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May 13, 2013
The Next Step
Tom writes:
I know the soul speaks in principles but for a high initiate like you, JJ, wouldn’t your soul give you steps or tell you what the next move is to make your writings successful?

The soul does not outline a step-by-step plan for any of us. We have to contemplate our next step and how to accomplish it and run it by the soul. If what we are thinking is the right direction then we will get the go ahead, but even here we have to work out the details.

I know what my next step is and have been working on it for many years. I am to gather enough soul infused people to create a molecule. It is a difficult step and there are numerous smaller steps in between.

A major step was getting some basic teachings written and available. Another step, which hasn’t happened yet, is that they will permeate into mass consciousness so we can have a larger pool from which to draw.

As far as next steps for an initiate goes think of Abraham Lincoln. It was verified through his soul that he could not let slavery stand in a divided country. He therefore received verification from his soul to save the union and free the slaves if at all possible. He knew what he had to do but was given no road map to do it. He had to figure things out along the way. Many times he was very frustrated and it looked like he may lose the quest but he persevered and managed to take his next great step. Not all disciple are so successful and have to come back in a future life to finish the work or take another.


May 14, 2013

Spiritual Tones
A mentioned earlier, and restated by John C, L Ron Hubbard came up with a tone scale. The basic idea is that the higher our tone the higher will be our quality of life and vibration. For instance, low on the scale are grief, pain, hate and hostility. High on the scale are cheerfulness, enthusiasm and exhilaration.

The problem with this approach is that most of us go through a range of these tones and it would be difficult to define any one person as always giving off the tone of hate, on one hand, or exhilaration on the other. While it may be true that some get stuck in one tone, most of us go through a range of them. Those who are bipolar can switch on a dime.

It appears to me that these tones mentioned are associated with the personality which is a part of us sometimes called the “not self.” This personality is like a leaf floating in the astral currents and floats up and down in the tones. Those who say their tone does not go up or down with the currents of life are deceiving themselves. Now some may have a higher average tone than others but all will vary in personality tone throughout the day, the month and the year.

The interesting thing to consider is that the quality of one’s life for the seeker or disciple is not determined by the tone of the personality. He who sees the personality as the “not self” and looks at it from the vantage point of the observer derives his quality of life by other means. Here is my own scale of spiritual tones starting at the bottom and moving up.

(1) The personality centered individual who sees happiness as being associated with what happens to him or his situation in the personality world.
Quality of life score: 1-10, depending on his current state. Over 90% of humanity is in this category.

(2) The Seeker. This person begins to realize that there is more to life than personality ups and downs. There is more out there for him in the spiritual realm and he begins a quest. His life now has a higher purpose than it did before.
Quality of life score: 11-30 depending on his focus.

(3) He who has achieved some soul contact. He is joyful to prove to himself that spiritual contact is real. He just wishes he had more of it.
Quality of life score: 31-50

(4) The soul infused person. This person never feels like the soul and spiritual world is far from him but has a consistent contact that brings him peace and inner joy.
Quality of life score: 51-70

(5) Access to the Oneness Principle, Higher Purpose and his inner group. This is a servant of humanity and the greater the opportunity to serve the greater his joy and peace.
Quality of life score: 71-100

(6) Conscious blending, merging and working with higher lives.
Quality of life score: Through the roof.

Thus we can see that the guy who thinks he is on top of the world because he won the lottery is merely in category one and there is much more awaiting him as he moves forward.

Some move beyond category one for a while and then sink back down and get caught in defining their happiness by personality events. A metaphysical view of being saved is a releasing oneself from the dominion of the personality.


May 16, 2013

What Not to Do
Keith said something interesting the other day. He said that the dark side ignorantly allows themselves to be tools in the hands of the light.

This is quite true when you think about it. When we think of the worst bad guy in our history Hitler usually comes to mind. But as bad as he was he taught us a lot. Most of it was what not to do.

Many do not realize that learning what not to do or what to avoid is just as essential as learning what to do.

For instance, before Hitler became a threat Eugenics was being strongly promoted in the United States and much of the world. Many were promoting the idea that undesirables should be sterilized and only the elite should be allowed to reproduce.

In theory this sounded good to many but in practice Hitler demonstrated that the idea could be strongly abused. On his undesirable list were the Jews and he set out to cleanse the human race by completely exterminating them.

Thus Hitler’s rampant abuse of this idea caused almost all countries to shelve it after the war.

This unjust targeting idea is still with us though as demonstrated by the revelation that the IRS has been targeting the Tea Party and other conservative groups.

