Crème Connection, Part 2

Crème Connection, Part 2

The dialog continues with our true believer in Benjamin Crème. We’ll just refer to him a “Reader.”

Reader: Crème, via his Master, has provided thus far 1400 ray structures of deceased initiates along with the initiate’s own individual point of evolution. Anyone with a moderate understanding of the rays will soon realize there is no way at all an ordinary person could provide that information. How can you discount this?

JJ: Whether Crème is a teacher or messenger is a technicality that is neither here nor there. Obviously there are teachings emanating from Crème. Some may be from another entity and some from him. We both understand this point.

As a member stated the Ray structures of the 1400 initiates is mere data that cannot be verified. This feat could easily be duplicated by me, or several others in the group. There is no way to prove him right or wrong as is the case of many teachers who focus on rather random data.

Even so, I would be interested in seeing the list. Does one have to buy it or could you supply it to us? It would be interesting to see who he considers initiates and also who he has left out.

Reader: Creme even gives some quite controversial point’s of evolution. Hitler being 2.0 …and at the same time Gandhi is also a 2.0 …then there is Milarepa, the great Tibetan yogi at 3.5 – but tell a Tibetan Buddhist that Milarepa wasn’t a fully enlightened being (5.0) and they will likely disagree.

JJ Is the transmission meditation any different than a regular trans channel session? If so tell us how it works. Is the trans state used? Does the voice change?

Reader: I find it odd though, how you stress “principles” and discredit “data” – yet all a person has to do is read some DK and see how much data is in the material.

JJ I do not discredit data, but for a teacher to be a true representative of the Brotherhood of Light he will do more than cut and paste data or create new data that cannot be verified.

Let us suppose that Sean wants to establish himself as a messenger of Space aliens much higher than ourselves. To prove he is in contact with higher lives he lists the names 1400 planets and the type of lives on each one. In addition he lists the names of 100 starship commanders and their basic whereabouts in the universe.

All these fancy names may sound pretty impressive to an astral believer, but one on the plane of the mind or higher would not be impressed at all. Anyone with a little imagination could come up with such things.

On the other hand, only one with true soul contact can come up with a new principle or bring further light on existing principles. Imagination alone will not do the trick.

I am impressed with DK not because of data he presents, but because of the principles he elaborates on. The Law of Correspondences is a principle that he gives much further light on than was previously revealed. The seven Rays is based on the creative principle and many of the laws he talks about operate on principles.

Speaking of space people it is said that Crème began his messenger career by channeling space aliens way back in 1957

Reader: If you believe in the rays, which I gather you do, why cannot Creme give the ray structures of 1400 people? If you believe in Christ, and if you even believe in the Reappearance and Externalization of the Hierarchy, which I gather you do, why cannot Creme be giving data as to what Their doing?

JJ I accepted the possibility when I began investigating Crème, but I found nothing that stimulated soul contact.

I do not expect anyone to believe me if my teachings to not touch his soul. Why should you expect me or anyone else to follow a teacher (or messenger) who does not ring true with the Inner Voice?

Reader: Also, you also must remember the truism in occultism that no new teaching can be given until that already given has been put into practice. I gather that this law has slipped your mind JJ.

JJ: I never heard of this law and do not believe it. We still have not incorporated the teachings of Jesus on love, yet much more has been given out by the Brotherhood since then. You do not need to know all about Algebra I to study Algebra II.

The reader then maintained that Crème’s predictions on the appearance of Christ are accurate even though they did not happen as predicted. He then cited a number of predictions Crème made that he says have come true.

To this I responded: I cannot find the original predictions you mention, but would like to see them. I have found that most predictions that are claimed to be fulfilled by various prophets were really vague when originally written.

I can vaguely say that the government of Cuba will fall and be replaced by a much better one. This will definitely come true at some time, but it is a no-brainer to predict.

