Crème and Illusion

Crème and Illusion

I give appreciation to the Crème supporter for responding calmly, a trait very uncharacteristic of those who take issue with me.

Your defense of Crème goes along nicely with our subject of illusion.

Consider this, A stage hypnotist will sometimes give a performance as follows:

He takes a guy from the audience and puts him under a fairly deep trance.

He tells him: “Whenever I say the word ‘banana’ you will scratch your head and whenever I say the word ‘apple’ you will stand on your head. You will not remember me giving you this suggestion.”

Then he wakes him up and starts talking to the audience using the word “banana” twice. The man then scratches his head twice. The hypnotist turns to the man and asks him, “Why did you scratch your head.”

The man will give a seemingly logical answer, “Because it itches.”

The audience laughs

The hypnotist then turns and continues talking to the audience and slips out the word “apple.” The man then stands on his head.

As the audience is rolling in laughter the Hypnotists asks the man, “Why are you standing on your head?”

“I thought the audience would find it amusing,” he says.

“And it doesn’t bother you that the audience is laughing?”

“Of course not,” says the man. “That’s what I wanted to happen.”

In the end the subject feels rather silly when he finds out the truth. He didn’t scratch his head or stand on it because of his own idea but because of a hypnotic suggestion he allowed to be planted within him. The truth should have dawned on him. After all, he was in the presence of a hypnotist who was making people do crazy things. Why did it not occur to him that his strange behavior was not his own idea but from something implanted within him?

You my friend are the subject, Crème is the hypnotist and we are the audience. This is a polite audience and they will not outright laugh, but I guarantee that most of them are amused by your strange explanation as to how Crème can be dead wrong at least four times about fixing dates for a mass appearance of Christ and yet you come up with fantastic explanations as to why he is wrong, entirely overlooking the obvious.

You are not alone. At least once a year there appears a story about some Christian preacher who gets a revelation to meet Christ or a spaceship on some mountaintop at a certain date. The followers often sell all they have because they will not need them after the noted date. When the date arrives the group goes to the mountaintop and nothing happens.

What does the preacher do? Does he admit he is wrong?


Instead the dialog usually goes something like this:

“The Master did not show up because circumstances have changed. He has now set a new date. In addition to this, many in the group have shown a lack of faith and have displeased the Master. We are not ready for him if he should appear. Our task now is to work on showing greater faith and be prepared for the real date of the appearance which will be soon. Very soon.”

Or he may just give something even more simple:

“Bothers and sisters this was a test of your faith. Now we must get ready for the real thing.”

The interesting thing is to examine the reaction of the followers. You would think they would see right through this preacher, realize they have been deceived, throw their arms up in disgust and go home and start a new life. But do they?

No. Rarely. Maybe one or two out of a hundred. The ninety nine are in deep hypnosis and cannot see the truth in front of their nose, just like the subject on the stage. They accept without question whatever the preacher tells them and will not even consider anything else.

Such a deceived one may be encountered by a friend:

“The man said Jesus was going to show up at Noon on March 3rd. He didn’t show up. Nothing happened. Does that not tell you something?”

“You don’t understand. Reverend Jones is in contact with Jesus and speaks for him. Jesus was just testing us and I’m not going to let him down.”

The friend sighs. He feels badly for his friend, but realizes there is nothing he can do.

Why is it that the vast majority fail to even consider that such a grievous error is evidence that Jones’ contact with Jesus is illusion even thought it is sublimely obvious to a casual observer?

The answer is this.

A belief planted in the solar plexus of desire and nourished by attention, study and works becomes a strong attachment and acts as if it were a powerful hypnotic suggestion. It is so powerful that the man cannot see the source of the illusion just as the subject who stood on his head could not.

If you follow the standard reaction here you will seek to turn this around and tell me that it is I and not yourself who is under the deep trance. Before you attempt this I will ask then where is the correspondence?

Where is my hypnotist? I have none that plant false data into my mind.

Where are the false predictions hat I have mindlessly swallowed?

Where is the audience that is laughing at me?

You cannot attempt to turn the tables and point back at me because I do not fit the mold. I have no guru with which I feel an impulse to hypnotically conform.

I do not mean to offend you my friend, but I do seek to awaken you out of your deep sleep so you can be of real use to the world. As I said before I see real potential in you, but such potential is often wasted on the slumbering giants of history who live and die with little effect on the world.

I’ll end with an instructive quote from DK

“The visionary dreamer or the well-intentioned but impractical person whose ideas and world plans and suggestions as to the new world order litter the desks of world leaders and of those groups and organisations who are attempting practically to blueprint the future. Their dreams and ideas deal with projects for which the world of today is not ready and will not be ready for several thousand years. It is an easy thing for them to present impossible Utopias which have not the faintest relation to things which are needed today and which could be made possible. The name of these people is legion, and at this time they constitute a definite hindrance. A vision of the impossible is not the type of vision which will keep the people from perishing. Because of an inability to compromise and to face up to things as they are, these people and those whom they influence are landed in despair and disillusionment.” Externalization of the Hierarchy, Pages 459-460

April 25,  2004

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Crème Connection, Part 4

Crème Connection, Part 4

Crème supporter: If someone who had never read a page of DK in their life were to read a complex page from Treatise on Cosmic Fire – they would not believe what DK is writing, they would not believe DK because they are using THEIR OWN (limited) knowledge to understand what DK writes. This is the problem of knowledge. The problem is that you can never have all of the facts, all knowledge. When you don’t have ALL of the facts you are left with belief, and this JJ, is what you have about Crème and what he is saying about the return of the World Teacher.

JJ: You’re making no sense. You criticize me for not having all the facts then you say we can never have all the facts.

When I first read DK back around 1967 I was ingrained in the Mormon Church. Everything he said went against what I believed, yet I only had to read a couple pages to realize that this was the most intelligent and enlightened writing I had ever come across. On the other hand, I’ve read hundreds of pages of Crème’s material and nothing similar to this happens. Crème actually had a foot in the door because he was talking about the return of Christ which was not against my belief system. There has to be some evidence of truth and high intelligence to keep the attention of any seeker. Instead, Crème, with his false predictions, gives powerful evidence he is wrong.

Reader’s response to my suggestion that he ask Crème if my quote from him was correct. “I will try to get personally in contact with him and ask these questions ….but i certainly won’t sign my name at the end of the letter because i realize as much as he will how ridiculous your questions are.”

JJ: You sound like a Mormon afraid to ask the prophet a question as he may be viewed as unfaithful. Be a man. Put your name on the letter.

