generally arise with different ideas. Then the group wanting to maintain goodwill is reluctant to throw support behind anyone, but just wishes they could move forward smoothly.

What to do.

It does look like Blayne was the first to bring up the idea of a group fast (message 46745) so I’m inclined to suggest he be in charge – so long as he has group support.  So Blayne will pick the day and the purpose and the rest of the group who want to participate will give him their ideas. He can always ask for a group vote if there is conflict.

Of course, each individual is free to ignore the group fast and use his own approach or no approach.

In directing the energies of a fast, less is more.  I have had successful fasts when I directed my attention to one-pointed results.

Blayne writes:
And then you know me my mind takes off and thinks ok if in this life then what criteria has to happen in the next fifteen years to get things moving?

Large numbers of people must be reached with some of the key teachings.  A book, a webpage, facebook, youtube, a radio show, TV show, movie or something that reaches the masses must take place.

There are several reasons a breakthrough hasn’t happened yet.

(1) The consciousness of the people does not express a great enough desire for the Path or higher knowledge.

(2) Many disciples who could help have descended further into materialism, ego, illusion and discouragement than expected. They are more interested in following their own will rather than doing useful work for a cause greater than self.

(3) There are cycles of opportunity.  For the past three years I have been in a night cycle rather than the day and have thus been more in a receiving mode than sending.  I have been attempting to take advantage of this by filling my mind with as many ideas and useful information as possible so the next sending cycle will be more successful.

(4) Even the Higher Lives are somewhat limited by cycles and definitely work with them. If the time is not right for them to make a move then there is nothing we can do to influence them to do it.

That said it is true that all of us want something to happen as soon as possible.  What can we do?

(1) First and foremost prepare yourself.  Study not only my writings but anything of value that feels right to your soul.  Try and get at least an hour’s study time in each day.

(2) Start a local group.  It could be either metaphysical or political.  Both are needed and enlightenment is surely lacking in both departments.  If interested go to the archives and do a search for “Synthesis Group”.  That should bring up some of my suggestions for creating a group.

One thing I might add here.  We went to a party last weekend where friends hosted a musician in their backyard. Everyone brought pot luck in food and beverages and we had a great turn out that was a lot of fun.  This would be a good way to start a local group, but instead of a musician you have a speaker introducing a course of learning. Then if you have any musical talent available that could only help.

(3) Make some posts here.  Many do not realize that their posting here helps give life to ideas.

(4) Give book one of the Immortal to your friends.  I have printed copies of book one as well as the audio that I will send free copies to all living in the U.S. who want them.

(5) Ask yourself, what more can I do than I am doing now?

(6) Be patient and don’t lose faith.  The work will leap forward at the right time and place.

Do we need complete economic melt down before people will turn to more spiritual mindedness?

Unless we have a gathering place available a complete economic breakdown would do more harm than good, possibly opening the door to a dictatorship.

However, a strong economic downturn can force people to dwell more on the spirit and the essentials of life.  It is possible that a little more squeeze on the people will create opportunity that was not there before.

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