The Parable of Decision

This entry is part 14 of 25 in the series 2013

“On a certain night Jim, Mike, Ron and Dave died. Shortly thereafter they all found themselves walking on a beaten path. It seemed right to follow the path. Finally they came to a dividing point. One path veered to the left; the other to the right. They stood a moment, pondering what to do, when suddenly a man in white appeared and gave them instructions.

“Welcome, my friends’, he said. ‘You are approaching your new home and I am here to instruct you as much as is permitted. You notice there are two paths before you: One of them takes you to Heaven, a place more beautiful than you can imagine. The other takes you to Hell, a land full of darkness, despair and wretched individuals. All I can tell you at this point is you are to choose a path, but once you reach your destination you cannot turn back. Once you get to Heaven you will stay there, or once you get to Hell you will stay there. One more word I can say. Do not be frightened, for that reward you get in the end will be that which you deserve. Go forth confident that if you have led a just life, you will reap as you have sowed. You must proceed one at a time and each walk the path alone.’

“After saying this the man disappeared. The four were astonished at this somewhat random method of reaching Heaven or Hell. Finally, they decided they must go forward and drew straws to determine who would go first. Jim got the first opportunity and chose the path on the right. He thought that perhaps this would lead to heaven because the “right” is always associated with “good.” But as he proceeded he heard the fierce sound of wild animals, clouds seemed to hide the sun and the earth shook. He became very frightened and thought, ‘Maybe I have chosen the wrong path.’ He turned around, went back to the beginning and told the others of his experience. Then he decided to try the left hand path. As he ventured forth he saw more ominous signs. He kept wondering how far he could go before he could not turn back, and ! with each step he became more and more frightened until he was forced to retreat back to the beginning.

“Seeing that Jim could not make a firm decision as to which path to take, Ron and Dave suggested Mike now take his turn. Mike, however, was paralyzed with fear for, according to Jim’s story, neither path sounded very heavenly. ‘I’m going to think about it a while’, he said. ‘Someone else can take a turn.’

“It was now Ron’s turn and he said, ‘I’m picking the right-hand path and not turning back.’ He followed through with his decision, and went past the sound of wild animals and through the darkness and storm clouds until he found himself in a place of unspeakable beauty and peace. He assumed he was in Heaven and rested there.

“It was now Dave’s turn to move onward. Jim said he thought he heard a wild animal eating Ron and a chill of concern spread through them all. Dave was not sure he was making the right decision, for he chose the path on the left. He thought within himself: ‘No matter what happens I’ll go forward on this path and make the best of it.’

“As he proceeded, things went from bad to worse. There were horrific shrieks from wild animals and storm clouds with fierce thunderbolts were everywhere. Still, he proceeded until he reached a sign that said ‘Hell”. Behind him, the path disappeared and there was no retreat. Before him was a depressing place, dark and stormy, full of inhabitants living in run-down shacks. The people lived in constant fear of attacks from the animals and roaming gangs who stole whatever they could get their hands on. Everywhere he went he was told this was a land cursed by the devil, and that things are going to get worse for all eternity.

“Dave thought long and hard within himself. ‘I promised myself I would not retreat from this path and make the best of it. I refuse to listen to these voices of doom. Within myself there is no Hell and my conscience is clear, so why should there be Hell on the outside?”

“From that point on, Dave went forth in confidence and taught the people that they did not have to live in the run-down shacks, and that they could change their circumstances so they would not have to live in fear. He also questioned their belief the land was cursed by the devil. A handful of people took hope and listened, but the rest were afraid and even looked upon Dave as an enemy, fearing he would make things even worse than they were.

“Dave gathered the people who would listen. They refused to accept the slum they were given as a final resting place and made blueprints of new beautiful homes. The best land they could find was an uninhabited swamp. They drained it and built their homes and a beautiful city with teeming gardens and landscapes. The gangs did not bother them, for the inhabitants supported and protected each other. The wild animals became friends, for the people nurtured them. Even the dark clouds and storms began to subside and bright, sunny days became a common sight.

“The people who were against Dave saw what had been accomplished and they took courage; one by one, other parts of Hell became transformed into beautiful cities and landscapes. After a period of time there was nothing but beauty and peace as far as the eye could see.

“Dave surveyed the now-beautiful land and came to a realization: One more thing needs to be done. He walked over to the original entrance and found that old sign which read ‘Hell’, tore it down, and replaced it with one that said ‘Heaven’. As he did, another path with a fork in it appeared and so did the man in white. His look caught Dave’s eye and he said, ‘I think you know what you must do’.

“Dave looked back and said, ‘I see I must choose again’.

“’Correct’. said the man.

“Before I proceed, can you tell me the fate of the other three?’

“The man answered: ‘Ron is in a city that resembles the place you have created. He has one regret: he wishes he had a part in creating it. When that desire becomes strong enough he will be given another path to choose and will wind up in a place called ‘Hell,’ as you did, and be given an opportunity to build Heaven.

“Jim and Mike are still paralyzed with fear, afraid to make a decision. They are the ones who are truly in Hell, yet sooner or later they must proceed onward.

“And what lies ahead for me?’ asked Dave.

“The unknown’, said the man.

“The statement made Dave afraid, yet excited at the same time. And with no hesitation, he proceeded on the path leaning to the right.”

Parable taken from JJ’s book, The Immortal, Vol 1. Read it free HERE

Copyright 1998 By J J Dewey (This may be circulated free of charge as long as the copyright notice is included)

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Keys Writings 2013, Part 14

This entry is part 15 of 25 in the series 2013

May 13, 2013
The Next Step
Tom writes:
I know the soul speaks in principles but for a high initiate like you, JJ, wouldn’t your soul give you steps or tell you what the next move is to make your writings successful?

The soul does not outline a step-by-step plan for any of us. We have to contemplate our next step and how to accomplish it and run it by the soul. If what we are thinking is the right direction then we will get the go ahead, but even here we have to work out the details.

I know what my next step is and have been working on it for many years. I am to gather enough soul infused people to create a molecule. It is a difficult step and there are numerous smaller steps in between.

A major step was getting some basic teachings written and available. Another step, which hasn’t happened yet, is that they will permeate into mass consciousness so we can have a larger pool from which to draw.

As far as next steps for an initiate goes think of Abraham Lincoln. It was verified through his soul that he could not let slavery stand in a divided country. He therefore received verification from his soul to save the union and free the slaves if at all possible. He knew what he had to do but was given no road map to do it. He had to figure things out along the way. Many times he was very frustrated and it looked like he may lose the quest but he persevered and managed to take his next great step. Not all disciple are so successful and have to come back in a future life to finish the work or take another.


May 14, 2013

Spiritual Tones
A mentioned earlier, and restated by John C, L Ron Hubbard came up with a tone scale. The basic idea is that the higher our tone the higher will be our quality of life and vibration. For instance, low on the scale are grief, pain, hate and hostility. High on the scale are cheerfulness, enthusiasm and exhilaration.

The problem with this approach is that most of us go through a range of these tones and it would be difficult to define any one person as always giving off the tone of hate, on one hand, or exhilaration on the other. While it may be true that some get stuck in one tone, most of us go through a range of them. Those who are bipolar can switch on a dime.

It appears to me that these tones mentioned are associated with the personality which is a part of us sometimes called the “not self.” This personality is like a leaf floating in the astral currents and floats up and down in the tones. Those who say their tone does not go up or down with the currents of life are deceiving themselves. Now some may have a higher average tone than others but all will vary in personality tone throughout the day, the month and the year.

The interesting thing to consider is that the quality of one’s life for the seeker or disciple is not determined by the tone of the personality. He who sees the personality as the “not self” and looks at it from the vantage point of the observer derives his quality of life by other means. Here is my own scale of spiritual tones starting at the bottom and moving up.

(1) The personality centered individual who sees happiness as being associated with what happens to him or his situation in the personality world.
Quality of life score: 1-10, depending on his current state. Over 90% of humanity is in this category.

(2) The Seeker. This person begins to realize that there is more to life than personality ups and downs. There is more out there for him in the spiritual realm and he begins a quest. His life now has a higher purpose than it did before.
Quality of life score: 11-30 depending on his focus.

(3) He who has achieved some soul contact. He is joyful to prove to himself that spiritual contact is real. He just wishes he had more of it.
Quality of life score: 31-50

(4) The soul infused person. This person never feels like the soul and spiritual world is far from him but has a consistent contact that brings him peace and inner joy.
Quality of life score: 51-70

(5) Access to the Oneness Principle, Higher Purpose and his inner group. This is a servant of humanity and the greater the opportunity to serve the greater his joy and peace.
Quality of life score: 71-100

(6) Conscious blending, merging and working with higher lives.
Quality of life score: Through the roof.

Thus we can see that the guy who thinks he is on top of the world because he won the lottery is merely in category one and there is much more awaiting him as he moves forward.

Some move beyond category one for a while and then sink back down and get caught in defining their happiness by personality events. A metaphysical view of being saved is a releasing oneself from the dominion of the personality.


May 16, 2013

What Not to Do
Keith said something interesting the other day. He said that the dark side ignorantly allows themselves to be tools in the hands of the light.

This is quite true when you think about it. When we think of the worst bad guy in our history Hitler usually comes to mind. But as bad as he was he taught us a lot. Most of it was what not to do.

Many do not realize that learning what not to do or what to avoid is just as essential as learning what to do.

For instance, before Hitler became a threat Eugenics was being strongly promoted in the United States and much of the world. Many were promoting the idea that undesirables should be sterilized and only the elite should be allowed to reproduce.

In theory this sounded good to many but in practice Hitler demonstrated that the idea could be strongly abused. On his undesirable list were the Jews and he set out to cleanse the human race by completely exterminating them.

Thus Hitler’s rampant abuse of this idea caused almost all countries to shelve it after the war.

This unjust targeting idea is still with us though as demonstrated by the revelation that the IRS has been targeting the Tea Party and other conservative groups.

I liked a statement I heard uttered from a liberal guy being interviewed about this. He said, “today they are targeting the Tea Party but tomorrow it could be progressives.” This abuse of power by the IRS has put the fear of God in both sides of the aisle.

It sounds like some have learned a little from history for we have all heard the statement attributed to pastor Martin Niemiller

First they came for the communists, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.

Then they came for the socialists, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.

Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Catholic.

Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak for me.

I read an interesting reader comment on the IRS story. He said:
“Funny that he (Obama) recently told college graduates to “reject” the voices who warn about tyranny — while he’s busy imposing it.”

The evils of World War II gave us a good lesson telling us that love and brotherhood are more powerful instruments of change than brute force.

But we are far from learning all of our lessons. I think that is one reason Obama won the last election. The errors he and the people under him make are teaching the masses what we are not supposed to do. Apparently there is still much for us to learn in this department and our dear leaders and overseers are all too willing to teach us.


May 19, 2013

The Whole Self

Keith gives an interesting account worthy of comment. He once had an out of body experience where he communicated with his mom. The unusual thing is she was awake in the physical and he was out of his body.

After he entered back in his body he confronted his mom thinking he would talk about the conversation but she had no knowledge or recollection of it.

What’s the answer here? Did he imagine the conversation?

Not likely.

The answer is that not all of our consciousness is condensed within our physical body or even our three bodies of form. We incarnate with 20-70% of our essence and leave the rest behind. This explains why you can sometimes have a spiritual encounter or a vivid dream of a living person who is awake and has no memory of the event. This also explains why numerous people have reported vivid dreams of encounters with me when I have no memory of it.

Keith evidently contacted part of his Mom’s consciousness not registered with her body and thus the conversation was not registered with her physical brain. Even so, it was still her he talked to.

The whole of our consciousness is connected to soul energy and is often called our higher self. Most of our prayers are handled by our own selves, just the part of us that still resides in the higher worlds.


May 19, 2013

Re: The Whole Self
So we are really praying to our own Monad? (Father in Heaven).

Indirectly. Most seekers have a long way to go to reach the Monad. Soul contact creates a link with the Solar Angel and your Higher Self which is merely a stepping stone to monadic consciousness but still a long way to go.

…..And/Or to our own Solar Angel?

Your Higher Self is linked to your solar angel and one with it so prayers can reach these. Sometimes they are picked up by helpful entities.

……And the higher entity that incarnates into a human molecule is the group’s higher self and higher consciousness and Intelligence? Yes?

No. The entity that will incarnate in a molecule will incarnate with a part of his energy and keep the other part in the higher spheres. You could say the lower part of his self is incarnated into the molecule. Actually the saying of higher and lower self is not quite technically correct. We think of the part of ourselves that resides in the higher spheres as a higher self but the part of ourselves that is down here is a part of the one entity which is you or me. The part of ourselves that is in the spirit world just has more access and knowledge of what’s going on.

Larry W
Yea. This all makes me worry about the dark brothers. What about their Solar Angel and what about their Monad?

The Dark Brothers have severed their link with the soul and monad and, thus, cut off from the source of life, are in a process of slow disintegration.


May 19, 2013

Re: Normalcy Bias
This is a good point Larry. We probably have at least a 50/50 chance that someone will attack with an atomic bomb within the next five years as well as a good chance the dollar will collapse but people as a whole do not enter these things into their equation of living.

This normalcy thing is also a reason so many otherwise intelligent people fail so miserably at predicting the future. They base all their data on what has been normal in the past and this rarely applies to any long term future.

Carter, for instance, predicted we would run out of oil within a decade of his presidency. Bill Gates at one time thought we’d never need more than 2 MB of Ram. Almost all psychics thought WWII would not happen.

Larry W points out the dangers we as a careless society face and preparations that we can take. I will add this. The Brotherhood of Light does everything within their power to guide us into the new age in such a way that the innocent will not suffer because of great calamities. They realize that karma and cause and effect can create much suffering that the careless and selfish can bring upon themselves. But it touches the heart of God when the pure in heart suffer because of the action of those whose intent is not pure.

One of the purposes of the gathering is to shield true seekers from pain and suffering they do not deserve. Unfortunately, we are approaching a time of danger and no gathering is in place. If a calamity occurs in the near future even those ho have done their best to prepare will not be prepared.

It has been the hope, as the new age approaches, that great calamities can be delayed until places of refuge are created. The best case scenario is that reasonable relations are established between the nations and we move into the new age without major calamities. We live in times were that seems unlikely to many but it is still a possibility.

Let us hope the door to evil will be closed and the pure in heart will flourish on the hills of Zion.

Eventually we will have earth changes that cannot be entirely avoided with good will but that is another matter we will eventually deal with.


May 23, 2013
Mother Earth Correspondences
Ruth gave the following quote from me:

If we correspond the earth to a greater human life we can arrive at some more interesting correspondences.

Minor earthquake = The earth is scratching an itch.

Medium earthquake = The earth is scratching a major itch.

Big earthquake = Comparable to a human trying to relieve himself from poison ivy.

Small volcano = Pimple or blackhead.

Major volcano = A boil.

A storm = Irritation

A hurricane = Anger

A tornado = Intense directed anger

A Tsunami = A chiropractic adjustment.

Then she asks: “Why did Mother Earth have “intense directed anger” in Oklahoma? Or did the
people also manifest this to some degree?”

The first thing to note is that correspondences in a case like this are loosely made and are not to be taken too literally. Even so, correspondences are always there to be found and contemplating on them will always bring some enlightenment.

Secondly, to understand the earth’s reaction that affected the people of Oklahoma we need to again apply The Law of Correspondences.

Think of how small individual people are in relation to the planet. We are like tiny bacteria in comparison to the size of the planet.

Now let us relate this to ourselves. Let us suppose you had an itch. When you scratch do you give any thought to the bacteria you may be killing in the process?

If you are angry at yourself and slap yourself in the face are you thinking about the lives of the cells you are disrupting?

Not really.

Even so, the earth was not angry with the people of Oklahoma nor was their welfare in its mind when the tornado erupted. Events like this are a part of its reaction to life on its own plane.

Just like the lives in our body have to adjust to our actions and feelings, even so do we humans have to adjust to the life of the earth as it manifests.

Yes, human emotions can influence some weather anomalies but we are merely an influence, not the total cause. There are storms on Mars yet there are no humans on its surface.


May 25, 2013
Question on Hell
Tom Writes:
I remember JJ saying that hell can be created by a person’s own mind after death.

A few people have reported going to Hell during NDE’s and claims it is real.

Is Hell real and do Evil people go to Hell?

Where in the afterlife do the really Evil people go and what place is it like where you find Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi of Libya, Stalin and murderers and the like? What that place like to them?

Any hell a person experiences after death is created in his mind in this mortal life, not the afterlife.

There has been a lot of research done to determine the after death state. Among these are:

(1) Near Death experiences.
(2) Channeling people who have passed over.
(3) Regression of people to their experiences of the between life state.
(4) Visions

The problem is that all of these methods have produced conflicting results. Some say that there is no punishment or any kind of hell after death while others paint a pretty bleak picture fort the ungodly.

I think that the most accurate information has been obtained by hypnosis which has taken people into the between lives state. The interesting thing about this research is the information revealed by many subjects is quite consistent.

Michael Newton led the research on this and has written several books on what he has discovered. One thing I found interesting is that there is some information that the subjects were forbidden to reveal to the living. Newton tried to get around this by tricking the subjects into answering and sometimes he was successful.

He tells us that a very negative person after death carries the negativity with him but specially trained people work with these types and try to salvage them. If they reconnect with soul energies then they will go to work preparing for their next life where they hope to improve their situation. If the person cannot be salvaged then he is returned to the Source to be recycled.

He also verifies that we have a Higher Self that co-exists in the spirit world even while we are incarnated on the earth.

Many people who we see as bad guys, in their own minds, thought they were doing the right thing. These people will have to confront their mistakes after death and gain a sense of the pain and suffering they caused. This will cause a temporary hell for them. Even so, if they have a desire to do good, even though mislead, they will be worked with and spiritual teachers will attempt to redirect their consciousness and goals.


May 25, 2013
Life Between Lives
The point is, how do you know that you are not in Hell right now?

Actually, this earth life is the greatest hell. We suffer regrets in the spirit world but can do little to pay off our karma there. That is reserved for mortal life and often it can be quite painful.

Dan asks:
1) Does hypnosis then erode the “will” so to speak or a person’s decision-making ability in any way or JUST make them more susceptible to hypnotism?

Getting hypnotized a couple times will have little effect but if a person gets hypnotized regularly he becomes more susceptible and much easier to hypnotize. If a person were hypnotized enough he could be put in a trance against his will, even though many books on hypnosis says this is not possible.

Hypnosis does not seem to have much of an effect on the person’s decisions in the non-trance state though he may be more susceptible to suggestion.

2) If a person is more susceptible to being hypnotized does that ALSO mean they will be more susceptible having (hypnotic type) suggestions implanted in OTHER ways such as via repetition of thought/belief, or zoning out while watching television, or etc?

Yes. Watching a commercial on TV puts a person in the first, but light stages of hypnosis.

3) What exactly do you mean by “desired outcome”, doesn’t everybody desire an outcome? Do you mean if a person goes to be hypnotized and desires the outcome of learning about their past lives (or some other outcome) that it will then be more difficult to hypnotize that person? Or what exactly?

The left brain people are much more difficult to hypnotize because they are always calculating with their minds, often seeking a desired outcome, and have difficulty in turning over their subconscious to another person.

4) You mentioned Michael Newton’s regression hypnosis research. Have you read the book he wrote on his specific technique for this titled, “Life Between Lives: Hypnotherapy for Spiritual Regression”? And if so, is his procedure any better (or worse) than normal hypnosis techniques in terms of increasing susceptibility to hypnotism, eroding the will, or in any other respect?

I’ve read all his books and he uses a guided meditation technique similar to mine. This takes a lot longer than hypnosis techniques but it is safer and the subject stays in more control and can usually recall the whole experience. He may take a couple hours to get a subject in a state deep enough to see past or between lives correctly whereas hypnosis can do this in ten minutes with a good subject.

What I found interesting about his work is his subjects were quite consistent in the details they retrieved.


May 26, 2013
Gathering Clarification
Looks like I need to clear up a few things about the gathering.

I see a lot of quotes lately from my book The Literal Gathering of Israel. I started writing this when I was still in the church in 1978 and was writing it to the members of the church. Thus I used Mormon language that would appeal to their mindset and used quotes that would appeal to their sense of authority.

Afterwards, I wrote The Gathering of Lights for the masses. In this I was more free to express myself more universally and more clearly present the purpose of the gathering.

One has to read the first through a filtering process wit the realization that one has to present truth to the Mormons in a different context than other seekers to reach their core.

Now I’ll touch on a few of the points under discussion.

Is Susan doing the right thing in creating a gathering place on her own initiative?

It is certainly not in any of our power to declare that she has no right to do this. If she feels an impression from her soul to do this and moves ahead then she will receive many benefits, even if she fails. A failure in a work, taken to heart, is merely a step toward ultimate success.

Dan made a good comment on this:
At least Susan is DOING something at Safe Haven and even if it turns out to NOT be an “official” gathering point she is gaining a LOT of useful experience and learning sustainable living techniques.

Shouldn’t there be just one gathering place for all the lights?

It is true in early Mormon days there was one main gathering place, but even here there were other lesser places.

We can learn from studying the early Mormon experience but those who seek to duplicate it line by line will be met with failure. We must continually follow the soul which leads us to new things and greener pastures. The gathering illustrates a principle and the core principle must always be sought. If this is done then we have the possibility of success.

There will be a time in the future where there will be a main gathering place for the lights but even here some of the lights will feel impressed to remain at other places on the planet.

If a person says he is doing a thing because he is following his soul it is not for us to judge. He may or may not be right but we must allow him or her to move ahead without condemning him. Time will tell the sincere seeker whether or not his direction was correct.

Should I declare a gathering place for us?
It’s a little premature for that.

(1) There is no fund to buy lands let alone build upon them.

(2) There’s probably less than a half dozen in the group who would move from their homes and families even if we had a place for them.

We need an event that will bring these ideas to the attention of the masses so thousands will become interested in the gathering concept before we can build anything that will last.

In the meantime I have started teaching regularly in Boise. Anyone who is able is welcome to come here and support the new group we are forming. If you can’t come here then I would suggest starting a local group.

Ruth Quotes: “Joseph Smith again verifies this: “BEFORE the tabernacle can be with men, the
elect must be gathered from the four quarters of the earth.”

Before the “Tabernacle” can be with men…… or in other words…..

Before the first Molecular Entity can be with men, the elect must be gathered from the four quarters of the Earth.

The tabernacle has nothing to do with the creation of the molecule. Moses and the Israelites had the tabernacle with them in the wilderness, but there was no molecule.

Jesus created a molecule before there was a major gathering.

The gathering of lights on a major scale will cause a permeation of the Spirit of God among the people thus causing the tabernacle of God to be with men.

On the other hand, all we need for a molecule is 24 people capable of sustained soul contact. Such a molecule would have power to initiate a gathering.

