Hidden Teachings


Hidden Teachings

In Proverbs we read:

“It is the glory of God to conceal a thing.” Proverbs 25:2

The master teachers and prophets down through the ages have often had to adjust the wording of their teachings so everything they literally teach is true, yet within these teachings are inner thoughts that are concealed to later be revealed by the Spirit of Truth.

This was the case with the parables of Jesus. The people heard them and thought that they were just sweet simple little stories, yet Jesus told his disciples “hearing they hear not neither do they understand.” In other words, he told them that there were deeper meanings in the parables than meet the eye.

This is also the case with many of the scriptures. For thousands of years people have read them and incorporated the obvious meaning. This meaning spoke to their consciousness, culture and point in evolution, but the core meaning was often different than seemed to appear. The hidden meaning was generally an idea that their hearts were not prepared for, but would be someday.

Let us take for example the principle of punishment for sin which, in the true reality, is merely an effect of some cause.

In the Bible it was written this way:

“But he that shall blaspheme against the Holy Ghost hath never forgiveness, but is in danger of eternal damnation.” Mark 3:29

Then the Mormon scriptures give a similar meaning:

“That ye may not be cursed with a sore cursing; and also, that ye may not incur the displeasure of a just God upon you, unto the destruction, yea, the eternal destruction of both soul and body.” II Nephi 1:22

“…and not choose eternal death, according to the will of the flesh.” II Nephi 2:29

“And he spake plainly unto them, that he had been deceived by the power of the devil. And he spake of hell, and of eternity, and of eternal punishment.” Jacob 7:18

“And they that believe not unto eternal damnation; for they cannot be redeemed from their spiritual fall, because they repent not.” D&C 29:44

All of these scriptures make it sound as if the bad buys are going to suffer whatever damnation is for all eternity, but such is not the case. There are many who already know within their hearts that if God is truly a loving Father that he would torment no one for ever and ever.

The interesting point is that this was clarified through the translator of the Book of Mormon himself. Here is a revelation Joseph Smith received:

D&C 19:5 Wherefore, I revoke not the judgments which I shall pass, but woes shall go forth, weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth, yea, to those who are found on my left hand.

D&C 19:6 Nevertheless, it is not written that there shall be no end to this torment, but it is written endless torment.

D&C 19:7 Again, it is written eternal damnation; wherefore it is more express than other scriptures, that it might work upon the hearts of the children of men, altogether for my name’s glory.

D&C 19:8 Wherefore, I will explain unto you this mystery, for it is meet unto you to know even as mine apostles.

D&C 19:9 I speak unto you that are chosen in this thing, even as one, that you may enter into my rest.

D&C 19:10 For, behold, the mystery of godliness, how great is it! For, behold, I am endless, and the punishment which is given from my hand is endless punishment, for Endless is my name. Wherefore–

D&C 19:11 Eternal punishment is God’s punishment.

D&C 19:12 Endless punishment is God’s punishment.

What are we told here? We are told that “Eternal” and “Endless” are two names that God uses and because He created the laws of cause and effect that all punishments (or effect) are Eternal because the creator of them is Eternal.

The explanation “is that it is not written that there shall be no end to this torment, but it is written endless torment.”

So what have we here? Both the Bible and Book of Mormon are written in such a way to make it sound as if there will be punishment of eternal duration, but when the truth is revealed we learn that it was in the plan of God to allow it to sound that way to have an effect on the hearts of struggling humanity.

The same is true of reincarnation. There have been many teachers who have understood the truth of this teaching, but have written to make it sound like there is only one life. Such teachers have wanted to avoid the negative effect on the average person of turning apathetic in hope of waiting for his next life to make the great effort.

Even the modern book, A Course In Miracles, cleverly does this. It makes it sound like there is only one life, but if you read it carefully you will see that it is not really saying this at all. But to create the effect desired by the author, the doctrine of multiple lives had to be avoided.

Joseph Smith discouraged the belief in reincarnation to the masses yet veiled it in his writings calling it “eternal lives.”

He also taught it privately as evidenced by the following:

“During our talks he (Lorenzo Snow) told me that his sister, the late Eliza R. Snow Smith was a firm believer in the principle of reincarnation and that she claimed to have received it from Joseph the Prophet, her husband. He said he saw nothing unreasonable in it, and could believe it, if it came to him from the Lord or his oracle.” Diary of Orson F. Whitney June 8, 1889

Fortunately, humanity has evolved to the point that the major truths no longer need to be veiled in mystery, but can be plainly taught. I am indeed thankful to live in this time where we can learn with plainness and give out what we have received without fear of being thrown to the lions the next day.

So what have we established so far?

Hopefully we have created the point that what the scriptures seem to say may not be what they are really saying.

It appears from the scriptures that there will be punishment of eternal duration.

The Truth: There will be an end to any punishment or suffering.

It appears that Jesus “saved the world from sin.”

The Truth: He did, but not in the way people think. He merely demonstrated truths that will eventually deliver the world from certain errors..

It appears that when we have forgiveness of sins that effects disappear.

