The Eyes Have it

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The eyes have been called the window to the soul.   No one can argue they tell more about our character than any other physical feature.  From the ancient Chinese to modern scientists, poets, and psychologists the search for the meaning of the eyes continues.

Modern research shows us that the expansion and contraction of the pupil results from other causes than the quantity of light.  If you are experiencing pleasure, excitement or are telling the truth, your pupils will tend to be larger.  If you have pain, dissatisfaction or are telling a lie, your pupils will get smaller.

If you are not sure a person likes you or not, look at his eyes.  If he likes you, the pupils will be larger than normal in your presence.  If he dislikes you, they will be smaller.  If you notice someone’s eyes contracting, perhaps you have said something to offend  him.

Even with no knowledge of reading the eyes, you will find your impressions to be quite accurate if you trust them.  Try looking into the eyes of the person sitting across from you and give your impressions as to what  he is feeling, or what kind of character he is.  Try looking at someone you do not even know and you may be surprised at the impressions you will get.

The ancient Chinese had an art of eye reading called Siang Mien.  They observed the shape of a person’s eyes and interpreted his character from it.  Below are illustrations of various eye shapes and their interpretations.  Have fun figuring out the type of character you are sitting next to.

Dragon eyes are beautiful with nicely-rounded lids.  This person will generally make a great first impression because of the potency of his or her glance.  This person is magnetic, fun to be around, a good conversationalist, and intelligent, with lots of ideas .
Dragon Eyes
Cow eyes are very rounded and smaller than dragon eyes.  These people are emotional, romantic, impulsive and direct.  They are quite honest and open about what they think and feel even to the point of offending another person.
Cow Eyes
These eyes are about twice as long as they are wide.  The standard peacock is a person  with very strong feelings and when something happens that frustrates his plan, he  will be very upset.  The intelligent peacock will reach great heights because of inner drive and resources.   The less intelligent may spend too much energy crying over spilt milk.

Peacock Eyes

Same as the regular peacock except more prone to jealousy, possessiveness and image.

Slanted Peacock

This person is farsighted, likes to set challenging goals and is able to persist until the goal is reached. He is curious and open-minded, but appears stubborn if you try to dissuade  him from an objective.

Tiger Eyes

This person is also a goal setter, but would rather use cunning than hard work to achieve his objective.  He lacks patience and  wants all his desires to materialize now.

Fox Eyes

This person is very analytical and is ruled by the head rather than heart.  If anyone opposes him, he is likely to plunge into an argument and overwhelm his victim.  The larger Triangle Eye is more concerned with larger causes and events, whereas the smaller is more nit-picky and may hassle you over trivia.

Triangle Eyes

New Moon people are emotional and often psychic, but will follow their feelings toward selfish ends and are not beyond using deception.  Other good qualities in the face may counteract this, however.

New Moon eyes

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