The gathering principle is being picked up by many and there are those planning on building communities on the sea. Another group with resources is thinking of buying a large plot of land in the Honduras and creating their own free society. This idea will continue to grow until something significant occurs.

Copyright by J J Dewey 2013

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Keys Writings 2013, Part 15

This entry is part 16 of 25 in the series 2013

May 27, 2013

Gathering Clarification

“We may have to gather thousands before we find the 24 capable of creating the first molecule.” Link


These two statements seem conflicting.

First you say we may have to gather thousands before we find the 24 capable of creating the first molecule.


That’s not what I said. I said WE MAY HAVE TO. On the other hand, we may not. We may get lucky and create a molecule from the group we are creating here in Boise. We will sift through thousands as we already have on the internet, that’s for sure.


Then you say that all you need is 24 people capable of sustained soul contact to initiate a gathering?


A molecule would have power to initiate a gathering but a gathering may be underway before a molecule is formed.

I asked and answered this question:

“Is Susan doing the right thing in creating a gathering place on her own initiative?”

To this Ruth responded:

You and Dan seem quite defensive over Susan, considering I never implied any of the above in my past post on this.

The point I was making in my previous post in regards to the Safe Haven was not about questioning her “right or wrongness”, but more about seeing eye to eye.


From what you said it did seem necessary to make the clarification that I did and had nothing to do with being defensive. Here are your words:


“Where are the WE or group that has inner confirmation from the Spirit or the Lord that is telling them to gather at a particular “stake” of land which is approved by the Spirit?

“If it was the Safe Haven, then why hasn’t JJ moved there as well? I doubt that Susan would get inner confirmation and then JJ didn’t get inner confirmation. They both would have had inner confirmation together to call the Safe Haven, the first “stake”?

“I think the Safe Haven is a great idea, but if it is not the first stake, and there was no inner confirmation from the Spirit or Lord, then it won’t be that safe if there was an attack from an outer group of rampaging hungry hordes.

“How do WE gather, if we all get given our own separate missions?”


So you were questioning that maybe there should just be one stake designated by revelation that we all gather around or we would not be “safe” and we may not gather correctly if we have separate missions etc.

Your questions were indeed cause for me to clarify the rightness or wrongness of Susan’s project. They seemed to go beyond just seeing eye to eye. And even the eye to eye comments implied that this was perhaps not the case and something may be amiss.

As far as seeing eye to eye with Susan on her project I indeed support it completely. If I were in charge of it I’m sure some of the details would be different, but that is of no moment. At best she will create a safe haven for people in that area and at worst it will be a learning experience.

I have had no revelation on the major gathering place. At present I feel impressed to stay in Boise and create a group here. When we are ready to gather the place will be manifest.

Here is one of my favorite Mormon scriptures around individual initiative:

D&C 58:26 For behold, it is not meet that I should command in all things; for he that is compelled in all things, the same is a slothful and not a wise servant; wherefore he receiveth no reward.

D&C 58:27 Verily, I say, men should be anxiously engaged in a good cause, and do many things of their own free will, and bring to pass much righteousness;

D&C 58:28 For the power is in them, wherein they are agents unto themselves. And inasmuch as men do good they shall in nowise lose their reward.

D&C 58:29 But he that doeth not anything until he is commanded, and receiveth a commandment with doubtful heart, and keepeth it with slothfulness, the same is damned.


May 27, 2013

Between Lives


With which parts of his (Newton’s) teachings do you disagree?

How do you reconcile those disagreements against the consistency of detail

reported by his subjects?


I can’t say I disagree with anything that he brought forth that was verified by a number of subjects. I did disagree with some of his personal interpretations of his discoveries. For instance, he didn’t seem to think there were higher spheres, but there was evidence of them in some of his regressions.

I also do not agree with his interpretation of how people volunteer to be bad guys in life. I think the lesser evolved will see ahead – that they will do bad things in their next life but they do not do these things for the purpose of the greater good.


Is the Source God and what do you mean by the person is recycled? How does

that work?


That wasn’t from me but Mr Newton. DK does elaborate on this though and tells us that when a person denies the soul time and time again that his personality bodies are dissolved and his essence sent back to the Source to start progression all over again.


May 28, 2013

Good Music

During this time of mediocre music it is nice to find some good material. Here are three selections I like from the Group “Of Monsters and Men” from Iceland. I wonder if Johann follows them.


Link 1  Link2


May 28, 2013

Big Government

A recent Gallup poll reveals that 54% believe the Federal government has too much power.

Thus we have a slim majority who have a spark of common sense and desire for freedom for the individual.

The mystery is that some of these obviously have voted for many of the big government politicians we see in office today including the head guy. Believe it or not 36% of Democrats feel the government has too much power.

It’s a little disturbing that two years ago this figure was 59%.

On the bright side “forty-six percent of Americans said they agreed with the statement that the federal government `poses an immediate threat to the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens,'”

36% believe the government has about the right amount of power.

We have here over a third of our populace who are oblivious to the threat of big government. These are like ostriches with their heads in the sand.

The odd thing is that there are 8% of us who believe the government doesn’t have enough power. Link This 8% must be divided into two groups.

(1) Those who have a death wish.

(2) Those who aspire to political office.


Is the size of government really such a relevant issue?


Yes, definitely.


When I hear people talk of smaller government, they really don’t have much more of anything valuable to say about the subject.


Not me and like minded souls. I have lots to say about it and have said lots of things that I consider extremely valuable.


Smaller in what way?


Every way.


Some people who preach about smaller government prefer less power in the government only in some areas but more power in other areas or more power in institutions other than the government.


I’m definitely not your “some people.” Outside of having power to defend us I want the government smaller in every way. I’d be happy to see Congress in session less, not only making fewer laws but eliminating the useless and detrimental ones.


Perhaps the quantity of government isn’t as much of an important concern as is

the quality of government.


If government is too big then quality is a joke.

Here’s downright proof that big government trying to help us often does more harm than good. Here is a doctor who dropped out of the system propped up by government and decided to go on a cash only basis.

The results: His prices dropped by half.

Conclusion; Paperwork demanded by government increases medical costs by double. Link


Sure, you inflate the government and it will overstep its boundaries. However,

the government also becomes inflated due to incompetence. The notion that the

only solution is to slash the government is simplifying the problem. It does not

address the issue of incompetence within the government. It’s not like there are

only two choices either. This seems to me to be a very simplified,

black-and-white viewpoint mainly because there are varying ideas of what a

“small government with maximum freedom” is.


The trouble is that government is always much more incompetent than private enterprise so it is always logical to make it as small as possible so the incompetence will be reduced to the smallest possible black hole. Trying to make the government more competent is like trying to make Bernie Madoff more responsible by giving him more money.

Nathan: The board of directors has a monopoly of force on that society. What the board says goes.

lwk: Of course, I had forgotten that a board of directors of a company could issue a legal arrest warrant, bring you before a judge, force you to be tried by a jury, and then put you in jail. Of course, it is obvious, a company with a board of directors is just like government with all of its legal powers.



Nanthan is changing the definition of government in an attempt to make his point. Here are the first two main definitions of government from my online dictionary:

(1) the people who control a country, region, or city and make decisions about its laws and taxes


(2) the members of the main political party in a legislature, or the members of the cabinet (=the group of politicians with the most important jobs) in a system with a legislature. Link

According to Nathan’s use of the word even a family would have a government because the parents impose discipline on the kids.

There is a huge difference between government and administrative authority that exists in groups, corporations and businesses. Here are a few:

(1) Scope of power. Government has power over the whole. Administrative authority has power over a small portion of the whole.

(2) Escape. You cannot escape the power of government. You can move to a different city, state or even country and you still cannot escape it’s reach. It is always there and you must abide by its rules and laws.

On the other hand, if you do not like a policy that Chevron is promoting you can just drop your support and buy from Texaco. If you work for Chevron and are unhappy you can quit and sell “I Hate Chevron” Tee Shirts. You can’t quit government.

(3) Government has power to make laws which will result in fines and prison if you beak them. Administrative authority in businesses and groups have no such authority. They can make rules for the group but cannot imprison you if you break them. In some cases they can legally fire you but you can then get another jog somewhere else. On the other hand, you just can’t go out and get another country.

(4) Government has exclusive power to tax. Other organizations do not. Businesses pay you, you do not pay them. Some groups such as unions impose dues for membership, but membership provides a service for which members willingly pay. You can refuse to pay your dues at any time and drop your membership and you will have no fear of going to jail. On the other hand, much of the money that we pay for income taxes does not bring back a just return in services.

(5) One of the legitimate jobs of government is to provide a defense and security for citizens. Other organizations are very limited in this regard. What they can do is controlled by government.

(6) The government has power over the money system and issues and regulates money. If any individual or business attempts to issue legal money they will be prosecuted by government.

Conclusion: Government and private administrative power are two entirely different animals.


June 1, 2013

The Atomic Force Microscope

The Atomic Force Microscope is allowing us to see into the lives of atoms and molecules as we never have before. Check out these links.

Link1  Link2  Link3  Link4  Link5



June 3, 2013


Ruth quotes me:

The three disciples from the story were not Kumaras from Venus but a remnant from a previous earth. They probably see themselves as Ancient of Days since they are very ancient. On that earth they became Masters, but did not want to go into pralaya and be reborn into a new creation. They wanted to continue with the old creation and keep their knowledge of it.

These are not members of the Dark Brotherhood but are seeking to serve and have a disagreement with their own hierarchy as to what the most effective service will be.

Because they have cut themselves off from their own hierarchical link they have to backtrack eventually and submit to their molecular link.

Jesus obtained a vision of the higher reality that is our destiny and did not cooperate with these three and concentrated on the love aspect instead and linked with the true Ancient of days who did come from Venus. Link


And then asks:

Are these 3, from the last incarnation of Earth, and now are on this Earth, but these are not the same race as the Laggards? (Were they the Egyptian race?)


No. They were the originators of the physical Jewish race. Jesus was descended from one of them according to DK.


Which Hierarchy did the other 3 Ancient Disciples belong too, if not the Venus Hierarchy or the Saturn Hierarchy?


They belonged to a hierarchy long past from a past solar system. DK doesn’t tell us if they are seeking to building a hierarchy of their own in this system. It’s quite possible they are.


If there was an Earth Hierarchy on the previous Earth

chain, then why isn’t it still with this Earth chain, instead of the Ancient of Days stepping in? Or does the Ancient of Days work with the Earth Hierarchy – Shamballa? or the Christ’s molecule?


When a new creation appears hierarchies controlling the worlds of form are established anew. Entities gravitate to their proper place according to the degree of their intelligence.

The Ancient of Days works with all olives on earth including Christ and the Masters who are molecularly linked to Shamballa.

The laggards from the previous system are merged with us and are in the same school as the rest of humanity. Some are doing well and are on the path of discipleship where others may remain laggards for a second time.


June 3, 2013


Good dialog between lwk and Nathan. One of the problems those on the right have with arguing with those on the left is pinning down exactly what the argument is. It is often difficult to get a clear statement of belief from them. Unless the demarcation of belief is clear then the argument becomes circular and nothing gets resolved.

It is true that both sides do this to a degree, but overall the right does it much less. The philosophy of the right is usually quite clear cut and the student can generally get a good idea of where he is coming from. On the other hand, the person of the left will often make a statement that is argued with and he will then respond with, that is “not what I believe.” Then the problem is that he still doesn’t make his belief clear.

I think it would be helpful to thus clarify Nathan’s beliefs so we can effectively discuss them. Let me list what appears to be some of them and then he can correct or clarify if I am wrong.

(1) The free market system has failed us.

(2) The free market system is not fair.

(3) People do not get paid fairly in the free market system.

(4) The government has power to make employee salaries fairer.

(5) Because the market is not fair (in his opinion) the government needs to step in and use force is make it fair.

(6) This force needs to be applied so employees receive a larger distribution of the profits if it is making money but should still receive good compensation when the company is losing money.

(7) Even though starting a business involves a high degree of risk, the initiators are not entitled to high profits if they are available. The employees who are not risk takers are just as entitled to profits as the initiators.

I’m not sure if Nathan is aware of this but I have presented a plan that will create greater fairness in business, but what makes this different is it will be created through 100% free will with no government involvement or force necessary. Here are the links to The Molecular Business:  Link1  Link2  Link3  Link4  Link5


Jun 4, 2013

A Familiar Voice

Theblackmoclips writes:

Just for kicks, I sometimes frequent a website Today, I started reading a thread titled “A*New* Window of Opportunity: Ask, and ye shall receive”. The thread was started by a person called “Initiate” and as I’ve read through the thread, many of his ideas were very, very familiar to what I’ve read from here (I don’t know, maybe it is you). Anyway, just thought I’d let you know. I’d be interested in knowing your thoughts on his posts (given its not you!).


Thanks for giving us this reference. One benefit we receive from group participation is that members often come across material that we would never find as individuals.

First, let me make it clear that the guy is not me. My style is much more direct.

I read through all the posts I could find written by him and here are my conclusions.

(1) He’s probably read some Bailey but I think he leans toward Theosophy even though he says he is not a theosophist. I think it is possible he has read some of my teachings as there are some similarities, but that could be coincidence.

(2) He is intelligent and obviously has done some serious study and thinking on metaphysics.

(3) He doesn’t present any new principles but does post some fairly unique information that may or may not be true.

(4) Motive. Whenever a teacher comes forward people always wonder at the motive. This guy says his motive is to do some good works to pay off karma.

Looks like he posted for a couple months and then just quit. If he wants to pay off karma he needs to do a larger labor than writing a few thousand words. He hasn’t seemed to write anything the past couple months. If he posts again it would be interesting to have a couple members here ask him some questions.

I don’t think he is the messiah by any means but he is one of the more interesting characters that has surfaced. Let us know if you come across him again.


June 5, 2013

Finding Truth

Theblackmoclips writes:

The main question that I have after reading that thread, and really, much of the information you teach is this – How does one come to know this kind of information for oneself? I read things and it sounds reasonable and I may “like” the information and feel good about it, but it never goes farther than that. I mean at one point, Mormonism felt good and reasonable too, but I’ve lost that. I just don’t know how to take it to the next level and actually “know” something for sure. Maybe I’m not meant to, or just to lazy to put in the effort.


I’ve written quite a bit about this. There are two significant streams that may help. The first is my teachings on soul contact. If you go to and use the search feature and type in soul contact all kinds of things will come up. I recently posted an audio of a class I gave on the subject. You can find it here:

We spent quite a bit of time covering 23 Principles of Discovery. I’m thinking of covering them in greater depth and perhaps expanding upon them. Meanwhile here is what we did cover:


1. Take the things you know (for reasonable surety) to be true and use them as a foundation or stepping stones for testing additional truths.

2. Be willing to let these foundation beliefs be either altered or dropped as some of them are replaced by higher vision.

3. The teaching should be in harmony with common sense.

4. It should increase the power of Decision and free will.

5. It should bring you to a new level of awareness and usefulness.

6. Seek out true sources of knowledge, study and incorporate them into your life. Knowledge dispels error and illusion.

7. Gather all the reliable information you can about a subject of interest and try and see the principles suggested by the data. Then draw conclusions and run the conclusions by your soul and see if you receive a response.

8. Follow all the aspects of the Will of God that are within your perception and your sensitivity to the truth will increase.

9. The Process of Elimination. Eliminate those things that are definitely not true and contemplate on that which remains.

10. Effective Communication. Communication through perception of the outside world; Person to person communication, and communication through the soul.

11. Truth is in harmony with spiritual principles; therefore we discover that which is true through the application of those principles.

12. The principle of planting and harvesting.

13. The Law of Correspondences. The principle behind it is “as above so below,” and visa versa.

14. Take that belief which is embraced by the world and look in the opposite direction. In this opposite direction much truth lies hidden.

15. Discernment. In particular the disciple should seek the power to discern beyond physical seeing so he can see the difference in effects from the astral/emotional world and the world of the soul.

16. Seek proven authorities and learn from them.

17. Put your attention on finding that which is true rather than that which is in error.

18. Faith in the Dominating Good — or a belief that God is good.

19. Seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened – Ask and you shall receive.

20. Plant a seed thought in your mind and heart, and feed this thought with contemplation and meditation. Observe the fruit that comes forth, and accept that which is sweet and registers with your soul.

21. Understand and develop the principle of intuition through which quantums of truth can be downloaded into your mind and understood by the heart.

22. The Pendulum Principle.

23. Since the soul is the door to all true principles, the seeker must learn to recognize the higher spiritual vibrations and differentiate them from the lower.


The ‘small quiet voice’ is not a voice at all and it does not speak any verbal

words. I’m beginning to believe the phrase is very misleading.

The phrase should say: ‘a small quite impression’ or ‘ a small quite thought

impression’ that communicates an idea or concept. The soul has no voice and

speaks no physical language. If you hear a small quiet voice in your head that

speaks a physical language; then it is not the soul.


Good point Keith and you are technically correct. However, that “quiet impression’ is often translated into words by our mental facilities and this sometimes comes across as a quiet voice.

The problem is that “still small voice” has a better ring to it than “quiet impression.”


June 5, 2013

Article on the IRS Scandall LINK


June 6, 2013

Oliver & Joseph

Joseph Smith did not excommunicate Oliver, but a High Council did. As this was going on Joseph was in the middle of the Kirkland bank collapse and he and Brigham were occupied with saving their own lives from angry members.

Later on Joseph invited Oliver back into the church but he did not come until right after Joseph’s death. He then sought for a leadership position since he was the “Second Elder.” but nothing significant was offered him. He died a few years later.


Did Oliver and Joseph have a big fight?

If so, what about?

I think that Oliver believed that JS was involved in sexual immorality.


The more law the less justice.


It is interesting that Oliver was also accused of early polygamy, but is one of those things that can’t be proven one way or another. Here’s an article on it.

Historians have different views regarding the possibility that Oliver Cowdery was ever involved in unauthorized plural marriage during the period of his close association with Joseph Smith (1829–38). Danel Bachman wrote, “Before the close of the Kirtland period, Smith and Cowdery both began polygamous households.”[1] Glen M. Leonard, author of Nauvoo: A Place of Peace, a People of Promise, penned: “In Kirtland, Oliver Cowdery knew of the revelation on marriage but was denied permission to take a plural wife. He proceeded anyway and engaged in an illicit relationship.”[2] A close look demonstrates that assessments such as these are not based on any contemporary evidence.

Several nineteenth-century Church leaders accused Oliver Cowdery of either unauthorized polygamy or adultery. It appears that the first mention was by President Brigham Young in 1857, some twenty-five years after the alleged events. On August 26, Elder Wilford Woodruff recorded in his journal: “President Young stayed three-plus hours in compiling his history. He remarked that the revelation upon a plurality of wives was given to Joseph Smith. He revealed it to Oliver Cowdery alone upon the solemn pledge that he would not reveal it or act upon it. But he did act upon it in a secret manner and that was the cause of his overthrow.”[3] In 1872, President Young also reportedly taught:

While Joseph and Oliver were translating the Book of Mormon, they had a revelation that the order of Patriarchal Marriage and sealing was right. Oliver said unto Joseph, “Brother Joseph, why don’t we go into the order of polygamy, and practice it as the ancients did? We know it is true, then why delay?” Joseph’s reply was “I know that we know it is true, and from God, but the time has not yet come.” This did not seem to suit Oliver, who expressed a determination to go into the order of plural marriage anyhow, although he was ignorant of the order and pattern and the results. Joseph Said, “Oliver if you go into this thing it is not with my faith or consent.” Disregarding the counsel of Joseph, Oliver Cowdery took to wife Miss Annie Lyman,[4] cousin to George A. Smith. From that time he went into darkness and lost the spirit.[5]

This report is problematic in several ways. Numerous participants date Joseph Smith’s first awareness of the appropriateness of plural marriage to 1831. Available evidence indicates that this realization resulted from the New Translation of the Bible rather than the Book of Mormon, likely while Sidney Rigdon was serving as scribe.

Full article HERE



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The Eyes Have it

This entry is part 17 of 25 in the series 2013

The eyes have been called the window to the soul.   No one can argue they tell more about our character than any other physical feature.  From the ancient Chinese to modern scientists, poets, and psychologists the search for the meaning of the eyes continues.

Modern research shows us that the expansion and contraction of the pupil results from other causes than the quantity of light.  If you are experiencing pleasure, excitement or are telling the truth, your pupils will tend to be larger.  If you have pain, dissatisfaction or are telling a lie, your pupils will get smaller.

If you are not sure a person likes you or not, look at his eyes.  If he likes you, the pupils will be larger than normal in your presence.  If he dislikes you, they will be smaller.  If you notice someone’s eyes contracting, perhaps you have said something to offend  him.

Even with no knowledge of reading the eyes, you will find your impressions to be quite accurate if you trust them.  Try looking into the eyes of the person sitting across from you and give your impressions as to what  he is feeling, or what kind of character he is.  Try looking at someone you do not even know and you may be surprised at the impressions you will get.

The ancient Chinese had an art of eye reading called Siang Mien.  They observed the shape of a person’s eyes and interpreted his character from it.  Below are illustrations of various eye shapes and their interpretations.  Have fun figuring out the type of character you are sitting next to.

Dragon eyes are beautiful with nicely-rounded lids.  This person will generally make a great first impression because of the potency of his or her glance.  This person is magnetic, fun to be around, a good conversationalist, and intelligent, with lots of ideas .
Dragon Eyes
Cow eyes are very rounded and smaller than dragon eyes.  These people are emotional, romantic, impulsive and direct.  They are quite honest and open about what they think and feel even to the point of offending another person.
Cow Eyes
These eyes are about twice as long as they are wide.  The standard peacock is a person  with very strong feelings and when something happens that frustrates his plan, he  will be very upset.  The intelligent peacock will reach great heights because of inner drive and resources.   The less intelligent may spend too much energy crying over spilt milk.

Peacock Eyes

Same as the regular peacock except more prone to jealousy, possessiveness and image.

Slanted Peacock

This person is farsighted, likes to set challenging goals and is able to persist until the goal is reached. He is curious and open-minded, but appears stubborn if you try to dissuade  him from an objective.

Tiger Eyes

This person is also a goal setter, but would rather use cunning than hard work to achieve his objective.  He lacks patience and  wants all his desires to materialize now.

Fox Eyes

This person is very analytical and is ruled by the head rather than heart.  If anyone opposes him, he is likely to plunge into an argument and overwhelm his victim.  The larger Triangle Eye is more concerned with larger causes and events, whereas the smaller is more nit-picky and may hassle you over trivia.

Triangle Eyes

New Moon people are emotional and often psychic, but will follow their feelings toward selfish ends and are not beyond using deception.  Other good qualities in the face may counteract this, however.