The Truth: True forgiveness of sins as taught in the scriptures means to recognize your mistakes and cease making them. This dispels fear and guilt that are created by illusion and have no real existence, but effects which are real remain until they are neutralized by new cause.

Finally we are brought to the core of the question, about baptism and atonement, but I thought it was necessary to prepare the hearts of believers of scripture for the possibility that the truth may be different than it seems to appear.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Avatars and the Internet

May 31, 2017

Avatars and the Internet

It is interesting that DK saw the radio being an effective means of promoting a point of view after 1975 (which it still is), but didn’t seem to catch a glimpse of the internet, or at least he didn’t mention it.

On the other hand, it seems that Jesus saw the internet age when he said:

“For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known. Therefore whatsoever ye have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light; and that which ye have spoken in the ear in closets shall be proclaimed upon the housetops.” Luke 12:2

Indeed – in this age of technology that which was before kept secret is broadcast to the housetops for the whole world to access.

In addition to this he said that

“The kingdom of heaven is like unto a net, (the Internet) that was cast into the sea (the peoples of the earth – See Rev 17:15), and gathered of every kind” Matt 13:47-50

Isaiah tells us:

“And there shall be a highway (the Internet) for the remnant of his people, which shall be left, from Assyria; like as it was to Israel in the day that he came up out of the land of Egypt.” Isa 11:16

Here we are told that there will be a highway that will be a means to gather the lights out of Assyria (the prosperous areas of the world) that will be a higher correspondence to the gathering of the Israelites out of Egypt.

DK did tell us that communications developed through science correspond to higher spiritual abilities we already have within us, but haven’t yet developed as a people. For instance, the telephone foreshadowed the development of mental telepathy where we will be able to communicate over long distances by the power of thought.

The internet is one of the greatest correspondences of all time to the future development of humanity where we will be able to tune into the “raincloud of knowable things” and access knowledge from any cooperating mind. I’m sure that DK, and others who were intuitive, sensed some development that would allow for a great sharing of knowledge among us.

In my previous posts I mentioned that because of free will the Hierarchy is not able to predict everything that will happen on this planet nor are their plans infallible by any means. Certain end results are pretty much a sure thing but the path to getting there is often altered numerous times.

Several Avatars were expected to accomplish much more than is apparently the case, but there is a bright spot that is advantageous to the plan and that is the internet. It is indeed like a net in the parable that is cast into the sea of people and gathers of every kind.

From the beginnings of the internet like-minded people started forming groups and sharing their thoughts. Later Spirit Web, Yahoo groups and others provided gathering places for groups. At the present time Facebook seems to be the most advantageous place to go. Groups are more interconnected here than ever before and an interesting post may be shared in many places instead of just one.

There seems to be one, and in many cases numerous groups for every belief system and any spiritual teacher living or dead. Any avatar, initiate or messenger of note will have some presence here. He will be either directly participating or there will be someone representing him.

After a fashion we could say that the internet fulfills a need for an avatar for all the teachings of the ages are available here.

Free online are all the scriptures of the world, information about every significant person who has lived in the past couple millennia, and spiritual teachings of every significant initiate.

Even though current seekers have not banded together and accepted any one person or group as the fulfillment of predicted messengers, we know that what has been revealed is available to us. The true seeker will thus delve into the various teachings out there, run them by his soul and discover truth essential to the new age.

Even though seekers are presently divided into many different groups I think we will see the power of sharing thoughts and intelligence will cause many like minded people to gather and participate in group endeavors that will lead to the spread of goodwill and right human relations as envisioned by DK.

In the meantime disciples must focus on diffusing the hate and the political divide that faces us. The two sides are at each other’s throats as never before, each seeing great evil in the other. Seekers must focus on lifting “the downward focused eyes unto the soul, the true healer within the form.”

When we focus on the soul and spirit in our brethren then we will not see evil but struggling souls like ourselves. We need to be reminded of the great teaching of the past that we are all of one blood and one family and we need to love our neighbor as ourselves.

To love our neighbor we must understand our neighbor, and such understanding is indeed lacking today in the political world. There is civil war occurring on the astral plane and the resolution will occur through the clear presentation of truth on the plane of the mind, which will eventually dominate in the Age of Aquarius that we are now entering.

The energies of the new age will lift us from the astral consciousness to the plane of the mind and this will be speeded up when many sixth ray souls are replaced by seventh ray ones who will assist in bringing order through just law.

The call then goes forth to all aspirants seekers, initiates and disciples to assess themselves correctly to make sure they are not a part of the problem, but are participating in the solution.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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The Parable of Decision

This entry is part 14 of 25 in the series 2013

“On a certain night Jim, Mike, Ron and Dave died. Shortly thereafter they all found themselves walking on a beaten path. It seemed right to follow the path. Finally they came to a dividing point. One path veered to the left; the other to the right. They stood a moment, pondering what to do, when suddenly a man in white appeared and gave them instructions.