JJ Quote >If Crème gives out a fixed date yet knows the date is fluid then what does>this mean? It means that Crème is consciously telling a bold faced lie by stating a>fixed time when he knows otherwise.

Reader: If Crème gives out a fixed date and knows the date is fluid, this is just another paradox of truth. Truth cannot be understood with the rational, analytical mind which you so often use. If Crème gives out a fixed date and knows the date is fluid – that MEANS he is giving out a fixed date which is fluid. Does that read like a riddle? Good. Yet another opportunity to realize truth.

JJ Congratulations!!! Most people have to live to at least the age of sixty to compile such a convoluted distortion of reality. You have done it at the young age of 21. It makes me curious as to how you will explain reality when you are 40! You’ll make Baghdad Bob look like Donny Osmond – or maybe Gandhi.

I should have thought of this reasoning when I was a teenager. I can just see it now.

Mom: You’re late! You said you’d be home by midnight and here it is 2 AM.

Young JJ: You do not understand. Your rational mind cannot understand midnight. Midnight is fluid and I knew this when I told you I would not be home at that hour. Because midnight is fluid this means that midnight is really 2 AM, or whatever time I get home. But the fluid thing worked didn’t it? You were sitting here waiting for me to arrive at midnight – weren’t you mom?

Mom: You lied to me and now have the audacity to insult me like this?

JJ: I’m not lying Mom. Midnight was fluid in my mind when I told you the time I would be home.

Mom: You may be fluid, but I’m not. You’re grounded for a month and there is no fluidity about it.

Woops. That didn’t work out so well. I guess the Crème doctrine would not have helped after all.

I could say Elijah came to your house yesterday. I’m telling the truth because “yesterday” is fluid in my mind. So is Elijah.

I think you deserve an award here for the most astounding doctrine that anyone has ever presented to the group.

Reader: Why must you need physical, worldly contact with Christ – … Like i said, it would be easier for you if you just let Him into your heart. If you invite Him into your life via your heart.

JJ: This is what the born-againers tell me every time I meet one. Like attracts like. Maybe if you read the Bible and attended the Baptist church you would feel right at home.

The reader then related all kinds of contacts and manifestations that Crème’s Maitreya was supposed to have made

JJ: Crème claims all kinds of manifestations which cannot be verified. For instance, he said Maitreya appeared to hundreds of Mormons in the west. If this had happened several Mormon scholars in the group would have heard about it, as nothing in Mormonism escapes them.

Reader: You have taught that DK stated that after 1975 revelatory teachings would be given out. This was fulfilled by Benjamin Crème.

JJ: No one including Crème has fulfilled the prophecy where the prediction was that the esoteric teachings would permeate society   through the media starting in 1975. You never hear Crème on the Radio or see him on TV. The world pretty much ignores him. DK was predicting a time that the esoteric teachings would reach humanity as much as the political talk shows and the religions do today. He was thinking of a time that all of us could turn on the media and on a certain station there would be an esoteric teacher reaching the masses. Unfortunately, the fulfillment of this prediction is behind schedule.

Comment from another reader: I also thought that where a person was evolution-wise was between them and their soul.

JJ: A person’s state of evolution is what it is. Whatever the person has achieved is what it is and has nothing to do with what the soul or any other life says. What is between the person and the soul is what he does with the information on his point in evolution as he perceives it. A Master can discern accurately discern the imitation status of regular humanity and the wise student can make a fairly accurate guess.

DK has taught (and I have elaborated on the fact) that the true disciple will not broadcast his point in evolution. Interestingly enough DK was an exception to this, but only after the fact that he was a Master was leaked out by accident.

A person’s Master also knows his point in evolution.

Also here is a principle.

The one of higher evolution can recognize one of equal or lower evolution, but the lower cannot discern with accuracy the higher.

The reader thinks that I should not have given my estimate of the status of various famous people since that approach brought some disagreement.

JJ Certain amount of group disagreement is desirable and inevitable being that I have a fourth ray mind. I am not alone in this fourth ray influence here. This conflict can cause members of the group to look in directions to which they were previously blind and lead some to harmony through conflict.

It is a good thing to analyze the achievers of humanity. The more we can understand them, the more we can also achieve and obtain power to serve.

Reader: And if JJ thinks Benjamin Crème has nothing to offer, why is he interested in Créme’s opinion about the vital statistics of these people?

JJ I never said he had nothing to offer, but even if I thought this way I would want to know what and how he thinks since we may be assisting a number of his students in the future. One must understand illusion in order to neutralize it.

That said, Crème does have a considerable knowledge base and has had much more free time in his life to study than I have had. When he speaks on esoteric philosophy you can rest assured that the teachings are from a brain that has studied and reflected. All his teachings are not incorrect.

The major thing to understand in relation to Crème’s teachings is the obvious fact that one as high up the status as the real Christ would know better than to give out several times the wrong exact dates for his appearance.

Reader: I wouldn’t have involved myself in the dialog the Crème supporter as I am not interested in watching a dog fight.

JJ: A much more accurate comparison would be the dialog, written and vocal, that the Founding Fathers had in voicing their differences of opinion. That which has been preserved for history has provoked much thought and been very useful and enlightening. Without the shadows cast by differences there is no vision in this physical world.

I would also choose the word “dialog” here rather than “fight.” Neither the Crème supporter or I see this as a fight nor an unfriendly confrontation. If I read him right he would be happy to have a beer with me and play some pool if he were nearby.

Reader: You say that the lower cannot accurately judge the higher so does this mean you think you are higher up than all on the list you gave?

The principle was in response to assessing live disciples which occurs when working with them. When one meets another seeker in person (or have extensive written communication), and they are of similar evolution then a recognition will occur. If one meets one who is higher but still has soul contact himself then he will realize he has met another with soul contact but will not be able to discern the higher processes going on in his consciousness though he may recognize that this person is further along on the path. The higher can discern the lower, however, even though the lower sometimes does not feel understood.

I was not discerning the status of historical figures through their vibration so no indication of my status is indicated. It was an academic exercise based on my knowledge of them. This can be done by anyone with esoteric knowledge. I do not have a clue to the status of the names on Crème’s list with whom I an not familiar, whether they be higher or lower than myself.

“The problem with the gene pool is that there is no lifeguard.” Steven Wright

Sept 4, 2003

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Crème Connection, Part 2

Crème Connection, Part 2

The dialog continues with our true believer in Benjamin Crème. We’ll just refer to him a “Reader.”