New Moon eyes

Keys Writings 2013, Part 16

This entry is part 18 of 25 in the series 2013

June 7, 2013

A Familiar Voice

Alex writes:

Initiate wrote recently:

————- quote ————-

i) The sixty billion human souls currently bound to Terra (with about seven billion in present-day incarnation), incarnate in various cycles according to astrological age (we are now in that of Aquarius), Karma (Causality), suitability of the social and biological environment, etc. At present, we are experiencing a steady influx of more evolved souls incarnating in less-developed nations/continents (e.g. Asia, Africa), whilst simultaneously experiencing less evolved souls incarnating in more developed nations/continents (e.g. USA, Europe). If you really, desperately must know WHY, please ask another time, out of respect for other users. ————- end quote ——

I am not going to ask him, because he is overloaded with questions, but does anyone here know “WHY”?

I thought that the more evolved do not want to incarnate any more on the Earth, that is why spirituality is going down.


The more evolved want to serve where there is the greatest opportunity to move evolution forward. Of course, they have their personal interests and priorities, which are a factor but overall they want to place themselves in positions where they can accomplish something of worth that will also produce a feeling of satisfaction and joy to themselves.

Highly evolved souls have no problem incarnating on the earth so long as they feel that they can accomplish something of worth.

Are the more highly evolved now incarnating into the third world countries? The answer is this. Some third world countries are developing more opportunities and the developed countries are heading toward more restriction and less freedom. This causes some initiates to take a good look at where some third world countries will be headed for the next generation and incarnate where there seems to be opportunity – and that is the principle. The highly evolved have greater power of decision and will incarnate where lies the greatest opportunity for them.

Even so, there are third world countries most will avoid like the plague.

Many initiates still see opportunity in the developed countries and we will continue to see advanced souls surface in them, but some developing countries will manifest some highly intelligent souls in the coming generation.

By the way, I saw your question to Initiate and it was a good one. You asked about other teachers he agreed with. That answer ought to be interesting.

I caught up on his recent posts and will say he is a lot more intelligent than most of the would-be messiahs and prophets out there. He gives out a lot of data that may or may not be correct but I do not see a lot of weight given to the wisdom aspect that deals with principles.

For instance, he says there are 91 dimensions. This is a figure I haven’t seen before and he made no appeal to the Law of Correspondences to verify it. The number is 13 x 7 which he could have expounded upon.

To his credit he doesn’t present himself as the one and only last chance for mankind and doesn’t condemn those who do not accept him.

He does preset himself as an initiate who is fairly well placed in the Brotherhood of Light so he does start out with some claim to unearned authority which may or may nor evolve to earned authority.

My wife and I visited a science expo in Vancouver back in 1989 and they demonstrated patterns created by sound using a similar device. I was really impressed and it made me think of the Hindu teaching that the whole universe was created by one sound that is made by the breath of God.


> I find I am particularly drawn to this “type” of writer – very knowledgeable and obviously well-educated but not pseudo-intellectual, obviously highly intelligent, VERY articulate and clearly makes his points.


Yes, the guy is obviously highly self educated and has done a lot of thinking. I always appreciate anyone who has put a lot of thought into their words. I’m curious as to how he comes up with some of his data such as the 91 dimensions or that dark brothers are set back 130 billion years.

I have a feeling that this is not the guy’s first attempt at teaching and probably has other things existing on the web.

It would be an interesting endeavor to find them. One could search for some key words he uses such as:

Dear Reader (a phrase I personally do not like)

Dark Brotherhood



I’m sure there are others.

I’m sure there are others.


June 9, 2013

Oliver Cowdery

JJ wrote:

Oliver Cowdery then sought for a leadership position since he was the “Second Elder.”

John C replied:

FALSE. Where is your evidence?


Actually there is quite a bit of evidence. I had previously read before that since Oliver was the Second Elder and the First Elder (Joseph) was dead that he now considered himself the highest authority and felt a duty to set the church in order.

Phillip R. Legg, a biographer of Oliver wrote quite a bit about Oliver’s hints that he should seek leadership to set the church right. He thought that he had the highest keys and Brigham did not. In addition he thought polygamy was a grave error that needed to be set straight. Here was Legg’s conclusion;

Richards indicated that Oliver had offered his “testimony in his personal experience of many things which no other living person could bear.” Indeed, Oliver knew what no other living person knew. He had been with Joseph from the beginning and had shared experiences with Joseph which no one else shared. Oliver felt he was the one with the authority and the testimony which entitled him to be the head of the church.

A move to join the Brigham Young group was not an endorsement of the practices of the membership, particularly regarding such doctrines as plural marraiage. His decision was not a validation of Brigham’s authority. After all, he believed that he was the only one with “real” authority, and his baptism would help him to assume the leadership of the church and set it right. His dream would never be realized, and, possibly, he sensed his impending death.

Oliver Cowdery: the elusive second elder of the restoration / by Phillip R. Legg. 1989


June 9, 2013

The Still Small Voice

Larry W writes:

Question: if our own self, subconscious self or higher self (two different things) steps in, do we label that as 1)soul contact, 2)Higher Self, 3)Holy Ghost, 4)guardian angel, 5)still small voice, 6)Solar Angel, 7)other? Something helped John out. We’ve all experienced similar help. It seems to me such help CAN come from a VERIETY OF SOURCES.


Think of all the things you bought this last month. They came from a variety of sources but there was one medium that allowed you to make the transactions that gave you power to possess them. That medium was money.

Even so it is with soul contact. This allows us to contact the point which is neither matter or spirit, neither wet nor dry, where magic can be wrought. By raising our consciousness and tapping into the point of interplay a door becomes open so many differing magical things can happen such as:

(1) Contact with the Higher Self

(2) Sensing the Holy Spirit

(3) Tuning into the presence of angels and discarnate entities of high vibration.

(4) Hearing the still small voice

(5) Feeling the presence of your Solar Angel

(6) Inspiration and revelation.

(7) Sensing true spiritual love

(8) Tuning into the Oneness Principle. And more.

By the way Dan, I read your Questions to Initiate. That is quite a list. After reading them I’ll bet he wonders, “Who is this guy?”

I’m glad you don’t throw that many in my direction all at one time, but I must say, the guy asked for it.


June 9, 2013

A Familiar Voice


I was glad to see that Initiate complimented you on your questions rather than chastise you as he has been in a rather attack mode lately.

If he continues with this teaching he’ll have to eventually move to a private forum, as we have, where he can moderate the group so as to avoid distracting comments. Right now he feels that over half of the replies are irritating or counterproductive – or seek to take him off topic.

He attacks those who are irritating him by stating that he was like they are now once upon a time “about 1 hundred thousand incarnations ago.” I’ve never heard anyone state that it takes 100,000 incarnations to move from an intelligent smart aleck to an initiate. That would be pretty slow progression if true. Fortunately, it is not. Some have done it in one lifetime.

It is interesting that one of his comments follows Crowley’s philosophy:

“One of the divine cosmic laws are as follows: Do what thou wilt, for all to do as they will!”

This statement makes for good discussion for the group. Is it true? Why or why not?

If you ask any more questions, here are suggestions.

How many earth beings are in your order? What percentage or number are incarnated in the physical human kingdom and how many in the non dense physical realms? (It would raise a red flag if he thinks he is the only one incarnated.)

What kind of process did you go through to join your order of brotherhood? Ask if you can apply.

I think you may be on to something. He seems to use a lot of Laurency’s terminology.

The quote “Do what thou wilt” is found here:

It’s in the post entitled:

My dear Brothers at ATS, PART I:


June 10, 2013

Do What Thou Wilt

It is interesting that one of his (Initiate’s) comments follows Crowley’s philosophy: “One of the divine cosmic laws are as follows: Do what thou wilt, for all to do as they will!” This statement makes for good discussion for the group. Is it true? Why or why not?

It is interesting that Initiate was mercilessly accused of plagiarizing Crowley when his quote was actually worded a little differently. Crowley’s wording was: “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.”

It’s kind of silly to accuse anyone of plagiarism when he quotes a famous phrase of which most know the source. For instance, if I say “the truth shall make you free” most will realize I am not claiming to be the first to state it.

He made the odd statement that he gave out the phrase for a trap to his adversaries. First, one would not expect a brother of light to go about setting traps for anyone except perhaps in extreme circumstances of real conflict.

Secondly, it was kind of difficult to see exactly what the trap was about. My best guess is that he made it close to the Crowley quote so he would be falsely accused of quoting Crowley. Then he can say, “You are wrong sir. I am saying something entirely different than Crowley.”

Sounds like an ineffective trap.

In any case, he did say that his statement had an entirely different meaning from Crowley’s. That said let us examine the statement:

“Do what thou wilt, for all to do as they will!”

It is written so it sounds like people as a whole will be free to do as they will if individuals first follow their own wills.

Unfortunately, this is not true. If the pervert desires to rape a woman then obviously doing what he wills does not lead to the victim doing what she wills for she had no desire to be raped.

If the burglar follows his will to steal your big screen TV then you cannot follow your will to possess it and watch it.

Obviously, this is a deeply flawed statement. He said he was going to explain it shortly, but there was so much conflict on the site that the thread was shut down. It will be interesting to see if the guy surfaces again.

I would guess that he was going to tell us that if individuals are free to do their wills then the group is also free. That is only true though if the will of the individual is in alignment with higher purpose. Those who are not in alignment with higher purpose frustrate the freedom of the whole rather than enhancing it.

There is an interesting teaching by Joseph Smith in this direction. He taught that there were three kingdoms of glory available in the afterlife. The highest, the celestial was likened to the sun. The next, the terrestrial had a glory like the moon and the lowest, the telestial was much dimmer like the stars and in this kingdom each person differed in glory like the stars. What determines which glory we can abide is the law that we are willing to be subject to. To enter the highest glory one must be subject to the celestial laws.

All kingdoms of glory and made so by law and if one cannot abide by law but becomes a law unto himself then he will enter a fourth kingdom that has no glory but is a kingdom of darkness.

Therefore, if a person strictly follows the adage “do what thou wilt” he will eventually wind up in the place portrayed by scripture as “outer darkness.”

Indeed all creation is created by and functions by law. If nature did not follow the laws of gravity, inertia, repulsion, attraction etc then randomness would be everywhere, hence the darkness.


To me this phrase “Do what thou wilt, for all to do as they will!” means:

“Feel free to exercise your free agency, but in such way so that all the others

could excercise their free agency too”.


“Feel free to exercise your free agency, to allow all the others excercise their

free agency too”.

I think “for” means “for the purpose of”, “in order to”. I do not think “for”

means “because”. However, my English is a second language.

In such interpretation, if a rapist desires a woman (free will of a rapist), but

the woman says “Stop it!”, the rapist should stop in order to allow the woman to

exercise her free will too.

If this “divine law” is observed, there simply will be no place for rape. (The

man can go to a brothel.)


I would suppose that was what Initiate was trying to convey but the wording is extremely unclear and confusing if that is the case. If that was the message the wording should have been something like this:

Do what thou wilt when it enhances the will and freedom of the whole. Otherwise, align your will with the highest known good and execute.


June 12, 2013

Women of Mormondom Question

Larry Woods asks some questions:

First, he wants to know if a dispensation as taught by Mormon doctrine is the same as an age.

A dispensation in Mormon doctrine is not exactly the same thing. An astrological age is around 2160 years but there have been seven dispensations according to Mormon doctrine in the past 6000 years making an average dispensation to be less than a thousand years.


Do you believe that every Age has its Christ?


Every age has at least one messiah figure but Jesus was unique in that the entity in him was more pure, highly evolved and unrestricted than had ever made an appearance on the earth.

Let us note the language of the angel right in the King James Version: “For unto you is born this day in the city of David A Saviour, which is Christ (anointed) the Lord.” Luke 2:11

He was called “a” savior because he was not the only one. The Hebrew for this word is YASHA and numerous individuals in the old testament were called by this title including David, Samson, Moses, and others.

Then we have the scripture: “And SAVIOURS (YASHA) shall come up on mount Zion to judge the mount of Esau; and the kingdom shall be the Lord’s.” Obadiah verse 21.

Obviously, there will be many saviors or Christs to come.

Even so, there is only one who has the office of the Christ and that is the master upon whom we wait.


So is a Christ of an Age the same as the Avatar of that Age?


There are usually a number of avatars within an age and these indeed have the Christ consciousness, but there is only one who has the office of the Christ.


Can you name other Christs of past dispensations/Ages?


Since the last Adam there has only been one entity holding the office of the Christ. In a thousand years or so he is scheduled to be replace by the master KH while he moves on to higher work.

There have been numerous avatars who many see as Christ figures. Some in recorded history are Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Leonardo DaVinci, Roger Bacon, Isaac Newton, Einstein, Pythagoras, Socrates, Confucius, Buddha and others.


What can you tell us about the Christ or Avatar of Aquarius?


The Christ who holds the office will come again but it is not revealed exactly how this will come about. There will be definite overshadowings but it is a mystery whether he will come in a body of his own.


You teach in The Immortal and subsequently that Christ can overshadow a person (with permission). So is that person “Christed”?


A person can attain the Christ consciousness and work through the Oneness Principle without being overshadowed. Overshadowing occurs when a usable vessel is available that needs help to accomplish a mission of light.


Or must such a person also be designated by Sanat as head of that dispensation/Age to qualify as the Christ/Avatar of that Age?


It’s not so much that people are designated to be avatars but that an evolved soul sees the need for work to be done and volunteers to do it. If he has the qualities necessary he is supported by the Hierarchy.


Mormons teach that JS was given dominion over this Age (dispensation) as its main teacher and leader. Do you agree?


He will have a part. Exactly what that is, only time will tell.


Does this mean JS and his future incarnations will fill the roll of Christ or Avatar for the Age of Aquarius?


The Christ is the main avatar of the Age of Aquarius, at least the first half. He will be here either physically or through the overshadowing of disciples.


June 13, 2013


I recently finished Crowley’s lengthy autobiography. It was a lot to plow through but I thought I’d give the guy a fair shot.

By the way, Ruth asked about me analyzing his handwriting. I have already done so here:

I was curious a to what kind of experiences he had with his quest for magic but he gave few details of magical experiences or his revelations. He did give a lot of details about the normal aspects of his life. He seemed to be a Hemingway style of character always seeking for adventure in mountain climbing, big game hunting and on a quest for love and pleasure.

He seemed to present himself as more of a rebel for rebel’s sake rather than for the sake of evil desire.

He was raised in strict Christian tradition by his father. Many independent souls rebel against such painful strictness that involve beatings and strong discipline. Crowley wrote:

“Indeed, my falling away from grace was not occasioned by any intellectual qualms; I accepted the theology of the Plymouth Brethren. In fact, I could hardly conceive of the existence of people who might doubt it. I simply went over to Satan’s side; and to this hour I cannot tell why.

“But I found myself as passionately eager to serve my new master (Satan) as I had been to serve the old (God). I was anxious to distinguish myself by committing sin. Here again my attitude was extraordinarily subtle. It never occurred to me to steal or in any other way to infringe the decalogue. Such conduct would have been petty and contemptible. I wanted a supreme spiritual sin; and I had not the smallest idea how to set about it. There was a good deal of morbid curiosity among the saints about “the sin against the Holy Ghost” which “could never be forgiven”. Nobody knew what it was. It was even considered rather blasphemous to offer any very positive conjecture on the point. The idea seems to have been that it was something like an ill-natured practical joke on the part of Jesus. This mysterious offence which could never be forgiven might be inadvertently committed by the greatest saint alive, with the result that he would be bowled out at the very gate of glory. Here was another impossibility to catch my youthful fancy; I must find out what that sin was and do it very thoroughly.”

I found it amusing that he actually sought out the sin against the Holy Ghost.

Here’s another incident from his youth:

“There is one amazing incident; at the age of fourteen as near as I can remember. I must premise that I have always been exceptionally tenderhearted, except to tyrants, for whom I think no tortures bad enough. In particular, I am uniformly kind to animals; no question of cruelty or sadism arises in the incident which I am about to narrate.

“I had been told “A cat has nine lives.” I deduced that it must be practically impossible to kill a cat. As usual, I became full of ambition to perform the feat. (Observe that I took my information unquestioningly au pied de la lettre.) Perhaps through some analogy with the story of Hercules and the hydra, I got it into my head that the nine lives of the cat must be taken more or less simultaneously. I therefore caught a cat, and having administered a large dose of arsenic I chloroformed it, hanged it above the gas jet, stabbed it, cut its throat, smashed its skull and, when it had been pretty thoroughly burnt, drowned it and threw it out of the window that the fall might remove the ninth life. In fact, the operation was successful; I had killed the cat. I remember that all the time I was genuinely sorry for the animal; I simply forced myself to carry out the experiment in the interest of pure science.”

Despite these and other oddities such as animal sacrifice, he presented himself as an honorable man I many circumstances, anti abortion and even speaks warmingly of the Holy Ghost in his life at times.

He comes across as a man who is willing to try anything for the experience and seeks for the highest pleasures that life has to offer.

I’m sure he was used as a pawn for the dark brothers at times but not sure he made the final decision that takes one on the left hand path.

Concerning the accusation that he could have been Jack the Ripper he consider it ludicrous. However, he seemed to have an insight into him almost as if he knew who he was. He wrote:

“At this time London was agog with the exploits of Jack the Ripper. One theory of the motive of the murderer was that he was performing an Operation to obtain the Supreme Black Magical Power. The seven women had to be killed so that their seven bodies formed a “Calvary cross of seven points” with its head to the west. The theory was that after killing the third or the fourth, I forget which, the murderer acquired the power of invisibility, and this was confirmed by the fact that in one case a policeman heard the shrieks of the dying woman and reached her before life was extinct, yet she lay in a cul-de-sac, with no possible exit save to the street; and the policeman saw no signs of the assassin, thought he was patrolling outside, expressly on the lookout.”

Here is one of the best quotes from the book:

“I am afraid that the root of the evil lies in the psychological fact that men proclaim the principles of freedom only when they are suffering from oppression. No sooner do they become free and prosperous than they begin to perceive the duties of discipline.”


June 14, 2013

Crowleyism Continued

Not only was Crowley’s dad strict but here’s what he had to endure in school. No wonder he rebelled against regular Christianity.

I had thus no difficulty at school as far as lessons were concerned, but in my three years at Champney’s I had no lack of trouble; the nature of this can only be understood if I adduce a few facts to indicate the atmosphere. I used to tell people about my school life and met with such consistent incredulity that I made a little collection of incidents in the preface to my The World’s Tragedy. I quote the passage as it stands.

A Boyhood in Hell

The Revd. H. d’Arcy Champney, M.A. Of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, had come out of sect.

He had voted at the parliamentary elections by crossing out the names of the candidates and writing, “I vote for King Jesus.”

He had started a school for the sons of Brethren at 51 Bateman Street, Cambridge. May God bite into the bones of men the pain of that hell on earth (I have prayed often) that by them it may be sowed with salt, accursed for ever! May the maiden that passes it be barren and the pregnant woman that beholdeth it abort! May the birds of the air refuse to fly over it! May it stand as a curse, as a fear, as an hate, among men! May the wicked dwell therein! May the light of the sun be withheld therefrom and the light of the moon not lighten it! May it become the home of the shells of the dead and may the demons of the pit inhabit it! May it be accursed, accursed — accursed for ever and ever!


And still, standing as I stand in the prime of early manhood, free from all the fetters of the body and the mind, do I curse the memory thereof unto the ages.

It was a good enough school from the point of view of examiners, I dare say. Morally and physically, it was an engine of destruction and corruption. I am just going to put down a few facts haphazard as they come to my memory; you may form your own judgment.

1. We were allowed to play cricket, but not to score runs, lest it should excite the vice of “emulation”.

2. Champeny told me, a child of not yet twelve years old, that he had never consummated his marriage. (Only the very acute verbal memory which I possess enabled me years after to recall and interpret his meaning. He used a coarser phrase.)

3. We were told that “the Lord had a special care of the school and brought to light that which was done in darkness,” etc., etc. Ad nauseam. “The instrument was on this occasion so-and-so, who had nobly come forward,” etc., etc. In other words, hypocrisy and sneaking were the only virtues.

Naturally, one of several boys who might be involved in the same offence would take fright and save his skin by sneaking. The informer was always believed implicitly, as against probability, or even possibility, with complete disregard of the testimony of other and independent witnesses.

For instance, a boy named Glascott, with insane taint, told Mr. Champney that he had visited me (twelve years old) at my mother’s house during the holidays — true so far, he had — and found me lying drunk at the bottom of the stairs. My mother was never asked about this; nor was I told of it. I was put into “Coventry”, i.e. no master nor boy might speak to me, or I to them. I was fed on bread and water; during play hours I worked in the schoolroom; during work hours I walked solitary round and round the playground. I was expected to “confess” the crime of which I was not only innocent, but unaccused.

This punishment, which I believe criminal authorities would consider severe on a poisoner, went on for a term and a half. I was, at last, threatened with expulsion for my refusal to “confess”, and so dreadful a picture of the horrors of expulsion did they paint me — the guilty wretch, shunned by his fellows, slinks on through life to a dishonoured grave, etc. — that I actually chose to endure my tortures and to thank my oppressor.

Physically, I broke down. The strain and the misery affected my kidneys; and I had to leave school altogether for two years. I should add in fairness that there were other accusations against me, though, as you shall hear, almost equally silly.

I learnt at last, through the intervention of my uncle, in a lucid interval, what I was supposed to have done. I was said to have tried “to corrupt Chamberlain” — not our great patriotic statesman, shifty Joe — but a boy. (I was twelve years old and quite ignorant of all sexual matters till long after.) Also I had “held a mock prayer meeting”. This I remembered. I had strolled up to a group of boys in the playground, who were indeed holding one. As they saw me one said, “Brother Crowley will now lead us in prayer.” Brother Crowley was too wary and walked away. But instead of doing what a wise boy would have done: gone straight to the head and accused them of forty-six distinct unmentionable crimes, I let things slide. So, fearing that I might go, they hurried off themselves and told him how that wicked Crowley had tried to lead them away from Jesus.

Worse, I had called Page I a pharisee. That was true; I had said it. Dreadful of me! And Page I, who “walked very close to Jesus”, of course went and told.

Yes, they all walked very close to Jesus — as close as Judas did.

4. A boy named Barton was sentenced to one hundred and twenty strokes of the cane on his bare shoulders, for some petty theft of which he was presumably innocent.

Superb was the process of trial. It began by an extra long prayer time and Joshua’s account of the sin of Achan, impressively read. Next, an hour or two about the Lord’s care of the school, the way He brought sin to light. Next, when well worked up and all our nerves on the jump, who stole what? Silence. Next, the Lord’s care in providing a witness — like the witnesses against Naboth! Then the witness and his story, as smooth as a policeman’s. Next, sentence. Last, execution, with intervals of prayer!

