Christmas Message 2014

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His Rest Shall Be Glorious (Isaiah 11:10)


‘Tis Christmas again

Not only a season for joy

For carols, for presents

For good will and friendship

But for reflection and empathy

For vision and understanding.


The Spirit of He whose birth we celebrate

Rests upon me, and looks upon the world

He sees the highs and lows

Those who are in a state of happiness as well as sorrow.

Those who are weary and feel they carry heavy burdens.

His eyes rests upon those with heavy hearts


Many of the sons and daughters of men

Are weary of the struggle just to survive

Many are hungry, fearful or are in pain

They ask, “Where are you Lord?

When shall we have what we need?

When shall we rest?”


He enters their hearts and speaks

“The earth is a great school

And you volunteered for a difficult class

Endure to the end – learn your lessons

Live to the highest you know

And your rest shall be glorious.”


Another speaks who lacks not in physical things.

“I seek for love and acceptance

And am met with rejection and envy.

I feel no love from my spouse, my children or associates.

Oh, Lord, I would rather lack money than love

When will I rest in the embrace of loving arms?


The Master embraces the man with his spirit

“I am here for you surrounding you with love

Look within and feel and learn of me

When your lessons are mastered

You will be consumed with love divine

And your rest shall be glorious.”


The Master’s attention rests upon a servant

Who seeks to follow his Lord and learn of him

Then share the knowledge with his brothers

That their burdens may be light

And their spirits bright

And experience a fullness of joy.


He speaks, “Those who seek are few

And those who feel your presence

In the words of light, eternal words

Are fewer still

I labor always, but results are few

Renew my spirit for I need strength.”


The Master laid his hand upon the head of the servant

And did cause his heart to burn with fires of love.

“There is a time of planting

And a time for the harvest.

You are plowing fields and planting

This is hard work indeed.”


“Much plowing and planting can tire the laborer

But continue onward with the goal in sight

Plant well my friend and nurture the seed

And you shall participate in a great harvest

The labor of the harvest is joyous

And afterwards your rest shall be glorious.”


Copyright 2014 by J J Dewey

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2 thoughts on “Christmas Message 2014

  1. Like those others I am tired and weary of the seemingly constant struggle, to find secure employment where, should I be lucky enough, I have the ability to pay bills &, just maybe save a little to secure the future. If I am exceptionally lucky, I can show people that there are many choices to help with health & Wellbeing, that doesn’t have to involve endless rounds of Dr’s & medication. But always I need to tip toe around a medical system, that screams their way is the only way, & people can only be treated in parts & labels.
    Every now and then some who have had enough & are desperate enough to question the way things are, will listen to the a new way things can be. And rarely will try it, & tell me that indeed things are finally healing & getting better. Those are the ones that make the rest of it worth dealing with.
    But I have been privileged to be be guided by another, who leads me to the greatest tonic of all, and his words are eternal & they reignite the Light & Love that I sometimes loose sight of.
    Merry Christmas Mr Dewey I hope I can witness the day that your great harvest bears fruit in the hearts of men. Once again thank you for all that you do!

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