Re: The Beast and the Church

2007-5-17 20:12:00

Ruth writes:

"Here is something else about those three Ancient Jews I just thought about now, if you are interested. JJ has said that the Ancient Jews are a very old race and some of them came here from another system, i.e. these may have been either the laggards that didn't make it through the other World and had to keep re-learning their lessons or the Masters that overcame in that system and came here to seed Earth, only because Earth wasn't sacred.

"Therefore these Ancient Jews would have brought with them all the knowledge of what went on in their World and what was developed etc, and as we get to keep a data chip of everything we need to keep in our consciousness over each lifetime, then these people may have had a lot stored in their consciousness and that's why they are the builders of the race etc etc.

"and.....if those three came from Venus and were the Morning Stars that fell from their high position, then I can understand why the Ancient of Days stayed on Earth to help with their progression and learning, and to help the Spirit of Earth evolve more.

"If these were his Disciples, and they stuffed up big time, then he sacrificed his own path of progression by staying to uplift those left behind. The only thing was, if these three Masters were the ones who had sex with the human females, and then the AofD had to cause the flood to get them off the Earth, and they are the Dark Brotherhood? then I'm trying to find the missing pieces of how Jesus was a Descendant of one of them etc. There must have been a few Masters from the other Sacred Planets who stayed around on Earth for a while too to help the AofD."


The three disciples from the story were not Kumaras from Venus but a remnant from a previous earth. They probably see themselves as Ancient of Days since they are very ancient. On that earth they became Masters, but did not want to go into pralaya and be reborn into a new creation. They wanted to continue with the old creation and keep their knowledge of it.

These are not members of the Dark Brotherhood but are seeking to serve and have a disagreement with their own hierarchy as to what the most effective service will be.

Because they have cut themselves off from their own hierarchical link they have to backtrack eventually and submit to their molecular link.

Jesus obtained a vision of the higher reality that is our destiny and did not cooperate with these three and concentrated on the love aspect instead and linked with the true Ancient of days who did come from Venus.