Champney’s physique being impaired, one may suppose by his excessive devotion to Jesus, he arranged to give sixty strokes one day and sixty the next.

My memory fails — perhaps Barton will one day oblige with his reminiscences — but I fancy the first day came so near to killing him that he escaped the second.

I remember one licking I got — on the legs, because flogging the buttocks excites the victim’s sensuality! — fifteen minutes prayer, fifteen strokes of the cane, fifteen minutes more prayer, fifteen more strokes — and more prayer to top it!

5. On Sunday the day was devoted to “religion”. Morning prayers and sermon (about forty-five minutes). Morning “meeting” (one and a half to two hours). Open-air preaching on Parker’s Piece1 (say one hour). Bible reading and learning by heart. Reading of the few books “sanctioned for Sunday” (say two hours). Prayer meeting (called voluntary, but to stay away meant that some sneak in the school would accuse you of something next day) (say one hour). Evening prayer and sermon (say thirty minutes). Preaching of the gospel in the meetingroom (one and a half hours). Ditto on Parker’s Piece (say one hour). Prayer before retiring (say half an hour).

I might go on for a long while, but I will not. I hope there are some people in the world happy enough to think that I am lying, or at least exaggerating. But I pledge my word to the literal truth of all I have said, and there are plenty of witnesses alive to confirm me, or to refute me. I have given throughout the actual names, addresses and other details.


I didn’t grow up in surroundings like that. All I wanted to do was find the

Truth, although I did rebel a lot over the years, I never intentionally hurt

animals, because I loved animals and related to their love more than humans when

I was growing up.

So in your honest opinion was Crowley someone like HPB who had reincarnated and

stuffed up in that lifetime (as an old soul on the path of Discipleship etc),

like HPB did when she reincarnated as Count Caglistrio?

Oh and was Abraham Lincoln a reincarnated Jesus or someone close to him?


Yeah, Crowley tortured a cat which was cruel but had nothing to do with his search for the sin against the Holy Ghost. I had friends when at that age also did terrible things to cats, other animals and insects but they mellowed out when they matured.

I do not think the Hierarchy’s plan depended on him as it was Cagliostro at that time. HPB appeals to a lot higher mental level than does Crowley who attracts people who want instant magical results for themselves.

I don’t see Abraham Lincoln as Jesus but believe he was a disciple of the Christ for a number of lives.


June 14, 2013

The Initiate

There are a number of Melchizedek orders. Here’s a couple from Google.

On the other hand, I believe there is a secret one without an internet

presence but have never sought out secret societies. I would say there

is a high probability he follows Laurency quite closely.



June 15, 2013

Alcohol & Coffee

Here’s two interesting studies. Coffee can make you live longer and alcohol can make you smarter. Who knew?


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June 15, 2013

Henry Laurency

Ruth writes:

Did you also read these books by Henry T Laurence, JJ? I do not remember seeing it on your book list? I do not remember you ever referring to him in your teachings either…….


There’s a lot of good material out there I haven’t had time to read. Just because I haven’t commented on it doesn’t mean that there is not some good truths embedded.

Actually, I did make a comment on Laurency and it was to you back in 2003. Here it is:

“Everybody puts into his words the “content of reality” he is able to grasp on his level, in his circumstances and opportunities to have experiences. All too often people talk at cross purposes, and misunderstandings are inevitable. This appears best when you hear people reporting what others have said. They turn it into something different from what the original speaker meant. When something you have said is reported back to you, you will not recognize it and you may honestly assert that you have not said it. It is another matter that many people do not know what they have said, do not mean what they are saying, and then are indignant when it is reported back to them. It is frequently seen that people say one thing, mean another”

Henry Laurency

Ruth writes:

Hey is this guy talking about the Bible????????

I just wanted to add that I have asked many questions on this list over the year, and only one or two were answered. It doesn’t bother me at all, because down the line somewhere the answers will come out from someone on the list, so as long as I have got them off my mind, I have the faith that the answers will come to me eventually.


I guess it’s about time I answered one of your questions then.

This quote is from Henry Laurency and he does not seem to be talking about the Bible. Glenys turned me on to him a while back and I have been reading him and using some of his material for my quotes lately. He was a student of DK and some say he had contact with the Hierarchy.

He has some good insights, but still a long way to go to match DK. End Quote

That said I think I’ll read some more of him in the near future.

June 16


I just wanted to take a moment to remember and thank the person responsible for

(re)introducing me to Henry T Laurency’s works.

If I hadn’t gone to ATS and become intrigued by Initiate, I wouldn’t have

encountered Laurency – which I am enjoying.


I read a little of him when he was brought up years ago and downloaded a lot of his material. Now I’m taking a second look I do see he was quite intelligent and will soon plow into some more of his writings.


So are you guys looking for new truths or principles that are not already stated in the HPB, DK and JJ teachings?


I know I am and I hope everyone else is also. Truth is where you find it and you just never know where it will show up. As I’ve said before, an enlightened soul can find more truth in the National Enquirer than a darkened soul from the Bible.

It is difficult to judge other seekers accurately for their souls will direct them in different directions according to their needs. Some will be impressed to concentrate on one or two sets of teachings whereas others will be impressed to search out the best of many.

Personally I have founds truths in many different directions in my life including the soul itself even though I have put a lot of attention on the scriptures and DK.

When a new teacher surfaces I always check him out and even if the guy is no match for DK but is sincere one can often get some great insights. Sometimes I get insights from posts made by the members of the group.

Then there are many teachers who shed no additional light and leave me flat. On these I do not waste time.

On the other hand, what speaks to one person may not speak to another.


Quotes from Laurency:

“11. Our planetary government can, with the effect of natural law, switch on cosmic energies and prevent them from entering our planet.”

True or False?


They can manipulate some cosmic energies and others they cannot. All lives have their limitations.

Ruth quoting;

“14. Ever since Atlantis, mankind has had to take care of itself during twelve thousand years.”

True or False?

False ……Mankind has still been guided by the Hierarchy from behind the veils and mankind has still been steered by those old souls such as Moses and others who keep on reincarnating to help further the plan with higher teachings, therefore mankind was not left to take care of itself totally.


He didn’t say we would get no guidance from the Hierarchy. Since he accepts the Alice A. Bailey writings he obviously believes we receive revelation and direction from time to time. He seems to be restating the words of DK that the Hierarchy withdrew its direct interplay with humanity after the failure of Atlantis and allows humanity to do the maximum possible to work out their own salvation.

Ruth Quoting:

” Avatars seldom involve into lower worlds than the causal.”

True or False?

There are a lot of avatars that are never seen by humanity so this may be true. Christ himself did not take a physical body 2000 years ago but worked through Jesus from the causal level.


Laurency, just like DK or any other teacher needs to be studied through the light of the soul to discern the truth. Without the light of the soul the student can have truth stare him in the face and not see it.


June 18, 2013

Wrong Number

Since when is asking if a female is cute hateful or being unfaithful to your partner? You really need to lighten up and quit taking a little harmless humor so seriously and quit judging people so negatively. You are not the morality police here.

You may categorize me as being hateful also after you hear this story but my wife thought it was funny.

Some time ago I got a call out of the blue and a female on the other end asked;

“Is this Joe Dewey?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Well, we have some girls waiting here for you.”

“Really,” I said. “What are they waiting for?”

“They are waiting for you to teach them to dance,” she responded.

“Is that so, I responded. “Are they cute?”

“Well, yes, I suppose.”

“In that case, I’ll be right over. What’s the address?”

“Are you sure this is Joe Dewey, the dance instructor who just moved into town?”

“I’m Joe Dewey all right but I’m not a dance instructor and have lived in the area most of my life.”

“Obviously, we have the wrong Joe Dewey,” she said ending the conversation.

As it turned out, another Joe Dewey had just moved into town and I’ve got a number of odd calls for him over the years.

I’ve told this story to a lot of men and women and they all think it is funny. I’ve never had anyone chastise me over it.


Jun 21, 2013

Interesting Gathering Place


June 26, 2013

Possible Collapse

Larry W

JJ said chances are 80% that our economy will hit the skids, fall totally flat so we must survive some other way, within a decade and most of that fat chance is in the next three years while Obama can make policy. If we can somehow survive the Obamanation, then we have maybe a 50/50 chance to survive without our economy going totally flat. The flat thing would mean marshal law and then more breakdown. Very bad. I hope we can get past it.


Glad you are coming to the Gathering Larry. Drive safely. Just to clarify, here are the figures I gave:

The probability of having a collapse of the dollar and the economy in the next ten years – 80%

The probability of it happening during the Obama administration – 50%. He’s human, subject to karma, so his luck could run out.

The probability that a collapse would be so bad that our government would break down for a time and there could be chaos – 25%

The probability that it would be bad like the Great Depression but the country would hold together and work things out – 55%.

So the chances I have of a major breakdown was 25%. The dollar could collapse, lose its status as the world reserve currency but then be replaced by something else that could keep us going.


Jun 26, 2013

True Communication

[John]: “The true principle of communication has been virtually lost because of the illusionary veil cast by the Dark Brothers.”


June 28, 2013

Question on Afterlife

Ruth asked some questions in a post that hasn’t shown up yet. If it doesn’t show up soon you are welcome to post it again, Ruth.


When one physically dies and enters the After Life or Astral realm and he or she is met by “entities” that help them pass over, does a person emotionally and/or consciously “realize/register” that he or she is out of the physical body or has died?


Some realize they are dead and others do not. Those who do not realize they are dead often have strong attachments to the earth sphere and just don’t want to be dead. Atheists who do not believe in an afterlife have a difficult time accepting they are dead. It takes them a while to adjust.


When we are asleep and dreaming, we do not realize that we were in a dream state until we wake up and remember, so if one dies and they are talking to other astral afterlife entities and these beings are helping them to pass over, then are they “registering” this process at some stage or even at all?,


Those who do not realize they have died often live in a dreamlike state for some time and dwell in earth-like habitations thinking they are still alive back on earth. The majority accept the fact the have died and move on to greater learning in the afterlife.


(perhaps in their lower minds), or do they only “feel” particular emotions and cannot really register or remember the emotions or events properly because their brain function is no longer operative at that level?


They register emotions fine because they still have their astral body which is made of emotional matter.


If they no longer have physical eyes and the sight function, then how do they see images in the astral, such as some fantasy life that they wish to play out in that level? With the 3rd eye?


The physical body and all the organs can be duplicated in the astral and they can see out of their astral eyes. There are different types of vision on all the planes. The higher you go the more you can see.


then they would not be able to register their emotions and work through their emotions in the emotional realm.


Their emotional sensitivity is greater than ever in the astral plane, however, making progress is more difficult without the physical body. That is why it is important to work on our faults here.


So are “memories” generated in the astral realm which are also stored in the lower or higher mind consciousness or permanent atoms?


Yes, memories are generated and stored in the permanent atom wherein the conscious attention lies.


Can an astral entity still register emotions via the mental if the brain function no longer exists because they are not 100% in the physical body anymore?


We register the emotions in the astral, not the mental or the brain. When we are alive the feelings are communicated to the physical brain.


When John Edwards “talks to dead people” is he really talking to an astral entity, or is he only tapping into a person’s energy imprint or consciousness and emotions and the astral (dead) person does not know he or she is dead and is talking to John Edwards?


Part of the time these talking-with-the-dead psychics are using mentalist tactics like Simon Baker on the TV show. When they do get real psychic impressions they are usually tuning into the dead person’s frequency and unless he is paying attention the dead person may not realize he is being contacted. Once in a while there is real contact with conscious participation on both sides.


So do they (the mentally polarized) go to the lower mind plane or higher mind plane, depending on their consciousness?


Depends on the state of their evolution. All go to a place where there are people of similar vibration to themselves.


Do they also use their emotions and mind consciousness together in the mental realm? Or only their mind?


The higher has mastery over the lower but the lower has not mastered the higher. Those in the mental plane have astral matter at their disposal and can materialize an astral body at will and visit any part of the astral plane and feel or tune in to any emotion they choose.


Which means they only register thoughts and mental substance, and do they generate new thoughts in that realm or only view the thoughts that they learned in physical life?


They are not limited to what they have thought here but can explore all the new mental territory they desire. They have to do a lot of work to prepare for their next life. Those in the astral and mental planes take on a lot of learning and service projects in their own realm.


I think you mentioned that one can still learn in the mental realm, so are Disciples still able to access study from books? or other teachers in this realm and do they still see pictures like in the emotional realm, or can they only register/hear thoughts?


There are libraries similar to those on the physical plane in the lower astral. In the higher worlds they do not use books or even iPads but access knowledge through the power of the mind. They can see the images or merely absorb the impressions that gives them what they want.

Those in the higher realms can communicate by mental telepathy or regular speech if they desire.


It would seem possible that our “Life Principle” would still register Devas and Devic substances in the other realms away from the physical.


The higher you go the more life forms are available for contact.


And something else I want to ask:

DK says :”The Moon chain with the Earth chain formed two units, or two polarities, negative and positive. The point of merging was reached, and the Earth chain absorbed or synthesized the moon chain in the same sense as certain of the schemes will merge until only three will apparently be left. Therefore the Earth chain is essentially dual in its nature, being the sumtotal of a male and a female chain. This is a mystery impossible to elucidate further, but it is dealt with in certain occult books, and hinted at by H. P. B. (S. D., I, Section IX, Vol. I, 176-200)”

A Treatise on Cosmic Fire – Section Two – Div. B – Manas as a Cosmic, Systemic and Human Factor

How come this is a mystery impossible to elucidate further? (Is it because our consciousness has not expanded enough yet?) Or because it has never been done before?


There are a lot of mysteries about the synthesizing of the chains and the complexity was too great to be presented at that time. Male and female and the dualities on earth are much more pronounced here than on many other planets. This is largely due to how we evolved.


Will DK be explaining this in the future in his next series?


If someone asks him about it he probably will.

I was hoping you could expand on this more, I understand the concept of the veil and am aware of it. But I was hoping you could expand metaphysically speaking…as in does it create a ‘fog’ on the astral plane or how does it manifest if it indeed does?


The true principle of communication is from soul to soul which causes the two to understand each other, which leads to ironing out differences and seeing eye to eye.

Have you noticed that when you get in arguments that often it seems the other person doesn’t agree with you because he doesn’t understand what you are saying? I know this happens to me often and it is difficult indeed to reach agreement when the other guy seems not only to misunderstand your point, but is unwilling to understand.

When this happened you wind up spending little time working out the differences and instead attempting to clarify while the other guy argues against illusion, often things you do not think or believe.

The trouble with our language is it is not perfect and those who interpret in black and white, or according to their own illusion, will often understand in error.

The way to correct this is through soul to soul communication. The truism that is used by the masses that best describes this is “reading between the lines.” When one does this he will often see accurately what is being said beyond what is revealed in the black and white words.

For instance a guy may say something he thinks is irreverent but fun humor. The black and white person may see only the words and be insulted. Another may read between the lines and see some good natured humor, or at least the intent.

Real soul to soul communication goes beyond reading between the lines and allows the couple to understand things in the other’s consciousness that has not been spoken at all.

If two people with soul to soul communication disagree on a point then they are able to go back and forth with understanding, and in a friendly way, until they clearly understand where the other is coming from.

The dark brothers cannot flourish where there is soul to soul communication so they do everything possible to discourage it and twist words of light so they appear to be words of darkness. The distortion mostly occurs on the emotional/astral plane where negative feelings turn truth on its head and causes a reverse seeing rather than actual.

The mental plane is also a problem for many have illusionary foundation beliefs that causes great distortion through life.

The trick for the disciple is to seek out his illusionary beliefs and dispel them and then raise his consciousness to the spiritual planes so he can see correctly.

The first step to be taken to create true communication is to sincerely desire to understand what the other person is communicating and sincerely try to accurately communicate with him. Sincerity or a pure heart is always a good first step.

Sarah wants me to explain more clearly the reversal effect of the astral plane and how it works.

First let me emphasize that there are three worlds of form composed of three different types of matter.

The first is the dense physical and this is composed if two basic layers of matter. (1) Physical matter, as science understands the term, and (2) Etheric matter – a finer grade of physical matter that coexists with us.

The next world of form is the astral. Here the matter is composed of finer particles that are manipulated by emotional energy. It is as if this matter and the emotions are one.

The highest world of form is the mental. The particles here are finer still and are governed by mind, thought and mental energy.

Reality in the physical plane is fairly stable and is governed by law. The earth circles around the sun, water is always wet, gravity always pulls us toward the earth etc. The same goes for the mental plane. 2+2 always equals 4, truth is always true, and logic does not contradict itself.

This consistency does not exist on the astral/emotional plane. 2+2 can equal 6 if you feel that is correct. Truth seems to change daily and two things can contradict and still be true if you feel that is right and correct.

For the astral centered person meanings can change from one day to the next. He may think he loves another one day and understands what this is, and the next day he may hate the person and have a totally different view of love and hate.

He attacks not by logic but by emotional tactics. If he is arguing for global warming he will gloss over the facts and attempt to humiliate the opponent by calling him a flat earther, climate change denier or just plain stupid.

He has strong appeal to authority rather than stable facts. Concerning global warming again he will appeal to the false idea that “all scientists agree with me and you are anti science if you do not accept.” The main emphasis of the person on the mental plane will be logic, principles and data.

The problem with emotions is that they change regularly in the astral person. When the astral person is at peace he will see things much differently than when he is angry. Many of his decisions are made by impulse, governed by how he feels at the moment.

It turns out that truth perceived through the eyes of emotion is often upside down to the real truth. A stopped watch though is accurate twice a day and similarly there are times when emotional feelings lead to the right decision, but if totally relied on they more often than not either lead to dead ends or disaster.

Fortunately most of us have some mental energy in circulation but the vast majority have much more astral than mental or spiritual.

Ruth asked some questions in a post that hasn’t shown up yet. If it doesn’t show up soon you are welcome to post it again, Ruth.


When one physically dies and enters the After Life or Astral realm and he or she is met by “entities” that help them pass over, does a person emotionally and/or consciously “realize/register” that he or she is out of the physical body or has died?


Some realize they are dead and others do not. Those who do not realize they are dead often have strong attachments to the earth sphere and just don’t want to be dead. Atheists who do not believe in an afterlife have a difficult time accepting they are dead. It takes them a while to adjust.


When we are asleep and dreaming, we do not realize that we were in a dream state until we wake up and remember, so if one dies and they are talking to other astral afterlife entities and these beings are helping them to pass over, then are they “registering” this process at some stage or even at all?,


Those who do not realize they have died often live in a dreamlike state for some time and dwell in earth-like habitations thinking they are still alive back on earth. The majority accept the fact the have died and move on to greater learning in the afterlife.


(perhaps in their lower minds), or do they only “feel” particular emotions and cannot really register or remember the emotions or events properly because their brain function is no longer operative at that level?


They register emotions fine because they still have their astral body which is made of emotional matter.


If they no longer have physical eyes and the sight function, then how do they see images in the astral, such as some fantasy life that they wish to play out in that level? With the 3rd eye?


The physical body and all the organs can be duplicated in the astral and they can see out of their astral eyes. There are different types of vision on all the planes. The higher you go the more you can see.


then they would not be able to register their emotions and work through their emotions in the emotional realm.


Their emotional sensitivity is greater than ever in the astral plane, however, making progress is more difficult without the physical body. That is why it is important to work on our faults here.


So are “memories” generated in the astral realm which are also stored in the lower or higher mind consciousness or permanent atoms?


Yes, memories are generated and stored in the permanent atom wherein the conscious attention lies.


Can an astral entity still register emotions via the mental if the brain function no longer exists because they are not 100% in the physical body anymore?


We register the emotions in the astral, not the mental or the brain. When we are alive the feelings are communicated to the physical brain.


When John Edwards “talks to dead people” is he really talking to an astral entity, or is he only tapping into a person’s energy imprint or consciousness and emotions and the astral (dead) person does not know he or she is dead and is talking to John Edwards?


Part of the time these talking-with-the-dead psychics are using mentalist tactics like Simon Baker on the TV show. When they do get real psychic impressions they are usually tuning into the dead person’s frequency and unless he is paying attention the dead person may not realize he is being contacted. Once in a while there is real contact with conscious participation on both sides.


So do they (the mentally polarized) go to the lower mind plane or higher mind plane, depending on their consciousness?


Depends on the state of their evolution. All go to a place where there are people of similar vibration to themselves.


Do they also use their emotions and mind consciousness together in the mental realm? Or only their mind?


The higher has mastery over the lower but the lower has not mastered the higher. Those in the mental plane have astral matter at their disposal and can materialize an astral body at will and visit any part of the astral plane and feel or tune in to any emotion they choose.


Which means they only register thoughts and mental substance, and do they generate new thoughts in that realm or only view the thoughts that they learned in physical life?


They are not limited to what they have thought here but can explore all the new mental territory they desire. They have to do a lot of work to prepare for their next life. Those in the astral and mental planes take on a lot of learning and service projects in their own realm.


I think you mentioned that one can still learn in the mental realm, so are Disciples still able to access study from books? or other teachers in this realm and do they still see pictures like in the emotional realm, or can they only register/hear thoughts?


There are libraries similar to those on the physical plane in the lower astral. In the higher worlds they do not use books or even iPads but access knowledge through the power of the mind. They can see the images or merely absorb the impressions that gives them what they want.

Those in the higher realms can communicate by mental telepathy or regular speech if they desire.


It would seem possible that our “Life Principle” would still register Devas and Devic substances in the other realms away from the physical.


The higher you go the more life forms are available for contact.


And something else I want to ask:

DK says :”The Moon chain with the Earth chain formed two units, or two polarities, negative and positive. The point of merging was reached, and the Earth chain absorbed or synthesized the moon chain in the same sense as certain of the schemes will merge until only three will apparently be left. Therefore the Earth chain is essentially dual in its nature, being the sumtotal of a male and a female chain. This is a mystery impossible to elucidate further, but it is dealt with in certain occult books, and hinted at by H. P. B. (S. D., I, Section IX, Vol. I, 176-200)”

A Treatise on Cosmic Fire – Section Two – Div. B – Manas as a Cosmic, Systemic and Human Factor

How come this is a mystery impossible to elucidate further? (Is it because our consciousness has not expanded enough yet?) Or because it has never been done before?


There are a lot of mysteries about the synthesizing of the chains and the complexity was too great to be presented at that time. Male and female and the dualities on earth are much more pronounced here than on many other planets. This is largely due to how we evolved.


Will DK be explaining this in the future in his next series?


If someone asks him about it he probably will.


July 2, 2013

What You Can Do

Here lately I seem to have a lot of people asking me what they can do to help. I usually give the same answer over and over which is to start a local group.

The problem with this is many do not feel confident to be able to do this so I will offer further suggestions.

If you do not feel like starting a group yet, then go to and check out the metaphysical/new age groups in your area. Join one or two of the successful ones and attend some meetings.

