Gathering Audio, 2021

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JJ Presents the 12 Keys of Knowledge

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2 thoughts on “Gathering Audio, 2021

  1. Enjoyed Parts 1 – 3. Excellent review for those of us who have “read you” for some time.

    Especially enjoyed you sharing stories about Wayne that I had not heard before. Had the experience of “talking” to Wayne “all night long” (until ‘round 4 AM) at the Sun Valley Gathering.

    Came away with an understanding of just how “protective” he was with/about his relationship with JJ — and JJ’s “work.”

    Look forward to any additional postings related to this Gathering.



  2. Thanx for publicly posting these audios here on/@ FreeRead so quickly so that those of us who were unable to attend can access what was given out @ this Gathering.

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