Reader: Crème, via his Master, has provided thus far 1400 ray structures of deceased initiates along with the initiate’s own individual point of evolution. Anyone with a moderate understanding of the rays will soon realize there is no way at all an ordinary person could provide that information. How can you discount this?

JJ: Whether Crème is a teacher or messenger is a technicality that is neither here nor there. Obviously there are teachings emanating from Crème. Some may be from another entity and some from him. We both understand this point.

As a member stated the Ray structures of the 1400 initiates is mere data that cannot be verified. This feat could easily be duplicated by me, or several others in the group. There is no way to prove him right or wrong as is the case of many teachers who focus on rather random data.

Even so, I would be interested in seeing the list. Does one have to buy it or could you supply it to us? It would be interesting to see who he considers initiates and also who he has left out.

Reader: Creme even gives some quite controversial point’s of evolution. Hitler being 2.0 …and at the same time Gandhi is also a 2.0 …then there is Milarepa, the great Tibetan yogi at 3.5 – but tell a Tibetan Buddhist that Milarepa wasn’t a fully enlightened being (5.0) and they will likely disagree.

JJ Is the transmission meditation any different than a regular trans channel session? If so tell us how it works. Is the trans state used? Does the voice change?

Reader: I find it odd though, how you stress “principles” and discredit “data” – yet all a person has to do is read some DK and see how much data is in the material.

JJ I do not discredit data, but for a teacher to be a true representative of the Brotherhood of Light he will do more than cut and paste data or create new data that cannot be verified.

Let us suppose that Sean wants to establish himself as a messenger of Space aliens much higher than ourselves. To prove he is in contact with higher lives he lists the names 1400 planets and the type of lives on each one. In addition he lists the names of 100 starship commanders and their basic whereabouts in the universe.

All these fancy names may sound pretty impressive to an astral believer, but one on the plane of the mind or higher would not be impressed at all. Anyone with a little imagination could come up with such things.

On the other hand, only one with true soul contact can come up with a new principle or bring further light on existing principles. Imagination alone will not do the trick.

I am impressed with DK not because of data he presents, but because of the principles he elaborates on. The Law of Correspondences is a principle that he gives much further light on than was previously revealed. The seven Rays is based on the creative principle and many of the laws he talks about operate on principles.

Speaking of space people it is said that Crème began his messenger career by channeling space aliens way back in 1957

Reader: If you believe in the rays, which I gather you do, why cannot Creme give the ray structures of 1400 people? If you believe in Christ, and if you even believe in the Reappearance and Externalization of the Hierarchy, which I gather you do, why cannot Creme be giving data as to what Their doing?

JJ I accepted the possibility when I began investigating Crème, but I found nothing that stimulated soul contact.

I do not expect anyone to believe me if my teachings to not touch his soul. Why should you expect me or anyone else to follow a teacher (or messenger) who does not ring true with the Inner Voice?

Reader: Also, you also must remember the truism in occultism that no new teaching can be given until that already given has been put into practice. I gather that this law has slipped your mind JJ.

JJ: I never heard of this law and do not believe it. We still have not incorporated the teachings of Jesus on love, yet much more has been given out by the Brotherhood since then. You do not need to know all about Algebra I to study Algebra II.

The reader then maintained that Crème’s predictions on the appearance of Christ are accurate even though they did not happen as predicted. He then cited a number of predictions Crème made that he says have come true.

To this I responded: I cannot find the original predictions you mention, but would like to see them. I have found that most predictions that are claimed to be fulfilled by various prophets were really vague when originally written.

I can vaguely say that the government of Cuba will fall and be replaced by a much better one. This will definitely come true at some time, but it is a no-brainer to predict.

You were offended that I said Crème was a communist but it was not me who says Crème is a Communist., but apparently Crème does. Here is part of an interview with Sean David Morton written in 1994:

“The ultimate purpose, according to Creme, and I quote, is to “Give over all of your power and energy to the Masters so that they can use it as they please, to facilitate global change.” Someone has something backwards here! Spiritual Masters are suppose to reflect the Light of God and the Creation through themselves down TO US, not the other way round. And what do these “Masters” need with all our energy? To quote the now deceased Capt. James T. Kirk, “Excuse me! What does God need with a Starship?” As Creme and I spoke, he began to lay out his global philosophy. His anger was clearly directed primarily at America. He felt that all of Western Civilization should be destroyed and dismantled so that the wealth, mostly of America, could then be “re-distributed” to feed the starving huddled masses of the world. “By what means?” I asked. “They must come to a place of consciousness for it to take place.” he answered. “And if they refuse to do it willingly?” I asked slowly. “Then it should be done by force, if necessary!” “That,” I replied cautiously, truly wanting to hear what he had to say, “sounds like Communism.” “And what’s wrong with Communism?” he retorted. “Are you a Communist?” I asked. “Young man, I have been a card carrying Communist for 32 years!” The plot thickens. “Have you ever been to Moscow, or studied there? “Many times!” he said with pride.

Reader: What will it take before you start to know that Christ has returned? Faith. Where is your faith?

JJ: Christ has never left and will manifest soon in his own way. That is my faith. There are probably a thousand people besides Crème who believe they are Christ or representing him. Sorry if it offends you that I cannot believe them all just because a claim is made.

The Reader expressed disbelief in the effectiveness of my handwriting analysis of Crème, saying that would have noting to do with a high initiate.

JJ: Handwriting analysis works on initiates as well ordinary people. It is different than exoteric astrology. It is very accurate on the high and low.

The use of handwriting is one of the most objective methods available to check the amount of ego manifest. L. R. Hubbard was another who had a powerful ego. This does not discount the fact that he was very intelligent.

You should not discount the analysis of an expert here. Scientific analysis is more credible than getting some data from Zor of the Jarvis Galaxy.

Reader: Now for the big answer as to why Creme’s so-called predications have not come to happen.

The first time Creme stated that Christ will Reappear, he scheduled a press conference, he put ads in major newspapers, he basically did what he was told to do – because a window of opportunity existed. This “window of opportunity” is very complex. Creme describes the variables of the window of opportunity. Firstly, you have the cosmic energies. These must be right. The prime opportunity to make Himself known is in a positive energy cycle. The problems that go along with this opportunity include – is Humanity sending the invitation? Is the media responsive to cover this event? And how influential will the Black Lodge be to stop such an event from happening?

JJ: I am not including all your complex explanation here. Explaining why a prophet is right when he is really wrong is always complex.

My question is this. Since this prediction came from Maitreya who is the Christ, then why was he wrong on the following:

(1) He saw the wrong window of opportunity for there turned out to be no opportunity.