This will give you a chance to comment on my teachings within the established groups. You can also pass out the free book ones of the Immortal which I am willing to send you.

The second thing this will do for you is to give you ideas as to how to run a group and keep hem interested.


July 3, 2013

Walk Ins

Sarah asks – is there a change in the personality ‘vehicle’ when this (a walkin) happens? I have read it can take many years–like 10–for the new soul to adjust.


First, let me say that real walkins are fairly rare. It is only used when there is no other way to accomplish a mission.

Yes, there is an adjustment that must be made. The walkin assumes the memories in the borrowed body and assumes that he is native to it. After he adjusts he will change in the direction of his own self-identity and will pick up the mission he is to accomplish.

He makes most of his adjustments over a couple months but continues in minor adjustments for some time after this.

Lobsang Rampa wrote about his experience as a walkin in the story of his life, which is quite interesting. You can read the book here:


July 4, 2013


Rick wrote:

In the Lemurian Fellowship and it’s spin-off, the Stelle Group, they teach that, as we move up through the planes of existence, the matter found is not different in size, but rather in the speed of nutation (wobble)


This nutational wobble teaching published in a book by the Stelle group founder Richard Kieninger is one of the more interesting teachings presented by anything outside of the Bailey books.

Like all teachers though we have to examine all doctrine based on its merit, especially if the person is not an earned authority. For instance, Richard made a lot of predictions that were supposed to come down the pike from the same source that taught him about the principles of matter and virtually none of them came to pass.

Even so, this nutational teaching does have some merit. The teaching goes like this.

The motion that exists in our solar system has correspondences in the atom. These motions are:

(1) Orbits. Just like planets circle around the sun even so are there various orbits within an atom – an acknowledged one is the electrons circling the nucleus.

(2) Spin. Just as the earth and other planets spin around (24 hours for an earth day) even so do sub atomic particles spin on their axis.

(3) Wobble or nutation. Just as planets like the earth have a wobble. It has several cycles of wobbles – the most notable one takes 26,000 years to complete which compares to the cycle of the twelve signs of the Zodiac. Richard teaches that subatomic particles has a corresponding wobble. He quotes his teacher as saying:

“Every subatomic particle spins about its own internal axis, and nutation refers to a wobble of the axis of rotation. Each particle in the physical universe experiences a nutation period of precisely the same rate.”

Now if we view the planets as large particles this can be proven to be untrue as each planet has a different rate of wobble and differing cycles. Our earth wobble is effected by the gravity of the sun, the moon Jupiter and Saturn. Mars has a different amount of gravitational influence from the various celestial objects and thus has a differing wobble.

Now if we apply the Law of Correspondences we would expect atoms of differing structures to have different wobbles. For instance, the earth would have very little wobble if it was the only planet circling the sun. The more planets there are in a solar system the greater will be the wobble effect. Correspondingly we would expect the hydrogen atom with one electron to have less wobble than a carbon atom with twelve electrons.

He goes on to say that the nutation, or wobble, in the higher planes (from the etheric on up) moves at a greater speed – the etheric faster than the physical, the astral faster than the etheric and so on. He says that because of these different wobbles the matter on the various planes coexists, fairly unaware of each other and pass through each other. The various atoms exist in approximately the same space.

Here are my conclusions:

(1) The atoms and subatomic particles in physical matter do have a wobble but I doubt that all wobbles are equal.

(2) It is logical that the higher states of matter also have a wobble and at a faster rate.

(3) It is possible that the different wobble rates account for part of the reason that the different planes co-exist, yet are separate, but I do not see this as the full reason. I see the main reason for the differing planes as differing wavelengths, which is the basis for creation itself.

Are the atoms of the various planes the same size? I do not know for sure but would suppose they are approximately so. One thing we do know is the atoms of the higher planes are much more malleable and much easier to direct with mental or emotional energy. Atoms here can last billions of years but it is quite possible they can be created or dissolved a will in the higher planes.

Copyright by J J Dewey 2013

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Keys Writings 2013, Part 18

This entry is part 20 of 25 in the series 2013

July 7, 2013

Theory – Action – Subconscious

Stephen writes:

My son impressed me recently when he came out with a bit of an insight.

Theory – Action – Subconscious

Our thoughts need to be turned into Actions which then rewrites the Subconscious.

Good thoughts lead to right actions leads to a healthy subconscious which leads to more healthy thoughts/actions etc – and so one starts to rise up the spiral.


I think your son is on to a true principle. Many people think the way to reprogram our subconscious is with our thoughts, but an action is much more powerful.

For instance, many have daydreams of being courageous but fall apart when confronted with real danger. It is the person who acts with real courage that sends by far the strongest message to his subconscious of who he is becoming.

that is not to say that thought does not play a part for it starts the process.


July 10, 2013

Atonement Dialog


I see some benefits that this psychic mechanism called guilt can have in many circumstances. For instance, when somebody lies to somebody and realizes he did a mistake, guilt makes him realize that and tell the truth.


The benefits are very minimal and the harm from guilt is very great. The Biblical word for sin is the Greek HAMARTANO which means “to miss the mark.” In other words when the Greeks 2000 years ago shot at a target with an arrow and missed they “sinned” (HAMARTANO) or missed the target.

Now imagine if a target shooter felt guilty when he missed the target. He may throw the bow down and not feel worthy to pick it up and try again for another month.

But when guilt is removed and common sense replaces it he no longer curses himself for missing but tries again immediately. The person who moves forward without guilt progresses much more rapidly than one hampered by it. He may feel bad when a mistake is made but feeling bad for missing a target is much different than the unworthy feeling created by guilt which often immobilizes the individual.


What about forgiveness? Couldn’t forgiveness help us transcend the retribution morality.


Of course. The greatest benefit of forgiveness comes to the one who is the victim. If one harbors a grievance it can do harm to soul and body. On the other hand, forgiveness does not undo the results of the sin or offense.

Let us go back to our example. The offender stole the operation money from the victim and his daughter died just before she would have accepted Christ. Let us suppose the victim forgives the thief. Does it bring his daughter back to life?


The forgiveness is good for his soul and body but both the victim and the offender live the rest of their lives in a world where the effect of the theft remains. The girl remains dead and the father misses her until he dies.

Forgiveness lifts a dark cloud over the soul but the effects of our actions remain.

Jul 10, 2013

A Course in Miracles

Sarah writes:

I know this has discussed before and I tried to search for it. But someone was recently telling me about “the course” and there is a meet up group on Mondays near my house.

Don’t know too much, sure there are kerns of truth etc…but sort of beastly it seems to me…or at least how it was presented to me. Anyways…what’s the consensus on this?

A Course in Miracles (ACIM) does have some good material in it. The most important guides the student toward the removal of grievances. “The truth is true and nothing else is true” is my favorite quote from it.

Even so, any writing, even mine or the Bailey writings, can become a beast of authority if teachers insist his version of the teachings be accepted or no conversation is allowed that seems to contradict or give additional enlightenment. I know many of the ACIM students seem to tap into a particularly beastly mindset that does not allow the consideration of alternative opinions.

Atonement Dialog

Sorin Writes:

If the effects remains, isn’t forgiveness the solution that Christ brought to the world for ending what it appears to be an infinite chain of effects, that can no longer be balanced via the retribution system? We seem to be in a vicious system, as we keep harming each other and create endless karma chains. Shouldn’t we focus more on forgiveness?


Yes, forgiveness ends the cycle of retribution but it does not negate the effects of the offense. In our example the guy’s daughter is still dead no matter how much he forgives. Forgiveness does not negate effects and the girl is not brought back to life.

Through forgiveness, however, he does not propagate additional harm by attacking the thief and creating a new round of retribution.

A lot of people have the mistaken idea that forgiveness neutralizes effects but cause and effect always plays out. There is not one exception in our billions of years of history. Forgiveness itself is a cause that produces an effect.


Where I live religious people are mainly judging and acting, albeit entirely subconsciously more often than not, based on fear. They understand everything through fear, submission and retribution.


Many think this problem applies particularly to religious people but it applies to over 99% of humanity but is hidden from people through their blind spots.

For instance, doctors are controlled by the same beastly fear when they tremble at the thought of endorsing an alternative treatment for cancer, even though it may work better than radiation.

The politician is terrified at going against the mindset of his party.

People are terrified in challenging the IRS.

A journalist is terrified at writing something that goes against the mindset of his fellow workers and editors.

Common people tap into what their group thought tells them is acceptable to believe and they accept without question or critical thinking.

New Age believers have many of the same fear based and illusionary beliefs but merely use a different vocabulary.

For instance, instead of preaching an apocalyptic end they may preach a shift into the 5th dimension that will take the righteous and leave the wicked behind to be destroyed.


July 11, 2013


Ruth asks:

Is there a Principle of Absorption and will you be expanding on it?


Yes, there is such a principle and will probably get to it at some time. Not sure when.


Of the 5,000 Light workers in Germany who were supposed to pick up on the Shamballa energy, did all, any, or many of them work in the German army for

Hitler? Did any of them kill Jews? Did any of them go down the wrong path with Hitler, instead of working against Hitler?


A lot of them worked for Hitler including Stauffenberg until he realized the situation. Some are pound of how the handled a difficult situation and others not so much.


If so, what is their karma in this lifetime if they have reincarnated?


Different for each one. Many learned the lesson to not follow an unjust authority.


Would they be able to pay off any bad karma through service in this lifetime?


Sure. Service is the best and least painful way to pay off karma.


I only ask, because I swear that I was a German man and my family were German too in our past lifetime.


If you sense this there is a good possibility it is true.

JJ, it clearly says here that Jesus died for our sins. It right here in the

Bible. So far you have not proven that Jesus did not die for our sins. It

right here in plan English.

1 Corinthians 15:3

For what I received I passed on to you as of first importance: that Christ

died for our sins according to the Scriptures,


My last article does not say that Jesus did not die for our sins, but that he did and the point is misunderstood. The Greek meaning of sin is to miss the mark or error and my point was that Jesus died to correct our errors in thinking which in essence is dying for our sins. His example wipes away our errors or sins so long as we accept the correction.


Also, what happens to those who die like my Grandparents who believed

Jesus died for our sins yet were wrong, in the afterlife? I asked you a similar

question like this before.


Those trapped in illusion go among others who are in the same state and live out their illusions in the spirit world until they realize something is wrong with them. At that point teachers come to assist them.

Ruth writes:

On a spiritual level or a higher level, is Justice weighed up in the balance of

Karma when in this type of scenario, Zimmerman shot the younger guy in self

defense, but…… is this because the younger guy had killed Zimmerman in a

previous lifetime, so Cause and Effect caught up with him?


This doesn’t mean that Martin killed Zimmerman in a previous life. It could be just one of those situations that arise through our decisions. But because it is having such a world wide impact it is possible the event was planned out on a soul level to assist humanity in learning a lesson.


Does this now balance out the two karmic lifetime crossovers of these two men,

so that in their next lifetime, they won’t murder each other or anyone else?


The most likely scenario is that Martin killed someone (didn’t have to be Zimmerman) in a past life and incurred some debt and this was payment for it.


July 20, 2013



Or when one kills another person “in self defense”, then what sort of karma or

effect does one accrue personally in how the karma plays out?


If self defense or one’s own death was the only choice then there would be little or no karma.


How do the scales of Karmic Justice carry to fruition the ending of a negative

effect for any particular person?


Lots of ways. More than I have time to explain here, but I have written quite a bit about it in the past.

Concerning the Zimmerman case, I get a strong impression on George’s brother Robert. He is a very advanced soul and I get the impression his Higher Self saw this situation evolving before his birth and he placed himself in the family in an attempt to be a spokesman for truth and justice in this confusing situation for the masses.


July 21, 2013

Feeling vs Mind

John C

The Left/Right Paradigm in America is two illusions chasing one another.


They both have their illusions but both are creators of reality that we must deal with.

John C

If the Right was the side of the Mind, they would be generating thoughts and ideas, not blindly trying to stop the Left at every turn.


And the Left tries to stop the Right at least as much. That’s what they do because they both see reality through different filters.

The fact that they both oppose each other does not indicate whether they are polarized in the mind or emotion.

Real workable ideas comes from the atmic plane and when they filter down they may appeal to either the mentally or emotionally polarized depending on how it suits their purpose or desire.

When I spoke of the polarization of the Right I did not say mind, but the “analytical mind.” 90% of the members of both sides are polarized in the emotional/astral body and very few are able to use the pure reason of the upper mental body.

Also remember the meaning of the word “polarization.” The fact that one is polarized in the emotions or analytical mind does not mean that is his total influence. It only means the influence dominates.

For instance, most females are polarized in their right brain or the emotions, but this does not mean they do not also use their left analytical brain when it suits them.

John W

Case in point: immigration reform.

Few in Congress ever come up with original ideas (which come from the atmic) but when ideas do filter down they may be embraced in some warped manner by either party.

On immigration the Republicans do take the more analytical approach. Most want the border secured before we liberalize immigration. The Democrats feel that they want to pass a bill legalizing the illegals now and all will work out okay without applying thought. The Republicans definitely have the left brain approach here.

The same goes for the application of the law where Republicans want current laws enforced and if they do not work we should replace them.

Democrats pass laws that feel good and then generally are not concerned about enforcing then. This particularly applies to immigration.

We may not like all laws, but without consistent the rule of law a nation will deteriorate into lawlessness and chaos.

John C

If the Right was the side of the Mind, they would be able to present rational ideas, not hysterical religious rhetoric for why marriage equality should not be the law of THIS land.


Both sides promote their ideas with religious fever. What you want to look for in polarization is not whether the person is flawless in his reasoning but whether he presents his case using emotion or reasoning.

As far as gay marriage goes the Left pretty much say they feel it is just and good and that is about it.

The Right analytically breaks things down and makes their case. For instance, they say that if we take this step then the next step could be legalizing polygamy or possibility something more hard to swallow. You may not agree with this but it is presenting a case with reason.

The fact that the Right is polarized in the analytical mind does not mean that they are always right for they have not mastered illusion.

John C

We need both mind and emotion, but Mind must rule over Emotions, as the higher controls the lower, but the Right does not rule the Left.


In our society emotion has ruled over mind for thousands of years. It is desirable that mind rule over emotion and in a few people this does happen. These people face an uphill battle in presenting their case but when they can prove their point beyond emotional doubt then even the astral ones will accept. For example, Edison invented the light bulb using his mind and it was so useful that even the most emotional of people eventually accepted it.

John C

The Course in Miracles says that when Truth is placed in opposition to Falsehood, Truth will always win, hands down.


Truth will eventually win but many will embrace a falsehood as being true even when wisely contrasted. It takes time for truth to become manifest to those in illusion.

John C

The fact that neither side has won shows that neither side represents the complete truth.


As long as there are two sides neither will be declared the winner. Their contrasting viewpoints does help the public in the middle see truth in ways they could not if there were no contrast.

Without contrast we could not see anything revealed by the light of the sun or the light of the soul.


July 22, 2013

Two Different Approaches

I’ve been thinking about the subject of the polarization of the Left and the Right and I thought I would tabulate some of their differences.

I stated that the Right is polarized in the left brain/ analytical mental area and the Left centers more on the right brain/ emotional nature. A lot of people, especially from the Left would disagree with this as many of them consider the Right as being flat earthers who do not even accept science, or what to them appears to be common sense.

Discussing polarization is a much different animal than talking of intelligence. There are some very intelligent people polarized on both sides of the brain. Determining that polarization just tells us the direction their intelligence is focused.

Here is a tabulation illustrating the differences of the two sides. Keep in mind that all is not black and white. Both sides analyze and feel but one will always dominate more than the other.

(1) The Budget

The Right approaches this from the analytical mental angle. They advocate balancing the budget as much as possible for if we overspend too much the whole financial system could collapse as it has done for other nations in history.

The Left approaches this from the emotional side. If they feel a project is benevolent and desirable then they are willing to purchase it with borrowed money without taking the time to analyze what the end result will be if we continue to buy programs with money we do not have.

(2) How the money is spent.

The Right supports spending money on defense and national security. Their analytical minds tell then that even if the is not a great threat in the present history tells us that we can expect something to crop up soon and we must be prepared for it. They only support social programs that are essential and put emphasis on self reliance which appeals to the analytical mind.

The Left seek to defund the military any time that we are not facing an imminent threat. If it feels like we are not threatened in the present then it feels like it will be that way tomorrow. Instead of concentrating on security they seek to spend money on programs that feel good, even though they are not essential.

(3) Authority

The Right does not support strong authority or powerful centralized government that does things for us that we can do for ourselves. It takes analytical thinking to be self-sufficient and this is the direction they pursue.

The Left wants strong authority and a strong central government that prevails over states and restricts individual freedom. This takes the thinking out of much of our decision-making and forces the people toward focusing on emotion.

(4) Career choices

The Right tends to gravitate toward business, especially in the small and intermediate range. They are big on being entrepreneurs and working for themselves if at all possible. To be successful in business requires a lot of analytical thinking.

The Left gravitates toward bureaucratic work, especially in government. These jobs often require little analytical thinking but provide security which appeals to the emotional side.

The Left excels in the entertainment industry and creative arts. Highly charged emotional people do well here and the mental types are seen as backward.

(5) Arguments

Though both sides use facts in their arguments the Right tends to analytically piece various facts together to make a point.

For instance, on global warming the Right will lay out quite a number of facts whereas the Left will make maybe one statement and expect that to settle the argument. The most popular one is, “All scientists agree there is climate change.” By declaring this statement the guy seems to think the argument is settled even though there are a thousand loose ends to clear up.

Then a while back I heard a person on the Left state, “Haven’t you heard of Hurricane Sandy?” He felt that this reminder should be enough to settle the argument for any reasonable person for everybody knows (in his mind) that Sandy is the concrete proof of the dangers of global warming.

(6) The Constitution

The Right definitely approaches this from the analytical side. Many study it carefully analyzing the meaning of every word and every phrase.

The Left tends to read the Constitution much more casually and interpret it the way that feels right rather than how it may literally read.

That’s probably enough to make my point. We could go through all the differences and discover how one side approaches it from a more analytical side and the other from the feeling side.

(7) How they handle things when they do not get their way.

The Right is, of course, disappointed and may complain about unfairness and what is seen as a bad situation, but they regroup and attempt to work within the system to make change.

On the other hand, this is where the Left really shows their emotional polarization. When they do not get their way, instead of regrouping and merely planning a strategy, they will often protest and march in the street. This they do at least ten to one more than the Right. In addition they will often confront those who are at the center of their discontent by going to their homes and even harassing their kids. If they are really upset they will turn violent, break windows, set cars on fire and physically attack police and innocent bystanders. This type of reaction is definitely from the emotions rather than the mind.

Examples of this are several of the most famous trials in recent memory.

The first was O.J. Simpson. Almost all the Right thought he should be judged guilty and most of the Left were sympathetic toward his innocence. When the Right did not get their way there were no marches and no violence. Even OJ himself did not consider his life being in danger and he was seen in public regularly after his trial.

On the other hand, after the Left did not get their way in the trial of the policemen involved in the Rodney King beating the reaction was based on pure unbridled raw emotion. Mobs formed and extreme violence erupted with many innocent people being injured. And it wasn’t just whites that were attacked but many Asians and black businesspeople suffered damages.

Then when the Left didn’t get their way in the Zimmerman trial, again there were protests. The media portrays these as being peaceful and yes, the reaction is not as violent as with the Rodney King case but there as been quite a bit of violence that has not been reported.

Here’s a site that lists 35 incidents:

Unlike the OJ aftermath, Zimmerman is in fear of his life and has received many death threats, some of them from public figures published in the media. In addition, his family has received threats. These threats create a great contrast to the problems OJ faced which were merely of a legal nature created by the rational mind of Fred Goldman.


July 27, 2013


Johann wrote;

You once wrote that we never lost the knowledge of restoring our bodies, how does one do that exactly and why are you not at the body age of 25 JJ?


I do not recall saying that – especially in the way you are interpreting it.

Everyone who is born will age fairly normally until they become a master. Then they can rejuvenate themselves so long as they are fulfilling higher purpose.

I am not yet a master so my aging process is proceeding normally. I am thankful that I have been blessed with good health throughout my life and I take no prescription drugs. That, of course, with a few exceptions, that helps the overall health.

We have all the knowledge of the universe programmed into the atoms of our various bodies but that does not mean that you or I can access and make use of it all with our current limitations. As we remove our limitations the access becomes greater. To recreate a past physical body one would have to be working on the Seventh initiation or higher. To extend life indefinitely one must pass the Fifth. Not all Fifth degree initiates extend their lives as it is sometimes more beneficial to be reborn in a new and more useful body.


July 29, 2013

The Truth is True

I agree with Rick that the group is making good comments on the latest assignment. Perhaps Alex made the most controversial statement in saying;

“Since this principle works so well, is it even possible to find the truth?” Alex: No, it is not possible to find truth. In this environment we are supposed to live in illusion, and any “truth” is only a slightly better model or variance of the illusion, let alone everyone has different truths.

Then after receiving some counterpoints Alex added this:

Let us say that you take the statement “The Sun is bright” as truth. Well, it is not the truth. Sun is not bright. Brightness is only a perception or illusion created in your brain because your eyes happen to be sensitive to certain energy photons.


I would agree with Alex if he had said that it is not possible for us in our present state to find the ultimate truth or the complete truth, but it is indeed possible to find many things that are absolute truths as indicated by the Course in Miracles:

“For if what is not true is true as well as what is true, then part of truth is false. And truth has lost its meaning. Nothing but the truth is true, and what is false is false.”

There are many things that are absolutely true. Millions of truths can be found in mathematics. For instance 2+2=4 and does not equal anything else.

Now let us examine Alex’s statement that he says is not true. “The sun is bright.” He says this is not true because it is only a perception. In other words, the brightness of a thing is relative to the eyes of the beholder, for if our sun was placed side by side with Sirius, which is many times brighter, then the sun would not seem so bright.

Does this make the original statement untrue?

Absolutely not. When someone says the sun is bright they are comparing its brightness to other things not as bright. So in comparison to the moon and stars it is absolutely true that the sun is bright.

To say that you cannot make true measurements within a standards that is accepted by your consciousness is a thing that is not true.

If I say it is 100 degrees Fahrenheit out there and you say that is not true because it is 37.7 degrees Celsius you are just making a contentious and false argument. Both statements are absolutely true within the reference points of accepted measurements here on Planet Earth.

Absolute truth exists within relative measurements. If a thing is bright to me and dim to a visiting alien then it is still true that it is bright to me. I care not how bright it is to the alien.

There is truth within illusion. For instance, you may dream you are being chased by a monster and wake up to your relief and discover the monster is not real. Even so, it is absolutely true that you did dream of a monster and had the experience of being chased by him.

