Crème Connection, Part 4

Crème Connection, Part 4

Crème supporter: If someone who had never read a page of DK in their life were to read a complex page from Treatise on Cosmic Fire – they would not believe what DK is writing, they would not believe DK because they are using THEIR OWN (limited) knowledge to understand what DK writes. This is the problem of knowledge. The problem is that you can never have all of the facts, all knowledge. When you don’t have ALL of the facts you are left with belief, and this JJ, is what you have about Crème and what he is saying about the return of the World Teacher.

JJ: You’re making no sense. You criticize me for not having all the facts then you say we can never have all the facts.

When I first read DK back around 1967 I was ingrained in the Mormon Church. Everything he said went against what I believed, yet I only had to read a couple pages to realize that this was the most intelligent and enlightened writing I had ever come across. On the other hand, I’ve read hundreds of pages of Crème’s material and nothing similar to this happens. Crème actually had a foot in the door because he was talking about the return of Christ which was not against my belief system. There has to be some evidence of truth and high intelligence to keep the attention of any seeker. Instead, Crème, with his false predictions, gives powerful evidence he is wrong.

Reader’s response to my suggestion that he ask Crème if my quote from him was correct. “I will try to get personally in contact with him and ask these questions ….but i certainly won’t sign my name at the end of the letter because i realize as much as he will how ridiculous your questions are.”

JJ: You sound like a Mormon afraid to ask the prophet a question as he may be viewed as unfaithful. Be a man. Put your name on the letter.

JJ Quote >If Crème gives out a fixed date yet knows the date is fluid then what does>this mean? It means that Crème is consciously telling a bold faced lie by stating a>fixed time when he knows otherwise.

Reader: If Crème gives out a fixed date and knows the date is fluid, this is just another paradox of truth. Truth cannot be understood with the rational, analytical mind which you so often use. If Crème gives out a fixed date and knows the date is fluid – that MEANS he is giving out a fixed date which is fluid. Does that read like a riddle? Good. Yet another opportunity to realize truth.

JJ Congratulations!!! Most people have to live to at least the age of sixty to compile such a convoluted distortion of reality. You have done it at the young age of 21. It makes me curious as to how you will explain reality when you are 40! You’ll make Baghdad Bob look like Donny Osmond – or maybe Gandhi.

I should have thought of this reasoning when I was a teenager. I can just see it now.

Mom: You’re late! You said you’d be home by midnight and here it is 2 AM.

Young JJ: You do not understand. Your rational mind cannot understand midnight. Midnight is fluid and I knew this when I told you I would not be home at that hour. Because midnight is fluid this means that midnight is really 2 AM, or whatever time I get home. But the fluid thing worked didn’t it? You were sitting here waiting for me to arrive at midnight – weren’t you mom?

Mom: You lied to me and now have the audacity to insult me like this?

JJ: I’m not lying Mom. Midnight was fluid in my mind when I told you the time I would be home.

Mom: You may be fluid, but I’m not. You’re grounded for a month and there is no fluidity about it.

Woops. That didn’t work out so well. I guess the Crème doctrine would not have helped after all.

I could say Elijah came to your house yesterday. I’m telling the truth because “yesterday” is fluid in my mind. So is Elijah.

I think you deserve an award here for the most astounding doctrine that anyone has ever presented to the group.

Reader: Why must you need physical, worldly contact with Christ – … Like i said, it would be easier for you if you just let Him into your heart. If you invite Him into your life via your heart.

JJ: This is what the born-againers tell me every time I meet one. Like attracts like. Maybe if you read the Bible and attended the Baptist church you would feel right at home.

The reader then related all kinds of contacts and manifestations that Crème’s Maitreya was supposed to have made

JJ: Crème claims all kinds of manifestations which cannot be verified. For instance, he said Maitreya appeared to hundreds of Mormons in the west. If this had happened several Mormon scholars in the group would have heard about it, as nothing in Mormonism escapes them.