I liked a statement I heard uttered from a liberal guy being interviewed about this. He said, “today they are targeting the Tea Party but tomorrow it could be progressives.” This abuse of power by the IRS has put the fear of God in both sides of the aisle.

It sounds like some have learned a little from history for we have all heard the statement attributed to pastor Martin Niemiller

First they came for the communists, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.

Then they came for the socialists, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.

Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Catholic.

Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak for me.

I read an interesting reader comment on the IRS story. He said:
“Funny that he (Obama) recently told college graduates to “reject” the voices who warn about tyranny — while he’s busy imposing it.”

The evils of World War II gave us a good lesson telling us that love and brotherhood are more powerful instruments of change than brute force.

But we are far from learning all of our lessons. I think that is one reason Obama won the last election. The errors he and the people under him make are teaching the masses what we are not supposed to do. Apparently there is still much for us to learn in this department and our dear leaders and overseers are all too willing to teach us.


May 19, 2013

The Whole Self

Keith gives an interesting account worthy of comment. He once had an out of body experience where he communicated with his mom. The unusual thing is she was awake in the physical and he was out of his body.

After he entered back in his body he confronted his mom thinking he would talk about the conversation but she had no knowledge or recollection of it.

What’s the answer here? Did he imagine the conversation?

Not likely.

The answer is that not all of our consciousness is condensed within our physical body or even our three bodies of form. We incarnate with 20-70% of our essence and leave the rest behind. This explains why you can sometimes have a spiritual encounter or a vivid dream of a living person who is awake and has no memory of the event. This also explains why numerous people have reported vivid dreams of encounters with me when I have no memory of it.

Keith evidently contacted part of his Mom’s consciousness not registered with her body and thus the conversation was not registered with her physical brain. Even so, it was still her he talked to.

The whole of our consciousness is connected to soul energy and is often called our higher self. Most of our prayers are handled by our own selves, just the part of us that still resides in the higher worlds.


May 19, 2013

Re: The Whole Self
So we are really praying to our own Monad? (Father in Heaven).

Indirectly. Most seekers have a long way to go to reach the Monad. Soul contact creates a link with the Solar Angel and your Higher Self which is merely a stepping stone to monadic consciousness but still a long way to go.

…..And/Or to our own Solar Angel?

Your Higher Self is linked to your solar angel and one with it so prayers can reach these. Sometimes they are picked up by helpful entities.

……And the higher entity that incarnates into a human molecule is the group’s higher self and higher consciousness and Intelligence? Yes?

No. The entity that will incarnate in a molecule will incarnate with a part of his energy and keep the other part in the higher spheres. You could say the lower part of his self is incarnated into the molecule. Actually the saying of higher and lower self is not quite technically correct. We think of the part of ourselves that resides in the higher spheres as a higher self but the part of ourselves that is down here is a part of the one entity which is you or me. The part of ourselves that is in the spirit world just has more access and knowledge of what’s going on.

Larry W
Yea. This all makes me worry about the dark brothers. What about their Solar Angel and what about their Monad?

The Dark Brothers have severed their link with the soul and monad and, thus, cut off from the source of life, are in a process of slow disintegration.


May 19, 2013

Re: Normalcy Bias
This is a good point Larry. We probably have at least a 50/50 chance that someone will attack with an atomic bomb within the next five years as well as a good chance the dollar will collapse but people as a whole do not enter these things into their equation of living.

This normalcy thing is also a reason so many otherwise intelligent people fail so miserably at predicting the future. They base all their data on what has been normal in the past and this rarely applies to any long term future.

Carter, for instance, predicted we would run out of oil within a decade of his presidency. Bill Gates at one time thought we’d never need more than 2 MB of Ram. Almost all psychics thought WWII would not happen.

Larry W points out the dangers we as a careless society face and preparations that we can take. I will add this. The Brotherhood of Light does everything within their power to guide us into the new age in such a way that the innocent will not suffer because of great calamities. They realize that karma and cause and effect can create much suffering that the careless and selfish can bring upon themselves. But it touches the heart of God when the pure in heart suffer because of the action of those whose intent is not pure.

One of the purposes of the gathering is to shield true seekers from pain and suffering they do not deserve. Unfortunately, we are approaching a time of danger and no gathering is in place. If a calamity occurs in the near future even those ho have done their best to prepare will not be prepared.

It has been the hope, as the new age approaches, that great calamities can be delayed until places of refuge are created. The best case scenario is that reasonable relations are established between the nations and we move into the new age without major calamities. We live in times were that seems unlikely to many but it is still a possibility.