Our whole universe is created out of wavelengths (an absolute truth) so in reality solid matter is an illusion. Even, so it is still true that I am having the experience of sitting in a solid chair. It is absolutely true that the chair is solid to my reference points.

The path to greater truth is to first accept the truths that we see about us. If you dream that you are being chased by a monster it will not make the monster go away if you just think, “I am not being chased by a monster.” Outside of waking up, the best thing you can do is turn and face the monster and fight it. I did that once in a dream and beat the dickens out of it. That was a wonderful experience.

I have already written a lot about the subject of absolute and relative truth. If you want to check it out go here:

Then scroll down and read these post numbers:

258, 260, 261, 262, 263, 268, 269

More later…


Over the years people have learnt a “truth” that Fgrav = k * M1 * M2 / (R^2).

This law of gravity is very helpful particularly in space tavel. This equation

has been proven true by experiment. It serves mankind well. But can this law of

gravity be considered truth? No, because no one, no one scientist knows, WHY the

(celestial) bodies KNOW that they have to be attracted to each other? The real

truth is hidden.

(And if you tell me that you know the answer to that question, for instance

because all the bodies possess some sort of magnetic female energy, etc.,

blah-blah-blah, I would laugh. It would be just another illusion even less

useful than the concise equation above.)


Why do you say that an incomplete knowledge about gravity negates the truth about its law and effects? That’s like saying that because you do not know how a radio works that it cannot be true that my favorite station is 670 on the dial. That’s silly.

If you do not know how gravity works then average people still know many truths about it. Here are some.

1. Gravity pulls us toward the earth.

2. If we jump over a cliff we will hurt ourselves.

3. If we overeat we will wind up weighing more.

4. Gravity keeps our orbit around the sun in place and consistent.

I could go on and on.

Conclusion: You do not need to know all truth about a subject to know some truths about it.

You do not need to know how consciousness originated to know the truth that you are conscious. Let us hope you are, anyway.

I figured you were using an unorthodox definition of truth. Here is what the dictionary says it is:

“The actual facts or information about something, rather than what people think, expect, or make up.”

What you are defining as truth is not even in the dictionary and to be technically correct you should have used something like “ultimate truth’ or “complete truth’ rather than just “truth.” Any fact or accurate piece of data is true.

The use of unorthodox definitions without clarifying how one is using the word is the cause of many disagreements where no real disagreements are to be had.

We had this problem when talking about law a while back. I tried to get everyone to use the dictionary definitions of the words “law’ and “legal” and because all would not accept the same definitions we couldn’t get off page one in the argument.

Well, Alex, you say that you do not go by the dictionary definition of truth and it appears that in your mind truth can never be discovered or known so it is pretty difficult to have a discussion with you about a subject that does not even exist in your mind.

For instance, because my favorite radio station is different than yours means to you that it is not true that I have a favorite radio. That is pretty strange thinking.

As I said, we had a discussion a while back on what was legal and because we could not agree on the meaning of the word the discussion was stopped in its tracks. I had about seven points I wanted to make and we couldn’t even get to point one because the word legal was a moving target. Truth seems to be a moving target in this case.

Like I said I covered these points on truth earlier here:

Then scroll down and read these post numbers:

258, 260, 261, 262, 263, 268, 269


Maybe they ought to add a new logical fallacy to the list. You could call it:

The argument from definition

Basic idea is when a person tries to define a word so that only her conclusion is “logical.” 🙂


Good point. Many do define words in their own way making any other conclusion other than their own valid in their minds.

I always just go by the dictionary definition unless some original new meaning is needed which is rare indeed.


I think it was only one or two men in the group who had a problem with your

legal discussion.

Most of us here probably agreed or did agree with the terms that you were

defining legal as.


I understand but it just takes one in a group to distract from unity. What I was doing at the time was demonstrating how difficult it is to reach unity when one or more people in a group disagree. If we cannot contact the soul as a group we have to at least agree on definitions of the words we are using or there is no hope. People often get hung up on their own slant on definitions instead of using the common one that everyone understands.

As far as truth goes 99% of the people would accept as truth that my favorite station is what I honestly declare it to be. Alex is defining truth to be the ultimate cause behind all things that can never be understood by us. Since it cannot be understood by us then it does not exist to our consciousness. if it does not exist to our consciousness then it does not exist for us. If truth does not exist then it is useless to talk about a subject that is a no thing.


Aug 2, 2013


Here’s another letter I submitted to the editor of my local paper.

Obamacare – A Train Wreck

Obama stated that his healthcare plan would cost us a mere $900 billion over ten years. The most recent estimate of a Senate Budget Committee now places the amount at $2.6 trillion. All but the true believers from the Left knew this was going to happen.

The outrageous cost is just one of the problems. Because it mandates businesses with over 50 employees to provide Obamacare to those working 30 hours or more a week many are now hiring part time workers. Even Obamacare’s call centers are avoiding insurance expenses by hiring part time.

Then to top that, not only Congress, but unions, including the IRS are now trying to get out of the Obamacare exchanges.

Even Senator Max Baucus, one of the architects of Obamacare, says he fears it will be a train wreck.

They say there are 47 million uninsured, but take away the illegals, and those who have healthcare access and we are left with only around 20 million citizens that need help with insurance. Some type of voucher system for them would cost far less than Obamacare and eliminate the need for 16,000 new IRS agents to enforce it. Let’s eliminate the 20,000 pages of legislation and pass a new bill of no more than three pages.


Aug 3, 2013

The Complete Truth


It all boils down to subjectivism and relativity in finding the truth. One paradigm is replaced by another. One truth — by a more true truth.


There is no such thing as a more true truth. If a thing is true then it is true and nothing else is true. If attention is shifted to something else that is true then the first thing is still true.

For instance, if your attention is on 2=2=4 and is shifted to 8+8=16 then 2+2 still equals four and it equals nothing else.


What is more true: to say that a physical body is connected to astral body by a silver cord or by cigarette smoke? Both are not true. It just our way of interpreting something we do not fully know.


The truth has nothing to do with interpretation. Either the astral body is connected to the physical by a silver cord or it is not. Either it is composed of cigarette smoke or it is not. There is no grey area for something that is true. A thing or statement is either true or false. If two statements contradict then both cannot be true. Either one is true and one is false or they are both false.


However there exist complete truths. A complete truth always takes place if you create something and fully master and control it.


I think you are using the wrong word in what you are trying to say. There exists complete knowledge of various principles, ideas, concepts etc. This complete knowledge may be composed of thousands of truths and each truth is a complete piece of data.


For example, Euclid made his geometry based on several axioms. In that system the sum of the angles of a triangle is always 180 degrees. This is an absolute truth. He created it by definition. We accept it if we accept the Euclidian system altogether.


Because a truth is defined within a system does not mean the truth is changeable or relative. If we divided the circle into 180 degrees instead of 360 then the angles of his triangle would be 90 degrees rather than 180 and the truth of his equations would still be the same ratios. Pi is 3.14… in any system.

Similarly, if we write 2+2=4 in Spanish nothing changes. Just because we use different words does not change the equation or the truth.

This is really basic reasoning if you think of it. Sometimes we should stay with what we learned in the third grade.


But when it comes to seeking for the truth in something broader — the quest for truth becomes a quest for refining models in one’s minds.


This does not apply to me. There are plenty of models that make our current reality and as I seek for truth I define the truths I see using the models already available. No need to reinvent the wheel and create new ones. Instead of refining a model I seek to refine my understanding of what is and exp5ess it within the current model.

lwk: Whatever one knows that conforms with what is, is true.

Alex: This is far better definition than JJ gave. It has two very important words: “one knows”.


As Ruth said, the definition I gave was not mine but the dictionary. The one given by lwk is more concise.


If JJ got a more sensitive radio receiver or a receiver with shortwave bands and explored more radiostations, he could have found that there exists another radio station even better than his current favourite 670 KHz.


If I found a thousand stations I like better than my current favorite the truth would not be changed. The truth is this: as of this day, Aug 4, 2013 on planet earth this is my favorite station. Changing my mind tomorrow does not alter the truth of today. You should read my past posts about points of truth in time and space. They are not relative and do not change. It is true that what I like may change, but what I like at a point in time and space does not. I didn’t like peas as a kid and now I do. The truth that I didn’t like peas as a kid will be true for all eternity. That truth or any other truth does not change and you cannot tell me one that does. It is impossible for truth to change. Because our understanding changes does not mean that truth changes. If what we believe to be true changes this does not cause truth to change. The truth is still true.

The fact that circumstances change does not mean the truth changes. It only means circumstances change. In fact it is a truth that change is always occurring in the worlds of form.


I would be more cautious and paraphrase your “The Truth shall set you Free” into:

“Replacing illusions with better illusions is setting you freer and making you feel happier.”


It is true that we all have illusions to unravel and one illusion is often replaced with another illusion that contains more truth than the old one. None of us knows all truth but all of us know many things that are true. Putting the pieces we call truth together so an accurate picture of reality is formed is the great quest.


Copyright by J J Dewey 2013

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Keys Writings 2013, Part 19

This entry is part 21 of 25 in the series 2013

Aug 4, 2013



So a Dark Brother can be born into a rich or noble family lineage as well?


Hitler was a disciple of the dark brothers and there is no rule about where the dark and light can be born. The good and bad can be found in all groups.


Was Hitler ever one of the Disciples of Jesus? Someone like Judas for example?


Unlikely. DK said he was one of the Lords of Dark face in the days of Atlantis. It is unlikely such a one would either join or be selected by Jesus. It is more likely he would have been one of the priests who wanted him crucified.


Charles XII died in 1718 and was born as Napolean in 1769, 51 years later, so he

didn’t even stay in the astral realm for 100 to 150 years, Napolean died in 1821

and was born as Hitler in 1889, 68 years later.

So does that mean that Hitler could have reincarnated in 1995 or 2015, between

50-70 years later from 1945, or was he defeated enough so he can’t reincarnate

in this age?


Two such time periods mean very little. There is no rule about the time between incarnations. it may be six months or a thousand years depending on the need, the opportunity and he will of the soul. Hopefully Hitler sunk so low into darkness that he will not be able to incarnate for a while, but you never know. He could be out there somewhere. I think I would recognize him if he were to surface. So far I have not seen him.


Aug 5, 2013

More Questions

JJ Quote

This is true on a temporary basis. Even one with a high degree of soul contact does not get all his answers in the short term. But the answer to every question is available to those who seek and do not give up. If the disciple continues on his quest and endures to the end he will one day find, in an unexpected moment, the answer to his question.


Is this also because of the principle of cycles?


Not directly. It is created by a point of tension which can manifest in and out of the various cycles. However, there are cycles where we are more sensitive to the soul.


So…… if you were “asking and seeking” an answer but the soul was too deep in meditation at that time, then one would have to keep asking and asking and asking until the time came when the soul’s cycle was closer to us or our personality/minds.


The soul is always available. The distance between the seeker and the soul is determined more by the seeker than the soul though there are times when the soul pays more attention to us than others.


the lower self or shadow or soul, and our higher selves, Solar Angels, can know Truth because we can perceive it again through recognition because Truth was perceived by the Solar Angels earlier. Yes or No?


Yes, the Solar Angel has passed through all the stages of mortality and has a knowledge of things that we are seeking.


Also I would have to ask that when our brain is also like a Super Computer, then are many or all answers already inbuilt into our super computer, and asking continuously helps release the data?


You are the programmer and your brain is only as accurate as the information it has. In addition the programming for running your body was already built in at birth.


Or does asking and seeking help one to tap into their spiritual intelligence more so than their super computer brain intelligence?


Seeking from higher intelligence eventually puts you in contact with higher intelligence.

The Oneness Principle is created by the merging of all higher intelligence connected to this earth. When you tap into it then the language of principles becomes clear.


Do you still miss the opportunity of being a rocket engineer?


Being a dreamer there are lots of things I could enjoy doing but unfortunately we must limit ourselves to have any degree of success. I have always asked myself what the most productive and useful thing I could be doing for humanity. Since I came to the conclusion you mentioned about the age of 13 I have changed my mind and decided that there was a greater need for spiritual engineering. If the earth gets set straight toward a new age of peace I may decide to come back and concentrate on taking us to the stars.


Aug 9, 2013


If you think our gizmos are complex today take a look at the space shuttle:


Comparing Lives


Did you compare the hand writing of Charles, Napoleon and Hitler?


No, but that would be interesting to check. I gathered my evidence from studying the men in history.


There is a stronger comparison between Hitler and Charles. Napoleon seems a bit different. Napoleon loved the common vices of men. Both Hitler and Charles seem to have little or no interest in them.


Such interests will vary from life to life but the astounding similarity between the three was their tremendous will to prevail. It is rare in history to find individuals with such will power and these three definitely had a strong endowment of it. It’s too bad that such a powerful will was not directed toward the freedom of the individual.


The three have similar tactics on the battlefield – allowing for the differences in technology between the time periods. Napoleons ability to move heavy cannon around the battlefield in quick order is a pre-cursor to Hitler’s blitzkrieg tactics. The pre-occupation among the three with invading Russia is weird. They all loved war more than anything else.


Agreed. It is eerie how similar the three were in their approach. A book giving a great overview of Charles XII is Peter the Great by Robert Massie. When I saw the raw determination Charles had to defeat Peter, I could just see Hitler as the entity playing that role.


Aug 12, 2013

Right or Left Brain


My question. JJ, do you think that this Keysters group attracts predominantly one type of “brain”? Which one?


Metaphysical and new age groups attract mostly females. One thing interesting about our group is that it is a pretty even mix. At the gatherings we have a near equal amount of males and females. A number of people have commented that this is unusual to them as most such groups are predominately female. Then as far as those who actually post on the Keys I would say the males dominate here – not because of their numbers but because they just post more. I think some females do not post because they do not want to engage in anything that could bring conflict.

I would guess that the group as a whole is like me – slightly centered in the Left brain or the male energy, but pretty balanced overall as evidenced by the mixture at the gatherings.

I’ve always considered myself fairly balanced, but slightly polarized in the left brain so I was surprised by the results of my test. The image went both ways for me but most of the time it moved clockwise. Then I read the results of the survey and saw that 70% of the respondents were right brained and 30% left. This is also puzzling when one considers that the Blaze readers are mostly male and fairly analytical left brain types.

Here is my conclusion that makes sense of this to me. The line of least resistance is clockwise and thus even those who are slightly left brain will see the image going in that direction. Of the 70% who saw the image going clockwise probably a good number of them are actually somewhat left brained. After all, one would think that humans are pretty much divided in polarity about 50/50.


If soul contact is like a doorway to higher realms, then what is the lower wrong door?


There is no significant door before soul contact. There are merely choices between one illusion and another and a lot of trial and error that eventually brings the seeker to the door.

After contact has been made, and the seeker goes through the door, he eventually comes to two paths or doors. The Right hand path leads to higher worlds, inclusiveness and livingness, and the Left hand path leads to a rejection of soul contact, extreme selfishness and spiritual death.


Aug 18, 2013

Google Glass

I’ve been reading about Google Glass and find it quite amazing the direction its evolution is headed.

Google Glass is indeed an innovative new product. In the past one would expect this type of leap to come from Apple but with their initiate, Steve Jobs, gone their future is in question. So far they are just coasting along on cruse control. One would think they would be coming out with at least a couple impressive new products from what was on the drawing board while Jobs was still alive.

It is rumored that Apple is working on a watch that will function like Google Glass. It will have the advantage of not being so intrusive toward friends but Google Glass will have the advantage of creating a while new experience that the youth always craves.

We have all heard that Google glass will allow us to surf the net at will. It also comes with a 720p HD video camera that has caused quite a stir. Some locations are already banning Google Glass in their establishments before it is even officially released.

It is also believed that facial recognition software will be available so you can take a picture of that hot chic you find attractive, run her through the Google search, Facebook, Twitter etc until you know more about her than you do your grandmother. Software will be developed so a deep web search will be an automatic thing and present you with a brief synopsis of the person with greater detail available if desired.

On the drawing board is software that can monitor your eye movements and pupil size so Google will be able to determine your interest in any subject. The stated purpose of this is to provide advertisers with feedback on how effective their ads are. They will be able to tell if you looked at the ad, how long you looked at it and how high your interest was.

Something not yet perfected, but in the development stage, is the connection of Google Glass to your actual brain so it can read your thoughts. Scientists have already made some recent breakthroughs in this area so it is only a matter of time before the technology will be miniaturized and added to Google Glass.

The idea presented of course will be that this will be done so Google can better serve its customers. By detecting your thoughts they will be able to serve your needs much better.

On the other hand, consider what would happen if Big brother decided this was the medium of ultimate control and decided that the government should own and regulate it.

They could then monitor as to whether you liked or approved of your leaders, were honest with your taxes or perhaps judge you as a dangerous character.

As I contemplated the future of Google Glass I saw that this fit the physical description of the mark of the beast much better than anything guessed at so far. The most common theory out there at present is that the mark on the right hand would be a computer chip implanted. No one has come up with a good idea as to what the mark in the forehead could be on a physical level.

Google Glass was made to order for fundamentalists to use and I’m sure it will not be long before you hear preachers telling their flock that Google Glass is the mark of the beast in the forehead.

The scriptures says that people will not be able to buy or sell without this mark so the idea will be that you will eventually have to use Google Glass or a chip implant to buy groceries.

The truth is that with or without Google Glass there is a danger of the rise of a national or worldwide dictator and we must always be vigilant for the cause of freedom. If we had a dictator it is a given that he would misuse whatever technology that is available, but a chip or Google device is not the mark of the beast. The true mark is the capture and control of your mind and labor by an unjust or unearned authority. For more of my teachings on this go here:



Aug 19, 2013

Spying on Steroids

John C

Somehow, it was OK when Bush did it, but not when Obama does it. I don’t get it. Governments don’t spy on people just to be spying on it without the intention to USE that information in some way.


I’m curious who you hear saying that spying was all right when Bush did it but not when Obama does it. I haven’t heard anyone saying this.

As for my personal view, yes, if a thing was okay for Bush to do then it would certainly be okay for Obama to do.

So what did Bush do? He set up a data mining operation to search for terrorists and we are told that any actual wire tapping done involved phone calls where at least one party was outside the country who was suspected of potential terrorism.

I have no problem with either Bush or Obama doing this. Bush’s enemies distorted this by calling it a domestic spying operation when the concentration of the program was international calls.

Bush also took a lot of heat in requesting from three or four libraries data on several terrorists suspects’ library books.

I have no problem with either Bush or Obama doing this. I don’t care if they check into all the books I have read. In fact I already have them posted for all to see.

What has caused alarm for many is the new Utah site that has been built during the Obama administration. It will have the capacity to monitor and store every phone call and email in the country and many out of the country. Even some of those who fiercely attacked Bush and diligently supported Obama are taken by surprise on this and are now calling him, “Bush on steroids.”

Do I have a problem with the government using this data center to search for terrorists?

Not at all.

Would I have a problem if they used it to search for tax cheats, drug dealers and child porn?

Yes , I would and I think that 95% of citizens are against using it for this purpose.

Would I have a problem if it was used to get dirt on or destroy political enemies?

Yes. This would be a major problem with me and the possibility becomes ominous when one considers the IRS was used to suppress political enemies since 2010.

The solution is for Congress to take charge of overseeing any data mining program and make sure it is not abused. It’s not enough for the NSA to audit itself. A third party must monitor the monitors.

We are headed toward a society where it will be increasingly difficult to insure our privacies. I talked to a young nephew yesterday and he told me that most kids in his generation don’t care at all about privacy and are completely unconcerned about NSA spying. It may be possible that privacy as we have known it is a disappearing commodity.

I am not as concerned about the spying program as I am a number of other things. Ever since email came on board I figured someone could be reading it or listening to my phone calls anyway.

I am much more concerned about the President’s power to issue executive orders or the Congress’ eager desire to strap us with more unnecessary laws, taxes and regulations.

A light shining in the darkness comes from Mark Levine’s new book, The Liberty Amendments. It is drawing a lot of support. Check it out here:


A group has already taken the ball and started rolling with it. Check them out here:


Aug 20, 2013

Sending Light, Love and Power


Both Glenys and Wayne died from a dis-ease. Wayne was JJ’s best friend and yet JJ could not “save” Wayne’s life or take away Wayne’s sins or stop him from having a heart attack. The same with Glenys. She died of cancer which was behind her nose. JJ didn’t heal that cancer. I bet many of her good friends prayed for her and sent her Love, Light and Power, but the dis-ease still killed her.


Since a good deal of time has passed since Glenys’ death perhaps I can relate more details of my experiences with her.

She had a beloved female friend that was like a soul mate to her who became ill and wanted to know if she could be healed. I contemplated this and unfortunately the answer I received was that she would soon die for she had work to do on the other side and from there would keep a connection with Glenys.

I debated as whether to tell her my answer and decided to go ahead. When I did Glenys was upset and told me that I was wrong because she had received a definite message that her friend would live.

A few weeks later her friend died. Again Glenys was upset and questioned how she could have been wrong and why I was correct. I contemplated again and told her I had the impression that I received this message as a foreshadowing of something to come. That some time in the future I would tell her something important that she would doubt and then I would remind her that I was correct about her friend and that she should give consideration to my words.

About a year or so later Glenys came down with cancer and after a time contacted me for help. She said she couldn’t understand why she had the disease for she ate a great diet and did her best to follow the spiritual path. She then asked me what the cause was so perhaps she could negate it and be cured.

I contemplated again and received an answer but I knew it was an answer she would not like or agree with. I wrote her and told her that I would only give her the answer if she would give me her word that she would not be upset and would keep her mind open and consider it.

She said that would be no problem so I explained to her what I saw as the principle cause and how to neutralize it.

The reply I received back was disappointing. She basically told me I was full of #$%*(` and how dare I say such things to her. Obviously, I did not understand her one little bit.

Then shortly thereafter I received a scathing letter from her boyfriend saying a similar thing but in stronger language. Who did I think I was anyway?

I then wrote back and reminded her of our disagreement concerning her friend. I told her that this was the time that I told her would come where we would have a disagreement and that she should consider my words.

This seemed to upset her even more and I didn’t hear from her again for a while. When I did it was more for exchanging information than a dialog between friends.

Unfortunately, none of her treatments worked and she had a horrific struggle with the disease for about a year before she died.

Now, from the above writing it may sound like I just tune into the Powers-That-Be and get lots of specific answers. Sometimes this happens but often I do not and just have to use my best judgment.

I also tried to save my friend, Wayne’s life. Artie and I both saw that he was heading toward an early death and we tried to guide him toward a healthier lifestyle.

Wayne had a big heart and he had an enlarged heart when he died. He helped many people but when they betrayed him or didn’t appreciate it he felt resentment and this was tough on him. He also felt a great sense of responsibility to help people who couldn’t help themselves and he had a tumor on the back of his neck which I interpreted as a symbol of the burden he felt.