(2) He must have thought humanity was sending an invitation that did not exist. How could he be so wrong?

(3) Same idea with the media. He must have thought they were ready when they were not.

The funny thing is that Maitreya apparently told Crème a wrong appearance date quite a number of times. Possibly a half dozen or so. This should tell you something.

This false prediction and convoluted explanation reminds me of the founder of the Jehovah’s Witness faith.

One of the founders named Charles T. Russel predicted the return of Christ in the late 1800’s. When he didn’t show up he moved the date ahead. When he didn’t show up again the followers still did not use the process of elimination. Russel took advantage of that belief and moved the date ahead again to 1914.

Well, 1914 came and went but still no Jesus appearing in the clouds. Russel himself refused to eliminate this final date as being wrong and concluded that Jesus did come in 1914, but he just came invisibly and no one saw him. Thus, if I understand the current Jehovah’s Witness doctrine, they still to this day have not eliminated 1914 as the arrival date and accept this as the year of the coming of the Lord.

Perhaps if Crème’s Maitreya does not show up soon he will have to also invent an invisible coming.

Reader: If this great entity was to Reappear full out in the public and claim he is the Christ, this would be a severe infringement on the free will of Humanity. It’s very simple once you realize it. This is precisely why He, The World Teacher of this Age, did not first go to someone like Queen Elizabeth or Reagan or the Pope – it’s because these people have more social authority than Benjamin Creme does. Realize this. If the Pope declared tomorrow that the Christ has returned in full flesh to this earth – millions and millions of people would without doubt believe the Pope –

JJ: This is a good point that I have written about years ago. Perhaps someone at Share is reading the archives.

Reader: Not only does Christ not want followers, but ultimately there is nothing to follow because everything He is – you are.

JJ: Then why are you here trying to get us to follow you who are following Crème who thinks he is following Christ?

Reader: Study the 7th ray. It is so immensely practical…and i’m gathering this is the negativity that you seemingly are picking up from me and other people who use the 7th ray. This whole “virtual classroom” is all Piscean. There is you, JJ Dewey, the teacher, and the people in this group are your students. Sincerely, that has so little to do with the 7th ray and Aquarius Age.

JJ Are you really saying that during the Aquarian age there will be no teachers, no classrooms, no students??? Surely you jest.

There are teachers and students in every age and on every ray. Why would you think otherwise?

Let us see who really is on the sixth ray and holding on to the Piscean age.

Some of the keynotes of the Piscean age were idealism, sacrifice, strong unearned authority, reliance on emotion (water sign) instead of the mind (air sign – Aquarius). Believes through faith – doesn’t need mental verification.

Comparison: You and the Crème group. Lots of idealism. Even the false prophesies occur because “ideal” situations were not met.

Lots of emphasis on sacrifice. Even the name of the Organization is “Share” because of the belief we will all have to sacrifice and “share” the wealth as the solution to world problems.

Lots of emphasis on unearned authority. You rely on Crème who relies on some unseen voice that is viewed as a close to infallible authority – surely much more of an authority than any normal human. We are supposed to believe without question because the voice of the master speaks. This is no different than the reliance on the authority of the Priest or Pope of the Piscean age.

Reliance on emotion above mind. You are asking me and others to do this. Even though we have mentally concluded that there is little or no evidence that Maitreya speaks through Crème you want us to take an emotional leap and believe anyway. I present you with mental and intuitional reasons for my position and you discard them and present us with emotional reasons such as outward signs, loose predictions and ideals.

This group places emphasis on the practical instead of the ideal. No false prophesies made to date. I am fallible and could make one some day, but they will be rare because I do not see myself as some infallible prophet.

We place emphasis on Aquarian service more than sacrifice. The lesson of the past age which is Sacrifice, will be utilized, but not emphasized. Service is the new keynote. We are to serve, and, through cause and effect, reap the benefit of service.

Crème wants to produce the new age by requiring sacrifice. He wants to give everyone a fish, but then they will need a fish tomorrow and there will be no fish.

I emphasize service and gaining power to serve. In other words, teach a man to fish and he can then obtain his own fish tomorrow, thus gaining power to be a servant rather than one who is poor with his hand out, requiring sacrifice.

I place no emphasis on unearned authority but much emphasis on individual soul contact. I encourage all to follow what he believes to be the voice of the soul even if it disagrees with me. There is no unearned authoritarian invisible voice of some Master that any must follow here. There is only my voice and other voices in the group. The teachings have no claim that they came from a Master. It is the responsibility of the student to discern them with the help of his own soul. I doubt if anyone here believes everything I have written is true. Most are like Blayne who said a while back that he has a number if the teachings on the shelf (meaning he cannot fully accept them), but because he has received soul confirmation on so much that he remains.

Reliance on mind above the emotion. The mind is stressed here on a regular basis. I have taught many times that in the end if a thing is true then it will make sense. If it doesn’t make sense then the teaching should be reviewed again with skepticism.

Conclusion: The reader, Crème and the upline are following the Piscean path.

I am one of the few teachers setting the Aquarian example teaching from the plane of the mind over emotion. Astrologically, I am an ideal one to aid with this, born in the midst of Aquarius and at the very beginning of the Aquarian age. – Feb 6, 1945 at exactly the midway point between the North pole and the Equator (45 degrees latitude).

Sept 2, 2003

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Testing the Crème Connection

Testing the Crème Connection

A new member made the claim (August 2003) that Saddam Hussein was already dead (Hussein died three years after this post) and that Bush highly unlikely to not finish his term. He was sure of this because he received his information from a master.

JJ: I have Several questions I would like to ask:

(1) Is it you or someone else who is in contact with this Master?

(2) Which Master is it?

3) How does she receive the information? Is direct voice or trance state involved?

(4) Since there are about 1000+ Masters speaking on the internet – what made you choose this one to believe?

(5) Has this Master made any correct predictions in the past? Name three. Tell us any incorrect ones if you’re up to it.

(6) Is there a web page we can check out?

Probably the greatest red flag with this “Master” is the negativity that filters down through you in your recent posts.

Even in the midst of World War II DK gave us a lot of hope and positive information. He went out of his way to find good in various world leaders rather than the bad – (Which the conspiracy people were doing plenty of).

Your master has the Aroma of Benjamin Crème’s Maitreya who at first predicted Saddam would survive the war and then changed his mind.

This guy has made many predictions and most of them have been false. Why were a couple right? A stopped clock is right twice a day.

You can look up Benjamin Crème in the archives and find more of what I have written on him.

Later the reader replied that he did receive his information from Benjamin Crème.

