Gathering of Lights 2020

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01 What is God?
JJ deals with numerous mysteries including he big one: Where did God come from?

02 Esoteric View of the Vedas
Stacy Miller discusses the Vedas and how their messages apply today.

03 The Power of Goodwill
JJ teaches about the power of goodwill, which is the Will-To-Good to make things better and bring in the new age of peace on earth goodwill to all.

04 Labours of Hercules
Curtis Harwell gives a presentation on his favorite subject from the Bailey writings. Indeed there is much to learn here.

05 The Mystery of the Second Coming
During the past 2000 years thousands of predictions have been made about the second coming, or reappearance, of the Christ, and to date they have all been wrong. What is the truth of the matter and what can we realistically expect?

06 Devas Illustrated
Murray Stentiford has a wide field of experience in the Ancient Wisdom, including an association with the famous Theosophist, Geoffrey Hodson. In this video he discuses the deva kingdom and presents unique pictures representing what those with higher vision have seen.

07 The Significance of 2025
In the Alice A. Bailey Writings DK writes about the year 2025 as a time of great significance. Steven Chernikeeff has thoroughly researched this date, even wrote a book about it, and now discusses its importance in this video.

08 Health Solutions
Artie Dewey discusses numerous principles leading to good health and how to manage the Coronavirus.

09 The Meaning of Names
Sharón Wyeth is perhaps the world’s leading expert on the interpretation of names. Her fourth book on the subject is due out at the end of the year and she has appeared on many media interviews including two appearances on Coast to Coast. After watching this you may wish to have your name interpreted.

10 Oneness Through the Soul
JJ Discusses the idea that there is oneness in the plane of the soul and this is also possible for us here on earth if two or more are linked to the soul. This is followed by a meditation.

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