Let us hope the door to evil will be closed and the pure in heart will flourish on the hills of Zion.

Eventually we will have earth changes that cannot be entirely avoided with good will but that is another matter we will eventually deal with.


May 23, 2013
Mother Earth Correspondences
Ruth gave the following quote from me:

If we correspond the earth to a greater human life we can arrive at some more interesting correspondences.

Minor earthquake = The earth is scratching an itch.

Medium earthquake = The earth is scratching a major itch.

Big earthquake = Comparable to a human trying to relieve himself from poison ivy.

Small volcano = Pimple or blackhead.

Major volcano = A boil.

A storm = Irritation

A hurricane = Anger

A tornado = Intense directed anger

A Tsunami = A chiropractic adjustment.

Then she asks: “Why did Mother Earth have “intense directed anger” in Oklahoma? Or did the
people also manifest this to some degree?”

The first thing to note is that correspondences in a case like this are loosely made and are not to be taken too literally. Even so, correspondences are always there to be found and contemplating on them will always bring some enlightenment.

Secondly, to understand the earth’s reaction that affected the people of Oklahoma we need to again apply The Law of Correspondences.

Think of how small individual people are in relation to the planet. We are like tiny bacteria in comparison to the size of the planet.

Now let us relate this to ourselves. Let us suppose you had an itch. When you scratch do you give any thought to the bacteria you may be killing in the process?

If you are angry at yourself and slap yourself in the face are you thinking about the lives of the cells you are disrupting?

Not really.

Even so, the earth was not angry with the people of Oklahoma nor was their welfare in its mind when the tornado erupted. Events like this are a part of its reaction to life on its own plane.

Just like the lives in our body have to adjust to our actions and feelings, even so do we humans have to adjust to the life of the earth as it manifests.

Yes, human emotions can influence some weather anomalies but we are merely an influence, not the total cause. There are storms on Mars yet there are no humans on its surface.


May 25, 2013
Question on Hell
Tom Writes:
I remember JJ saying that hell can be created by a person’s own mind after death.

A few people have reported going to Hell during NDE’s and claims it is real.

Is Hell real and do Evil people go to Hell?

Where in the afterlife do the really Evil people go and what place is it like where you find Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi of Libya, Stalin and murderers and the like? What that place like to them?

Any hell a person experiences after death is created in his mind in this mortal life, not the afterlife.

There has been a lot of research done to determine the after death state. Among these are:

(1) Near Death experiences.
(2) Channeling people who have passed over.
(3) Regression of people to their experiences of the between life state.
(4) Visions

The problem is that all of these methods have produced conflicting results. Some say that there is no punishment or any kind of hell after death while others paint a pretty bleak picture fort the ungodly.

I think that the most accurate information has been obtained by hypnosis which has taken people into the between lives state. The interesting thing about this research is the information revealed by many subjects is quite consistent.

Michael Newton led the research on this and has written several books on what he has discovered. One thing I found interesting is that there is some information that the subjects were forbidden to reveal to the living. Newton tried to get around this by tricking the subjects into answering and sometimes he was successful.

He tells us that a very negative person after death carries the negativity with him but specially trained people work with these types and try to salvage them. If they reconnect with soul energies then they will go to work preparing for their next life where they hope to improve their situation. If the person cannot be salvaged then he is returned to the Source to be recycled.

He also verifies that we have a Higher Self that co-exists in the spirit world even while we are incarnated on the earth.

Many people who we see as bad guys, in their own minds, thought they were doing the right thing. These people will have to confront their mistakes after death and gain a sense of the pain and suffering they caused. This will cause a temporary hell for them. Even so, if they have a desire to do good, even though mislead, they will be worked with and spiritual teachers will attempt to redirect their consciousness and goals.


May 25, 2013
Life Between Lives
The point is, how do you know that you are not in Hell right now?

Actually, this earth life is the greatest hell. We suffer regrets in the spirit world but can do little to pay off our karma there. That is reserved for mortal life and often it can be quite painful.

Dan asks:
1) Does hypnosis then erode the “will” so to speak or a person’s decision-making ability in any way or JUST make them more susceptible to hypnotism?

Getting hypnotized a couple times will have little effect but if a person gets hypnotized regularly he becomes more susceptible and much easier to hypnotize. If a person were hypnotized enough he could be put in a trance against his will, even though many books on hypnosis says this is not possible.

Hypnosis does not seem to have much of an effect on the person’s decisions in the non-trance state though he may be more susceptible to suggestion.

