Christmas Message 2020

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Christmas Message 2020
A Spiritual Healing

The Son of Man, who is the Son of God sat in counsel with the Great Ones and spoke, “Consider the world. It has changed since last year has it not?”

“Indeed,” said one. “The virus has given humanity a lot to struggle with. Some, of course, blame God for their woes.”

“It is human nature to place the blame where it is not” said the Master. “The wise know that outward events are caused by inward thoughts. Thoughts of fear and separation from others who think differently than themselves has been growing in their hearts and thus manifested this virus to justify their fears and cause them to physically separate and isolate themselves.”

“That has truly occurred,” said one. “This season is often the happiest time for many as they mix with family and friends. Instead, many are alone and downcast.”

The Master replied, “Yet there are some who never feel alone, no matter the circumstances, for they share the Spirit of Union with us.”

Another spoke, “Even with the force of these external conditions humanity is slow to learn and comprehend the joys that await them when they embrace inclusiveness and goodwill. Perhaps you could visit a few and plant some seeds. Many are thinking of you this time of year,”

“Yes, goodwill is definitely needed to push back the virus, quiet their fears and heal the planet.”

With that the Master ascended above the earth and looked upon the many lives. He saw each life as a point of light. A handful were bright but many were dimmer than usual because of the virus, the isolation, the financial hardships and many personal and interpersonal conflicts. He selected a young boy in prayer and silently stood beside him.

The boy was in distress and pleaded saying, “Dear God, my parents are angry at my Grandpa. They say he has the wrong political beliefs and is no longer welcome here. I love my grandpa and he loves me and we enjoy each other so much. I do not want to miss seeing him, especially at Christmas.”

At that moment Grandpa was driving nearby feeling rejected. He had just had a conversation with his son and was told he was no longer welcome and to not come over for Christmas, or ever until he gets his mind right. Tears poured down his face making it hard to see so he pulled over and was still in silent thought.

Then it seemed as if there was a gentle light illuminating the inside of the car and he heard within his mind these words, “Your grandson needs you. Go now and when your son and his wife answer, listen not to their rejection, but only say ‘I love you’ until their hearts melt.”

Grandpa was beside himself. They had told him to stay away. He thought the message may be just wishful thinking, but on reflection he decided to follow it.

His knock on the door was greeted by his son and his wife. Both appeared upset at his presence. The son rudely reminded him that he was no longer welcome.

Grandpas looked him in the eyes and said, “I love you, son.”

Then his wife said similar things, telling him to go away and not come back.

He looked her in the eyes and said, “I love you.”

They both stood there in silence not knowing how to respond when the grandson burst between them, grabbed his grandpa exclaiming, “And we love you, grandpa!. God has answered my prayer and you are here.”

The parents could no longer resist and invited him in and their relationship was reborn.

Their renewed spirits created a ripple effect through the one life that permeates humanity. Many there were that day that felt just a little more forgiving, a littler more loving and showing a little more goodwill.

After visiting a number of others and stimulating love and goodwill the Master returned to the council. He spoke to them: “The virus and political climate have taken their toll but there is always a path that leads to healing and is available to all who seek and are willing. Let us continue to tune into those who are ready and send light and love to heal the world.

The council bowed their heads and whispered, the sacred word of approval.

Dec 25, 2020

Copyright By J J Dewey

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