The Masters and Sex

The Masters and Sex

A reader brings up the interesting question on female masters. Do they exist or are they hidden from view? Do even the Masters have a bias? She pointed out the bias of Confucianism that confines females to household work and supports of the male which still influences many in Asia today. Some believe that DK himself was Confucius in a previous life. If this is so then it took him an additional 2200 years after that life to become a Master. During this time period, I assure you he learned much about the female side.

A Master has learned to balance the male and female within himself and would treat the female with equality and graciousness when this point in evolution is arrived.

Note that Djwhal Khul’s two most widely known students (H. P. Blavatsky and Alice A. Bailey) were female. Then too Helena Roerich, a female, was said to be a spokesperson for El Morya. In addition, there are many other females who have received teachings from the invisible worlds and they vastly outnumber the males.

But the question arises as to why we only find males mentioned in the Brotherhood of the Masters? Is there something to the fact that they are consistently called The Brotherhood of Light with no mention of sisters?

My answer will be somewhat controversial, but if the principle is looked for apart from identification with physical sex the truth will be seen.

As noted the human kingdom is polarized in the male and the deva (angel) kingdom (which is more numerous) is female.

The reason for this is that humanity sends more than it receives and the deva is motivated through receivership. The White Magician understands this and can perform magical work by understanding the symbols necessary to send to the devas. The devas in turn receive and act.

(For those of you who see angels as disincarnate humans please note that the devas from the Ancient Wisdom are not a part of the human kingdom. Devas are builders and sustainers of form, receiving instructions from other kingdoms.)

To understand the core principle behind male and female one must look on the two as manifestations of the one energy of Purpose rather than as physical male and female entities. The male is the sending energy and the female is the receiving.

We want to stay away from the argument as to which is the greater because in the overall scheme of things they are exactly equal in value for one cannot exist without the other. One cannot send without the existence of a receiver and the receiver cannot exist without a sender. Then too, all of us whether male or female have both the energies within us.

But the fact that they are equal does not mean they are the same. To send is a different function than to receive.

When one is polarized in the male energy the greatest fullness comes from sending and when one is polarized in the female the greatest fullness comes from receiving.

Each of us, no matter what our polarization, both give and receive, but we will always do more of one than the other and receive greater satisfaction from one than the other.

As we go through hundreds of lifetimes on the road to Mastery we go through cycles of polarization in the male and the female. During one cycle we receive and during another cycle we send out that which we previously received.

The last life before one becomes a Master is an interesting one. He has to not only balance the male/female energies within himself, but must demonstrate the balance and the use of those energies in his life.

As far as energy goes (apart from the physical) the first half of this last life will be female and the second half male in polarization.

During this female cycle the fledging master must receive from Higher Lives (male to the entity) a revelation that will elevate mankind up to a greater light.

Then during the second half of that life he must switch to male in energy and send out the revelation and assist others in seeing the revelation through the eyes of the Soul.

If he is then successful in vitalizing a molecule of humans with his vision then his human form can be rejuvenated for as long as needed for his line of service.

The Master does not have physical immortality as is taught in some circles, but obtains to power to extend and rejuvenate the physical.

The Master has attained the fifth initiation with two more to go in this earth scheme. There are nine altogether counting two additional that are taken in another solar system. The power of immortality is attained in the seventh initiation, but there is much more to this principle than is taught in the religions.

Because the progressing entity becomes a Master through a final surge of sending energy he will usually choose to have a male body because the male body is a better conduit of sending (male) energy. Taking the Fifth Initiation in a female body is a possibility, but much more difficult because the energy is polarized in receivership. It would be like swimming upstream. A strong swimmer can swim upstream, but it is more difficult and takes longer. Progression is much enhanced when one chooses the right energies to navigate.

Blavatsky, Alice A. Bailey and Roerich were all powerful female teachers, but the three took female bodies so they could be proficient receivers from the Hierarchy. But even though they had accomplishments that were the envy of many males they did not become masters in their lifetimes. When that time comes for them they will most likely take male bodies, but of course this is not written in stone. We do not have pictures of all the masters named by DK. It is possible that some of them are in female bodies or create a female Mayavirupa (projected body) when needed. Whatever the case a master is one who has highly balanced both energies so, energy wise, they are neither male or female.

After the person becomes a Master he is polarized as a sender to the human kingdom. Therefore, if his main work is with the human kingdom he may keep his male body to facilitate his power to send. This is why masters generally appear as male to us.

On the other hand, the Masters are female in relation to Nirmanakayas, teachers from Shamballa, who send to the them. Do the Masters assume a female form when they receive from higher kingdoms? That may or may not be necessary as the higher one goes the less important is the form and the more important is the mastery of the energy itself.

The perfect balance of the male/female form is found in Shamballa and a great mystery is to be found there.

June 27, 2002

Copyright By J J Dewey

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