“Welcome, my friends’, he said. ‘You are approaching your new home and I am here to instruct you as much as is permitted. You notice there are two paths before you: One of them takes you to Heaven, a place more beautiful than you can imagine. The other takes you to Hell, a land full of darkness, despair and wretched individuals. All I can tell you at this point is you are to choose a path, but once you reach your destination you cannot turn back. Once you get to Heaven you will stay there, or once you get to Hell you will stay there. One more word I can say. Do not be frightened, for that reward you get in the end will be that which you deserve. Go forth confident that if you have led a just life, you will reap as you have sowed. You must proceed one at a time and each walk the path alone.’

“After saying this the man disappeared. The four were astonished at this somewhat random method of reaching Heaven or Hell. Finally, they decided they must go forward and drew straws to determine who would go first. Jim got the first opportunity and chose the path on the right. He thought that perhaps this would lead to heaven because the “right” is always associated with “good.” But as he proceeded he heard the fierce sound of wild animals, clouds seemed to hide the sun and the earth shook. He became very frightened and thought, ‘Maybe I have chosen the wrong path.’ He turned around, went back to the beginning and told the others of his experience. Then he decided to try the left hand path. As he ventured forth he saw more ominous signs. He kept wondering how far he could go before he could not turn back, and ! with each step he became more and more frightened until he was forced to retreat back to the beginning.

“Seeing that Jim could not make a firm decision as to which path to take, Ron and Dave suggested Mike now take his turn. Mike, however, was paralyzed with fear for, according to Jim’s story, neither path sounded very heavenly. ‘I’m going to think about it a while’, he said. ‘Someone else can take a turn.’

“It was now Ron’s turn and he said, ‘I’m picking the right-hand path and not turning back.’ He followed through with his decision, and went past the sound of wild animals and through the darkness and storm clouds until he found himself in a place of unspeakable beauty and peace. He assumed he was in Heaven and rested there.

“It was now Dave’s turn to move onward. Jim said he thought he heard a wild animal eating Ron and a chill of concern spread through them all. Dave was not sure he was making the right decision, for he chose the path on the left. He thought within himself: ‘No matter what happens I’ll go forward on this path and make the best of it.’

“As he proceeded, things went from bad to worse. There were horrific shrieks from wild animals and storm clouds with fierce thunderbolts were everywhere. Still, he proceeded until he reached a sign that said ‘Hell”. Behind him, the path disappeared and there was no retreat. Before him was a depressing place, dark and stormy, full of inhabitants living in run-down shacks. The people lived in constant fear of attacks from the animals and roaming gangs who stole whatever they could get their hands on. Everywhere he went he was told this was a land cursed by the devil, and that things are going to get worse for all eternity.

“Dave thought long and hard within himself. ‘I promised myself I would not retreat from this path and make the best of it. I refuse to listen to these voices of doom. Within myself there is no Hell and my conscience is clear, so why should there be Hell on the outside?”

“From that point on, Dave went forth in confidence and taught the people that they did not have to live in the run-down shacks, and that they could change their circumstances so they would not have to live in fear. He also questioned their belief the land was cursed by the devil. A handful of people took hope and listened, but the rest were afraid and even looked upon Dave as an enemy, fearing he would make things even worse than they were.

“Dave gathered the people who would listen. They refused to accept the slum they were given as a final resting place and made blueprints of new beautiful homes. The best land they could find was an uninhabited swamp. They drained it and built their homes and a beautiful city with teeming gardens and landscapes. The gangs did not bother them, for the inhabitants supported and protected each other. The wild animals became friends, for the people nurtured them. Even the dark clouds and storms began to subside and bright, sunny days became a common sight.

“The people who were against Dave saw what had been accomplished and they took courage; one by one, other parts of Hell became transformed into beautiful cities and landscapes. After a period of time there was nothing but beauty and peace as far as the eye could see.

“Dave surveyed the now-beautiful land and came to a realization: One more thing needs to be done. He walked over to the original entrance and found that old sign which read ‘Hell’, tore it down, and replaced it with one that said ‘Heaven’. As he did, another path with a fork in it appeared and so did the man in white. His look caught Dave’s eye and he said, ‘I think you know what you must do’.

“Dave looked back and said, ‘I see I must choose again’.

“’Correct’. said the man.

“Before I proceed, can you tell me the fate of the other three?’

“The man answered: ‘Ron is in a city that resembles the place you have created. He has one regret: he wishes he had a part in creating it. When that desire becomes strong enough he will be given another path to choose and will wind up in a place called ‘Hell,’ as you did, and be given an opportunity to build Heaven.

“Jim and Mike are still paralyzed with fear, afraid to make a decision. They are the ones who are truly in Hell, yet sooner or later they must proceed onward.

“And what lies ahead for me?’ asked Dave.

“The unknown’, said the man.

“The statement made Dave afraid, yet excited at the same time. And with no hesitation, he proceeded on the path leaning to the right.”

Parable taken from JJ’s book, The Immortal, Vol 1. Read it free HERE

Copyright 1998 By J J Dewey (This may be circulated free of charge as long as the copyright notice is included)

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