Reader: You have taught that DK stated that after 1975 revelatory teachings would be given out. This was fulfilled by Benjamin Crème.

JJ: No one including Crème has fulfilled the prophecy where the prediction was that the esoteric teachings would permeate society   through the media starting in 1975. You never hear Crème on the Radio or see him on TV. The world pretty much ignores him. DK was predicting a time that the esoteric teachings would reach humanity as much as the political talk shows and the religions do today. He was thinking of a time that all of us could turn on the media and on a certain station there would be an esoteric teacher reaching the masses. Unfortunately, the fulfillment of this prediction is behind schedule.

Comment from another reader: I also thought that where a person was evolution-wise was between them and their soul.

JJ: A person’s state of evolution is what it is. Whatever the person has achieved is what it is and has nothing to do with what the soul or any other life says. What is between the person and the soul is what he does with the information on his point in evolution as he perceives it. A Master can discern accurately discern the imitation status of regular humanity and the wise student can make a fairly accurate guess.

DK has taught (and I have elaborated on the fact) that the true disciple will not broadcast his point in evolution. Interestingly enough DK was an exception to this, but only after the fact that he was a Master was leaked out by accident.

A person’s Master also knows his point in evolution.

Also here is a principle.

The one of higher evolution can recognize one of equal or lower evolution, but the lower cannot discern with accuracy the higher.

The reader thinks that I should not have given my estimate of the status of various famous people since that approach brought some disagreement.

JJ Certain amount of group disagreement is desirable and inevitable being that I have a fourth ray mind. I am not alone in this fourth ray influence here. This conflict can cause members of the group to look in directions to which they were previously blind and lead some to harmony through conflict.

It is a good thing to analyze the achievers of humanity. The more we can understand them, the more we can also achieve and obtain power to serve.

Reader: And if JJ thinks Benjamin Crème has nothing to offer, why is he interested in Créme’s opinion about the vital statistics of these people?

JJ I never said he had nothing to offer, but even if I thought this way I would want to know what and how he thinks since we may be assisting a number of his students in the future. One must understand illusion in order to neutralize it.

That said, Crème does have a considerable knowledge base and has had much more free time in his life to study than I have had. When he speaks on esoteric philosophy you can rest assured that the teachings are from a brain that has studied and reflected. All his teachings are not incorrect.

The major thing to understand in relation to Crème’s teachings is the obvious fact that one as high up the status as the real Christ would know better than to give out several times the wrong exact dates for his appearance.

Reader: I wouldn’t have involved myself in the dialog the Crème supporter as I am not interested in watching a dog fight.

JJ: A much more accurate comparison would be the dialog, written and vocal, that the Founding Fathers had in voicing their differences of opinion. That which has been preserved for history has provoked much thought and been very useful and enlightening. Without the shadows cast by differences there is no vision in this physical world.

I would also choose the word “dialog” here rather than “fight.” Neither the Crème supporter or I see this as a fight nor an unfriendly confrontation. If I read him right he would be happy to have a beer with me and play some pool if he were nearby.

Reader: You say that the lower cannot accurately judge the higher so does this mean you think you are higher up than all on the list you gave?

The principle was in response to assessing live disciples which occurs when working with them. When one meets another seeker in person (or have extensive written communication), and they are of similar evolution then a recognition will occur. If one meets one who is higher but still has soul contact himself then he will realize he has met another with soul contact but will not be able to discern the higher processes going on in his consciousness though he may recognize that this person is further along on the path. The higher can discern the lower, however, even though the lower sometimes does not feel understood.

I was not discerning the status of historical figures through their vibration so no indication of my status is indicated. It was an academic exercise based on my knowledge of them. This can be done by anyone with esoteric knowledge. I do not have a clue to the status of the names on Crème’s list with whom I an not familiar, whether they be higher or lower than myself.

“The problem with the gene pool is that there is no lifeguard.” Steven Wright

Sept 4, 2003

Copyright by J J Dewey

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