JJ: It’s funny, as I was writing the questions about your source I assumed you were working with some channeler. I even mentioned a “her” figuring that channel would be female, as most of them are. Then just as I was about to send the post the name Benjamin Créme came into my mind and at that point I was sure that this was your source and added a couple lines to that effect.

I about kicked myself for not realizing it sooner because it makes so much sense. For one thing, it really explains why you came to the group with only negativity about so much that is good in the world. I am familiar with Créme’s vibration and some of it did rub off on you.

The Crème follower was adamant that he was the real thing and was in contact with Maitreya, or the Christ. and has revealed principles such as sharing and oneness of human life.

As I have written many times the key to the discovery of a true teacher is to look for the revelation of new principles or further light on revealed principles.

A principle reveals why something works, why laws apply and why certain data is true.

Here are two points the reader put forth to illustrate that Créme reveals principles:

First “When Maitreya talks about how He and all of Humanity are One, is that not a principle?”

This is a platitude thousands of years old taught by Jesus and Masters before him.

“That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me.” John 17:21

Also DK earlier wrote “The sons of men are one and I am one with them.”

Repeating a teaching from the past that is so old that it has now become a platitude is not the revelation of a new principle or giving new light on an old one.

A first grader can copy a phrase from the Bible and repeat it. This is no sign of the presence of a master.

Now if Crème could give the underlying principle governing the oneness behind all lives that is not a copy of some previous teaching, that brings the flashing forth if intuition in the student, then we could be impressed.

Next he says: “When Maitreya talks about sharing and the need to share the world’s resources, is this not a principle?”

Again this is a repetition of a platitude that we hear from every religious teacher and every Sunday School class. How one can mentally conclude that there is some new light here indicating the intelligence of a master. I do not know.

There is a principle behind sharing. Has Crème revealed it? No

Does Crème know what it is?


I read the first book or two he put out and could not even see a hint of understanding principles let alone the revelation of anything new.

Data that cannot be proven is often presented by Créme. I could also say that Jesus was born 22BC or 4AD and no one cold prove me wrong.

His predictions however, can be verified and I have not seen one yet come true, even though he claims many have. (Logically a few of the many must have) If his data he gives out is as unreliable as his predictions then I wouldn’t bet my grandmother’s operation money on them.

The reader recounted my account of meeting Crème back in 1988 and thought that should have convinced me to get on board if I rose to the mental plane.

Speaking of ascending to the plane of the mind and this is what I did in my decision about Crème at that time.

Every time I hear a new claim I check it out just in case there is something to it. Just because I seek to tread the path does not mean that I expect the Hierarchy to throw all their plans in my lap. The injunction from Christ is “seek and yet shall find.” All of us must continually seek from the highest to the lowest. The moment we stop seeking we then go backwards rather than forwards.

Therefore, when I heard of Crème’s claims I did not dismiss them out of hand but ordered all the materials be had available at that time and read them through.

As I read I looked for light that would bring the flashing forth that DK talked about. None came.

I looked for a new principle or an old one amplified.

There was none.

I looked then for evidence of the dark side.

It appeared that he was willing to use force to take from the rich and give to the poor. Forcing one’s version of good upon people is evidence of the dark side. Then I later found out that he was a Communist and thought the government of the old Soviet Union was superior to our own. As we all know, this “superior government” collapsed because it was not workable for it stifled the freedom of the people.

Despite all this, when I found out he was coming to Boise I thought I would give him a second look just to be sure.

In his speech he rehearsed a lot of the material I had already read and then ended with an astonishing prediction. He stated point blank that in the coming spring that Maitreya (Christ) would appear on television that would be seen by peoples all over the world and would announce that he is the Christ. At this moment every person on the entire planet will feel his presence and know beyond any doubt that this is the second coming of Christ.

Now this was not presented as a weather forecast that was subject to the whim of the people or circumstances, but was a definite statement. He did not say this will happen if conditions are right. He said definitely that this was going to happen.

He was so self assured about it that I thought perhaps some powerful personage may present himself in spring even if Crème was on the dark side.

Keeping this prediction in mind I did keep an eye out for some unusual person appearing on the news, but Spring came and went with nothing unusual. Then a year or two passed with no such news. I finally became curious and checked out Share’s latest literature and found out the date had been moved up. After a period of time the date was moved up several times, but nothing ever happened. Now I think he has finally quit giving out such a date.

Now (speaking from the plane of the mind) if Crème is truly getting his knowledge from Christ then why would he make such a huge mistake – and not once but several times? DK who is lower on the totem pole than Maitreya never came close to a whopper like this.

The real mystery was why Créme still maintained a following after making such strongly worded prophecies which failed.

In addition to this I have read many other predictions in his literature and have not found one that came true yet. Most astral psychics have a better record than this.

After the meeting was over I decided to give him one more test. Since I am an experienced handwriting analyst I decided to check out his writing. I approached him and asked for his signature. He gave it to me and it was very close to what I had expected.

It showed a powerful ego – a man with a strong desire to be the center of attention, who would bask in the adoration of anyone who would follow him.

Now let me ask you this. After all this checking and finding absolutely no evidence to support his claims and much against them what am I supposed to do?

Of course, I would reject him and move on. What kind of fool would I be to embrace such a teacher with no evidence either internal or external?

The reader then related to us that he was in one of Crème’s meditation groups and had a great experience of feeling energy move through his chakras. He felt this was a witness that Crème was the real thing.

JJ: In any meditation the chakras are effected so this is not evidence of either a positive or negative direction. These 600 groups you mention are linked to Crème and therefore are likely to tap into the thoughtform of the group as a whole, which would be subject to Créme’s illusions.

The real test is to examine the material that is revealed through the meditations. If you received some light from your participation I’m sure the group would like to examine it in the open.

The Crème followers says this: The comment was “highly unlikely to finish this term” …but if Bush does finish his term, it doesn’t mean anything more than what was highly unlikely became the reality. You have said yourself JJ that the Master DK was wrong on predications (or at least many have not come true as of yet).”

JJ: This is really a wishy washy “safe” way to make a prediction. It will happen but if it doesn’t I was right anyway. This guy is not even good false prophet material.

On the other hand, every single concrete prediction I have made to this list has come true or is yet in the future. Maybe you’re backing the wrong guy here.

Actually I am very cautious about making predictions and only make then when the coming event is close to 100% sure. When speaking of the future that is not set I speak in percentages. For instance I would say that it is 90% sure that Bush will finish his first term. It is the desire of the true and living Christ that he do so, but because of free will there is always a danger that the plan could not materialize. It is close to a sure thing that he will be reelected but will face more danger in his second term. Chances of completing that are 65-75%.