2) If a person is more susceptible to being hypnotized does that ALSO mean they will be more susceptible having (hypnotic type) suggestions implanted in OTHER ways such as via repetition of thought/belief, or zoning out while watching television, or etc?

Yes. Watching a commercial on TV puts a person in the first, but light stages of hypnosis.

3) What exactly do you mean by “desired outcome”, doesn’t everybody desire an outcome? Do you mean if a person goes to be hypnotized and desires the outcome of learning about their past lives (or some other outcome) that it will then be more difficult to hypnotize that person? Or what exactly?

The left brain people are much more difficult to hypnotize because they are always calculating with their minds, often seeking a desired outcome, and have difficulty in turning over their subconscious to another person.

4) You mentioned Michael Newton’s regression hypnosis research. Have you read the book he wrote on his specific technique for this titled, “Life Between Lives: Hypnotherapy for Spiritual Regression”? And if so, is his procedure any better (or worse) than normal hypnosis techniques in terms of increasing susceptibility to hypnotism, eroding the will, or in any other respect?

I’ve read all his books and he uses a guided meditation technique similar to mine. This takes a lot longer than hypnosis techniques but it is safer and the subject stays in more control and can usually recall the whole experience. He may take a couple hours to get a subject in a state deep enough to see past or between lives correctly whereas hypnosis can do this in ten minutes with a good subject.

What I found interesting about his work is his subjects were quite consistent in the details they retrieved.


May 26, 2013
Gathering Clarification
Looks like I need to clear up a few things about the gathering.

I see a lot of quotes lately from my book The Literal Gathering of Israel. I started writing this when I was still in the church in 1978 and was writing it to the members of the church. Thus I used Mormon language that would appeal to their mindset and used quotes that would appeal to their sense of authority.

Afterwards, I wrote The Gathering of Lights for the masses. In this I was more free to express myself more universally and more clearly present the purpose of the gathering.

One has to read the first through a filtering process wit the realization that one has to present truth to the Mormons in a different context than other seekers to reach their core.

Now I’ll touch on a few of the points under discussion.

Is Susan doing the right thing in creating a gathering place on her own initiative?

It is certainly not in any of our power to declare that she has no right to do this. If she feels an impression from her soul to do this and moves ahead then she will receive many benefits, even if she fails. A failure in a work, taken to heart, is merely a step toward ultimate success.

Dan made a good comment on this:
At least Susan is DOING something at Safe Haven and even if it turns out to NOT be an “official” gathering point she is gaining a LOT of useful experience and learning sustainable living techniques.

Shouldn’t there be just one gathering place for all the lights?

It is true in early Mormon days there was one main gathering place, but even here there were other lesser places.

We can learn from studying the early Mormon experience but those who seek to duplicate it line by line will be met with failure. We must continually follow the soul which leads us to new things and greener pastures. The gathering illustrates a principle and the core principle must always be sought. If this is done then we have the possibility of success.

There will be a time in the future where there will be a main gathering place for the lights but even here some of the lights will feel impressed to remain at other places on the planet.

If a person says he is doing a thing because he is following his soul it is not for us to judge. He may or may not be right but we must allow him or her to move ahead without condemning him. Time will tell the sincere seeker whether or not his direction was correct.

Should I declare a gathering place for us?
It’s a little premature for that.

(1) There is no fund to buy lands let alone build upon them.

(2) There’s probably less than a half dozen in the group who would move from their homes and families even if we had a place for them.

We need an event that will bring these ideas to the attention of the masses so thousands will become interested in the gathering concept before we can build anything that will last.

In the meantime I have started teaching regularly in Boise. Anyone who is able is welcome to come here and support the new group we are forming. If you can’t come here then I would suggest starting a local group.

Ruth Quotes: “Joseph Smith again verifies this: “BEFORE the tabernacle can be with men, the
elect must be gathered from the four quarters of the earth.”

Before the “Tabernacle” can be with men…… or in other words…..

Before the first Molecular Entity can be with men, the elect must be gathered from the four quarters of the Earth.

The tabernacle has nothing to do with the creation of the molecule. Moses and the Israelites had the tabernacle with them in the wilderness, but there was no molecule.

Jesus created a molecule before there was a major gathering.

The gathering of lights on a major scale will cause a permeation of the Spirit of God among the people thus causing the tabernacle of God to be with men.

On the other hand, all we need for a molecule is 24 people capable of sustained soul contact. Such a molecule would have power to initiate a gathering.

The gathering principle is being picked up by many and there are those planning on building communities on the sea. Another group with resources is thinking of buying a large plot of land in the Honduras and creating their own free society. This idea will continue to grow until something significant occurs.

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