Testing the Crème Connection

Testing the Crème Connection

A new member made the claim (August 2003) that Saddam Hussein was already dead (Hussein died three years after this post) and that Bush highly unlikely to not finish his term. He was sure of this because he received his information from a master.

JJ: I have Several questions I would like to ask:

(1) Is it you or someone else who is in contact with this Master?

(2) Which Master is it?

3) How does she receive the information? Is direct voice or trance state involved?

(4) Since there are about 1000+ Masters speaking on the internet – what made you choose this one to believe?

(5) Has this Master made any correct predictions in the past? Name three. Tell us any incorrect ones if you’re up to it.

(6) Is there a web page we can check out?

Probably the greatest red flag with this “Master” is the negativity that filters down through you in your recent posts.

Even in the midst of World War II DK gave us a lot of hope and positive information. He went out of his way to find good in various world leaders rather than the bad – (Which the conspiracy people were doing plenty of).

Your master has the Aroma of Benjamin Crème’s Maitreya who at first predicted Saddam would survive the war and then changed his mind.

This guy has made many predictions and most of them have been false. Why were a couple right? A stopped clock is right twice a day.

You can look up Benjamin Crème in the archives and find more of what I have written on him.

Later the reader replied that he did receive his information from Benjamin Crème.

JJ: It’s funny, as I was writing the questions about your source I assumed you were working with some channeler. I even mentioned a “her” figuring that channel would be female, as most of them are. Then just as I was about to send the post the name Benjamin Créme came into my mind and at that point I was sure that this was your source and added a couple lines to that effect.

I about kicked myself for not realizing it sooner because it makes so much sense. For one thing, it really explains why you came to the group with only negativity about so much that is good in the world. I am familiar with Créme’s vibration and some of it did rub off on you.

The Crème follower was adamant that he was the real thing and was in contact with Maitreya, or the Christ. and has revealed principles such as sharing and oneness of human life.

As I have written many times the key to the discovery of a true teacher is to look for the revelation of new principles or further light on revealed principles.

A principle reveals why something works, why laws apply and why certain data is true.

Here are two points the reader put forth to illustrate that Créme reveals principles:

First “When Maitreya talks about how He and all of Humanity are One, is that not a principle?”

This is a platitude thousands of years old taught by Jesus and Masters before him.

“That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me.” John 17:21

Also DK earlier wrote “The sons of men are one and I am one with them.”

Repeating a teaching from the past that is so old that it has now become a platitude is not the revelation of a new principle or giving new light on an old one.

A first grader can copy a phrase from the Bible and repeat it. This is no sign of the presence of a master.

Now if Crème could give the underlying principle governing the oneness behind all lives that is not a copy of some previous teaching, that brings the flashing forth if intuition in the student, then we could be impressed.

Next he says: “When Maitreya talks about sharing and the need to share the world’s resources, is this not a principle?”

Again this is a repetition of a platitude that we hear from every religious teacher and every Sunday School class. How one can mentally conclude that there is some new light here indicating the intelligence of a master. I do not know.

There is a principle behind sharing. Has Crème revealed it? No

Does Crème know what it is?


I read the first book or two he put out and could not even see a hint of understanding principles let alone the revelation of anything new.

Data that cannot be proven is often presented by Créme. I could also say that Jesus was born 22BC or 4AD and no one cold prove me wrong.

His predictions however, can be verified and I have not seen one yet come true, even though he claims many have. (Logically a few of the many must have) If his data he gives out is as unreliable as his predictions then I wouldn’t bet my grandmother’s operation money on them.

The reader recounted my account of meeting Crème back in 1988 and thought that should have convinced me to get on board if I rose to the mental plane.

Speaking of ascending to the plane of the mind and this is what I did in my decision about Crème at that time.

Every time I hear a new claim I check it out just in case there is something to it. Just because I seek to tread the path does not mean that I expect the Hierarchy to throw all their plans in my lap. The injunction from Christ is “seek and yet shall find.” All of us must continually seek from the highest to the lowest. The moment we stop seeking we then go backwards rather than forwards.

Therefore, when I heard of Crème’s claims I did not dismiss them out of hand but ordered all the materials be had available at that time and read them through.

As I read I looked for light that would bring the flashing forth that DK talked about. None came.

I looked for a new principle or an old one amplified.

There was none.

I looked then for evidence of the dark side.

It appeared that he was willing to use force to take from the rich and give to the poor. Forcing one’s version of good upon people is evidence of the dark side. Then I later found out that he was a Communist and thought the government of the old Soviet Union was superior to our own. As we all know, this “superior government” collapsed because it was not workable for it stifled the freedom of the people.

Despite all this, when I found out he was coming to Boise I thought I would give him a second look just to be sure.

In his speech he rehearsed a lot of the material I had already read and then ended with an astonishing prediction. He stated point blank that in the coming spring that Maitreya (Christ) would appear on television that would be seen by peoples all over the world and would announce that he is the Christ. At this moment every person on the entire planet will feel his presence and know beyond any doubt that this is the second coming of Christ.

Now this was not presented as a weather forecast that was subject to the whim of the people or circumstances, but was a definite statement. He did not say this will happen if conditions are right. He said definitely that this was going to happen.

He was so self assured about it that I thought perhaps some powerful personage may present himself in spring even if Crème was on the dark side.