Then he was addicted to diet sodas, one of the worst things you can ingest, and he ate all kinds of donuts and pastries made with white flower and fructose. We told him these were terrible for his system and he agreed but made no changes.

Unfortunately, he died much too young but he was somewhat frustrated with life and almost looked forward to passing over.

Stephen asked about sending love or healing energy to those in need. There is no problem with doing this, especially if you pick up that the person or persons are seeking help. The dangerous ones to send love energy to are those of a low vibration who can do some damage. Someone like a Hitler or a Saddam Hussein will just transmute the love energy to selfish desire energy and use it for dark purposes.


Aug 21, 2013

Helping Others

Ruth says:

In fact, after listening to the audio of the gathering on helping others, JJ seemed specifically adamant that one should not help other people, unless they “ask” for the help first.


There seems to be some confusion on this subject so I will clarify.

The basic idea I was presenting is that it is not a good idea to attempt to help someone who doesn’€™t want your help or is not seeking help. My ex wife was a good example of how this can backfire. She had a half sister who was mentally challenged but was taking care of herself. She had a job as a maid and lived in the motel. My wife decided that with a little help she could improve her life and against my wishes offered to take her in and assist her in improving her condition.

She drove 2000 miles picked her up and brought her to Boise.

The next couple months were a living hell and my wife finally demanded that I get rid of her sister or she was leaving me.

I rented her a room and the sister was an albatross around my neck for the next four years just because my wife was trying to help someone who didn’€™t really want it or appreciate it.

Does this mean that we should never help anyone unless they specifically approach us and ask?

Of course not. I have never advocated such a thing and have always taught that you cannot go by black and white rules for there are exceptions in all things that require the Second Key of Judgment.

If you pass by a car that has run off the road and you suspect there may be injuries it would be crazy to not help because you have not been audibly asked.

If help is needed and obviously wanted by a person and the person cannot help himself then it is a good thing to assist.

People ask for help in different ways. Some may approach another directly and audibly ask for it. BUT there are innumerable others who are seeking help and know not where to find it. Many of these people pray to God regularly asking and still others cry themselves to sleep in need. Even though such people may not have approached you directly they have still been seeking and asking for help. In such cases you are still helping those who have asked for help. You are an extension of God and if they ask God for help and you give it then God answers their prayers.

When to not give help.

(1) When the person does not ask you, God or anyone else for it.

(2) When helping makes you an enabler, making the person dependent on you for the indefinite future.

(3) When the request is not just.


Aug 23, 2013

Strange Experience

Here’s an interesting account by my great great grandfather while he was a missionary in England in the days of Joseph Smith:

“The prospect in London at that time was the darkest it had ever been in since entering the vineyard; but the Lord was with us, and we were not discouraged. On Sunday we met with the Saints three times at Brother Corner’s, read the Book of Mormon, gave instruction, and broke bread unto them. We had a good time, though there were only about half a dozen present. I felt the spirit bear testimony that there would be a work done in London.

“Having retired to rest in good season, I fell asleep and slept until midnight, when I awoke and meditated upon the things of God until 3 o’clock in the morning; and, while forming a determination to warn the people in London and by the assistance and inspiration of God to overcome the power of darkness, a person appeared to me, whom I consider was the prince of darkness. He made war upon me, and attempted to take my life. As he was about to overcome me I prayed to the Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, for help. I then had power over him and he left me, though I was much wounded. Afterwards three persons dressed in white came to me and prayed with me, and I was healed immediately of all my wounds, and delivered of all my troubles.


History of His Life and Labors



Aug 23, 2013

Prophet of Doom

I came across another prophet of doom and thought it would be a good exercise in discernment for the group to examine her and see what conclusions will be reached. Here is the link:


Aug 26, 2013

Energy Follows Thought


While I can see the sense of this, it surprises me that DK is so adamant about the no discussion policy, that he would forbid the healer to continue should they slip up! Any thoughts?


He teaches this because of the principle that “energy follows thought.” After the healing process is finished the healer should shift the attention of those involved to small talk or another subject not connected to the patient or healing. This keeps the healing energy within the wall of focus creating during the healing ceremony. If the group sits around talking about the patient, the disease, etc afterwards then the healing energy becomes dissipated.

This is a very common mistake healers make.


Aug 30, 2013

Categories of Gods

Since there has been discussion of late of the various categories of Gods perhaps I should add my thoughts.

There are only two categories which are as follows.

(1) The One Great Life whose body is the universe itself and all things in it. This life is often merely called The Source, or Universal Intelligence by disciples who seek to understand the mysteries of godliness.

(2) Other lives who have established a degree of oneness with The Source, have freed themselves from some limitations, accumulated significant intelligence and are dedicated to manifesting the Purpose of the One Great Life. To manifest this purpose they become a light to those who dwell in darkness until the light in the sender and receiver is one and all see through the eyes of pure Spirit.

Some call those in category two gods, but others call them Masters and they come in many grades.

Humans seem to be gods to the animal kingdom. Christ and his masters seem to be gods to us. The Ancient of Days seems to be a god to Christ and the Solar Logos seems to be a god to the Ancient of Days and so on up the line.

How far up the Hierarchy goes is difficult to say. Some think it stretches indefinitely, but I do not think so. I believe the hierarchies in the universe are in the process of forming and that the Universal Logos has not yet manifested. The highest life mentioned by DK is the One About Whom Nothing Can Be Said who presides over seven solar systems. I do not think a Galactic Logos has evolved yet.

If there is a third category of Gods it would be the false gods. These are those in the world and out of the world who set themselves up as a beastly authority that seeks to be worshiped and obeyed as if they are God, but in reality they share no oneness with the Source and take seekers away from the true God instead of closer.

Copyright by J J Dewey 2013

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Keys Writings 2013, Part 20

This entry is part 22 of 25 in the series 2013

Sept 8, 2013

Recognizing the Good Obama

Maryellen asks:

I have a question with no answer. Let us say that most of us here on Keys agree that Obama is trying to level the US and does not have our best interest at heart and in the end seeks to destroy our country. Now what if Obama was drowning in a lake. Would it be more harmless to save him or not? In the long term, would more people benefit with him alive or with him out of the picture?


Ruth was right in that Obama has not yet demonstrated himself to be an enemy of Good as was Hitler of whom it was definitely desirable to dispose of. He was elected by the people and we are legally obligated to sustain him even if we do not agree. Besides if something happened to Obama we would hen have Joe Biden as President and that may be an even worse situation.

It is interesting that many presidents have had vice presidents that scare the opposition more than himself. For instance, Bush had Cheney who many Democrats saw as Darth Vader. Sometimes I think they make these picks for the sake of life insurance.

Actually, I have been in a situation, not once but three times, as described by Maryellen. My marriage to my first wife was literally a hell on earth and three times she attempted suicide and three times I saved her. The second two times I was tempted to just do nothing, thinking of how much easier my life would be without her. But then I thought of the possible karma I would accumulate and also the fact that I was told there was a purpose for her being in my life.

Now, on hindsight, I can see I made the right decision. Sometimes the tough times in our lives are where we make the greatest progress.


Sept 12, 2013

The Subconscious

There seems to be some confusion over my teachings on the subconscious mind. Do we have consciousness there or not? Ruth quotes this from my previous writings:

“There is no such thing as a subconscious mind. It’s an oxymoron. If you have a subconscious mind it means it’s below the threshold of your consciousness. If it’s below consciousness, then it’s not consciousness. Consciousness is only something that’s conscious. You don’t have a subconscious mind any more than your computer has a subconscious mind. You have computer programs that run yourself and this is what they call the subconscious. If you tell a psychologist that he’ll think you’re crazy but think about the oxymoron here. If something is below your consciousness how can it really be conscious?”

In making this statement I was clearing up the language by indicating that our subconscious mind deserves a more accurate name. If we have no conscious participation in what is going on within it’s sphere then it is not a part of our consciousness.

Here’s the dictionary definition of “consciousness.”

“An alert cognitive state in which you are aware of yourself and your situation.”

Since we as entities are not aware of what is happening in the subconscious then it is not a part of our awaking consciousness. Consciousness is aware of what is happening.

Does this mean there is no consciousness in our brain, our cells and the atoms of our body? No it doesn’t mean that but it does mean that the consciousness of the many tiny lives that live there are separate from your own waking consciousness. There is some type of consciousness everywhere, even in the computer you are using.

However, the programming that resides there happens not because of the work of the tiny lives there, but because a human intelligence created it. The programming and response you get from your computer makes that aspect seem more conscious than the atoms and molecules that compose it, but it is not. A program is not consciousness, but consciousness uses programming.

There is a lot of programming in your brain and you as a conscious entity puts it to use. In addition to this other conscious lives within you also use the programming.

What is called the subconscious is basically programming that is used by consciousness in various degrees.

Ruth wonders if the Jews came from Saturn. Very doubtful. DK tells us that they came from a previous solar system. During the previous solar system neither the earth, Saturn or the Sun even existed. They were not yet created.

The Jews and the earth in general have a strong link to the Lord of Saturn and it is possible that this link goes back to a previous solar system. There is definitely an untold history in this solar system that has yet to be told.


Sept 13, 2013

The Computer and the Brain

LWK made some interesting statements about the subconscious and I agree with most of them. I think we can fine tune this one a bit. He says:

Actually a computer has an OS (Operating System) and a BIOS (Basic Input-Output System) that operates below the OS. It is a crude analogy to consciousness and sub-consciousness in humans.

If you compare a computer to a human mind then you have higher levels of programming analogous to the conscious part of the mind and lower level programs extending down to the BIOS. Where the human mind is different from a computer, and where the analogy fails, is that a computer has no free will, no power of decision.

I would say the mind is like a computer in many respects. It has higher level programming which we are sometimes conscious of and this is what we call “awareness.” However we have many programs that operate below that level which we are not directly aware of, but on which our awareness totally depends (just as higher levels of programming in a computer depend on lower levels the details of which the higher level is totally uninformed of).


The brain and the mind are two different things. The mind interacting with the brain creates conscious awareness as we know it. A computer has no mind or conscious awareness but is like a brain that can be used by one with consciousness.

Larry tells us hat the computer is made of two basic ingredients. The first is BIOS (Basic Input-Output System) and the second the operating system. Perhaps a third with be the RAM memory which they both use.

All three of these are within the physical brain. One thing we can all agree upon is that the brain does indeed store memory which we use. They say that new memories are encoded in the hippocampus and then eventually transferred to the frontal lobes for long-term storage. Perhaps the hippocampus is like the RAM and the frontal lobes correspond to the hard drive storage.

The rest of the brain is comparable to the BIO and would include the processor and any other components. If we studied the makeup of the brain and how it works we could find correspondences to the various ingredients.

The interesting question is where is the operating system? One might think it corresponds to our consciousness, but it is not conscious, but created through a conscious being writing it and piecing it together into a functioning whole.

So where is our operating system that is created through a conscious endeavor?

Larry steered us on the right track with this statement:

“If you read Ayn Rand she talks of emotions largely being the result of conscious programming. In her model our values program our emotions. How we feel about something depends on what we think.”

And what determines the unfolding of the emotional and thinking self?

It is the unfolding of the seven centers, the chakras.

Primitive man, who accesses just a couple centers, operates on system 1. As the pedals begin to unfold he moves to system 1.1. As a new center or major energy opens he moves to system 2 and so on until he obtains an operating system that functions at relative perfection.

So where is the conscious decision maker in the analogy?

It is the end user. After all, the computers we use are merely extensions of the brain. In a way a computer is a second brain that assists the first with abilities the natural brain does not have – like a flawless memory that can be retrieved.

So where does the programmer fit in? This is comparable to the Higher Self, or the soul. This is conscious intelligence that guides us in moving toward a higher operating system that uses more advanced programming.

Analogies are rarely exact but are quite accurate in principle and contemplating them brings much light.


Sept 14, 2013

Thought and Intelligence

LWK expressed interest in my views on mind so I thought I would elaborate.

The trouble with the word is that is used loosely in various shades of meaning by many. It’s a little like the word “soul” which is used in the place of a half dozen other more precise words.

The first thing to clarify is that the mind is not the physical brain even though many in our society use mind in reference to it and its calculating features. The mind survives the brain at death and existed before birth.

What then is mind?

To understand we must first realize what we as entities are. In learning the First Key of Knowledge we discovered that our essence is that power which makes decisions and we manifest as decision makers.

This essence which is us inhabits seven planes of existence, of which the physical is the lowest. The next up is the astral/emotional composed of astral matter. Our essence, blended with the higher planes, interplaying with the matter of this plane creates the feeling nature.

The next step up is the mental plane. Our essence, blended with the higher planes, interplaying with the matter of his plane creates what we know as mind.

Our essence uses mental matter as a vehicle to create mind and mind uses the brain and physical matter to create consciousness on the physical plane. Mind and brain are both vehicles used by our true self to explore the various worlds in this great universe.

Our intelligence is not brain or mind but uses them both. Our intelligence has the ability to shine a light on things made available to it by mind, emotion and the brain. It then has the ability to discern, judge and make a decision based on its power of discernment.

No two intelligences are the same but all have different degrees of light available to discern true reality and to judge that reality for the sake of decision making.

Intelligence is manifest in the decisions we make and mind, emotion and brain is a vehicle of intelligence.

The brain works with data, the emotion, feeling and the mind reason and understanding.

The manifestation of intelligence on earth is determined by two things. First, the quality of the initiating intelligence, and, secondly, the quality of the vehicles in use.

Think of it this way. On one hand we have Einstein working with an old Windows 386 and an average guy working with the latest PC. Even though Einstein may have inferior equipment he can still produce some very intelligent effects and work that will surpass the average guy. Even so, you cannot tell a person’s intelligence by the quality of his memory or his college degrees. You have to look at his decisions and what he makes of the talents he possesses.


Sept 16, 2013


Here’s a link Mindy sent me of interesting maps. I had fun browsing through them.

40 Maps That Will Help You Make Sense of the World

Sept 19, 2013


Maryellen asks, What if your wife who tried to commit suicide asked you not to save her? Would you have saved her anyway?


She didn’t want to be saved at the time but most suicides are in an unnatural state of mind. I would try to save any suicide by any means necessary who still has a good natural lifeline ahead. Now those who are ill and in great pain is another matter and I think should be allowed to make a decision to stay or to go. This would not be an impulse decision as are most suicides.

Sep 20, 2013

Life From Space?

Scientists `Very, Very Confident’ They’ve Found Extraterrestrial Life – See What It Looks Like


Oct 2, 2013

The Genes and Destiny

Stephen wants to know if inherited genes or do other factors under our control influence diseases?

The answer is that it is both. In most cases the inherited factors of our body and character are influences rather than anything written in stone.  Weaknesses inherited are often the result of past karma.

Those who see illness as caused by inheritance and cannot be overcome are deceived for that which we inherit are merely influences that push or pull us in certain directions.  Let me illustrate.

Jim is a happy go lucky character who is very even tempered and likeable. Then his wife’s water breaks and he has to take her to the hospital to have the baby. On the way he is met by a very time consuming detour because of construction.  Then a few bocks later there was an accident that held up traffic. Finally he gets behind a little old lady who will not let him pass as his wife tells him she thinks the baby is coming now.

Jim gets frustrated and lets out some choice words.  His wife thinks that this does not sound like the Jim that she knows.

Now a person may be a fairly spiritual entity overall but incarnates into a family that is quite coarse and carnal and also has a propensity toward cancer.

Until this person connects with his soul, even though he is a fairly advanced person, it may seem like he is one of the family because of the influences.  Just as Jim was influenced by temporary forces, even so are we from the forces we inherit.

But just as Jim can choose to remain calm even when the little old lady is in the way even so can we neutralize the forces that we inherit if they are undesirable.

Here is a guy who was born in a family where most of them got cancer but he has been healthy all his life and believes he has a cure

Here’s the story of a guy who was diagnosed with a “genetic heart deformity and heart disease. The doctors told him that unless he underwent open-heart surgery, his weak and deformed heart would not be able to pump sufficient blood to an adult body and he would be dead by the age of 20.”

He overcame all this and now is healthy as a horse and makes a living helping others with their health.

People are mistaken when they think we are controlled by our genes. We are controlled by our decisions.  The power of decision makes us what we are.  We become what we decide to become. Making the definite decision is the hard part for most of us.


Oct 13, 2013

Was Jesus A Myth?

An American Biblical scholar, Joseph Atwill, is presenting the idea that Jesus was a purely fictional character invented by the Roman Emperor Titus to trick the Jews into becoming pacifists and turning the other cheek so they could be easier to control.  This is apparently getting a lot of press and an article ca be found on it here:

A reviewer at Amazon made some great points on Atwill’s previous book.  Here is a partial quote:

“Furthermore, it is clear that Atwill fails on the point of ancient social psychology. He supposes that Jesus was invented to attract militaristic, messianic Jews; yet the figure of Jesus is precisely what a dedicated Sicarii would least follow. Indeed, Atwill openly contradicts himself, for he claims he cannot see how Judaism could produce such diametric opposites, yet he argues that Christianity was built to make these opposites attract! He supposes, in other words, that Judaism would not produce such a group; but he hypothesizes that Jews then converted to such a group!

Even more problematic for Atwill is what is said by Roman writers whose works he ignores. Tacitus’ comment in Annals 15.44 places the origins of Christianity, and Roman reaction to it, nearly a decade before Titus’ final victory. Atwill says nothing at all about this critical passage; nor does he mention Pliny’s letter to Trajan asking what to do about Christians. Atwill wishes to posit convenient forgetfulness as the cause of the loss of knowledge about Christian origins; and how credible is it that Hadrian and Pliny “forgot” this, or did not know about it? How credible is it that Domitian (himself a Flavian!) persecuted Christianity and forgot that his own relatives had created it in the first place? Why would some of those relatives actually become Christians? Atwill makes no effort to explain how Christianity spread; he offers a bare paragraph on this saying that “wicked priests” introduced the religion to the masses (Jewish?); but then, “The first people to hear the story of Jesus would most likely have been slaves (Gentiles???) whose patrons simply ordered them to attend services. After a while some began to believe, then many.” [258] End of explanation!”

Here is another good article illustrating some of Atwill’s flawed assumptions:

A good objective book on the subject of Jesus’ existence was written by a non believer named Bart D. Ehrman who decided to check into it through studying the historical record. Even though he doesn’t believe Jesus to be the Messiah he did conclude that the historical record does prove quite conclusively that the gospels were based on a real person.

Here is one quote from his book, “Did Jesus Exist?”

The evidence is abundant and varied. Among the Gospels we have numerous independent accounts that attest to Jesus’ life, at least seven of them from within a hundred years of the traditional date of his death. These accounts did not appear out of thin air, however. They are based on written sources—a good number of them—that date much earlier, plausibly in some cases at least to the 50s of the Common Era. Even these sources were not fabricated purely from the minds of their authors, however. They were based on oral traditions that had been in circulation year after year among the followers of Jesus. These oral traditions were transmitted in various areas—mainly urban areas, we might surmise—throughout the Roman Empire; some of them, however, can be located in Jesus’s homeland, Palestine, where they originally circulated in Aramaic. It appears that some, probably many, of them go back to the 305 CE. We are not, then, dealing merely with Gospels that were produced fifty or sixty years after Jesus’s alleged death as the principal witnesses to his existence. We are talking about a large number of sources, dispersed over a remarkably broad geographical expanse, many of them dating to the years immediately after Jesus’s alleged life, some of them from Palestine itself. On the basis of this evidence alone, it is hard to understand how Jesus could have been “invented.” Invented by whom? Where? When? How then could there be so many independent strands of evidence? Page 171

Perhaps the greatest evidence for the existence of Jesus is something overlooked by all the scholars and that is his actual words quoted in the New Testament. It is difficult to believe that some scheming fraudulent Romans could have written the greatest spiritual teachings and words of all time, quoted more than any other on the planet for spiritual edification. Roman philosophers and historians did write many words but all of them together are not quoted as much as a paragraph from the Jesus of the New Testament. His words are Eternal Words that will not pass away.  The words of the Romans are just words.


Oct 14, 2013

Hands of God

Nathan wrote:


If I were to get a serious illness and had to get surgery, who do I place my faith in and thank when it’s all done? The surgeon or God?


Both. We are in the image of God and as such are extensions of the Deity. The surgeon thus represents the arms and hands of God doing his work.


…in a Near Death Experience book I ran across a guy who toured Shamballa but who was not given it’s name. He described a great room that held two crystals coming up out from the floor. He was told that advanced souls with permission and training could place hands on those crystals “see” and influence anyone or anything on Earth. So this NDE account dovetailed right in when I read JJ’s fiction story a few years later.


Interesting.  For the record I have never read this guy’s work or any other about crystals in Shamballa.


Oct 16, 2013

Question; Have they discovered the God particle?

If anything the existence of the Higgs Boson shows that the foundations of our creation are much too complex to have began with no intelligence involved. And the Higgs is not the ultimate particle but one of many yet to be discovered.


Oct 17, 2013


Say a man found away to cure cancer and he was in the middle of writing a scientific paper that would revolutionize the world but he has a heart attack and dies but before he does he gets the paper published… this will give him good karma only he dead. How will good karma serve him now. It it manifest in his next life.


You don’t get much good Karma for just coming up with ideas.  Karma depends on what you do with the time you have here.

The man who came up with a cancer cure but died will create a lot of good carry over effects because he dedicated his life to an endeavor to help the many.  This will enable him to be born in a  good situation in the next life so he will be able to do much good and possibly retrieve the ideas he had from the past life.  After all, each life is a continuation from the past one just as each day continues after the past day after some sleep.


Stauffenberg did more than think about disposing Hitler, he made a courageous attempt. Perhaps the most important reward he got out of the situation was a realization of the true nature of the Beast and how to dismantle it.


Nov 1, 2013

Obama and Daniel

A guy on a form I visited posted this quote from Daniel Chapter 11.  He thought it applied to Obama.  Some does seem to correspond.

36 “The king will do as he pleases. He will exalt and magnify himself above every god and will say unheard-of things against the God of gods. He will be successful until the time of wrath is completed, for what has been determined must take place. 37 He will show no regard for the gods of his ancestors or for the one desired by women, nor will he regard any god, but will exalt himself above them all. 38 Instead of them, he will honor a god of fortresse ; a god unknown to his ancestors he will honor with gold and silver, with precious stones and costly gifts. 39 He will attack the mightiest fortresses with the help of a foreign god and will greatly honor those who acknowledge him. He will make them rulers over many people and will distribute the land at a price.[d]


40 “At the time of the end the king of the South will engage him in battle, and the king of the North will storm out against him with chariots and cavalry and a great fleet of ships. He will invade many countries and sweep through them like a flood. 41 He will also invade the Beautiful Land. Many countries will fall, but Edom, Moab and the leaders of Ammon will be delivered from his hand. 42 He will extend his power over many countries; Egypt will not escape. 43 He will gain control of the treasures of gold and silver and all the riches of Egypt, with the Libyans and Cushites[e] in submission. 44 But reports from the east and the north will alarm him, and he will set out in a great rage to destroy and annihilate many. 45 He will pitch his royal tents between the seas at[f] the beautiful holy mountain. Yet he will come to his end, and no one will help him.