As far as Saddam still being alive. The answer here has to be a black and white yes or no. There can be no “future is flexible” excuse used here. Créme says he is dead. I personally have not received a revelation on it one way or another, but using the mind to make a judgment here I would guess he is still alive (which he was) and was never so sick that he was near death. He had some health problems, but not as portrayed by Créme. I would bet my mental judgments against any astral master any time.

Next the reader maintained that Crème was behind numerous miracles. He points out that a member of his meditation group has a piece of glass that shows the image of a cross when light goes through it.

JJ: One of the first lessons the seeker of the path must realize is to trust the inner signs and not the outer. Few realize how many illusive and deceptive signs materialize from astral consciousness. Among them are the stigmata, the face of Christ appearing on a wall, statues crying tears, blood sweating from a picture and so on.

Here are the Master’s comments about signs: “The Pharisees also with the Sadducees came, and tempting desired him that he would shew them a sign from heaven. He answered and said unto them, When it is evening, ye say, It will be fair weather: for the sky is red. And in the morning, It will be foul weather to day: for the sky is red and lowring. O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern the signs of the times? A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given unto it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas. And he left them, and departed.” Matt 16:1-4

Who seeks for signs? A wicked (deceived) and adulterous (attention on the God without) generation.

What is the sign to be given that the Messiah is near?

The sign of Jonas (or Jonah).

What is that?

Many think the sign was the three days in the belly of the fish, but consider this: Jonas went to Nineveh and predicted destruction. The destruction did not come and Jonas was very upset with God that he seemed to be a false prophet.

Verily the sign of Jonas has been repeated in our time. As we crossed over into this new millennia we have weathered an untold number of predictions of doom concerning Y2K, the end of the world, appearance of an antichrist, the rise of a dictator in America or Europe etc.

None of these predictions of doom have come to pass. We are thus passing through the sign of Jonas.

And what does this sign tell us?

It tells us that the true manifestation of the Christ is near. This is something I do have some certain knowledge of, but before he can come there must be a group ready to receive him. Such a group does net yet exist, but hopefully will soon.

Reader: “Christ will reappear soon in the physical world to the masses and everyone will know who He is and why He is here.”

JJ: The world will not know who he is for some time after he manifests.

I think you are sincere young man and I hope you continue your exploration of the truth and hope this includes looking beyond the Créme doctrine. I bid you to explore the language of the soul which is the language of principles. A true principle can only be understood through the soul. This makes the revelation of principles the true test of a teacher. This is what must be looked for above all else. This is the inward sign that eclipses the outer and faileth not.

Readers may find it helpful to review my post giving the different characteristics of the true and the misled teacher. Here is the LINK.

Aug 29, 2003

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Keys Posts 2012, Part 14

This entry is part 27 of 40 in the series 2012A

 June 9, 2012

Benjamin Crème

Here are some previous comments I have made on Benjamin Crème. (Posted in response to reader interest)

April 1999 Glenys mentioned Benjamin Crème. I remember the first time I read the “words of Christ” as they were revealed through him. They left me completely flat. No new knowledge, principles or wisdom. Then somewhere around 1988 he came up to Boise to give a lecture. I thought I’d try and be open-minded and listen to him. I was surprised to hear him declare boldly that Christ was going to appear in about two months from the date of the lecture. He was going to be on television and his presence would be so powerful that the whole world would just know who he was and accept him.

Well two months passed and this glorious event did not happen. Later I heard he moved the event forward, but still it has now been over ten years (Now 23 years) and no mass TV appearance of the Christ with every eye recognizing Him.

Benjamin Crème was a student and personal acquaintance of Alice A. Bailey and he has a small amount of true data of the reappearance, but is caught up in a number of illusions and will continue to make false predictions.

It’s possible that someone may surface who claims to be Crème’s version of the Christ, but I assure you that such a one will not be able to speak words as beautiful as the Sermon on the Mount or give even one parable comparable to those of Jesus.

After we pass the year 2000 we are going to see more false Christs and prophets appear. Link


Thanks for your posting, Adrian, of some of the teachings of Benjamin Crème. Actually, a large portion of the teachings you mentioned are not original with Crème, but with Alice A. Bailey of whom Crème was a student.

Many new age gurus have read the works of Alice A. Bailey and presented teachings gained from her books as their own original material. Because her books are quite technical and difficult to read many students of such gurus are impressed that the material is original.

There are a number of teachers who claim to be channeling every master available who only present a rehash of Bailey and other writers.

It may be advantageous to present certain points to look for in a true representative of the Brotherhood and one who is under the illusionary path.


1. The first thing to look at is the teachings he or she presents, for the Brotherhood does not like to repeat itself. If it does it is only for clarification purposes. A false teacher’s highest teachings will be a repeat of information that has already been revealed.

Crème’s highest teachings are Alice A. Bailey quotations.

2. The false teacher will teach in data and not principles. If there is anything new in his teachings it will be in the form of unprovable data.

One of the few new things in Crème’s teachings was some data about the number of disciples who have passed through the various initiations. Even on this he has over estimated the number.

3. The false teacher will make fantastic predictions that do not come true.

I recounted in my last post such a prediction by Crème.

4. The false teacher presents himself as a humble servant, but subtly works to draw attention to glorify himself and his ego.

When I heard Crème in person make his false prediction I sensed that it originated in glamour. Also, his mannerisms seemed very centered in glamour. To confirm my suspicions I went to meet him after the lecture and got his autograph. I am an expert handwriting analyst and saw immediately on looking at his writing that I was correct. The guy revels in attention directed toward his ego.

5. The false teacher will lie when it furthers his purposes.

I personally think that Crème just makes up a lot of the “teachings” that are supposed to come from Christ and is aware of this fact.

6. The false teacher will usually emphasize teachings of the passing age, which is the age of Pisces at this time.

Crème’s message of sharing and sacrifice sound pleasing, but they are presented in Piscean format and are not workable in the coming age.

7. He will not offer you a way to prove to yourself that his teachings are true, but will want you to accept him through faith in his personality. Those who are sure that he is correct are convinced through outer signs.

Crème has offered no way for us to know the truth of his teachings.


1. The bulk of his teachings will not be a repetition of writings already in existence. His or her teachings will either be new or throw new light on teachings already revealed.

Look at the two greatest in history, Jesus and Buddha. They may have quoted some from teachers of the past, but overall their core message was new and brought additional light to the world.