You were offended that I said Crème was a communist but it was not me who says Crème is a Communist., but apparently Crème does. Here is part of an interview with Sean David Morton written in 1994:

“The ultimate purpose, according to Creme, and I quote, is to “Give over all of your power and energy to the Masters so that they can use it as they please, to facilitate global change.” Someone has something backwards here! Spiritual Masters are suppose to reflect the Light of God and the Creation through themselves down TO US, not the other way round. And what do these “Masters” need with all our energy? To quote the now deceased Capt. James T. Kirk, “Excuse me! What does God need with a Starship?” As Creme and I spoke, he began to lay out his global philosophy. His anger was clearly directed primarily at America. He felt that all of Western Civilization should be destroyed and dismantled so that the wealth, mostly of America, could then be “re-distributed” to feed the starving huddled masses of the world. “By what means?” I asked. “They must come to a place of consciousness for it to take place.” he answered. “And if they refuse to do it willingly?” I asked slowly. “Then it should be done by force, if necessary!” “That,” I replied cautiously, truly wanting to hear what he had to say, “sounds like Communism.” “And what’s wrong with Communism?” he retorted. “Are you a Communist?” I asked. “Young man, I have been a card carrying Communist for 32 years!” The plot thickens. “Have you ever been to Moscow, or studied there? “Many times!” he said with pride.

Reader: What will it take before you start to know that Christ has returned? Faith. Where is your faith?

JJ: Christ has never left and will manifest soon in his own way. That is my faith. There are probably a thousand people besides Crème who believe they are Christ or representing him. Sorry if it offends you that I cannot believe them all just because a claim is made.

The Reader expressed disbelief in the effectiveness of my handwriting analysis of Crème, saying that would have noting to do with a high initiate.

JJ: Handwriting analysis works on initiates as well ordinary people. It is different than exoteric astrology. It is very accurate on the high and low.

The use of handwriting is one of the most objective methods available to check the amount of ego manifest. L. R. Hubbard was another who had a powerful ego. This does not discount the fact that he was very intelligent.

You should not discount the analysis of an expert here. Scientific analysis is more credible than getting some data from Zor of the Jarvis Galaxy.

Reader: Now for the big answer as to why Creme’s so-called predications have not come to happen.

The first time Creme stated that Christ will Reappear, he scheduled a press conference, he put ads in major newspapers, he basically did what he was told to do – because a window of opportunity existed. This “window of opportunity” is very complex. Creme describes the variables of the window of opportunity. Firstly, you have the cosmic energies. These must be right. The prime opportunity to make Himself known is in a positive energy cycle. The problems that go along with this opportunity include – is Humanity sending the invitation? Is the media responsive to cover this event? And how influential will the Black Lodge be to stop such an event from happening?

JJ: I am not including all your complex explanation here. Explaining why a prophet is right when he is really wrong is always complex.

My question is this. Since this prediction came from Maitreya who is the Christ, then why was he wrong on the following:

(1) He saw the wrong window of opportunity for there turned out to be no opportunity.

(2) He must have thought humanity was sending an invitation that did not exist. How could he be so wrong?

(3) Same idea with the media. He must have thought they were ready when they were not.

The funny thing is that Maitreya apparently told Crème a wrong appearance date quite a number of times. Possibly a half dozen or so. This should tell you something.

This false prediction and convoluted explanation reminds me of the founder of the Jehovah’s Witness faith.

One of the founders named Charles T. Russel predicted the return of Christ in the late 1800’s. When he didn’t show up he moved the date ahead. When he didn’t show up again the followers still did not use the process of elimination. Russel took advantage of that belief and moved the date ahead again to 1914.

Well, 1914 came and went but still no Jesus appearing in the clouds. Russel himself refused to eliminate this final date as being wrong and concluded that Jesus did come in 1914, but he just came invisibly and no one saw him. Thus, if I understand the current Jehovah’s Witness doctrine, they still to this day have not eliminated 1914 as the arrival date and accept this as the year of the coming of the Lord.

Perhaps if Crème’s Maitreya does not show up soon he will have to also invent an invisible coming.