Copyright by J J Dewey 2013

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Keys Writings 2013, Part 21

This entry is part 23 of 25 in the series 2013

Nov 3, 2013

Night Before Christmas

This has been circulating around the web. Kinda cute:

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the White House

Not a creature was working, not even his spouse;

No stockings were hung by the chimney with care,

because Michelle and the kids were in Hawaii spending 7 million there;

The Obama voters were nestled all snug in their beds,

While visions of free cell phones danced in their heads;

And mamma with her free healthcare, and unemployment benefits with no cap,

Had just settled down for a free winter’s nap,

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,

I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter.

Away to the mail box I flew like a flash,

Tore open the mail and got my free cash.

The welfare check hadn’t got wet in the snow

Obama was still passing out free dough,

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,

But a sign I must not work, at all of next year,

With a Socialist driver, so conniving and quick,

I knew in a moment he was their Saint Nick.

More taxes for the working and spending pretty much insane,

and he whistled, and shouted, and called them by name;

“Now, Daschle! Now, Boxer! Now, Franken and Reid!

On, Pelosi! On Feinstein! On, Baucus and Biden!

over the debt ceiling! No spending fire wall!

Now tax away! Tax away! Tax away all!”


Nov 5, 2013

Radio Show

I was on a national radio show this morning with Lorraine Hurley.  Here are the links to the audio if you want to listen.

Hour One

Hour Two

The commercials are not filtered out so you might want to fast forward through them.


Nov 7, 2013

Obama’s Accomplishments

Here’s a response I made today to a reader’s letter to my home paper:


“Why do liberals like Obama’s policies?” Let’s see … equal pay for women…


But does Obama really practice this? Women working in Obama’s White House are paid 87 cents for every dollar paid to men. Looks like he hasn’t even accomplished this on his own turf.


Ending two wars


Well, he did pull out of Iraq on Bush’s timeline, but where’s the second war that’s ended?  We still have 54,000 troops in Afghanistan.


Applying new fiscal safeguards to reduce the likelihood of a repeat Wall Street crash (Dodd/Frank)


Dodd-Frank outsourced the Constitutional duties of Congress to bureaucrats to make rules to regulate the financial industries.  So far it hasn’t done much but induce paralysis through fear of what is to come. Here’s a good article on it.



Overseeing the end of the Bush recession and ushering in nearly 20 straight quarters of GDP growth;


Yes, we are technically out of a recession, which can occur with consistent lethargic growth such as we have now. During the Obama years of 2009-2012 average annual growth in real GDP has been only 1.075 percent the lowest in 60 years. Between 1980-2000 the average growth rate was three times as much.


Elimination of gender discrimination policies in our military (DADT) and national government (DOMA)


That did actually happen and most liberals are happy over it.


Reduction of unwanted pregnancies and severe health maladies through no-cost health care prevention legislation


Unwanted pregnancies were decreasing when Obama came in office probably due to the recession forcing people to be more careful about birth control for fear they could not afford another child.  Can’t find any evidence to support any reduction in health maladies through anything Obama has done. There does seem to be a lot more mentally unstable people out there though.


Encouraging all Americans to participate in a, now, uniform health care industry.


I assume he is talking about Obamacare. Even many liberals who find their premiums doubling are turning on Obamacare.  Exit polls from Tuesday’s election in Virginia and New Jersey show a majority are against it, according to CNN.


Reducing the size of government


That’s a good one.  The fact is the number of federal employees has risen under President Obama. There were 2,790,000 federal workers in January 2009 when the president took office, and now there are 2,804,000 workers. Even by lefty math that is an increase. That number is going to go way up after Obamacare is fully in force.

Now some state and local governments have decreased because of the bad economy but those decisions are not made by Obama’s bureaucrats.


Reducing the deficit:


Yeah, right.  You have to compare one Obama year to another to come to that conclusion. The deficit has averaged over a trillion a year under Obama, over twice the average of Bush.


The ability to overcome the irresponsible intransigence within Congress and pay our ‘legal obligations’ on time.


Most of the irresponsibility was his for not willing to compromise and his fighting tooth and nail for irresponsible spending.


Nov 10, 2013

Common Stuff or Not?


I long ago figured out everything you have written about without ever reading your books.


I doubt this.  I have had others make a similar boast and  then were unable to reveal a single new principle on their own or give new light on a  known one. Can you really say you understood how the Molecular Relationship worked before you read about it here – assume you have?

I have had numerous people command me to follow then or I will burn in hell or some such thing, but this has always been the only ammunition they have.  What do you have to offer here?. Present your case and if I see some light i will take it in. I follow no one just because they think I should. The Holy Spirit would have to confirm any new direction i take.

If you want to establish some credibility here first give us your name and tell us a little about yourself.


Nov 11, 2013

The Light of the Soul

Tom asked about the accuracy of the Book of Mormon and the Bible.  As far as the teachings of both of the books go I will say this. They are both close to 100% accurate for the reader who studies them through the light of his soul.  On the other hand, they both will be very much in error to the one who relies on the discerning power of his lower self. This especially applies to those focused strongly in the astral body.

As far as the actual quality of the teachings of the two books go, I would say they rate close to the same.  I see them as two of the highest quality scriptures given to the world.

Most people acknowledge that the actual words of Jesus are of extremely high quality and many see them as unsurpassed.  Even so, many without soul contact have used these great words to start unjust wars, torture and kill heretics, and force others to convert at the point of the sword. But those with soul contact read the same words and help their neighbors, love their fellowmen and perform many good works.

Words written by writers with soul contact contain quantums of spiritual energy that are not seen or felt by those trapped in the lower self. The student with contact releases those packages of pure spirit and is edified and sees with clear vision.

Some of the Old Testament stories and teachings are highly criticized by some as being very barbaric. They say that if there is a God that he must be one mean son of a gun. What they do not realize is that the spiritual leaders of the race give out teachings predicated on the consciousness of the people they are working with.

Yes, it is true that by the standards of right and wrong today many of the things ancient Israel did was fairly barbaric. They took the land of Canaan by force and slaughtered their enemies. They put people to death who violated commandments that wouldn’t even get you a ticket today.

What is overlooked is that they were head and shoulders above other groups of people in their standards of civilization. They didn’t go in for human and child sacrifice as did many of their neighbors.  Neither is there any record of them practicing torture as was the standard procedure of many ancient peoples.

They had the Ten Commandments and the Mosaic Code which gave them law and order that laid the foundation for many of he laws throughout the world today.  Other nations at that time didn’t have such an intelligent structure.

Thus if one reads the Old Testament in the light of the personality he may see only barbaric things whereas the one in the soul can see the works of Spirit throughout and find much wisdom within its pages.

Tom asks

Also, is giving money to one’s pastor consider the right thing to do by GOD and is it giving to God himself? Is giving to charity’s the right thing to do?


If you are giving your own money you have a right to give it to whoever you want. Of course, you want to avoiding giving it to someone who will do harm, a hitman for instance. If you give money to someone who is using it to help people then it will be accounted as good karma in the bank for you whether it be a minister or a non religious person.


Also, if a poor person gave 20 dollars and a rich man gave 200 dollars who gave the most in God’s eyes for the release of karma. The poor person could not afford to give 200 but only 20.


Jesus threw some light on this:

Mark 12:41 And Jesus sat over against the treasury, and beheld how the people cast money into the treasury: and many that were rich cast in much.

Mark 12:42 And there came a certain poor widow, and she threw in two mites, which make a farthing.

Mark 12:43 And he called unto him his disciples, and saith unto them, Verily I say unto you, That this poor widow hath cast more in, than all they which have cast into the treasury:

Mark 12:44 For all they did cast in of their abundance; but she of her want did cast in all that she had, even all her living.

The sacrifice the person makes to give adds to good karma as well as the amount that is given. They are two different causes and thus the karma is different with them both. The widow benefitted by obtaining the greater spiritual growth.  Those who give more but of their abundance will experience little personal growth from it but if the money actually goes to accomplish some good then they will gain good karma of a different kind. In the case of the rich in the parable most of their money went to line the prophets of the priests and did little for the service of the people.


Nov 19, 2013


So, what is the secret of spiritual healing?  That is the big question that few have attempted to answer beyond the orthodox one which is to merely have faith.

Yes faith is important for both he healer and the patient, but the word had a different meaning in the time of Jesus than it does now.  Many Christians today see it is as mere blind belief but those who wrote the scriptures saw it differently.

In the New Testament faith comes from PISTIS, which is derived from the root word PEITHO which basically means “to prove a thing true or false by evidence, argument, reason or experiment and through the guidance of your inner authority.”

A scripture that is in harmony with this comes from the Book of Hebrews, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Heb 11:1

Faith does not follow blind belief, but follows the direction pointed to by evidence and then either confirms that the evidence pointed to the truth or proves that it did not.

Now we have evidence that spiritual healing works and belief in them is on the upswing.

In 1991, 73 percent of Americans believed miracles “definitely” or “probably” happen. That number rose to 78 percent in 2008. More recently, a 2010 Pew Research Center report found 79 percent of Americans believe in miracles. Other polls give an even higher number.

So why do so many people believe in miracles when men of science claim that such is only a superstitious belief?

The most potent answer is evidence. A Newsweek poll revealed that 48% of us have experienced or witnessed a miracle and 63% know of an individual who has experienced one.

A person with real faith will see this evidence and want to follow it to its conclusion in his life. He therefore tests the evidence and attempts to manifest the miraculous in his own life.

Now most miracles that people experience are from healing and if we want to understand the principle behind them, then, perhaps we should examine the greatest healer of all time, namely Jesus.

So, did Jesus explain the power behind his miracles? Actually he did. So, what was it?

Most people would automatically say it was God but that was not the answer Jesus gave.

Assignment:  Jesus, explained the power that generated the miracles attributed to him.  What was it and where was it found? Why was he needed in order for the power to manifest? What part did he play?


Nov 23, 2013

Alternative Healing

I’ve been spending some time on the Statesman posting my thoughts and the negativity toward me seems to be growing. It is an amazing thing that people get so angry over opinions

I must be a glutton for punishment, but I feel impressed to continue.  At least it keeps the mind sharp and gives me ideas for other writing.

I’ll give you a sampling from just one subject covered Thursday.  I’m limited to giving you my posts but you can go to the link if you want to read the dialog of those who responded to me.

First, I responded to a letter that stated that cholesterol-reducing drugs will be recommended for one third of the adult population and thought this was because of a push from the big drug companies.  T

In response to this I wrote:

Good observation Jeff. Placing a third of the people on the dangerous statin drugs is crazy. We wouldn’t need any of these drugs if people just went on a good diet and exercised a little. Besides high cholesterol is not always a bad thing. It is a natural fat that’s essential for human life and whether or not it needs treated depends on a number of factors and even here the best treatment is a diet of unprocessed foods.

Mercoloa has a good article on this subject: LINK

In response I was told that I was not a doctor and didn’t know what I was talking about and was reckless dangerous and arrogant.

To that I said:

I do not need your authority to post my opinions, thank you., I suppose that if some authority told you to jump off a bridge you would. I don’t take the word of anyone without testing it to the best of my ability.

Actual results and experience is the best test of what works and it has certainly worked for me and everyone I know who has tried it.. I do not take prescription drugs but those who I know that do are a mess. Some of them take a half dozen or more. Some take drugs to counteract problems from other drugs creating a viscous circle. That’s not a good thing no matter what their position of authority is.

There are good natural alternatives to almost every chemical drug unless you let yourself get in such bad shape you are beyond the point of no return.

Natural healing is not a left-right thing. Both sides are in on this and and surprised that no liberal here has voiced support in it since I have posted here.

Next I was accused of rambling and speculating.  I responded thus:

If it works it is not speculation.

Also it has been proven that there are a lot of negative side effects to the statin drugs. If you think you can use them without judgment on your part you are fooling yourself.

Then to a guy who said he takes a lot of statin drugs I said:

So what alternatives have you actually tried? If you are examined by someone who is educated in alternatives he could get you off of the drugs and your health would be greatly improved. For instance, do you use any sugar substitutes that are not natural like diet sodas?

Then to a guy who says he eats steak & eggs and ice cream for breakfast I said:

Eating steak and eggs for breakfast is a lot better than diet sodas. Didn’t you tell me you’re still a young guy? When you are over 60 you really reach the test of your lifestyle. Not eating the artificial sugar is in your favor. A reasonable amount of ice cream made with real sugar won’t do you much harm. I wouldn’t recommend it for breakfast every day. It could lead to diabetes when you are older.

Next to the charge that I should listen to the beast of authority I said:

The biggest mistakes in history were made by trusting authorities just because they are authorities. So, if you were alive in 1847 you would have sided with the establishment and condemned Ignaz Semmelweis for giving evidence that doctors should wash their hands. You would have laughed and made up an imaginary tin foil hat on his head like the rest of the doctors of his age.

Things have not changed. those in power still try to make the innovators look like idiots.

At least the health innovators have the last laugh. They live healthy carefree lives while the authorities struggle with their diseased bodies.

Then I was asked why we live longer today.  I said:

Actually one of the biggest reasons is better dental care. In the old days there was a tremendous number of deaths attributed to dental problems.

Refrigeration is another reason. We don’t have do eat a bunch of unhealthy old beef or salt pork.

In addition because of great improvements in shipping we have access to fresh fruit and vegetables year around. There is less poverty so there are a lot fewer people on starvation diets. Read the Grapes of Wrath for understanding. I could go on and on.

Next I was accused saying that one size fits all in treatment.  I replied;

I’m not saying one size fits all. I am saying the opposite. Not all who have high cholesterol are in danger. All the factors need to be looked at. Some doctors are black and white about how they prescribe and others take a more holistic approach. The drugs you take may be doing you more damage than your high cholesterol. Your liver could be affected. I don’t know your diet but many people think they are eating the right foods for themselves and are way off the mark. If I were you I would read everything i could related to cholesterol ad get an opinion or two from alternative healers.

I am not saying we should not listen to authorities, but we should not blindly do what they say without doing all that we can first to understand what is best for our situation.

After this I received a vicious round of attacks from a number of posters. I ended this thread with:

I’ll make one reply to this last batch of negativity – some of the worst I have seen on the web. What an unhappy downward thinking bunch. Like attracts like.

There are many reasons why we live longer. Increased sanitation is one. Medical advances have helped but many of the drugs pushed on us do more harm than good. To fully explain why we live longer now would take a treatise and that’s not the purpose of this forum.

Alternative medicine and natural technology has greatly increased in effectiveness. (A poster) seems to think natural healers live like the Amish but the idea is to use anything that works whether it be traditional or alternative. Many like yourselves have tunnel vision about what works and outright reject many things that could help you.

Alternatives to drugs have worked for me and everyone I know who has tried them with no side effects. Why you do not think this is a good thing is strange.

And this bunch has lumped alliterative healing in with what they call the extreme right wing. This is crazy talk. There are more Democrats into my way of thinking on health than Republicans. Go to Boise Coop and mingle and you’ll find most of them are Democrats. Unlike this bunch they are civil.


Nov 25, 2013

Virgins and More

I tried to talk some common sense to the Statesman forum today but received the usual negative response.  Here are some of the things I wrote.

Dian makes a good point that we cannot help everyone. It would be nice if we could but such is not the reality at present. The parable of the ten virgins teaches this principle. As the signal came to meet the bridegroom it became apparent that only five of the ten had enough oil in their lamps for he journey. The five who lacked asked them to share. But the five with the oil said that if they shared then all would run out part way through the journey and none would benefit.

This applies to us. We need to share what is wise but if we borrow and spend too much we will run out of oil (money) and we will not be able to help ourselves let alone others.

Here’s a thought. If everyone did their best to help their family and loved ones there would be little need for social programs.

A poster insisted I was wrong and didn’t want to help the poor. To this I said:

Another totally false accusation. If a person borrows on his credit cards, goes bankrupt and then loses his power to help others he then becomes one of the needy asking for help himself and no one benefits.

Helping people with other people’s money, and borrowed money at that, is not real help and, like the parable of the virgins, none will reach their end goal.

I’m a big believer in helping people but I believe in helping people with resources I have, not with resources I have to borrow and occupy.

We are losing our power as a nation to help people because of irresponsible financial decisions. If we get ourselves back on a good foundation then we will be able to help more than ever, and it would be from our abundance rather than borrowed money that belongs to our kids.

You accuse me of being greedy and you are not, and your claim for being generous? You want to give away other people’s money. And who’s money is that?

(1) Borrowed money

(2) Our children’s and grandchildren’s money.

Some generous guy you are.

Another poster asks: “Who are you to be the one who chooses which “virgin gets the oil?”


You need to argue with what I say, not with what I do not say.

The virgins with oil in their lamps had the full vessel of oil not because someone chose that situation for them but because they worked hard to obtain the oil. The five wise virgins chose for themselves. No one chose for them.

The five foolish virgins that didn’t see the need to gather the oil at that time suffered because of their shortsightedness.

The point of my post had nothing to do with some bureaucrat, or some other person, deciding who gets oil and who does not. The choice is already made. If you have earned money you have done so because of choices you made. Let me illustrate the point I was making in a parable so maybe you can understand.

Caroline has two kids, Jim and Jeff. Let us say that Jim wants to see Lady Gaga when she comes to town and the ticket costs $200. He works hard and saves up $300 figuring he might need a little extra. Jeff also wants to see her but he has no money and asks Jim for $200. Jim says, “I’d love to see you go, but if I give you $200 then I will not have enough and will not be able to see her.”

Jim has a perfect right to deny Jeff the loan or gift, you would think.

The mother, Caroline, thought she would even things out and forced Jim to give Jeff $150 or half of his money. Jim was upset and protested, “Now neither of us can go.”

Caroline replied, “Maybe your dad or one of or friends will supply the extra $50. Now get out of my hair.”

They each tried to raise the extra $50 but there was not enough time and neither of them got tickets and Jim was out $150.

The point is that there is a limit as to how much a person, group or nation can help other people. It may have been practical for Jim to loan Jeff $50 but too much sharing destroyed his goal.

Our nation should stick within its budget. If we decide to use money we actually have to help people, fine, but generosity crosses the line when you have to borrow and endanger the lives of future generations to do so.

The poster thought this statement was ignorant:

“If everyone did their best to help their family and loved ones, there would be little need for social programs.”

I don’t think so. It is indeed a true statement, but I realize there are many who do not want to help anyone with their own resources and want Big Brother to do it all instead.

A poster insinuated I did not understand the difficulty people have who may have to chose between food and insurance.  I responded:

I was in that situation for over 20 years but I did not expect a handout from Big Brother. It was a no brainer in choosing between health care and food. We always chose food and chose good food so we stayed healthy and needed minimal health care for my family. When we went to the doctor we just paid cash. Our medical costs were less than the insurance premiums would have been.

Did I see myself as a poor victim as democratic voters do today? Not at all. Today we have a victim mindset that is turning us into a nation of wimps.

Here’s another post I made:

Harry Koehler presented a lot of truth in a few words. Layne Crea asked an important question:

“Why would the insurance companies do something legally questionable and financially idiotic to help President Obama save face?”.

Here’s the strange part that I’m sure the insurance companies are considering. Since Obama is asking them to break the law, which is Obamacare, to reinstate policies then they could be subject to a very expensive class action lawsuit. This threat plus the tremendous extra expense will make them very resistant to helping Obama even if they wanted to. Obama, Pelosi and Reid are caught in a trap of their own making. Who says karma doesn’t work?


Nov 27, 2013

Bill Ayers Admits He Wrote Obama’s Book

We suspected this may be the case. Now we have proof. LINK


Dec 3, 2013

More on Healing

Here are some scriptures revealing the actual words of Jesus after his healings;

Matt 8:13 And Jesus said unto the centurion, Go thy way; and as thou hast believed, so be it done unto thee. And his servant was healed in the selfsame hour.

Matt 9:22 Daughter, be of good comfort; thy faith hath made thee whole. And the woman was made whole from that hour.

Matt 9:28 And when he was come into the house, the blind men came to him: and Jesus saith unto them, Believe ye that I am able to do this? They said unto him, Yea, Lord.

Matt 9:29 Then touched he their eyes, saying, According to your faith be it unto you.

Matt 15:28 Then Jesus answered and said unto her, O woman, great is thy faith: be it unto thee even as thou wilt. And her daughter was made whole from that very hour.

Matt 17:19 Then came the disciples to Jesus apart, and said, Why could not we cast him out?

Matt 17:20 And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.

What was it to which Jesus gave credit over and over for the miracles? Students will often say it was God or a special power that Jesus had that caused them to take place. But this is not the direction that Jesus indicated. He did not say “God made you whole,” or “I made you whole.”

To find the key to power we must examine his actual words.

Here is a popular pronouncement he made: “thy faith hath made thee whole.”

Here are several others:

“as thou hast believed, so be it done unto thee.”

“According to your faith be it unto you”

“great is thy faith: be it unto thee even as thou wilt.”

What do all these phrases have in common? They all direct us away from depending on an outside god sitting on a throne, or even Jesus himself, and point somewhere.  But where?

Where does faith come from?  It comes from inside of us. The great secret that is hidden in plain sight in the words of Jesus is the power to heal and perform miracles lies within ourselves. Jesus made this plain when he told a woman, “great is thy faith: be it unto thee EVEN AS THOU WILT.”

In other words there is magic within us activated by faith that unlocks a power so great that we can make things happen even as we will.  That is an amazing thought, is it not?

And where is the limitation?  There does not seem to be much for he said, “If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.”

So what is this power within us? The scriptures give several powerful hints.

“Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” Luke 17:21

So where is the kingdom of God?  It is within us.

And where is God?  Answer: In his kingdom.

Where then should we look for God?  Answer: Within each of us.

Where then lies the all powerful presence of God?  Answer: Within each of us.

This is confirmed in the book of Revelation where it describes those who are redeemed and saved from the mark of the Beast. “And I looked, and, lo, a Lamb stood on the mount Sion, and with him an hundred forty and four thousand, having his Father’s name written in their foreheads.” Rev 14:1

So where is the name of God found?  Again it is found within our thinking consciousness in our foreheads.

And where the name of God is found, God is found, and his power becomes manifest and available.

Question:  If God is within us and we have all power to do according to our wills then why does this will seem to be frustrated?  How is it unlocked so miracles can happen?


Dec 5, 2013

Sleep in the Middle Ages

Here’s an interesting article:

How Our Ancestors Used to Sleep Twice a Night and Highlighting the Problem of Present Shock



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