2. The true teacher will stress principles more than unprovable data. Also, they will generally reveal and explain new principles.

3. The true teacher is not infallible, but will be cautious in making fantastic predictions. The predictions he does make will be very reliable and will often be clothed in mystery as are the writings of John the Beloved and Nostradamus.

4. The true teacher may be accused of being in the work for the ego, as even Jesus was, but in reality his prime goal will be service to humanity. He only seeks recognition for his true accomplishments, when it furthers the work, and will never seek the recognition that belongs to others.

5. The true teacher will attempt to so live his life so he will never lie or deceive. If he does not achieve perfection in this he recognizes his mistake and seeks to correct it.

6. The true teacher will emphasize the coming principles of the Aquarian age. He will not abandon the good of Pisces and sacrifice, but his main attention will be on the coming energies of service as we discussed earlier.

7. The true teacher will teach students a path that will lead to verification through the soul and Spirit that the principles he teaches are true. Those who are convinced he is correct are sure because of powerful inner confirmation rather than outer signs, even though outer signs may seem to manifest. Link

Here is a dialog I had with a Crème follower: April 22, 2004 My Friends, I know many old timers do not want to discuss Benjamin Crème again, but we have a new member who I think shows some good potential and I would like to share some thoughts with him. I do not plan on taking much more time on this subject.

Robert: Whether Crème is a so-called prophet (your word), I do not care to indulge in a semantical debate. Although it would be wise to consider everything Crème speaks as a hypothesis, before denying and disbelieving his words. I ask – are you crystallized in your beliefs when it comes to Crème? Has your mind been made when it comes to believing him to be a so-called false prophet? A gentle gust of wind cannot move a heavy, stubborn rock.

JJ: I could turn this around. Are you crystallized because you disbelieve my words and do not even consider that Crème is representing something else besides the Spiritual Hierarchy?

Are you crystallized because you do not accept Sally of Detroit’s channelings from Zor of Zurkin II declaring that the world will enter the 5th dimension next week?

Using the discerning qualities of the mind to weigh the facts and come to logical conclusions is more the mark of one who has not crystallized rather than one who has.

Perhaps we should soon talk about the principle of crystallization and exactly what it is.

The conclusions I have reached on Crème have been through study of his materials and the use of such discernment in connection with the sensing of spiritual vibration.

If I were crystallized I would not have read his writings to discover whether or not they are true.

Robert: I do not disbelieve that you heard Crème speak in 1988 that the Christ will be seen on television, but I cannot believe it either.

JJ: I do not understand why you cannot believe it. Do you really consider that I would have just made it up?

Robert: So, for me, your point is moot. I can only validate my experience and my knowledge and my understanding. If you believe Crème has lied to you, should that cancel out the intuitive response to what I have heard and read? JJ, brother! The story your tell will not be the authority of truth.

JJ: This does not make sense. This would mean it would be worthless to study history, the scriptures, Bailey material, or even Crème’s revelations because they are not linked to your direct experience. The mind can discern much truth by reading and considering the accounts of others. To dismiss the factual account I give because it does not agree with a preconceived notion is strange indeed for a seeker.

When I relate what I saw and heard it should have much more credibility than a statement of some belief in a theory or doctrine.

Robert: As far the so-called prophecies, they were given to Crème by a close associate of Maitreya during the late 80s. I do not want to make any mistakes, so in the coming days I will attempt to obtain the exact writings of those predictions. I’ve read them before and they are quite curious. Maitreya never meant for them to be so-called prophecies, they were more like statements he made from observing the law of cause and effect.

JJ: I do not think so. Crème came to Boise and I attended his lecture. I had already read a book or two that he had written – not in the name of an associate of Maitreya, but Maitreya himself. When Crème spoke to us and talked about the Maitreya messages he made no mention of receiving them from this associate you mention. In fact he demonstrated how he received his revelations by going into a meditative state where he stated that he would be overshadowed – not by some acolyte – but by Maitreya himself. It was around this period of his lecture that he stated that in April of that year (I believe it was 1987 or 88) a few months from the lecture that Maitreya would appear on worldwide television and announce himself. At that moment every person on the earth would experience a oneness with him and realize that Christ had come again.

I was quite amazed at such a black and white prediction, but attempted to analyze it objectively.

I could find many reasons to disbelieve such a prediction and none to believe it.

I rejected the prediction for the following reasons. (1) I had knowledge that Christ would not come until some time after the turn of the millennium. This was too soon for him to appear. (2) I had read most of Crème’s material he had published to that date and received no soul confirmation on them. (3) To cause every person on the earth to accept Maitreya, even the born- againers would involve the use of force on the human will. This is contrary to the methods used by the real Christ. He always works with free will to the maximum possible. (4) Crème’s teachings that were supposed to come from the Christ revealed no new principles. The Christ of the Bible taught around a principle in almost every sentence we have of his dialog. DK revealed much new light and amplification of principles. I can find little or no new light in Crèmes writings.

Can you find anything that is not just unverifiable data? So far no Crème follower has been able to give us even one piece of new light.

(5) I sensed a strong sense of glamour around him. To check my observation I wet up to him after the meeting and asked for a sample of his handwriting. He gave it to me rather reluctantly. My long experience in handwriting revealed that Crème’s glamours were exactly as I had ascertained by watching him.

Concerning your comments on Crème’s statement that the real Saddam is dead and the one caught is a double I will add this. I found Glenys’ finding that his wife thinks the captured Saddam is a double to be interesting and it is remotely possible that this is true.

Overall, it does not make sense because of the following reasons:

(1) If the military were to deceive us why would they want to present a fraud to the world and even allow his wife to visit?

(2) If he was killed earlier it would have been advantageous for the military to merely announce he was killed so they wouldn’t have to deal with a live person, relatives, a trial etc.

(3) DNA analysis revealed it was Saddam. Now it is remotely possible there was fraud or a mistake here, especially if the double were a relative and had similar DNA.

(4) Dozens of people close to Saddam met with him after the capture and none questioned that it was really him.

(5) None of his daughters have questioned that the prisoner is not Saddam Hussein. One of them did think he was drugged to mellow him out. This is believable.

(6) It would be incredibly stupid to purposefully proclaim a double was the real Saddam. Any intelligent person would have to realize that such a fraud would come unraveled and would destroy the Bush administration.

I haven’t received any revelation on this matter but I would give a 95% chance that we have the real Saddam. On the off chance the captured one is a double I would guess it started with an honest mistake that turned into a cover-up by the military and Bush doesn’t even know the truth of the matter. Then too it is possible that the double is a relative with a close DNA match and even the military is deceived.