Reader: If this great entity was to Reappear full out in the public and claim he is the Christ, this would be a severe infringement on the free will of Humanity. It’s very simple once you realize it. This is precisely why He, The World Teacher of this Age, did not first go to someone like Queen Elizabeth or Reagan or the Pope – it’s because these people have more social authority than Benjamin Creme does. Realize this. If the Pope declared tomorrow that the Christ has returned in full flesh to this earth – millions and millions of people would without doubt believe the Pope –

JJ: This is a good point that I have written about years ago. Perhaps someone at Share is reading the archives.

Reader: Not only does Christ not want followers, but ultimately there is nothing to follow because everything He is – you are.

JJ: Then why are you here trying to get us to follow you who are following Crème who thinks he is following Christ?

Reader: Study the 7th ray. It is so immensely practical…and i’m gathering this is the negativity that you seemingly are picking up from me and other people who use the 7th ray. This whole “virtual classroom” is all Piscean. There is you, JJ Dewey, the teacher, and the people in this group are your students. Sincerely, that has so little to do with the 7th ray and Aquarius Age.

JJ Are you really saying that during the Aquarian age there will be no teachers, no classrooms, no students??? Surely you jest.

There are teachers and students in every age and on every ray. Why would you think otherwise?

Let us see who really is on the sixth ray and holding on to the Piscean age.

Some of the keynotes of the Piscean age were idealism, sacrifice, strong unearned authority, reliance on emotion (water sign) instead of the mind (air sign – Aquarius). Believes through faith – doesn’t need mental verification.

Comparison: You and the Crème group. Lots of idealism. Even the false prophesies occur because “ideal” situations were not met.

Lots of emphasis on sacrifice. Even the name of the Organization is “Share” because of the belief we will all have to sacrifice and “share” the wealth as the solution to world problems.

Lots of emphasis on unearned authority. You rely on Crème who relies on some unseen voice that is viewed as a close to infallible authority – surely much more of an authority than any normal human. We are supposed to believe without question because the voice of the master speaks. This is no different than the reliance on the authority of the Priest or Pope of the Piscean age.

Reliance on emotion above mind. You are asking me and others to do this. Even though we have mentally concluded that there is little or no evidence that Maitreya speaks through Crème you want us to take an emotional leap and believe anyway. I present you with mental and intuitional reasons for my position and you discard them and present us with emotional reasons such as outward signs, loose predictions and ideals.

This group places emphasis on the practical instead of the ideal. No false prophesies made to date. I am fallible and could make one some day, but they will be rare because I do not see myself as some infallible prophet.

We place emphasis on Aquarian service more than sacrifice. The lesson of the past age which is Sacrifice, will be utilized, but not emphasized. Service is the new keynote. We are to serve, and, through cause and effect, reap the benefit of service.

Crème wants to produce the new age by requiring sacrifice. He wants to give everyone a fish, but then they will need a fish tomorrow and there will be no fish.

I emphasize service and gaining power to serve. In other words, teach a man to fish and he can then obtain his own fish tomorrow, thus gaining power to be a servant rather than one who is poor with his hand out, requiring sacrifice.

I place no emphasis on unearned authority but much emphasis on individual soul contact. I encourage all to follow what he believes to be the voice of the soul even if it disagrees with me. There is no unearned authoritarian invisible voice of some Master that any must follow here. There is only my voice and other voices in the group. The teachings have no claim that they came from a Master. It is the responsibility of the student to discern them with the help of his own soul. I doubt if anyone here believes everything I have written is true. Most are like Blayne who said a while back that he has a number if the teachings on the shelf (meaning he cannot fully accept them), but because he has received soul confirmation on so much that he remains.

Reliance on mind above the emotion. The mind is stressed here on a regular basis. I have taught many times that in the end if a thing is true then it will make sense. If it doesn’t make sense then the teaching should be reviewed again with skepticism.

Conclusion: The reader, Crème and the upline are following the Piscean path.

I am one of the few teachers setting the Aquarian example teaching from the plane of the mind over emotion. Astrologically, I am an ideal one to aid with this, born in the midst of Aquarius and at the very beginning of the Aquarian age. – Feb 6, 1945 at exactly the midway point between the North pole and the Equator (45 degrees latitude).

Sept 2, 2003

Copyright by J J Dewey

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