Soul Contact

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1 thought on “Soul Contact

  1. The term Soul Contact is a misnomer: Old Speak

    The phrase “Soul contact” may have been the way this concept was expressed over 60 years ago when the AAB writings were published, just as the term “Monad” introduced by HP Blavatsky in the Secret Doctrine was also. Since that time much newer terminology has been defined and expanded through the continued contact and work of the Masters of Wisdom and the spiritual hierarchy through the Ascended Master Teachings. These were introduced to humanity through Godfre Ray King in the 1930s and have continued through a lineage of messengers up to now.

    Exerpt quoted from:

    “In esoteric writings service is defined as “the spontaneous effect of soul contact”. It’s a contact so definite and strong that the life of the soul pours through into the outer personality expression. When such a strong urge to serve is present, it is expressed as a life directive; one moulds his or her life around this deep, inner urge. He or she acts more as a soul than a separated personality. A person may feel an urge to serve, but he may also want some recognition for his service. Not always so with acts of more spontaneous service. Whether selfish or unselfish, both are in response to the Law of Service, but with different motivation.

    In a similar manner, service is related to another Law of the Soul–the Law of Sacrifice. Sacrifice is “the impulse of giving”. The ability and willingness to sacrifice comes very naturally to most human beings. We may think that our willingness to make to make small sacrifices for our family, loved ones and friends is a quality that originates in our personality nature. But as with the Law of Love it originates not just in the soul but even beyond in Deity Himself. The soul being a law-abiding being willingly gives of itself to help further the great Plan of redemption that the Creator is working out on earth. That impulse to give selflessly, to sacrifice, is passed on via the soul to the personality life and emerges as the little acts, and sometimes significant acts, of sacrifice that human beings make every day.

    The significant thing about the impulse of love, service and sacrifice is that they represent evidence of the very existence of the soul. These impulses don’t originate in the brain cells. The originating source lies outside the physical body in the spiritual dimensions of the soul and beyond….”

    Continuing the tradition and work of The Hierarchy, recently a whole conference and Acropolis was presented about the Nirvanic Plane with emphasis on the error of the information concerning the soul and its function, by Monroe Shearer, the Anointed Representative of the Brotherhood of Light, of the Temple of the Presence.

    What the Soul is and is Not

    During the conference, Monroe redefined and explained of the what the soul is and is not. This could be considered as “The dweller on the threshold” between the higher and lower [spiritual and physical] planes. The plane of the soul is not at the level of purity of the higher more subtle and rarified frequencies and do not reside above the threshold of the materially manifested planes. They have accumulated impure substance circulating around them. The soul is part of the Not-self, the illusion of the Self, and holds the untransmuted karmic records ”the records on earth” that are held in the astral plane of the earth between embodiments. The correct teaching on this; it is the “Heart Flame” that is contacted and expands at the occurrence of what in the past has been termed soul contact. Any lesser teaching holds back the consciousness from accessing and engaging with the highest frequencies of the authentic Self, The “God-Presence”,
    and those of the spiritual hierarchy, the Masters of Wisdom, the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings who can be contacted at that level and frequency.

    What still seems to be left out of the training of many of the students is a more expanded understanding of the planes and subplanes that make up the “constitution of man” and how they operate and interact with each other. Correct understanding is the beginning of wisdom.

    Those discourses are currently on the Temples website under the link Recent Replays.
    Directly related to the teaching on the Soul
    10/02/14 Afternoon Discourse
    10/04/14 Afternoon Discourse
    10/05/14 Afternoon Discourse

    These are available and free to listen to for a few days. No login or registration required.

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