The True Teacher

April 21 1999

The True Teacher

Many new age gurus have read the works of Alice A. Bailey and presented teachings gained from her books as their own original material. Because her books are quite technical and difficult to read many students of such gurus are impressed that the material is original.

There are a number of teachers who claim to be channeling every master available who only present a rehash of Bailey and other writers.

It may be advantageous to present certain points to look for in a true representative of the Brotherhood and one who is under the illusionary path.


  1. The first thing to look at are the teachings he or she presents, for the Brotherhood of light does not like to repeat itself. If it does it is only for clarification purposes. A false teacher’s highest teachings will be a repeat of information that has already been revealed.
  2. The false teacher will teach in data and not principles. If there is anything new in his teachings it will be in the form of unprovable data.
  3. The false teacher will make fantastic predictions that do not Come true.
  4. The false teacher presents himself as a humble servant, but subtly works to draw attention to glorify himself and his ego.
  5. The false teacher will deceive when it furthers his purposes. Many just make up teachings and claim they came from God, the Christ or a master.
  6. The false teacher will usually emphasize teachings of the passing age, which is the age of Pisces at this time. The keynote of the passing age is sacrifice while it is service for the Age of Aquarius. Sacrifice of the members will be the greater focus for the false teacher.
  7. He will not offer you a way to prove to yourself that his teachings are true, but will want you to accept him through faith in his personality and claims. Those who are sure that he is correct are convinced through outer signs.


  1. The bulk of his teachings will not be a repetition of writings already in existence. His or her teachings will either be new or throw new light on teachings already revealed.

Look at the two greatest in history, Jesus and Buddha. They may have quoted some from teachers of the past, but overall their core message was new and brought additional light to the world.

  1. The true teacher will stress principles more than unprovable data. Also, they will generally reveal and explain new principles.
  2. The true teacher is not infallible, but will be cautious in making fantastic predictions. The predictions he does make will be very reliable and will often be clothed in mystery as are the writings of John the Beloved and Nostradamus.
  3. The true teacher may be accused of being in the work for the ego, as even Jesus was, but in reality his prime goal will be service to humanity. He only seeks recognition for his true accomplishments, when it furthers the work, and will never seek the recognition that belongs to others.
  4. The true teacher will attempt to so live his life so he will never lie or deceive. If he does not achieve perfection in this he recognizes his mistake and seeks to correct it.
  5. The true teacher will emphasize the coming principles of the Aquarian age. He will not abandon the good of Pisces with its emphasis on sacrifice, but his main attention will be on the coming energies of service and innovation as we discussed earlier.
  6. The true teacher will teach students a path that will lead to verification through the soul and Spirit that the principles he teaches are true. Those who are convinced he is correct are sure because of powerful inner confirmation rather than outer signs or astral manifestations, even though outer signs may seem to manifest.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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