Christmas Poetry 2007

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Here are two Christmas related poems. The first was written for the Keys group in 2007 and the second written in the Sixties for a college paper. Enjoy.

Through His Eyes

The Master rested from his work and arose
It was that time of the year again
The time that the nations celebrated his birth
And give gifts one to another.

He stood up and looked West
And saw to the East, and to the North and the South.
“What are the minds of men thinking this year?”
Was the thought that demanded an answer.

“Has the world made any progress?
“Is the consciousness of Christ that is in me ready to manifest in them?”
“If I go to them will they let me teach them,
Or will they crucify the Son of God anew?”

His eyes pierced the veil and he saw a man scolding his friends.
“You do not honor Christ by celebrating his birth on an old pagan holiday.
“Your giving gifts does not honor Him.
“Your celebrations are a mockery he would scorn.”

But the Master looked into the hearts of his friends
And saw the consciousness of Christ taking birth.
One had donated gifts to poor children;
Gifts that made them feel like God cared for them.

Another gave more than he could afford to a Bell Ringer
And this lifted the spirits of the downtrodden.
Another sent a package to a soldier all alone away from home.
His heart was glad and felt peace in the midst of war.

The Master sent his thoughts to the mind of the scornful man.
“It is true that human materialism comes through at Christmas “But so too does the better part of the human spirit.
“Some of the forgotten are remembered and give glory to God.”

He looked again and saw a Father troubled by a recent divorce,
separated from his children.
His ex-wife hated him and tore up all his letters and trashed his presents.
This Christmas a letter and presents came again, but this time she
thought of Christ,
Her heart was softened and the children saw the words “I love you, from Dad.”

The Master looked far away and saw a man who had lost his faith.
Poor fellow was about to glare at the skies and curse God for his troubles.
A knock came at the door – young carolers sang with giving spirit.
The words and melodies gave new birth to his wounded heart – he would
try and believe again.

Again he looked and saw a man hurriedly driving through the snow,
late for a Christmas party.
He spotted a car stuck off the road and was about to pass by, but
then stopped for that’s what Jesus would do.
It was a lady on the way to the hospital to see her father before he died.
He helped her on her way, was late for the party but on time for Christmas.

The Master looked again and again and saw good works that may have
not been done if not for Christmas.
His heart was gladdened
Not because Christmas was as he designed
Not because humanity was particularly spiritual.
Not because they gave gifts
Not even because this was his birthday, for it is not.

His heart was gladdened because those who paused to think of his
message this season
Went the extra mile in helping their fellowmen,
And lifted their spirits.
Perhaps when every day is Christmas there will be peace on earth good
will to men.

The Light of Christmas

The snow falls.
The bells ring.
Male and female hand in hand,
Passing lights and colors.
Music in the air,
A spirit of gaiety is there.
The music rings: “par-um-pum-pum-pum,”
Everyone hears the boy and his drum;
And the heart of all begins to burn
Kindled by music that exalts the mind,
Like the Spirit at Pentecost.
Felt though unspoken, even by he who feels lost.

Boys and girls, their eyes reflecting wonderment,
Glow bright, then dim, then bright,
Have no thoughts to hide…
Purity inside.

A youth buying presents, though not enough,
His friends buy more and get more than he.
He wants to be someone else, somewhere else.

Men and women walking, many Christmases in their past;
The brightness of their eyes fading with the years,
Worn by experience.
The glimmer there is a reflection from their children.
As the moon reflects the light of the sun,
The light of Christmas belongs to the little ones;
We must see through their eyes.

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