(7) The anti Bush media here and in Europe has not picked up on the double story. If there was any hard evidence they would be on it.

Robert: You are correct that Crème had indicated that Dennis Kucinich had a good chance of capturing the presidency – but you are forgetting or neglecting a specific part of what Crème has said, which is – if Kucinich was nominated as the democratic candidate. Quote in context my friend : )

JJ: I didn’t quote and my statement is accurate. Here’s an exact quote from the last Crème follower on the list:

“Crème has said that the Hierarchy supports Kucinich, that Kucinich is the only presidential candidate who is receptive to the mental impressions from the Hierarchy. Crème has also said if Kucinich gets on the bill as the Democratic presidential candidate, he will become President.”

The fact that Crème talked about the possibility that Kucinich could actually get the nomination, let alone “become president” shows a great error in judgment. Thank God the real Hierarchy are smarter than this. Thank God I am smarter than this. From the first time I heard his Kucinich’s name and felt the vibration around it, even before I saw and heard him I sensed that he had no chance.

I take it back there is a one in a million chance. Here is a possible scenario.

John Kerry’s botox (which he says does not exist) bursts, causing a temporary obstruction of vision. He slips on a glossy anti Bush flyer, falls on his head and sinks into a comma.

John Edwards and Howard Dean rush to an emergency meeting where Democrats are trying to decide who to back. Their cars run head on into each other and both die.

Joe Lieberman eats a piece of bad ham and becomes comatose.

Al Sharpton storms into the meeting and demands support for the nomination. Sheila Jackson Leigh feels that Sharpton has steamrolled over her and grabs him by the neck and strangles him. She is then hauled off to jail.

Clark Gets amnesia and can’t remember his name.

Hillary actually keeps her word and decides to serve out her senate term.

Kucinich alone enters the meeting and as he approaches the committee he steps on a bare power cord and electricity shoots through his body lighting him up. The committee sees this as a sign from God and the Democrats back him to the Convention.

After the convention two days before the election it is revealed that Bush killed JFK. The public is so outraged that they vote for Kucinich in protest and he wins.

Ahh, well, the Kucinich true believers can always dream.

Robert: As a side note, we have been given the information that the Hierarchy is supporting and throwing the weight of their assistance behind the democratic candidate – even though it’s not Dennis Kucinich.

JJ: Crème’s Hierarchy, perhaps. The real one merely teaches correct principles and let’s us decide for ourselves. There are disciples in both parties and the Hierarchy isn’t telling half the disciples to switch parties.

Robert: I’ve read in the archives why you believe Crème is a Communist and his support of enforced sharing. Is the source of this information to be trusted?

JJ: It’s supposed to be Crème’s own words as revealed by Sean David Morton. He has written quite a bit and I’ve seen no evidence of him being an outright fabricator.

Here is part of an interview with Sean David Morton written in 1994:

The ultimate purpose, according to Crème, and I quote, is to “Give over all of your power and energy to the Masters so that they can use it as they please, to facilitate global change.” Someone has something backwards here! Spiritual Masters are suppose to reflect the Light of God and the Creation through themselves down TO US, not the other way round. And what do these “Masters” need with all our energy? To quote the now deceased Capt. James T. Kirk, “Excuse me! What does God need with a Starship?” As Crème and I spoke, he began to lay out his global philosophy. His anger was clearly directed primarily at America. He felt that all of Western Civilization should be destroyed and dismantled so that the wealth, mostly of America, could then be “re-distributed” to feed the starving huddled masses of the world. “By what means?” I asked. “They must come to a place of consciousness for it to take place.” he answered. “And if they refuse to do it willingly?” I asked slowly. “Then it should be done by force, if necessary!” “That,” I replied cautiously, truly wanting to hear what he had to say, “sounds like Communism.” “And what’s wrong with Communism?” he retorted. “Are you a Communist?” I asked. “Young man, I have been a card carrying Communist for 32 years!” The plot thickens. “Have you ever been to Moscow, or studied there? “Many times!” he said with pride.

I asked the last Crème disciple who did not accept this to merely ask Crème if the quote are accurate and if he is a Communist, but he refused. You ought to write him a letter or call him and ask him if he is or has been as card-carrying communist and if the above is quoted accurately and reflects his views.

Robert: I’ve read the interview and I do not put my faith into the honesty of the interviewer. The tone of fear colours the entire article. Whether Crème is a ‘card-carrying member of the Communist Party’ is a relative, personal attribute. The actual life that Benjamin Crème lives should be evaluated. However, that was not me confirming that he is a member of the Communist Party. I have no idea – and whether he is or not – is a superficial statistic. The man is 82 years old and still steadily doing his work.

JJ: What concerns me more than being a communist was this statement: “And if they refuse to do it willingly?” I asked slowly. “Then it should be done by force, if necessary!”

It appears that Crème believes in dismantling America through old style Soviet style tyrannical force.

That’s not the Hierarchy I’m associated with.

Does such philosophy not concern you? You seem to be a reasonable young man. Could this be your blind spot?

Robert: The pity is that one of us is more right and the other less right. Time will tell – time will solidify the fact.

JJ: Time has already spoken on many of Crèmes predictions and teachings. I’d say that at least 90% of the times time has spoken, it has spoken against him.

Robert: The fact that what Crème speaks is true and that he is in contact with a Master of Wisdom and has been willingly working for the reappearance under direct inspiration from the Hierarchy – or the fact that Benjamin Crème is not and has not.

JJ: It would be sad indeed if the Hierarchy cannot see the future as well as I can – or Glenys can, or Larry can…

Robert: All in all, you are certainly entitled to your beliefs – the glory of free will! The modest suggestion that I make is that you become aware of all the good that Benjamin Crème has done and continues to do, if you are not already aware.

JJ: I have followed Crème for almost 20 years. I read his first book and have checked out his new teachings from time to time. So far I have not been able to find one enlightened statement from the man. Can you give us even one good paragraph that turns on a light?

Let me put it this way. Open any Alice A. Bailey book dictated by DK and read a paragraph at random. Then try and find one paragraph by Crème or his Master which is equal to it.

Robert: The work is One.

JJ: It is indeed, but there is a dark Hierarchy opposed to the one work and workers many levels down are trapped by their illusions. I feel impressed to make an effort to awaken you to find the real power of the soul and let it guide you through the Crème maze to the feet of the real Master of Light and Love. There is more awaiting you than you have imagined.

I sense a person with great potential in you, more than any Crème follower (co-worker or whatever) I have met and hope we can eventually see as one. Link


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