Keeping this prediction in mind I did keep an eye out for some unusual person appearing on the news, but Spring came and went with nothing unusual. Then a year or two passed with no such news. I finally became curious and checked out Share’s latest literature and found out the date had been moved up. After a period of time the date was moved up several times, but nothing ever happened. Now I think he has finally quit giving out such a date.

Now (speaking from the plane of the mind) if Crème is truly getting his knowledge from Christ then why would he make such a huge mistake – and not once but several times? DK who is lower on the totem pole than Maitreya never came close to a whopper like this.

The real mystery was why Créme still maintained a following after making such strongly worded prophecies which failed.

In addition to this I have read many other predictions in his literature and have not found one that came true yet. Most astral psychics have a better record than this.

After the meeting was over I decided to give him one more test. Since I am an experienced handwriting analyst I decided to check out his writing. I approached him and asked for his signature. He gave it to me and it was very close to what I had expected.

It showed a powerful ego – a man with a strong desire to be the center of attention, who would bask in the adoration of anyone who would follow him.

Now let me ask you this. After all this checking and finding absolutely no evidence to support his claims and much against them what am I supposed to do?

Of course, I would reject him and move on. What kind of fool would I be to embrace such a teacher with no evidence either internal or external?

The reader then related to us that he was in one of Crème’s meditation groups and had a great experience of feeling energy move through his chakras. He felt this was a witness that Crème was the real thing.

JJ: In any meditation the chakras are effected so this is not evidence of either a positive or negative direction. These 600 groups you mention are linked to Crème and therefore are likely to tap into the thoughtform of the group as a whole, which would be subject to Créme’s illusions.

The real test is to examine the material that is revealed through the meditations. If you received some light from your participation I’m sure the group would like to examine it in the open.

The Crème followers says this: The comment was “highly unlikely to finish this term” …but if Bush does finish his term, it doesn’t mean anything more than what was highly unlikely became the reality. You have said yourself JJ that the Master DK was wrong on predications (or at least many have not come true as of yet).”

JJ: This is really a wishy washy “safe” way to make a prediction. It will happen but if it doesn’t I was right anyway. This guy is not even good false prophet material.

On the other hand, every single concrete prediction I have made to this list has come true or is yet in the future. Maybe you’re backing the wrong guy here.

Actually I am very cautious about making predictions and only make then when the coming event is close to 100% sure. When speaking of the future that is not set I speak in percentages. For instance I would say that it is 90% sure that Bush will finish his first term. It is the desire of the true and living Christ that he do so, but because of free will there is always a danger that the plan could not materialize. It is close to a sure thing that he will be reelected but will face more danger in his second term. Chances of completing that are 65-75%.

As far as Saddam still being alive. The answer here has to be a black and white yes or no. There can be no “future is flexible” excuse used here. Créme says he is dead. I personally have not received a revelation on it one way or another, but using the mind to make a judgment here I would guess he is still alive (which he was) and was never so sick that he was near death. He had some health problems, but not as portrayed by Créme. I would bet my mental judgments against any astral master any time.

Next the reader maintained that Crème was behind numerous miracles. He points out that a member of his meditation group has a piece of glass that shows the image of a cross when light goes through it.

JJ: One of the first lessons the seeker of the path must realize is to trust the inner signs and not the outer. Few realize how many illusive and deceptive signs materialize from astral consciousness. Among them are the stigmata, the face of Christ appearing on a wall, statues crying tears, blood sweating from a picture and so on.

Here are the Master’s comments about signs: “The Pharisees also with the Sadducees came, and tempting desired him that he would shew them a sign from heaven. He answered and said unto them, When it is evening, ye say, It will be fair weather: for the sky is red. And in the morning, It will be foul weather to day: for the sky is red and lowring. O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern the signs of the times? A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given unto it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas. And he left them, and departed.” Matt 16:1-4

Who seeks for signs? A wicked (deceived) and adulterous (attention on the God without) generation.

What is the sign to be given that the Messiah is near?

The sign of Jonas (or Jonah).

What is that?

Many think the sign was the three days in the belly of the fish, but consider this: Jonas went to Nineveh and predicted destruction. The destruction did not come and Jonas was very upset with God that he seemed to be a false prophet.

Verily the sign of Jonas has been repeated in our time. As we crossed over into this new millennia we have weathered an untold number of predictions of doom concerning Y2K, the end of the world, appearance of an antichrist, the rise of a dictator in America or Europe etc.

None of these predictions of doom have come to pass. We are thus passing through the sign of Jonas.

And what does this sign tell us?

It tells us that the true manifestation of the Christ is near. This is something I do have some certain knowledge of, but before he can come there must be a group ready to receive him. Such a group does net yet exist, but hopefully will soon.

Reader: “Christ will reappear soon in the physical world to the masses and everyone will know who He is and why He is here.”

JJ: The world will not know who he is for some time after he manifests.

I think you are sincere young man and I hope you continue your exploration of the truth and hope this includes looking beyond the Créme doctrine. I bid you to explore the language of the soul which is the language of principles. A true principle can only be understood through the soul. This makes the revelation of principles the true test of a teacher. This is what must be looked for above all else. This is the inward sign that eclipses the outer and faileth not.

Readers may find it helpful to review my post giving the different characteristics of the true and the misled teacher. Here is the LINK.

Aug 29, 2003

Copyright by J J Dewey

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